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ok how about this, u have sex with the members (preferably yoongi) n after that they leave because they are being dicky idiots and u text them but they hurt u by saying some mean shit and after that they regret it. make it as angsty as possible!

Part 2 coming up soon. check out my masterlist here.

Requests for texts are open!


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BTS Inside Jokes

Hello ARMYs! So, I was bored and thought of making this compilation of 25 of BTS’ inside jokes! Please let me know if there are more because i’m gonna make a part 2 to this!

Hope you enjoy!

1. Jimin You Got No Jams – Kim Namjoon.

The most iconic line ever said by a BTS member and the joke that didn’t get old for years and years.

2. Swag – Min Yoongi

The amount of swag that Suga has…

3. Oh man holy shit – Jeon Jungkook

Poor Jin here though…

4. Beach? Bitch? – Kim Taehyung ft. Park Jimin

He sounded so innocent while saying it though like wtf?

5. Shit down shit down – Kim Taehyung

His “s” always sounds like “sh”

6. Excuse Me! – Park Jimin

Ahhh you all have to know this lol.

7. Jiminie Pabo – Kim Taehyung

When our Taetae went to every American he met and then you all know lol

8. Dirty Water….my faceu – Jung Hoseok ft. Park Jimin

Very dirty water Jiminie

9. Infires – Min Yoongi ft. Jeon Jungkook


10. Turn up! – Kim Taehyung

Lets go party!

11. Min Suga jjang jjang man bboong bboong – Min Yoongi

The one and only genius

12. Sexy Porn Star – Kim Taehyung

Saxophonist babe…

13. My shiteu - Park Jimin

This is honestly cute

14. Stob it! – Kim Seokjin ft. Jeon Jungkook and a laughing Park Jimin

Stop it! S-T-O-P I-T!

15. I hate snakeu – Jung Hoseok

Worst experience in my life - Jhope

16. I was born in Busan first – Park Jimin ft. Jeon Jungkook

He was born in Busan first Kook, he ate 2134 rice more than you

17. I’m God – Kim Taehyung


18. Pardon? – Jeon Jungkook ft. Kim Namjoon

No comments…

19.  One night in a strange shitty – Kim Taehyung

Again with the “sh”

20. My hearteu my hearteu – Jung Hoseok

Oh my god

21. Oh my gawd – Almost all of them? Haha


22. Do you know annyeonghaseyo? – Kim Seokjin (This very joke updated to Do you know pittam nuemul?…wonhe manhi manhi yap! By Seokjin himself)

*Inserts Jin’s windshield laughter*

23. This chain….3 dollars – Min Yoongi


24. International playboy – Jeon Jungkook

Sure Jan

And the last one
25. Ayo Hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition! - BTS

I laugh way to hard at this….

Part 2 coming up soon…..

Superhero Daydreams

Alya: Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world to be saved by a superhero?

Nino: Personally I am a fan of you not being in a position where you NEED to be saved by a superhero. 

Alya: Don’t be such a spoilsport. I mean come on, think about it. What is more sexy than getting rescued by Paris’ heroes? 

::class thinks about it:: 

(Part 2 coming soon) 

This is not the end;

She’s never going to see him again. And he was perfect.  

Lily meets the love of her life in Tesco Extra at 10pm.  

read on ao3, part II

Happy birthday to the cutie-pie ria @gxldentrio

The first time Lily Evans meets him is at the self-checkout service at Tesco Extra. He’s got these tall, gangly legs that look like they could go on forever and (from what she can tell from the back of him anyways) an unruly bed of jet black hair.

And, if first impressions were anything to go by then he was also an absolute fool. Clumsy and, to be honest, bordering on idiotic.

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Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with RWB - Part 1

Last July I attended the Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with team RWB. We traveled through the night before the event from the RWB HQ in Chiba to the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Tochigi. I took these shots at a gas station on the way. The seven noisy RWB race cars showing up in the dead of night along with an army of RWB race drivers, crew members and photographers from around the world certainly brought the sleepy service area to life.

As you can see, the cars are all road registered and were driven to the event on public roads; no flatbeds, no trucks. It was a good chance to check the cars were all running smoothly. I actually traveled with RWB regular Alex Kyo in one of Nakai-San’s 993s. It was a real thrill to be a part of that journey, travelling in convoy, in the dead of night, on a Japanese highway with so many incredible cars.

I have a huge collection of photos from this event. It was an amazing experience and definitely a highlight since I started Rapid Japan. Part 2 coming soon.

