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Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go,

And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.
The Angel do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.


Iwadai week 2017 Day 1: Roommates/College AU 

So this is based off of something i would do when I was younger and i got home late from basketball or softball practice. Basically my mom would quiz me as i fell asleep before a test, so have Iwaizumi getting a nap in while Daichi helps him squeeze in more  study time.

Also I can picture Iwaizumi taking up some form of engineering when he goes to college, specifically civil engineering or mechanical engineering, so I asked my best friend for a question from one of her mechanical engineering tests.

pegasusdragontiger  asked:

You/Seb are expecting twins and you told Seb to look for a box you'r mum sent of all you're preschool/primary/High School photos and pics of you as a kid and you wanted to go through the albums and sort them out. 15mins later he hasn't returned and you go to find him and he is sitting there going through them and he finds a funny photo ad you are like in shock going no no you're not meant to see them? something hilarious happens?

I’ve heard that being pregnant is either the best or the worst time of your life, but when having twins, I’m not sure it’s possible for it to be the best time. I’m nearing the end of my second trimester and I constantly feel ready to burst. Sebastian is incredibly helpful, almost to a fault. He wants to do everything for me, which is kind, but I’m more the kind of person who wants to do things for myself. This became even more unbearable when the doctor gave me a lifting restriction and told me I could only work from home. Without going to work I was stuck in the apartment all day, everyday.

As much as I love spending all my time with Sebastian, sometimes it’s nice to have a break. I may have minorly yelled at him for helping me this morning and I may now be hiding in the bedroom to avoid talking to him. He knows me well enough to know that I need time to cool down and when I’m ready I’ll go find him, but I’m still impressed that he hasn’t come in yet.

After a little longer I decide that I’m calm enough to go make up with him. I push myself up from the bed and start towards the living room when I hear a muffled laugh. I look suspiciously down the hall, waiting to hear it again before I make my presence known. He does laugh again, this time a little louder. I step around the corner, expecting him to look up, but he’s too interested in whatever he has that he doesn’t notice me. I walk as quietly as I can until I’m standing behind the couch and looking over his shoulders. He’s looking through a box and it doesn’t take me long to remember a conversation I had with my mom earlier in the week.

“Sebastian!” I squeal suddenly, causing him to jump and throw the pictures as he gets up from the couch. “What are you doing?”

“I just, um, there was a box and it was addressed to both of us so I thought I’d just open it and you were upset so I didn’t get you and I, um” he rambles on while talking with his hands and trying to explain himself.

I plant my hands on my hips and narrow my eyes at him. “So you thought, ‘(y/n)’s mad at me so I’m just going to open this mail without her even though it’s from her mom and addressed to both of us’?”

“It wasn’t exactly those words”

“Whatever” I stomp back to the bedroom and slam the door behind me. It doesn’t take long for him to come in this time. I’ve barely laid down on the bed when there’s a tentative knock on the door.

“(y/n)? Babe? Can I come in please?” I mumble a response that could be interpreted either way and he cracks the door open to look at me before entering completely. He has the box in his hands and I notice it’s now taped shut.

“What are you doing?” I squint at him.

“I just got the mail and there’s a package from your mom. I thought we could open it together” he smiles at me, hopeful that I’ll accept the offering. I sigh but accept it, sitting up on the bed and reaching for the box. He hands it over before crawling up to sit behind me and wrapping his arms around my ever growing tummy. He rests his chin on my shoulder and watches me open the box.

My mom told me earlier in the week that she was sending me a package of stuff from when I was a baby. Things like her favorite dresses, my cuddle blanket, and my first pair of shoes. I wasn’t expecting there to be much more than that, but clearly Sebastian found something in there to be quite amusing. I take out the dresses first, inspecting all of them and hold them up for Sebastian to coo at. The shoes are next, just a small pair of mary jane pink flats. I find them cuter than Sebastian does, but he pretends to make a big fuss for my sake. I pull out the blanket then, it’s nothing special, just a small square of fabric with an elephant pattern on it. I fold it next to the dresses before looking back in the box. In the bottom there’s an envelope that says ‘school photos’ on it. I cringe lightly before pulling it out to open it.

