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ZoSan Fic Rec - One Piece

Finally (yes again), I’m doing the fic rec you’re all waiting for (esp you @sleepydrarry​, please stop harassing me lmao)

There will be a lot of Unda’s work on here but what can I say, I’ve fallen in love.

  • Vitriolic Best Buds - Unda : Or: why I shouldn’t read TV tropes late at night. Wanted to have a little fun with this trope that fits the boys to a T. Vague hostile romance if you squint a little or just a hostile bromance. Your choice. One shot. - Over protective Zoro and Sanji in a One Shot and so much cuteness, I can’t. Also Sanji and Zoro and not explicitly in a relationship but come on, everybody knows.
  • Memories - Stark_Black : Sanji has been in a coma for eleven months, but he’s lost his memory of the past two years. Now, he doesn’t remember Zoro, or the life the two of them had built together. - Apparently, in every fic rec that I do, I MUST have a fic with reserve. So here it is. The fic is great and the angst at the start is a KILLER but, I think it’s an old fic (like 2008), I mean, come on, there is BlackBerries and How To Save A Life. Also warning about some nearly sexist comments and not enough lube/prep.
  • The Roronoa Fruit - Stark_BlackTo Zoro’s surprise, Sanji takes a step towards friendship, using food as his cover. Now their new friendship is deepening fast and Sanji almost can’t keep up. - Oh, another one by Stark_Black ! Okay, I may have reserves about Memories but, The Roronoa Fruit is AWESOME. Just go read it, so much pining, I CAN’T. Kinda wish I could Obliviate myself and read it again.
  • The Not-So-Romatinc Tale of the Swordsman and the Cook - donutsandcoffee…as witnessed, told, and suffered through by the Bravest Warrior of the Sea, Usopp.Sanji loves Zoro. Zoro loves Sanji. They are also, somehow, obliviously, infuriatingly, in an unrequited love with each other.Usopp thinks he can do something about it. He really should have had more self-preservation instinct than that. - THIS ONE, this one, I died laughing in the floor. Luffy and his “It’s a Mystery Plan” and everybody is so on-character, I can’t even. It’s so awesome, and so funny and just go read it, mood-lift is assured.
  • Aural Pleasure - Unda : “It’d be almost funny if it weren’t so terrible, out of a whole sandy beach the directionally challenged Zoro manages to find the one rock to land head first on.” Zoro has to learn to talk again and in the process learns a bit about listening to Sanji. - OMG this one (yes I’m excited about every single fic on this rec, fight me). The angst in the fic is horribly good, I legit cried. 92k words and every single one of them is on point. It’s the fic that made me fall in love with Unda, All praise the ZoSan genius. Serisously, if there is only one fic to read in this rec, it’s this one. Also happy ending so… ;)
  • Once More With Feeling - Aviss : Sanji is given a second chance to set things right. And a third. And a fourth… - This one is the pure definition of angst. I cried A LOT. It’s super well-written and heart breaking and please, do read it.
  • Prison Blues - donutsandcoffee : Zoro gets lost, Sanji gets captured by the marines, the Strawhats break into the ship’s prison, and they all escape with a bang.Not exactly in that order, much to the confusion of Sanji’s cellmates. - 3rd person narrator, only one chapter, and incredibly funny. One of the first ZoSan fic I read and I also fell in love with the author.
  • Reactions - Unda : Sanji is happy to report that his food has never hurt anyone… until now. - Another Unda work, what can I say. This one is also awesome, and please go read it, I don’t even have the words to say how good it is. Just read it omg
  • go back to sleep - itsmylifekay : His skin tingles with an unfamiliar sensation and he shifts, mind becoming more alert as he takes in his surroundings and the strange, lingering warmth on his arm. If he concentrates hard enough, he can feel the fading shape of long fingers pressed into his skin.“Go back to sleep, stupid marimo,” he hears. Sanji is standing close by, pulling on the last of his clothes and straightening his tie. His voice is low in the softness of the early morning and Zoro grunts at the words. - This one is just fluff and pining and rainbow and unicorns. There’s a little of gore, I don’t remember it being bad but I’m not phased by it, so maybe you should be careful..
  • Fix Me - LunaStories : A story of despair, loss, and healing. An alternate scenario in which Sanji is the one who takes the damage from Kuma, rather than Zoro. Thriller Bark Arc.And even as there were shouts of horror around him, Zoro dashed to the blonde’s side, determined to give him a scolding (and then a beating after he healed) for the stupid stunt he had pulled.They all watched with varying degrees of surprise as Zoro reached Sanji, and with one tap on the shoulder…he fell. - OKAY SO. Everybody that knows me, know that I actually enjoy hurting myself and making myself cry to sleep and this fic goes into that category. Major Character Death, I’m warning you guys. But for the ones of you who have the same tastes as me, just go read it and enjoy. it’s fricking awesome and I keep reading it again and again, I can’t get enough of it.

Okay there’s already quite a lot of fics and I’m only half through my list of what I wanted to rec. So that’s means….. THERE’LL BE A 2ND PART (yes Em’, you’ll be able to harass me again, nice right ? lmao)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it and please don’t forget to leave kudos and comments to the authors ;)

winter winds litter london with lonely hearts (part II)

summary: theatre au where dan is on stage with a main part for the first time & is super excited, but one thing he isn’t happy about is the fact it takes 45 mins to do his make up (made better by the distracting - but kinda cute - make up artist with the pokémon tattoo)

warnings: alcohol, abuse, homophobia, swearing, suicidal thoughts, existential crises and sex

i still have eternal love 4 sophie

links to: part I, part IIIsketchy floor plan of their houses, link masterpost, pI art fr part I

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I just came across this image again and thought I’d share it with you as you may not have seen it/know about it…

This is an unused cover for a Jeff Parker story that never happened.

