Supernatural AU: When Castiel fell from heaven, he was lost until a handsome stranger took him in. 

Part Two of 9x03 AU

More Relationship Advice
  1. Seek God first, and all shall be added onto you.
  2. Maturity is determined by faith in God.
  3. An educated man/woman will push you to be better.
  4. Masturbation/ pornography will take away from your marriage sex life.
  5. If you like someone, don’t lust for them, pray for them.
  6. Looks aren’t enough, ever.
  7. If you need validation for a relationship, seek counsel, not likes.
  8. Forgiveness and prayer solve all misunderstanding.
  9. Enjoy your youth and stop dating around.
  10. Short-lived compliments are just that- short-lived.
  11. Don’t pursue someone who treats you with no respect or regard.
  12. Intimacy is more important than sex. Remember that.
  13. Don’t sweat the petty stuff.
  14. Be with someone who makes you a better Christian and human being.
  15. Grudges weigh down relationships. Avoid them.
  16. Don’t gossip about your partner.
  17. Date, Court, and Marry intentionally.
  18. Friendship is the best foundation for a good marriage.
  19. Talk it out, always.
  20. Flattery doesn’t make up for real communication. 

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