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Purple Jewels (M) | 02

Word Count: 6,730
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Slight angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help. 


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Without You

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Word count : 3662

Just in case you didn’t read the first two parts c: 

Part 1 : Leaving You
Part 2 : Missing You 

Hands down, Christmas was your favorite holiday out of the whole year. How could it not be? You loved everything about the holiday with all the festivities, time with all your loved ones, personalized gift giving, and the sparkling decorations. You were shocked when you found out that Newt had spent most of his by himself and from that moment on you swore that that would never happen again. 

You smiled to yourself a little, remembering the time you surprised Newt with same freshly baked cookies while he slaved away over his manuscript. He was waist deep in papers, scribbling away with ink stains spotting his skin. He didn’t even notice you carefully walking down the stairs with a plate of cookies in your hands until the aroma filled the room. You’d always remember and love how his face lit up when he saw you. 

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“I’ll only do it if you give your full consent,” Lance whispered, the two of them gradually drifting closer.

“Same,” Keith agreed, his eyes darting to Lance’s lips. They were red, and wet from Lance’s tongue, and Keith felt his stomach physically ache. “Only if you want to.”

It seemed that was all the boys needed to hear. One moment they were inches apart, and the next?

And the next they were kissing.

“Dirty Laundry” chapter 6 is so good! @gibslythe thanks for everything, now i have to read chapter 7!

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Unexpected Love Pt. 2

Request: (Anon) Could you write a part two to the fic about the joker and Harley’s daughter dating Bruce Wayne’s son?

Part 1 Here


The Joker waited outside his daughters bedroom trying to work up the courage to say something or go in. He has seen it and done it all, dealt with the most vicious criminals, and been one himself. How could this little girl be so frightening to him? How could she hold such power over him? He put his gold ring on her door and gently tapped it against the wood. He waited a few moments until he heard her subtle whisper giving him permission to walk in. He opened the door slowly and peaked his green hair through to see her back facing him. He walked over to her and sat on the bed next to her, he wasn’t sure what to do with his hands so he kept them in his lap. It took all the strength he has not to reach over and hug her and pull her into his embrace. 

“You really hurt me ya know.” you said to him softly to him before turning over to face him, the tears were dried up now and you were ready to solve this problem.

The Joker stared at his daughter feeling numbness come over him. The only thing worse than her being hurt was him being responsible for hurting you. You saw that he was struggling, a part of you wanted to make him sweat and feel the pressure of what he has done. But the other part of you, the stronger one, loved him too much.

“But daddy ya also know that, I meant what I said.” he locked his eyes on yours “you are my favorite guy and what you think is important, whether or not I like it, it does impact who I date.” you said honestly. 

When Joker heard those those he felt his confidence build up again. His ego was easy to bruise and even easier to blow up. “I have a responsibility as your favorite guy.” he smirked “It’s to make sure that no other guy hurts you…. or takes my place.” his smirked grew into a wide grin. You smiled back to reassure him.

“He won’t. I’ll make sure of that.” you said brushing a strand of green hair back into place. He closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of perfume from your wrist as it went past his face. “But you have to trust me to make sure of it, okay daddy?” The Joker looked down at his princess just happy that she had forgiven him, not wanting to mess it up again and nodded. “Then you will agree to meet Mr Wayne?” 

The Joker felt his neck heat up and his teeth started grinding, but looking into his daughters eyes, as much as he wanted to show up and blow Wayne’s head off, the Joker did what he did best and put on a smile. “Yes of course princess.” he said through his metal teeth.

The next night came after a night of agonizing thoughts for Bruce. While Alfred and Zach prepared dinner, Bruce contemplated what he was doing to do. He walked past Jason’s suit again feeling that old familiar pain in his chest. He swore when he became a father that he would do anything and everything to protect his children from the horrors that he faced. He had already lost one son by not keeping that promise, he didn’t want to lose another. He was fine with Zach not wanting to follow in his footsteps, but of all the girls he could love, he chose the one most tied into the world of the Batman. Looking at the robin suit Bruce whispered out loud, ‘Jason, what do I do?’ Bruce knew in his heart that he should stay out of the way of his son following his heart or he would lose them too. Maybe just this once, for the most important reason, he could let the Joker slide. The words Zach said to him echoed, jason would understand and not hold her responsible.

The doorbell rang and Zach rushed to the door, he opened it to see you looking beautiful as usual, Harley with a huge smile on her face holding a pie, and Joker looking his usual menacing self.

Zach cleared his throat, “Please come in!” You moved in and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, briefly hearing your father growl when he heard it. Bruce came up from the cave and entered into the living room just as the clown family was. He swallowed hard refusing to extend his hand, same as joker.

You and Zach stared at both fathers waiting for something to happen, but there was just silence. Even Harley didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t until Alfred rang the bell and called out to dinner that anyone even flinched.

“Good I’m so hungry!” you said nervously as everyone went into the dining hall. Bruce and your father sat on opposite ends at the heads of the table while you and Zach were next to each other across from your Mother. Alfred set the plates in front of everyone giving Bruce a concerned look before going back into the kitchen.

“Thank you so much for having us Mr. Wayne.” you said with a gentle smile. 

“The pleasure is all mine (y/n)” he said, Bruce didn’t want to blame you for anything. He knew better than anyone that children shouldn’t pay for their parents mistakes.

Every time the Joker took a bite and looked at his son Bruce wanted to kill him. The man who took his child away, but he couldn’t risk losing his other son, he sat there biding his time before they left.

