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You always talkin’ about what you give and what you don’t have to give. But you take, too, Troy. You take…and don’t even know nobody’s giving.

Fences (2016) dir. Denzel Washington


JUST KISS. Both couples ლ(´ ▽ `ლ) ♥
Shallura Week : Day Two - Tradition

based on @shiro-daddy‘s post! Check it out! Some parts are original, but I thought it would make a perfect promt! ^^ 

New Boy In Town

/Girl Next Door Part 2/

AN: this fic is technically a part 2 to Girl Next Door but you don’t necessarily need to read Girl Next Door to understand this one :) this is also going to be two parts so be ready lmao

Peter Parker x Reader

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Originally posted by prettystucky

It’s been a couple of months since Y/N moved next door to Peter. The two have become so ridiculously close and are usually never seen without the other. Both had harbored feelings for each other since the day they met but were both too shy to do anything about it.  Ned Leeds thought about how stupid the two smartest people in school actually were. It was painfully obvious to anyone who saw them together that they were in love but apparently it wasn’t obvious to them. 

“Peter, I swear if you don’t stop distracting me while I review, I’m not gonna speak to you for a week!” Y/N screamed. Peter knew she was more than ready to ace the test and thus, tried to distract her.

“Y/N, you’ve got this down. You studied harder for this than any of us.” Peter gestured to him and Ned.

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Saving Lives pt. 7

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 2,153

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom, and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: omg hello everyone!! its been a while since I’ve updated. I’m almost done with college apps and since I’m in thanksgiving vacation, I’ve had time to work on this fic. so as a thank you to you all that have been supporting me and been appreciative of this fic, I’ve decided to post two chapters this week. I’m almost done with the eighth part so it should be up in a couple of days. i hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving break and if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, i hope you have an amazing day. ~admin L

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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CSJJ Day 24: Frozen Butts and Warm Hearts

Here is a fun little winter story for @csjanuaryjoy based on the prompt:

“I slipped on the ice in front of you and you helped me to the hospital and are looking after me”

It kinda got away from me, so the full story will be split up into two parts. (The second part will be posted within the next couple weeks. I’m still working on it!)

But, I do have almost 10,000 words for you to enjoy! Filled with broken dreams and lots of fluff. (I know that doesn’t sound like it goes together, but trust me, it’ll be okay!)

It will be available on FFN and AO3 later in the evening, and I will add the links as soon as that happens. :)

Title: Frozen Butts and Warm Hearts

Summary: A rogue hockey puck causes some problems for Emma. Then she meets the man who sent it her way.

Thank you so much @ilovemesomekillianjones for being my beta! I know this wasn’t an easy task for you! (Me and my word vomit!)

“Look out, love!”

The shout startled Emma, who turned to see a hockey puck hurtling towards her at top speed. Before she knew it, her feet were in the air, and her ass was headed towards the ice.

Her butt hurt, because it managed to land right on the damn puck she’d tried to avoid. If the sickening crunch she’d heard hadn’t rendered her left leg useless, she would be marching over to the idiot who’d sent the wayward puck in her direction, and beat him over the head with his own damn hockey stick.

She wanted to cry out, but realized the moron who’d put her in this position was now rushing towards her, his group of friends right behind him. Everything hurt. There was no way her leg wasn’t broken after landing on it funny, and knowing her luck her tailbone was probably all jacked up too.

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Whiskey and You - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, a little fluff, just plain old vanilla heartfelt Smut. Sentimental drunk!Dean, language, mentions of vomiting and fist fights in the flashback.

Word Count: 3355

A/N: This is a continuation of Whiskey and You that was posted a couple of days ago, I wrote this for @impalaimagining Dean’s Birthday Challenge And ironically I also combined this with @avasmommy224 birthday smut challenge my prompt from her is in bold. My song from Dean’s birthday challenge was Whiskey by Jana Kramer. The two songs just fit so well together I couldn’t help but make this a part 2! Read Part 1 here! Feedback is welcome and as always, thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for being my beta!  

Song lyrics are in italics, I took inspiration from the song’s music video in the flashback, which is also in italics

Most of the drive home is quiet, both of you were trying to figure out what was going to happen from here. Dean is the first to speak up, his words still slightly slurred, “Y/N, I-” you hold a hand up, efficiently cutting him off. “I really don’t want to hear it, Dean. I know how this goes, you will try to beg and plead and apologize, I will feel sorry for you, change my mind, and run back into your arms. It’s not happening this time around. Not that easily! You fucking hurt me, Dean. I don’t think I have ever felt that betrayed in my life!” You could see Dean’s body slump down into the passenger’s seat. Your words obviously hitting him harder than you expected them to.

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Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain (Part two)

Work: III

I just did it, I wrote a second part on a Imagine a wrote a couple days ago. Still doubt my English sometimes but hey, have to learn it somewhere. Leave a comment, or if you have a request … maybe I can do that to. 

