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gmw headcanons: part 1

Ok but like could you imagine:

  •  - maya still sits in front of lucas, in every subject they have together 
  • - lucas is captain of the football team 
  • - riley and zay scheming to get lucas/maya together 
  • - farkle becoming the most popular guy in school
  •  - farkle also remains the smartest kid in school 
  • - however maya turns out to be super good at math, so they take advanced math together 
  • - maya dates a math nerd, which angers lucas
  •  - he ends up being supportive 
  • - lucas dates a comic book nerd 
  • - maya is extremely jealous
  •  -maya’s main inspiration for her art pieces is none other than riley matthews
  •  -riley makes it onto the cheerleading squad 
  •  -shawn’s the first to know 
  •  - riley being the lead in every school play 
  • - shawn shows up at every play 
  •  -farkle, lucas and maya go out of their way to make sure every ticket for each play is purchased 
  • - zay becomes a literature fanatic 
  •  - farkle gets over his crush on riley 
  •  - farkle has a beanie collection, that josh has contributed to 
  •  -lucas beats up someone after losing a football game, farkle helps resolve things 
  •  - zay gets into spoken word poetry 
  •  -maya finds herself in a bad crowd, and riley gets her out of it 
  •  - riley has an identity crisis, and doesn’t believe she can ever chase after her dream to be an astronaut 
  •  - corpanga + feeny tell her that she must believe in herself else what’s the point of dreaming, trying and doing good 
  • -maya tells riley that her love and support has changed her and she’ll never lose belief in riley 
  •  - farkle tutors riley in science, and she decides to pursue a career in astrophysics/space sciences 
  •  - maya’s art work gets displayed in the school corridors when lucas sends the headmaster a huge letter to convince him 
  •  - lucas and maya meet up in the library every week, following football practice and art class 
  • - they discuss things as trivial as their favourite of farkle’s beanies to things as serious as riley’s insecurities
  •  - lucas goes to anger management classes every single week, on maya’s request 
  •  - riley makes sure maya studies hard for her SATs
  •  - riley runs study groups in her home alongside farkle 
  • - farkle confronts cory about belgium 1831 
  • - maya is the first of the five to apply to college, topanga is the first to know
  •  - when maya gets accepted, she thanks cory for never failing her
  •  - zay indefinitely decides to major in english lit
  •  - riley and zay’s lucaya schemes continue
  •  - lucas decides to study biology to become a vet 
  •  - farkle is going all out ivy league, for a business& economics degree
  •  - riley, on the other hand, is afraid to lose her friends and afraid of change and worst of all…doubts her abilities
  •  - uncle eric helps riley through this, and shows her how impactful college can be 
  •  - shawn corpanga and farkle join riley/zay’s biggest lucaya scheme yet
  •  - this riley and zay scheme almost threatens the lucaya friendship but ultimately forces them to get together (finally!) 
  • -lucas and maya still have their library dates 
  •  - farkle takes over the millionaire minkus enterprise with smackle at his side 
  • - riley gets into yale, and falls in love with someone who shares the same passion for space she has 
  •  - riley is adamant that the five of them meet up every week, in the bakery 
  • - and they do. the hive five share their college experiences and zay writes it all down
  •  - the group also get together, at zay’s book launch where news of maya and lucas’ engagement is announced

part 2 


VanCon 14: J2 Panel (3/6)

The signs when the teachers late(Part 1)

So the signs are getting bored as the teacher’s 10 minutes late! The signs can’t really mess about too much as they think she may be spying on them!(She’s a Scorpio you see)
Let’s see what they’re up too!

Libra and Sagittarius are sitting in front enjoying a good debate.
Sagittarius: THERE IS NO WAY THAT *insert name* IS GOING OUT WITH HIM!

*Leo looks up from his phone and joins into the conversation*

Leo: I’m afraid its true I saw them together while I was showing my new friend from France the park! (hmm I sense a white lie maybe)
Sagittarius: WOW

Scorpio, Virgo and Aquarius were sitting in the corner reading a very good book together.
Just about when Cancer and Taurus decide to blast up their music.

*Aquarius,Scorpio and Virgo give them a death stare*

*Gemini and Aries look up from the computer where they were searching up the answers to the up coming exam*

Gemini: Uh oh…. Cancer and Taurus you guys shouldn’t be doing that

Taurus: They can’t do anything! (Taurus seems to be wanting a bit of drama right?)

Aries: Ahaha your right carry on! Blast up that music!

*Pisces awakens from their day dream and looks at what’s about to come*

Wishing on Stars: Prologue

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: M; NSFW
Warning: n/a
Summary: He wanted her to leave a mark. He wanted to be marked by her. He wanted to be marked as hers. He wanted to belong to her and he wanted her to belong to him. He wanted a lot of things in fact: her hand in his and cuddling together and sharing lazy kisses and her wearing his sweatshirts and-

But this was just a good shag between mates. That’s all it was.

Beta: The lovely hanluvr (aka Bria).

Next: -Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3-

Rose flopped down on his lumpy mattress and let out a long sigh. “I need to get laid.”

John didn’t bother to look up from where his eyes were focused on his textbook, but was unable to keep the frown from turning his lips downwards. Tonelessly, he said, “Then get laid.”

Rose pursed her lips. “S’not so easy, you know.” John wanted to disagree. He was positive there couldn’t possibly be a short supply of men who wouldn’t give an arm and a leg for a chance to shag Rose Tyler. 

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