“Is this what you thought was so funny?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you just opened the box, how could I know what was in it”

“You’re such an ass”

“Just open the envelope” he says with a squeeze and a kiss to the neck.

I comply and pull out the pictures. It doesn’t start out bad, pictures from elementary school aren’t much to be embarrassed about. It started to get worse once we hit the middle school photos. I cringe as we pass through the ‘goth’ stage that consisted of bad bangs, black nail polish, and eyeliner that was constantly smeared down my face. Sebastian only chuckles a little at my discomfort. We get through the rest of middle school with little to worry about, and I’m beginning to wonder what had him laughing so hard. I’m nearing the end of highschool and I’m beginning to think I over reacted when I finally see the last picture.

I didn’t remember it being taken let alone think it would be included since it was from college. Let me start from the beginning: I was in college when Captain America: The First Avenger came out. And, like most 20 something year olds, I was totally smitten over Captain America. This, combined with some alcohol, led to a series of pictures that include me kissing various part of the movie poster.

My whole body heats up as I take in the photo of myself making out with a movie poster that Sebastian is in. He starts laughing all over again, letting go of me and falling back on the bed as fits of giggles wash over him. I try to pout for a moment but his laugh is too infectious, before I know it I’m laughing along with him.

“I can’t believe you made out with a Chris Evans movie poster”

“Shut up, I was drunk, okay?” I roll my eyes sarcastically.

“I feel like I should be jealous. I was on the poster too”

“You were, but you didn’t come out of machine, shirtless and glistening now did you?”

“Did you just say ‘glistening’?”

“Yes! He was shiny and muscley, I couldn’t help myself”

“Right” he glares playfully at me.

“Don’t be mad, Seba, obviously I came around and realized who the right choice was”

“Damn right you did” he pulls me down to lay against him and kisses my head. We stay like that for a while before he breaks the silence. “But I’m still sending that picture to Chris”

A/N: I finally had time to do one of your requests! I decided to do this one first because I haven’t written Sebastian in a while and I was excited that you requested him. anywaysss, I hope you like this and I promise I’m still working on your other requests! 

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fr3nchtoast13-deactivated201708  asked:

Just wanted to say your kingdom hearts AU makes me so unbelievably happy. Kingdom hearts and voltron are such big parts of my life so seeing them combined is just amazing!! So thank you!

Ahhhh I am so glad you liking it !! C: 

And it makes me unbelievably happy that one of my oldest fandoms and one of my all time favorite things get this much approve for an AU for my current fandom and OTP. 

<3 so thank you

❝ Are you ready, Omega? ❞   Part 5

Plot: Heechul ABO universe (Alpha, Beta, Omega)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,2k+

Genre: Drama, Angst and SMUT!

For zhao-jie-shanghai, I hope you like it!

Parts so far: Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4


                            AWESOME POSTER MADE BY ILLI HYUNG!

‘Excuse me?’ You asked, choking on your food just a little.

‘Are you sure you are literate?’ Heechul asked, eyebrow raised.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, ‘You have seen my qualifications, and forgive me for being shocked but it isn’t everyday when a man asks you to do something like that.’

‘Yet you are having my child.’

‘That is different.’

‘In what way? If anything, you are renting out your body for money,’ Heechul gestured to you, grabbing his wine with the other hand, ‘And I am not opposing to it because you are doing me a huge favor. But this is more of a request.’

You placed your cutlery on the table, crossing your arms and looking at him sternly, ‘So you need to have sex with me?’

‘Well not entirely just you.’ He confessed, taking a sip of his wine.

You sat across the table from the man you were having a baby with, now he was asking for your body due to some heat? At first it sounded completely deranged, but once you heard the stress and plead in Heechul’s voice, you eased up a little. From what you knew about the man before you, he was a hard worker and never took anything for granted nor did he take any shit from anyone. To be fair, the first time you both had sex, he was gentle but there wasn’t much emotions due to his rules that he set. There wasn’t much romance attached to it, but he wasn’t rough and harsh either. He knew you were a person at the end of the day.

