part of me the movie

The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.

Imagine if Alya and Marinette got into an argument because Alya was tired of Marinette never facing her fears and talking to Adrien. So Marinette, enraged and determined to prove Alya wrong, storms over to Adrien and says “You wanna go?!?”

It’s only after Adrien nervously chuckles and hesitantly backs away that she realizes that she forgot the “to the movies with me” part of her sentence

The fact that Moana put aside her longing for the sea in order to focus on becoming the best leader she could for her people was one of the best and most believable parts of the movie for me. She didn’t mope and turn into a bratty teenager who refused to do what her parents wanted (like many Disney/animated characters often do). People DO grow out of childhood fazes, or at least they move on from them even if they’re not completely forgotten. Sometimes they rediscover them later in life, like Moana did. But I love how her parents were never made to be the villains for not letting her spend all day daydreaming about the ocean. Sure, she argued with her dad, but they gave him a pretty good backstory to support his thinking and Moana never let it become a huge rift in their relationship, despite her frustration. Even when Moana DID end up leaving, it was ultimately to save her people. This theme of responsibility instead of rebellion is wonderfully refreshing and realistic!

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do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

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Hey Zee im just curious...have you watch the movie Your name?Its so good!!I love to think Taki as Genji and Mercy as Mitshuha so much XD

this is prolly not what you wanted when you asked me this but I didn’t like this part so much that it made me grumpy af with the movie :’D The movie is nice and beautiful but WOW THIS PART MADE ME SO ANGRY HAHAHHA. Its a cute concept though.


aaaahh so im doing a bunch more scenes but i just got too excited and had to post this one instead of all at once aaah so anyway Cats Don’t Dance, if you haven’t seen it please see it

i dedicate this doodle to @plagge for being able to decipher my stupidly cryptic clues as to which au i was working on :’) GOOOO PLAGGE 

My Problem with Sing

So I recently went and watched Sing, and it was great! I really liked the characters and the funny moments and it was very sweet.
I only had one problem with it. 
Rosita’s husband, Norman. Okay, yes I get that working to earn enough for 25 children plus 2 adults is really, really tough. I can only imagine. However, in order for him to finally show some kind of emotion in her, he had to see her in a skin-tight suit that showed off her legs and thighs and have a whole song sung in front of him to realise yes my wife is really amazing and I should show her some love. 
Look, this woman gave up her passion and her past job to take care of the 25!!! children whom the husband, to our knowledge, doesn’t even bat an eye towards. And she’s just asking for some kind of recognition, maybe just a sincere “Your mother is a fantastic singer.” 
And Rosita’s so excited to tell her husband about this singing competition that could not only help the family but also she’ll get to do what she loves!!! Before she can even tell him about it, he falls asleep. Like… seriously???

Okay I wanna talk about Rosita too because seriously. She does ALL the housework for all 25 children and the two of them. And on top of that, she never gave up singing, and was able to build this contraption that miraculously worked and was willing to stay up the whole night just to do it. And she loves her children so much I mean Jesus look at Norman after work he just goes to the couch and sleeps. But she checked on the children, makes sure everything is in order before going to sleep. 

I guess what I want to say is that Rosita is an extremely hardworking and devoted woman and her husband should give her more credit than he does at the moment.


old school cartoons was wild af im deadass in teeeears llmfaooo