Model!Dan X Hipster!Phil AU

Dan is a part time model who likes branded goods. Phil likes to take photos of pretty things; Dan is one of them.


I started out doodling Dan with a pretty white coat and then this happened. I am sorry.


Been working on muscles. Oyisss  (´◉◞౪◟◉)

A continuation of my College/University AU art/headcannon, where Professor Jones works part-time as a model (Inspired by this article)and student Arthur or Professor Kirkland (Your imagination’s choice because I myself can’t decide how I want England to be, both works) get’s invited on his part-time work place and he gets stunned and flustered, and he secretly starts collecting magazines with Alfred in it.  ( ՞ٹ՞) (But Alfred knows)

I did my best on the magazine title. ;v; Thanks to me bruh beyondwahtyousee for the creative headlines and the critiq. Bruh <3

[Edit]: Changed the headline “Oui or Aucun” to “Oui ou Non”. Thank you anon. ;D