Part I

Summary: After a whole week with Ivar you have to say him that you need to get back home. But first you go to have dinner with his brothers to prove him that you’re his.
Words: 1635

It was a week now since you met Ivar, since he saved you from those drunken men that tried to rape you. You never felt like this before. That whole night was a mix of fear, doubt and pleasure … pleasure you never felt before. You were alone with him, that whole night, with Ivar the Boneless and it felt like you were torn apart between two worlds. The world you know, were you where that farmers daughter traiding in Kattegat and the world were Ivar is taking you. A whole new world, full of pleasure, sensation and a whole lot of him. He proved you that he can please a woman and your first time was nothing to discribe into words. The whole week he kept you to himself, the whole week you were there with him in that little cabin. What he did to you, you still didn’t understood completly. But he maked you stronger, more fierce maybe and you didn’t want the feeling to stop. But you had to go back home, to your father and you were afraid of what Ivar had to say about that. He was very direct, persistent and he maked it quiet clear that you were his.

“Ivar.” You said one morning when you were braiding your hair in front of a broken little mirror. The little unsteady tone in your voice alarmed him right away. You could see him watching you from the bed, where he always was watching you. He gave you the feeling as if you were a princess, a goddess of some kind. You swallowed before you turned around on you seat and looked to those amazing blue eyes of his. “I need to go home.” You whispered. You stared at him because he said not a thing for several minuts. “Ivar?”
“Come here.” He demanded. You hardly had the time to finish you braid because of his demanding voice. You knew right away when he was serious, and this was that. You walked over to the bed, your braid still in one hand. He pulled you into his lape, not gently but harsh and you smiled a little because you had some harsh memories that had felt right in  the past week. He laid a hand in your neck, pulled you closer and pressed his lips against yours in a hungry strong kiss. Your hand left the braid for what it was and wrapped your arms over his shoulders togheter. You felt it all again, the heat in your body, the sensation, the shiverings down your spine. His lips left yours, traveled down to your neck and even that you had clothes on, he finds a spot of bare skin on your breast. He bited softly and a little moan escaped your mouth. “Your mine.” He said as if he was afraid you would vanish into air. You hand cupped his face, pulled his bleu eye back to yours.
“I’m yours, why are you so afraid of that?” You asked while gently pressed a kiss on his lips.
“Because somebody will notice you someday and than you will walk away.” He replied. It was the first honest direct answer you had in a whole week.
“And what if I don’t want to walk away?”
“I’m a cripple.” He said defensive. And that was it, the whole protective mood of his came from this, because he was a cripple.
“Your not a cripple, not for me.” You wispered encouraging. Could another men do what he did last week … probably not. “What do I need to do to prove that?” 
“Having dinner with me and my brothers.” He said without a doubt. You felt silent for a moment. He was looking at you, a little carefull maybe. In that whole week you never saw him as unsteady as now.
“I have dinner with you and your brothers.” You agreed. He smiled and you smiled back. “I’m yours, I will prove that. But I need to go home Ivar, I have a father who waits on me.” You almost begged him as your fingertops run over his jawline.
“You can go, as long as you promise to come back.” He said softly. You nodded. He brought his hands up and finished your braid.
“I’m glad you saved me.”
“I’m glad I watched you that whole month y/n.” He replied with that cocky smile of his.

Having dinner with his brothers maked you nervous. You had seen them from a distant but neighter of them had an idea about you and Ivar. You were standing before the great hall, taking some fresh air before stepping in. The first one you saw was Ubbe with his brother Hvestirk beside him. He saw you and he immediately came to you, fully impressed over your dress and braids. “By all the Gods, you are made to be a princess. Who may you be?” Ubbe smiled at you, his gaze all over you.
“Are you lost?” Asked Hvestirk who came joining his brother and offered you a drink.
“Brothers.” You recognized the voice and it brought a little smile on your face. “You shouldn’t terrorize the girl.” Ivar said while he was pulling his body up to a chair.
“What do you know about terrorizing woman.” Sigurd laughed.
“He knows all about terrorizing me.” You said looking between Ivar and the other brothers. Ubbe looked at you as if you said something impossible before he turns to Ivar.
“Don’t be so shocked brother, you think every girl is yours to take?” Ivar asked with a cocky confident smile.
“I would take her.” Pointed Hvestirk out, his eyes moving over your body.
“Y/n.” Ivar said. You nodded to the two boys and walked over to the table were Sigurd was standing, staring. Ivar pulled you on his lape and you shyly bite your lip before kissing him with all his brothers watching.

“So y/n, why didn’t I see you before in Kattegat?” Ubbe asked a little after dinner. It wasn’t akward or something, the whole dinner felt kinda right. Hvestirk was hitting on you, trying everything to keep your attention away from Ivar … what failed. And Sigurd … he was envious of you and Ivar. Ubbe smiled the whole time, glad his brother found someone, but he tried some things to. They were boys, you couldn’t blame them for trying. Ivar on the other hand, he was as protective like a mother was over her kid.
“I don’t live here, I’m a farmers daughter.” You replied polite.
“So this is temporarily?” Sigurd asked right away. You looked to Ivar who sat beside you, following his agry eyes towards his brothers.
“They do that all the time.” Ubbe said, moving a little closer to you.
“Maybe I’m thinking of moving her.” You said looking sideways to Ivar. His eyebrows lifted up and he looked at you, supriced. “I’m yours, remember.” You smiled right after. You did it to get Sigurd of his back. But maybe … why not?

