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I request more vampire au as a late birthday present. please. or just because i'm your zucchini.

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  1. Mickey, thankfully, was more than happy to come around when Rose tearfully informed him her mother had been in a car accident. He promised to be there in an hour, giving Rose, Amy, and Rory plenty of time to get back to her place.
  2. “Please don’t kill him,” Rose said quietly. She was mad at Mickey – furious even. But she didn’t want to see him dead.
  3. “Amy’s not that kind,” Rory assured Rose. That wasn’t particularly reassuring.
  4. Still, she let Mickey in when he knocked – it was easy to fake tears considering how terrified she was for Clara – and led him to the living room.
  5. “I just didn’t want to go to the hospital alone, ya know?” She said, distracting Mickey. He didn’t notice until it was too late that they weren’t alone in the apartment.
  6. In a flash, Amy had grabbed Mickey and slammed him back against the wall with enough force to crack the cheap plaster. “Oi!” Rose protested. Amy’s fingers closed around Mickey’s throat, tightening just enough to make breathing uncomfortable.
  7. “Alright, hunter,” she hissed. “I think we both know how this is going to end, and if you try to stab me my husband over there will rip your head off so think very hard about where your hand is going and what you’re going to say when I let you breathe again.”
  8. She loosened her fingers enough to let Mickey speak, and of course the first thing he said was, “Get off me you fucking bloodsucker!”
  9. “Wrong answer.” The fingers tightened again, just enough to choke him for a long moment before she let up. “Wanna try again?”
  10. Mickey just glared. “How could you?” Rose finally whispered, tears filling her eyes again. “Clara never did anything you, Clara hasn’t hurt anyone. And you just sold her out.”
  11. “She’s a monster, Rose,” Mickey said breathlessly, gasping to try and get air again.
  12. “To you, maybe! But that doesn’t change the fact that she hasn’t hurt anyone, why would you go after her?”
  13. “It’s not her specifically, is it?” Amy asked. “You just want to use her to find the sanctuary.”
  14. Mickey met Amy’s gaze dead on. “They all talk eventually.”
  15. Amy bared her teeth, and for the first time Rose was actually frightened of the usually bouncy, happy redhead. “You know what, I take it back. I might kill you.”
  16. “We need him alive, Amy,” Rory reminded Amy gently.
  17. “Keep me alive or kill me, it doesn’t matter,” Mickey sneered. “I won’t tell you where she is.”
  18. “Oh that’s cute,” Amy shot back. “You think you can take me.”
  19. “Amy, let him go,” Rose said quietly, and Amy blinked, surprised, as she looked back at Rose. “Take his knives so he can’t attack, but let him go.”
  20. Amy regarded Rose for a long moment before nodding at Rory, who hurried forward to strip Mickey of the five knives he had hidden on his body. And finally Amy released him, though she only took a few steps back, clearly ready to apprehend him again if she needed to.
  21. Mickey rubbed his throat as Rose stepped forward. “I trusted you,” she said quietly. “You’ve been my best mate since we were kids. I trusted you.”
  22. “She’s a monster–”
  23. “No, she isn’t!” Rose’s voice hopped up a few notches. “You know what she is? She’s a fucking English teacher. She goes to school every day and she teaches kids about classic literature and she tries not to make jokes about Jane Austen because they used to have a thing. She goes home at night and she makes tea and she grades papers. When we go out for dates she refuses to eat broccoli because she says it’s not natural. She’s stupidly affectionate when she’s drunk, she hogs the blankets and she hates getting up in the mornings and will find any excuse to stay in bed for five minutes. And I…”
  24. Rose faltered, squeezing her eyes shut and trying desperately not to just break down crying. “I love her, and I trusted you, and you still sold her out. And for what? So you could maybe catch a few of the bad vampires who do kill people? How is burning down the sanctuary going to accomplish that? The only vampires you’re going to hurt are the ones that are just trying to live without hurting anyone. The ones like  Clara, like Amy and Rory who have never hurt anyone. What good is that?”
  25. Mickey stared at Rose, clearly unsure of what to say. After a moment Amy stepped forward again.
  26. “One more time, hunter – Where. Is. Clara?”

