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This fandom is absolutely incredible! So I have but only one wish, and that is for us to not turn out like the teen wolf fandom. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the teen fandom I’m a part of it myself and have been for ages, but unfortunately quite a few members (not all) bully other members because of their ships or even tagging something somewhere it might not belong. I recently got called a “c*nt” because of that and there is no excuse for that. So please, let us not be nasty, let us not bully, let us be a family and a bloody supportive one at that. If one person ships bughead and one person ships barchie then so be it! That’s no reason to bully anyone. SPREAD THE WORD peace and love guys

Outside All is Well

to unlearn this gift,
this heart, these small hands,
every part I’ve used against myself
I shun, break down,

knuckles bleed white,
I will pull and tear
rip apart the inside
make something new out of the broken

all these things
I’ve kept stored away
out of shame
will be released,
into the wild they will go

then you’ll see
and so shall I.

anonymous asked:

So I've been trying to figure out my gender and I think agender fits (actually agenderflux). And while I know I don't fit into the binary, I also don't feel a connection to being nonbinary. I just don't really feel connection to gender, period, most of the time. So can I be agender and not nonbinary or does agender fall under the umbrella term nonbinary regardless and this is more me just having trouble accepting this part of myself?

Hello anon, thanks for the question.

Nonbinary means simply “not identifying as solely male or female” so being agender does fall under the umbrella. That being said, you don’t have to call yourself nonbinary if you don’t want to. 

My heart is achey. My mom made me feel really bad about some important parts of myself and now I’m afraid to show them and I’m really ashamed. I keep suppressing my “autistic urges” (happy stimming and making my weird vocalizations) and also I haven’t really been regressing bc I’m kind of scared to. also this has been a really bad week and all of a sudden she’s decided to start making me do school stuff right after she made me feel super bad. she’s pushing me to my limits lately and it’s really hard to handle.

friendly reminder that trying to push the “no label” agenda on someone who wants to find a label that properly defines them/is happy with their label is just as bad as trying to push a label onto someone who doesn’t want one. thanks

Jimin: I just slept for 12 hours what did I miss?
Jungkook: dis dick ;)
Jimin: thank god I thought I missed something big
Taehyung: *bursts through the door doing somersault ending in a dab* boi u gon’ need some ice for that burn!!


ALRIGHT so here goes. short list of things i picked up on about tlou 2 during the psx livestream w neil druckmann, ashley & troy; obviously some spoilers ahead, kind of; 

  • if the first game was about love and people building relationships in a time of crisis and learning to trust, tlou 2 is about hate and ellie’s in particular
  • we’re going to PLAY AS ELLIE from what i understand she’s going to be the main protagonist this time 
  • ELLIE IS 19
  • which makes joel about 53-54? i think 
  • neil druckmann, re: the apprehension people were feeling about the idea of sequel to tlou - “trust me, we all felt the exact same way. nobody loves these characters more than we do & we would not do this unless we felt we had the right idea. we played with the idea of a sequel with other characters for ages but it never felt right. the last of us has always been about joel and ellie. all i ask is that the fans put some faith in us, trust us, we will do right by you. ”  
  • they started working on this scene TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO
  • when neil first got a recording of the song from ashley it was too good! they got a voice coach to help her sing a little more scratchy and rough and authentic and find ellie’s voice 
  • brand new facial motion capture hoo-haa technology stuff idk THERES BEEN SOME DEVELOPMENT and its great there’s a whole adorable bit where ashley’s facial expressions are mirrored in ellie’s 3d model and she’s wonderful and full of freckles 
  • MOVING ON neil said “ellie is the main character in this one and she plays a little differently than joel” - im assuming more stealth? “some mechanics are evolutions and some are reinventions” they are literally like at knife point not the reveal anything goddamn 
  • ashley cries a lot. she apparently cried when neil told her the story outline for left behind and then kept crying when he told her about tlou part 2. they were at a restaurant and people stared at neil judgementally for making her cry 
  • gustavo santaolalla IS BACK!!! thank god 
  • there’s a new musical track reveal & some concept art of environments and one of ellie <3
  • neil says he cannot see the last of us without joel and ellie. “they are the heart of this game. at its core the story is about human relationships and their relationship is the most important one in it.”