Glitchtale OFFICIAL TRAILER | S2 EP6: “Game Over” Part 2

If she chooses you, first and foremost, understand how lucky you are

If she chooses you, don’t get upset when she grows distant, she often gets caught in her own thoughts but she will always return to you

If she chooses you, don’t make her feel that her desire for affection is needy, some days she simply craves to be close, to be reminded that she is wanted

If she chooses you, remind her of her beauty each day, and always kiss her twice because kissing her once just isn’t enough

If she chooses you, give her the space she needs when she’s frustrated and surprise her with flowers on random days rather than out of apologetic flashes or set holidays, she hasn’t been shown that appreciation enough

If she chooses you, call her randomly just to hear her voice, and make sure to remind her of how gorgeous she is on that call even if you haven’t seen her that day, she is always beyond stunning

If she chooses you, tell her she’s doing good and encourage her, because she often feels alone in taking on the world and she won’t ask for help out of her desire to be independent

If she chooses you, applaud her parenting, she often gives all of herself without allowing herself enough sleep or self care and self love to stop and realize how exhausted she is

If she chooses you, understand that she gets excited over random songs and the moments when you listen, she’ll tell you her entire world so long you give her your attention to

If she chooses you, show her patience, she hasn’t been loved the way she deserves and often doubts that her emotions are valid, she will beat herself up for feeling sad or reflecting on her past

If she chooses you, hold her when she doesn’t ask, she will melt into your arms as if she was meant to be there, and it will fill your entire body with love rather than solely your heart

If she chooses you, understand her strength and remind her of it, she has survived evil so powerful it could break a person, yet she still stands

If she chooses you, love her through her past, her present and her future, she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders

If she chooses you, play with her hands and keep your hand on her thigh whenever you get the chance, you’re lucky to touch her and she will adore the soft intimacy of your affection

If she chooses you, understand she’ll tell you about her past in time, and when she does, kiss her and remind her of her value, she is worth more than you or anyone else deserves

If she chooses you, love her for her laughter and the way she throws her head back, it’s the most beautiful sight

If she chooses you, ask her what’s wrong and when she responds that she’s okay ask again because she won’t want to burden you with the thoughts in her mind

If she chooses you, spoil her with more than your affection, she deserves the entirety of the goodness in this world

If she chooses you, take the time to learn about her kids as much as you learn about her, she will fall in love with you for the value you bring to their childhood

If she she chooses you, buy her wine randomly because it calms her from stressful work days, and make sure you hug her and tell her how important she is and how proud you are, it will make her breathe a little easier at night

If she chooses you, scratch or rub her neck, she will love you for the simple things

If she chooses you, make sure she eats lunch and dinner, and even breakfast, because she often forgets or doesn’t make the time to do so

If she chooses you, bring her caramel frappuccinos with a shot of espresso in the mornings, it’ll help her kickstart the day after she’s been up all night being the best mother her kids could have,

If she choose you, never take for granted the honor you have winning her heart, make sure you respect her and you work each to day to get closer to deserving her

If she chooses you, please make sure you don’t let her fall asleep upset, because she’ll wake up the next day feeling as if she’s lost her place, when really she’s the only place anyone with eyes should ever want to be, her and her happiness

If she chooses you, no matter what, make sure you tell her you love her

If she chooses you, please choose her too, she is fragile and kind and she is made of all of that goodness in the world that she deserves,

You are beyond incredibly lucky,

You have the best opportunity in getting her love because it’s the best thing you could get in your entire life

If she chooses you, please don’t stop choosing her

If She Chooses You Part 2 // ARH

Thoughts on “Noragami” Chapter 78-2…

So, as I read this chapter for the second or third time, something really struck me that should’ve been obvious but really wasn’t. There’s a panel where we see Yato cry:

And at first, I thought he cried because “oh, he saw Kazuma’s death, just like he cried about Yukine’s death when he made him a shinki, too”. But then I realized, looking at the next page, that it’s not about that at all…

Yato’s crying because he feels the pain and sorrow his shinki feels. And I think the reason this didn’t click the first time I read it was because their relationship, which we’ve watched unfold over 78 chapters, has just changed in such a dramatic way that I couldn’t really comprehend it. Yato is now Kazuma’s master…whatever Kazuma feels, Yato will feel. Whenever Kazuma sins, Yato will suffer for it. They have gone from being debtor and benefactor to friends who mutually respected each other to now being shinki and master. I don’t even know what to make of it. But I believe that Yato chose to give Kazuma the familial name of “Kazune” because he understood the pain that Kazuma was in. How this will play out, I honestly have no idea anymore. I knew that Yato would never willingly choose to make Kazuma a nora, but since his life was on the line and Kazuma was basically blackmailing him to do it, I understand why he did it. I can only hope that Yato finds some way to deal with this so that he doesn’t lose his friends.

