the signs in a pet store 🐱 (remade)
  • Aries:*playing with the rabbits and trying to convince Taurus to lend them some money*
  • Taurus:*ignoring Aries and patting a puppy on the head*
  • Gemini:I want. everything.
  • Cancer:*running around the store (not literally)* THESE ARE ALL SO PRECIOUS. MY WITTLE FLUFFY BABIES.
  • Leo:*chilling by the snakes* yo, I don't even like snakes, but you're fucking rad looking.
  • Virgo:*annoyed with Cancer for acting the way they are but can't say anything because Cancer already called them a "fucking bitch" for it so they're hanging with the hamsters*
  • Libra:*nodding approvingly at all the cute little animals not sure as to why they're approving*
  • Scorpio:I'm taking you home, and you, and you- *whispering to kittens and cats*
  • Sagittarius:*Still trying to get the parrot to talk, but this time, also making it dance*
  • Capricorn:ew. *squints at Guinea Pigs* Come on Aqua, let's go looks at the flying squirrels!! *pulling Aquarius*
  • Aquarius:*just trying to play with the cute little Guinea Pigs and scoffing at Cap*
  • Pisces:ooh. *watching all the colorful fish float around the tanks and taking a couple home*
Sweet Scent pt.2

Word count: 1961

Author’s note: The second part. There’s more to come c:

“You have a chubby for my sister,” declared Stiles, even though he’d barely entered my loft. I turned to give him a murderous look, but just as I anticipated, it had no effect on him like it used to at the beginning of our relationship. Thankfully the others were still yet to arrive to the pack meeting. I turned around, my arms crossed over my chest, leaning back against the kitchen counter where I had been washing the dirty dishes of my previous dinner.

“I don’t,” I denied, but my supernatural senses reassured me of my lie as my heart picked up for a second at the negative part of the sentence. Stiles grinned viciously, and unfortunately I knew that smile all too well.

“Yeah, you do,” he insisted. “You totally do, and hey, I get it, my sister is a hot chick.” I instantly got angry – for what, I had no idea, but my wolf roared wildly, like the beast it was in reality.

“I don’t have anything for your sister,” I snarled as I followed his movements with my eyes as he came closer to the kitchen.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that,” he said, winking at me once before opening my fridge and grabbing the bottle of milk there. I didn’t even bother telling him to get himself a glass too, I knew that would be another helpless fight with him, and even one was too much when my partner was Stiles in an argument. One thought just didn’t leave me alone though, dancing on my nerves there and back.

“What makes you think I’m attracted to her?” I asked, trying my best not to show how much I really cared about his answer. He stopped gulping the milk, set the bottle down, wiped his mouth into his shirt then shrugged. His eyes were looking towards the counter, but his sight was lost as though he was deep in thought.

“I saw the way you looked at her at the station,” was all he said eventually.

. o O o .

Because Stiles had been so insistent, (Y/N) was coming with us to the beach too. I couldn’t have been more furious about this decision, but when he called his sister and she happily agreed to come, I couldn’t prevent her from doing so any more.

I didn’t have a problem with her joining us – I had a problem with the probability of her getting hurt. We weren’t going to go there for the holiday after all, but to take down another creature that got near Beacon Hills.

Stiles had taken care of everything after the pack meeting as soon as he’d got home, including telling (Y/N) that we’d be leaving in two days.

I parked in front of the Stilinski house sharply at the arranged time only to be reassured of my predictions about everyone else being late. I smiled a mocking half smile as my fist hit the steering wheel once not too strongly. Just as I twisted in my seat to get one of my books out of my sports bag, the front door of the house opened and Stiles stepped out, waving his hand high above his head in an attempt to greet me. He’d told me he’d planned so that I would have to take one more person there, while he would deal with two. I’d been wondering who’d be the one I was going to be left with, but when Stiles began loading (Y/N)’s stuff in my trunk, my heart skipped a beat and my face went dead pale for a handful of seconds.

