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Hello everyone! It’s #optomstudies here again with another study tip on Part Time Work! I received the following asks from anons, thank you for prompting this! :) I’m by no means an expert, but this is the advice that I gained while looking for my own job. 

hey, i recently finished reading all your study tips so far and i just wanted to let you know that they’re super helpful!! i’m starting uni next month and im soo glad that i came across your series bc now i feel less anxious about starting!! if you have time, i would love it if you have any tips about getting a part-time job in uni? like yourself, i didn’t think that i could manage high school + part time job so i would rlly love some advice from you again if possible! 

Realise that you can juggle part time work, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Working more than 2-3 days a week will stress you out, as you won’t have time to complete both uni work and enjoy a little destressing time. I’d advise max 1.5 days a week for a 5 day degree, and that’s if you use 80% of the remaining time studying. Count any other commitments as part of these ‘work’ hours too - if you have church, younger siblings to cook for, etc. Most unis advise 2 hours of self-study per contact hour at uni for degrees like science/engineering, and up to 4 for arts/commerce degrees! So factor that in when you’re planning. 

Research an entry level job that relates to your degree. The best types of jobs would be those in which you are assistants to the position you want to work in once you have graduated. Just ensure that the position promises you on-the-job training, as most students likely have limited employment experiences outside retail and tutoring. 

Research how to write a great first resume and practice interview skills. Your university careers website will contain plenty of information, as well as templates for your first resume to highlight your strengths. There is a wealth of information out there regarding the actual process of CV-writing and interviews, so refer to those :) Make sure you research the company you want to work with, their values and also personalise your resume and cover letter to highlight why you would be suited for that position and what you can bring as an employee. 

Hand in your resume personally to each store you apply to. Politely ask if you can speak to the manager, dress in business clothing, introduce yourself in a friendly manner and ask them to consider your resume if a position ever opens. If it’s for an advertised position, call back in 1-2 weeks to check up on them and thank them for their consideration. Even if the position is filled, you can still gain valuable information by asking them why you weren’t hired (politely of course), since you have nothing to lose. They may have noticed something about your cover letter or resume that put them off choosing, or they might let you know it was fine but they just had a more qualified individual applying. 

Prepare for common questions on interviews, and just be yourself. My manager, who was so kind as to give me a chance despite not having much work experience, told me that she liked my honesty and enthusiasm which is why she hired me. Most of the time for an entry level position, they aren’t looking too much for technical skills as they are looking for personality (well at least for retail positions anyway) and transferable skills like communication and interpersonal skills. 

I hoped this helped everyone! I do have an #employment tag but tips don’t float around the studyblr as often as posts on study methods (please send me links if you find anything, thank you!! :D) so I’ve just linked the posts here:




Police Officer!Kuroo AUs:
  • Meeting an annoyed Tsukishima after his place of (part-time) employment (maybe a gas station or maybe a corner store) had been robbed. He’s nearing his end of schooling, finals and the works are upon him, Tsukishima was not in the mood for that. So Kuroo takes his statement, trying not to snicker at the annoyance dripping from his tone as he explains word for word what happened
    • “He was about 5’6”. Big nose, pale skin. Blue eyes, brown hair. Some undercut looking thing. He had a hammer, which was fucking stupid, but I wasn’t in the mood to deal with that shit. He wanted the money in the till, I asked if he wanted change as well—he didn’t find that amusing.” (Note: my boss while I was working at a gas station asked that very thing when he was being robbed. It was one of my favourite stories of his. He was a sassy dude.)
  • Kuroo has been working a lot of shitty hours, only really able to make it home twice that week and he spent those five hours that he was home passed out in bed before leaving again. Tsukishima only knew that he had been home because of the notes Kuroo left on the fridge saying that he was sorry he couldn’t stay longer, and that he missed him. Tsukishima shakes his head, he knew that long hours were something that a police officer had to put up with and he knew that before even getting into a relationship with the man. So, one night after work he stops in still in his veterinarian uniform to bring him some take out and coffee. The other officers tease Kuroo about “the wife” bringing him food, but the grin on Kuroo’s face when he sees Tsukishima is priceless.
  • Kuroo gets shot on the job while Tsukishima is writing a final exam (last year of his Master’s Program) and when he turns his phone on he’s flooded with messages from Kuroo’s phone and his work mates (‘cause Tsukishima has a lot of their numbers. Even the Police Chief whom he calls and tells him to give Kuroo a day off every so often ‘cause Kuroo tends to “forget”. You can never say that Kuroo doesn’t love his job). Kuroo is fine, for the most part, which Tsukishima finds out after rushing to the hospital. The surgery went fine, the shots (yes, multiple) missed any major organs and he’s been moved to his own private room—yes Tsukishima wants to see him, thanks. 
  • Tsukishima has a kink. Kuroo laughs so fucking hard when he learns that not ONLY does Tsukishima have a thing for handcuffs, but he also is majorly turned on by the man in his uniform. “Tsukki, babe, this is just a regular outfit. How do you expect me to get ready for work when you’re constantly looking at me like that?” (“Shut up Tetsu.”)