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I'm hoping the Obi Wan film turns into an Obi Wan + Baby Luke go on an adventure movie.

This is literally the opposite of anything I want.

It’s extremely important to me (not to mention heavily implied by ANH canon, but who even cares about that anymore) that Obi-Wan was not really a figure in Luke’s life prior to ANH. He was “that crazy old wizard” that Luke had heard a few stories about, and was vaguely aware of where he lived, but that was it.

Obi-Wan spent 20 years in the desert being depressed, growing mushrooms on his vaporators, practicing his dragon calls, and learning to brew his own moonshine (and then drinking it, in impressive quantities). Nothing Disney does will ever convince me otherwise.


kc au week | day 1 · Crossovers and Fusions

“Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures.
No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence. Swords may cut and kill, but words will stab and stay, burying themselves in our bones to become corpses we carry into the future, all the time digging and failing to rip their skeletons from our flesh.”

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Hii, so I saw your airplane/cozy tom holland post and if you haven't already, you should definitely write a "mile high club" with Tom, ya feel 😏😏😏

okay i have like 12 requests for this so I should probably do it lol

  • okay so Tom is annoying on Planes like he’s gunna mention the mile high club at least 20 times during a flight
  • he’s only gunna be half serious because he knew you’d never actually do anything like that
  • so he’d be surprised when on a night flight to China you’d start getting handsy 
  • he’d kind of just cock an eyebrow at you as you leaned in to kiss his neck
  • I mean it would be dark in the cabin and the flight would be mostly empty so no one would really see you 
  • he’d kind of melt into your touch as he slipped of his headphones 
  • ‘‘y/n what are you doing’‘ he’d whisper 
  • ‘‘well you’ve always wanted to join the mile high club babe’‘ you’d wink at him and honestly he’d start to get hard
  • you’d lean and press your lips together and his breathing would be all shaky as he cupped your cheek
  • ‘‘cant..get..caught’‘ he murmur in between kisses
  • you’d grab two of the blankets that the airline gave you and sprawl them over each of your laps
  • your lips would be back on toms neck as you started to palm him through his sweatpants
  • and omg his eyes would be rolling in the back of his head and he’d be squeezing the arm rests while he bucked his hips against your hand to try get more friction 
  • he’d let a little moan out that only you could hear and the sound would make you clasp your thighs together
  • he’d notice that and slowly slip his hand into your leggings and slowly start rubbing little circles over your clit 
  • you’d both be bucking your hips into each others hand trying to get more friction 
  • and your head would be against his shoulder moaning into his ear 
  • and his jaw would be locked and he’d be so focused on rubbing your clit
  • you’d both decide that going to the bathroom would be too risky so you’d stay seated hands fumbling under the blankets
  • he’d slowly push two fingers into you and you’d let out a strangled moan into his ear and that would be too much for him 
  • he’d grab the back of your hair and pull tight while his fingers worked their magic
  • his fingers would be moving so fast and he’d be telling you what a good girl you were in your ear 
  • ‘‘my good little slut’‘
  • that would drive you over the edge and you’d bury your face in his neck as you came 
  • he wouldn’t let you come down for long though,he’d have both of your hands working on his hard length 
  • he’d be bucking up into your hands with his hands still in your hair 
  • ‘‘is this what you wanted y/n,getting me this hard on a plane’‘
  • he wouldn’t last long,the grip on your hair would tighten and he’d moan out your name with one final thrust into your hands
  • you’d both sit there panting for a minute before you reached into your bag for some tissues
  • you’d try to clean up without being seen and you’d both giggle everytime a flight attendant walked past 
  • ‘‘y/n next time could we try it in the bathroom’‘
  • ‘‘who said theres gunna be a next time Tom’‘ you’d smile and swat his arm 
Just Like That

Relationship: Sam x Reader

Tags: smut, straight up smut, bit of felching

Words: 669 (heh)

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In Love With My Best Friend (Part 1)

Dear diary…

It’s been ages since I started anything with ‘dear diary,’ but it seems proper for when you’re writing about a boy… Remember how I used to write about “stupid Potter,” well…. he’s my best friend.

And that’s the trouble. He’s my best friend. And I think… I think there might be more.

To Be Continued!

(James Potter played by the incomparable @seriouslyprongs !!!)

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River and the Doctor (whichever you like) cosplaying each other :3 (ooooooor in their lingerie... that was a temptating option that you put there...)

“I haven’t ever worn something like that. Yet.”
“You wanna bet?”
“Nothing to worry about, sweetie; we can’t all dress like cartoon characters.”

Part One:  Two’s Company, But Three’s a Crowd. (The Third Man S06E03)

Episode Summary:  Sam, Dean and the reader call Castiel for help when they investigate a case about several dead police officers who seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt. With Heaven in a state of chaos, God’s weapons have been stolen. The four head off to find the thief and come face to face with an old enemy. Meanwhile, the reader and Dean try to work like professionals with one another, and not let old feelings get in the way.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (Slight Sam x Reader)
Word Count: 6,274.