“I appreciate you guys coming over” Zach said looking at your parents “it means a lot.” he tried to mimic your gentle smile at them.

“I only did it for (y/n)” the Joker said. The only thing him and Bruce shared was their willingness to put their feelings aside for their children. The room still built up tension after the Jokers words though.

Zach could tell you were nervous and put his hand on your leg to rub it and relax you. Joker was watching his every move all night and immediately noticed. He slammed his fist on the table and everyone looked over at him.

“Watch the hand Zach.” he hissed.

“Watch how you talk to my son and behave in my house.” Bruce lashed at him, losing control. You and Zach looked at each other knowing it was all about to fall apart.

“Don’t threaten me Wayne, your son wouldnt be the first teenager I killed for messing with me.” before the Joker could even laugh at what he had just said Bruce was lunging at him and beating him. 

Harley stood up and jumped on his back to protect her puddin. You ran over and grabbed your fathers arm to stop him from throwing a punch and Zach put his entire body weight against Bruce’s chest to push him back. 

“Stop it! Stop!” you said pulling a gun out of your fathers holster he hid under his jacket. The two families went to opposite sides of the room, the great divide was clear now, even for you and Zach. You lowered the gun but kept it away from your father. “Whatever reasons you guys don’t like each other, and we understand, this isn’t about that, it’s about Zach and I.” 

Bruce looked at his son wanting desperately to be strong and give him what he wanted but he couldn’t. “Zach” he said loudly “Your safety comes before your heart as long as I’m here. This ends now. Leave you clowns.” 

Joker grabbed the gun from your hand and stepped towards the Wayne’s, “you saying my daughter isn’t good enough for…” he moved the gun to Zach’s head ‘your son?” he smiled sadistically. Bruce went to grab him but you threw yourself in front of your father. No matter what you didn’t want to see him hurt, you couldn’t stand it. Bruce saw your eyes glistening with your hands on Jokers chest and felt his hand drop. 

“No. I’m saying you’re not good enough for her.” Bruce said before pulling Zach behind him. Zach looked at you with desperate eyes not knowing what to do. You shook your head at him, a single tear rolling down, before grabbing your father free hand and leading him to the door.

Harley followed close behind, “enjoy the pie!” she said before the clown family disappeared from the dining hall. 

Bruce put a hand on Zach’s shoulder, the boy felt tears welling up as his worst fear was enfolding, neither him or you could escape the lives of your parents just yet.

As you and your parents drove away, you felt your chest aching. It wasn’t what happened really, it was the loss of hope. You had a feeling this would happen and you and Zach had been honest about the results when the relationship first started, it was just the fact that the worst scenario was happening.

“Remember what I said?” Joker looked in the rearview mirror at you “about having a job to protect you?”  you shook your head at him fighting tears. “This is what I was talking about. That look in your eye, all over this kid.” 

It was obvious what your life was, it was always going to involve a choice. To be a clown or turn your back. You loved Zach but your actions tonight proved to him, your parents, and yourself. You loved him, but not enough to choose to turn your back.

Heartbreaker Part 2

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Part 1

Love me like you did, love me like you did/I’ll give you anything, I’ll give you anything

(Outer Space-5sos)

     The fans were currently split. They either hated or loved the boys at the moment. A video of Ashton announcing that your relationship was all based on a bet had gone viral. Not only had Ashton’s worse nightmare had come true, but he could only imagine what you were going through. The two of you had been apart for a month now. It was one month too long for Ashton’s liking. Sure he had toured and been away from you long enough before, but this time was different. The two of you weren’t even together and Ashton wasn’t sure if you two were still friends. His reputation of being a gentleman was tarnished. 

Ashton let out a huff and kept his eyes locked on the phone he was twirling around. He wanted to respect your wishes and not contact you, but he couldn’t keep to his word. There was so much Ashton still wanted to say, but he knew you weren’t going to listen. You had made it clear to him that the relationship you two had was still hanging in the air. You had told Ashton you wanted to think about everything and it scared him to death. The anticipation was too much and it took him three seconds to get your contact up and hit the call button. It was like his senses went on high as the phone rang. On the first ring he could hear his heart pounding loud in his chest. On the second ring his breath hitched in his throat as he thought of you not picking up. This was taking too long and Ashton was ready to hang up, but then the call picked up. “Hello?” a voice said. It was a deep voice, one that clearly didn’t belong to you. The voice made his blood run cold and he momentarily forgot what he wanted to say. “Hello?” the guy asked again.

“I-Is Y/N there?” Ashton hesitantly asked, “Maybe I dialed the wrong number.”

“No this is her phone. Can you hang on a second?” the guy said. Ashton didn’t have a chance to reply. He only heard the stranger call for you and soon heard your voice in the background. It was only seconds later that your voice filled the line and Ashton’s heart swelled with love. “Y/N here!” you cheerfully said into the phone, not really being told who was on the other line.

“I miss you,” Ashton blurted, he physically winced as the words left his lips. That wasn’t how he wanted to start the conversation. Hearing another man’s voice wasn’t what he was expecting either. The smile on your face faded at the sound of his voice. You had been doing alright without him being in your life for the month. Trying hard to get over the event that took place. “Who was the guy that picked up the phone?” Ashton found himself asking. You swallowed hard at his words, glancing to your guest and giving him a smile.

“Don’t do that” you mumbled, ignoring his question.

“Do what?” Ashton innocently replied, running a hand through his hair. He knew you were avoiding his question and couldn’t help but to be jealous. It was hard for him not to be jealous. You two broke up and just a month away from each other it already seemed like you had moved on. How could he blame you though? Ashton had screwed you over in more ways than one. 