‘And of course I will pay you extra for this.’ Heechul clarified.

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fitz/simmons romcom au


make me choose: memorydragon asked favourite Natasha Romanoff hairstyle in the MCU: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

What is This Feeling? Part 3

The next day at school, Nico wasn’t there. Then it was the weekend and he had no way of contacting him.

Will found himself wondering if he was okay several times throughout the day. Which surprised him considering that when they had worked together, they were mainly arguing or snapping at each other. Will had found ways to get under his skin, but Nico had always known how to get under his too.

When Monday came, Will found himself looking for Nico in the halls again. When he’d finally caught sight of him, he sped up to reach him, grabbing his arm. Nico turned, snatching his arm away with a scowl. When he noticed it was Will, his scowl deepened. “What the hell?”

“Where have you been?” he asked. “I’ve been looking for you all day.”

Next to him, a boy with blond hair and lighter skin than Will’s chuckled. Nico shot him a look and then fixed his gaze on Will. “Why were you looking for me?”

Will’s voice caught in his throat then. He didn’t have an excuse. Then it came to him. “We have to finish that project.”

Nico raised an eyebrow at him. There it was, making Will feel stupid. “We’re ahead of almost every other pair. You don’t-”

“Can I talk to you?” Will interrupted. “Privately.” The blond boy chuckled and walked away. Nico sighed and crossed his arms. “Look, I worry about you okay?”

“You don’t need to. I don’t need your sympathy or your pity. I’m not a charity case, Solace.”

“I didn’t say you were. But people worry about people they care about,” he snapped.

For once, Nico was silent. A light blush crept into his cheeks as his brown eyes widened. His eyebrow furrowed together. “You… care about me?” He scoffed and started walking away. Maybe he knew Will would follow. Maybe he’d simply heard his steps. But he kept talking. “Since when? I’m a pretentious ass remember?”

“I didn’t know you, Nico.”

Nico wheeled around on him, eyes blazing in anger. “You mean you didn’t know how shitty my home life is. You didn’t think you needed to feel bad for me. The thing is, you still don’t. You don’t need to pretend to care. We’re partners for a project, and when that’s over, we can go back to never talking and glaring at each other from across the room.”

Nico saw in his eyes how hard that had struck and he wanted to take it back. But he didn’t need to. Because if there was anything Nico had learned about Will after spending so much time around him, it was that he was stubborn. “I don’t feel sorry for you!” he snapped. “I just feel like I sort of get it now. Why you act the way you do. So I don’t blame you as much.” Nico scoffed and rolled his eyes.

He had a point. Nico felt the same. He knew why Will was so hell bent on getting better grades than others, why he was so kind and always smiling. His parents would chide him over low grades and expected a lot out of him. They stressed him out but his friends would send him jokes online for him to laugh at. Nico had fought with hi over the distraction several times, but after noticing how much better he’d be after them, he didn’t argue much. It was more for spite.

“Whatever,” he said. “I’m fine. I’ll see you in class.” He turned away from large puppy dog eyes that weren’t used to rejection and groaned. No way. Now flipping way. Not Will.

At the end of the day, he was sitting next to Will, stiff and unsure. “You’re not a pretentious ass,” he heard him say softly. “I don’t think that anymore. You just always look at people like you know you’re better than them. I thought you knew that. I thought you knew about the way people’s eyes just followed you. I didn’t know that you just grew up learning to mask what you felt.”

“I have a resting bitch face,” Nico said. Will laughed and Nico cracked a smile. It was weird, laughing with him. “I’m not into the whole heart to heart deal. So, just say sorry and we can leave it at that.”

“Well, I’m sorry,” Will said. Nico smiled and looked at him with a cocky eyebrow raised. “You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” he asked smirking.

“Making fun of me with that look.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “Nah. I’m sorry too. But uh… let’s not keep bringing up my shitty home life, alright?” Will nodded and they continue to work, the tension gone.