I got out of the car as though it had burnt me to interrogate Stiles about this, not necessarily in a nice manner, but I was met with (Y/N)’s sweet smile and then I knew I was screwed. I knew she thought I got out so that I could help them, so I did just that. She didn’t have much stuff, just one bag she shouldered and one suitcase from the bigger kind – I could easily lift it as if it weighed nothing. I shut the trunk then searched for Stiles with my eyes, while (Y/N) found her way to the passenger seat. I walked up to Stiles to ask him about it, but he dismissed me easily with his rambling.

“I’m driving Erica and Lydia there,” he informed me, acting oblivious to the actual reason I approached him. “Allison is taking Scott and Isaac. I have to take a few more rounds around Beacon Hills, so you don’t have to wait up. You know where you have to go, I sent you the exact place yesterday after all. With coordinates,” he added, then jumped into his Jeep and shut the door before I had the opportunity to grab his tee. He gave me one last wink before driving off.

I sat back in the Camaro and gave (Y/N) what I hoped was not a care-worn smile before bringing the engine back to life, simultaneously ignoring my inner wolf in favour of keeping harmony. My eyes immediately found the book overlapping (Y/N)’s thighs. As I took a turn smoothly, I questioned her about it.

“What are you reading?”

“Nothing interesting,” she replied, but I could hear the tick in her heartbeat. I turned my face towards her to give her a look that conveyed I knew about the lie. A nervous smile spread on her mouth. “Okay, it’s interesting, but only to me,” she explained. I couldn’t help but grin, too.

“How come?” I asked, slowly descending my foot against the gas pedal. I’d just realized how self-conscious I was in such close proximity to (Y/N). She shrugged with one shoulder, her eyes falling back on the pages of her book.

“No one has ever been interested in the things that fascinated me. Except for my peers in college, that is,” she added, and for the first time, I was glad I had failed to ask her about her major back at the station.

“What’s your major?”

“Chemistry,” she said as though it was an easy thing to study. Before I could get a hold of my facial expression, it was showing an amused and equally impressed look. In the next second, her easy laughter filled the car. “What’s that look for?” I snickered.

“I wouldn’t have thought,” I admitted truthfully. I saw her cocking her head to the side like a curious cat, and it took every ounce of my willpower not to stop the car right then and there to kiss her.

“Well,” she said. When I glanced at her from the corner of my eye, I saw her making herself comfortable in her seat, facing forward again. As I inhaled through my nose, I could smell our mingled scent in the few cubic meters of air that was in the car, making my wolf howling in satisfaction. “The majority of our acquaintances and friends were surprised when we told them what I was going to be studying,” she said, her finger sliding down along the edge of the paper in a slow tease. “I’m also taking cosmology classes to keep myself entertained.”

“You do?” I couldn’t resist looking at her now. She nodded. I noticed her cheeks being a bit redder than before. “That’s interesting,” I said, still amazed by these revelations. I supposed intelligence ran in the Stilinski blood. “So, you never told me what your book is about.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, flailing just a little, which reminded me of Stiles. I smiled again with a barely-there smile. “It’s Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks. It’s non-fiction.”

“So your brain never gets tired of learning I’m assuming?” I asked, and realized with a shock how playfully teasing I’d gotten at some point, which I hadn’t been in a long time. She laughed, which lifted my spirits.

“You could say it would pretty much blow up if I didn’t put it to good use.”

“And where do you go to college?” I asked, finding it surprisingly easy to talk to her. She wasn’t as pushy as Stiles, wasn’t as rejecting as Scott, and wasn’t restrained by pack hierarchy like my Betas had a tendency to be.

“It’s in England,” was all she told me, and it was enough, maybe even too much to know. My chest clenched at the thought of having to let her go in two months.

“Not that your accent wasn’t a give-away about that,” I pointed out only to be rewarded with a chuckle again.

“Yeah, it sticks to you, you know? But I like it.”

I smiled and resisted saying, “Me too.”

. o O o .

If I thought the hardest part was over for me, that clearly meant I hadn’t managed to get to know Stiles well enough.

“What do you mean by not having enough rooms for everyone?” I asked, trying to restrain my anger at the same time, so that I wouldn’t tear off his head with my teeth nor my claws. Stiles grinned at me mischievously.

