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your wish is my command, dudes!! i hope this resolves things ok for ya :)

please read part 1 first!!!

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continue. it. I need to know what he says??? pls??? Sorry if i came off as aggressive

(don’t worry love it didn’t come off as aggressive lmao! i’m excited you want to see where that post goes!)

@ all of u anons (and all the lovely people that sent replies to the original post lmao), i hope you like part 2 ;)

read part 1 first!!


(part 1 here!!!)

(uh oh i could probs make a part 3 to this tbh i have zero self control but likeee… don’t worry i’ll only do it if people are interested lmao i really hope all of these “to be continued” and “part 2” posts aren’t super annoying i’m so sorry)

you have the world’s burdens on your mind and it's like you are constantly struggling in a stream of heavy rushing water. I’ve always tried to jump in and take them from you so you can make it to the surface, so that you can breathe again. when my hair is finally submerged and the murky water is choking me I lose you. you never make it back to me and I never make it out. you found your way back to shore and now I am the one drowning. you found your way home but it wasn't with me. so when I finally made it out and the thunder clouds cleared, you came back to our place by the shore. how disappointed you must have been to see that there was no home there anymore, it was just what was left of the piles of wood that were used to make warmth
—  I am not sorry for being honest; part 2

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oh boy ooooh boy! please please pleasE continue the last holo!shiro one, I *need* to know what happens next!!!!

yooo i’m so glad you guys liked the holo!shiro text!! i was gonna post it last night but i got home waayyy too late (and felt like total shit lmao) so i just figured i’d queue it for first thing in the morning!! 

i really hope you like it :)

(read part one here first!!)

damn holo!shiro, for being such a douche you really know just what to say to make klance happen…… *skeptical eyebrow wiggle*

(part one here!!)

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Oh more Mama Blue™ and Langst pls

You got it my lovely anon! ;3
Part two coming your way! :D
Warm. As he slowly slipped back into consciousness, he realized how warm and safe he felt. He was lying on something soft, but firm and almost a little cushy. A soft vibration was emitting from the source of the warmth, a quiet, soothing sound that even without opening his eyes made him feel encased in a motherly protection. He groaned quietly at the throbbing pain that ran across his body, his brain registering his injuries and helpfully reminding him of the giant fucking laser beam that had knocked him out.
Someone shushed him gently, a hand running through his hair and a soft, hummed tune allowed him to relax even though he didn’t remember tensing up in the first place. Cracking open his eyes, he blinked a few times before he got used to the dim light of Blue’s cockpit, which looked like a scene from a horror movie his older brother adored watching. Blood smeared across the floor, like someone had skidded through it, most of it splattered on the seat in front of him. Oh, he was on the ground, up against the dashboard. Had he fallen out of his chair somehow? He shifted slightly, registering the fact that his wounds were bandaged up and tended to already, the first aid kit a short distance to his side, opened with the insides looking as if someone had rustled through it in a near panic.
“Are you awake, my Paladin?” His pillow asked, and he jolted, eyes drifting up to a face that looked so similar to his mother he almost called her name, but the gold eyes and blue hair threw him off. “Blue?” He croaked out instead, and the humanized Lion smiled at him with a pleased purr. He attempted to get up, realizing he was lying on her collarbone, but she huffed and pushed him back down, allowing his head to pillow on her chest instead. Yup, same size as his mother. Lance didn’t know exactly why that particular memory popped up, but he figured it was probably just a concussion.
“You should not move around too much, my Paladin. Your injuries might worsen if you do.” Blue reprimanded him lightly, and it reminded Lance of his older sister Leia, who always worried and panicked over injuries to her little siblings. “What about you?” He coughed out, Blue raising an eyebrow in return questioningly.
“That laser hit you pretty bad, dude. You definitely didn’t come out of that unscratched and not busted up somehow.” He explained, voice much stronger now. It was rough and raw from screaming when the beam hit, and the pain of being electrocuted. Pidge’s Bayard had nothing on that laser. Blue laughed wryly. “No, I do have multiple parts in need of repair, but I am not as fragile bodied as you humans. You need to heal first, before I tend to my own malfunctions.” She ran her fingers through his hair again, the action comforting in the dark and barely lit room.
“How bad is the damage?” He asked, tilting his head so she could rub at a small ache. “Well for one problem, my rockets are unable to fire due to damaged wiring from the electrocution, which means we aren’t flying anytime soon. I also have several dents from crashing, and most systems are down, including temperature regulation and communications, again from the electromagnetic radiation in the beam. I don’t know how long it will take, but I’ve already started fixing the communications line. Hopefully we can contact my sisters and their Paladins to retrieve us.” Blue listed off, counting from her slim fingers.
Lance huffed bitterly. “If they even notice we’re gone. I mean, you maybe, but me? Ha, who needs Lance around anyways?” Blue’s eyes narrowed. “You are very much needed on the team, Lance. While I am highly displeased at the way your fellow Paladins have been treating you, I’ve always wanted you to know that you are special in your own way, and you are important to the team. If your human friends cannot see this, then perhaps it is their vision that is the problem.” She was practically growling at this point, and Lance patted her leg soothingly. “So, you’re saying they’re blind? Ha, thanks Blue. That… That does help a bit. Glad to know at least your on my side…”
She hmphed and tilted her nose up slightly. “As if I could find a Paladin of higher quality than you. You are my precious little cub and anyone who hurts you deserves an ice beam to the reproductive regions.” She stated haughtily, and Lance burst into laughter. His laughter induced her own giggles, and they sat there on the floor, just enjoying the happy, bubbly feeling in their chests.
……..anyone thinking part 3? ;3

Edit: there’s even more to enjoy! ;3