“Don’t say that you miss me,” you sighed into the phone. “Don’t act like you care about how I’m doing or who I’m with bec-”

“So you are with him?” Ashton cut you off. Ashton’s mouth felt dry and the thought of this stranger touching you the way he used to do flashed through his mind.

“That’s none of your business,” you replied. Ashton was making this harder than it needed to be. Whether you were dating someone or not had nothing to do with him. It was his fault the two of you weren’t together. The line went quiet for about a good two minutes and you could hear Ashton sniffle. Your eyes closed in frustration and you took a sharp inhale of breath. You mentally fought with yourself on the next words that were about to leave your mouth. “Do you want to meet up and talk?”

     It was like the weather was reflecting both your moods. The rain pouring down hard and whipping about as the wind began to blow even more. The minute you pulled up to the park you saw Ashton sitting on one of the benches. He was soaked in water. Not even wearing a jacket nor having an umbrella with him. You drove up close to where he was sitting, rolling the window down so you could talk to him. “Are you crazy! Get in the car!” you shouted out to him. Ashton’s head shot up at your words and he hesitated for a moment before running towards the passenger side door. The atmosphere in the car got thick. Ashton shutting the door behind him and trying to warm up as you turned on the heater. 

“Raining cats and dogs out there,” he chuckled, trying to break the tension. You stared out ahead, lips pursed as you tried to collect your thoughts. They were racing all over the place and the fact that Ashton was close to you once more made it even worse. “Could you imagine it actually raining cats and dogs? That’d be really weird…and dangerous,” Ashton continued saying. You knew what he was doing.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, eyes still locked on the rain rolling down the window. Ashton became quiet, trying to wipe the water from off his face as he thought of what to say. “Like why did you really take this bet, Ashton? Was it just to get in my pants? Were you just bored?” It was word vomit and you somehow couldn’t stop yourself from throwing so many questions at him. “Why me? Why did the guys choose me for this bet?” You sucked in a deep breath, mouth clamping shut as you realized Ashton hadn’t been able to answer your questions. 

“You know I’ve asked myself why I did what I did a lot,” Ashton began, “I love you both as a best friend and boyfriend. I always had felt something for you, Y/N.” Ashton paused, trying to figure out a way to word everything right. “You know how long I’ve buried my feelings for you? I was scared that loving you the way that I did, as more than friends, would change our dynamic,” he said. Taking on the bet had changed your dynamic with each other. You jumped in your spot as his hand touched yours. Ashton smiled at the fact that you didn’t pull away. You knew what he meant. “I don’t know I guess when the bet was brought up it was more so a push for me to ask you out,” he finished. 

“Either way our whole relationship was based off a bet,” you whispered. Hand finally pulling away from his. “You say that you love me yet you still break my heart.”

“I wish I could go back and do everything differently believe me, but what happened has passed…you hate, the fans hate me, I hate me,” Ashton said. You both became quiet after that. The only sound present in the car was the rain hitting against the roof. You finally looked over to him. Studying the face you had been looking at for so long. Even though he was drenched in water you could still tell Ashton was crying. You weren’t going to console him because Ashton deserved everything that was being thrown at him. 

“I don’t hate you,” you told him, putting emphasis on the word. Ashton smiled at your words. “More so disappointed…I forgave you a while ago, but I’m still hurt.” You still loved Ashton. How could you not love him? Ashton had been your everything and now you weren’t even sure what the two of you were. You chewed on your bottom lip, head falling back against the headrest in frustration. All you wanted was for all of this to disappear. You wanted Ashton to not have taken that bet and have asked you out in confidence. All of this could have been avoided. Your phone began to ring making your attention turn away from Ashton. “It’s Leo,” you sighed, catching Ashton’s attention in the process. The thought of your guest had slipped your mind. You were suppose to only be gone for fifteen minutes, but that had turned to an hour. Before you could react Ashton had picked up your phone and answered it.

Darkness | Pt. 3

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1568

Masterlist |Ask/Request

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

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“I desire to be a part of your life forever.“

Right now you were standing in front of the hospital, one hand carrying Jungkook’s suitcase and the other holding a bouquet of flowers that you were planning to give him, the reason being that your boyfriend was able to go home after staying at the hospital for almost two years.

But before you could enter the hospital you were stopped by Jungkook’s nurse, who covered your eyes with a blindfold and leaded you to the backyard of the hospital. The moment she removed your blindfold, you saw all the patients standing in front of you, some of them holding balloons, some of them holding posters with pictures of you and Jungkook on it and some of them just standing there, smiling widely at you while witnessing this lovely and special moment.

The moment your eyes landed on the person that helped you to get out of that darkness, your eyes filled with tears.
He walked toward you and hugged you tightly, placing his head in the crook of your neck and breathing in your scent.

You leaned back a little bit and looked him in the eyes, confused. “What is all this, Jungkook?”

Jungkook on the other hand smiled widely at you and placed his hands on your cheeks, gently stroking them. “You know, today is a very special day for me. Finally, after two years, I’m allowed to go home. I’m allowed to live with my girlfriend, I’m allowed to go on vacation with my girlfriend. I’m finally allowed to do everything that I wanted to do with you in these past two years.”

Placing a little kiss on your forehead he continued. “You were always by my side, Y/N. You cried with me, you smiled with me, you came everyday and visited me without complaining once in those two years. I still can remember the first time we met. You were crying in my arms while you were whispering his name.. And from that moment on, I promised myself that I wanted to make you happy again, I wanted to see you smile and hear your beautiful laugh.”