“I meant what I said,” he shrugged easily, not even an ounce of honest apology in his actions. “That statement doesn’t really require much analysing, you know,” he said, then took a bite of his green apple. As soon as he chewed it enough to be able to talk, he spoke up again. “There are four bedrooms. Lydia sleeps with Erica, Scott sleeps with Allison, I sleep with Isaac and…”

“Okay, I get that,” I interrupted him, willing the bile in my throat to go down. “But why can’t (Y/N) sleep with Allison?”

“And you’d sleep with Scott?”

“No, you could sleep with Scott, or he could sleep with Isaac. There are more options. Why do I have to sleep with your sister?” Stiles winked.

“Not like you didn’t want that,” he said in a husky voice after leaning closer to me. I hissed that someone might hear us, but I knew it was only the two of us outdoors to carry our packages inside.

“Shut up,” I ordered, fearing that one of them might decide to take a walk right now. Stiles shook his head.

“I’m just helping you here, dude,” he hedged. “You should be grateful. I know how much you can suck when it comes to handling your issues, and I’m just trying to help you get the girl.”

“Stiles, you don’t understand,” I gritted through my teeth. “I may lose control if I’m too close to her. What if I do something just because I act on my instincts?” His eyes widened, but instead of getting the response I wanted, he got zealous.

“Oh my god, you dig my sister that much?” he squealed, his amber eyes sparkling.

“Shit, could you be quieter?” I growled, but ended up nearly choking at Stiles’ next statement.

“Then you might care to know she’s still a virgin.” I was certain my eyes flashed blood red at that piece of information. Stiles grinned.

“She’s never been claimed?” I asked in a haze, having forgotten I should have been angry with him for tossing me into such a situation.

“Wow, it must have required a lot of logic to figure that one out,” Stiles shot back sarcastically instead of giving an actual answer, then hauled up his stuff and walked back to the beach house. For now, I considered murdering him with my gaze enough.

I only had time now to think about regretting having settled with a pair of sports shoes to wear this morning, because there was nothing in the near area except for sand covering the whole ground. I sighed in a resigning manner, then steeled myself mentally for what lied ahead and carried my luggage inside too.


Black Cat: Part 2}
— Kitten With A Whip —

[dancing] Ive always been a club cat.
This outfit isnt meant for the shadows , It’s red hot baby! And It totally matches my lipstick. It’s time to be the eye CANDY instead of searching for It.
What are the chances that someone will recognise me? I’ve not crossed a black cats path, my LUCK is fine. The masks long gone and I can do whatever I want [naughty moves]. 
If I step into the centre of the dance floor and work my game maybe Ill attract the attention of a potential suitor? Time to crack the WHIP.
My favourite dance moves, what they don’t know is that Ive had plenty of experience with the real thing.

It’s Over

BTS Scenario

Jimin x Reader (mention of other members)

Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

Part 1 Part 2

      Your hands fell from the camera in front of you as you stared back at the front door. You groaned loudly at the incessant knocking, heavily pushing off your knees into a standing position and allowed your bare feet to guide you to the front door. Without looking outside, you whipped open the door and started spouting off reasons that proved you couldn’t do whatever they needed you to do. You were too caught up in the fact that you were now three minutes late and you knew people would be at your throat for lying and giving false hope, but any thoughts in your head instantly stopped when you saw the slim figure of your ex at your door, hand still mid-air, ready to knock again. The breath that had found its way into your mouth had you choking and coughing up pure disbelief that he was actually standing in your front steps. Seeing the orange-haired male for the first time in weeks left you dizzy, light-headed. It was surreal, going from waking up beside a person everyday and kissing them goodnight,  to having to sneak glances when you thought no one was looking, but now he was right in front of you. “What are you doing here?” You let out breathlessly. He stared down at you, a frown settling across his pink lips.

         You could clearly see the labored rise and fall of his chest and looked up at his forehead to see a drop of sweat roll down his temple and fall off his chin. “Are you okay?” He asked you, his frown deepening but his chest finally returning to its normal pattern. His question threw you off guard. Why was he concerned about you right now? What threw you off even more was when he pushed his way past you to stand beside the camera you had started setting up. “(Y/N), you can’t do this, not like this.” He was pointing angrily at the camera as though he was thoroughly offended by it. “Jimin, don’t start this with me, I really don’t want to fight with you anymore.” Too tired to try and start an argument, you could hear the defeated tone seep into your voice as your shoulders sagged and your head fell to the side to rest almost against your fallen shoulders.