Ubbe walked you to your horse, what they give you to travel back home. You had to go home but you didn’t want it. “I’m glad he has you y/n.” He began. Ubbe was so kind to escort you on the road back to Kattegat from the cabin were you where staying past month.
“I know he’s angry a lot, sometimes he terrifies me because I don’t know what he wants or thinks,” You felt silent for a moment.
“He will do you no harm if that’s what you think.”
“Why not?” You asked. Ubbe was kind, he looked out for Ivar and you liked that about him. So you trusted him, trusted his advice.
“The way he looks at you.” Ubbe smiled. You came around the corner before the great Hall where a horse was standing. Ivar was sitting on the steps before, watching his brother with that angry look of his.
“Thank you.”
“I hope to see you again soon y/n, your welcome in our home.” He nodded before entering the great Hall. You turned to Ivar who was looking in the distance. You sat down beside him and stared in the same direction as he was starring.
“I missed you tonight.” You wispered. He didn’t moved, just keep staring. “Ivar.” 
“When will you come back?” He asked.
“As soon as I can.” You replied directly. He looked at you, his eyes hard and distant. “I’ll come back.” You promised him.
“Good, because I wanna marry you and take you with me on raids.”
“What?” He totally was catching you off guard with that one.
“Witch part you don’t understand, the first, the last or the part were I’m saying that your mine?” He asked with a soft dominant grin on his face.
“Marry? Raids? I can’t even hold a shield without dropping down.” You reacted right away. He chuckled.
“Than I suggest you come back really fast.” He wispered back before pulling you closer, pressing his lips on yours while his hand traveled up your leg under your skirt.
“Ivar.” You laughed pulling his hand away before you felt that warm sensation again and certainly didn’t want to leave.
“I will be waiting on you, if you don’t come, …” He pressed your upper body down to the stairs without fully breaking any contact with his lips.
“What than?” You wispered in his ear. The tingling sensation of his lips agains your neck were making you go crazy again and for that moment it doesn’t mattered that there were people starring.
“You don’t wanna find out y/n.” He replied against your skin.
“I’m not scared of you Ivar.” You said softly. He pulled his head back and looked at you, tucking a lose hair behind your ear.
“You should be.”

My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 6

PART 1 - PART 2PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 7

a/n: posting this earlier than like midnight cus im gon to see princess mononoke in the theaters tonight and im so fucking hyped i know if i dont do this now i’ll prolly forget for two days so enjoy!! tell me what you think!

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Warning: just a couple of frisky makout scenes, it’s setting up for next chapter with will be very fun to write

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 3,541

i wake alone
in a woman’s room i hardly know
i wake alone
and pretend that i am finally home

“Really?” Mae asked eyeing the two relatively small boxes that sat on the bare mattress, “That’s all?”

“Yeah I guess, it’s mostly clothes and gear,” I replied as I slung the black duffel bag over my shoulders then grabbing one case.

“You don’t even have a TV?” she questioned, lifting the last box and heading out the door.

“I never really wanted one,” I shrugged as I took one final look back at the small room I had resided in for the past few years since I’d left Amity for good. I didn’t feel much of anything as I let the door shut behind me. Most of the time I spent there was sleeping or getting dressed, my strongest memory was when I first saw it.

Once I passed initiation and was an official member of Dauntless, I was assigned to this space. We had to spend at least a year here before applying for an apartment, but I never bothered to move out. Until now, that is. Passively accepting what is given to you is very much an Amity trait. It’s more Dauntless to demand better, to take what you deserve.

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Friendly Fire

Cassian and Nesta have been training for months by this point and have surprisingly not killed each other yet. I say they both deserve a reward for that! But who knows…maybe I have spoken too soon…I suppose the title hints at that. Also I’m thinking of doing a special post for our two adorable pit bulls. Stay tuned for that, because your comments/messages in regard to that post will play a role later on in the story!

Part 1: Blind Date                           Part 4: Meeting in Velaris

Part 2: Archeron Dinner                 Part 5: Training

Part 3: Boxing                                  Part 6: Dog Duo

         Cassian and Nesta had been training each week on Thursday for almost two months now. The routine was similar each day; except one day either Cassian or Nesta would one up each other on the words they threw at each other. If Cassian remembered correctly he was ahead of Nesta by a couple points in their competition to rile the other person up. Not like he was counting or anything.

         He walked over to the bench to sit down for a drink of water. Nesta insisted on continuing to run laps around the gym. She was persistent on building her stamina and learning to control her breathing.

