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Star Wars Piano Lullaby // arranged by onefine-morning, themes by John Williams

Force Theme • Across the Stars • Rey’s Theme • Imperial March • Duel of the Fates • Han Solo and the Princess • Main Title

These songs were such an integral part of my childhood… I took advantage of the snowy day to throw this together (and made sure to add Rey’s theme from TFA!!) Hope you enjoy. Soundcloud/Download Link

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: we allowed 50 Cent to single-handedly ruin Ja Rule's music career. Sure their beef started long before the diss tracks came out because Ja Rule got robbed by 50 Cent's friend and he associated him with the act of theft, but would you be mad at people who associate with known thieves? and half the times the jabs at his musical style were so low-- people went on and on about how Ja Rule was weak because he sang, but now rappers like Drake as well as many local rap artists have careers predicated on half-hearted singing along with rapping. Ja Rule was ahead of his time, if you ask me.

You want to know what I liked about the Ghostbusters trailer? I liked Kristen Wiig getting vomited on by a ghost. I liked Melissa McCarthy leaking ectoplasm out of her nose and ears. I liked Melissa McCarthy dangling Kate McKinnon out a fucking window while Leslie Jones tries to pull them back inside. I liked Leslie Jones beating the literal hell out of Melissa McCarthy in an over the top slapstick reaction (pun intended). 

You know why? Because women don’t get to see ourselves do that shit. We don’t get to have physical comedy. We don’t get to have gross out comedy. We have to be cute and these women aren’t being cute. They’re being crass and weird and funny. And as much as I know dudes are hating on the trailer because “ugh feminists ruining my childhood,” I really think part of it might be them seeing these women be Not Cute, seeing them in comedic roles previously reserved only for men (and in specific roles previously played by men), and not knowing what the fuck to think about it. 

Despite of we can’t hear the familiar “chokusetsu!” anymore, there’re bunch of good news from latest Nintendo Direct. Can’t wait for the new Zelda, Star Fox Zero, Pokken Tournament, #FE, and new clothes for squids!

But this one. This one is definitely my favorite news in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. Although it’s not a brand new game (I do kinda angry about that there’re no news about Pokemon Z!), these old things play big part in my childhood. Welcome back my old friends! This time you won’t lost your memories anymore.

And please I also want the old Gold/Silver back :-(


The first year I went onto the floor and I loved it. And we went past…He-Man was very important in my upbringing…and I walked past this stand and there was this woman painted green, and I said “who are you?” And she said “Skeletor with boobs.” So that was my first baptism in Comic Con…and it got weirder from there on. [x] - Andy on one of his first SDCC experiences.

Iwaizumi Hajime (which somehow turns into IwaOi) headcanons PART 1:

As a kid:

  • Iwaizumi is that kind of kid all the mothers (or grandpas and grandmas) love to their hearts that they would ruffle his hair, pinch his cheeks or hand him sweets and cookies because he’s polite and radiant with smiles like sunshine.
  • (He’s also that kind of kid all the mothers wish their sons to befriend and daughters could one day marry because he’s considerate and responsible in such a young age.)  
  • Iwaizumi being the youngest kids among the Iwaizumis and the only child of his parents. Though people always assume him having younger siblings, because he behaves like one. (People who know Iwaizumi since he’s little would tell you the reason: it’s because of that pretty, sensitive friend of his that he hangs out (takes care of, or runs into trouble with) all the time.)
  • Iwaizumi is popular among kids of his age. He’s friendly and generous and could pretty much get a hand at any sport-related activities at first try. But there’s one line no one could cross with Iwaizumi, it is to show any ill intention (both verbally and physically) toward Oikawa, who is not very popular among other boys because he’s too shy and look too soft to be a boy.
  • Iwaizumi is super competitive, and Oikawa’s natural competitiveness only worsens(?) it.
  • They could turn anything they play together into competition, even their school works. Once, in grade school, they compete who could learn to write Oikawa’s first name in Kanji (徹) first (because Iwaizumi’s first name in Kanji (一) “required no skill to write” according to Oikawa, which Iwaizumi grudgingly agreed). Iwaizumi won and wouldn’t stop bragging about it by writing Oikawa’s name all over his notes and doodles for a whole week. (Oikawa’s name becomes the character that Iwaizumi could write in the neatest and most flourish handwriting.)
  • They also had one pudding-eating competition, which led to both of them having a severe stomachache the following day. (Their respective mothers scold them, not for being stupid, but for being irresponsible to get the other boy sick.) 
  • Iwaizumi cries more than people think he does. It’s reasonable since he hides when he cries. And most of the time where he slips and starts tearing, it is in front of people he’s close with. (He later learns to cry in the rain, where it’s easy to hide the tears and the sound when he’s older.)
  • Unlike Oikawa who cries with all his energy as a kid (Oikawa cries in a much more suppressed manner when he’s older), Iwaizumi cries in silent. He could cry a string of crocodile tears without releasing a snuffling sound. His lips could get all cracked because he tries to contain his voice by biting into them (and it becomes a telltales for Oikawa to know if Iwaizumi had cried without letting him know.)
  • (Oikawa has confronted Iwaizumi once, and he was startled to see Iwaizumi suddenly burst into big fat tears. Oikawa later learned that it was because Iwaizumi accidentally broke one of her mother’s favorite cups and felt guilty of not being scolded at.)
  • (Oikawa never confront Iwaizumi if he found the other cry in secret. But he would always show up the other morning earlier and does little gestures such as giving him stolen cookies from his mom’s homemade cookie stash, the animal-shaped ones because they are Iwaizumi’s favorite, or suggesting to play the games Iwaizumi prefer.)
  • Iwaizumi loves volleyball just as much as Oikawa does.
  • When they first started playing volleyball, Iwaizumi managed to do a jump serve before Oikawa did and noticed how Oikawa got frustrated and upset afterwards. He then focused his practice on spiking and claimed that it was the most interesting thing to master in volleyball. He wasn’t lying at the time but it wasn’t a whole truth either.
  • Iwaizumi hates to disappoint. This trait later turns into spoiling those he cares for. 
  • Iwaizumi likes to hang around in the kitchen while his mother’s cooking (or if he’s at the Oikawa household, he does so too when Oikawa’s mother’s preparing meals.)
  • Albeit the amount of time he stays in the kitchen, Iwaizumi only learns to cook easy meals such as fried rice or any other dishes which he could just put all the ingredients in and fry. He’s good at chopping though. (Oikawa is so much better at cooking, and never let Iwaizumi down for failing miserably in the kitchen. When Oikawa is in great mood, he would offer to cook something for Iwaizumi, usually agedashi tofu (with the help of his mother), a dish so often appears on the dining table of the Oikawas because of Iwaizumi’s frequent visit and one of the few things Oikawa first learns to cook from his mother.)
  • Oikawa’s mother likes to spoil Iwaizumi rotten rather than she her own son, while Iwaizumi’s mother likes to spoil Oikawa.
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa joke about their mothers bringing the wrong kids back home after they befriended at the hospital during their late pregnancy.
  • They even write their names as Oikawa Hajime and Iwaizumi Tooru on their school works and laugh at their own inside joke when getting called to the teacher’s office.


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Link’s note on Rhett’s Yearbook from Buies Creek Elementary School

  • If you want to understand why Link wrote like this, I recommend you watch this Kast.