         Jimin sat down on the couch and buried his head in his hands, repeatedly dragging them back to push the hair out of his face. “I don’t know how this happened to us.” He let out, looking up at you through his half-lidded eyes. You looked away from his stare feeling so much smaller under his intense gaze. “We were happy right?” He said pausing and looking down at his boots. “You were happy with me, weren’t you?” The look that settled across Jimin’s features had you reaching for your heart and your eyes softening at the water glazed irises that bored back at you. “Of course I was happy with you, you idiot.” You said with a slight laugh as you stepped forward and reached out for his hand. He reached out for you and pulled you towards him until you were forced onto you knees in front of him.

        Your gaze found his again and you reached up with the hand that wasn’t being held in his grasp to push back the hair that had fallen into his eyes. “I saw your interview.” He said squeezing your hand tighter, as if you were going to leave at any moment. “You were in that position because of me. I’ve made your life so hard. If only we hadn’t met, maybe you could still be with your family, you could have met someone who was smart enough to know that you were special while they had you, not after.” Looking at him so vulnerable, you couldn’t think of him as the man who broke your heart. It hit you, hard, as you sat looking at each other, transfixed on the rise and fall of each other’s chest. This wasn’t Jimin’s fault, you weren’t in this heartache because of him, it was because of you. He was drunk, and the girl forced herself onto him. He didn’t even kiss her back in his drunken state. That was beyond forgivable, and what makes it worse is that you know he blames himself for the breakup as much as you want to blame him, but in this moment, all the guilt that you’ve been pushing onto him came out. You were completely sober that night, vowing not to drink so you could keep an eye on the boys who desperately needed a night to let loose, but when you saw that girl with her hands tangled in his hair you grabbed to closest male to you and kissed him only to spite Jimin, and that wasn’t where it stopped. You became so insecure in your relationship that you took it out on him. Screaming, ignoring, taunting, you did it all and he didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. He always stayed around and took all your crap until one day you pushed him too far, he broke it off and you couldn’t do anything about it. To be honest, you felt relieved when he had first said it, the feeling stayed for a few days until it hit you that you weren’t ever going to see him again. You were left emotionally crippled when the realization settled in the pit of your stomach, leaving you to sulk in your room until your manager came and dragged you out of bed for that hell of an interview.

       You tore your gaze away from Jimin’s, feeling utterly disgusted with yourself. “I’m so sorry Jiminnie,” you were looking down at your knees, your hand falling from his head as you slouched resting your head on his knee. “None of this if your fault Jimin. I did this. Why am I so immature? Why did I feel as though I had to get back at you? God, I’m so stupid.” You tried pulling your hand from his grasp, the warmth causing your hand to grow clammy, but he only tightened his vice-like hold and jerked your arm up until you were standing. Before you could fully regain your balance, he pulled you onto the couch beside him. His free hand came up to cup your cheek. A sigh escaped your mouth as you leaned into his touch, your eyes fluttering shut in contentment. “I don’t care about that anymore, just let me hold you.” Your heart picked up at his words, letting your mind race with thoughts of the two of you back together. You knew that couldn’t happen, it’s over and nothing can be done to fix that. The thought nagged at the back of your mind as you crawled into his arms and laid there on the couch with your legs tangled in his and your head resting against his chest, where you could hear his heartbeat thump quietly. You peaked up at him to see his eyes closed, nose nuzzled into your hair, and a smile pulling the corners of his mouth. He looked at peace, but your mind was racing with thoughts of how he could even look at you.