To Kill A God pt.1

Fate rarely calls at a time of our choosing. Events put in motion eons before our creation, predetermined to bring us into a series of moments that define our very beings. Creation entails purpose whether it be big or small, everything has a story to be told whether the entities involved wished it or not. No, sometimes the universe chooses its heroes regardless of who they are or how they feel. In this phenomenon there is one truth; fate believes in us more than we’ll ever believe in ourselves.


The battle for the Broken Shore raged on months after the initial landfall. The mightiest orders of Azeroth assembled for a singular purpose; the decimation of the Burning Legion. With a climax on the horizon as the forces of Azeroth seized the Tomb of the Fallen Titan, not all soldiers found themselves on the front. At least in the literal sense. Kirollis, the wiley rogue, was one of the troops sent around the Tomb to scout for hidden entrances to the more entrenched areas of the structure. A cave system stemmed from the ravine a few clicks east of the battlegrounds. With the influx of Wyrmtongue Hoarders and mining gear being reported, it seemed curious enough to warrant an investigation.

The cave was dimly lit, only toting a few candles and a couple sparse torches lined the damp and rocky walls. The earthy smell of dirt and dust filled the corridors and assaulted the nostrils, mildly offensive and certainly uncomfortable- coupled with the lack of air that going into the deep earth afforded? It was far from ideal. Confined was one way to put it as the deeper the cavern twisted the seemingly more narrow it got. Even losing the natural structuring to more of a manufactured one as wooden pillars were erected to keep the cave walls from collapsing. Likely due to the Legions efforts to excavate the area. It was a dreary setting, but not one that was unexpected.

Pressing on further through the labyrinth of stone was almost depressing. Scores of laborers worked their pick-axes tirelessly against the grinding stone walls. While most of the work force was demonic, even the mortal races of Azeroth were put to work. Chained to weighted balls as overseers like Wrathguards and Succubi patrolled the hallways to keep them in line with a quick crack of the whip, or a brutal hand to remind them of their place. It reminded the rogue of the labor camps in Draenor, when the indigenous species was forced to do the bidding of the conquering one. While he wished to make it a priority, there was a more important job to be done; like finding out exactly what the enemy was doing in this cave, and why it had become such a point of focus in the recent weeks.

“Come on little fella, you don’t see me. Just keep moving.” The rogue muttered quietly with a wave of his hand, as if he had some sort of influence over the demon. While the little monster had allotted a few stares in his direction, he knew the only thing that could likely spot him in a magically aided cloaking would be one possessing spectral sight, or something of that caliber. Something he knew the Wyrmtongue failed to possess. They were scavengers and laborers by trade, truly the bottom feeders of the demonic races. But alas bottom feeders could still raise alarm, and Kirollis wasn’t about to risk hasty movements blowing a two week intel gathering binge.

Finally, the smaller demon seemed to finish sifting through debris- fishing a small trinket from the wreckage of the cave wall before giggling maniacally. Pleased with its rare gem of a discovery it would quickly scurry toward the cave entrance, even if it was a long way off. The rogue had passed a few common areas, his best guess was the creature wanted to show off its find. With a shrug of his shoulders, Kirollis would conclude that a distraction he didn’t have to create was the most effective.

As he progressed further and further through the twisting, dark, and hostile corridors of the cave, Kirollis finally came to the caverns end, or at least that’s what he thought. The rogue stood in front of a partially uncovered smooth surface. Nothing that had been expanded on through the mining efforts, but likely why they were now trying to widen the cave. With a perplexed expression, Kirollis raised his hand to rest flat against the smooth wall, naturally thinking that this was one of those entrances he sought. Either way, it was important enough for the Legion to divert forces here, it was worth reporting to his superiors.

Turning on a heel the rogue would soon begin to mutter his cloaking spell, though mid way through he was halted by a stare. No longer was he alone at the end of the tunnel, a Hoarder stood now blocking his path with a diabolical smile, baring a full set of razor sharp fangs. But the surprise visit was far from the first thing to catch his attention, instead it was the stick of dynamite it held and the match in an adjacent hand.

“Woah little fella… you don’t want to do that.” The rogue stated with his hands held up in defensive posturing.

“Me thinks I do’s, tricksie little human.”

“Elf.” Kirollis corrected. “Seriously though… you’re going to collapse the tunnel, isn’t that counterproductive?” He posed, but it was far from his first concern.

