How to lukio 101 part 3

21. Ole hyvin ravittu. Koskaan ei ole liikaa ruokaa!

22. Lue se pakkoruotsi kunnialla. Mitä nopeammin se on ohi, sen vähemmän sitä tarvitsee enää miettiä. Ei jää lakki kiinni jostain saakelin komparatiivista.

23. Ole valmis itkemään. Ei hätää. Mental breakdown on kerran kuukaudessa ja ihan luonnollinen osa murrosikää.

24. Jos teet taulukkokirjaasi merkintöjä, ilmestyn sänkysi alle jä lämäsen sua kyseisellä kirjalla.

25. Opettajat ovat salasadisteja (jotkut eivät peittele taipumuksiaan). Ei kannata päteä. Se on julkisen nöyryytyksen paikka, vaikka olisit 110% oikeassa asiasta.

26. Lukio on rankkaa. Kaikkihan sen tietää. Älä ala selittää siitä sun amis-kavereille. Ei niitä kiinnosta.

27. Muista kokelasnumerosi ja saavu YO-kokeeseen ajoissa. Et haluu olla se tyyppi, joka joutuu myöntämään salin täydellisen hiljaisuuden siivittämä ja monen korvan kuullen, että nukuit pommiin ja et tiedä kirjotustilaasi.

28. Pidä huolta kurssien määrästä. Se on 75 joista 10 syventäviä. Se on siinä. Ei tingitä. Lue vaikkapa pari ekstraa psykan kurssia ja ota enkun syventävä puhekurssi. Kirjotettavista aineista ne tulee luonnollisesti täyteen (yleensä).

29. Muista elämä, mut älä silleen et hommat kasaantuu niskaan.

30. Ole ihmisiksi. Lukio on valtion tarjoama toisen asteen koulutuslaitos, ei festari. Kunnoita toista ihmistä. Ole avuksi toisille. Rakenna ystävyyttä yli rajojen. Suojele luontoa.

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A/N: This got away from me a little bit, but I feel like if it was rushed it wouldn’t read very well. 

Rated 18+ for the amount of smut

Warnings : Smut, Oral, Daryl low-key being a cutie

Goddamn the boy knew how to kiss, strong hands enveloping the sides of her head as he lips pressed firmly against hers. He pushed her back gently against his bed, crawling over her until she was pinned beneath his hard body as he sucked he lower lip into his mouth.

Carol was vibrating with nervous energy, lifting her legs to loosely bracket Daryl’s hips, his lower half rested in the cradle of her thighs. 

Nothing about this felt wrong so far. Not like she thought it would. She thought the moment he kissed her it would feel forced and unnatural but she couldn’t have been further from the truth. He kissed her like she was the only woman he ever wanted to be with, moved against her like he needed her.

“You good?” Daryl eventually asked, the question muffled by his lips still moving against hers. 

“Uhuh,” was all she managed to respond, sighing as his hands spanned the length of her body, settling on the swell of her hips. 

“Gon’ take this off okay,” he warned, his fingers playing against the hem of her dress.

“What about you?” She wasn’t going to be stripped down while he got to keep all his clothes on, no way in hell.

Daryl chuckled as he kissed down her jaw. “Okay sweetheart.” 

Carol almost whimpered when he pulled back from her, rising to his feet to peel the white t-shirt from his body. 

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Chance Encounters (Part 3)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

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Chapter 3: Through the Wingman

Spencer had just got off the Metro and was walking down the streets of Quantico toward the FBI headquarters, just like he did every morning. But before that, he had to make a quick stop at the coffee shop across the street for his routine morning dose of caffeine at a new detour from his commute. He rationalized that it was more logical to grab a coffee closer to his destination rather than get one at the Metro station. Plus, the coffee was pretty good at a reasonable price.

The fact that it happened to be the coffee shop at which you worked was JUST a favorable coincidence.

He stepped through the door, the bell signaling his arrival, and took a quick glance around. Sure enough, he spotted you wiping down tables in the back corner. You looked up and gave him a cheery wave and a smile, which he gladly returned.

“I saw that, Reid.”

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End Gayme music video

Female love interest stills part 3

And… done. I’ll just say that Taylor and her seem pretty much like, wait for it… love interests. They’re pretty attached at the hip, wouldn’t you say? So proud of Taylor for this gay ass masterpiece🌈. What do y'all think? Over and out👋🏼


lance! you’re too! close! [part 3]

sorry i post in the middle of the night im a moon gremlin who lives in a late time zone and sleeps all day

if you can’t read my handwriting, here is lance’s monologue

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some parisian things from a parisian who was just in paris for ml fic writers part 3
  • couples show a lot of PDA in Paris, it’s just a thing
  • there are less Starbucks than you think, Parisians prefer old fashioned cafes at the side of the road
  • the McDonald’s menu is INTENSE. they have something called McCafe that sells a bunch of french pastries
  • there is this under appreciated pastry called a viennoise au chocolat and it’s absolutely delicious. it’s basically bread with chocolate chips in it and it’s so good but no one ever talks about them
  • 100g of chouquettes (about 11 sugar covered choux) are only about 3 euros, they are some of the cheapest pastries
  • a baguette is about 2 euros
  • half a baguette is 50 cents (don’t ask it’s weird)
  • students end school at different times every day.  they also start school at different times every day usually
  • after school sports are not really a thing, you end at around 5 or 6 anyways
  • after school people like to hang out at cafes for a little before doing homework
  • dinner usually starts at 7:00 or even 8:30
  • sometimes people have a snack at 11, we like to eat
  • the metro is actually super quick at times and is the most common form of transportation
  • metro stops are also reasonably clean and beautifully tiled
  • if there is a movie being promoted you’ll see it everywhere from busses, to taxis, to metro hallways, to big circular posters that turn in the streets
  • thrift shops are called antiques stores. that’s how bratty a parisian is
  • tight clothing is in style, nothing very loose
  • the roofs of paris are insanely fun to climb on and jump across even if you’re not a superhero. it’s very much a thing
  • there are parks in every part of paris, it’s a very popular place to spend your time. teens usually go there right after school and after hours like at midnight