part to part


this is one of the purest, cutest things ive ever seen

in order to save his mother who got sick after some dead bisexual guy woke up from a 100 year coma, a japanese-british-italian teen and his friends - a horny old man who can’t stop screaming, a gay egyptian fortune teller, a literal mother fucker, a french guy unable to go four minutes without fucking up, and the world’s saltiest dog - must defeat villains like bette midler, mariah carey, terence trent d’arby, and vanilla ice in incredibly tense challenges, such as:

  • the “is this really a boat” challenge
  • the “do you know literally anything about your friend” challenge
  • the “can you not die from a bullet shot by the wild west version of a stormtrooper” challenge
  • the “is the amount of sand in my eyes really worth not dying” challenge
  • the “figure out if the car moving on its own is weird or not” challenge
  • the “should we do something about these zombies or nah” challenge
  • the “how long have we been walking and isn’t it kinda hot” challenge
  • the “what if freddy krueger was remote controlled by a baby” challenge
  • the “is this trap too obvious to be a trap and can you bond over watersports” challenge
  • the “is it okay to throw dogs at blind people” challenge
  • the “how gay can we make this look” challenge
  • the “can’t read my pokerface” challenge
  • the “can a noob beat a leet” challenge

and many more

dnp videos i would die for

- nail art. phil orders a bunch of nail polish, vinyls, tools he will definitely not use and makes dan his guinea pig by trying to recreate some of the most complicated designs from the internet. in the end, dan tells him to pass on nail polish remover which phil obviously forgot to get, so dan just dumps a container of glitter onto phil’s bed

- candle review. what starts like a peaceful danisnotinteresting video turns into an hour-long unedited mess of dnp arguing about the smells and ordering a shitload of candles for the next video

- making friendship bracelets. dan teaches phil to make bracelets and at the end of the video they exchange their creations, phil’s is a bit wonkier one, dan’s has a rainbow gradient color scheme. since then, we can see them wearing those bracelets all the time

- christmas decorating in a new flat. dnp go out of their way to make the house looks as festive as possible. we get to see them choose the biggest box of christmas lights, buy a huge tree they barely manage to set up in the lounge, and dan hang hundreds of silver stars in the moon room

- controlling each other in the sims. we see dnp create each other in the sims (without the other participating or being in a video altogether), decorating their houses, giving each other pets, careers, hobbies. dan tries to hide how unreasonably jealous he is when his phil sim starts flirting with a random character

- ikea shopping. loading the cart with candles, photo frames, blankets, and pillows. stealing a dozen of free pencils, sitting on comfy sofas, choosing random domestic items like new towels and coasters. “we do need new pillowcases” says dan picking two grey ones without a second thought