“Force me to draw again” Couple’s Prompt

Apparently this worked last time so I’m doing it again ~

-Update: It would be very helpful if you guys requested something from 1 or 2 because I see a lot of 3’s and I probably won’t be able to do the same pose too many times 💦-

Day 37- @software-sides ’s au dressed as Vocaloids (aka Cosplay Crew part 2)

Im at lunch and leave for volleyball in a bit, so I’ll try and catch up if I can

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The I in Team

Part 2: Assessment

Part 1

Rating: Mature
Timeline: season 6
Tags: ANGST, bitches; MSR-ish
Words: ~2.2k (pt. 2)


“Now I want you to be honest. This may feel like a lot of writing up front, but I promise you it will pay off. Think about what you’ve experienced together, what you’ve accomplished, and what you want from the future.”

The man’s name was Mark and looked exactly the way Mulder had expected: khaki shorts and a lavender t-shirt, sunglasses pushed to the top of his head, his mouth full of too-white teeth. He held a dry-erase marker in one hand as he watched the teams scribble into their comb-bound worksheet packets.

Scully was writing diligently, careful script tumbling out into every blank space. Mulder looked at his own booklet, but the words, the questions, floated up like foreign symbols. He was drowning in white space, his pencil poised but refusing to cooperate.

- What do you appreciate about your team mates?
- What are their strengths?
- What are your strengths together?
- What are your weaknesses as a team?
- What opportunities do you see for improvement and growth in the future?
- What challenges have you faced in the past and how did you face them?
- What challenges do you foresee in the future?

How in the fuck was she answering these questions so easily? And more importantly, what the fuck was she writing about him? After the awkward continental breakfast and Welcome Lecture, they’d delved into this “teamwork assessment,” designed to help them talk through their current position, then to discover their goals. The room was distracting with its ugly fluorescent lights and uncomfortable plastic chairs. She was distracting in her stretchy pants and t-shirt, looking like she were ready for her first day at the Academy. Who was this woman? Where had she been hiding? She looked soft and vulnerable and real in a way he hadn’t seen since… well. It was unnerving.

The problem was that he didn’t know how to write anything about her, this mysterious woman who’d locked herself up tight in the months since Antarctica. These questions were precisely the kinds of things he tried to keep out of his mind most days. Dramatic outpourings aside, he wasn’t usually one to talk out his feelings or relationships, even his professional ones. He couldn’t exactly write, “makes me a whole person” under what he appreciates. He wasn’t even sure if it were true anymore—wasn’t sure if he was a person at all, really.

He thought about being flip, writing smartass ironic answers, keeping his real thoughts as far away as possible from this paper. Then he thought of how she’d look at him: how she’d dip her head in frustration, bite her lips together in disappointment, shrink back from him across the ever-widening glacier of hurt. He thought about how hurting her was really just another way of hurting himself. Would that be worse, he wondered, than having to answer honestly? He was running out of time. Fuck it, he thought, bringing his pencil down to the paper at last. Things couldn’t get much worse, could they?

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Sweet Pea X Reader “It’s a pleasure.” Part 2

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Summary: After a night of fun and new friends, a special initiation takes place, a wild party, and tensions rise when the Ghoulies decide to pay the Serpents a little visit after hours.

A/N: Alrighty Kids!! Here is part 2 to “It’s a pleasure.” As always, constructive criticism is absolutely welcome. I hope everyone enjoys! Let me know what you guys think and if you want me to post another part to this little fic. (Y/H/L+/H/C) your hair length and hair color, (Y/E/C) Your eye color, (Y/N) Your name, (Y/L/N) your last name, (Y/F/C) your favorite color, and (Y/N/N) your nickname.

