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Trans women of color with HIV may lose an important lifeline under Trump’s 2018 budget

  • Trans women of color living with HIV face a new challenge under Trump’s proposed 2018 budget.
  • Trump’s proposed budget keeps allotted funding for much of the United States-focused Ryan White Care program, which provides treatment and support services for HIV-positive Americans. 
  • However, it also seeks to eliminate $25 million in funding for a line item called “Special Projects of National Significance.” Part of that line item includes a $3.2 million initiative meant to keep HIV-positive transgender women of color in care.
  • The grant is divided among nine recipients across the United States, including the Community Healthcare Network, based in New York. 
  • According to Freddy Molano, the vice president of infectious diseases and LGBTQ programs, about 300 HIV-positive transgender women of color access care through CHC’s transgender care program. Read more (5/24/17)

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“Go, go, go, go!”

“Keep going, keep going, keep going!”

“Don’t make him go too hard.”

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i'm curious what story of sana's people want telling? she is a norwegian teenager and yes she is muslim which is important to her identity but /i/ personally can't see how you should/ could make that part of the story line (i'm not saying it's not possible i just don't know) ?? i feel like skam is about seeing things through one persons eyes and we are seeing that? it's not about having a separate story for a character it's seeing one story through another perspective (cont.)

(cont.) i don’t agree that sana’s story is affected greatly by isak and even holding hands. i understand that a lot of ppl watching have concentrating a lot on that which is stupid but it seems like some ppl think julie did that on purpose to take away from sana??? wrong in my opinion. sana is a very selfless character and we see her getting hurt bc of her love for friends and her vulnerability bc of that and i think it’s being shown very well. (cont.)

(cont.) i hope you see this as healthy discussion/discourse not as hate or me trying to say anyone is wrong, i just want to understand if i’m missing something? and also i’m only sending /you/ these messages bc i saw you reblogged a post about fans glossing over sana’s story and similar

The thing is that it’s taking all the focus away from Sana. The evak holding hands scene for example. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s the fact that it’s taking the focus away from Sana, who is the main character. It’s taking all the attention away from Sana’s pain, which (in this clip) should be the main focus. 

It’s like with Noorhelm. In season 3 it was a factor that moved the main characters plot forward, but now in season 4 it’s only taking up Sana’s storyline, and that’s so unfair, cause Noora and Noorhelm had more than a whole long ass season for themselves, and it’s sad and stupid that Noora should have to take away Sana’s “screen time”. 

Throughout the three first seasons we see Sana through the other girls eyes, but we mostly get to see the “norwegian girl” side of Sana. But I thought that season 4 was supposed to be about a muslim girl of colour. Because as we have seen, that isn’t something Sana has shared with the other girls. At least not a huge part of it. This season I wanted to learn about Islam, religion, what it’s like to be a muslim, a muslim in norway, a muslim girl in norway, a girl of colour in norway (and in general). But as an ask from an anon said (to @evenandsana i think), what we have learnt this season about Islam and religion, and how it’s like to be a muslim, is thorugh people in this fandom, here on tumblr. Skam has literally not taught me anything I didn’t already know about Islam this season. What I’ve learnt is thourgh these amazing people on tumblr, and even though they have been so amazing, and so helpful, and kind and so generous with sharing everything and teaching us so much, honestly, it shouldn’t have to be people here on tumblr teaching us about this, it should be Skam. 

Finally, Sana is one of the only muslim girls of colour characters IN THE WORLD. Honestly I can’t name one other character like her in main stream media. This was supposed to be a season where other muslim girls and/or girls of colour were going to be represented in a good and real and healthy way, and to finally see “themselves” on a popular tv show. And yet, Sana is pushed to the back, even in her own season. I can’t even imagine how that must feel. To see “yourself” represented in media maybe for the first time ever, and seeing that character being shoved aside just so people can see even more of Noora (a white girl who is represented absolutely everywhere) and evak who we literally just watched a whole season of.

The Matchmaker (2/??)

Theme : Coveted Im Jaebum x Dreamy Art Student

Credit to the owners for all the pictures!

Title : The Matchmaker

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader x Jinyoung

Genre : Fluff, Romance, Angst

Author : Me

Summary : You love Jaebum, with all your heart. There is no way he would love you back though, considering you’re too scared to even say hello to him. One day, your friend tells you about the Matchmaker, a man who can help you get the love of your life and you decide you need this person in your life. This is the only way to make Jaebum and you a whole.

/ Teaser / Part I

Part II

The lines were thin. You liked thin lines. The different shades of blue were forming long strokes on the tall canvas, and you knew, you knew what it meant.


Small golden dots were staining the masterpiece, like a necklace on a naked woman. It was beautiful.

“I told him not to pick this one, but he did anyway.” A small voice pulled a smile on your face, but your head shook.

“I like it. You don’t?” You tried, fingers brushing against embossed designs.

“Abstract art, honey. I hate abstract art.”

You laughed, turning to face the person talking. “But it’s suggestive. It holds way too many messages to be ignored.”

“Nothing beats figurative art. I thought I taught you well.”

“I love your paintings too, mum.” You said, walking to the next painting and observing it.

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Is the cop or am I the one who’s really dangerous?

Okay, before I say anything about this song I’d really just like for us to sit for a minute and appreciate the bassline. Mike Dirnt Is Important, remember? And it’s not just because he’s a very good bass player (he is), but because he’s also an incredibly good writer of bass parts. He builds his lines into the songs so well, deepening and enhancing the melodies as much as he drives the rhythm. This is one the best examples of how good he is at it: it’s him powering this whole song, and he makes it look so effortless you barely even notice if you’re not paying attention.

The original idea for “Warning” was to write a song with lyrics taken entirely from signs and labels. A good portion of the lyrics are still exactly this, but some commentary was added in as the song developed, like the line I’ve used as an epigraph for this post. I like that line not just because - well, because of its accuracy, the laser-focus on the truth versus what we’re told the truth is long before our current crisis of faith in police forces. Anyone who has been disenfranchised by society has known not to trust the cops for almost as long as the cops have existed, of course, but Billie Joe’s recognition of the danger that police can present reveals something twofold about him: first of all, it speaks to his life experiences in Rodeo and Oakland as a disenfranchised teen and punk. Secondly and more importantly it shows, in 2000, an understanding that the “dangers” society warns us about aren’t always the true danger, or violence, being enacted upon us. Following societal rules doesn’t ensure our safety - it ensures the safety of the structures and people that created those rules in the first place.

It seems like it should be a simple thing, but even a lot of activists fail to understand it: if inequality is built into the way a society exists, it is that societal structure that is violent and oppressive, and there is no way to “fix” it while abiding by its rules. People have criticized Green Day’s politics for being too simplistic, particularly on American Idiot, but I think “Warning” shows a deeper understanding of both politics and power than they are generally assumed to possess.

Also, for being an acoustic song, it sure is a banger.

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Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”


Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)

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46, Marichat

Chat wanted to do Marinette’s nails and she agreed with the condition of her doing the same to him. He accepted very much quickly tho.

Platonic Touch meme

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Yugyeom just enjoying the moment not worrying about his future

Keyword: Im Jaebum

Keyword: Bambam

But before GOT4 can escape the dark room

Except this man

Yugyeom got his revenge for all the “hidden camera” GOT6 put him through


“Glowing appearance, glowing.
Black jeans and a white t-shirt.
Gathering the spirit of the sky, 
Absorbing the essence of the sun and moon.”

– Namjoon describing Hobi


poor jun