Unfortunately demons weren’t always the most reasonable types, “I live, you die. No one will know of our plans!” The Hoarder raved manically before striking the match and setting the fuse, laughing all the while.

Kirollis tried to close the gap, but with the distance between the two- all that served was to get closer to the blast. Halting his movements, the rogue would quickly look for anything he could find to shield him from the inevitable. And as luck would have it, a large sifting pan sat in the dirt between the two. As the fuse burned down quickly, Kirollis grappled the steel saucer and knelt down. It wasn’t enough to cover his entire body, even with the contortion to try and fit its size. But it was the best chance he had at minimizing the damage. 

BOOOOOOM!~ the explosive went off, shaking the rocky structure to its very core. Dust and soot shook from the walls and ceiling as larger and looser rocks began to fall in bunches. The Demon was no more, lost to the initial blast and sent back to the Nether where he once came.

Kirollis however was not as lucky. The brunt of the explosion was taken by the makeshift shield, but it did little in the way of countering the force behind it. With great momentum the rogue was flung back to the wall, his body used as a battering ram against stone, and that stone crumbling under the weight of the cave-in and the wrecking ball in elf form. And just like that, the duelist was freefall in a chamber as debris fell with him, lingering in the air for a few fleeting seconds before landing to the ground with a thud and a pained groan.

“Fucking..crazy… fuckin’ little goblin ass… “ He rambled incoherently, obviously angry and upset as well as injured over what had just transpired. Hands reached out to his legs and side where the pain was greatest, feeling out if anything was broken or out of place. Thankfully finding nothing of note, he rolled over before pushing a palm to the floor and helping himself up.

Pain, however, was pushed to the far reaches of his mind as he opened his eyes enough to take a look around. Immediately he was stricken with intrigue as the vast chamber hidden deep under ground came into focus. It was an old place, untouched for centuries from what he could gather. Dust and cobwebs had piled up, yet the architecture oddly stood the test of time. It looked Nightborne, but old enough to outdate them. However the weirdest thing came with the lighting, which seemed untouched, the chamber boasted blue fire that never seemed to falter- putting on display the sprawling murals depicted from the bottom of the room to the very top, at least as far as he could see. While they were worn and faded, the ancient art seemed to depict a dark figure looming over a vast civilization which paid it fealty, seeming to even pray to it. While others saw this malevolent creature inflict its wrath. Arguably the least morbid one was the most worn, brighter colors were used as well as people cheering, but no God in sight. It was foreboding to say the least. 

Near the end of the ornate, circular chamber, there sat an archway built for something much larger than himself. Looking behind him to the entrance he had forcibly made, a sigh soon escaped his lips. Rocks now blocked the entrance to the excavation sufficiently halting his path out. The only logical thing he could surmise was to continue further, finding a staircase that descended deeper under the tomb.

While this area was significantly darker, with each step down he took, a light lit to guide his path. It helped to see what was around him, but did nothing to illuminate further down. It wasn’t until his feet found the bottom step that the room itself illuminated in a brilliant showing. Fire seemed to trail from the steps, splitting into two lines and moving to make a rectangle of turquoise flames surrounding a pool of water. Beyond the pool sat an ornately decorated orb the size of an orange.

“Huh…” Kirollis said with a tilted head. It was a far cry from some of the other tombs he’d delved. It almost seemed alien to him, so far removed from anything else he’d seen on Azeroth, or even Draenor for that matter.

There was no direction he could go that was not blocked by fire. While it provided light, it also put his path on tracks. He would have to cross the pool to find the prize, whatever it was. Knowing full well his questions wouldn’t be answered without throwing caution to the wind Kirollis stepped forward, dipping one foot into the pool before the next. The series of steps brought him waist deep in the murky water as he waded his way to the other side. The orb coming into better view seemed to be suspended above a pedestal, though the means weren’t fully understood.

As he made his way closer the markings and blue energy that hummed from the artifact were reminiscent of the Titans, at least from his dealings with them. But Kirollis had to be sure, after all what would a Titan facility be doing so far removed from the others. Reaching a hand out towards the orb, suddenly sparks would fly from his fingers to the piece and vice versa. They weren’t alarming or damaging, but they did serve to answer one question at least.

