Venetia Interview RA - 2
  • Venetia Interview RA - 2

Venetia Interview - part 2

Richard doesn’t like long sentences, we have understood this. Unfortunately for him, both Charles Dickens and Georgette Heyer use complex constructions in syntax so he gets a little frustrated… apart from when he hits it in only one take! 

(hoping not to screw up the next line)

The entire interview can be heard here

the signs in a pet store 🐱 (remade)
  • Aries:*playing with the rabbits and trying to convince Taurus to lend them some money*
  • Taurus:*ignoring Aries and patting a puppy on the head*
  • Gemini:I want. everything.
  • Cancer:*running around the store (not literally)* THESE ARE ALL SO PRECIOUS. MY WITTLE FLUFFY BABIES.
  • Leo:*chilling by the snakes* yo, I don't even like snakes, but you're fucking rad looking.
  • Virgo:*annoyed with Cancer for acting the way they are but can't say anything because Cancer already called them a "fucking bitch" for it so they're hanging with the hamsters*
  • Libra:*nodding approvingly at all the cute little animals not sure as to why they're approving*
  • Scorpio:I'm taking you home, and you, and you- *whispering to kittens and cats*
  • Sagittarius:*Still trying to get the parrot to talk, but this time, also making it dance*
  • Capricorn:ew. *squints at Guinea Pigs* Come on Aqua, let's go looks at the flying squirrels!! *pulling Aquarius*
  • Aquarius:*just trying to play with the cute little Guinea Pigs and scoffing at Cap*
  • Pisces:ooh. *watching all the colorful fish float around the tanks and taking a couple home*