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The Ultimatum

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Wordcount: 2479

Warning: Angst, Injured Dean, Language. 

Part Two - The Memories @hanny-writes-spn

Part Three - The Compromise @melonshino(Link coming soon)

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge. I was fortunate enough to get buddied up with two amazing ladies @hanny-writes-spn and @melonshino. I for one had a blast with this challenge. Hope y’all like it. 

Prompt: “What the hell is that sound coming out of you?” 

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Sam was behind the wheel of the Impala, racing down the near empty highway, you and Dean in the backseat, trying to keep him conscious. It was a bad hunt that ended even worse. The demon got what was coming to him, but not before he managed to get to Dean. Dean had jumped out of dodge, but the demon managed to give him a big flare across the stomach.

“Babe, come on.. Stay with me,” you said, cradling Dean’s face in your one hand while the other tried to minimize the bleeding. God, there was a lot of blood. “Sam, you need to step on it.”

You met Sam’s eyes in the rearview mirror, his hazel eyes portraying the fear and panic you were feeling.

“How’s he doing?” Sam asked, putting his eyes back on the road.

“He’s losing a lot of blood, Sam, and he keeps falling in and out of consciousness.” Tears started to well in your eyes as the reality of the situation started to kick in. you couldn’t lose him. “Take the next right, I know a safe place to stop that is closer than the bunker.”

You hadn’t been back to the house you grew up in since after your dad’s funeral, you just couldn’t stomach the thought of living there without him, so you just never went back. You still weren’t thrilled about the idea, but Dean’s life was on the line.

“What?” Sam asked in confusion.

“Just follow my directions and we’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

Your dad had been a hunter too, so you were pretty sure you’d be able to find what you needed to put your boyfriend back in one piece.


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"Your Big Night"

This was requested by an anon who wanted a fun, ticklish, fluff-fest.
Forgive me it’s a bit short… But let’s fluff it up!


“Newt, have you seen my earrings? You know we can’t leave without them”

You were just about ready to leave for the party with your childhood best friend, new bestselling author, and man of the hour, Newt Scamander.
“I’m sure you look perfectly fine without them” Newt appeared in the doorway, dressed in an elegant blue suit.

Man, he sure knew how to dress to impress.
“But I set them on my dresser a half a second ago, and now they’re gone!”

“(Y/N), they’re only earrings. They’re not even the important part of the outfit.”
You turned toward Newt, irritation written all over your face.

“You’re missing the point. I wanted to look perfect tonight! It’s your big night, I should’ve been absolutely stunning for you!”

‘You will always be stunning to me’ he thought.
You were dressed in a floor length, sparkling, silver gown and your normally messy curls were tastefully pinned up into a twist.

A diamond neckless rested effortlessly above your collarbones, and it was needless to say you were trying very hard to impress.

And Newt was completely in awe of your beauty.

He shifted nervously, staring at the floor.
“It’s really not that big of a deal” he sputtered.
“Yes it is! Your book is finally finished! And not only that, it’s becoming one of the fastest best sellers in the history of magic! I can’t be your date looking anything less than a million bucks.” You twirl in your dress, showing off the glittering patterns in the light.

“(Y/N)… you always look like ‘one million bucks’” you blushed suddenly, tucking a stray curl behind your ear.
“Thank you Newt”

He stood straight up and fixed his tie, clearing his throat to rid the air of the tension from that last conversation.

“You can go without them.”
“No I absolutely cannot!”
“We don’t have another choice, we’re suppose to be there in 20 minutes, and I’d rather be on time to my own gala!” He suppressed a chuckle, as you pouted.

But then, a devious idea struck you.
“Fine.” You sauntered closer to him, biting your lip and reaching for his bow tie.
“But it If I can’t wear something I want to…”
Then, you looked him dead in the eye.
“Then neither can you” and with a fluid motion, you yanked his black tie from around his neck, and ran like mad.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), that’s not fair! Give it back!” He called as you ran into the living room.
“If you want it, you’re going to have to take it from me” you teased, and turned to face him, dangling his tie playfully behind your back.
“You really don’t want to try me” he warned, breaking into a grin.

“Oh…and why is that?”
“Because I’ve known you long enough to know that you are incredibly ticklish.” Your cheeky smile instantly dropped.

“No…wait, I-I didn’t mean it! Newt, stay back!” You warned, but he was advancing on you quickly.