“Titan it is…” He mused out loud. “What are you doing down here? Better yet… who went through all the trouble of hiding you like this.” Impulse caught the better of him as he reached out to take the sphere for his own. The grasp in question produced unexpected results as not just sparks flew from the pair, as they connected it grew to full on lightening- painful at that, evident by the rogues blood curdling screams. Try as he might to let go of the orb, his fingers latched tightly and refused to listen to his commands. Sparks surged up and down his form as he fell to a knee, his screams echoing off the empty halls. Finally collapsing down to a feetle position, fried and smoking from the electrifying encounter.

His eyelids heavy and vision strained, Kirollis lay on the stone floor of the erie chamber. Though after the artifact had been removed, the walls began to shake. Loose rocks were freed from the confines of the walls falling freely to the floor. Just as the cave began to collapse earlier, it seemed this chamber wanted to replicate ten fold, as if the orb was the only thing keeping the place together. While he was terrified, a hazed mind and faltered body prevented Kirollis from doing anything but watching as destruction threatened to seal him in the very tomb he was plundering. But the scariest part was knowing he could do nothing to save himself as he lay paralyzed before the alter.….

Bee Movie AU

(Hide is literally the same bee but he has his signature hair and hazel eyes.)

He first sees Kaneki in Anteiku when he saves him from Touka smashing the shit out of him.

It’s love at first sight.

Hide eventually approaches Kaneki.

Do you like Backstreet Boys?

Kaneki definitely thinks he has lost. All the ghoul stuff had been stressing him out, so maybe this was his brain’s way of coping.

After some yelling, gawking, and attempts at stabbing himself in the hand (which doesn’t work cause he’s a freaking half-ghoul), Kaneki realizes that he isn’t dreaming.

These two start hanging out together. Kaneki’s friends start to notice what’s happening and try to confront him about it but he shrugs them off.

He’s not just a bee, he’s my f-friend.
He’s the only one who understands me…

When Kaneki goes missing, Hide doesn’t know what to do. He can’t ask anyone cause he’s a fucking bee. So the furry anthophila decides to look for Kaneki on his own.

When he finally finds him, he looks very different. For one, his hair is no longer dark and silky but white and stiff looking.

Hide flies close to the white haired man, almost getting smacked in the process.


Kaneki! Where have you been!? I couldn’t ask anyone where you went….I-I really missed you.

Hide, we can’t stay together.

Uh, why?

Kaneki avoided Hide’s gaze.

I have to go.

Hide tried to follow Kaneki, but the half ghoul swatted him away.

The blonde bee gave up for now, but he would definitely find Kaneki again.

A-Typical April

Originally posted by seekingakumas

Hey guys! It is almost time to celebrate A-typical April ^_^ A chance for all of us to give some love and appreciation to the less popular and celebrated things in the ML universe! There is so much about this show that is great other than just our adorable love square, and while we are still on Hiatus I thought it would be good to take some time and focus on that. ^_^  (This does not mean no Adrien or Marinette, just that the focus of all the works should be on something other than the Love Square.) 

For A-typical April I will be providing a series of both Weekly themes and Daily prompts that you can follow. (And will even have one of those fun visual calendars as well.

Now you CAN do art or fics or gifs or anything else following the weekly or daily prompts (and you certainly don’t have to do all of them!), OR you can show support by finding and kudos and reblogging other people’s works! Take a minute to look through the tags at some Tom and Sabine art, or share a link to a great Julerose or Ninoir fic. So many great non-lovesquare works get glossed over, and this is a wonderful chance to take the time and appreciate them! This show has so many amazing aspects to it that make it what it is. 

Anyways: For now Here is a list of the weekly themes! (Daily Calendar coming soon!)

Week 1: Friendship- There are so many amazing friendships on this show we could honestly spend a whole month just talking about that. 

Week 2: Love- As much as the Love square is great, let’s take some time to appreciate some of the other pairings in this fandom, there is no small list to chose from 

Week 3: Villains- This can include all the akumas, the troublesome adults lurking around (may or may not be plotting an Andre Bourgeois drabble for this week) or even some love for our resident butterfly enthusiast. After all without the villains, we wouldn’t have much of a plot now would we? 

Week 4: Daily Life- we all love the magic and the action scenes, but part of what is fun about this show is the regular day to day interactions between the characters. We get just as excited to see Marinette win a videogame contest as we do to see her face off against an actual giant robot!

That’s it for A-Typical April part 1! Part 2 Coming soon. (AKA probably tonight) 

If you want to participate please feel free to like and reblog this post- also use the following tag-        #MLAtypical  #Atypical April

That way people can track the event!