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A Year in Review [2016]: Favorite Characters

1. AoY Girls - Jeong Ye Eun, Song Ji Won, Yoon Jin Myeong, Yoo Eun Jae, Kang Yi Na (Age of Youth)

hi there so after the OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to my last video (thank you for that by the way, it made me so happy), i decided to do another dear evan hansen song! so here’s a lil snippet of me singing and playing all the parts to “You Will Be Found” :) i hope ya like it

ps the app makes it sound better with headphones

I remember it now...

I just finished my rewatch of Eureka seveN after few years since last time. And I am a crying mess right now.

I remembered what I forgot through all those years. I was reblogging E7 related stuff on this blog for a long time now, but I didn’t feel anything. I was just mindlessly doing it out of habit.

But now I remember. How I felt as a 12 year old boy, who stumbled upon this show by pure coincidence. Ever since then I was mesmerised by it. I couldn’t wait till next episode. Nine pm, everyday. I remember the time when episode 50 aired. How sad it was to see that my favorite show, my favorite characters, my favorite world was gone. It felt like leaving something behind. Something really important to me.

Back then I thought that if Renton’s 14, then I still have 2 years to become as cool as him. This memory is so vivid it feels like it was yesterday. When I was a child, I didn’t know where lies the limit of human imagination. Eureka seveN felt real to me. I wasn’t looking at this show as a cartoon made by people. For me it was a real world. It was an experience. A journey.

This anime taught me a lot of things, With every year I gained, I was learning different things from it. I’m still amazed that even after 8 years, I can see new things in this show. New things I can learn from. This show taught me about family. About friendship. About love. That not everything in life works out. That to get something, to make something real, I can’t wait for it to happen. I have to do it myself.

About 4 years ago I think I forgot why I even liked this show. I thought I remembered it well. Well, I was wrong. Without realizing it, I forgot why I am so attached to it. But while I forgot a lot of things, it let me feel like I was watching it for the first time. I felt like a kid again. It felt like definitive end for my childhood, even though I’m 20 years old already.

But I remember it now…

I finally remember why I fell in love with Eureka seveN in the first place.  

Just because bt* are the most known group to you that doesn’t make them the biggest group nor does it make them the first most influential group in the west, a lot of groups had gone to Europe and America even before they debuted please think before you talk… 😩

Random DA:O Thoughts - Pt 10.
  • Leliana told me about her Mother. It was a very sad story. She said her Mother used to hang a certain flower up in her room, she loved the smell of them. I found one of the flowers in Redcliffe :D when I gave it to her I said “Smell it” then she remembered. Awwwwwwww <3
  • Doggo keeps barking in camp. It’s annoying ugh. Shut up!
  • Ahaha I accidentally removed Al’s armour (I swear just to change it to another one lol) and now he’s in camp in just his undies. Omg I cant stop laughing.
  • Not too sure where to go next so I travelled to the forest where the elves are. They look so cool! All of them have tattoos as well.
  • Just found a new mage robe which has a very low neckline. How is Al meant to concentrate? hehe
  • I’m a grey warden/matchmaker now. Talked to an Elf who hasn’t had a chance to hunt and become a hunter, so his crush won’t agree to join with him. I convinced her to give him a chance :) such a cute scene of them being all lovey dovey awww. <3
  • Aww a poor Elf lost his wife in the forest. I have to find her. She might have been turned into a werewolf. :( He seems so nice too!
  • Not too sure about this Elf leader, he doesn’t like to disclose much. I love his first, she is very cute. She has Ashley’s voice haha. ^^ We have the same type of robe. Well the old one I used to use with the amulet. Now I’ve been using the slutty low neck one hehe ;)
  • Now I have to get some wood for some shop keeper haha.
  • Wow the werewolves are brutal. If you’re not careful they can surround you and quickly kill you.
  • Found an injured elf huntsman. Initially I looted his body after the second time he fainted, then took him back to the camp. I knew I’d load I just wanted to see what I’d get/what could happen. Haha how evil is that though?! You end up stealing armour that was passed down to him from his grandfather. Talk about mean! I loaded, took him back to the camp right away since he doesn’t really tell you much.
  • Ooh there are ent trees like from lotrs. They attack us though awww.
  • Spoke to a nice tree. :) He’s really cool! He want’s me to find his acorn. A hermit stole it. Jerk hermit!
  • There’s a camp that has been abandoned. Seems weird. The fire is going and there are beds. Checked out the fire, the tent and the beds. Each time it was like the camp was hypnotising us. Okay so now we’ve fallen asleep… seems suspect. Omg creepy! I woke up and the rest of my party was dead! There were dead bodies everywhere, well skeletons, and a creepy shade demon was trying to kill me. It was a trap! Have killed the demon now. Suck it, bitch!
  • Weird misty barrier I can’t get through. They walk through it to come back in the same spot. Reminds me of The Hobbit.
  • I found the hermit. He’s crazy! I ended up killing him cause I couldn’t be bothered trying to trade for everything. The tree gave me an awesome oak branch staff for finding his acorn. I really like how he rhymes everything he says.
  • Right after I came across the elf Wynne thought the templars had killed. She had a lot of guilt over it. He lives in the forest, isn’t really part of the Dalish elves. This gave Wynne piece of mind so I’m happy about that :D I wonder if I can cure her of the demon, or help keep the demon alive somehow.
  • I like the werewolf swift rider. He’s cool! I’ve had to fight him twice so far, then the spirit wolf got in between us to save him.
  • Oh no I found the elves wife and she’s been turned into a werewolf :( she asked me to be merciful, to put an end to her pain plus let her husband know. I have her scarf to give him. He was sad :(
  • I was thinking about this the other day but forgot to add it to earlier post. I wonder how time progresses in the game? Cause after the circle tower mission, I spoke to Wynne about being a grey warden etc. She said I’d been a grey warden for a year so far. In game I sometimes forget about the actual time. Since they walk to each place then maybe it’d take months of travelling just to get to one town. Also in the forest the keeper leader elf said that if I get bitten by a werewolf that I’d know after a couple of weeks. Just reminded me that to me the time is a few hours, but to the characters it would be weeks or even months.
  • The underground ruins area was fun to explore :D I found a lot of cool items but sometimes have to destroy some (the ones that aren’t that great) cause I run out of room. I have upgraded my pack about 4 times though.
  • I have the arcane specialisation now. Felt super bad for the arcane warrior trapped in the life stone. I wonder how long he was in there for.
  • Not sure what to think of werewolves. Are they bad or misunderstood?
  • They have taken me to see “their lady”, she is a green lady with vines. I’m guessing she’s the spirit wolf, shadow fade? It was the main elf keeper who created her and brought the curse to the forest. Such a sad story! I ended up convincing him to end his life, and that of the spirit too, so that the werewolves and elves would be cured. I teared up a little when she died :( the poor werewolves were sad.
  • The elves have joined the cause! :D woo!
  • I have so many gifts! When I get back to camp I’m gonna be like: “Gather round everyone! Mama Warden has some preseeeents for yoooou!”
  • Al’s heart is gold now ^_^
  • Decided I’m going to search for the urn of sacred ashes now.
  • Travelled to Denerim for the first time. Was worried Loghain would imprison me lol.
  • Genitivi wasn’t there but his assistant Weylon was. He was acting shifty. When I tried to look in the lab he attacked me. I was worried at first that was the wrong decision but I found the real body in the room. Creepy!
  • What the..? A super man reference?! Ahaha. This was when I was travelling.
  • Omg that lake pub has shady people watching the owner. I thought it was weird last time I visited it ages ago.
  • This town is sooo creepy! All these creepy cultists trying to kill me.
  • Found Genitivi. He’s taken us to the temple. I get a bit worried leaving him in there, that he might die. Hmm…
  • Lots of dragons and baby dragons to fight. I really hate killing the baby ones.
  • Note to self: don’t sell the drake scales. Oops! I didn’t think i’d need them.
  • I’ve decided I’m going to focus on the spirit healer specialisation.
  • Btw haven’t given Alistair the locket yet. Not sure why. I kinda wonder if he’d have different dialogue if I give it to him before or after saving the Arl.
front lawn, early morning (my tired shoulders)

