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jess mariano + smiling/laughing (requested by anonymous) 

#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on


IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]


Pt 2 of the yoongi angst when he lashed out you from being stressed at work– thanks for requesting part two y'all! I never meant for a part two, but I got so many requests for part two hehe.

Feel free to request any text scenarios with the bts boys or other boy bands as well! I love hearing back from y'all ❤️

Josuyasu Week: Day Six
Protective / Injured or Sick / Teamwork

one of ‘em gets sick, pretty soon they’re both sick

Look here, Sam, dear lad,“ said Frodo: "I am tired, weary, I haven’t a hope left. But I have to go on trying to get to the Mountain, as long as I can move. The Ring is enough. This extra weight is killing me. It must go. But don’t think I’m ungrateful. I hate to think of the foul work you must have had among the bodies to it for me.”

The Return of The King, The Land of Shadow, p.1201

In which Frodo shows his priorities once more - he’s almost overcome by the ring, the most corruptive power in Middle Earth, but he still makes it a point to be polite and kind, and considerate of Sam’s feelings.


aaaahh so im doing a bunch more scenes but i just got too excited and had to post this one instead of all at once aaah so anyway Cats Don’t Dance, if you haven’t seen it please see it

i dedicate this doodle to @plagge for being able to decipher my stupidly cryptic clues as to which au i was working on :’) GOOOO PLAGGE 

The signs as things my band director has said
  • Aries: I'm gonna turn around and kick you in the shin.
  • Taurus: That's an awesome sperm!
  • Gemini: Katlin, are you really the meme master?
  • Cancer: I didn't mean straight as in not homosexual.
  • Leo: If you wanna play grab-ass, take it outside.
  • Virgo: Size matters.
  • Libra: Can I large size my dinkiedoo?
  • Scorpio: It's too early for the bitching!
  • Sagittarius: Beethoven heard that, come on now!
  • Capricorn: Reach for the ta-tas!
  • Aquarius: I'll be out there poppin' like Miley Cyrus!
  • Pisces: Was I riding your rear?
Two Shirts

Title: Two Shirts – Warmth Series Part 2

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1600

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: None that I can think of.

Summary: Tomorrow came, as it inevitably does, and now the reader has to think about her relationship with Dean. But what will happen if they have to share more than a bed?

Author’s Note: Okay guys, here’s part two of the Warmth Series! I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing response the first part of this got and I hope you guys enjoy this just as much! There will be either one or two more parts of this series, depending on how many words it takes me to write what’s left of the story. If you want to be tagged in the next few parts of the please add yourself to This List or send me an Ask. Feedback is appreciated, and enjoy!

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Two Beds - Warmth Series Part One

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     It was tomorrow.

     When you’d opened your eyes this morning you became acutely aware of the unfamiliar weight still around your middle, Dean’s muscled arm caging you in in a way that - despite your best efforts - wasn’t unwelcome, but you knew had to be stopped as soon as possible.

     Getting involved with a hunter was dangerous and only ever ended one way: badly. He’d die and leave you alone, or you’d die and leave him, and no matter what happened someone was getting hurt – whether fatally or not. You couldn’t risk emotional attachment or compromise your ability to think rationally – which would most certainly happen if you had a relationship clouding your judgment.

     Mercifully Dean woke up and rolled over at that point, stretching his arms and yawning. Then he flung a pillow at Sam to wake him up.

     And now here you were, sitting in the back seat of the impala and heading back to the room with the beds - the two beds – ready to do it all over again. You promised yourself tonight you would be stronger, promised tonight you would keep your distance and stay away from the man on the other side of the bed, from the man you loved despite your best efforts not to. But you knew the truth. If he pulled you close, if he offered his warmth, your fortitude would crumble and you wouldn’t reject him.

     You never could.

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