So I have this idea of an order who guard the doorways to into and out of these worlds. There are peaceful doorways, into realms into worlds of plenty, there are doors to worlds from which demons spill, and there are doors to worlds of a mix between the two poles. Most of the doors are simply need a watch to be sure no one accidentally falls in or out (though travel between some of the worlds is allowed by both sides, treaties and such were involved) but some of the doors require an armed guard. One such door was discovered in the archway of a all-women’s boarding school. So, the Order purchased the school and continued for it to be a school, but for the young women of the Order (who are decedents of the original 15, all are free to chose this life), teaching combat, inter-world politics, languages, and magical systems. This doorway happens to rest in the archway between the parlor and entryway of the house and regularly opens without prompting (they haven’t figured out a way to keep it closed). The openings are indicated by the air in the archway starting to get hot and static-y. Withing minutes the wooden archway will begin to glow and it will be like a wall of dark blue and violet light then it will become like a glowing two-way mirror. Sometimes it shows nothing on the other side, but more often, the forming of the door has attracted the notice of some of the more vile things on the other side, who come to investigate and often cross.

Not that everything beyond this door is vile. Once an old man and young boy traveled across. They stayed a while, until the door next opened in fact, and told the women what the other world was like. Through what they could see of the world, there was nothing but a long unbroken grass plain. In spring there are wild flowers. Along the eastern edge, there’s a forest in shadow. According to the man, this plain marks the boundary between two warring territories. One is a group of vile creatures, who most often come through, but on the other side are people who’s duty it is to keep these creatures out of their lands. The creatures are lead by Nias the cleverest of them and for the last 300 years, has made varying attacks on the guards of the boundary.  Their goal, the man said, is to get to the ‘Sainel’ in the capitol (a sort of ), the source of magic in those parts and symbolizes the good will of their gods. Were the creatures to get it, prophecy says they will live for 5000 years in slavery and torment. And they really don’t want that. It’s said the mythical ‘Great Heroes’ will ‘return from the Vale and slay Nias, curse him and bring forth peace to the land once again’ but the people are wary and hope is failing.

Back at the school, there is an ongoing argument as to weither or not travel into theis world, Jumar, and aid these people. One side argues that it would be to big of a risk. The number of these creatures is no known for sure and if they were to fight an open battle it could be a slaughter. If they do nothing, they leave these people to the mercy of the creatures. Until the debate is settled, they guard the gate and defend their world.

In the school, there are three primary rules:

  1. Follow your will (meaning do what your heart wants)
  2. Guard the gate
  3. Do not attack/ harm any Traveler unless they intend to harm or attack you or yours first. Then destroy them.
Relationships to Love; how startling.

I’ve always wondered if I just keep reblogging if I’ll still have followers or even just post what I’m thinking once in a while. The thought never occurred to me that it doesn’t really matter what I put on my tumblr because most followers won’t even read what I write, or at least take the time to. At this point, I’ve thought about a few things in life and the very apparent issue taken up in high is not drinking, doing drugs, or simply my grades in life but our love lives. 

I understand why you need to announce on Facebook that you’re taken, in a relationship, or your relationship is complicated: to tell people who are single that you are not someone to flirt with due to the fact that you’re taken. I understand that much. What I don’t understand is when people “like” the fact that you’ve broken up with someone. Actually, let’s take it a few steps back. I don’t understand why people “like” the fact that you had a relationship change and then just sock you in the face bombarding you with questions like “Who is it?” “WHAAAT?” “Why didn’t you tell me?”. The answer to these questions is simple to me, “Why do you care so much?”. It seems like no one respects privacy anymore. If I want to tell you, I would tell you. If I want to fake a relationship with someone or actually be in a relationship but not tell the whole Facebook-interconnected world, that’s honestly none of your business because if you are close enough to me, or even just came up to ask me, I am 99.99% sure I would tell you the person or the answer you’re looking for. I guess that moves us onto the next topic of love.