         While she ran laps Cassian checked his phone for new messages. There was only a message from Rhysand stating that Cassian could leave work two hours early on Friday. The reason for Cassian’s request was in an image that Mor had sent him a little over a month ago.

          When Cassian received a text message with an attached photo of two pit bulls he was thrown for a loop at first. Mor explained that the two dogs in the photo were named Raja and Blaze from Prythian’s animal shelter. She told Cassian that the dogs were in need of a good home and that he should visit the shelter when he was free.

          For the past year Cassian had mentioned getting a dog, but he was unsure about what type of breed to get. He needed a dog that could do well in his loft apartment and be willing to fit into his daily routine of jogging. The dog needed to be independent enough to be alone or be good for a dog sitter if he had to be at work for a long period of time. During the summer Cassian also hiked with close friends so he would want the dog to come with them and enjoy the adventure as well.

           Looking at the photo of Raja and Blaze made him wonder if one of these two would be a perfect fit for that lifestyle. After pestering texts from Mor this past week Cassian decided to ask Rhys to let him off work early enough to visit shelter and check out the two dogs.

           Nesta finished her final lap and went over to take a drink from her water bottle sitting near Cassian.

           “So when are we actually going to start training in hand to hand combat?” Nesta sat down on the bench and stretched her legs for a cool down.

           “We’ll start next week,” Cassian rolled his shoulders to loosen the muscles. From the corner of his eye he saw Nesta brighten in excitement as the prospect of finally being able to throw some hits with someone who could fight back. “It will be pretty tame stuff so you don’t need to get all excited.”

            Cassian had refused to let her fight with another person until she got the technique down on the punching bag and worked up her strength. Nesta was aggravated with the concept of waiting, but he wasn’t going to push her into hand-to-hand boxing when he knew she wasn’t at that stage yet.

             “Worried I’ll kick your butt across the gym Cassian?”

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64 days in heaven and hell (159)
No one really knows what happened that fatal night of December 23. Not even Van Gogh could have told us. Only Gauguin knew part of it, but he left us with two totally different versions. A couple of days after the facts, he told Bernard that Van Gogh had run after him with a piece of paper in his hand - much like I described it here. Did he want to protect his friend by not telling more or not?
One year later, he changed his story dramatically and wrote that Van Gogh had come running towards him with an open razor and that he stopped him with his commanding glance, etc.  Was that the true story then, or did he twist the truth to ease his own feelings of guilt for having left his friend the way he had? 

Why did van Gogh go to that brothel with his severed ear? Did he suspect to find Gauguin in his favourite ‘maison de tolérance’? Or did Van Gogh really intend to have Rachel keep guard over it? Who was Rachel anyway and what was she to Van Gogh? Was she indeed a girl of easy virtue? Or was she in fact the young vulnerable Gabrielle that earned her meager income by cleaning up the place, as recent research wants us to believe?

And what was wrong with Van Gogh’s mind? I found some 12 different theories trying to explain his behavior. Currently, the most popular of them seems to be bipolar disorder. And we can’t rule out the effect of his at times excessive use of alcohol either, of course. 

But like I said, no one can really answer these and much more questions. We can only try. And that’s what keeps his story so fascinating.

Vincent van Gogh,
- Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, early January, 1889. Oil on canvas, 60.5 x 50 cm. The Courtauld Gallery, London (F 527, JH 1657)
- Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe, early January, 1889. Oil on canvas, 51 x 45 cm. Private collection (F 529, JH 1658)

Tips for studying (with depression/anxiety), Pt. 2

First of all, my post got a huge response, so thank you!  Over the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking more about the things that I do and that help me when studying and I decided to make a part two of all the things I forgot.  So here it is, part two.

1. Get up when your alarm goes off.  You set your alarm at that time for a reason.  I fall into this trap all the time where I wake up and spend time in bed on my phone and then lose all motivation to wake up.  If you wake up before your alarm goes off, great!  Get up when you naturally wake up or when your alarm goes off, either way, don’t lounge around in bed.

2. Get dressed and get ready.  Even if you have nothing to do.  I’m gonna say something that normally doesn’t get said: sometimes those of us with depression forget to brush our hair, our teeth, or shower.  So just force yourself to do it.  Don’t go three days without brushing your teeth.  Don’t let your hair get greasy and tangled.  Take care of yourself.

3.  Go somewhere that’s not your house/dorm room/apartment.  It’s hard to have motivation when you’re at home with netflix and your novels all day.  So if you have nothing to do that day, get up, get dressed, do your makeup if you like to, and go somewhere else.  I love to go to Barnes and Noble to study.  Go to the library, go to Starbucks, make the trip to campus.  Just get out of your house.

4.  Keep your room clean.  After a long day of studying, you don’t want to come home to a room filled with trash.  I am so, so guilty of this.  I am so unmotivated to stay organized, but it’s pretty important.  Being more organized will give you more motivation and help you study.  It will also help when you sleep late and you don’t have to dig through piles of clothes on your floor.