A/N: This is also a little long. I, once again, got carried away lol. I’m really enjoying this fic and I’m thinking about stretching it out. However, that all depends on you guys soooo, please let me know what you think :) ALSO Play Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood during the snake dance ;)

Word Count:  3487. (Shiiiiiid, look at my fingers flyin lol. )

Part 1 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7, Part 8 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, alcohol use, smoking, and suggestive content ;)

“My head feels like it’s going to explode.” You moaned, making eye contact with Jughead as he stumbled into the trailer’s kitchen with messy hair and rumpled clothes from a restless sleep. You and the others had stayed well after the last call at the Whyte Wyrm, consuming more alcohol than you should have.

“You look like you had a little too much fun, (Y/N/N).” Jughead mumbled out, taking in your under-eye circles and knotted hair; smeared makeup that you didn’t wipe off and the smell of cigarettes and liquor lingering on your skin. You had been so carefree that Jug couldn’t bring himself to tell you to stop. He felt like you needed it, after the visit you had with your mom and the way things went. You deserved a little fun after that.

“You both need to go shower and get dressed, we have a meeting in an hour.” FP called from the living room, already dressed for the day, newspaper and coffee in hand. FP had left before you two, staying up until Jughead half dragged your laughing form into the trailer and tucked you safely into bed after taking off your boots. FP wanted to scold you, to remind you that you were underage and that you needed to be more responsible. However, it was so out of character for you to want to drink that he knew something was wrong. He had known you since you were born, he watched you grow up, and had played a major part in your upbringing.

With a sigh and an eyerub, FP made his way into the kitchen, eyes trained on you as you accepted a mug of coffee from Jughead with a weak smile. FP could practically feel the stress rolling off your body, the sigh escaping your parted lips weighing heavily on his chest.

“Hey,” FP drew your attention, your (Y/E/C) eyes wide and waiting for him to speak, “if you need to talk about anything, whatever it is, you can tell us. We’re always here for you, kiddo. You know you’re family.” FP watched as you nodded, sudden, unexpected tears gathering in your eyes and making your voice thick. You quickly stood up, your arms going behind your back and your head slightly tilted down. FP and Jughead knew that you were uncomfortable, the attention put on you unwanted. It was the same stands you had developed when you were 5, the same one you reverted back to ever since.

“I know… you’re the only family I have left and I love you guys more than anyone…” You rasped out, trying to discreetly wipe the few tears that trickled out unwantedly, “but I’m honestly fine.” With that being said, you left the kitchen for the safety of the locked bathroom and hot water, leaving FP and Jughead to look after you with heavy sighs and the unspoken agreement to uncover what had you so inverted into yourself and to make you happy again.


“I don’t know about a welcome back party, Jug.” You argued back from the seat of your bike with a hot to-go cup of coffee from Pop’s clutched in between your numb fingers. The late winter air was unbearably cold on your skin, the unforgiving wind wiping the few (Y/H/L)+(Y/H/C) strands of hair that escaped your beanie into your face. Jughead nodded with pursed lips from his own bike, his eyes trying to focus on the moving cars that fought for spots in the Riverdale High School parking lot. You yourself didn’t attend the school, having graduated a year early thanks to homeschooling. You watched with uninterest as students rushed their way into the warmth of the building, laughing and joking before the day began. What did catch your interest though was the amount of serpent’s you saw, also making their way into the building.

You noted Toni, whose face was smiling and laughing at something Fangs remarked beside her, a few other members trailing in behind them. One of them being Sweet Pea, whose face was set and unreadable, his eyes watching everything around him as if any moment danger could fall from the grey, clouded sky above that threatened either icy rain or snow. A smirk split across your face, the memory of his hands on your skin as you danced to the music that still played at the Wyrm before they started closing up.

His hands were hot, gripped tight onto the skin of your hips that were exposed due to your shirt riding up with your movements. The music was slow, your hips going in circles to the beat and Sweet Pea’s palms guiding you along. With ease, you slipped around in his hold, your arms thrown up around his neck, your chest pressed against his with a deviant smirk. Your eyes trailed up to meet his, your lashes lowered and your confidence high due to the alcohol in your system. Sweet Pea licked his lips, his head lowered into your neck where his breath was hot

Your boyfriend is going to be really upset if you keep looking at me like that.” Sweet Pea whispered out, your arms tightening around his neck as he squeezed your hips roughly, pleasure coursing through your body at the small gesture. You nudged his head with your own, making his eyes meet yours again as you leaned forward slowly.

It’s a good thing I don’t have a boyfriend then, isn’t it?” You sassed softly, your eyes darting to his mouth that was steadily moving closer to your own.