      “(Y/N)-ah,” he said shifting from his position in front of you. You thought that he had surely fallen asleep. His steady breathing and closed eyes hadn’t wavered for the past hour. You shifted to a more comfortable position that allowed you to look at his smiling figure. “Do you remember that time we went to visit your parents and we went to that Italian restaurant,” the smiles on both of your faces grew immensely as you remembered the memory. “And there was spaghetti sauce all over your face!” You add laughing and placing your hands on his cheeks. “I was so embarrassed!” His hands came up to rest atop your. “Oh, don’t worry, my mom thought it was adorable. Ah, do you remember when we had a movie day and we had a popcorn fight?” His eyes lit up at your words and he jumped slightly, showing a toothy grin and grabbing your face between his large hands. “Of course I remember. How could I forget? There was popcorn all over the apartment, it took forever to clean up.” He sat up, pulling you with him until you were settled between his legs, your back to his chest. “And don’t forget the fact that we sat picking kernels out of each other’s hair all day.” “It was fun though,” you said smiling at him. “Yea, it was.” Both of you let out a sigh, staring at nothing in particular and reminiscing about the old times.

       Jimin’s phone began to buzz violently on the table, disturbing the quiet you had began to settle into to. He groaned before reaching over to pick it up. “It’s Namjoon,” he said sitting up and placing his feet on the floor. You watched as his face twisted while he listened to his leader talk on the other line. “Okay, I’ll be there soon.” He hung up and look at you with a look that set off a painful pang in your chest. “I have to go.” The taunt features of his face had you caving on any attempt to keep him to stay. “I understand. Let me walk you to the door.” You said as you stood up, reaching out a hand to his and giving him a sad smile.

      Jimin stood just outside your front door looking down on you as you leaned against the door frame, looking at him. “Why are you so sad? I will see you again.” He said smiling and pinching your cheek slightly. “No we won’t.” You said, looking down at your feet and fidgeting with your fingers. “Sure we will.” He said confidently nudging your chin up, his smile still just as wide and bright as before. “Jimin,” you sighed, already feeling the weight of his heartache seep into your heart. “I can’t deny the fact that I had an amazing day with you, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I never fell out of love with you, and I probably will always love you, but it’s over between us. There is nothing in this world that I want more than to be with you, but we both know that even though we might bring out the best in each other there is no doubt that we bring out the worst.” Jimin was silent in front of you, still processing your words. “So, are you saying that we can never be together, or is there a chance that we can start again?” You could feel the tears prick at your eyes and your heart break at the tears that brimmed Jimin’s eyes. “Baby, I don’t know.” The tears you were trying to hold back came rolling down your cheeks and even though the tears were blurring your vision, you could clearly see the tears that fell from Jimin’s eyes. “I’m so sorry.” You kept repeating it over and over, your knees feeling as though they might give out from beneath you at any moment. With your eyes closed, you couldn’t see Jimin, but you could feel his hands snake behind your neck and pull you into one last kiss.

 When he pulled away, he was smiling at you with a mischievous glint in his eye. His thumbs came under your eyes to wipe away your fallen tears before he placed a peck to your forehead that had your eyes shutting under his touch. “I’ll see you again (Y/N), don’t worry, it might be over now but I’ll be back.” You couldn’t hold back the smile that was pulling the corners of your mouth and as Jimin looked up at you, one foot in the car and his hand sprawled out across the door, you let out a hearty laugh. He cupped his hands around his mouth to yell at you, “Wait for me jagiya!” Your outside appearance might have been happy, but you felt heavy inside. As he pulled away, you stepped away from the door and shut it, walking into your room and pulling the suitcase from under your bed and piling all your clothes into it. You had to stay away until he forgot you. You weren’t going to hurt him again.

A few days ago, I had a dream that some other life forms came to me with a message. And a countdown. I remember them in white, brown, yellow and black clothing. They said that it would be done by the end of the count. Then handed me a machine with a countdown. I remember it said 100 days, 7 hours and 31 seconds.

I don’t know what will be done. Or where they came from our what it means. But there’s 91 days left on the countdown. 2/8/16

kashibae asked:

Kakashi: *gives a soft chuckle* oh..gomen, I didn't mean to startle you.. Oh? Are you alright? Your face is so red.. *gently presses his hand to your cheek, then to your forehead* not running a fever are we?..

UH. Maaayhaps? Aahh, so weak! *clings to, smiling so big when meh face is hidden* *mumbles softly ‘you smell so good…’* Feelin’ a lil better already!