“Give me the tie!” His mischievous side taking control.
“Newt stay back IM WARNING YOU”
Then, he rushed at you, effectively tackling you to the floor.

You both landed with a thud on the carpet, and he quickly crawled on top of you, sitting on your waist, effectively pinning you to the ground.
He then started furiously running his hands up and down your sides, ticking you.

“NO NEWT, STOP. PLEASE” you were laughing so hard it brought you near tears. The air was suddenly filled with a mix of natural laughter.
You started to warn him that you couldn’t breathe any longer, and finally, he ceased your giggly torture.

“Do you yield?” He stared down at you.
You smirked, and cheekily twiddled your fingers with the black fabric.

“After that? In your dreams!” You were completely at his mercy, so refusing him the silly article of clothing might not be the wisest option.

“(Y/N)…” he warned, breathing heavier than normal.
“Ok fine” you conceded, and held the bow tie in your open palm.

But he did not take it.
Instead, he seemed to be fixated on your gaze, studying your wild eyes, and how your cheeks were suddenly flushed pink from laughing.

There was also something unreadable behind his expression, and if you didn’t know any better, you would think it was utter admiration.
He was staring down at you with a certain hunger in his eyes.

You coughed, breaking the silence.
“Are you good, or do you need me to put it on for you?”
His hand immediately came down to yours, closing his fist around the stolen tie.

Your eyes locked once more, and there was some sort of understanding between the two of you, some feeling that completely over took you in a matter of seconds, and replaced every logical thought with an intense heat.
He quickly leaned down to capture your lips with his.

You were frozen with shock for an instant, but eventually started to kiss him back.
His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you off of the ground, into a sitting position.
It felt so…right.

So right, that you couldn’t understand why you hadn’t been doing this all along.
You grabbed a hold of his collar, and deepened the kiss.

It was as if someone had set off fireworks in your mind, the sensation was indescribably wild.
Newt then pulled away, completely wide eyes staring back at you.

You immediately felt his absence from your lips.
“I-I don’t know what to say” you laugh nervously as he lifted a hand up to stroke your cheek.
“Then don’t speak” he smiled wildly, but just before he was able to pull you in for another kiss, you recoiled.

“But we’re going to be late for your big celebration” you state, but his eyes were too full of lust to focus on reason.

“I’m sure we can spare just a few moments.” You nodded vigorously and pulled him back into another passionate kiss.

This wasn’t exactly how you thought your night would go.

But you couldn’t say you weren’t pleased as hell with how it really went.

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Ravished by Moonlight- Part 1

A/N: This is the first of two parts for my “Werewolf Negan AU” prompt for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s 2k Writing Challenge! Honestly this was so much fun to write, and I definitely got carried away with setting up the story before the smut even happens. I’m so happy I got the chance to combine my two favorite loves, Negan and werewolves, into one thirst-filled fic. I hope to have the second chapter posted during the weekend/early next week, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy this first part! :D

Words: 2992

Warnings: Brief description of a murdered deer, blood, and the next chapter includes smut

Click here for Part Two!

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After your great aunt had passed, it was discovered in her will that she left you the owner of her cabin in the woods. You vaguely remember the place from your childhood, a place your family had gone to on vacation once or twice to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In a way, you were escaping as well. Tired of the same daily routine of filing paperwork and attending yawn-inducing meetings, you decided to take the week off and catch up on some rest and relaxation in the cabin. No work, no people, no responsibilities. That was something you could get behind.

Unfortunately, the cabin wasn’t in a very car accessible area. You were forced to park in a communal lot that was a half hour walk away from where the cabin was. Grumbling, you slammed the trunk of your car and began to lug an entire week’s worth of clothes, food, and books toward the dirt path that led deeper into the woods.

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Okay so I was going through my kids books and it struck me. Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House series are totally, for certain, 100%, grade-A certified wizards. Or at least they will be once they’re just a tiny bit older.

Think about it. They travel through time and space with the use of books, and their missions usually revolve around helping people, or fixing something that’s gone wrong. Jack’s all about learning facts and figures, and Annie’s great at emphasizing with people and animals and thinking from their perspective. They’re already used to using books like manuals, and the themes they get from Morgan are like basic spells already. Come on. You can’t tell me that once they hit latency they won’t make incredibly great wizards!

