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And for once it might be grand, To have someone understand,                                  I want so much more than they’ve got planned!

2x21 All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1) 


TOP 50 CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers) - #22. Claire Temple
I’m not sure when exactly this hospital became more concerned with private donations or saving our own asses, but just an FYI, this used to be a place where job number one was saving lives. I won’t be any part of this. I’m out.

Dorothy Day, one of the most important American Catholic leaders of the 20th century, had an unexpected past. Her early years included a bohemian lifestyle in New York, an abortion, and a child born out of wedlock. She later co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement, a pacifist, faith-based movement for social change that still exists today. Day led the Catholic Worker Movement from its beginnings in the Great Depression through the Vietnam War era. Day fed thousands of people, wrote newspaper columns, novels and plays, was arrested several times in protests, chain-smoked for years, and at times lived on farms as part of an agrarian, back-to-the-land strand of the Catholic Worker movement. She died in 1980 and is now a candidate for sainthood in the Church. 

A new biography that illuminates Day’s activism and her complex personal life comes from someone who knows both well. Writer Kate Hennessy is Day’s youngest granddaughter, and she relied on family letters and diaries, interviews, and her own memories for her new book, Dorothy Day: The World Will be Saved by Beauty.

An ‘Intimate Portrait’ Of Dorothy Day, The Catholic Activist With A Bohemian Past

Same Patterns {Part 2}

Part 1

Summary: You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work?

Wowee. So I know it’s been a while, but I’ve had a lot of things in my life to priorotise and organise - I’ve started uni!!!!! which you can imagine has been hectic - and I think I’m finally able to sit down and continue this. So without further adu.

Words: 586

Notes: Father figure!Tony - I don’t really think that’s a warning. I mean, who doesn’t love an overly protective Tony.

“Y/N?” a familiar voice called from your living room as you entered the apartment.

“Hey Tony.” You greeted him. “What’s up?”

“I know I helped you move out but, you’d think you would show this old man your face every now and then, right?” he whined.

“Why would I, you seem to show up here before I get the chance.” You joked.

“How’s the new assignment going. I can’t believe you moved out of the Avenger program. You know I could have kicked him out for you. You shouldn’t have left.” He complained.

“I needed a break,” you sighed, “Everything just reminded me of everything. The lounge,” where you caught them, “my room,” where you threw every photo of him at the wall, “the training room…”

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Live Action: BATB review part 1

Emma Watson’s “strong” female character changes to Belle is ultimately her let down. Throughout the original, Belle is strong, but she breaks down, she cries, she gets overwhelmed at natural times like losing her father, seeing Gaston lead the mob, to just sometimes feel exhausted.

Watson’s Belle ALWAYS has a plan, she always remains guarded, she rarely lets anyone see anything asides from anger and disdain. This is especially evident with her interactions with the Beast, and that we never see Watson feel vulnerable, to feel insecure or unsafe.

One example would be where Belle trades herself up for Maurice. In the original, Belle feels overwhelmed but she gives herself up as a sense of duty. The Beast is callous and tears away any last farewells, but Belle’s very vulnerable and emotional break down gives us a glimpse into the humanity of the Beast because you can see he feels guilt. After she tells him she didn’t get to say good bye, the Beast processes this and offers Belle a nicer room, and gives her free reign of the castle.

In the live action film, Belle is SO SMART AND SO DEVIOUS, she asks the Beast to let her say goodbye to Maurice, tricks Maurice into giving herself up, and says she’ll escape. The Beast outright snarls at her and all of that humanising interaction we see from the Beast is GONE. Lumiere is the one who sets Belle free from the dungeon, he’s the one who offers her free reign of the castle and he’s the one who invited Belle to dinner while the Beast is outraged at all this.

The film honestly doesn’t give her breathing room or just moments of sweetness and tenderness. In the original, when Belle sees the rose for the first time, she’s curious, you get to see her take off the bell jar, and these intimate, subtle emotions cross her face of whether she should touch it, before it’s all stopped by the Beast who gets defensive and angry.

When Watson sees the bell jar with the rose she barely lifts her hand before the Beast fucking jumps in front of her and screams for her to leave.

Another moment is when Belle sees her father dying and feels a need to save him. The Beast, we see him protectively rest onto the bell jar, glancing at the rose and you can see him going through so many emotions before he goes “you must go to him”, knowing he’s letting the love of his life go forever. She tenderly touches his face, and she rides off, as the Beast screams in anguish and the music swells.

In this film, Watson says the line, then the Beast just goes “You must go” without any moment for us to feel the gravity of his decision. Then… it just drags out with a ballad from the Beast, stopping the film for 5 minutes to tell us, yes, the Beast is sad, and yes, it takes Watson 5 minutes to get out into the garden.

This film lacks so much emotional heart and depth, Watson’s wooden acting in a room full of CGI monstrosities, feels more like the characters are driven to do things just because the original film says so, rather than feeling like the characters have emotions, hopes, fears or depth. It has no real stakes because we know how the story goes, we know the characters have nothing to lose and we don’t see anything they need.