F I N A L F A N T A S Y ;
The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die… The seas rage… The earth decays… But the people believe in a prophecy, patiently awaiting its fullfillment. “When darkness veils the world, fours Warriors of Light shall come.” After a long journey, four young travelers did at last appear… and in the hand of each was clutched a crystal.

Formal Affairs part IX

This is AS FAR AS I PLANNED  the conclusion to Formal Affairs as far as Sole’s fate goes but this is also not the end. I truly hope you enjoy reading this. Know this story has become very important to me and your reactions to it really gave me something really fun to keep me motivated over, even during very stressful times. Something I could use to wind down. And damn Maxson has grown on me so much in writing this. They both have.

On the second night he thought he heard her voice, saying his name. He figured he was dozing of, hearing what he wanted to hear again, his mind playing the same cruel tricks over and over again. This time her voice wasn’t strong or seductive, not a rewind and play of what he had heard before… so looked up at her anyway. He needed to be certain.
“ Sole?”  

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These two are better than Rose and Dimitri, I swear. More please?

Part I  || Part II || Part III || Part IV  || Part V  || Part VI || Part VII || Part VIII|| Part IX || Part X || Part XI || Part XII || Part XIII

  1. Clara wasn’t doing well.
  2. Rory squeezed into the back seat with Rose and Clara to look Clara over while Amy sped away from the forest. “Come on Clara, wake up,” he murmured as he pulled an eyelid back to check her pupils. Her skin was pale, almost paperwhite, her breathing stuttered and uneven.
  3. It terrified Rose.
  4. “She’s got sun poisoning,” Rory said unnecessarily. “She’s gonna need blood. A lot of it.”
  5. Fuck,” Amy groaned as they pulled up to a red light, and she hit her head against the steering wheel. “Where the fuck am I supposed to get blood at eight in the morning.”
  6. “What’ll happen if she doesn’t get it?” Rose asked quietly. Rory hesitated, not quite able to meet Rose’s gaze as he answered.
  7. “She’ll probably die. Sun exposure for that long is…”
  8. The light changed to green, and Amy slammed her foot down on the gas. Rose’s arms tightened around Clara as she tried not to cry.
  9. “Rory, start making phone calls. Someone has to be awake and have access to some blood.”
  10. Rory got out his phone and started calling around while Amy sped down the street, and Rose just stared at Clara. This was all her fault. If she had never introduced Clara and Mickey, this never would have happened.
  11. And there was nothing she could do to…
  12. Wait. That wasn’t true. There was something. One thing.
  13. Rory had brought Mickey’s knife with them when they’d run back to the car. It was sitting on the floor by Rose’s feet, and she reached to grab it while Rory was distracted.
  14. And she cut carefully into her wrist.
  15. “Rose what hell?” Amy demanded as Rory snapped around to look at Rose.
  16. “Just a bit…” Rose carefully pressed the cut to Clara’s lips. It took her a minute but finally she sluggishly responded, tongue licking against the wound before she began drinking.
  17. “You can’t let her take too much,” Rory told Rose gently.
  18. “I know.” But she could let her have a bit. Maybe enough to sustain her until Rory found more blood.
  19. Rose was starting to get a little dizzy when Rory finally pulled her wrist away from Clara’s wrist. “Everyone still alive?” Amy asked. There was the smallest bit of color in Clara’s lips, her breathing just a touch mor even now.
  20. It was a start.