How Can You Be Sure You’re Growing In The Right Way?

It’s me. 

I’m back with another Farkle post. 

Before we proceed, I want to let you all know that there are spoilers here about Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York. So if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t keep on reading. 

While I’m working on a bunch of other meta posts, we really need to talk about Farkle Minkus because he’s getting some very good development and people aren’t taking notice!

In Girl Meets Bear we get the following scene (shoutout to @ChasingScenes on YouTube):

I’ll transcribe the important parts for those who don’t/can’t watch the video:

Farkle: How come you’re not like that anymore?

Topanga: Well, she’s definitely still a part of me. But, I just think that as we grow, whoever it is that we used to be just become a part of our… scrapbook.

Farkle: How can you be sure you’re growing in the right way?

Topanga: I don’t know Mr. Turtle Neck, Mop Top, Farkle Time, Donny Barnes, do you miss any of those people?

Farkle: They all got me where I am now, I guess they’re part of my scrapbook too… like Riley’s teddy bear, that’s why we’re looking for it so hard?

Topanga: I don’t know, Farkle. Why are we all looking so hard for the last ripped up, raggedy piece of Riley’s childhood? Maybe I’m not quite ready for it to be gone. 

-Girl Meets Bear

And then right after this we get a Farkle-centric episode in Girl Meets Great Lady Of New York. And while I know that there was a Riley/Farkle hug in the episode, followed by an intimate moment between the two, I want to emphasize that there was more to the episode than the hug. Especially Farkle’s dialogue. It was so 👀👀👀. Anyways, let us proceed!

“Our first reaction to the unknown has always been fear.” - Cory Matthews

What I find interesting about this line is that right after Cory says it he asks Farkle if he did the assignment. Farkle, for the first time since the show has started (excluding GM Flaws), has been hesitant to present a homework assignment when given the opportunity. 

Why is this pivotal?  

This episode gave all the characters minus Lucas and Smackle (which is another post in itself) the opportunity to find out about their history and to grow. It served as an opportunity to give character development for all the characters, especially Farkle. To find out about your cultural heritage. To find out who you are. 

Cory and Farkle’s dialogue continues, and it is very interesting:

Cory: Did ya find the story of your ancestors?

Farkle: I found something out, sir. 

Riley: Well Farkle, at least you have a heritage. I’m Riley McCheese. What could be worse than that?

Farkle: There are worse things than that, Riley. 

Cory: You ready to share something with us Farkle?

Farkle: Not yet sir. I don’t have it all yet. I need to dig deeper. 

Cory: More to discover?

Farkle: A lot more.

Cory: That’s the only authentic thing that’s been said today. 

Cory: We all need to dig deeper than potatoes and soap and stupid hats. This is a week about discovering who you are. 

-Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

This stands out to me as significant for two reasons:

1. It leads to Farkle discovering his heritage and the implications behind that later in the episode. 

2. It also serves as a reminder that these characters are still growing and that there are still things that they are discovering about themselves and the world around them. 

Remember what happens when we don’t know who we are? 

Bad things happen. 

Farkle has been constantly questioning his growth. He was and has been changing constantly since the show has begun. Out of all the characters, I objectively believe Farkle has demonstrated the greatest change since he has been first introduced. Which is why the video above of Girl Meets Bear and the following line from Girl Meets GLONY really threw me off.

Farkle: I’m not really sure what’s like me anymore. 

Farkle doesn’t know who he is anymore. But if you look throughout the series, could you really blame him?

His flaw is that he felt like a nothing.

His two best friends fell for a new boy when he’s loved them since he was seven. 

He’s Canada. Constantly overlooked and underappreciated. 

His relationship at home with his parents is strained. 

His girlfriend openly flirts with the boy who his best friends have feelings for. (However I won’t give this one too much credence. Keep on watching. You’ll know what I mean by the end of the season)

Is it any surprise to anyone why Farkle feels invisible?

He went from a mop top, Donny Barnes, Farkle time genius to a brooding genius and the worst part about it all is NOT that he changed… but that no one noticed. 

He’s changing. But all of that was being overshadowed by all the other events taking place recently. The triangle. Maya’s identity crisis. Riley’s growth or lack thereof.  