When I talked with Parker (mostly about the then current Dark Avengers direction and gushing over his Siege era issues), I briefly asked him about this image I’d seen on CBR - and surprisingly he knew exactly what I was referring to. He told me had planned to have Red Hulk and Thunderbolts meet and McGuinness had drew the above to be a cover. The plan didn’t go ahead when Juggernaut was hijacked “to be a Hammer bro” for Fear Itself.

I would speculate that Ed McGuinness drawing the cover would suggest it would talk part in the Hulk book, which he regularly drew covers for, but at the same time an appearance of Red Hulk in Thunderbolts could warrant a guest cover by Ed McGuinness. There are also a few images by Declan Shalvey of Red Hulk from this time too (I’ll post em afterwards). 

Anyway, part of the set-up for Red Hulk’s book under Parker was he was being sent out by Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers to stop M.O.D.O.K.’s “Scorched Earth” protocols which were hundreds of contingency plans to doom the planet if M.O.D.O.K. and Leader failed/died. You might remember in Thunderbolts #151-152, the Thunderbolts are involved in stopping one of these doomsday scenarios involving monsters. In one of the first issues of Parker’s Red Hulk run, there’s a bit where Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers contact Songbird and Fixer to try and find how to stop the threats by interrogating Leader who is being held at the Raft. Furthermore, in another issue, Parker works in a small cameo from the Thunderbolts (and also his third book Agents of Atlas) showing them stopping some of these crisis’s on monitors. I would imagine that this would be the genesis for them crossing paths (and he may have initially intended to include Agents of Atlas as well - but the book was cancelled long before we got to the point when it would’ve happened) - they were both stopping one of M.O.D.O.K.’s attacks. I imagine the bulk of the thing would have been just a Juggernaut v. Red Hulk slugmatch - which is surprisingly a match-up we never got - so I didn’t think we missed much beyond a probably cool fight (and that being it’s central premise would be why we never got the two books crossing over once Parker lost the character). 

Fiona @wearealsoboats wrote a whole headcanon fic about selkie!Eliza for me! A whole one, can you imagine?? I am so blessed to have friends who know what makes me tick, who make it so I don’t even have to au for myself - so I don’t even have to - so I don’t - I don’t -

ruh roh.


Alexander looks so handsome in in his Continental Army blues, his dark hair sleek and shining in its queue, smiling and smiling his beautiful cat’s grin as he slips a ring onto Eliza’s finger and promises to love and to cherish, to be true, until death do us part. Eliza’s heartbeat loud in her ears like waves pounding the rocks.

There are never happy endings for creatures like her, Eliza knows this, she’s heard the stories. They all end with the raised voice, the raised fist, keys and locks and chains of iron, the mad dash to the sea with the dogs at one’s heels.

But it’s not like that this time. There are no chains or locks, no iron to burn her skin, no cruel words or ungentle touches. She’d shown Alexander her seal-pelt, and he’d run his hands over it, just once, the ghost-touch raising goosebumps on her human skin, before laying it back in her arms. If her heart hadn’t already been his, it would have been lost then, swept away by the welling tide of her trust.

There are tears rolling down Eliza’s cheeks as she leans in for the kiss. She has her skin. She has her Alexander. She is in love.

Won’t it be nice for a selkie-bride to get her happily ever after, for once?

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Flat Minds - The Waiting Hour

While writing Flat Dreams, there were a lot of scenes and snippes I had in mind that never made it into the fic. A few did as interludes, but most were scrapped. I figured it might be fun to post some as I write them anyway, so here you go. Click here to read all those written so far.
I’ll use Flat World as a title for bits set before Bill got his powers and took over his dimension; Flat Minds for anything set after that.

(Also, I am open to prompts and stuff because why the hell not. So, if you’ve got any, just drop me an ask!)

A/N: We’re nearing the end of this series, and the next chapter I’ll post will be the last. This got longer than expected - longer than Flat Dreams itself did, really. Hope the ending won’t disappoint and, until we get to it, I hope you like this chapter as well.


In the Nightmare Realm, time has meant nothing since the day Bill Cipher decided to stop it.

“Can’t have my favorite gang of misfits growing old and dying while I’m still around, right?” he had said, and that had been it. Ever since then, time has stood still: it doesn’t flow as it should, and it hasn’t for a trillion years. Ot at least, Bill said it was a trillion years, and they figured he would know. If anyone could keep track of time even as it stood still for them all, it was Bill.

But now he’s gone and they don’t even know how long it’s been.

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I just,,,,sorta wanted to draw these Charas,,a lot mehhh
I know y'all probably get lots of fanarts of these guys, but I wanted to try my hand at ‘em anyways.

Pretty sure this is part 1 of somethin’ because I wanna draw ALL the Charas, man.

Onii is winking simply because I didn’t wanna draw the other eye, =w=
Choco looks really discomforted for some odd reason I dunno….
And I just really, really, really wanted to draw a super happy and cute Red sharko.

Onii-Chara, Choco, Red and their art styles are owned by @olderbrother–inhell @askthechara and @shybie/ @amnesiachara, while Chara themself is owned by Toby Fox n’ junk, so go check out these wonderful people if ya haven’t already!! d(°w°)b

anonymous asked:

I know you are writing a big meta on Kylo Ren's redemption but just quick one - do you think it's possible for Kylo Ren to die but for Ben Solo to live? It would be a total waste to kill Han's legacy off, c'mon.

I actually had a totally insane, crackpot theory about “Ben” based off of @loveyournightmare‘s Snow theory last night.

Well, @ricca-raccoon and @avenrue ( @little-scribblers-heart, I think you might have been gone for this part, but tagging you anyways) - should I tell em? I kinda feel like its the equivalent of doing this:

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for shits n’ giggles.