First part of the story …

Als Sarah auf ihren Bildschirm blickt, wird ihr klar wie wenig Zeit sie noch hat. Sie muss bis morgen ihre Hausarbeit schreiben und ist noch nicht sehr weit. Es ist die letzte Hausaufgabe, die bewertet wird. Danach hat sie ihren Abschluss. Sie kann es kaum erwarten sich endlich für ein Studium zu bewerben. Sarah schreibt einige Seiten ihrer Hausarbeit und fängt an daran zu denken, wie sehr ihr manche Lehrer fehlen werden. Auch einige der Mitschüler werden ihr fehlen, auch wenn sie mit den meisten nicht so viel redet. Sie mag die Schule, aber sie ist auch froh bald ihr Abitur zu haben. Ihr Traum ist es Sprachen zu studieren. Welche weiß Sarah noch nicht. In der Schule sind Fremdsprachen ihre Lieblingsfächer. Sie lernt Englisch, Spanisch und Französisch in der Schule. Sarah findet aber, dass Schüler die Möglichkeit haben sollen mehr Fremdsprachen zu lernen. Drei findet sie zu wenig. Aber auch Biologie und Mathematik machen ihr Spaß. Fächer wie Musik, Sport und Geschichte mag sie nicht so sehr.  Doch zum Glück tauchen diese Fächer nicht sehr oft in ihrem Stundenplan auf. Einige Zeit vergeht und Sarah bemerkt, dass sie ihre Hausarbeit fast fertig hat. Sie konzentriert sich auf die letzten Seiten ihrer Hausaufgabe und als sie ihren letzten Satz schreibt, atmet sie auf. Morgen ist die Abgabe und danach hat sie Ferien. Sie will unbedingt verreisen und weitere Sprachen kennen lernen. Sie legt sich zufrieden in ihr Bett und schließt ihre Augen …


als - when, as, while

klar werden - to become clear

wenig - little

die Zeit - time

bis morgen - till tomorrow, by tomorrow

die Hausarbeit - assignment

schreiben - to write

nicht sehr weit - not very far

letzte - last

die Hausaufgabe - homework

bewerten - to mark sth., to grade

danach - then, after, afterwards, after this

der Abschluss - graduation

kaum - hardly

etw. erwarten - to wait for sth., to await sth.

endlich - finally

das Studium - studies                                   studieren - to study

sich für etw. bewerben - to apply for sth.

einige - some, a few

die Seite - page

anfangen - to start

denken - to think (daran zu denken, wie … - to think about how …)

wie sehr - how much

manche - some

der Lehrer - teacher

fehlen - to be missing

der Mitschüler - classmate

auch wenn - even if

die meisten - most of

nicht so viel - not that much

reden - to talk

Schule - school

mögen - to like

froh sein - to be happy

bald - soon

das Abitur diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation

der Traum - dream

die Sprache - language

die Fremdsprachen (pl.) - foreign languages

das Fach - subject         Lieblingsfach - favourite subject

das Englisch - English

das Spanisch - Spanish

das Französisch - French

Ich finde, dass … - I think that …

der Schüler - pupil, student

die Möglichkeit - option

mehr - more

lernen - to learn

die Biologie - biology 

die Mathematik - mathematics

der Spaß - fun

die Musik - music

der Sport - (school) sport

die Geschichte - history

nicht so sehr - not so much

zum Glück - fortunately

auftauchen - to appear

oft - often, frequently

der Studenplan - schedule, timetable

vergehen - to go by (wie doch die Zeit vergeht … - how time flies)

jmdn. / etw. bemerken - to notice so. / sth.

fast - almost

fertig - finished

konzentrieren - to concentrate

der Satz - sentence

aufatmen - to respire, to breathe

die Abgabe - submission

die Ferien - holiday, vacation

unbedingt - at all costs, absolutely

verreisen - to travel

weitere - more, other, another

jmdn. / etw. kennen lernen - to get to know so. / sth.

legen - to lay

zufrieden - happy, pleased, content, satisfied

das Bett - bed

schließen - to close

die Augen - eyes


Let’s look at this sentence:  Es ist die letzte Hausaufgabe, die bewertet wird.

When you want to add extra information to a sentence or describe something you can use …, der; …, die; …, das. It is like who, which, that.


Ich wohne in einem Haus, das blau ist - I live in a house which is blue

Ich schreibe ein Buch, das in drei Wochen fertig sein muss - I write a book, which has to be finished in three weeks

Now there is the word dass which can be really confusing because if you only hear it, it sound the same as …, das. The difference between dass and das is that you only use das when you direclty describe something. When the sub clause refers to something in the main clause.

An example for dass: Ich finde, dass Kuchen lecker schmeckt - I think that cake is delicious

In school I learned that you can test it with using welches. You take you a sentence and instead of dass / das you insert welches. So you can see if dass or das fits.


