The thing about any form of artistic expression is that anyone who looks at it will have a different opinion of it. It’s meant to inspire thought and creativity and this all applies to things like tv shows too. Everyone is meant to gather a general message from it, but the lines drawn in getting to that message can be quite subjective- especially in the avenue of how one views a particular character and their motivations and inner thoughts.

How does that translate into RP? Well, simply put, once someone takes an existing character and tries to analyze them for themselves, it can amount in an endless number of variations that will never be entirely the same. That’s the beauty of it all. With everyone being so vastly different it leads to so many views and ideas of the same character that can be similar but all vary slightly enough to where it’s still unique.

See an interpretation you don’t like? Don’t look at it, don’t comment on it, pretend you never saw it because you’ll be happier that way. There’s no need to be a jerk about it and send someone a petty, hateful anon message when they aren’t hurting anyone just because you are not personally happy with what this person is doing. That just makes you a pompous assclown that needs to get a grip on reality.


Some things to consider

*deep breath*

Okay, I wasn’t going to make this post. I’d been holding these thoughts in and only sharing them with people I trust a lot because I really don’t want to end up where I was a couple years ago. That was a horrible experience, and I’m still not completely over it. However, since this keeps happening and it’s incredibly upsetting to me, I figured I’d give in and talk openly about why a certain scene in the most recent episode of Zetsubou-hen bothers me so much.

Komaeda Nagito is canonically a teenager who is extremely ill both mentally and physically. He has a disease that is causing his brain to slowly rot away on top of having cancer. Komaeda Nagito lost his parents at a very young age due to a plane hijacking/crash and, if his POV manga is to be believed, he was the only survivor. Apparently, he’s been completely alone ever since. He has no relatives and no friends. He’s been left alone to do whatever he wants since elementary/primary school. Komaeda Nagito has gone through severe trauma throughout his entire life, from the loss of his pet dog to the plane crash to being abducted by a murderer for an unknown amount of time. Komaeda Nagito has been confirmed to have extreme fears connected to these traumatic events, one of them being a fear of planes. In the Island Mode of SDR2, the mere mention of the jets at the military base is enough to cause him to have a meltdown. Komaeda Nagito lacks a lot of awareness of himself and what is socially acceptable, as evidenced by some of his jokes and his attempts to help his classmates. Komaeda Nagito doesn’t take care of himself properly. All he eats for breakfast is bread, even if someone has gone out of their way to make a bigger meal for him. Komaeda Nagito has no self-worth or respect. He views himself as a completely useless, stupid piece of trash whose only worth lies in perhaps being of use to those he admires and respects. Komaeda Nagito once told one such person that he was up for anything they wanted to do to him. On another occassion, he told them that he was completely fine if they wanted to see him naked. Komaeda Nagito most likely does not have a complete understanding of sexual situations due to not having someone to properly talk to him about this stuff, the experiences he’s had, his illnesses, and some of the casual jokes he makes with Hinata in both the main storyline and in Island Mode. This can possibly be further evidenced by the scene in episode 2 where he is given aphrodisiacs.

Komaeda Nagito was the only person who stood up for a classmate who was being sexually harrassed by another classmate. Nobody else stepped in. He was the only one.

So, now you’re telling me that he has been missing for a year. One whole year. Not one of his classmates misses him. They all talk badly about him and joke about him, and they don’t particularly care much about the news that nobody’s been able to contact him. You’re telling me that the reason he’s been gone this whole time was because he was in another plane crash, and he landed on a deserted island. He’s been all alone for all that time, after re-experiencing one of his childhood traumas.

Okay. I think I understand the setup for all of this. So then. What are we going to focus on during this scene?


Wow, doesn’t this sick teenager’s naked body look good under that waterfall? I bet you’re glad this episode wasn’t delayed, huh?

Oh, and let’s not forget that the last episode had a csa joke about him.