A little chuckle escaped his mouth. “I have to admit, at first it was really hard. You were broken, sad and hopeless. Trying to recover your broken pieces was harder than I expected. But as time passed on, you opened up to me. You started smiling and laughing again. Even though you mumbled his name in your sleep or thought you were seeing him in the hallways of the hospital, I kept trying and look, now we’re here.”

At this moment, your tears were rolling down your face. He was right, you went through a lot of bad things in those two years. But with the help of Jungkook, you regained your strength and started seeing the positive things in life. You loved him, you admired and truly loved him. Without him, you wouldn’t have been the person that you were now.

The moment Jungkook placed a little kiss on your mouth, you snapped out of your thoughts. Looking back into his eyes, you whispered. “I love you, Jungkook.”

Smiling widely at you, he whispered back. “I love you too,” Suddenly he took three steps back and opened his arms widely. and that’s why I desire to be a part of your life forever, Y/N.” he shouted loudly so that everyone could hear it.

Shocked, you looked at him. Was this real?

When he saw the shocked look on your face he ran back toward you and hugged you from behind. Two little kids run in front  of you and unfolded, you assumed, a white, thin fabric. ‘Will you marry me?’ being the words that was written on it.

Nuzzling his nose in your hair, Jungkook whispered in your ear. “Y/N-ah.. Will you marry me?”

The moment you heard those words escaping his mouth you turned around and kissed him on the lips. Shouting the word ‘Yes’ out loud, everyone started cheering for the both of you. Music started playing, everyone started clapping, the kids started dancing around, sharing your happiness and this beautiful moment with you.

Breaking away from the kiss, Jungkook smiled down at you with his famous bunny smile, leaned his forehead on yours and whispered. “Thank you for accepting my proposal, Mrs. Jeon. I love you.”

“I love you too, Jungkook.”

You were walking alone to Jungkook’s room, him waiting for you in there so that you two could leave the hospital, a big, happy smile formed on your face whenever you thought about the event that happened half an hour ago.

Whenever someone passed by you, they congratulated you and you smiled widely at them, thanking them for their wishes.

Suddenly, you felt your heart beating faster. Placing your hand on your chest, you started taking deep breaths while you were walking toward Jungkook’s room with little steps. Before you could reach his room, you got this weird feeling in your chest and felt the urge to turn around. You stopped walking and slowly started turning around while you were clutching on your chest in order to get rid of that weird feeling. The moment you saw the person standing in front of you, your hand fell loosely beside your body. Not believing what you were seeing, you closed your eyes and started whispering. “Calm down, Y/N. You’re hallucinating again.. Now, when you open your eyes again, he will be gone. Take deep breaths and open your eyes. He will be go-”

When you opened your eyes again, your breath hitched and you stumbled back. He was still standing in front of you. You closed your eyes again. “C-Calm down.. C-Calm down, Y/N. You’re hall-”


The moment you heard his voice, you froze and opened your eyes widely. His eyes were filled with tears and he looked at you like he was hurting, like he felt guilty. When he took a step foreword, you shook your head hysterically and turned around. Taking big steps, you started running away from him.

“Y-Y/N, wait!”

Not listening to him, you fastened your pace. Every now and then, you looked back to see him following you. Without thinking you run into the elevator and hysterically pressed the button to close the doors. Right when you thought that he wasn’t able to reach you, he reached his hand out and placed them in between the doors, preventing the doors from closing. He walked in and pressed the button to close the doors before someone else could walk in and repeated his movements, this time pressing another button in order to stop the elevator from moving. You on the other hand were pulling on your hair while repeating the words. “He’s not Jimin. He’s dead. He’s dead! Who are you? Jimin is dead!”

The moment he took another step toward you, your weak knees gave up and you fell on the ground, hugging your legs with your arms in the corner of the elevator. “Go away! Go! I’m going crazy. He’s dead! Jimin is dead! Who are you?!”

You started shouting while you felt your hot tears roll down your face. At this moment, your whole body was shaking and you tried to turn away from him, facing the wall of the elevator. Jimin on the other hand fell down on his knees like you did minutes ago, his tears escaping his eyes like a waterfall and watched how your shaking form tried to stay away from him as much as you could. Slowly crawling toward you, he reached out for your hands with his shaking ones and tried to hold your hands. The moment your hands connected, the both of you started sobbing hysterically while you reached out for his neck and wrapped your arms around it. Nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck, he started breathing in your scent. Leaning back a little bit, he kissed your forehead, your eyes, nose, cheeks and temple while you were mumbling the words ‘Y-You’re not dead. Omg, you’re not dead.’

Placing your hands on his cheeks you looked him in the eyes. He too, was mumbling the words ‘I’m sorry.. I missed you, Y/N.. I’m so sorry..’ in between his sobs.

“H-How? How can you be alive? I saw your coffin. I saw your lifeless body, Jimin. And Jungkook is carrying your heart. H-How?..”

Not answering any of your questions, he placed his hand on top of yours and intertwined your fingers with his. Bringing your hands up to his mouth, he placed little kisses on it. Suddenly, he stopped his movements and looked at your left hand. You followed his gaze and realized that he was looking at your new engagement ring.
Out of reflex, you pulled your hand away out of his grip and tried to hide your hand.

This time he started shaking his head hysterically while he cried out loudly. “No, no, please tell me that this isn’t right. Y/N, please look at me. This is not what I’m thinking about, right? You’re still-”

“Jimin-ah.. I’m engaged to someone else..”

