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That scene with Drack in the medbay is like a sucker-punch to my emotions.

He got help.


What’s the first thing you do, how do you start this process? (x)

When You Can't Sleep At Night [a Barry Allen AU] (Part 13)

a/n: tbh i love the idea of babying Barry idk why man plus scruff

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Barry feels heavy in your arms. He isn’t sure if it’s because of his medication or if his limbs just are giving out. Sleep won’t come to him. His eyelids are partially shut, pale moonlight reflecting off the window of the bedroom. He bites back a whine, not wanting to wake you up. You need sleep.

His body keeps moving unwillingly and he frowns, gently wrapping his fingers around your wrist. In an extremely careful way, he removes your arm from his chest, gray CCPD t-shirt wrinkling as he sits up. Luckily the bed only shifts a tad bit. Curling his hands into fists, he rubs his eyes; eyelashes scratching against his flushed cheeks.

Yawning, Barry steps out of the bed, toes flexing on the carpet before he pushes himself into a standing position. While stretching, he shuffles to the bathroom, feet creating soft sounds in the process. He waits until he closes the door before flipping on the lightswitch.

The reflection in the mirror stares back at him through sleepy eyes. A sigh falls off his lower lip, shoulders slumping. Why is she with me, he thinks. Turning the silver handle, water spews from the sink faucet, landing in the polished white bowl. He cups his hands underneath the water, gathering some and bringing it up to his face, wetting his scruff; his hands pause, pulling on his lips.

“Barr?” you croak, voice laced with sleep as you prop yourself up with your left arm; shoulder touching your ear. He turns his head to the door, pulling his lips from his hands at a slow pace. “Barry?” you repeat, scrubbing your eyes when you slip out from under the comforter.

Oh no, he woke you up. Twisting the doorknob, he stands in front of you, water droplets dripping from his chin. “G-go ba-ack to bed, b-babe…” he mutters, blinking tiredly at you. Instead of doing that, you swadle your arms around his torso. “Y-Y/N, p-please….”

You shake your head against his t-shirt, yawning, “Can’t sleep without you.” You peer up at him, seeing his deep frown, forehead crinkled. “How ‘bout we get a…” you glance at the clock, “one AM snack, yeah?” Your eyebrow raises and you grin lazily.

Sighing, he scratches below his dark red boxer briefs, following after you. “Y-you ne-ed s-sl-sleep.” he mumbles, bare feet trailing behind yours. Ignoring him, you yank up your light blue pajama pants, hand curling around the fridge handle. He pouts, watching you pull out the leftovers from the other night. “O-ooo! Pa-pasta!” His face lights up, immediately plopping down on one of the chairs.

A smirk appears on your lips as you place the container in the microwave, pressing the buttons after you shut the door. “Mhm.” you hum, grabbing a fork while you wait for it to heat up. The quiet buzz flows through the house until the microwave beeps; you take the container out, closing the door again.

His forest green eyes watch you sit in front of him and he goes to grab the fork with a shaky hand. Except, you move it to the food, twirling the spaghetti around the prongs. Oh, you’re gonna eat first. Okay.

“Open.” you demand, holding the fork to his lips, container under his chin.

He arches a bushy eyebrow, “W-wha- oh…”

Suddenly, the stringy pasta is in his mouth, chunky sauce dripping off the corner of his lips, clinging to his brown stubble. A grin is painted on your lips, dropping the fork into the pasta. “This okay, love?” you ask, unsure if you went too far this time. Your yellow tank top rises above your waist a bit.

Chewing, he nods, messy chestnut locks bouncing around. “C-can yo-you ca-call me…um…” he blushes, swallowing and toying with his boxers, “B-baby bo-boy?” he questions, cheeks turning bright pink with embarrassment. Huh, Barry never thought he would say something like that.

Collecting the sauce dripping from his chin on the fork, you smile from ear to ear. “Of course, baby boy.” you muse, spinning the pasta around. “You’re so cute.” you huff under your breath, shaking your head. Barry’s lips crack into a grin. Is it bad he likes this? No, he doesn’t think so.

Daddy's Hair
  • The idea of his teacher with hair suddenly doesn't seem like such a good idea. XD
  • Inspired by @chen-art's fabulous Saitama Hairstyle Meme.♡
  • -------------------------------
  • -As Genos cleans the apartment, he notices Nii drawing on her tablet.-
  • Genos: What are you drawing, Nii?
  • Nii: Sensei with hair~[-she stopped to look up at him-]
  • Genos: Really? Mind if I see?
  • -She gladly shows him her work so far.-
  • Genos: [-impressed-] Wow, you're very good, Nii.
  • Nii: [-smiles happily-] Sensei said that he had black short hair, but I wanted to draw it a little longer like Amai Mask. Don't you think he looks handsome this way, too?
  • Genos: Of course. Sensei is always quite good-looking with or without hair. [-says with absolute pride-]
  • Nii: [-nods in agreement-] But what do you think he would have been like if he still had hair, Danna?
  • Genos: [-that was actually a good question-] I would daresay he would be very high in the popularity ranks, since society is known to prize those of aesthetically pleasing qualities, and-...
  • -Genos' daydream-
  • Saitama: Gentlemen, ladies. I have to get home to my family, so please get in line and I will be more than happy to give you an autograph and photo op.[-makes a point wink gesture as his teeth sparkle-]
  • -End of creepy daydream-
  • Genos: ...;; (Ugh, maybe it's good that Sensei went bald after all that training in the end...)
  • Nii: ...Danna...?

Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice

R.I.P Cora-san [x]