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“They say an incubus’ saliva has aphrodisiacal effects on mortals.” Ignis smirks, and your breath hitches. “Let’s test that, shall we?”

That there’s 21 words… I was actually going to post the whole paragraph (I’m a slut for context) but that was 87 words and… I’m not strong enough for that. So, who shall I choose?

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Hot damn, I hit 21. You’re not obligated to do this, it’s just for fun, but I’d love to see it if you do it! :D

Hogwarts AU maknae line part 1

Hey it’s me back again with part 2, cause I couldn’t resist typing it down lmao.

Thanks again to @yes3racha for helping me a lot with this and again please don’t hesitate to come talk to us about this or other AU’s

I’m open for more suggestions as well ^^

Now buckle up cause this is gonna be kinda long.

I will make a part 3 cause maknae line is giving me feels and i wrote a lot about them help


  • Okay so
  • Our beautiful and talented Hyunjin
  • He’s hecka good at Charms
  • Don’t test him
  • Really, Minho tried once
  • He did hella good btw
  • Bad bad idea
  • He’s a Chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team
  • H E L L y E S
  • Chaser Hyunjin getting all the attention
  • *cOuGHs*
  • He actually got a proposal to be a seeker
  • Chan died inside because omg he’s gonna get hurt
  • But he turned it down
  • And everyone was like
  • :0 ???
  • He chose to try out for chaser
  • He did really good btw
  • So of course Everyone asked him
  • wHY?!?!
  • He didn’t even feel injured
  • And he just said
  • “Seekers may win the game but Chasers get all the action”
  • With a smug little smirk
  • Chan died inside because ‘omg this idiot is gonna get hurt ahhhhh’
  • And
  • That’s exactly what happened
  • During a game he fell from his broom
  • Chan screamed so high you guys
  • He dashed down so fast he almost broke his own damned arm, istg Chan
  • Hyunjin was embarrassed
  • He was blushing and sweating and closing his eyes tightly
  • And Chan just rushed down and they all took him to the infirmary
  • When he woke up
  • He was S W A R M E D with candy
  • He actually blushed
  • Everyone thought he was brave af
  • I mean he didn’t cry
  • Almost
  • But he didn’t
  • After he got better
  • Every time he told the story
  • It got even more dangerous than it really was
  • “Ha, they better try harder next time if they really want to keep me off for more than a few weeks”
  • *girls swooning*
  • Again back to the girls
  • EVERYONE has a crush on him
  • EvERYoNe
  • I mean
  • He’s pretty handsome and his talents are astounding
  • He bound to be The Gryffindor Prince™
  • He gets embarrassed about it
  • The rest of the group is lowkey jealous
  • Except Seungmin
  • Y’all will see why


  • Okay so
  • Seungmin is definitely a Ravenclaw
  • Fight me on this
  • Actually fight us
  • It isn’t just me
  • I’m joking lmao don’t come @ me
  • He’s actually really good at Herbology and History of magic
  • Seungmin is the only reason Felix is passing Hisptry of Magic
  • He’s also really good at divination
  • Seungmin is once again the only reason why Jisung is passing divination
  • “Seungmin if you’re making stuff up to make me seem like an idiot I swear to Merlin’s beard-“ “nO, Jisung! It’s r I g h t tHERE JUST LOOK!” “SeUNGMIN THERES NOHING tHERE”
  • Frustrated sighs from Jisung
  • He’s a quidditch keeper for Ravenclaw
  • Actually everyone made fun of him at first
  • *coughs* Felix *coughs*
  • Cause of the padding and stuff
  • He looked funny okay
  • It’s not Felix’s fault
  • The padding was too big and he didn’t even know how to put it on
  • Shy bean
  • But like
  • Durning his last year, everyone just
  • StOPPED breathing when he came out
  • They also stopped teasing him
  • He looked g00D
  • Felix admits it
  • And the worse part
  • He KNOWS he looks good
  • Imagine a smug smirk on his face ahhhh
  • He’s The Ravenclaw Prince™
  • Imagine him sitting in the astronomy tower and just looking beautiful in the afternoon with the sun shining on his hair and illuminating his features while he reads *swoon*
  • AHhhhhhhHhhhHH
  • He’s a proud cat owner
  • Funny story
  • The cat actually came to him
  • It followed him around
  • and he ended up adopting him
  • its a black cat yall
  • its cute as hell
  • it follows him up to the tower and he ends up playing instead of studying
  • thats cute omg

bts reaction || telling them you’re pregnant [Maknae Line] (F)

part 2 xx


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“Jimin? Can you come over?” You spoke softly over the phone as you covered your mouth with your hand, trying your hardest not to cry.

“Sure babe, is everything alright?”

“Just come. Please.”

Jimin was at your house within minutes. You were quick to pull him onto the couch and tell him everything, finally letting your tears fall. You told him about how you had been feeling bloated and missing periods ever since that party the two of you went to a couple months ago and now you had taken multiple pregnancy tests, all of which turned out positive.

Halfway through your rambling your breath quickened and your cheeks grew hot and your eyes started to water and your words stopped making sense.

“Y/N, baby,” Jimin grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers.

You shook your head and kept trying to speak but all you could do was ramble about how scared you were and how none of this was supposed to happen and how disappointed everyone would be and-

“Y/N. Stop.”

