part time lover full time friend

I cry every time I think about never seeing you again

I miss you.

You ended things for so many reasons. You talked of how our relationship stressed you out and brought you so much sadness because of that. You said how, in the end, you weren’t getting anything from the relationship - that hurt, so much. You’re so positive and full of light about everything, which is why I’m finding your negativity towards us so hard to understand. Maybe everything that comes with it as a bit much, I know it hasn’t been easy for you, but I’m here for you and I want to always be, whether that be as a lover or a friend. Maybe, after a bit of time, and things have settled down for you, we can try again. I want to hold out hope because I can’t leave without trying one more time. I know there’s a part of you that wants to, we’ve had such an amazing time together and made so many beautiful memories, I don’t want that to stop. If I’m wrong, if there isn’t a part of you that wants to try then I’ll just have to find some way of accepting that and try to move on from it. If you change your mind then please come to me, I’ll be here, and we can talk it out and see each other again and then see from that if we can salvage us. Regardless of if this is permanent or not, please don’t leave me for good, you’re too important to me to just vanish.

the truth is, i do love you, more than i should. and with you, the lines between platonic and romantic are blurred and i’m sort of fucked up like that, i’m kind of a tangled mess of affection for you that can’t sort itself out. i don’t know platonic from romantic when i’m near you, and i do love you. i just don’t know how.” — the truth always hurts, but i never meant to tell you xx

i. what you need — the weeknd. ii. sober — childish gambino. iii. take care — drake ft. rihanna. iv. novacane — frank ocean. v. come get her — rae sremmurd. vi. often — the weeknd. vii. heartbeat — childish gambino. viii. love more — chris brown. ix. sweater weather — the neighbourhood. x. be my baby — ariana grande. xi. wonderwall — oasis. xii. cant feel my face — the weeknd. xiii. cant be friends — trey songz. xiv. right here — justin bieber ft. drake. xv. fine china — chris brown. xvi. ghost — halsey. xvii. let me love you — ne-yo. xviii. diet mountain dew — lana del rey. xix. fucked up — young rising sons. xx. sex — the 1975. xxi. anyone else but you — the moldy peaches. xxii. talk dirty — jason derulo. xxiii. happy little pill — troye sivan. xxiv. story of my life — one direction.

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==> Pet Love (Closed Rp)

Jn giggles to himself as he leaves his house, flying to Dave’s and making it there sometime past 2 am. He enters silently and makes his way to Dave’s bedroom, closing the door quietly behind him. He took off his shirt and pants, kicking off his boots as well before sneaking into bed with him. He kisses the nape of his neck and wraps his arms around him from his back. “Hello pet, I’ve missed you.”

"I've looked worse, believe me"

okay but this is probably the most depressing and heartbreaking line ever? Because Remus is so fucking resigned, he fucking smile while saying this, and the worse part? I’m pretty sure his next thought was something very close to “like that time one of my best friends sold my other two best friends to a mass murderer leaving their one year old son orphan and then put the blame on my other best friend (and possible lover tbh and also killing twelve muggles in the process) causing him to be arrested and spend 12 years in Azkaban as an innocent man and so sentencing me to spend twelve years alone, going through full moons and hurting myself badly again and making me live a lie during all this time, so nah, yes I’ve definitely looked worse” don’t touch me I’m not okay to be more accurate I’ll nEVER BE OKAY WITH THIS

Anyone Else But You / The Moldy Peaches
  • You're a part time lover and a full time friend: Cancer, Libra, Gemini
  • You are always trying to keep it real: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • We both have shiny happy fits of rage: Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo

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Dave squeaks when he barely notices Jn coming back. He turns and buries his face against his chest, cheeks flushing when he realizes Jn isnt wearing a shirt. He hunches his shoulders a little as the blush gets deeper.

Jn chuckles and rubs his back, shifting a bit so he’s on his back with Dave half on top of him. “There there now, it’s just too hot for jeans and a shirt. I actually shoulda been wearing shorts but it was kinda brisk this morning. At least up here it was.” He kisses Dave on his forehead, smirking at his blush. “How are you love?”

Closed Troll Rp

Jn was wondering around the slums, he had heard there were some killings going on recently. He found it a little odd that after the ‘peaceful’ queen decided there would be no more culling that trolls kept killing for the fun of it. He wondered sometimes if he should feel bad, killing those who were trying to keep up the old laws. He’d rather get rid of them going around and killing any lowbloods they wanted, there were plenty of warmbloods who were sweet to him. He spied a troll walking around the alleys, looking exactly like he was hiding from or maybe stalking after someone.

turntechgodkid  asked:

heard you were feeling a little gray around the gills i want cuddles or something yeah love you um come over??

Dave that is precious. I love you too and I’d be happy to come over.

Gonna have to clean up first, kinda messy rn.

//He does clean his hands and self up, being a troll is a whole lotta mess if you’re ever trying to please yourself. He gets dressed in clothes that accent his new features, not putting on shoes so they don’t compress his webbed toes.

He zaps over to Dave’s, sneaking up behind him and running his now longer tongue across the back of his neck. “Oooh Dave, when was the last time you’ve experienced a bulge in your backside?”


Dave’s eyes go wide and he swallows thickly before nodding silently. “…sorry.” His voice is roughed up and he has a bruise around his neck in the image of a hand. He looks like shit with his arm in a cast and his knee in a brace along other shit.

Jn shudders slightly as he tries to control his emotions, mad and upset and furious that anyone would ever touch Dave like this. “It’s ok, I-I’m sorry Dave. Just fuck that was, not the way to tell someone their love is in a hospital.” He finally stands up and sits in the chair beside his bad, scooting it closer and  placing a hand on his shoulder. “Oh Dave, my sweetheart.”