Special Room Pt. 5

Summary: Negan finally reveals the purpose of this ‘run’ and tells her his story. 
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 2074
Authors note: Literally like the first little paragraph is a full-on innuendo and I am LOVING IT.  I need ideas for the next part so leave some comments and ideas
Parts: 5/? -  (Part One)  (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Six) (Part Seven)
Quote of the story:  “So, let me give it to you.”


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Spring! (pt 1)

“Tyllerrrrr, where are we going?” Ethan asked he couldn’t stand it anymore. Once a month the two roommates took a day off to spend time together. Just a casual thing, de-stress and what not. Each time they switched off who was in charge of the day. This time was obviously Tyler’s turn.

“Okay,” Tyler began looking away from the road for a moment to smile at the whiny blue boy, “I’ll give you one hint.”

“Sure! Whatever, gimme da hint.” Ethan responded. He hated surprises.

“The hint is: what’s today?” Tyler said, proud of himself. It was a really good hint. Even if Ethan knew what was special about today, there’s no way he’d figure out everything.

“Whatttt??” Ethan groaned. “What kind of hint is that? I’ll tell you what type, a bad one.” The younger boy pulled out his phone and checked it. Nothing really seemed to stand out about it. “I don’t get it. It’s just March 20th. Nothing special…right?” Ethan paused for a moment. “Shit, I didn’t forget like our friend-aversary or something did I???” He looked at Tyler who was just smiling widely.

“No, no nothing like that, just sit back and enjoy the ride silly.”

*about an hour later*

“Are we there yettt?” Ethan asked, for the billionth time. Finally, Tyler had the satisfaction of being able to say yes.

“Actually, we are,” Tyler said, pulling onto a dirt road. They had left the city miles back. There wasn’t much around. Just hills and some mountains way off in the distance, a couple of trees. Not a lot to say the least.

“Oh.” was all Ethan could muster. If he was confused before, then he was straight baffled now. A minute or two down the road, Tyler pulled off to the side and killed the engine. He stole a glance at his friend, chuckling a bit at the lost look on his face.

Tyler, without saying a word, unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. Ethan followed suit, there wasn’t much else to do. As an after thought, Tyler told him to leave his phone in the car, saying that he wouldn’t need it. Reluctantly, he listened. However, Tyler’s next request was even stranger.

“ You see that hill?” Tyler gestured to one right in front of them, “Go to the top and close your eyes, and no peeking.” he smiled at the blue haired boy and ruffled his hair a bit.

“…Tylerrrr are you planning on murdering me out here?” Ethan joked, but without even waiting for a response started climbing up the side of the hill.

“MAYBE,” Tyler called out. When Ethan was far enough away, Tyler started putting his plan into motion. He popped the trunk of the car, revealing a picnic basket, a blanket, and other assorted goodies. He got everything out and carried it all up the hill at once, not wanting to make two trips. Once he made sure the younger boy had his eyes closed, he laid the blanket down on the ground. Right on a nice, soft patch of grass. He set up two plates and napkins, put out the food. Everything was perfect. On the other side of the hill, out of sight from the road, there was a small lake. That was for later, though, after their little feast.

~~This was originally just going to be one long thing, but maybe breaking it up will be better. Then I can see if there’s any real interest in it too. So more of like a teaser part. Also mostly bc im lazy. and Tired. anyways, yeah. I WILL POST THE NEXT PART TOMORROW OR I SHALL DIE. Just -ahem- anyways. I’ll go now.

The Right Armour

A/N: ReaderxSherlock One-shot :D (For those who submitted requests, I promise I’ll try working on them tomorrow. I haven’t written anything in a while. Will be needing a little time to get back into the swing of things. :) Thanks for understanding. Apologies for the delay.)

Warning/s: Implied smut.

Word Count: 600+

You woke up to the sound of the bedroom door closing.

“Hmm?” You whimpered as you opened your eyes. You saw Sherlock half-naked and fresh from the shower. A towel hung at his hips as he ruffled his hair with a smaller one. You ogled him like a perv for a few more moments. With a sight like that, who could blame you?

“You’re up early.” You said as you slowly sat up.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Sherlock walked to you, giving you a kiss on the mouth. His moist lips made the kiss sweeter, although in all honesty it tasted minty. “Lestrade just sent me a case. Too interesting to pass up.” He whispered into the kiss.

“Oh. I was thinking maybe we could have a part two of last night’s show?” You bit your lip.

“We will. Later.” He grinned. “But for now, why don’t you help me find the right armour.” He said, removing the towel and letting it pool at his feet. Your expectant eyes were disappointed upon seeing that he already had his pants on. You didn’t get a good look last night, it was too dark.

“Did you really think I would let you see all of me?” He smirked. “I’ll leave some to your imagination.” He winked. Sherlock grabbed a pair of trousers and started putting on a police uniform.

“What do you think?” He turned to you.

“Mmm. No.” You shook your head.

“Okay…” He took of the police hat and started undressing in front of you. You smirked to yourself. It was like Sherlock was giving you a Magic Mike moment. You approved of the turn of events.

“How about this?” Sherlock put on a fireman’s uniform.

“No. No.” You shook your head for the second time, trying to act as nonchalant as possible.

“Yeah, I don’t think so either.” He said, giving himself a once over at the mirror. He took off the striped coat, allowing you to see the soft definitions of his muscles flex as he moved. He bent forward as he took his trousers off. The garter of his pants hugged his firm round arse quite justly. You let out a hush groan only you can hear.