Love. Oh, what a beautiful emotion. Could easily bring happiness or simply destruction. So what is it about love that people, including myself, find so satisfying? Is it knowing there is that one person out there that would always love you regardless of your actions? No, there’s family for that. So why am I longing, yearning, and searching for that person to call my loved one? The one that I want to spend the rest of my long life with? The one that will love me in sickness and in health until death do us part? My short 17 year-old life span filled with at least 10 years of schooling experience tells me that the notion of falling in love is beautiful. There is always going to be that Prince Charming out there waiting to swift me off my feet and carry me into the sunset. I’ve been fed to believe true love does exist and as much as I wish for it to exist, high school relationships seem to get in the way with that. The number of guys I’m actually interested in at school is limited. The number of available guys, in general, is limited. The number of girls at school is far more than the number of guys. Thus, we’re all in a fight with one another. Whoever flirts the most wins at finding true love and those who play the game fair and square, don’t seem to find it at this very moment. Some never break up. Some break up after 5 years. Some after 2 years. Some after a year. Some after 6 months. Some after 3 months. Some after 2 weeks. Some after 3 days. And some just can’t reject the person.

Needless to say, I don’t know if I’ve actually fallen in love or loved the idea of what love can do to me. In high school, I’ve learned a lot about relationships. Some couples do last forever, some don’t. But the funniest part is, this game never ends. Once you enter the game, you never leave until you find your soulmate; to go through that, there is endless pain from heartbreak, endless mingling and flirting, endless conversations, and endless repetitive realizations that this game is ridiculous and not meant for me. However, you’re sucked in already, already part of the cycle. Once you’re in, there’s no out because once you’ve had this taste of what it feels like to be part of the game, you’re never going to stop until you find your love wherever that person may be.

Lonesome Road (Part 1)

The air in the market was thick with a low hanging mist. Almost as thick as the totally unimpeded crowds of people - the farmers and the merchants eager to go about their day-to-day despite the unusual weather phenomenon. That morning, Lucian found himself at a fruit stall - his final stop - stocking up on supplies he’d requested a day ago: dried produce, and berries. Though he no longer lived in the monastery, he found that his diet had scarcely changed at all, and mostly consisted of what his late wife Senna used to teasingly refer to as “rabbit food.”

He tucked the bundle into his satchel, and payed the fruit monger a few more coins than what the parcel was worth. In truth, he had no real need for the currency - any merchant, inn or tavern in the area would gladly serve a Purifier for free, but Lucian vastly preferred to pay forward his good will. He walked away with a subtle nod, and the barest hint of a smile - it was about all he had the energy to muster these days.

The exotic smell of spices and cured meats intermingled with the scents and sounds of humans making a living as Lucian traversed the market savoring the slight personal connection before his journey out into the countryside. He remembered trips with Senna from before - how she’d always made the trips bearable, and how she’d smile at the throngs of people in the massive market in their many final stops before a long journey.

This day Lucian did not linger in the markets, though. He gauged the time at mid-morning as the sun grew high in the sky and cut through the morning’s fog like the prow of a ship through smooth harbor waters.
Unfortunately though, unlike in the previous metaphor, the harbor was nowhere near as smooth as he’d hoped as he boarded the more-than-gently rocking ship scheduled to take him down the coast to the tiny port town of Clear Rook: a town - he would soon find - besieged by the undead…

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So with the whole "the earl of Phantomhive is still with us" everyone is saying it's either Vincent or Cloudia but what about Rachel?? What if the undertaker means her?? As far as I know she is Countess Phantomhive, and I read earl is for both sexes in Japanese and earl could also mean count so what if it's Rachel who's alive???? (Part 1)

Maybe she blames herself for what happened cause she couldn’t save her son so she killed herself became a shinigami and maybe left for France and instead of using Phantomhive she used her maiden name Durless (part 2)

OMG! Actually, that would be a great plot twist! :D I don’t see why not. Though, it’s kind of individualistic for a mother, after all, he was only abducted, he could have been still alive, but maybe if the person said something along the lines “we already killed him” then I can see her doing that. I love the idea, actually. 

