part time vegans

The ToG squad's favourite foods.

Aelin: chocolate, candy and spaghetti and meatballs. Once tried to put them together and created Twizzlers in cherry sauce with gobstoppers as meatballs.

Rowan: Likes anything except for Aelin’s cake that he eats anyway to make her smile. Secretly loves seafood.

Aedion: Hotdogs from street vendors and hot Cheetos, hates anything ridiculously fancy.

Lysandra: Butter pecan pie and green smoothies (she adds extra sugar and minimal greens).

Manon: Pomegranates and steaks cooked rare (duh), works on replacing blood with REALLY old, expensive wine.

Dorian: Pad Thai straight from the carton box and strawberry mousse for dessert (don’t forget the cherry on top).

Elide: Part-time vegan, but loves whipped cream on her full-fat pumpkin lattes.

Lorcan: Rotisserie chicken and roasted veggies (thanksgiving dinner basically).

Chaol: Doesn’t have a preference but enjoys curry, rice, and vanilla sundaes.

Nesryn: The odd person who enjoys kale (haha).


“Hi dolls, and dudes! Damita-Jo Harper here…or DJ if ya’ nasty…” Giggles, and shakes her head. “Whew, what a dork. I’m a Fashion Merchandise, and design major, with a minor in Journalism, though. Annnnd…I’m a part-time vegan, Full time Pesci…that’s short for Pescatarian by the way. That’s it…for now. Smooches.”