Guys, I know that I’m getting worked up over a fictional character in some anime. It seems silly, sure, but I think that it’s warranted. The treatment of Komaeda’s character in these last two episodes have been in really bad taste, and I’m not happy with it. Komaeda is one of the most fascinating characters I’ve seen in anything! He’s done so much for the series, even if so much of what he did was bad. He’s a character that made people think. In the second game, he basically single handedly moved the plot forward. In the third game, his scenes weren’t always in good taste (I mean, they stuck him in a position of servitude to a bunch of kids who treated him horribly and portrayed that as comedic), but he was still so smart and was able to manipulate so many things! He’s intelligent. He’s interesting. He’s complex and sympathetic. He’s capable of so much plot-wise! Yet, here he is, reduced to a useless comic relief/fanservice character that nobody cares about.

There’s nothing funny or appealing about that. It ranges from annoying and unfair to straight up gross.

I absolutely despise this scenario that happens in so many TV shows and movies: there is a 40-50+ year old man. He is an intellectual and deep and kind of sad. There is an 18 year old girl. She is almost ALWAYS exactly eighteen. She is innocent and full of life or whatever. ONE OF TWO THINGS HAPPENS: 1) 18 Year Old Girl says she likes the man for his maturity and wants comfort. They have sex. 2) Mesmerized by her beauty, the 40-50+ Year Old Man does something sensual by accident. They have sex. The relationship doesn’t work out afterwards, even if 40-50+ Year Old Man wants it to, and 18 Year Old Girl is ALWAYS painted as being in the wrong. She either only wanted him for sex or realized that she liked someone her own age. We, as the audience, are supposed to feel bad for 40-50+ Year Old Man that it isn’t working out.

The fact that she is almost always exactly eighteen is very important. Being eighteen means you are legally able to give consent in every state in the United States (age-wise). THEREFORE, the movie will not let you criticize this trope because “IT’S ALL CONSENSUAL.”

Consider the difference between an eighteen year old and someone in their 40s or 50s. At eighteen, you can still be in high school. You probably still live with your parents. You can feasibly have grandkids in your 50s. You can apply for an AARP card in your 50s.

tl;dr I don’t care if your 18 Year Old Girl is “consenting.” It doesn’t make your movie/show any less predatory and weird.

Perky Dimples

My sister loves to tease me about the first relationship I ever ruined for her. I was 4. She was 14 and had invited along her “serious” 14-year-old boyfriend to our family outing at a local pizza place.

While chowing down and smearing my face liberally with sauce, I studied him thoughtfully. With my observations complete, I loudly said, “You were wrong, Dad. He does too have a neck.” Oblivious to the awkwardness I caused, I continued inhaling my pizza. My sister attempted to melt into the red cushions of our booth.

After everyone calmed down, I continued my helpful commentary. As I gazed longingly into the boy’s horrified eyes, I told him, “You have cute dimples. Do you want to see mine?”

Dad tried gallantly to save our runaway dining experience by telling me that I did not have dimples and that I needed to be quiet.

Telling me to be quiet is about as effective as putting barbecue sauce on a sunburn. I immediately raised my voice to ensure the arcade next door could hear me, and I proclaimed, “I do TOO have dimples! See?” And I lifted my shirt over my head, displaying my “dimples” prominently for my sister’s boyfriend.

My sister attempted to disappear into the floor. Dad stopped my striptease. My sister’s boyfriend decided to call it a night.

And I’m sure my sister will forgive me for flashing her boyfriend any day now.

In the meantime, I fear I’ve missed my calling — “Dimples” would have been a great stripper name. :)

lydyda  asked:

Oh but how about this? Keith as half Galran and Atlean. His mom is Altean and her shape shifting ability was passed down to her son and that's why he's able to retain his human form.

look i was going to draw baby keith again but then i settled for his cute young alien parents flirting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


You’re part of my entity, here for infinity,
When the war has took its part,
When the world has dealt its cards,
If the hand is hard, together we’ll mend your heart (x)