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You know, for Act the Part, I have this headcanon that Kellin isn't the doppelganger. I mean, Samson's a complete dick, no amount of wealth or doing well in school can counteract that. Kellin, on the other hand, isn't school smart, he's a different kind of smart. He had the brains and the guts to go through with the kidnapping plot, and that might also be a point on the "evil" tally, but it still shows his intelligence. (part 1)

(part 2) Maybe Kellin only became like a doppelganger because he thought he was one? He fell for Vic and gave up the money for him, the money he’d been working towards getting for years and years. Idk, just a theory that probably makes no sense.

ayyy well it’s an interesting theory for sure!! Would have been a great plot twist to throw in if I had thought of that back then haha

Roots and Branches - Part 1

Could you maybe do an imagine based off the song Roots And Branches by This Wild Life where everyone u cared about kinda left you and u feel really helpless and depressed & then one day you meet Alex Gaskarth somewhere and he becomes ur best friend & ur a happier person

TRUTH TIME! I have only posted half of the ask here because I need to keep some secrets for the next chapter. The only people who know what is going to happen next is me and Anonymous. 

“If you weren’t such a shitty friend we wouldn’t be in this mess!” The venom in the words sung me to my core. But there was nothing I could say in return. “Next time let someone see the real you from the start” With that I was left sitting on my own again. “Obviously it is my fault” I muttered to myself. More often than not I would find myself in this situation, everyone would always leave. I would always be left to pick myself back up again. I always tried to hide my flaws, but once the mask slipped, everyone would leave. How can someone else like me? When I don’t even like myself. Am I meant to be alone?

Alex’s POV:

“WHO KEEPS PUTTING THE EMPTY PEANUT BUTTER BACK IN THE CUPBOARD” I groaned loudly, throwing the empty pot towards the bin. “Sorry” All three mumbled back not looking away from the game they had on in the background. “I’m going to buy some more, does anyone need anything?” “Here I’ll come” Jack jumped to his feet and came sprinting towards me “Really?” I questioned as I pulled on my jacket. “Yeah man, need to stretch my legs” “Don’t lie” Rian shouted from the back of the bus. “We are out of alcohol thanks to him!” Jack sheepishly smiled up towards me. “Come on then” I opened the door, to be greeted by rain coming down in buckets. “It’s a beanie day” I nodded towards Jack. I shoved my hands deep into my coat pockets and began strolling down the road. “You alright lover?” Jack asked placing his arm around my shoulder. “Me, yeah I’m fine” I let out a little laugh. “It’s only just gone 1pm, It’s too early for me to be awake” “Ah I see” Jack laughed, taking his arm back.

We reached the store and made our way in. Both shaking our heads to get the remaining rain droplets off our hair, and we made our way towards the drinks aisle. “So I am thinking, some JD, Buds, you know the norm” Jack mused, placing his hands on his hips in a power stance. “Sounds good, I trust your alcohol advice” I smiled giving him a small thumbs up. “Excuse me” We both looked to my left hand side, seeing a small hooded figure pushing in front of us. “Sorry” I said stepping back allowing her room. With a small reach, her hand moved towards the vodka shelf. “Cheers” She pushed past Jack and made her way towards the next aisle. “WAIT!” Jack shouted running behind her. Leaving me stood, glaring at the various types of drink in front of me. I could hear the bubble of conversation growing not too far away from me. “Alex! Come here!” I looked up towards Jack, his hand motioning me over. The hood had dropped and left a small girl, beaming at Jack. “Alex meet Y/N, our families have been friends for years” “And Y/N meet Alex, my one and only” He grinned throwing his arms around my body. “Get off” I laughed shaking my body. “Nice to meet you” She smiled placing her hand out to mine. With a light squeeze I shook her hand back. “We are having a gathering tonight, why don’t you come?” “Well… I don’t know Jack, You know me and big events” “Oh shut up, you know it’s better than drinking at home on your own” “How did you guess that?” “Because you always got vodka when we stayed in” He grinned proudly, towards the bottle. “Your memory is too good” With a little moment of silence, her face changed. “Fine” She smiled towards us both. “Give me the address” “Alex” Jack nudged me; it became apparent that I had been staring at her for the past 5 minutes without saying a word. “Oh… what?” I looked down towards her phone. “Right” I took it and slowly placed the address in her phone. With a small wave, she left me and Jack standing alone. “Someone has grown up well” Jack nodded towards the empty space. Not well, I thought to myself. She’s something else.


