“… All calling on me to defeat evil! Kamen Rider Stronger!

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Eve: 5SOS Kids Imagine Part 2

The twins sat beside each other; their identical faces both looking identically miserable while the Christmas eve bash roared around them. Both of them were having troubles of the heart and only had one person on their mind. Wilder’s person had yet to show up. He knew that Brian was less than pleased with him at the moment, but he didn’t think that he would skip out on his birthday celebration.

Dex’s person was somewhere around. He had only caught glimpses of her as she buzzed about the party with a red solo cup held in her hand, matching the single streak of bright red she had mingled in with her white blonde hair for the occasion of Christmas eve. He had been against the coloring of her hair; only because he loved the natural ash blonde that complemented her porcelain skin so, but now he was beginning to love that streak of red just as much. Red was the perfect color for Ollie; daring, eye-catching, and nearly as vibrant as she was. He longed to run his fingers through that hair, at this point not caring if he did it teasingly; like a friend instead of a lover. He just wanted to have her back. But she was avoiding his hazel stare at every chance, hurriedly buzzing from room to room and making small talk with her siblings or Thea or Cat or even his mom; anyone but him.

Dex sighed in synchronization with his brother, who then turned to meet Dex’s hazel gaze and smiled weakly.

“Okay! Lights out! The birthday cake for my birthday boys, coming through!” Mrs. Irwin called out from the kitchen.

Ashton scrambled to find a light switch and soon the dim candlelight atop of the extra large birthday cake was the main attraction in the room; except for the twins for which it was meant. Wilder’s eyes were still glued on the door, while Dex’s attention was on Ollie, who was standing awkwardly with her arms crossed between Cassie and Jett; the two of them towering over the petite blonde. Finally the cake was brought over to them by their mother and Thea; the cake was so heavy, it was clearly a two person job, and dropped before them on the table.

The merry sounds of ‘Happy Birthday’ rang through the air; the great singers and musicians in the family making the song sound more melodious than most.

Ollie stayed perfectly quiet as she looked down into her cup of Mrs. Irwin’s famous punch that, knowing Ollie, was more than likely spiked with some type of alcohol. The thought made Dex smile, but it quickly faltered when he had flashbacks of the years before where Ollie would scream out ‘Happy Birthday’ for him and his brother out of tune and with the largest smile on her pretty face. Now all she did was avoid glances and keep her ruby red lips shut.

The twins exchanged glances; both hoping that the other’s birthday wish would come true. They leaned over the cake, Dex blowing out his candles that were red on the right side of the enormous cake while Wilder blew out his green candles on the left side. Applause shortly followed and the twins looked up to scan the crowd surrounding them again. Genuine smiles

now graced their faces as Wilder spotted Brian, who had some point walked in undetected, his entrance being concealed by the sounds of singing and Dex was smiling as he saw Ollie doing the same.


“Brian!” Wilder called out his boyfriend’s name excitedly.

Brian still had his hands in his pockets as Wilder approached and threw his arms around the much more muscular boy tightly. It wasn’t long before Brian’s arms circled around Wilder too.

He would be lying if he said that he hadn’t missed the comfort the Irwin boy brought to him. “I thought you’d still be mad at me.” Brian whispered into Wilder’s ear, his chin perched on his shoulder.

“Mad at you?! Wait, I thought you were mad at me!” Wilder exclaimed, thoroughly confused.

The fight had all become a jumbled mess in both of their minds, truthfully.

From Brian’s point of view, he had taken his frustration of his own family and jealousy of the big, close-knit family from which his boyfriend hailed out on him by using much more harsh words than he ever meant to.

From Wilder’s, he simply assumed that he had done something wrong by bringing Brian home for dinner; maybe he had thought it was too soon or that Wilder was much more serious about their relationship; when in reality, Brian had practically fallen for the dorky and endearingly sweet Wilder the moment he met him and he stumbled all over himself and his words.

“What could I possibly be mad at you for, love? You’ve been all I ever dreamed of. It was me who screwed up. I was frustrated with my family and took it out on you, and I shouldn’t have. And I’m sorry.” Brian said softly.

Wilder smiled so wide, his cheeks were straining.

“You have no need to be sorry, Bri.” Wilder replied.

Brian grinned.

“Well as consolation, I brought you a gift. Well, two actually, but this one seems a little more appropriate for the moment.” Brian stated, pulling a mistletoe from his back pocket and holding it over both boy’s heads.