“The best thing about being alive is to be a part of something.” - Maya Hart

“Sometimes it’s real hard when you find out your story” - Farkle Minkus

What’s interesting about the scene between Riley and Farkle is that when he starts to talk about the Christian rescuers, Riley drops down and hugs him… and he thanks her. It seems as if Farkle was trying to cope with everything by just stating the facts of the situation, but Riley and Zay knew that wasn’t what he needed. 

He needed his friends. 

My story will be about how lucky we are to live in a place that allows us to come here so you can be whoever you are. But that’s all I can tell you about my heritage right now.” - Farkle Minkus

Farkle is still growing. His story, like the rest of these kids is still incomplete. Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t want to make light of Farkle’s story and the implications that it had. That was the underlying theme of the episode. How all of our unique individual stories have an effect on our identity and who we are. I think that it was a very bold move to be willing to discuss other cultures like that. Especially on a Disney show considering the target segment that Disney has. 

But, I just didn’t want Farkle’s identity issues to be overlooked by the subtext of the Riarkle hug. Farkle is definitely going through a bit of an identity crisis. Like Maya in the Triangle Arc, I definitely believe he’s screaming… just in a different way.

But don’t get it twisted… that Riarkle hug was 🔥🔥🔥

Woman In White - Nightmares to Come

Part: 1/6 - Prologue : Pilot
A/N: The first re-visited chapter of my take on the reader insert series. I added a lot and hope that you all will enjoy. I know that I am very pleased with its outcome! I once again apology for the delay.
Song: Dollhouse
Gif Credit: The Rose Brain
Episode Overview - [ 1x01 ] Sam and Dean Winchester were trained by their father to hunt the creatures of the supernatural. {Y/N} Summers, their childhood friend, was raised in a similar manner right alongside the two brothers. Now, as they are older and have gone their separate ways - the three have to reunite as the Winchester’s father has mysteriously disappeared while hunting the demon that killed not only their mother, but has the possibility to have killed {Y/N}’s, twenty-two years ago. [ Credit to the Season One Box Set ]

He didn’t know why she wouldn’t answer. Sure, she had called earlier informing him that she would be coming home late; but Elias didn’t think that it would have been this late. Work was something that his wife took pride in with their normal, mundane life, and Elias fully understood that and was proud of her as well; yet the couple had strict rules they both followed and never broke in their entire existence. The occurrence of Lela breaking these guidelines for the first time worried him something fierce; but he didn’t want to seem as if he was being ridiculous and that she wasn’t able to trust him to trust her in return- not that he could reach her anyways.

Elias sat uncomfortably in the arm chair that had been placed next to the telephone in the living room of their home. Elias had developed a bad habit of scratching the fabric on the side of the arm chair when he was nervous, which explained why it was tattered and slightly ripped on the ends. It beat his old habit of biting his nails, not that the man enjoyed that any better. His anxiety was through the roof, and he tapped his foot rapidly upon the ground, as his fingers scratched over the worn fabric as his free hand pressed the phone receiver tightly against his ears, knuckles white from gripping the receiver so tightly. “Tell me I’m being stupid.” He breathed out.  “That’s all I need to hear. It may help.”

From the other end of the line, Mary Winchester sipped at the glass of water in her hand. One of the corners of her mouth twitched upwards as she hummed at first to what he said, proceeding to place the glass upon the counter-top aside her. “I could say that; but I don’t think you’re being stupid.” She cradled the phone between her ear and her shoulder, turning to lean against the counter-top and crossing one arm over the other. “You’re concerned, Elias. I understand that. I am too. With your pasts- it’s necessary with lives like yours-”

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A part of my childhood ended.

I watched Furious 7 tonight. It was an excellent movie, and may possibly be my favorite one. But the thing that makes it my favorite isn’t the ridiculous scenes and high-octane action seen in every movie within the series, no. What makes this movie my favorite is the heartfelt way they honor Paul Walker. Many people may think it’s silly to be so upset at the death of a celebrity, or a tribute on film or even the end of a series but these movies were a huge part of my childhood. I was in my pre-teen years when the first one came out but since that first film, I’ve been a huge fan of these movies and they’ve molded me. Paul Walker became my hero. Even now, those who know me know my influences. They can see it in the car I drive and how I drive.

I teared up at the end of this movie and I’m not ashamed to say it.
For Paul.
Gone too soon.