“Right” I paced my way up and down my bedroom. “I can do this? Can’t I?” I ran my hand through my hair, grabbing  every knot on the way. “I haven’t seen Jack in years, He left me like everyone else” I sighed battling with myself. “It might be good, to get my mind off of everything” I sat on the edge of my bed, my head instantly falling into my hands. With a small default ding, my phone lit up. “Who is this?” I questioned towards the unknown number on my screen. “Hey, It’s Alex. The creep from earlier, who only grunted. Anyway, I was wondering if you want me to meet you before the party. You know so you don’t get lost? If not don’t worry” A second later another text appeared on the screen. “Sorry, Jack texted his mum and got your number for me. I hope that’s okay” Well it might help if I knew someone else before the party began. With heavy thumb taps, I replied. “Hey, That’s fine don’t worry about it. But yeah if I could take you up on the offer yes please?” “Great, meet me in the town centre at 7” “See you then” This might be good for me; maybe it’s time to break down these walls.

I grabbed my jacket off of the peg by the door, and made my way towards the town centre. The rain had finally stopped and the clouds cleared, leaving my way illuminated by the moon. I’ve always known what Jack’s drinking led to, therefore I opted for flats. I slid through the crowd of young night life goers and pulled out my phone. “Hey” I answered, as the receiver picked up on the other end. “Where are you?” “Turn around” He turned slowly towards me, his smile growing in size. “Hey” He impulsively pulled me into a hug, before quickly letting go. “Sorry” He mumbled, gathering himself back together. “No it’s fine” I smiled reassuringly. “Let’s get going” He nodded towards our route. The silence surrounded us, but it wasn’t the awkward kind I was used to. “It’s a gorgeous night isn’t it” Alex smiled up towards the sky. “Night’s like this make me want to just spend my whole evening out here” “Why don’t we?” Alex’s head slowly came back down from the stars and his eyes met mine. “But what about the party?” “Forget it, there will be plenty more” He shrugged. “I think we both know what Jack Parties end up like!” I smiled fondly, remembering the night of my 22nd birthday. Jack was found down town with nothing but his socks and a bra on. “Okay” I smiled slightly brighter. My hand quickly found its self-clasped around his wrist. “I know the perfect spot”

Thoughts on OB part duex:

1. Um. Maybe instead of telling her boys to take samples, Dr. Coady should tell them to keep it in their pants so they won’t spread their nasty plague around.

2. Fe called Rachel Cyclops. YAS bitch YAS.

3. I knew Mark really loved Gracie! Now do the right thing and jump ship to Team Leda!

4. Oh Donnie, you dork.

5. HOLY SHITE. This is not okay. This is not remotely okay.


this is like a part 1 of 2 maybe if i actually have the motivation to make the second part fucking christ this makes me wanna sleep forever its took me so long to fucking make

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Can you please do a Derek HalexReader imagine? The reader is Stiles older sister & she lives with him for a couple of weeks bc her house burned down. Stiles and her are walking in the woods at night just to talk and catch up, then a wolf attacks & she gets bit. The 1st person stiles calls is Der bc he knows what to do. she has to stay at Derek's for the remainder of the time she is in BH. Der takes care of her& makes sure she survives the bite. He ends up liking her. More than 1 part maybe? Tysm

sure i can my dear nonnie!! :) keep a look out for it! thank you so much for requesting.