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I think I said once that writing fight scenes was the worst?

I take it back.

Re-writing fight scenes is the worst.

i keep forgetting that these gifs i’m doing for the 27th are going to be Tiny and i’m coloring them very seriously and it’s not even going to be noticeable skdjfg

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For the send a character humanformers! Swerve??

( Melly’s Mod Notes: For this ask, I’m assuming we’ll be using Swerve’s holo-matter form for this ask and any information will be related to that and regular Swerve!

Send a character meme | STILL OPEN )

✖ First impression
I loved his design when it was first revealed! I thought it was very ‘Swerve’ down to how casual he looked and how he still had wrap around shades to represent his visor! It was a cute little design details that had me smiling the most out of all the cute little design details they had. :>

✖ Impression now
I eagerly await for any excuse for the holo-matter forms to be whipped out and used by the gang. While some fans may not be crazy for the designs of most of the characters’ holo-matter forms - /stares at Rewind’s and such sadly too - I think Swerve’s is one of the best for him.

✖ Favorite moment
The entirety of The One Where They Go to Earth, Issue #43.

Seeing the cover for the first time had me cackling in public in a horrid witch way and reading the story hurt me in a good way. I’m glad Swerve was allowed to have an issue highlighting him and his relationship with others, along with the fact Swearth allowed us to see some lovely other humanformer designs like Nightbeat, Rodimus, and Cyclonus. Thank you for nearly dying from a bullet from Agent 113, Swerve.

✖ Idea for a story
A actual humanformers AU where Swerve is a regular gay trying to make ends meet, dreaming of living a more adventurous life. You think living in a high-tech society filled with intrigue and politics would be exciting but noooo. Not for him. Nothing cool ever happens to good ol’ Swerve. He’s a bartender for Primus’ sake, you think he’ll get to witness a spy trade go down or have the threat of a gunfight break out in his bar. Alas that doesn’t seem to be the case, now or ever. So he watches with envy his friends going about more exciting lives, wishing he had a chance to do something more with his life.

Enter an injured Cybertronian on the run, desperate to hide from their side for a reason they won’t reveal to anyone just yet. Desperate to hide from the group hunting them down, they scan and become the first awful-looking car they find in an attempt to throw their hunters off their scent - Swerve’s rundown excuse of a car.

He naturally freaks out upon discovering the truth but doesn’t have the heart to turn them away or something when he sees their scared and defeated expression. He wanted something exciting to happen, didn’t he? Guess he should have been specific. He ropes in the help of his friends, Tailgate and Rewind and Skids, to keep their giant robot friend safe from from danger. Cue wacky hijinks as Swerve attempts to aid and defend the injured ‘bot/‘con from danger while they try to help him out with his needs along the way. All the while he begins to learn more and more about this ‘war’ their friend is involved in…

✖ Unpopular opinion
None, really, in terms of humanformer!Swerve.

The most negative thing I can think of for Swerve, in general, is that I wish they showed more of Swerve’s reactions to Skids’ death and was at least mentioned during Nautica’s attempts to revive Skids. I know Nautica may not think highly of him from time to time - see: her reaction and her words when he explains why he brought Ten along to Necroworld - and the Troja Major arc was her and Velocity but yeah. I would have like to believe they got on along well enough to speak about the other if they’re not around.

Also I suppose I am extremely uncomfortable with the realisation, which was made on another post, that Swerve essentially slapped the face of his God on his deck after his old one was destroyed. And that no one seems to notice or don’t want to notice. Ultra Magnus please you get made if a badge is worn at an angle what the fuck.

✖ Favorite relationship
Ultra Magnus/Swerve, be it friendship or romantic. Their interactions in Cybertronian Homesick Blues, Issue #13 was amazing and I can see how people jumped aboard the romantic ship for the two after.

Also it could be the filthy robot fucker in me showing but The Liaison/Swerve is also a ship I can get down with. I do think Swerve needs a relationship that isn’t tied or based on his history with Cybertron, if you guys can understand what I mean by that. He needs to be able to not feel like he needs to live up or compare to other individuals, be allowed to act like himself and not feel bad for it. Let someone kiss him and tell him he’s great because he’s Swerve please? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

✖ Favorite headcanon
Swerve has a thing for humans okay?? He’s grown to admire and like them a lot thanks to their entertainment media and how much they produced and made in only a few centuries, give or take. As a result he would love to have a freaky encounter of the third kind with them because he thinks it’ll be cute to hold and cherish a being so soft and so squishy. Which means he’s totally watched porn videos involving humans and, if he’s lucky enough to find it, porn videos involving organics that look humanoid in nature while they bang/get banged by a robotic lifeforms. Watching those videos the night before he needs to meet up with the liaison to discuss his stocks and supplies are always a bit… awkward.

(He’s also prepared for their bodily functions since a lot of comedies rely on using those bits for some gross out/gag moments.)