Wilder laughed and grabbed both sides of Brian’s face, pulling him in for a long awaited kiss.


Dex smiled as he saw his brother making up with his boyfriend, with a sweet kiss under mistletoe. And while he was happy for Wilder, he was still miserable himself.

Dex’s misery continued on until the party was nearly over; the only people that were left were the parents who were all congregated in the kitchen, talking drunkenly and Thea. He swore the Hood girl basically lived at his house; not that he had any complaints. Thea was just as much a part of the Irwin family as he was.

Dex began to drag his feet up the steps, wanting to sulk alone and not put a damper on anyone’s Christmas joy, when an unexpected, yet familiar voice called out his name. He turned his head to see Ollie standing beside the staircase, looking up at him. She watched as he descended the steps and made his way over to her slowly, not sure how to behave around his best friend anymore.

Dex opened his mouth to speak, but was taken aback when Ollie’s lips closed around his. She held one hand against his cheek as the other looped around his neck, kissing him passionately. All of the feelings she wasn’t even aware she had been harboring for so long finally coming to the surface. He was the one to make her laugh, or hold her when she cried, and to brighten her entire day with a simple smile. But what meant the most was that Dex has simply always been there; always on her side.

Ollie pulled back from the kiss and giggled when she realized that some of her cherry lipstick had smeared onto Dex’s lips. Dex only smiled breathlessly as Ollie did her best to wipe the residue off of his lips with her thumb.

Dex grabbed her hand in his and whispered, “Forget about the lipstick.”

He leaned back into her for another kiss as she whispered against his lips, “Merry Christmas, Dex.”

Sightless Pt. 2

Title: Sightless Pt. 2
Author: totalfanfreak
Rating: T
Prompt/Summary: Imagine making blindfolds fun again for Reid -, Imagine going to a Con with Reid and he’s distracted by how tight your costume is -
Main Character(s): Spencer Reid/ Reader
Trigger Warning: Not that I can think of…
Word Count:
Beta/Editor: Me
Multishot: Yep 2 of 3
Author’s Notes: Not really, though if there are questions I’ll gladly answer…
Morgan arc spoilers?: Nope

“Are you ready?”

“Why can’t you just tell me where we’re going, Y/N?”

“Because it’s a surprise silly, what would be the point in this if I told you?”

“The point would be I wouldn’t have a rock in my stomach.”

“Spencer, do you trust me?”

He had been pacing through the living room and with the question, suddenly stopped to look at you. All the fear nearly gone, as seriousness took hold of his features.

“Of course I do. You know that.”

“Then trust me when I say that it’ll be fine. I think you’re going to be excited when we get there.”

You put the blindfold on the coffee table, letting the final decision be left to Spencer, as you gathered everything you thought you’d both need.

“Y/N? Where are – OW!”

Running back with your tote full you saw he had stumbled into the doorframe, the blindfold secured.

“Oh, Spence, I would’ve put it on for you.”

“No, no it kind of helps when I do it.”

You nodded in understanding, though you knew he couldn’t see your agreement. You took his elbow and helped usher him to the car.

“How far is it?”

“Not far.”

“How far is not far?”

His anxiety was rising with one of his senses cut off, and you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to pull this off. “About two hundred miles.”

“Two hundred miles!”

“Approximately. Oh, Spencer, if you can’t do it, it’s fine.”

You should’ve thought this one through more, but when the opportunity came up you thought it was a brilliant for your plan. But now, now it seemed to have made things worse. You looked over to his hands fidgeting on his lap, as if he were playing an invisible keyboard.

“I can do it.”

“What? Are you sure? We can turn back now, Spence.”

“No, I put you through some uncomfortable things to get you over your fear, and I know you want to help me with mine, so let’s go.”

You chewed the inside of your cheek. It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be uncomfortable, maybe a little antsy, but nothing to traumatize him. This was supposed to be fun. But you didn’t say anything, instead at the next red light before the exit you put on Isaac Asimov and you could hear Spencer’s sigh of contentment. You smiled hoping the next few hours would go smoothly.

You had to stop twice, let him stretch his legs and walk around. You had wanted to point out to him that he traveled long distances all the time and wasn’t able to walk around on a jet but you held it in. You knew this was outside the boundaries and if it made him feel better so be it. In the rest area you let him have the blindfold off, steering him away from anything to help him guess where the two of you were going. He appeared more relaxed after the second stop. Enough to look for your hand and entwine it with his. You could still feel his pulse beating higher than normal, but his breathing was calm and he wasn’t playing with his hands as much.

