I saw the same fucking anti-greenflame post on my dash and
Every ship is wrong if you think about it
Bruise? Abusive.
Glacier? Zane is a nindroid.
Jaya? Nya broke Jay’s heart.
Kailor? They don’t even meet up.
Wusako? Misako is married to Garmadon and has a son with the latter.
Every. Ship. Is. Wrong. In. Some. Way. But if we headcanon stuff to be different (that Lloyd is older, perhaps. Or that they don’t have an age gap that big) then we can ship it. Heck, we don’t have to change stuff, but we can still enjoy it. I’m honestly sick of this. I get it, Lloyd’s not as old as the other ninja, but if he loves Kai and Kai loves him back, it’s okay. Because my friend’s parents have 10 years age gap, and they still love each other.
I am, and always will be, fine with ships between Lloyd and other ninja. I don’t care what you ship. If you’re an asshole and ship it, I hate you because you’re an asshole. I don’t hate you because you ship it.
I am not backing down from my opinion. I don’t care how much hate I’m getting for this.
I just want people to know that I exist. That I am here to support everyone. Please, ffs, if this war makes you feel like it did to me, come and talk to me. Please.

  • *mt dies, boss starts picking off dps one by one*
  • dps: uh tank
  • *boss continues to kill*
  • dead dps: provoke
  • *boss continues 2 murder alliance and chase dps around arena*
  • tank in my party: im not the mt lol
  • me: ok but u understand that you become the new mt when the original one dies right????
  • tank: ill deal with that when it happens
  • me: buddy :)

Well, what do we have here?

Slowly, but surely…..

(I have sketches for the ball ready I do I do aaa)

You know, I wish we’d gotten to see Sawatari acting, a bit more serious about things after hitting the Xyz dimension.

Ok, I understand having him play up his hamminess during the first two arcs, because at that time the threat of Academia still seems, far away. It doesn’t feel, real, not to someone like him.

But when he and the others land in the ruins of Heartland, and see the conditions that people are living in and what’s happened, I would have liked to see a moment of ‘oh’. A moment of realizing how real this all is and that it’s not a game. A sobering realization that maybe he needs to take this more seriously(and that the world does not revolve around him).

Sure, he can still be a bit of a ham in his duels(like in the one against Zarc, that was good) but at the same time, realizing this is real.


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

kageyama bros fight!


It doesn’t matter where I come from. I know who I am.