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lmao i started crying earlier bc i was fighting with my parents about something stupid and i cry when i get really mad bUT the important part of this story is that i went to taco bell right after bc i needed to get out of the house and the drive thru guy could tell i’d been crying so he gave me my food for free

the moral of the story is bless that guy and also bless all fast food workers they are so underappreciated and they are truly angels on earth and i love all of them with my whole entire heart

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“Sing to me.” W/ bestfriend!Luke orr “Sing to me.” W/ husband!cal

bestfriend!luke or husband!cal

It was a long, beautiful day, and you couldn’t be happier with your head resting on your newly wed husband’s chest. Your right fingers were intertwined with his left as his right arm was pulling you closer into him, almost subconsciously trying to make your hearts beat as one. It was only the two of you left on the reception dance floor, the lights were a dim glow and everything was silent thanks to everyone going back to their designated hotels. This right here, was your favourite part of the whole day- just dancing in silence with your head rest on Calum’s chest.

Sing to me,” You whisper quietly, just loud enough for him to hear you, and he doesn’t even have to ask what song. He just starts to softly sing ‘Ma Belle Evangeline’ from the movie Princess in the Frog because he knew that you had a soft spot for it (even though you’d never admit it to him out loud). 

‘Look how she lights up the sky..’ He hums as you sway from side to side, your heels long gone under one of the many tables that used to be filled with friends and family. 

‘Ma Belle, Evangeline…’ Your smile is soft as he presses his lips to the top of your head, lingering for a little bit before softly continuing to sing the song in a raspy voice, not that you minded. 

This right here was your forever, and you’re so thankful.

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In the diner scene, doesn't dean KNOW that cas would never just sleep with anyone? (Is dean not aware of the sacred oath?) But doesn't dean also know this, simply because of how scared cas is of nephilum

Hey! So I don’t think that Dean is aware of the “Sacred Oath” at all and I don’t think that Cas has ever told him. More likely that Dean just views it like “wear a condom at all times dude” and that’s that. 


In the diner scene Dean probably DID know that Cas would never go for the waitress, simply because he knows Cas doesn’t do that sort of thing. Dean’s entire interaction with Cas and the others in that scene was him performing for the audience and overreacting due to his own discomfort at Cas being blatantly hit on. The best and most honest part of that whole scene?

*chuckles* Dean’s irritated face right here. Everything after this can basically be summed up with this gif:

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and THIS is what makes it all so hilarious to watch. Because he is going over the top, even though Mary protests, Sam rolls his eyes and Cas just sits there looking confused and awkward with no desire to do anything. Wally joins in of course, but then he is basically shadowing Dean throughout the scene with everything Dean does. 

Dean isn’t thinking in this scene, he isn’t thinking about Cas’s awkwardness and completely lack of desire to actually take it anywhere, all Dean is thinking about is his performance and his internal Elsa trying not to sing Let it Go at the top of his lungs (because you can bet your bottom dollar that Dean loves that movie).

I wish we could get a visual for the Dream arc already. Considering I heard we’re getting a new character designer (sigh, I ended up quite liking these new designs after all), I really want to see them already.

Hopefully the animation quality will stay the same (hopefully better?!) as season 3. If it went back to season 1 or 2 quality for who knows whatever reason, oh god… That’d suck so hard. >_> I want to forget that crap was ever made. xD

I’d love to see some new original sequences for the attacks and transformations for the new arc too. I’m pretty tired of rehashed 90′s footage, especially when they’re capable of making really nice stuff, like Venus Wink Chain Sword, or any of the new S3 attacks really. Mars’ transformation had some really nice parts too, and that whole Saturn sequence is pretty promising.

Dream is fun too since it’s kind of like a combined version of 90′s SuperS and Stars, since we get to see all the new fukus and such. Can’t wait to see what they look like.


PotO Fanart #2

[Iceskating Christine]

I imagine Christine to be quite a skilled ice skater as she had plenty frozen lakes up in Sweden to practice on in her childhood. And she loves it too, as something about gliding over the ice with the cold wind in her hair reminds her of the winter she spent with her Pappa, who had gone from door to door asking for bones to use as skates for his little daughter. Imagine how thrilled she was when Erik (or Raoul) gifted her a pair of sparkling new skates for Christmas and took her out onto the lake that day. (In this particular scenario we can see that her ice skating skills are far superior to her partner’s.)

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Do you think that Mycroft's parents treated him unfairly? I don't know I just feel like they have been shrugging off their parental duties off on him and he's tried as best as he can to be a parent to the 'children' that aren't even his

Part of the whole becoming a third parent thing is just part of Mycroft’s personality. He’s a protector and a guardian through and through. He was a mini-adult by seven and viewed himself as one to help take care of them.


And I love Violet with all my heart.

They were so unfair to him when the Eurus stuff came out. It wasn’t his fault - it was Rudy. I could have killed them for what they put him through.

- A.


Part 4 of Yuri on Ice but with bad CG voices and poor writing (with the additional benefit of mediocre editing)

Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger // Part 5: Where I Take This Seriously?


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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