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Part II

Favorite Canon Fic -  Her by @cake-by-thepound - With not knowing when (or if) our favorite couple would ever go canon (or when the interloper would die), this fic kept me sane during the hiatus between Season 5 and Season 6. I used to stop whatever I was doing when a new chapter was posted. It was a joy to read (and read again.)

Favorite Multi-Chapter Fic -  In A Different World by @lyraverse - When I first started reading this fic I wasn’t sure how I would respond to such a dark Rick, but it soon because one of my favorite Richonne stories. It’s so well written and the characters still ring true despite the changes in their backstories. Rick and Michonne’s love still shines bright.

Favorite One-Shot - Respite (from the Richonne Collection) by @twriter12 - A story I can’t help reading again and again. It captures Rick and Michonne’s new love in a lovely way. The intimacy was so well written I almost felt as I was ease-dropping on a private moment.The need to get a way for a few minutes just to be alone together is captured perfectly.

Favorite AU Fic - Against Type by @birdnmouse - My absolute favorite non-zombie Richonne AU. The slow burn to them becoming a couple is wonderful. Again I wasn’t sure how I would respond to seeing Michonne in a relationship with Shane at first, but it was so in character. An added bonus was a non-crazy Shane, and showing his and Rick’s genuine friendship and brotherhood.

Favorite Work In Progress - A wonderful story by @iminyjo that’s not yet posted, but I’ve had the pleasure of beta reading for the past few months. There’s so much suspense, intrigue, love, and drama. It’s just an exquisite story.

Part III

Best Episode Related Fic - Have Your Mints by @2violetflower15 - This was a perfect take on filling in the blanks of the iconic 6.10 episode. Violet’s writing is always a beautiful reading experience.

Best Angst Fic - The End and the Beginning by Rosepddle10 - I was a puddle of tears and feelings after reading this. Such beautiful writing about a premise I hate to ever happen to our favorite couple.

Best Fluff Fic - Changes (From the Richonne Collection) by @twriter12 - It gets no better than Michonne taking care of an under-the-weather Rick. The flow of Rick’s thoughts about his feelings for Michonne mixed in with excellent dialogue makes for a heart swelling reading experience.

Best Hurt/Comfort Fic -  Easy Silence by mallady - A post Season 6 finale fic that captures beautifully how Rick and Michonne lean on and comfort each other in a time of tragedy.

Best Smut Fic - Good to Love by @nerd4music - Simply calling this fic smut does it a disservice. It’s a gorgeous descriptive foray into Rick and Michonne making love in the wee hours of the morning. Without any dialogue the pure love and connection between to two of them is palpable. 

Most creative AU - Waiting To Exhale by Misty Grimes - There’s so much intrigue surrounding this fic. It’s one of the most creative premises I’ve seen. I’m so anxious to know what happened and how Rick and Michonne got into the predicament they’re in. Great writing.

Random Acts of Kindness Day may have passed but we want to keep up the theme with a little game

Here is the Artists List:

The rules are simple:

•Pick an artist on the list and send them a message of support for their artbook piece, or just their work in general

Obviously you don’t have to stop at one, send as many as you like because the artists in this project have been amazing and they deserve ALL the love that will be sent their way.

Artists and non-artists can all take part in this so don’t feel like you have to be someone taking part in the project to participate, the more love the better :)

What we would love to see is artists with blogs full of messages of kindness, support, and love.

Let’s make it happen! :)

Gender-neutral Pronoun Survey
If you are a native English speaker and enthusiastic about gender-neutral pronouns for any reason, especially if you are non-binary or want to support non-binary people, this survey is for you. Your answers will be compiled into a research paper and handed over to my resident Linguistics professor in hopes that it'll shine a light on what native English speakers think about the use and necessity of gender-neutral language. It is of course totally anonymous. If you feel uncomfortable with answering a question, you will be able to skip it.

Hi buddies, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood English major. You know me, I rarely ask for anything, but can you guys do me a favor and please boost this? It’s a survey I made to scope out people’s opinions on gender-neutral pronouns.

Why did I make this? Well, basically, it’s part of a research project that I’m doing for university in the cause of which I hope to prove a point about the necessity of non-gendered language to my linguistics prof. It’s also due in two….. week. Oops.

So if you would take a minute to fill this out, I’d be thankful to you for eternity. It’s five questions, you don’t need to answer all of them, but if you at least checked some boxes here, you’d already be a huge help to me (and my grade). Thank you!!

“Do i share this trait with this character because i changed that part of my personality to match the character or because im projecting that part of my personality onto this character???” A constant study by me.


Part Three, I guess?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It turns out I played myself, I checked the amount of pages these needed and it went over 10 and if I were to stop it at that point it would literally cut off a page or two so I’m splitting the finale in half which I guess is good since it leaves part three at a very interesting cliffhanger. What will Adrien say in our part four finale?? All i have to say is;


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I’m a fan of real idols, real Japanese girls who sing and dance and train almost everyday to do their job of making people happy and smile. I hate when I mention that I like idols, then a LL fan goes ‘me too’ and shows me a pic of anime girls. They’re not real, they don’t deserve to be put at the same level as real live actual idols. Even the seiyuu, they’re not idols, they’re SEIYUU. This is why I hate the LL fandom, with them calling themselves “idol fans” they’re discrediting all the work that these girls do almost everyday. They’re constantly scolded, crying, training all the time and you people think it’s fair to compare some anime girls to it. smh


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