part in the graveyard

“You’re staring at Mister Vimes, Reg.”

“Am I?” Reg asks, eyes fixed on Vimes’ back as he speaks to some new recruits.

“Yes Reg,” Nobby says. “You’re staring, Reg. Why’re you staring?”

“He… just reminds me of someone, sometimes. The Commander.”


He’s twenty-five and he’s standing on top of the barricades, flag in his hands and pure defiance in his voice.

He’s twenty-five and he should be dead, is dying, blood gushing from more wounds than he can count but he’s still crawling forwards, still fighting, propelled by nothing but willpower and conviction because he will. Not. Give. Up.

He’s twenty-five – but is he, still? – and fresh air washes over his face, not quite ridding him of the taste of mud and dirt still filling his mouth.

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* = personal favorite
⋆⋆⋆ = fan fav
¡ = new


It’s Okay to Cry  - Your friendship with Kylo Ren is at a breaking point, will it last?

Burgundy - In which Kylo Ren tries on makeup for the first time

⋆⋆⋆ Cold - Your good friend Ben Solo never ceases to make you feel warm

Some Trees or Temporary, Some Everlasting - The aftermath of a battle, picking up the ashes. This time you win. Slightly angsty, comfort, sappier than normal. 

Seasons Greetings NSFW- Kylo Ren your long time friend plans a surprise for you, things quickly escalate. 

*Grateful - Ben and yours first Thanksgiving, Ben wonders if he will be able to ask you to marry him

Under the Mistletoe - You finally learn the name of the handsome stranger who you see all the time, Kylo Ren. 

In the Heat of the Moment: I, II (smut)

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Ben Solo, ever the tease, has confused you for years. After one encounter you finally learn the truth behind all of his flirting.

Santa Baby: The first time you meet Kylo is under some pretty strange circumstances, somehow that man can even make a Santa costume attractive.

Dark Days NSFW: At the end of the world, you’re just trying to survive. You’re used to being alone in this cold world, and the only life you encounter is the food that you hunt and the other more dangerous wild life that always seems to lurk behind the corner. You’re alone until you encounter a new creature, a man who goes by the name of Kylo Ren. Warning! Smut at the end!

Flying Solo: Ben Solo, it’s in his last name, doomed to be perpetually single. He didn’t even know where to begin to change that, but with the help of his friends, he finds his match.

Make a Move: Modern!Kylo, NSFW

Pretty: You find a poem that Kylo drops, turns out that it’s about you!

Birthday Girl: Modern!Kylo gives you a great Birthday gift.

Ben the Baker: Baker AU where Ben Solo is just as sweet, if not sweeter than what he makes.

⋆⋆⋆ The Noisy Neighbor: You finally confront your loud neighbor, Kylo Ren

*Ke Kali Nei Au: Kylo and Reader on their Honeymoon in Hawaii

Matt Protection Squad: Reader is Matt’s number one defender from all of the First Order jerks

Feel Better Sweet Pea: Modern Kylo accompanying his girlfriend to therapy  and encouraging her 

⋆⋆⋆ Fame is a Lonely Road: Kylo Ren is the lead singer of the Knight’s of Ren, one of the most well known bands of late. Despite his success in career he still feels lonely, cold, and afraid. That changes when he spots you. 

Kylo Ren Comforting You 

⋆⋆⋆ Spoil Her Rotten: Warning: NSFW, daddy kink

Summary: Kylo is the CEO of First Order Industries, entirely capable of running a company but incompetent when it came to dating. At least, he always told himself he just hadn’t found the right person yet. It turns out that he was right, even if costed him years of loneliness just one date would prove that you were worth the wait. 


Graveyard Girl (NSFW): Part I, Part II Part III  Complete- A story about a girl, a graveyard, and a mysterious man known as Kylo Ren 

*Dream On, Senator (Complete): Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part XI (nsfw), Part X, Part XI, Part XII, Epilogue (nsfw)

Summary: Ben Amidala is the up and coming senator in the New Republic; women and men alike love him by the media and. He has created the perfect life for himself, however this becomes disrupted by you, his assigned bodyguard to protect him from the First Order. 