Ich wohne in einem Haus, welches Blau ist - I live in a house which is blue

Ich finde, welches Kuchen lecker schmeckt - I think which cake is delicious 

As you can see the last sentence doesn’t work with welches, so you use dass. For the first sentence you use das because you are able to use welches.

I hope this helps and you have fun with this lesson. You can always talk to me about the post and suggest a topic for the next story :)

The Kids Are Alright (Part 2)

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Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: Here it is! I didn’t expect to have the second part out so soon, but once I started writing it, I just couldn’t stop. I really hope you guys like it! Enjoy ;)

Warnings: Language; awkwardness

Tags: @peace-full-mind (I forgot them last time, sorry!)

Part 1


The weeks seemed to fly by. Between work and Henry, everything passed so quickly that I felt like I had whiplash by the time I found myself walking into Henry’s classroom for my first parent-teacher conference. It had snuck up on me so fast that I hadn’t even had time to find a babysitter, having to ask Derek to step in as an emergency. Thankfully he had no problem spending a couple hours with Henry, and I knew that Henry would definitely be excited to have some guy time.

“Ms. Y/L/N! How are you? Please, have a seat,” Lydia said as I walked into the room. I smiled and sat across from her.

“I’m doing alright, just been busy with Henry, thank you for asking.”

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Would you like to play a game? Pt 2

part one

Pairing: jimin x reader

Word count: 3,243

Genre: Fluff, slight angst

Summary: (Y/n) works as a psychiatrist in a large mental hospital. She takes a risk for her job to accompany a mentally ill boy who has been alone for quite some time.

Originally posted by chyoft

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Blue Neighborhood {Part 2}

Read part one here.
Warning: Some not so nice slurs included in this chapter.

They didn’t like to sneak around, at least not with the way their relationship was. It was hard to face, but Craig and Tyler both knew that they were gay. Through the rest of their middle school days, and through the beginning of their high school days, not much had changed, despite the title of their relationship really. They were now just boyfriends instead of best friends, and the two were still highly inseparable.

When Tyler was old enough, he started working on cars with his dad to earn some money. And with that money, he took Craig out on dates. He’d managed to get a car from his dad, an old clunker that needed some work, but the boys didn’t mind. The only thing that mattered was that they were together. So they went to the movies, and to different fast food joints. It didn’t matter how much money they spent, it only mattered the time they spent together.

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11 questions meme, part 2

Next up, @iamhisgloriouspurpose​‘s questions:

1. Is there any family history,  or some kind of meaning, attached to any of your names?
My parents decided to call me Rachel because in the Bible, she was Jacob’s favorite wife… that’s about it.

2. Morning person or night person?
Night, definitely.

3. Favorite indulgence to perk you up on a difficult day?
These days, reading fanfiction. Or having a dram of Scotch after dinner, especially paired with chocolate – best if it has caramel or toffee in it, to match the caramel flavor from the oak and the occasional slight saltiness of the Scotch.

4. What time do you wake up?
On a good day, noon. I’ve become a little nocturnal.

5. Favorite day of the week?
Depends on the semester, but I sort of like Thursday on general principle.

6. Mac, Windows, or Linux?

7. What is one thing you could eat every day and not grow tired of?
I could certainly eat a little bit of chocolate every day and not have a problem.

8. Where is some place you haven’t been that you want to visit?
Iceland. Game of Thrones is like the best Iceland tourism commercial ever.

9. You have one day for time travel. Where do you go, and what do you do?
Assuming we’re not trying to change the course of history (which is kind of a metaphysical mess), I’d go back to the 1880s sometime and talk to Nietzsche.

10. What is your favorite song/piece of music from before 1900?
For a choral singer, I’m actually pretty terrible with classical music, and the stuff I really like (Vaughan Williams, Copland, Holst) is all early 20th century. I dunno, I like Renaissance counterpoint stuff, but I don’t really have a favorite piece…

11. What book are you currently reading/was the last book you read?
I’m reading a book called The Capital of Latecomers by a Bulgarian author named Nina Nenova, because it was free on Kindle. I’m actually enjoying it a lot.

Spin For You - Part 2

Saphael Record Store AU. 

AO3 // Part 1

Recommended Song To Listen To While Reading this: Closer by the Chainsmokers 


“Hey Iz” Simon greeted Isabelle as he slung his book bag off his shoulder. 

“What’s it today?” Came the typical greeting. 

 "Closer, the chainsmokers" He told her no longer bothered by the fact that she never said hi. They passed that stage a while ago. 

“Thanks Simon. She’s been listening to a lot of romantic pop lately. Are you sure there’s no one she’s .." 

 "Actually now that you mention it I know she’s been awful nice to Mrs Brighton next door. Never would have guessed her type was senile, wrinkled and mild mannered” Isabelle gave his arm a small playful slap. Simon grinned as she huffed out a laugh. 

 "She’s coming in, how do I look?“ Isabelle asked fixing her apron. "Like the usual ethereal goddess you are” He reassured her. The door of the coffee shop opened and Simon’s best friend Clary Frey thundered in, hair flying. 

