part of em anyway

does anyone know any good fics where derek talks about what happened with paige? i need to write a scene like that eventually and have no idea how to go about it, and i could really use some inspiration. i watched a bunch of fan videos about them (excuse me while i drown in my tears) but i’m still having trouble. the whole fic doesn’t have to be centered around that, obv, but anything with a scene like that would be great!!!

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look at my poor children h o w am i supposed to put this into words

I was visiting my grandpa at the hospital today where he was getting a blood trans fusion and the nurse, who from now on will be known as nothing other than Butter Fingers, dropped the blood bags right at my feet. Those things have a lot of splash potential. To summarise, I currently bear a striking resemblance to slutty girl #3 in your average horror flick. It’s been a good day. Any tips for getting blood out of a silk blouse would be much appreciated because right now I’m drawing a blank.