That’s not to say they stopped arguing. They still got under each other’s skin so horribly, they ended up pulling at their hair in frustration begging the other to shut up. For Will there was a strange satisfaction in getting through that hard, stoic exterior and seeing Nico’s flushed face and the anger light his eyes up. For Nico, it was perfect revenge to flip the switch on that happy, friendly face and making it a mask of frustration and anger, watching him turn red to the tip of his ears.

“You’re so frustrating,” Nico muttered one day they working. “Honestly, I don’t see why so many people like you.”

“I’m a great guy,” he said, completely unfazed by his insult. “Then there’s people like you that push my buttons and- actually you’re the only one who pushes my buttons.”

Nico smirked, and said, “Well I’m flattered. I’m glad you think I’m that special.” Will scowled at him and Nico laughed. “I’d love to take a picture of you looking at me like that and see how many people I can surprise with it. The sunny, friendly Will can be an angry, grumpy Will.”

“Ha ha very funny,” he muttered. “Give me the marker, you’re doing it wrong. The marks are too far apart.”

“You stick to your part and let me do mine,” Nico grumbled as he drew on the poster.

“I would if you did it right,” he said reaching for the marker in his hand. Nico snatched away. “Nico give me the marker.”

“Fuck off, Solace!”

“Nico!” he yelled. “You’re acting like a five year old.” He reached out for it again and Nico moved away.

He aimed the tip of the marker at Will. “I will write on you without mercy. Step away from the board and let me finish.”

Will put his hands on his hips and reached out for Nico’s wrist, yanking him forward. Nico tripped and Will tried to help stay upright, but instead fell down over him. Nico groaned and shoved his leg off his stomach. “Get off,” he growled. “You call me a kid? Jesus, Solace.”

“For the love of all that is holy, my name is Will! Where’s the marker?” He glanced around and saw it lying near the desk. He started for it but Nico yanked his leg back. He reached out, and something came over Will, some sort of pride or rage or something. He would not be pushed around in his own room.

He turned Nico over and scrambled onto him, gripping his wrists above his head. Nico was looking at him in shock, breathing heavily. Will realized how close he was to him. The scent of clean cotton and sweet cologne filling his nose and making him dizzy.

His eyes were dark brown but he could see specks of black. He could see the sharp edges of his nose, the rise of his cheekbones, the curve of his jaw. The slight parting of his lips as he looked at Will, nearly cross-eyed.

His stomach clenched. Heat washed over him. He unconsciously bit his lip. Will let go of his wrists and the maker rolled away. Nico still didn’t move. His eyes flickered to Will’s lips and his tongue slid over his lower lip for a fraction of a second.

Suddenly, Nico’s hands were behind his neck, pulling him down, and they were kissing. Will gasped in surprise but he didn’t pull away. His lips were warm and soft. He let out a soft moan and Nico’s hands slid into his hair. Will kissed him back slowly. Their lips moved against each other’s experimentally, unsure of what the other liked. Will held himself over Nico, hands on either side of his head. When Nico pulled back, Will’s breath came in a tremble against his lips.

Nico’s eyes went wide and he pulled his hands back. Will saw the change and scrambled off of him, feeling the rush of blood fill his cheeks. Nico sat up and caught his breath. Then he stood and started for the door without looking at Will. He heard the door close gently and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

The next day, Will didn’t know whether to avoid or look for Nico.

And Nico didn’t know whether he wanted to be found or not. He didn’t know what had come over him. He just knew that Will was pinning him down, his eyes dark and brooding, his face flushed in frustration and he looked like he was glowing. And he’d bitten his lip and Nico’s mind had begun to unravel until all he could think of was Will’s lips on his. The suddenly they were and Nico realized it was because of him. His hands had been the ones to pull him down and weave through his hair. And Will hadn’t moved away.

Finally, the inevitable came. They had class together and they couldn’t look at each other but they also couldn’t not look. Their faces flooded with leftover embarrassment. What was there to say?

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