Sadly, there was no kiss or other activities that you desperately wanted  to take place thanks to the Wyrm closing and Jughead pulling you off with a wave to his friends. You remembered Jug trying to settle you onto his bike with difficulty, going slow so you wouldn’t throw up or fall off. You wished your arms were encircled around Sweet Pea’s waist as you rode into the night, your face buried in leather that belonged to your adoptive brother.

“(Y/N)? You aren’t even listening to me.” Jug’s voice cut through your thoughts, his eyes narrowed in annoyance at your far away expression. You shook your head once, noticing that you and Jughead were the only people left in the cold lot.

“I’m sorry, I was thinking..” You trailed off, offering him a smile as he huffed out a breath.

“I was saying that everyone really wants to welcome you back after… your mom. And I want you to meet Betty and Archie wants to see you too. Veronica is dying to meet the mysterious (Y/N/N) that we’re always, and I quote ‘gushing about’.” Jug rushed out, gathering his school bag and placing his helmet on the handles of his bike. You shook your head once, knowing that there was only one answer he wanted.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

“Good,” Jughead yelled behind him, jogging towards the front of the building, “because it’s tonight at 8!” With one last smile over his shoulder, and a flip of the bird his way, you climbed onto your bike, engine roaring, and speed off with a laugh towards the southside, the thought of comfort and familiarity already setting your nerves at ease.


The bar was bustling with random activities from its members, all of them preparing for a night of fun in honor of your return. You watched silently from the doorway of the Wyrm, a small smile passed out here and there to those who acknowledge your presence.

“Hey,” your hand shot out to tap an older man with a Serpent inked into his arm, “is FP upstairs?” You asked with a smile, his face smiling back at your small voice.

“Yeah, your dad is in his office.” He replied, nodding towards the back of the bar before leaving you there, your face hard with the word ‘dad.’ After a few moments of just standing there, staring off into nothingness with memories of your father swirling at the front of your brain, your feet led you up the stairs and towards the small room that was occupied by FP and a few other members of his inner circle gang members. The door was slightly cracked, voices drifting out through the space.

“- she’s almost 18, FP. And if she’s going to be an active member she going to need a jacket here soon.”

“She’s still a child, Rob. I promised her parents that I’d keep her safe and being a Serpent isn’t going to do that for her.” There was silence, but only for a moment before a low chuckle was heard.

“So is Jughead, FP. He’s months younger than her, and she’s been a Serpent since birth. You denying her a spot isn’t going to keep her out. The Ghoulies know she belongs to us, they know what she capable of.”

“You can’t keep pushing her out of this because she’s already a part of it. She’s ready, boss.”

You stood there a second longer before you brought your hand up, knocking on the door and waiting for permission to enter. You plastered a smile on your face, walking in with ease as you nodded towards the familiar faces that smiled back at you.

“I know the party is tonight, but I was hoping I could do the snake dance.” You cut straight to the point. You didn’t plan on doing the sexist dance until after your birthday, knowing that FP couldn’t deny it because of your age, but with the thoughts already put into his head by his confidents, you hoped that he’d be more open. FP put his head into his hands, groaning loud and pained as the two other men looked towards you with wide eyes and knowing smirks.

“Can’t it wait? Tonights already going to be crazy with everyone here-”

“Which is why it’s perfect!” You cut him off with exasperation, continuing on. “Everyone will be here and I can get it done and over with.”  You were met with silence. No one uttered a word, waiting for FP’s decree, the final decision.

“Please don’t make it R-rated, for the love of God. Jughead and I don’t want to bear witness to… all of that.” FP gritted out, his hand gripping the other one tightly as you laughed and made your way around the desk to engulf him in a tight hug.

“I promise! Thank you!” You placed a kiss on the top of his head loudly, bouncing out of the room and leaving the men to stare after you with hearty chuckles.


The leather skirt clung to your hips and thighs perfectly, the matching corset pushing your breasts up and cinching your waist. Luckily, Toni was more than happy to come over as you helped each other prepare for the party that started in half an hour. She did you (Y/H/L)+(Y/H/C) hair exactly to your liking, and in turn you placed dark, smokey makeup around her perfect eyes and red lips adorned her smirk. You both looked ready; leather, studs, heeled boots, piercing eyes, and cutting smirks ready for any action that could come your way.