“Well?” Sherlock stood wearing a suit but he tweaked it a bit. He wore a pair of glasses, carried a brown leather satchel, and clutched a decent stack of books and papers.

“You look like a history professor.”

“That’s what I was going for.” Sherlock replied. You scrunched your nose, pretending to not like it. “No?” He mimicked your expression.

“No.” You shook your head.

“Fine…” He turned around, settling his props. Sherlock started the glorious process of removing his clothes once more. You unconsciously bit your lip and tilted your head to get a better view.

“Hey…” Sherlock said suspiciously. He caught you through your reflection on the mirror. “Wait a second…” He turned around after successfully removing all his upper body garments. You stood straight to attention. “You just want me to take my clothes off again…” He deduced you quite correctly.

“What? Of course not!” You denied his accusation.

“Oh, don’t lie to me, Y/N. I can see right through you.” Sherlock laughed.

“Okay, fine. So what if I was?“ You raised your eyebrow.

“You cheeky…” He walked over to where you were sitting. Forcing both of his knees in between yours, Sherlock’s lap touched your inner thighs. His half-naked body now stood dangerously close to you. His slightly cool skin clashed with the warmth of yours. You looked up to see him smirking devilishly down at you. The glasses on his eyes instilled the professor vibe.

Reaching for his riding crop, he grumbled, “Well, now. I guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.” Audibly swatting it a few times on his palm.

One thing you notice very early on is that conversation is how we become human. The word “infant” literally means “without the possibility of phatic expression.” We begin our lives by being spoken to and then slowly by responding. It’s what makes us come together as a kindred species. Without this dialogue, without this possibility of exchange, part of our humanity — that which makes us truly human — is lost. So for me conversation is a way of going back to that initial moment. Conversation is a giving and a taking, back and forth.
—  Paul Holdengräber, on the art and value of conversation
my favorite parts of dear evan hansen part two

chronological and inconclusive list of my favorite deh moments as someone who has seen the show 5 times in both dc and nyc. other parts can be found here as soon as I make the lists (this is v time consuming)

this list gets kinda personal but it’s my list so 

  • the fact that zoe actually has stars scribbled on the cuffs of her jeans
  • “if i could tell her” is just ONE of the many instances of evan using connor’s voice as his own !! it’s so important!!! it gives you even more insight into evan’s character !!
  • “tell them to eat without me”
  • “is that a button with connor’s face on it”
  • connor murphy memorabilia market
  • it got cut, but jared calling himself papa
  • “she was literally his sister”
  • when connor (i think it’s him) jumps on the bed during disappear
  • even though it tripped me up because of the difference when i saw it in nyc, i like that in disappear (as in some of the other songs) the verbs used are more in the present, more immediate action verbs instead of passive, “maybe/could/would” verbs
  • whenever waving through a window is reprised and the slight lyrics differences /meaning changes when it is & when it’s sung by different characters
  • “he kept calling it the ‘f-word finn’ — nobody else in our class thought of that”
  • cynthia’s heartbreak as a mom whose son didn’t get invited to any bar mitzvahs when he was in middle school / JLT is amazing
  • the seconds of silence followed by haunting music as evan stares at the audience and ties connor’s tie
  • also SIDEBAR there’s so much symbolism in that in evan’s narrative saying that connor helped him up after he fell from the tree, and knowing then more than he’d ever known that he wasn’t alone because even though that event never even happened, in a way connor DID do that for evan, with his death and all and i cry
  • all of You Will Be Found. all of it.
  • “just keep going until you see the sun”
  • when evan drops his notecards it breaks my heart
  • as much as i miss Part of Me, and even though You Will Be Found is really message-y, it’s so important and so eloquent and, for me and so many others, is exactly what i needed to hear when i was a lonely 16-year-old sitting on the floor in my room in tears because it felt like no one cared about me. the dialogue is so powerful and gives me chills just thinking about it.
  • the culmination of harmonizing voices and the internet voices just building
  • “you are not alone.”
  • i remember the first time i saw the show, even before YWBF was in it, what struck me the most was that, even if i felt like i did not have anyone at school who understood or cared about me etc., there were people who understood exactly what i was feeling enough to write/produce/act in an entire show about it meant the world to me. it was the first time i met benj pasek and i went up to him at intermission, in tears, just thanking him (and he was thanking us haha it was quite the love fest)
  • i’d heard the phrase “you are not alone” more times that i could count, and i never really understood its significance until that moment.
Hoshidan Festival: Silas and Kanna Parent-Child Convo

Here’s overly doting Papa Silas again, who, when with Kanna, calls himself Papa with a straight face (but I was seriously tempted to translate it to “Daddy” instead LOL). There’s a pretty big difference between how he treats Sophie and how he treats Kanna, but not in a bad way. 

Basically, Silas is the type of parent who wants their child to stay a child for a long time because he personally wants to see them mature. It’s too late for Sophie who is already in her late teens (probably), but Kanna is still young enough for Silas to go into full-on doting mode. And boy, it’s sweet enough to give you cavities AND a migraine. 

The funniest part about this dialogue is that Kanna is clearly the more mature one between the two because he has his priorities straight. 

(I still believe that Silas has a family kink okay.)

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Another Alpha (Derek Hale x Reader) Part II

Hearing the sound of Isaac’s growl of pain, Derek could smell the blood from his beta’s wound. Retaliating with his own strike, Derek swung out and hit the omega. Nearby, he could sense Erica still recovering from the blow she received a moment ago.

Luckily at this time of night in the woods, no one would be out to notice a werewolf fight going on.

