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do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


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Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 


“stop eating random shit you find on the ground”

“*gently soothes her and selflessly gives her things they actually need for themselves*”

“u g h you’re such a brat *lowkey would carry her to the end of the earth*”

“*holds her hand and comforts her even when they’re scared too*”


like idk if she’s more of a toddler or a dog but either way orphan girl/opal is literally their weird goat daughter and you just know they’ve already got a plan worked out for when adam goes to college and they’re both completely in love and committed and in it for the long haul and i love how their relationship managed to be subtle while still completely obliterating any reader ideas that adam may want to leave entirely or isn’t every bit as invested in ronan and the barns and his future there as he is in college and success and this is getting off topic the point is RONAN AND ADAM: ACCIDENTAL MAGIC TEEN DADS

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FULL NAME. Clinton Francis Barton (stop laughing)
NICKNAME. Clint, chicken butt, dummy, Clit when people want to annoy him
AGE. verse dependent; usually around mid-thirties 
BIRTHDAY. 18th June!
ETHNIC GROUP.  Caucasian 
LANGUAGE.  English and ASL are what he uses the most. He knows Italian, French, and can hold a conversation in Spanish but doesn’t flex his language skills often; it’d ruin his dumb guy vibe 
CLASS. Working class
HOME TOWN / AREA. Waverly, Iowa
CURRENT HOME. Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York 
PROFESSION. Avenger, part-time idiot 


HAIR. Dishwater blond
EYES. Faded blue
NOSE. Straight, a little long. Nostrils are asymmetrical after his nose got broken 
FACE. Scruffy, strong jawline 
LIPS. Not that full
COMPLEXION. Pale during the winter. Tans up during the summer 
BLEMISHES. Small scar against his temple, often sporting some bandaids to cover up grazes 
SCARS. too many
BUILD.  Pretty fit - which is a miracle considering his diet. He’s defined but nowhere bulky as Captain America or Thor are 
ALLERGIES. Aside from a little hay fever, none that Clint knows about. So trying any new foods to him is like the food version of Russian Roulette
USUAL HAIR STYLE. Spiky bedhead 
USUAL CLOTHING.  Plain t-shirts and jeans, soft hoodie, scruffy shoes 


FEAR. Being dropped out of the Avengers, failure, losing any more senses or his hands
ASPIRATION.  To ensure that there is a legacy going on who’ll be better, smarter and morally stronger than he can ever be (i.e. Kate)
POSITIVE TRAITS. Loyal, fiercely determined/dogged, brave, does not back down, does not ignore any disasters or hardships that people are going through, good humour, somewhat easy-going 
NEGATIVE TRAITS. Pushes people away, mistrustful, self-esteem issues, an underlying sense of hopelessness in himself, resentful of himself, flippant, sometimes pretends to make things not as serious as they seem 
VICE HABIT. Sleeping until past noon 
FAITH. Agnostic 
GHOSTS? Occasionally
ALIENS? YES he’s on a team with one 
EDUCATION LEVEL. Finished middle school, never finished high school (or enrolled, now that he thinks about it) and definitely never went to university 


FATHER. Harold Barton a.k.a douchebag 
MOTHER. Edith Barton
SIBLINGS.  Barney Barton - ‘Charles’ as Clint calls him when he wants to piss him off
NAME MEANING.  Clint = ‘Settlement on a hill’; Francis = ‘free’; Barton = ‘barley, enclosure, barley farm’ 

HISTORICAL CONNECTION. ??? he uses a historical weapon, I guess? 


BOOKS. He doesn’t read books that much
MOVIES. Action (especially the old school stuff), comedy 
MUSIC. Anything; he doesn’t listen to music that often
DEITY. Nothing definite
HOLIDAY.  It used to be Christmas, now he doesn’t really have one
MONTH.  None in particular
SEASON.  Summer
PLACE.  Bed, on top of a building, couch
WEATHER. Warm, clear skies, with a slight breeze to take the edge of the heat off 
SOUND.  Traffic, chattering, Lucky snoring 
SCENT.  Coffee, freshly cut grass, women’s shampoos 
TASTE. Peanut butter, coffee, pepperoni, 
FEEL. Dog’s fur, fresh clean bedsheets, laying against a cool wall/on the hard floor when he’s not on the couch
COLOR. Purple, especially the more faded lighter purples 


TALENTS. Hand-to-hand combat, sharpshooting, improvising, getting himself in and out of trouble rapidly, Mario Kart, dog belly rubs, remembering faces
BAD AT. Most of the time it’s listening, cooking, hauling his ass up at early mornings, keeping it in his pants, communicating about feels 
TURN ONS. A nice laugh, snarkiness, humour, nice hair, curves 
TURN OFFS.  Lack of consent, roughness, being struck 
HOBBIES. Watching movies/Netflix, archery practice, playing mindless games on his phone, dog walks
TROPES. Fight Magnet, Badass Normal, Cain and Abel, Improbable Aiming Skills, Abusive Parents, Circus Brat, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
AESTHETICS.  Crumpled bedsheets and golden sunlight. Sleek black arrows and metal. Stained bandages, purple-red bruises and faded scars


MAIN  FC. Garrett Hedlund
ALT  FC. Rami Malek (I’ve actually been thinking about switching him over to the main FC) 
OLDER  FC.   -
YOUNGER  FC. … younger Garrett Hedlund 

zombies man am i right or am i right

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”You’re teasing me.“ 〈(¬◡¬)ノ

…………It’s time to use my secret favorite ship.

