little happy things
  • sitting beside someone and feeling at home
  • taking a perfect photo after trying to for ages
  • daydreaming about your favourite places and people
  • sore muscles after going on adventures
  • when the food arrives at a restaurant
  • cute things people say that make you feel ok again
  • a movie that makes you tear up a lot
  • listening to a song for the first time, and knowing that it will become really special to you
  • when the temperature of the tea is just right
  • talking to someone who understands how you feel
  • nice-smelling lotions and soaps
  • looking back and realising how much you’ve improved
some parisian things from a parisian who was just in paris for ml fic writers part 3
  • couples show a lot of PDA in Paris, it’s just a thing
  • there are less Starbucks than you think, Parisians prefer old fashioned cafes at the side of the road
  • the McDonald’s menu is INTENSE. they have something called McCafe that sells a bunch of french pastries
  • there is this under appreciated pastry called a viennoise au chocolat and it’s absolutely delicious. it’s basically bread with chocolate chips in it and it’s so good but no one ever talks about them
  • 100g of chouquettes (about 11 sugar covered choux) are only about 3 euros, they are some of the cheapest pastries
  • a baguette is about 2 euros
  • half a baguette is 50 cents (don’t ask it’s weird)
  • students end school at different times every day.  they also start school at different times every day usually
  • after school sports are not really a thing, you end at around 5 or 6 anyways
  • after school people like to hang out at cafes for a little before doing homework
  • dinner usually starts at 7:00 or even 8:30
  • sometimes people have a snack at 11, we like to eat
  • the metro is actually super quick at times and is the most common form of transportation
  • metro stops are also reasonably clean and beautifully tiled
  • if there is a movie being promoted you’ll see it everywhere from busses, to taxis, to metro hallways, to big circular posters that turn in the streets
  • thrift shops are called antiques stores. that’s how bratty a parisian is
  • tight clothing is in style, nothing very loose
  • the roofs of paris are insanely fun to climb on and jump across even if you’re not a superhero. it’s very much a thing
  • there are parks in every part of paris, it’s a very popular place to spend your time. teens usually go there right after school and after hours like at midnight

Zarkon: You can scream all you wish, Allura! I’m afraid no one can hear you!

[Allura just gives him an exasperated look]

Zarkon: Uh, why isn’t she screaming?

Haggar: Allura, if you don’t mind…

Zarkon: Like this!

[does a fake scream]

Zarkon: Well, that’s a poor lady scream…

[the brainbot in his lap bites his hand, and he lets out a high-pitched scream]


Allura: [smirking] That’s a little better.

tazumihanako  asked:

I was wondering about a continuation to Keith's Mom. Since they went to bed that night I was wondering what would happen the next morning. I really love what you did with the ask and I'm desperate to see more lol

hey dude! i’m so glad you asked because i’ve actually had this sitting in my drafts since the same day i posted part 2 but i wasn’t sure if anyone wanted it to continue or not lmao so here ya go! :)

(part one)    (part 2)

i have no idea how to portray the next bit in text form but just know that lance sprinted through the halls of the castle until he got to keith and then absolutely destroyed him with kisses. :)

(part one)    (part 2)

mutantgurls  asked:

Part 3. Why do you even has to ask,that. Do,your thing.

I shall, do my thing ;) haha here you go!
Lance napped for a little while after that, and Blue carefully repaired her systems, slower because most of her Quintessence was focused on holding her human form together. She eventually managed to connect to the Black Lion, and shook Lance awake as Shiro’s voice came through the line, sounding panicked and frightened. “Lance? Lance! Answer me, please! Are you there? Lance!” Shiro called, and Lance shuddered awake, blearily blinking around before scrambling up to hit the respond button.
“Shiro? Is that you?” He rasped out, and the video feed to the Black Lion popped up, revealing Shiro’s face creased with worry. Relief flooded his leader’s features the second he saw Lance. “Lance! Oh thank God, you’re okay! Where are you? Pidge has been trying to track down Blue, but she can’t get a signal.” Shiro explained, and Blue popped up from behind the dashboard, nudging Lance aside to get to the screen.
“Well I wouldn’t be surprised! The ocean here is practically like the space version of your Earth’s tar! It’s probably blocking my energy, which is why Green cannot lock onto my signal.” She said, tilting her head at the stunned Black Paladin. “Lance, who is-” Shiro started, confused, But Lance had anticipated this.
“Oh, that’s Blue! In her human form, actually. She formed it to help me out while I was unconscious.” Lance clarified quickly, Blue dipping her head in agreement with a large grin. “The planet we crashed on looks like a giant sea of oil, basically. It’s literally below freezing, but I’ve concentrated all heating systems to the cockpit so Lance doesn’t freeze to death. The feeling of slowly being covered in ice is extremely unpleasant, I would know.” Blue frowned, but continued.
“It’s mainly all liquid, but thickens towards the core, which is just a giant ball of ice and dust. We stopped sinking about an hour ago, and I’m currently settled across the core. My metal body, that is.” She explained, and Shiro sighed. “Right. Oil planet. Got it. We’ll be there soon Lance, just, hold on okay? You don’t look too good there.” Again with the worried look. Shiro had barely talked to him all month, why does he get the right to suddenly be worried now? Lance thought bitterly, but he forced a smile. “Oh, yeah, got a little roughed up. It’s nothing too bad.” He lied, and Blue (the traitor) called him out on it by jabbing her finger into the giant slice to his side, just under his ribs. Yelping in pain, he twisted away as Blue held up her finger. Dark liquid was smeared across it, beading up at the fingernail and dripping, even though the wound had been heavily bandaged.
“Excuse my use of language, Paladins, but I call bullshit. That wound is capable of tearing further and spilling out your insides.” She growled, turning to Shiro who frankly looked quite horrified. “He needs the healing pods right away. I know human anatomy from studying during my years on Earth, and the laceration here is deep. Any more aggravation to it will result in the last layer tearing and spilling out the organs tucked behind it, possibly even rip his diaphragm. I don’t think I need to tell you what would happen after that.” She informed the Black Paladin grimly, Lance wheezing quietly off screen to the side.
Shiro paled visibly. “Okay, got it. Lance? You need to sit down and stay down. We can’t lose you, okay? We’re almost there, just, no moving.” He warned, highly concerned as Lance slid back into the pilot seat, shaky and a bit more sweaty than before. The Blue Paladin gave Shiro a weak thumbs up and a smile. “You got it boss. No moving. Couldn’t even if I wanted to, which I don’t.” He croaked tiredly, and Shiro attempted to give him a reassuring smile.
“See you soon, Lance.”
Shance if you squint ;)
Part 4 maybe?

Edit: there’s more where this came from!