why I disagree with people who say Caesar is “useless”.

  1. without Caesar, Joseph might never have met Lisa Lisa - at least not at such a crucial time
  2. Caesar and Joseph together saved Suzi Q from possession by ACDC
  3. Caesar was, first of all, Joseph’s friend?? a friend who decided, despite his negative first impression, to put aside his grudge against the Joestar family and help Joseph become stronger. he may have died before he could defeat Wham but at least he tried and he came damn close to winning that fight
  4. pretty much the same thing happened to Iggy when he fought Vanilla Ice but I never see anyone ragging on him for that?? other characters who died during important fights, sometimes leaving the heroes enough information or resolve or like, vengeful anger to go on and defeat the Big Bad include Kakyoin and Narancia. these two had the luxury of more chapters during which they could show their talents against various enemies. I’m sure that if Battle Tendency followed the pattern of later parts, i.e. a sort of Stand of the Week series of battles, Caesar would have had more time to shine as an individual fighter. because BT was so short and the story wasn’t as developed, and because of the limited number of enemies vs. a larger ratio of Good Guys, Caesar’s individuality suffered.

*A/n hey guys!! Happy Wednesday afternoon! I’m back with more Shamy to hopefully help you survive this terribly long hiatus, it’s part 2 of my fanfic curious that I started at the beginning of the month, and it is posted on this blog as well. I hope you enjoy!

Side note, the other day I realized how it’s literally been forever since I’ve written any smut, so my next fic will more than likely be a smutty phan drabble.

See you soon!

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Official YouTube version of the Mockingjay - Part 2 logo reveal teaser “Remember”

Quick reminder that we’re expecting the first trailer (with actual footage, mind you) to land late April, with the releases of Lionsgate’s Age of Adaline and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.