“So,” Toni started, taking a sip from her water bottle as you finished lacing up your boots, “Sweet Pea is going to be there tonight.” Your head shot up, her smirk prominent as you narrowed your (Y/E/C) eyes. Toni couldn’t help but look at you in awe. From your outfit to your perfect winged liner and pink mouth, you could stop traffic. She could see why Sweet Pea was so… drawn to you.  

“Is he?” You tried to sound nonchalant, indifferent to whether he’d come or not, but your face betrayed you. Jug was always saying how your face was an open book to your emotions and Toni could tell by the new twinkle in your eyes and the wide grin you wore that you cared and you were pleased.

“Oh yeah. He really enjoys your company.” Toni laughed, hopping down from the counter and pulling her leather cut over her skin tight shirt.

“Well, let’s just say that everyone is in for a little treat tonight.” You laughed, grabbing the keys to your bike and following Toni outside, letting your night begin.


The Whyte Wyrm was already in full swing when you and Toni cut your bike engines, swinging your legs over, and waving to the men and women who congregate outside the bar to smoke or talk with some privacy. With one last look at you, Toni pushed the bar doors open and ushered you along, your head tilted down as you suddenly grew nervous with all the attention you were about to get. As soon as the light from the bar illuminated your face, FP jumped onto the stage and gained everyone’s attention.

“Tonight, we’re here to welcome back (Y/N)! So, Serpents, let’s welcome her back!” FP yelled, followed by deafening yells and clapping that rattled your bones. You wildly smiled, your teeth flashing as you whooped and clapped along. Soon, Jughead pushed his way towards you, a beautiful blonde in his tow with Archie and a ravenett stunner just behind him.”

“Surprise.” Jughead enthused sarcastically, hugging you around the shoulders and turning you towards the others as you scanned the room for the boy that was plaguing your thoughts. And there he was; standing where you first saw him, a pool stick in hand and a captivating smile painted on his face that brought one to yours.

“This is Betty, my girlfriend and colleague at the Blue and Gold.” Jug introduced, Betty smiling as you pulled her into an unexpected hug. If this girl could make Jughead happy, if she could make him feel whole, than she was family in your book.

“It’s nice to finally meet you. Jug goes on and on about his sister.” Betty smiled, her face caring and open as noticeable tears flooded your water-line. You couldn’t help but think about what it would have been like if your own brothers would have been here. Meeting their girlfriends and laughing with them and their antics. Jughead was your brother, he always had been; he’d always been enough. You pushed the thoughts away as Archie caught your eye behind Betty, moving her over so he could pick you up and spin you around.

Archie was Jug’s bestfriend, so, naturally, you had developed your own special friendship along the way. Archie had taught you to catch a football and perfect a powerful punch. He was your friend and you missed him.

“Hey there, Red! You’ve grown a foot since the beginning of the year!” You bellowed, your eyes squinted in delight as Archie blushed and pulled the girl behind him forward.

“This is-”

“Veronica Lodge, Archie’s girlfriend. I’m so glad we’re meeting! Archie and Jughead tell us all about how badass you are and, by the looks of it, they didn’t lie.” Veronica interjected, shaking your hand strongly and smiling with all her teeth. Her name was familiar with you, but you decided to let it be for the night.

“It’s nice to meet both of you. Thank you for coming, we’ll have to get a drink at some point tonight but first, I have a show to put on.” You yelled over the music, nodding towards the stage where FP was waving you over, telling you it was time to charm the snakes. Jughead looked at you questionable, his mouth open to ask when he caught his dad’s eyes. Soon, not a second later, recognition dawned on him.

“(Y/N), what are you-” His voice was hard, but you were already walking towards the stage, Toni’s voice answering him instead.  

“She’s earning her skin, brother-bear.”


The (Y/F/C) lace of your lingerie was see through, only strategically placed clumps of delicate lace flowers keeping all your important pieces covers, leaving room for imagination. It was quite a beautiful outfit that you kept covered with a long, flowing lace robe until the music started. Your chest was tight with nerves, the lights off, and the sound of the patrons enthusiasm giving you some confidence.

Soon, the first drop of notes gave away and the lights dimmed on, signalling that it was your que to start.

All eyes were on you as you slowly strutted across the stage, your robe sliding off your shoulders as you started to dance. The room was eerily quiet, nothing heard but the song and your steps as you approached the pole with delicate fingers. Your hips moved slowly and sensually until the chorus dropped and then you went into full motion. Your hips and movements were sharper and more forceful, your hands caressing your body just the right way.