Person A: I really think [iconic celebrity] should be held accountable for [shitty thing they did], and we really need to pay attention to the issue of [shitty thing] in [iconic celebrity’s medium] because it is a significant problem

is a completely different conversation from

Person A: Wow,[iconic celebrity] and [iconic celebrity’s art] was an important part of my childhood or my life. It makes me sad that [iconic celebrity] is gone now because it reminds me that that part of my life is now over, and that everything I enjoy will eventually come to an end.

and if you don’t see that it’s because you don’t want to.

that’s all i have to say on the matter.

(happily adds Team Sloth to my OTP list)


There has to be something said about the RWBY soundtrack. It seems as though the lyrics to the songs provide as much lore and character backgrounds as the show itself. We’ve learned more about Summer Rose from songs than from the show proper; with “All My Days” and “Red Like Roses part II” being dedicated to Summer, a character that hasn’t even been shown yet. The lyrics to the songs have not lied to us yet!


This is why “Boop” is a great big source of information for Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Here, there is a verse that reads “Always there for me // you’ve been my family // even when all other hope was gone.” Clearly, Nora Valkyrie has not had a happy childhood. The only good thing in her life was Lie Ren. We’ve been told previously that they’ve “been together for so-o-o-o long”, but it was never hinted at exactly how long. Now more information is rising, and I’ve pieced together a short head-canon.

First of all, Volume 2’s finale features Jaune Arc pulling Lie Ren aside to reassure him that “we’ll make it out to that village another time.” The RWBY team has said that Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie have a vested interest in that village and that their back story is “sad.” This implies that they both spent time in that village. Since we can infer that they’ve been together long enough to be family, it is an unavoidable conclusion that this village is the one where they both grew up. This means that Lie Ren and Nora grew up in a village, not a city.

The World of Remnant series has stated that villages have a penchant for “disappearing” without a trace. This implies that Grimm constantly attack and destroy villages. Why should Nora and Lie Ren’s village be any different? Team JNPR was even tasked with protecting that very village.

Growing up in a vulnerable village, combined with the “all other hope was gone” lyrics, and a “sad” backstory, leads me to conclude that Lie Ren and Nora lost their parents at a young age. They then grew up together on the streets, learning to fight together. Lie Ren has shouldered all of the responsibilities, allowing Nora to grow up cheerful and optimistic in spite their tragic losses. Nora has been dependent on Lie Ren for as long as they’ve been together. It’s apparent that Lie Ren cooks all of Nora’s meals, as shown when she goes hungry the one time he forgot to cook. This is how Lie Ren has come to know Nora so intimately that he can even correct her misremembered dreams.

Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie want to return to the village where they lived and lost so much. They want to protect it from whatever danger it is facing now. Ren seems especially anxious to get to that village because Jaune had to personally console his best friend. It may be that Lie Ren and Nora want to return to their homes to protect the memories of their childhood. Volume 3 may finally shed light on Team Sloth’s shared backstory.

Under the Heart Tree

Prompt: a tender moment after the battle between Jon and Sansa.

AN: I wanted to incorporate the promo into this because I thought it was very tender. This was longer than expected and I’ll probably add a second part to truly fill your prompt. 

He finds her in the Godswood. When Winterfell had burnt most of the Godswood had burnt with it. Many of the younger weaker trees on the edges have been reduced to ash in places, but as he walks further the bark becomes less charred, leaves clinging to their branches in greater number. It saddens him to see his old place of worship so reduced, but the old weirwood tree in the middle stands as strong as it did when he was a boy. Its red leaves shake in the wind and a few flutter down to the earth, down to where Sansa is kneeling, her hands clasped in her lap, eyes closed.

Jon knew she’d be here, it was the last place left to look. At first he assumed that she’d shut herself up in a chamber somewhere, but when he couldn’t find her in the castle it seemed obvious where she’d taken herself to. Unwilling to interrupt her prayer Jon holds back and watches her. Her skirts are soaked by snow but she doesn’t seem to care. Her head is bent not downwards, but angled up towards the heart tree, as if raising her face to collect any wisdom or courage or strength she might be offered by the grimacing face etched into the bark. As if she’s drinking in the pale watery sunshine that falls on her face. Her red hair tumbles down her back, unbraided. 