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Could we have some more Vampire AU? I really love it

Part I  || Part II || Part III || Part IV  || Part V  || Part VI || Part VII ||Part VIII||
Part IX || Part X || Part XI || Part XII || Part XIII || Part XIV ||Part XV ||
Part XVI
 || Part XVII

  1. Martha returned a couple hours later with a cup of blood. “I think I nailed down the poison they used. This should counteract it.”
  2. “Brilliant,” Clara mumbled as she pushed herself up with a tired groan. Rose looked away as she took the cup and sipped it. “Eugh. What’s in this?”
  3. “If I tell you you won’t drink it.”
  4. “……Fair.”
  5. She finished the cup and set it aside, blowing out a long breath as she settled back shakily against her pillows once more. “I never wanna see the sun again,” she mumbled after a minute, squeezing her eyes shut.
  6. “The blood should help with the sun poisoning too,” Martha said. “Give her a cup of the mix every two hours for the next day, that should be all you need. If you need anything else just call me.”
  7. “Thanks, Martha,” Rory said as he and Amy left again to show Martha out.
  8. “I’m gonna have to leave London,” Clara said quietly, opening her eyes again to look at Rose.
  9. “What?” Rose blinked. “Why?”
  10. “They know about me, it’s not going to be safe here anymore. They’ll keep going after me and trying to use me to find the sanctuary and I can’t…I can’t live every day worrying that’ll be the day they find me.”
  11. Rose let out a long breath, nodding. “Okay. So where are we going, then?”
  12. “We?” Clara repeated in disbelief.
  13. “You’re not going anywhere without me.”
  14. “Wha – Rose no, I can’t ask–”
  15. “You’re not asking, I’m saying I’m going and you don’t have a choice,” Rose said firmly. “I didn’t let Amy threaten to kill my best mate and then kick him in the face to rescue you just so you could go and leave me behind, alright? I love you, and you’re not going anywhere without me.”
  16. Clara gaped for a moment, her mouth opening and closing a few times. “I love you too,” she whispered finally, and Rose couldn’t stop herself from smiling.
  17. “Good.”
Tales of L'Oreal 2
~because they're also worth it

Elliot from Turn of the Strory a FREE online short story by Sarah Rees Brennan.

Since there is only more chapter left before September when Wings in the Morning will come out I’ll be posting more fan art and thoughts to celebrate the grouchiest kid in magic land :)

ETA: The background just wasn’t working for me so changed it to something cleaner. Thoughts?


Pitch Perfect AU. Call Me Crazy. Part 32.

Summary: Chloe Beale is a Pre-Law student who struggles with schizophrenia. She is still trying to prove the diagnosis is wrong. Beca Mitchell is young psychiatrist. She had some patients before but never met people with schizophrenia.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13. Part 14. Part 15. Part 16. Part 17. Part 18. Part19. Part 20. Part 21. Part 22. Part 23. Part 24. Part 25. Part 26. Part 27. Part 28. Part 29. Part 30Part 31. Part 33. Part 34. Part 35. Part 36. Part 37. Part 38. Part 39. Part 40. Part 41. Part 42.

I Knew You Were Trouble: Part IX (SeBlaine)

Title: I Knew You Were Trouble: It’s All in What We Say, but Mainly It’s in What We Do

Rating: M for language and smut.

Pairing: Seblaine, Ex-Klaine; AnderCohen-Chang, Blam, & Blittany friendship.

Genre: Angst, Friendship to Romance

Warning: Angst(?)

A/N: So this is a long one. Some things to know: This starts off directly the day after the last chapter (So Sunday if I’m not mistaken) I will indicate the days it is after that. The boys have a half day on Tuesday. So the mall scene isn’t that late in the day. They have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off because I think I remember having that day off when I was in school. I will write and post a Tina POV companion piece to this. But later because this one took up so much time and I didn’t get a chance to write it. I just want her to react to some of what happens. Oh and this is really ridiculous but I just wanted to say most of this is in Blaine’s POV so his name in the texting bit at the start is as he sees it not Seb. Idk why I felt I needed you guys to know that Seb has Blaine’s nickname set in his phone too. It just seemed like a good idea to make that clear. Idk now it feels pointless haha whatever. Anyways!! Enjoy lovies and please don’t be too mad at me

Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII


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