“We’re almost there!”

You were getting excited now; the tickets had been sold out when you tried to get them online. But lady luck had been there for you and a coworker gladly handed them over when her husband had gotten a nasty case of bronchitis. You both had wished each other luck on healing your men. Pulling over you told Spencer you’d be right back to not remove the mask yet. Getting out you went over to the greeter at the gate and presented your tickets while pointing to your car and telling him your plan. He zipped his lips playfully, promising to not hail the original greeting to your companion. You laughed at his choice of words.

Finding a spot you helped Spencer out of the car, and zig zagged through the parking before you approached the building.

“Okay Spence, you ready for your surprise?”

You could feel his shoulders seize a little, the commotion happening around the two of you making him tense again. “I think so.”

Unknotting the mask you let it fall as his eyes adjusted to the sunlight. “Surprise!”

“MystiCon? I thought passes were sold out?”

His eyes slowly brightened realizing where he was. “They were, but I have my sources.”

Spencer grabbed you in a bear hug spinning you around as you giggled by his blunt affection. It took a lot to get him to delve in PDA and this let you know you did well.

“We don’t have costumes though.”

He seemed to pout at this and you shook your head smiling. “Come on, Spence, do you think I would do all this if I didn’t have my bases covered?”

You motioned toward the bag, drawing out his costume. The Fourth Doctor that he didn’t get to show off with Garcia last year. He turned it over in his hands, grinning, but then his brow creased.

“I thought the theme this year was dystopian civilization.”

“It was, it still is kind of, people are still dressed from other fandoms, but they changed the overall theme a few months ago when the celebrity MC backed out.”

“Who was it?”

“Nathan Fillion.”

He could hear the disappointment in your voice. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I knew you’ve had a crush on him for a while.”

You grinned. “Perhaps I have a bigger one on a certain doctor.”

Spencer pulled you close to him, waggling his eyebrows in imitation to Derek making you laugh. “Oh, yeah?”

“Definitely. You know I’ve always had a thing for the Tenth Doctor I don’t know – hey!”

He swatted you with his scarf, leaving you a giggling mess. “Come on, Doc let’s go change.”

You emerged last seeing Spencer looking at the displays in a childlike wonder. You couldn’t help crinkle your nose in delight at the combination of curls, fedora, and frock coat. Tapping him on the shoulder you whispered in the sultriest voice you could.

“Are you ready for our journey, Doctor?”

He turned to you as his eyes widened to saucers and you couldn’t help feeling the satisfaction of throwing him off. The way his eyes lingered over you made you feel sexy.


“Romana I to be precise.”

Looking you over from the jeweled hairpiece to the choker that held up your white dress. The dress itself was nearly backless, sleeveless that gaped to the waistline, with a come hither slit up the front. You had a feathered coat to match but had slung it over your arm to give him the full effect. The gladiator heels that you perched on completed the piece.

“Shall we go, Doctor?”

Spencer nodded eagerly, putting his hand on the small of your back as he guided you to the exhibits and sights. You both had fun, you especially each time you turned to see Spencer gaze at you longingly. He couldn’t help letting his fingers dwindle on the exposed skin. Only a few times getting huffy as you got a few wolf whistlers by other participants. At one time having to bend down and fix the strap on your shoe, you could hear him hiss audibly. Maybe getting him hot and bothered would help phase in the last part of your plan.

“Something the matter, Doctor?”

You could tell the teasing was adding to it, fuel to the flame, you were fine with that.

“Maybe there is, maybe I’d like to get you home and away from prying eyes.”

“Oh, really, seems to me the eyes that have been on me are yours. So should I be getting away from you?”

He kissed you roughly then, not caring if the whole damn convention saw. It was possessive and pining at the same time. And when he pulled away you were breathless.

“What do you say now, Romana? Wish to accompany me home?”

“Whatever you say doctor, whatever you say.”

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I was immediately inspired by this comic made by @thaidraws

I love the thought of Papyrus not having perfect vision with his eyes, also explaining why he always talks/writes in caps and the trouble with him needing glasses >w>;

And yes I realize that Papyrus’ hand switches when it cuts to him then to Sans but I was already too far gone to make the fixes >w<;