He pulled you into his chest and rocked you back and forth while he shushed you.

“None of this was a mistake. No one is going to be disappointed in either of us. We’re in our twenties now—it’s perfectly normal to have a child at our age.” He continued on with things to quiet you down and make you more comfortable.

“And I know you’re scared, baby, I am too. But hey—“ he pulled you out of his chest to cup your face. “—you’re gonna be a mommy. And I’m gonna be a daddy.” He smiled at you, running his fingers through your hair. “How amazing is that? We’re gonna have our own little baby.”

Finally you were able to relax a little and return his smile.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispered to you. He ran his hands over your stomach and rested his forehead on yours.

“And I love our little baby too.”


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“Wait…you mean I’m gonna be…a dad?”

You swallowed hard as you watched your boyfriend’s wide eyes and open mouth. You had already been nervous as hell to tell him this, and his silence wasn’t helping any.

“Say something, Tae.”

He closed his mouth and swallowed hard. He shook his head and blinked a few times, indicating that he was at a loss for words.

“Taehyung, please say something. I’m fucking scared, and it doesn’t help that you-“

“You’re having my baby..”

Momentarily stunned, you bit your lip and blinked your eyes.

“Yeah, I am.”

“This little baby…” He reached his hands out and placed them over your stomach. “is all mine.”

Finally you were able to relax a little, lowering your shoulders as you felt your heart rate slow down.

“Ours,” you corrected him.

He smiled and leaned forward so that he was eye level with your stomach. He hugged you and rested his cheek there.

“Hey there little one,” he said softly to your stomach, making your heart melt.

“I’m your daddy. And this here is your mommy. We’re both nervous as hell about you, so don’t give us a hard time, alright..?”

You smiled and reached down to pet his hair whilst he spoke to your baby.

“I can promise you we’re gonna give you the best life we can.”


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You knew he would be scared.

You knew that telling him you were pregnant would frighten him so much that he may start to rethink everything, which was why you were so nervous to tell him, however you wouldn’t know what to do without Jungkook. You wouldn’t be able to raise a baby on your own, which was why you needed to do everything you could to keep him calm.

And that’s what made sitting in front of him now that much more terrifying.

You could see the panic set in. Anyone could see it from a mile away if they were to look at his eyes. It broke your heart to see him break the second the words left your mouth. He let go of your hands, sat back in his chair, and swallowed hard, but never looked away from your eyes.

“I know how scary this is and I know we never meant for it to happen, but now that it has I need you more than ever, Kook.”

He was able to break eye contact and look down at his lap to fumble with the hem of his shirt. You could tell he was trying to say something but couldn’t get the words out.

“It isn’t just me here, it’s you too,” you said. “You’re this baby’s father now. It needs you.”

Jungkook looked at you again but still remained silent.

“I know it’s scary, Jungkook…please don’t leave me.”

A frown painted his brow; a rather unpleasant change from his previous expression.

“Y/N…” He finally managed to speak. “You think I’m going to leave you?”

You instantly felt ashamed. It hadn’t occurred to you before but now that you heard him say it out loud, you felt like an asshole for accusing him of leaving you.

“I’m not leaving. I couldn’t. Not after everything we’ve been through…” He swallowed again. “Yeah, I’m scared, but so what? I know you are too and if I can do it you can do it. But I wouldn’t leave you, Y/N…”

You smiled and took your bottom lip between your teeth.

“Thank you, Kookie. I’m sorry I thought you would.”

He shook his head and reached forward to wrap his arms around your waist and pull his head into your neck.

“I won’t ever leave either of you, okay? Remember that.”

Casting Call

I need 

a Theo and a Ron for Last Christmas Part 2: Between the Lines


a couple from the Golden Trio era. Please note that you have to physically be with each other because the gifs require kissing and holding hands. I don’t care who the couple is, I just need two people being affectionate in the same room.

Message me on METAMORPHMAGUSMUGGLES if interested.

anonymous asked:

You said you have problems with a lot of john pairings, do you think there are good john pairings/what john pairings do you think could work?


i like johnrezi, i think its good and its funny. i used to ship johnkat really hard, too, and its cute.

i dont have many john ships, or a lot of ships in general. im pretty much a “canon is canon” type of person and YEAH theres a few “you have to read between the lines” parts of hussies writing but other than that characters have been very cut and dry as well as ships so i dont have anything interesting to talk about in terms of ships other than dragging people for being douchebags who think us Nasty Mean Davekat Shippers Are Just Bullying Them For Their Ship meanwhile theyre the ones poking at us and have always been that way and now theyre complaining that we talk back at them the same way they do to us

use your words series | part one | dividing lines (T Rating)

Hajime stood outside of the Oikawa house as per his normal routine, waiting patiently for his best friend so they could walk to school together, as they had done ever since actually starting school. He tried diligently not to think about how this wouldn’t be his normal routine for much longer.

Written by @ano-neesan​ | Art by @laifis​ | Beta’d by @seijohstardust

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do you ever think tae should be part of dance line?

No, I think 3J’s do a fine job. I love Tae, but the Dance Line are just out of this world with the way they move and stuff 💕


some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!


Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)


gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”

i cannot believe they agreed when me and @amazinmango asked them to do this. higher quality coming later