Your eyes met the darker ones that belonged to Sweet Pea as you came to your finish, your hair whipped around wildly as a gentle smirk graced your mouth. His face was in utter awe, the pool stick he held tightly looking as if it were about to break in two. With a clenched jaw he slowly started forward, passing Jughead who looked pained, his eyes downcast, but Betty, Veronica, and Archie were all still mesmerized by your movements. Finally, a few seconds before your finale, he stood right at the stairs you were to exit from, his hands clenched as he gulped noticeably.

You slowly turned around, your steps slow as you casted one last lust-filled glance behind your shoulder and the lights and music cut off. The bar waited in silence until Sweet Pea clapped his hands together, calling loudly and signaling the others to do so as well. Soon, the whole bar was cheering, catcalling, and whooping their enjoyment as FP made his way onto the stage with a smaller leather jacket in his hand, his face somewhat sad until the light fully showed his face to everyone.

“Well, what do you all think? Did she charm the snakes?” An agreeable Symphony was cast back at him as he waved you back into the light, his eyes betraying his worry. After slipping the perfect fit of the jacket over your arms you pulled FP into a hug, your face in his neck as he hugged you back.

“Everything will be okay, I promise.” You vowed, a reluctant nod given back to you as you pulled away. After bowing towards the crowd, you made your way over to the stairs where Sweet Pea was standing; Jughead, Toni, and the others just behind him. With hooded eyes and raised eyebrows, Sweet Pea offered his hand and you gingerly placed your smaller one in his, allowing you to step down the steps with a smile. His eyes stayed focused on your face, thankfully not looking at your breasts or navel that was exposed for all to see.

“That was-”

“Traumatizing both mentally and physically to me and dad.” Jughead cut off Sweet Pea, his face bright red with discomfort. Sweet Pea casted you a look of amusement before he moved slightly closer to you, pulling your jacket over your chest more to cover you. You looked up into his eyes and tilted your head, your eyes reading ‘oh really?’ and you didn’t know if it was the rush from your dance or the lighting in the bar, but you swore his eyes flashed back a possessive ‘mine’ before he looked towards Betty who was starting to speak.

“I thought it was amazing.”

“Yeah,” Veronica agreed, shaking her hips, “very sexy, (Y/L/N).” You laughed your thanks, looking at Sweet Pea again before the bar doors burst open and Fangs ran in out of breath.

“The Ghoulies are here. All of them. And their looking for (Y/N).”

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Best Scott Moir Moments

.: Part 2 :.

011) Saying “Come on” after Nationals OD
012) Bringing Tessa’s hand close to his heart before Nationals EX
013) Skating with a nosebleed, Nationals EX (you can’t really see in the gif, but in the video, Scott is trying to stop a nosebleed before and during the dance)
014) Catching the teddy bear after 4CC FD (good reflexes !)
015) The way he looks at Tessa in the Worlds profile interview
016) Nuzzling Tessa’s neck at the end of Worlds CD (+ his hand on her nape…)
017) Holding Tessa close in the Kiss & Cry after Worlds FD
018) Being silly during practice at the Worlds gala

| Part 1 |

Cassandra Pt 2

Hi everyone! Here is the second part of the Cassandra story!

Highly recommended that you read the previous parts before this one:

Cerberus Prequel

Part 1 


I was pretty sure I was going to die. 

… Well, not really, as I had already seen the future, but still, it was not looking good for me at the moment.

I rolled, cursing loudly as an axe came crashing down beside me. The monster trying to kill me paused as it struggled to pull its weapon from the ground. I used the moment to catch my breath, this was hard! The Minotaur stood up, utilizing all eight feet of muscle it possessed. Its red eyes glared in my direction as steam poured from its snout, misting the cool autumn air. It hefted its axe a few times, and, seemingly convinced that it was in good enough condition to continue to use, started to move in my direction once more. The creature sensed my struggle as I tried to crawl away and laughed, a low, ugly sound. It irritated me.

“Hey buddy, just because I’m a little out of shape does not give you the right to laugh at me.” I grinned. “Besides, I’ve already seen your future, and trust me, it isn’t pretty.”

It ignored my words and charged towards me once again. I let out a sigh, rolling on the ground out of the way, waiting for an opportunity to strike. I hadn’t expected it to believe me.

After all, no one ever did.

My gift was also my curse, a present that turned out to be my doom, and also interestingly enough, the reason I was currently here, fighting the Minotaur.

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