5. Take a break.  It gets overwhelming to study so much, so go on tumblr for fifteen minutes, bullet journal for a little while, color, organize your school supplies, do some yoga.  And then get back to work.

6. Figure out when the best time is for you to go to class.  For instance, I know that I cannot get up and go to a class before 10 am.  I just won’t do it.  I’d miss too many classes.  I prefer to take afternoon and night classes.  Some other people like to start their days earlier.  Figure out what works for you and do it.

7.  Don’t be afraid to change your schedule.  If you attend syllabus week and you just think you can’t handle your courses, then you don’t have to.  I literally change my schedule almost every semester, so go for it.  You have to do what’s best for you.

8.  Know your priorities.  I have to juggle both work and school, which can be difficult when I’m extremely depressed.  But I know that school always comes before work and I come before both.

9. Reward yourself.  Had a bad day?  Got a good grade?  Either way, good or bad, treat yourself.

10.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  If I compared my progress to my high school friends, I probably wouldn’t get out of bed.  But I don’t.  Don’t feel bad about deleting people from facebook, either.  Sometimes it’s hard to focus when your high school friends are getting married or whatever.  Focus on yourself and your goals.

((Okay, so I’ll probably think of more and post a part 3, sorry guys))

Edited to add a link to part one and tips for surviving campus!

Rainy Days: Josh Dun imagine part 2

Part one:

Both of you sat down in a booth, across from each other, and munched on burritos and tacos silently for a couple minutes before anyone actually spoke. The rain pelting the windows became sort of soothing in a way, and you almost forgot about the dead phone in your pocket, still trying to process the fact that you were eating Taco Bell with Joshua William Dun from Twenty One Pilots. Honestly you would’ve never dared to actually think such a dream could come true, but by some crazy possibility, it did. Unsure of what to talk about, being the awkward person you were, you picked up a hot sauce packet beside you and read it, giggling. “What’s so funny?” Josh tilted his head to the side, face crinkling up into a smile, eyes squeezed tight and grin spread across his face. He was so cute. Ugh, if only he wasn’t worldwide famous and older than you, you’d probably actually have the nerve to kiss him on the cheek. But hey, that was just the crazy stuff you read in fanfictions, right?

“Just looking at the sauce packets,” you replied, handing it to him. He’s just here for today, you reminded yourself. He’s not going to stay, he’s not going to try and be your friend. He’s just buying you some food, taking you home, and giving you concert tickets. That’s all. Don’t get too attached. You tried to pound that into your brain, but as soon as his laugh reached your ears your heart couldn’t help but jump in your chest. His laugh was nothing like what you had seen in vines or interviews. This, real and genuine and authentic, right in front of you, it was ten times better. It was so sweet and adorable and cute and you needed to remind yourself he’s a grown man who picked you up off the sidewalk in the pouring rain and you should stop thinking such thoughts. Celebrity crush or not, you had to admit it felt sort of strange with him right across from you and not on a screen or television.

“I knew you’d come back for me,” he read aloud, raising his eyebrows and giving you a sexy wink, and you burst out laughing, trying your best not to blush.

“It’s a hot sauce packet for Pete’s sake,” you rolled your eyes. “You get so dramatic with it.”

“Come on, I want to see you try one,” Josh insisted like an eager little kid, picking one up and tossing it to you. You caught it perfectly and he grinned. “Nice catch.”

“If you never do, you never know,” you announced, trying on an accent.

“That was a nice one,” Josh chuckled. “You got fancy with the accent too.”

“You do another one,” you decided. “This is fun.”

“Okay,” he sighed. He picked a random one up, shot you a particularly mischievous smile, and then slid out of his seat.

“Where are you going?” you began to question, but he stood in front of you, kneeling down on one knee. “Oh gosh.”

“Y/n, will you marry me?” he joked, holding the hot sauce packet out towards you. Of course he got the will you marry me hot sauce packet.

“Of course!” you teased, knowing very well by now that your face was probably bright red. You couldn’t help but blush at a moment like that, especially with Josh looking so cute in his hoodie and kneeling down looking up at you with that adorable smile and messy red hair.

“Wonderful!” his eyes lit up. “I’ll go get the tortilla ring.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes, both of you still laughing as he returned to his seat.

“Do they even make those?” he wondered.

“I don’t know,” you chuckled.

“Oh well,” Josh sighed, leaning back into his chair and letting his laughter die down. “I just met you and now we’re already married.”

“Yeah,” you giggled. You glanced at the window and frowned. “Looks like the rain’s not letting up anytime soon.”

“That’s okay,” he quickly answered. “That just means I get to spend more time with you, right?”

“Right,” you agreed. “But I don’t know why anybody would ever want to do that.”

“I would,” he looked at you with concerned eyes. “You’re a neat person. I bet everybody would love to spend a couple hours in a Taco Bell with you.”

“I wish,” you groaned, easing back into your chair.

“What do you mean?” he cocked his head to the side. “You’re amazing.”