Giving the omega jab to the side, the omega grabbed his arm and his blue eyes glowed brightly as he growled loudly. Although most omegas were outcasts and didn’t have as much power as werewolves in a pack, this one seemed to be stronger with his experience.

Unexpectedly, the omega shoved the alpha into the tree, looking ready to strike. Just as Derek raised his arms to block the claws…

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when i was a sophomore in high school i took a world history class during the summer so I could have more room in my schedule for electives

we watched a movie like every week but they were not even… educational movies… they were blockbusters, but our teacher treated them LIKE they were historical. he would pause the movie at certain parts and give a brief lecture. I mean it was cool when I was 15 bc I’d rather watch movies than take two hours of notes.

one such movie was the last samurai with tom cruise. i can’t make this shit up; we watched the last samurai with tom cruise as part of our unit studying asia.


i just had a flashback to a moment when he paused the movie just when Taka kisses Tom Cruise to talk about how it was reflective of Asian culture bc the woman was quiet during the entire scene and very subdued. then he talked about how he’s dated a lot of Asian woman and said he only dates people outside his race bc he likes to be exposed to other cultures.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time but isn’t that fucked up???? like wow that’s super fucked up I didn’t realize until now just how fucked up that whole class was

Selected Few: first child. Requested By Anon. Part one~

The two of you had your first child, and it was big news in the vampire world. Everyone was cooing over the next in line to be prince\princess.
Saying that they had your eyes and his hair, and your dazzling smile.
Those moment were great but the best moments were watching your husband who had been so neglected and abused as a child, give the love they never got.

He chuckled as your little one did, throwing them up into the air and catching them as they came down.
“Shuu you better not drop them!” You called from under the tree.
“I would never, this little one is my life.” He called back as he started to kiss their cubby cheeks. Making them squeal and wiggle, trying to escape your husbands arms.

Sneaking up behind your little one, he smirked as he finally found them.
Grasping them by the hips and lifting their little body into the air.
“Got you!” He cheered.
“Hehe Daddy!” Your little one cried with joy.

Watching the two of them craft a crown out of flowers was cute. It got even cuter when they body came over to you.
Placing the flower crown on your head with identical grins.
“You like it Mommy-chan?” Your child ask as you smiled and nodded.
“Told you she would.” Kanato chirped as he kissed your cheek.

 please enjoy~

Suga: it would be hard for him to contain his jealousy, he knows deep down that he shouldn’t care because you are HIS girlfriend after all. He would probably tighten his grip on you or lend you his jacket if he feel like someone is staring at a certain part of you body. 

Jin: The moment you two noticed the guy starring it would instantly bother Jin that someone was just rudely checking you out with him around  and would say to himself “I’ll give him something to look at” and begin to say “i love you Jagiya” giving you a quick kiss and suddenly be overly affection while making eye contact with the guy that instantly causes the guy to look away

Jhope: would be shocked, and say something like “Ya! what’s he looking at? Does this happen all the time jagiya?! Have they never seen a beautiful girl before? i’m standing right here! What’s his problem.” He would pull you by your hand and go somewhere else where the guy can’t see you. 

Rap Monster: he’d definitely get irritated by it and would try to ignore it at first but then loses his cool when the guy continues to stare and telling him “What’s your problem man, stop looking at my girl” but you would have to end up pulling Rap Mon somewhere else before he did anything irrational 

Jungkook: He’d instantly notice the second someone was checking you out, it would bother him deeply causing him to keep giving the guy glares but wouldn’t say anything just because he didn’t want to end up arguing with a stranger in front of you and just suggests that you two go somewhere else

V: he wouldn’t believe what he just witnessed, he’d look at you and say “ya, was he looking at you? He was checking out my girls?” he’d look dumbfounded and you’d be a little confused not knowing what he was going to do. at the end he’ll look at you and say “waa see you’re that beautiful, he probably envies me” and give you a cocky silly smile

Jimin: he would be quick to gain a sense of pride, that he’s the guy with his arm wrapped around a beautiful girl. He wouldn’t be shy to flex a bit to show the other guys who they’re messing with, he would show a tougher cockier side of him. He would never leave your side and kiss you more than usual especially when he sees the other guys looking.

~ Ellie & Kitty


This is Nettle Bridge. An old connection of two parts of Thyme is now closed to vehicular traffic and turned to heritage point of interest and one of the most popular spots of hiking and bicycle tours it the area.  

Okay, this was like, oh, just a small old pedestrian bridge, nothing serious and then three days of heavy meshing and texturing and I was almost ready to give up. Now I need to put this area together (there are still some things missing on one shore and opposite shore is totally empty at the moment).

There’s also a community lot next to the bridge (dummy looking house at the left, for now it’s called ‘Nettle Bridge House’ and it could be a pub of some sort). One of the ideas I’ve had for this map is to place at least one lot in most scenic areas of the hood.

The name of the bridge was fun to figure out. This hood is sort of herbal in names, so I needed another herbal name for the bridge (there are Basil road, Parsley street, Fennel road and Borage street already). The original landmark which I used as a reference was the Iron Bridge (Shropshire, UK), so I needed a herb rich in iron. So I googled it, and it turns out, that nettle is quite rich in iron, so I named this bridge after nettle. Funny thing is that I like John Nettles (which is irrelevant), so yeah, I’ll definitely keep this name for the bridge.