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RIP Lisa Robin Kelly (1970-2013) - Comes the news that the memorable Laurie Forman from That 70’s Show has passed away yesterday at age 43. Despite appearences in films like Jawbreaker, Young Hearts Unlimited, The Survivor and other TV series, it was the role of Laurie Forman, Eric’s older sister, that gained her notoriety between 1998 and 2003.

melanchu  asked:

it hit me hard that Naruto is over. no more updates, no more trending topics, none of that. i have been crying for the past twenty minutes, nostalgic over everything that the fandom and characters have gone through. Naruto was my childhood, from elementary school to now, my sophomore year of college. i could not be happier and upset at the fact that it's dwindled down to a close. i've established friendships because of Naruto, and am so emotional. thank you, Naruto. for everything. xoxo

Though it’s the end of an era - we’re proud to say we were a part of it ~


Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman was an essential part of my childhood. He was Professor Snape, Hans Gruber, he was in movies like Quigley Down Under and Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Love Actually. I was sad when David Bowie died but I’m literally crying over this. He was part of the biggest memories of my childhood. After watching the first Harry Potter movie, he became my Snape, and when I read the books, I pictured him. From all accounts, outside of playing such an iconic role, he was a good man and now he is gone. A piece of my childhood, only a memory. My mom said well, you didn’t know him personally, and while I didn’t, it’s still devastating. He was part of something so important to me as a kid and as a young adult. Rest in Peace Alan Rickman. 😢

Childhood Crush pt. 4 || Jack Gilinsky


A/N: Many, many thanks to everyone who has supported and loved Childhood Crush. For now, I think it’s complete. That being said, I will definitely continue to write little things between this Y/N and Jack. I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors in this part. It was written on my iPad and I am soon leaving for vacation. I will try and update/write as often as I can. I love you all!!


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I think I’m still in shock. This really hit home for me when I found out. I always dread going through social media and seeing a random memorial type picture of a celebrity bc it usually means something awful happened. I was scrolling through this morning and as soon as I saw the first picture I swear I almost dropped my phone. Harry Potter is and always will be home for me and so many of you in the HP generation. Alan was a big part of this home and although I, like most us fans, never knew him I still feel a great loss. I shed quite a few tears today and just had to take a nap after bc it was a little overwhelming. Robin Williams was the first actor to pass that was a massive part of my childhood and that was a blow. Now a part of HP is gone and I never thought it would be this soon. RIP Alan Rickman. You will be so missed. Always

I’ve been crying since the minute I got up this morning. I’ve always loved David Bowie, but he was most important to me when I would have really bad anxiety and panic attacks. He was my rock. I’d turn on his music and somehow everything seemed fine. He has helped me through so much, and I’d like to believe I’m a better person because of him. I know his music is still here, and everything is pretty much the same, but knowing that he is gone tears me apart. I somehow feel more vulnerable now that he’s gone. For as long as I can remember, from my childhood, to this very day, Bowie has always been a part of my life.  I cannot express my gratitude for David in such few words. We were so unbelievably lucky to have been able to appreciate someone as talented and incredible as Bowie. Rest in peace, David Bowie. I’ll be looking up at the night sky, waiting for my Starman. 

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What happens in the great game commentary? Which bit hints to Sherlock fathers affair? Sorry I'm delayed

No need to apologise! <3 Just listened back to that part of the commentary now for you, it happens roughly when Mycroft is in 221B:

MARK: We cut down this bit slightly, there was a reference to, um, their [Mycroft and Sherlock’s] mutual strange childhood, and the fact that you had, um, that Sherlock had rather spoiled the family atmosphere. It’s gone for time, but in the end I think that might be quite nice. We don’t want to give too much away. [and then I lose all sense what Mark is saying after that because Benedict cuts him off LOL ;) ]
BENEDICT: I discovered that my father was having- oh, can I say?
MARK: Yeah, you can say.
BENEDICT: We might have it later? I don’t know.
MARK: Maybe.
BENEDICT: Okay, so I can say on this DVD.
MARK: …Maybe.
BENEDICT: Okay well then, I won’t say.

So, to me it definitely sounds like Daddy Holmes’s affair was a plot point they decided to hold back, for some reason… and, since they’re gradually upping the ante on revealing Mycroft and Sherlock’s past (see that HEARTBREAKING flashback in The Abominable Bride), I’d say it’s incredibly likely we’ll find out even more in Series 4…

(In reference to @isitandwonder, @ebaeschnbliah and I’s setlock fuelled speculation here and here)