My first real ML fanart
Plus two little closeups because tumblr doesn’t always do justice to small details when it comes to quality. 

I aged them up a few years, updated outfits, post-reveal dating.
Rising star fashion designer heroine and her part time model boyfriend slash crime fighting partner.

I’m very proud of Adrien’s hands. I love his hands.
Sorry about the crappy transformation effects. It was just for funsies.

I saw someone else do something similar to this, so I figured it’s cool if I jump on the train. Here’s a whole bunch of prompts I’ve had rolling around in my brain but just don’t have the time to complete myself. Feel free to snag one if it speaks to you, just tag me so I can enjoy it!

Jack and Bitty

  • Jack doing one of those “mean tweets” videos for the NHL. But all the “mean tweets” are from the members of SMH. Jack calls out every single one of them in response and becomes an overnight internet sensation.
  • Times Jack Zimmerman’s Boyfriend Owned the Internet: an article by Buzzfeed. (I tried starting this but got sidetracked and really did not get far at all. Bonus points for fake Twitter posts and everything.)

Nursey and Dex

  • Everything is the same, but Dex works as a model part-time to pay for school. Nursey can’t handle how hot his boyfriend is.
    • Bonus points for a photo shoot involving flower crowns.
  • (NSFW) These two morons totally have a bet going on what they can do to each other in public without their teammates noticing. Spoiler: their teammates notice everything.

Ransom and Holster

  • Med school student Ransom has a tumblr that he goes on to take breaks. He discovers Hockey Tumblr’s obsession with his boyfriend (NHL player) Holster’s relationship with one of his teammates and gets jealous.


  • Soulmate AU where everyone has a compass on their wrist that points to their soulmate. Their “True North.” Confused PolyFrogs because their compasses have never pointed in just one direction.


  • Kent and Alexei flirt over social media so obviously but no one actually realizes they’re flirting.
    • Bonus points for including all social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Speaking on Snapchat…… Kent Parson has a public Snapchat and a private Snapchat. He accidentally outs himself by forgetting to switch over to the private one and posts a “missing the boyf” snap on the public one. (I might do this for Patater week…)
  • (NSFW): Someone tells Kent the best way to build core strength is to take pole dancing classes. RIP in pieces Alexei Mashkov.

assorted jojos that weren’t funny enough to have their own posts. fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak shitposts stronger. click the pictures for full size and captions.

first one is based off of my favorite vinesauce quote ever. third one is based off of this post.

// i wont be able to post anything tonight due to a presentation but enjoy a little high school au

seokjin - the school’s “flower boy”. cheerleader. part-time model. loved by teachers and peers. “look but dont touch.”
yoongi - the introvert. writes music instead of doing schoolwork but still aces the exam. an actual genius. stay in ur lane ill stay in mine. friends with namjoon.
hoseok - social butterfly. track runner. baseball player. dance crew captain.  knows everyone. friends w/ jin and jimin.
namjoon - perfect scoring student. literature enthusiast. book worm. holes himself up in the library 24/7. friends with yoongi.
jimin - part of hoseok’s dance crew. the guy who would wait 6 seconds longer in order to hold the door for u. class pet angel. homeroom representative. drama club. friends with hoseok and taehyung.
taehyung - theatre kid.  gets all the roles. weird sense of humor. conspiracy theorist. friends with jimin and jungkook.
jungkook - resident prankster. bad boy. ripped sweaters and scarves 24/7. quiet but that makes him more intimidating. friends with taehyung.

  • Cheryl: Who the fuck are you?
  • Veronica: Who the fuck are you?
  • Cheryl: I asked you first.
  • Veronica: I asked you second.
  • Someone: She's Cheryl Blossom, duh. Head cheerleader. Homecoming queen. Part-time model.
  • Veronica: Oh.
  • Cheryl: Who the fuck are you?!
  • Veronica: I'm Veronica. I'm new.

The tattoo AU that nobody asked for.

Jane has the most separate tattoos. She’s covered in constellations and stars, and has the planets of the solar system lined down her back. The only real space she has left is on her left thigh, and she’s looking for a new artist since the guy (Erik) who did all her other ones retired. She’s a university lecturer whose students never really believe she’s got all that ink, until warm weather arrives and she turns up in clothes that show most of them off.

Darcy is her assistant and does part time modelling, specifically for tattoo places. Most of the time they just airbrush on the designs so they’re not permanent but she liked the ones from Thor and Loki’s place the best and kept two of them.  And told Jane all about it.

Loki and Thor own the place jointly. They’’re both tattoo artists but Thor enjoys the practical side more than the business side and lets Loki handle most of that. Loki has a talent for intricate imagery but Thor has a gentler bedside manner. A lot of the time people wind up with Loki’s designs inked by his brother. Thor has half sleeves, and a large tattoo of Yggdrasil all the way across his back, so he arguably has the most overall ink. There is a persistent rumour that he also has a goat tattooed on each buttcheek but this remains unconfirmed. Loki has runes, including but not limited to Perthro (secrets) on his right forearm, Kenaz (a torch, illumination) on his left forearm, and Dagaz (the dawn, a breakthrough) on his neck. Their parents don’t really approve of any of it.