(this is a college AU btw and NSFW ofc)


“You’re teasing me.”

Hanamiya’s eyes went wide in disagreement, but before he could even say a word, Imayoshi already pressed his lips to his. It was a rough, forceful kiss, nothing like his usual teasing, let alone gentle kisses. He felt the glasses guy’s tongue invaded the inside of his mouth, mercilessly silencing him without giving even a chance for him to resist. And much to his dismay, Imayoshi quickly stripped him off his clothes forcefully.

“What the fuck?! What do you think you’re doing, asshole?!” as fast as possible, Hanamiya struggled to break free from the painful kiss and shoved his former middle school senior away. His words were brash as usual, but he was well aware of his own feelings. He was terrified. For the first time in their relationship, he had no idea what Imayoshi was doing and why he would do that, and he was scared because of it.

“Because, Hanamiya, you’re teasing me,” the glasses guy replied without changing his usual tone and expression, “Isn’t it obvious that I jump on you because you’re trying to make me jealous?”

“The fuck did I do to make you jealous?! I just got back from my part-time job, you idiot!” he shouted once again. His feet, on the contrary, were actually stepping further back even though he was already cornered. Both of Imayoshi’s hands were by his sides, blocking his escape route while his back was already pressing against the entrance door of their apartment.

“There, you’re doing it again,” the glasses guy chuckled, “Yesterday you cancelled our date because you said you have work to do.”

“Because I did—-”

“But you didn’t,” Imayoshi curled a smile, “I thought I saw you going around some stores with that former teammate of yours. What was his name again? Ah, Seto-kun, wasn’t it?”

“You just mistook someone else for me,” Hanamiya replied. He tried to sound as convincing as he usually did, but for a brief second, he couldn’t help but slightly shift his gaze from Imayoshi’s eyes.

“It’s strange. Usually you are very good at lying, but this time your lies are far from mediocre level.”

His words pricked at Hanamiya’s heart, but he didn’t have a chance to say another words for the next moment, he felt a stinging pain on his neck. Imayoshi had just bitten on his skin without holding back and Hanamiya shivered as the other guy proceeded on licking the wound while his hand was roaming on his now naked upper-half. He nearly curled in pain when those cold fingers roughly pinched his chest all of a sudden.

“Imayoshi, you bastard, that hurts!” he scowled; hands gripping at the other guy’s clothes. It wasn’t only because of the pain, but he knew Imayoshi was angry and he was afraid of it.

“You were teasing me to make me jealous, and you were successful,” still with his usual devilish smile on his face, Imayoshi didn’t stop, “I’m really jealous, Hanamiya. I don’t think I’m going to let you off easily today.”

And he fulfilled his words. It didn’t take long for Imayoshi to deem Hanamiya helpless as his hands skillfully —-but still roughly—- toyed with his lower parts, front and back. Now trapped between both pain and pleasure, Hanamiya couldn’t help but shivered greatly; burying his face on the other’s shoulder with both hands gripping at his tightly until his knuckles turned white. As though it was not enough to hurt his pride, tears started dripping down his eyes out of his will.

“…I’m not cheating on you, bastard…” he said with a strained voice, “I did go out with Seto, but I didn’t cheat on you.”

“Hmm, you’re finally talking?” without erasing his smile, Imayoshi responded. His hands were still working and Hanamiya could only let out a silent cry. He knew his former senior was urging him to talk more. “What were you doing with Seto-kun that you had to cancel our date, hmm?”


“I beg your pardon?”

“…looking…for present…for you…”

At this moment, the proud guy who used to be known for his title the “Bad Boy”, was literally close to sobbing and sniffling as he held onto his partner tightly. His shoulders were trembling and his legs would soon no longer be able to stand on their own. However, after a brief silent, Imayoshi suddenly moved his hands faster.

“W-Wha—-? No, stop… Stop… Nngh!!”

His lips were once again silenced by Imayoshi’s kiss, but this one was surprisingly gentle. At the same time, his entire body shuddered and he almost fell limply on the floor if only the glasses guy didn’t have his arms around his back.

“I knew,” Imayoshi said out of the blue afterwards, in which Hanamiya could only stare at him in confusion, “I already knew why you went out with Seto-kun, actually.”

Hanamiya didn’t even need to put his mind into words upon hearing that sudden remark. Imayoshi, on the other hand, understood him completely as he let out a teasing chuckle.

“So you were wondering why I did all this, even though I already knew?” he said with a smile, wider and more mischievous than ever, “I’m not angry, actually. I just want to tease you for a bit, but your respond is even more adorable than I expected. Guess I went a bit too far, sorry. Didn’t mean to make you cry.”

And the next second, a painful slap landed on his cheek, leaving a bright red mark on his skin. Hanamiya’s piercing glare, still with traces of tears in his eyes, looked as though they were trying to kill him.

“I hate you…” he said.

But still Imayoshi’s smile didn’t leave his face.

“I know, I know. I love you, too, Hanamiya,” he lightly kissed the other’s forehead without even a single remorse in his voice,“ That’s why I’m going to make up for it. Let’s go to bed. I’ll treat you gently and lovingly until you stop crying.”


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raúl esparza via comic con (2014).


the GazettE PVs 6/ :
関東土下座組合 (Kantou dogeza kumiai)


Darren Criss - Six Flags St. Louis - July 21, 2011 Pt. 1

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You, Animal and Misery/This Love