“cake as weapon” trilogy, part one

another day went and saddled my neck, my shoulders / brought me, steered me, towards and through a sultry sundown parade / the twilight was pretty but the heat and noise smothered me whole / bottle after bottle to keep cool, they’re piled up empty now / a haphazard mountain in a paper bag / bottle caps litter the ground, they’re caught in the growing grass / no dew this morning / just tears


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Let the sass intemsify.

Kingdom Hearts verse.  (miscellaneous head canons) 

hanekoma has been an ANGEL since before the KEYBLADE WAR. he wasn’t yet in charge of any cities but he recalls watching the war go down from the HIGHER PLANE. he was going though training for his PRODUCERHOOD but was also required to keep an eye on things. 

he is UNABLE TO DREAM. he knows of what DREAM EATERS are, but his ‘kind’ lost the ability to reach the REM state when they died and ascended to ANGELS. instead he is able to open the REALM OF LIGHT in situations its absolutely necessary.

rather…. he WAS able to. upon SHIBUYA falling to the darkness, he had force JOSHUA into a dream for sake of keeping the city salvageable even if it was lost in the darkness. he made sure to make sure the place JOSHUA is sleeping was properly protected- thus breaking code to keep him safe (thus showing favoritism instead of letting fate take hand over the city). because he broke code- he became FALLEN; and with that status any ability to walk the LIGHT was taken from him.

he needed to FALL to be able to go into the REALM OF DARKNESS to get his city back; and he knew that it was the only way to save JOSHUA and SHIBUYA. he knows it’s unlikely hell make it back in one piece- let alone being stained but he’d do anything to protect his city.

but it wasn’t an immediate jump . he had to travel worlds to figure out way leads to find the best way into the REALM OF DARKNESS.

he will periodically check his phone to see if he has any messages from JOSHUA though he knows he won’t have any. he feels like he FAILED as PRODUCER but will give the rest of his existence to bring back what is lost + give those people who came to an end another chance. he just hopes JOSHUA is doing everything he can while unsupervised in the REALM OF SLEEP.

he made a PROMISE to be back for him. what kind of FALLEN ANGEL would he be if he broke his PROMISE?

ask-fem-kookie  asked:

4, 22, 29, 49~

4.) A song you’re embarrassed to like

Ah jeez JubyPhonics covers of yuukei yesterday and drop pop candy they’re so cute and happy I’m a sucker for cute and happy songs

22.) A song that motivates you to work/helps you focus

Idk it might be weird but Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko helps me focus when I’m doing homework :,D when it comes to something like volleyball I usually listen to upbeat songs like yesterday by Block B or Sober by BigBang or hardcore rap/emo songs like the Cyphers or One For the Money by Escape the Fate

29.) A song that cheers you up when you’re sad

Drop Pop Candy (JubyPhonic), Yesterday (Block B), Sober (BigBang), Mansae (Seventeen), Very Nice (Seventeen), Mama (J-HOOOOPE), and maNY OTHERS ASDFGHJKL

49.) A song whose lyrics you’ve memorized

Idk why but the first songs that came into my head was Car Radio by tøp and Super Bass by Nikki Minaj??? I???? ??