Sasuke’s Feelings About Sakura Throughout the Series- Part 3

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k-punch and ereri-yaoi-lover As promised here’s part 3 :)

Now we’re at part 2 when Team 7 reunites- and the interesting part is that the first person of Team 7 to see Sasuke again after 2 years was Sakura.

We see how Kishi dedicates a whole page to Sakura’s eyes seeing Sasuke again- emphasizing the importance of eye contact in Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship. We see this come up again when Sasuke looks at Sakura charging at him. But first, I want to look at the cover of this chapter first to have a feel for Sasuke’s character after 2 years.

What’s interesting about this cover is that although Sasuke’s so close to Naruto and Sakura physically, he has changed into a man driven by his goal.  He has compartmentalized his love for Team 7 and his desire for power and revenge.  But we still see a bit of his love for Team 7. 

In this picture, Sai was talking about important bonds and camaraderie.

To me, Sasuke seems like he’s contemplating all over again about his bonds with Naruto and Sakura- notice Sai’s words “Something I can’t help but feel was very important to me.” Sasuke can’t help but think of Team 7 as important- he doesn’t want to but he still does- Sasuke’s mentality on his goal might have sharpened but he still cares about Team 7. It also immediately reminded me of these panels:

Sasuke has always wanted to give into to the “weakness” of creating bonds and learning to love again.  But he always deviated his attention to gaining power for revenge.  And I feel like this is another brief instance where Sasuke was tempted to give in again because look at his eyes. They are downcast and it looks like the exact same face as baby Sasuke has when he thinks “However…I also thought of it as a weakness.”

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