Birthday present (-minhyuk smut) Monsta x

You were at the super market and got all the food you needed for a great dinner for your boyfriend , because it was his birthday . But the food was only part one of the present . Part two was giving him your virginity . He knew you were insecure about your first time and you were glad he didn’t force you to do anything you did t want . Even though you’ve been dating for about 1 and a half years , your feelings stayed strong for each other and you enjoyed every moment you two spend together. As you finished shopping, you placed the groceries into your car . You wanted to get something sexually appealing to wear, so you had to go and buy some new underwear . The choice was between a sand colored corset with black ribbons and a tanga , or a pink playful balcony bra with some riffles and a hipster with the words : “get it ” printed on the back of it .
The choice was too hard , so you just got both . You headed towards your car and headed home . On the way there , you decided to call him , not wanting to congratulate him yet .
«(Y/N) ? What’s up ? »
« I know I’m probably bothering you , but I have a question . Would you rather prefer something playful and sexy or mature and sexy ?»
« both sounds great . But why are you asking ? »
« I … Uh … Was planning to make a new design for my blog and I didn’t know how to pose and what to wear in the picture »
Unfortunately , minhyuk knew that you can’t lie . So he figured it out , but pretended not to know .
«well , for the first time I would prefer you to look cute and sexy the same , so you can leave an innocent and shy impression , but still being sexy enough . When you do it again , while you’re being more experienced , you can go for the mature and sexy look »
« okay thanks minhyuk oppa . See you later . Love you ~»
Those were your last words before she hung up . At your house , you carried the groceries and the lingerie into the kitchen . You decided to prepare dinner first and while its cooking , getting ready for afterwards. After everything was cooking , you rushed into the bathroom and started showering , shaving and drying your hair afterwards . Then you got your lingers and put it on . You took a long , beige pullover and slid it over the “present”.
Simple makeup was added and the hair was tied together in two pigtails. After you were done , you went back into the kitchen and set the table .

Time skip: ( the moment the doorbell rang )
You were very excited and nervous , because you didn’t want to end up ruining his important day . With a gigantic smile spread over your face , you ran towards the door . You opened it and finally , there he was . Minhyuk , the man you fell deeply in love with . As a greeting you hugged him very tightly. As you let go , you said :« Happy Birthday Minnie ❤️ » and you kissed him on his lips soft and full of love . He smiled into the kiss and tried to deepen it , but you knew how this would end , so you stopped him before he could go any further . You guided him into the dining room and he couldn’t believe his eyes . There was so much food and it looked like the one you see in those live cooking shows on tv . He turned towards you and asked with a surprised voice : « You did this all for me ?» You nodded and he came closer to give you another kiss . This time even longer and more mind blowing . You both sat down and started eating the food you made . After you were done , he complimented your excellent cooking skills . Now it was time for present number 2. You shyly bit your lip and looked him straight in the eyes , playing with the hem of your pullover.
He gave you a questioning look , that signalized you that you have to explain it to him . « Do you remember when I said that I still want to wait with having my first time ? Well … I changed my mind . I want it to be you and only you who would make love to me .» Your face turned as red as a tomato and you looked down at your feet , waiting for his response . Suddenly two strong arms lifted you up and he started carrying you towards the bedroom .
« what are you doing ?»
«I’m going to make love to you , but I assume that you don’t want to have your first time on a table or on the floor right ?»
He only smirked down at you and kicked the door open with his foot . Then he carefully placed you onto the bed and followed after you , being on top of you while kissing you passionately . Your hands wrapped around his neck , pulling him closer to you if that’s even possible . It started getting warm and you started getting undressed . His hand slid under your pullover , pulling it over your head and admiring you in that lingerie . He licked his lips and started stroking your belly and going up further , making your body shiver from the contact of your skin . He travelled up further until he reached your boobs . With one swift movement , his hand slid behind your back and unclasped your bra . His hungry lips attacked your bare chest and he took care of both pink nipples. One was in his mouth and the other one was being folded between his thumb and index finger . His hand let go of her nipple and went down till it reached your panties . He started stroking your clit through the thin fabric and you moaned out in pleasure . The harder he pressed on it the louder you moaned and your back started arching while he moved the fabric aside , leaving you bare in front of him . He removed his shirt and all of his clothes to feel you against his bare skin . His dick was fully erected and was poking your entrance while he leaned down to give you a fierce kiss , sliding his tongue into your mouth and having a wild battle of dominance going on . He won and started putting more pressure with his dick on the entrance of your pussy . Before he started pushing in , he looked into your eyes , asking if you are ready for this and you nodded , giving him a weak smile , trying to hide your fear of the pain . He kissed you again and started playing with your boobs again, to distract you from his dick pushing further inside . It was almost half way in as he decided to speed things up and push the rest in at once. You jerked back and tears started rolling down your cheeks from the pain . He leaned down and kissed them away , making you feel better and giving you the time you needed to adjust to his size . As the pain disappeared , you gave him a sign to start , and he slowly pulled out almost all the way and slammed it back into you with enough strength , to make the whole bed move and hit the wall behind it . He continued slamming into you , making your moans turn into screams of pleasure the faster he became . Your moans and screams filled the room along with his gasps and some grunts . He threw your legs over his shoulders and continued ramming into you , getting you closer and closer . After a few more thrusts , you both came together and moaned out each other’s names . He remained deep buried inside of you as his semen flooded into you . Later he pulled out and you both collapsed on the bed .
« that was by far the best sex I ever had . And the first time . I’m glad that it was you .» you smiled at him and rested you head on his chest .
«I’m glad you liked it . I love you » he said and kissed you onto your forehead .
«I love you too .»
Those were the last words spoken until you both fell asleep .
- Admin H