“You just met me,” you narrowed your eyes. “You’re the amazing one here. You play drums for a world famous band, you’ve released how many records, and you’re still doing crazy good. I’m just a stupid high school student who can’t even walk home in the rain properly.”

“Don’t say that,” he frowned. “You’re going to do great things one day. Maybe even exceed me and Tyler.”

“I don’t know about that,” you chuckled. “But yeah. I hope I do something awesome.”

“You will,” Josh nodded. “I know you will.”

“Thanks,” you murmured. “A lot. For everything, for the ride and the food and being so nice.”

“It’s my pleasure,” he reassured. “Like I said, you’re fun to hang out with.”

“You too,” you grinned.

“So, do you have to be home anytime soon?” he raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve got three or four hours until my parents get home,” you reminded. “How come?”

“Well if this rain does eventually let up, I want to take you somewhere else,” he announced.

“Really?” your eyes lit up.

“Of course,” he smiled. “Ever played a game called Super Smash Bros?”

“Who hasn’t?” you rolled your eyes.

“Maybe if we ever get out of here I can take you on a couple rounds,” he suggested.

“I could beat your ass,” you joked.

“Want to bet?” he gave a sly grin.

“Absolutely,” you nodded, determination shining through your smile. “It’s on.”

important things below.

i wanted to first start out by saying sorry for not creating an imagine for like the last two days. i do have a reason, which is the fact my schooling and job have been piling things on in heaps and it’s been really crushing my creative flow and taking all my time.
so for the next couple of weeks, i’ll be posting one imagine, at the least, on wenesdays, fridays, and sunday.  there might be a few over the other days, but probably nothing to big. hopefully this will only last maybe a week or two, but’ll i’ll tell you guys if it goes on longer.  a good thing though is that ‘now what’ and ‘7 minutes’ part twos are coming out this week no matter what!

i also wanted to thank you guys for 2k followers! you people are soo awesome! i hope i can keep you all entertained with my imagines! <3


A couple months had passed as the two of you had fallen completely and madly in love. You wished you could have turned to the scared girl who walked down the aisle on your wedding day and tell her that everything would be okay. You wanted to exclaim that although it wasn’t in the right order, that you and Hobi were meant for one another.

Now you stood in the green room as Hobi sat on the couch.

Babe, it’s going to be fine. He tried to tell you, but you turned to look at him, tugging slightly on your dress.

You do this all the time! You exclaimed as you looked back in the mirror. It was the day of the interview and you couldn’t calm your nerves to save your life. Your hand flattened over your dress, just like you had done on your wedding day, but there were no tears in your eyes. Hobi walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around you from behind. Giving the back of your head a light kiss as to not mess up your hair.

I swear you’ll do great. We are just answering questions about our life, and they will take one look at you and be stunned at how beautiful you are. He smiled as he placed his head on your shoulder. You leaned your head to the side and smiled as well. The reflection showed a loving couple and it wasn’t just a façade. There was a light knock on the door and Jin popped his head in.

Okay, lovebirds, you guys are on in 5 minutes. He sang cheerily as he walked away from the room. Hobi rolled his eyes.

Always such a cockblock. Hobi mumbled and you smacked his arm. Hobi laughed and held out his hand. The two of you walked out onto the stage and sat down on the couch. The interviewer was given the signal and he began introducing the two of you. Hobi continued to hold your hand and smile gently at you. He mouthed a simple. I love you. And you smiled back him.

Okay, so shall we get started? I know everyone wants to know about you! The interviewer smiled directly at you and you smiled back.

Of course. Let’s do this! You responded and the interviewer began asking the prewritten questions.

So how did you two meet?

Well we are from the same hometown and our families know each other. You began. Hobi intervened.

We were probably 5 when we met and I didn’t make the best first impression. Hobi laughed as you explained.

He thought it would be fun to call me stupid and I cried. You giggled and the interviewer put on a fake little laugh.

Ah, so you two are childhood sweethearts? So what made you rekindle your love?

Well look at him! You exclaimed and laughed as Hobi made a gesture to his body. He came back to Gwangju and I just couldn’t resist! Hobi laughed as you joked around. The interviewer moved onto the next question.

So is it easy to say Hoseok is your bias?

Ah, she actually loves Jin hyung. The two of them will talk for hours about recipes, I sometimes wonder if she’s using me to get to him. He laughed and you gave him a little smack on the leg.

I just like to talk to Jin oppa. You smiled and the interviewer raised his eyebrows.

I see! So then what do you love about Hoseok? He asked and you looked at your husband.

He can seriously light up a room with his smile. I can be having the worst day and he knows exactly how to make me feel better. You continued to look at Hobi as you said that. Hobi smiled.

Ah, well it’s easy to smile when you’re in the room. He replied, giving you a kiss on the cheek. You widened your eyes.

Hobi! Not on TV! You exclaimed and the interviewer smiled.

What a couple of lovebirds! It’s okay, I’m sure the public loved to see such a cute couple. So what was your first date like? You smiled at the interviewer and Hobi explained.

