“My muse was a MONSTER. I was a PUPPET.”

good news: I’m setting up an LGBT+ display in the teens section of my local library! we’re going to have a big heart made up of smaller hearts arranged in rainbow order. we’re also hanging up the Gay and Bi flags, plus pictures of LGBT+ book covers we have available as ebooks. each month we’ll add two more flags–Transgender and Non-Binary next, then Asexual and Pansexual. it’s not everything, but I’m also making explain-o pamphlets about each orientation, and I’ll try to work in some quick stuff about intersex, polysexual, genderqueer, demisexual, aromantic, etc. in wherever I can!

bad news: before I could actually come out to my coworker building the display with me, she said she couldn’t even understand the concept of asexuality and “doesn’t understand how any human being couldn’t want to have sex.”

so like, yeah, in perspective, I’m not worried about her beating me up in the parking lot or something, but now I really don’t want to come out to her and deal with more insinuations that I’m not human, or broken, or questions about if and how I was sexually traumatized, are you sure you’re not gay? have u tried changing ur diet? have u actually HAD sex? how many times? with what gender? did you orgasm? are u sure tho? are u sure?? ARE U SURE???


I can honestly say that maternity leave has been off to a good start.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the beach/water park with a friend, her daughter and her stepson. Then I had a midwife appointment and a massage appointment (massages are saving me, no joke). After the appointments, I went out for dinner with people from my community group. It was a chill, fun day.

Today I slept in (longer than I care to admit), tidied a bit around the house, and then my husband came home early from work. He works longer Monday-Thursday and only does partial days on Fridays, which is super awesome.

Our afternoon/evening became a date night. We walked Nic’s mom’s dog and caught Pokemon, we went for dinner at a local pub, we walked around the downtown area by the pub and caught a ton more Pokemon, and then came home for some Netflix and Chill.

It’s been a good couple days. I am enjoying these last days of rest before baby’s arrival.

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Oh my god I can't wait for the gang!au oh my... ~Hosin Anon

I’ll be basing it off this video right HERE~~

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cherryblake said: Kids and thier silly gay ships these days

*Tsk* Indeed, @cherryblake, me ol’ fruit salad, Back in our day, when we were young and wild, we were subtle when it came to fan-girling over the precious gay ships.

Now, I found that in my old age, I don’t even know what subtlety is anymore - BRING ON THE GAY SHIPS, you young kids, and GIVE ME SOME MORE M/M AND F/F PAIRINGS TO CRY OVER, DEMMIT. THIS OLD LADY WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO COMES FOR MY GAY BABIES.

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hi im looking for a sugarr daddy to buy me a club penguin membership??? 

my qualities are: 

i can fake being nice long enough that you think i care

I’ve made some foods that ended up pretty good


im a cute twunk (twink hunk) and willing to be ur arm candy for the price of a club penguin membership and maybe some dog socks