The biggest sin this film commits is the fact everything is told through expositional dialogue/songs rather than showing us how the characters feel and breathe.

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How do you balance being a senator for urban areas like Reno and Vegas as well as rural areas (the rest of the state)?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, but I love rural Nevada. It is beautiful. Its lakes, mountains and deserts are second to none.  I have spent a good deal of time in Nevada’s rural communities, and I have a lot of respect for the people who live there. From the cowboys and ranchers, to our farmers and Indian Nations, Nevadans from rural communities are an essential part of our state and make it a better place to live.

 When I ran for Senate, I promised Nevadans that I would take all of their voices to Washington. And that is what I am doing.  I know not everyone voted for me and that some Nevadans disagree with me, but I am committed to working in their behalf in Washington. Whether I am fighting to ensure our VA system gets the funding it needs; making sure our community health clinics have access to critical funding to keep their doors open; securing funds to improve our airports, roads and bridges; or working to expand access to affordable, high-speed, broadband internet, I am working hard to ensure both rural and urban areas in Nevada receive the funding and resources they need to serve all Nevadans.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Live Action: BATB review part 2

Luke Evans is a great actor but he was cast wrong to play the villain.

Gaston was humanised as a character, but the film gave him too much relatability. In this film, he’s a war hero who feels stifled and bored by the village, much like Belle, and he likes Belle not just because she’s beautiful but that she’s the only one who makes him feel challenged. The movie goes so far to show that Gaston is an equal to Belle whether it’s because he’s smarter than the other villagers, he gives her reasons to marry that, in his eyes, would benefit her like not becoming a spinster and enjoying a cushy life. He grabs her skirt and sexually harasses Belle too in this version, but the film gives him far too much time and humanity on screen to really present it as a problem.

Gaston is self centered still, but Luke Evans did too much of a good job making us *like* Gaston because Gaston’s motivations and drive is so much more complex and deep than just being concerned with status or beauty.

Even when Gaston outright tries to murder Maurice in this film, it shows far too much of Gaston’s side, of how frustrated he feels and how insulted he is by Maurice’s rejection of Gaston as a son in law. He’s driven by anger, and the film justifies his actions because he’s willing to actually give Maurice a chance to find the Beast, to try cosying up with Maurice, and it just shows Gaston is frustrated, instead of outright being dismissive of Maurice.

But by the time the end of the film rolls around, Gaston just has to slip into the role of the original character, and this character set up for the third is dull and hollow. He just does things because the film says so and doesn’t fit well with his previous characterisation.

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Eventually all the ships will end, because they are still young they will meet new people, have feelings for them . It will be just part of their lives. Just memories. bad or good memories.

i feel like camila is still on it tho. its not the end of camren

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I just hope Jug & Archie don't get into a physical altercation in the finale because Archie being jealous of Juggie & Betty. I can live with Bughead parting ways with Archie in finale.. What I don't want is Betty thinking she dating Juggie for the wrong reason, yes I know it happens in situations like this but I want Betty to have the upper hand with Archie fickle ways with girls.

that’s definitely where my mind went when i first heard kj broke his arm filming a stunt in a scene with the core four in the finale.. but i still think that archie and veronica get together in the finale (i’ll continue to think that until given a real reason not to), and there’s no way veronica would get together with somebody who was still licking his wounds after getting in a fight over another girl. plus, i get some people go a little too hard in their fake fighting scenes, but breaking his arm?? and, as far as we know, cole wasn’t injured at all. –i am still a little nervous it could be a jughead/archie fight, but, for now, i’m going to say that it probably isn’t. of course, if it isn’t a fight, i don’t know what else it could be 

Please tell me why I still look past all of the bad. Why do I so easily forget the not so fond memories? Why do I instantly let these go? Why am I always able to believe again.. to love again.. to want again? What makes him so damn different to everyone else? What parts of him live within me? Why does time never seem to exist between us.. do we exist beyond time? Why do I make sense of all of his faults with love and with my own past experiences? How am I ever supposed to stop loving him unconditionally?
—  questions I ask the moon 🌙

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Coming on Anon, because I get flustered around such amazing talent. Your edits are magic! Wow. The Baking Championship one is so seamless (they all are). It's so sweet and fluffy like properly creamed sugar and butter....See what I did there? 😅 I love all your edits. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. ☺ Hopefully, SuperCorp will rise like a proper souffle! (So, yeah...I also came on Anon to make horrible/funny? baking references.)

omg! your baking references just made my whole night, my friend :D they’re brilliant!!! supercorp will rise like the fluffiest souffle for sure!

thank you so much for your kind words, this fandom is so talented and funny and smart and a constant source of inspiration it’s a blessing being part of it :) 

also @proudlyunicorn and her british bake off live blogging are to thank for that baking manip… i was having a bit of a creative block but when i found out she was planning to write that fic i just had to make a manip!