Well we were in Seoul and I showed her around late at night. There’s this special place only she and I know about and we just talked and stared at the stars. He squeezed your hand.

Ah, you’re going to make a lot of fans swoon with that one! The interviewer laughed and looked down at his questions. Oh, who said I love you first?

You didn’t saw a word, just simply pointed and Hobi. Hobi pointed at himself and laughed.

I can’t help myself. I seem to say it all the time, but how can anyone judge me? Look at her? She’s just so lovable! Hobi shrugged and told the interviewer. You nodded and smiled.

It’s true, he just looked at me one day and said ‘I can’t hold it in, I love you,’ I almost cried it was so adorable. You gave a small anecdote and the interviewer nodded.

Okay, last question, you two. Everyone is nervous on their wedding day, so what would you tell yourself on your wedding day to calm your nerves? You looked at Hobi. This question wasn’t on the email that was sent to you, Hobi had a thoughtful look on his face, then looked at you.

You’re right, everyone is nervous on their wedding. But I guess I would tell myself that no matter what, this will be the best thing you do in your life. You are going to marry the perfect companion, she will make you happier than you’ve ever been and you will smile wider every day that you wake up next to her. You have nothing to fear because the wedding is just the beginning and it will only bring you joy. I would make sure that my past self was smiling when she walked down the aisle and tell myself to appreciate every second with her because she is my soulmate. You felt tears well up in your eyes. Hobi put his heart into his answer and rubbed your knuckles with his thumb. You nodded and smiled.

I would tell myself that this will be an amazing beginning. That although it may seem stressful, that the marriage will introduce new adventures into your life and that you will be incredibly happy. I would tell myself to work on loving Hobi every moment and appreciate everything he does for me. I would emphasize that this entire situation was a blessing in disguise. That Hobi coming back into my life is something that I should rejoice and that it will all work out. You said to Hobi and the camera panned back to the interviewer as he closed up the segment. But you and Hobi continued to look at each other.

I love you, my beautiful wife.

I love you, my amazing husband.

And with that the two of you began the rest of your lives. ‘Til death do you part.

Author’s Note: And the end … this actually gave me incredible feels and I love it and I almost didn’t want to end this series because I’m now in love with Hobi. But there it is … I liked the ending, if I say so myself. 


Chapter 16

Part 7

Note from author:  I’ve been writing this part on and off for a couple of months now and I realize it turned out to be … well … a little long winded.  It repeats some and I’ve read it a gazillion times and instead of just changing it over and over and over, I’m going to just lob it over the wall at you.  This has been me for the last two days:

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I spent a lot of time going back and forth about this post.  How long vs. how short?  How realistic vs. how idealized?  How much fluff vs. how much vulgar?  And I realized, I don’t really care.  I’m going to write it exactly how I want to write it and how I would want to read it, and not care too much about what people might think of it.

Let me know if you see any glaring errors, as my Beta reader didn’t spend very much time on this one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ♥‿♥

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Aye Babygirl, its the beginning of the month an YOU know what that means? Song recs lets gettit I've already played the hell out of my old songs and I need some new ones

I didn’t even realize I did it at the beginning of the month XD , and I’m a little too tired to make my usual song recs post but here’s a couple of new songs I like a lot. They’re on my playlist non-stop these days

Jessi‚ Microdot‚ Dumbfoundead‚ Lyricks - K.B.B (가위바위보) MV ((If you haven’t given YOX a listen yet, you are truely sleepin on talent. Lyricks is a part of a Korean American group and they go hard))

마블제이 (Marvel J) - 돈 벌러 왔어 (I Came To Hustle) (Feat. 창모 (CHANGMO))  (Marvel J is back after years, and he has two songs with Changmo XD))

라비 (RAVI) - BOMB (Feat. San E) ((It’s not super new, but it’s still a bop))

[MV] Rhythm Power(리듬파워) _ Bangsaneung(방사능) ((It’s lit))

창모 (Changmo) - 마에스트로 (Maestro) ((Also very lit))

주소서 (Pray) - B.A.P (비에이피) (YONGGUK & ZELO)  ((I loved how haunting it sounds but it compliments Yongguk and Zelo so much. And I’m a huge fan of how Zelo’s rap style and voice changed))

K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa Choreography Video ((Not Khh but more k-dance hall vibe. Has a similar sound to Jay Park’s Me Like Yuh))

Family AU--Sick Day Part One

Finally, this is the incident that I have referenced in a couple of vignettes, especially since I am sick myself (with something different, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective)

Back to the original time period. I am posting in two parts, as this ran on a bit longer than anticipated.

I also want to thank @okay-ill-be-over-here-then for being positively lovely and a huge source of positive reinforcement.

Ithro decided to go ahead to Stephanie’s dance class early. He really didn’t have enough time to go home before it was time to pick his sister up, but he was also jittery, like something was wrong, and couldn’t sit still anymore.