“That’s my cue to leave” Izzy said taking in Clary’s frown. “Don’t leave me to fend for myself!” He pleaded. 

 "Sorry hombre“ She shrugged before quietly slipping away. 

 "Simon you would not believe what Dr. Kavinsky did..” Clary started the moment she reached their table. Simon sat forward prepared to be the supportive best friend he was. He felt for Clary -he had Kavinsky last year and the fucker assigned notoriously complicated assignments. 

 "Tell me about it" 


 It took 20 minutes and a whole cup of coffee to finally get Clary back to a relatively good mood. Isabelle came over with a second round for each of them as was custom on Friday nights. It was a tradition they had ever since they started coming to Izzy’s little coffee shop nearly a year ago now. It was weird to think that if they hadn’t gotten caught in the rain last year they would never have found this place. Their lives would be so different. 

 For instance Simon wouldn’t have to deal with how painfully oblivious Clary was to Isabelle’s flirting. 

 "Hey Izzy I didn’t see you when I came in" Clary said sending Isabelle her typical mega watt smile. “You didn’t look like you were in a great mood so I let the expert handle things” Izzy joked clapping Simon’s shoulder. Clary chuckled down into her coffee. 

 "Yeah - just a professor being a jerk nothing major" She shrugged. “How could anyone be a jerk to you Lil’ Miss Sunshine” Izzy asked, a small flirty smile playing over her lips. Clary rolled her eyes but a faint blush coloured her cheeks. 

Simon watched their ‘to-and-fro’ and wanted nothing more than to tell them to get a room but he swore to Izzy he wouldn’t tell Clary about her massive obvious crush, even though he was pretty sure the feeling was mutual. 

 "Oh I love that song but I have no idea what it’s called" Clary exclaimed when Closer started up over the speakers. Simon had to give Izzy credit where it was due, her timing of the songs was starting to get scarily impeccable. 

“It’s Closer by the Chainsmokers” Izzy told her, glancing quickly at Simon to confirm that she was right. Simon gave a small quick nod of assurance and hid his smile behind his coffee cup. "Thanks Iz" Clary beamed at her, now it was Izzy’s turn to blush. 

Simon barely contained a sigh. Their little game was starting to get ridiculously out of hand. He’s never felt more like a third wheel and they weren’t even dating. 

 Izzy stayed to chat a moment longer before returning to work. Clary watched her go, looking almost longingly after her. 

 "So.. How was work today?“ Clary asked dragging her attention back to him. 

"Ya know, records, hipsters, boredom. The usual. Well there was a guy..” Simon trailed off as he remembered the argument he had earlier today.

  “Oooh I know that smile. You thought he was cute didn’t you?” Clary pried, a teasing smile playing over her lips. Simon feigned being offended by the suggestion.

“Whaaaat, no he wasn’t cute. Not at all. I’m not even smiling. Shut your face Clary" 

 "So he was really cute" 

 "The cutest. But he called the Spice Girls tacky - I don’t think it would last” Simon admitted. He smiled down into his coffee as snatches of their argument came back to him (“The Spice Girls are national treasures” “Aren’t they British?” “National. Treasures.”) 

 Clary’s expression soften, a gentle almost relieved look entered her eyes. “It’s good to see you getting back out there, especially after .. Ya know” She said, vaguely gesturing with her hands. 

Simon swallowed down the bitter lump in his throat as he mentally filled in the blank she left out. Camille. It had been nearly a year, it shouldn’t still be so difficult to mention her even so vaguely.

“I noticed he was cute, I didn’t say I we were dating or anything” Simon quickly corrected. He knew he was being defensive but he couldn’t help it. It was like the rational part of his brain was cut off from the rest of him. He could hear it screaming that Clary means well but the connection to the rest of his brain was lost. Drowned out by bad memories and and the sour taste she left in his mouth. A system failure in his brain. 

 Clary pursed her lips, worry lines became visible as she carefully thought out her next words. Simon took a small quick breath to steady himself (systems rebooting) 

His thoughts cleared slightly (systems restored) and he felt bad for making Clary worry again. Like she didn’t do enough of that the first few weeks after …. Ya know. 


 "It’s okay Clary" 

 "No if you need -" 

 "I mean it. It’s okay. I’m okay” He reassured her, taking her hand and trying to catch her eye so she’d know he was telling the truth. She sighed a little but eventually a smile returned to her face (it was a tight smile but a smile none the less). 

She squeezed his hand. “Okay Simon. So tell me about the cute guy who hates the spice girls" 

 "His names Raphael and he’s the worst…” Simon launched right into a dramatic account of their argument. Clary’s smile loosened up and soon he had her laughing at what a complete idiot he’d been in front of the cute guy. Simon still felt wrong - almost icy inside but he’d thaw eventually. 

 "..and the guy that was with him Clary- I’m pretty sure the money he gave me had glitter on it..“ 


Stay tuned for Part 3!