The teacher I assist at school wants me to make drawing tutorials on photoshop for the students so I’m just messing around till I …. figure this out



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Okuyasu, is mayonnaise and instrument?

JOSE: “My my, I heard Josuke complaining the other day that the post office hasn’t gotten the hang of delivering mail to that young man’s house yet, but I didn’t expect it was this bad… Perhaps everyone should check their addresses more carefully, hoho~”

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Since this blog reminds me of yeeem, I wonder how it would go if a Space Pirate met a Sangheili. Probably just worting and screeching and then a protracted war that ends in the Covenant collapsing again

then the planet got glassed the end

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This depends on whether you play Mystic Messenger or not, but if you do then a KuroDaiSuga MM au! if not then a magical au is cool ^^

Daichi sees Suga’s phone ringing with the name ‘Zen’ being awfully clear and was about to grab it before Kuuro got to it first, shoving it into Suga’s hands and crowding into him to hear their conversation.

Confused, Daichi closes in to listen as well but he’s casually shooed away by his boyfriends who seem too intent on whatever the conversation is about, and wait is that suga cooing?

“Who the hell is Zen?!?!”


A compilation of the first ten days of inktober, in commemoration of Trails of Cold Steel 2! catch me yammering about it and other irrelevant stuff nonstop on twitter orz

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Maybe Ritsu slowly comes to regard it the same way he regards Reigen - an annoyance, but a necessary one for Mob's sake. Except with a bit more fear and respect than he's ever felt for Reigen.


“if me and the spider is stuck in a house on fire who would you save?” “idk that glass jar is definitely lighter than a full grown man” 

(A WIP~)

I was thinking about DJ Peacock at one point and then I came to a fascinating realization.

DJ Peacock is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, in fact, a DJ (or as far as canon has told us anyway.)

He is a news broadcaster guy.

(I think I may have made my best observation of the entire. Fudging. Year.)