He got to the gymnasium about twenty minutes before the lessons were scheduled, taking a seat near the back, so as to not disturb the class. He knew that Stephanie and Ella saw him as soon as he walked in, judging by the way Stephanie straightened a little more, and Ella flashed him a shy smile.

Not ten minutes later, Glanni stumbled in and practically fell into the seat next to him. Immediately, alarm bells started going off in Ithro’s brain. His boyfriend was far too pale, unusually clumsy, and was wearing sunglasses and the ratty hoodie that he had “stolen” from him when they were in high school. Where Ithro was a bit broader than Glanni, it was quite large on him, and Ithro had quickly learned that it was the equivalent of Glanni wearing a neon sign that screamed “I’m sick”.

“Are you okay?” Ithro asked quietly. He had already decided that he was going to persuade Glanni to let him drive him and Ella home. He laid a hand on his boyfriend’s forehead, wincing at the heat that met his hand. “You are absolutely not driving home. Sportacus and I or Robbie and I can come back and pick your car up later.” He looked up as the children went to go change. “They shouldn’t be too long now.”

“God, I hope not,” Glanni replied, wrapping his arms around his stomach and laying his head on Ithro’s shoulder. It worried Ithro that Glanni didn’t even put up a token protest at Ithro insisting on driving. “I called Robbie, but he can’t leave work until someone else comes in, and the only person he could reach can’t get there for another two hours.”

Ithro looked up as Stephanie and Ella came up to them, telling Trixie that they would see her at school the next day. As soon as Ella saw her brother, she asked him, “Are you okay?”

Glanni tried to smile. “Just a little sick. I’ll be okay.” He appreciated his sister’s concern, but he really didn’t want to worry her, as she worried even more than Robbie had a tendency to do.

Ella gave her brother a look that very plainly said “I don’t believe you”, then looked over at Ithro.

“I’m driving you home,” he said to Ella. He looked over at his sister. “Steph, I’m staying at least until Robbie can get home, since Sportacus has that evening class, and he’s watching the boys until then. I’m texting Pabbi to let him know to pick you up on his way home from work.”

Stephanie nodded. She knew that when her eldest brother made a decision, he tended not to budge unless absolutely convinced that he was wrong, and in this case, she was in absolute agreement that Glanni did not need to be left alone without another adult. She knew that her father would understand, as he was just as protective over Ella and her siblings as her brothers were, if not more.

Suddenly, Glanni jerked his head off of Ithro’s shoulder and hunched forward, retching into his hand, then got up and stumbled to the trashcan in the back of the room. Ithro winced in sympathy as he heard him throwing up

He tossed Stephanie his keys. “Go get a bottle of water out of the car, and go ahead and put your stuff in, both of you. We’re leaving as soon as Glanni’s settled enough to get to the car.”

He then went over to his boyfriend, who had stopped throwing up, but was still holding onto the trashcan for dear life. “Are you done for now?” he asked quietly, laying a hand on his arm.

“Don’t know.” He shook his head, groaning. “Felt bad before, but it just hit me all at once.” He leaned over onto Ithro’s shoulder.

“Is he okay?” a woman that Ithro recognized, after a second, as Trixie’s mother, asked.

“I think he caught that bug that’s been going around,” Ithro replied quietly. “His youngest brothers had it last week.” He then answered Lois’ unspoken inquiry. “I’m taking them home, and staying at least until Robbie can get there.”

The tiny woman nodded her approval and patted his arm. “You’re a good boy,” she said quietly, leaving with her daughter.

Ithro put an arm around his boyfriend’s waist as he felt him jerk forward in anticipation of a second round of vomiting. He nodded his thanks to his sister as a bottle of water found a way into his hand.

It took nearly twenty minutes before Ithro even dared to start guiding his boyfriend towards the car and gently depositing him in the front seat. “Let me know if we need to stop,” he said quietly as he helped him get his seatbelt on and their sisters got in the backseat, “and I’ll try to stop.” He kissed him on the temple, even though he knew Glanni had to feel absolutely gross.

Back Up (4) (JB)

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Plot: part 4 of Back Up. You finally get a day off from the endless practice, but after a mishap at the club… guess who decides to show up as your knight in shining armor?

Length: 2,254 words

Genre: Angst/Fluff

*A/N: there might not be an update for a while. I wrote this right after I wrote chapter 3 because the feels were still alive and I had the idea, I just had to proofread it and post it. Hope you guys like it! If you have any ideas for the next chapter, please message me :-)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

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Ugh, guys, I’m a piece of shit. I said like two days ago that I was gonna post something and then I became sleep deprived and wound up sleeping for like two days straight. Now I have an assload of work I have to catch up on and honestly, I don’t know if anything will be posted for at least the next week :(

For those of you who sent me number prompts, I’ll still be writing those. I just need to find time for it. Part 4 of MFY will also be in my plans once I have some free time, as well as a couple more drabbles. I might even start taking drabble/oneshot requests soon so I can get out of a writing rut every now and again.

Basically, I don’t think I can ever stick to a regular posting schedule. So stuff just gets posted when I get to it. Sigh.