⋆⋆⋆ Little Red: I, II 

Summary: Werewolf!AU with Kylo Ren, you meet him in the woods one day and ignore his warnings, which leads to some unexpected, perhaps even desirable consequences. 

⋆⋆⋆ King of Pain (Complete) : I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII

Summary: Kylo Ren had usurped the Old King, conquered lands, and built up an insurmountable defense. He had everything, except for a Queen. Even though he inspired fear in most, there where still many who would give anything for a place by his side, you weren’t one of them.   

Howlin’ for You (hiatus): A fresh start, it was just what you needed. You decided to move to Rosedale, a town which boasted the eerie slogan “Rosedale, You’ll never want to leave”. Quickly you realized that there was something off about this town, which seemed to be tidally locked between two rivaling gangs, the First Order and the Resistance. Before you get the chance, you’re sucked into the conflict, made ever more complicated by Kylo Ren. Werewolf AU

⋆⋆⋆ ¡ Light of Mine (Complete): I, II III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, XI

Summary: The Nightshade Witch of Ren, a name that brings fear. Harbinger of revenge and corrupt justice, he’s the number one target of The Church. You are an average young woman of the village, trying to escape your strict parents and The Church. Fate has it that your paths are intrinsically linked, to the disdain of well…everyone. A Kylo Ren Witch AU

Kiss it Better (complete): Masterlist 

A collaboration between myself and kyloholic 

Summary: Everybody loves him, he’s the most up and coming Jedi Knight, and Ben Solo reigns supreme. But he has many vices, and with you as his new competition they will begin to show. Quickly, you become a threat to his reputation, and you will not back down. Eventually, something’s got to give.


Kylo Ren

1. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.” 4. “Walk out that door and we’re through” NSFW
22. “Choose me”, 39. “Please come home, I miss you”
15. “Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.”,16. “Just talk to me”, 46. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.”
25. “You’re mine. I don’t share”, 8. “Why are you so jealous?”NSFW
⋆⋆⋆ Waking up in Kylo’s arms
Concerned Kylo watches over a Badly Injured RC from a mission
⋆⋆⋆ Sweet and Scary Emperor Kylo
24. “So you’re my soulmate.”,18. “What did you just say?”
Goth Kylo and his Girlfriend
Kylo Ren comforting you after being stood up
16. “Why won’t you let me steal your flannels?”, 23. “Do you know how good you look?”, 33. “Baby, please.”
11. You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…
What if you manage to save Kylo if he got captured?
Kylo helping his crush, a drunk reader get home safe, Pt 2
Kylo tries your cake for the first time, is overcome with love for you
Kylo tries to make you dinner, super fuffy
Kylo trying to get you to warm up to him in an arranged marriage
Bad boy Kylo
“I love you, you asshole.” with Kylo Ren 
41. “Please, take me instead!”
20. “I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry her/him.”
“I don’t want to have a baby.”
102.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”
 * Boxer AU
“H-How long have you been standing there?”
“Come over here and make me.”
“Why do you keep pushing me away?”
Eid Mubarak
“I have a crush on the hot new teacher and I’m talking to you about it but your the teachers son and have a crush on me.“
Flirting with the enemy
Cute morning cuddles
Messages from Kylo Ren, Night/Morning
Kylo helping you pull an all nighter
Kylo as an alto hc’s
comforting reader in a lot of pain
Unstable Apprentice
Kylo trying to learn your native language
Hearing your child giggle for the first time


14. “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”
Tell that to Kanjiklub: Smuggler Ben rescues his favorite princess


Body Positivity
Comforting a sad reader
NSFW Reader confronts Matt about being reluctant to be intimate

Clyde Logan (all tagged as clyde logan x reader)

Sleepy HC’s 
Highschool Crush AU
Reacting to Clyde taking off his arm
Talk to me about Clyde PLEASE

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What Ever Happened To You


Characters: Salvatore brothers, sister!reader. Mentioned: Katherine, Lilian Salvatore, Giuseppe Salvatore.

Words: 1700

Your brother Stefan remembering and wondering what happened to you.


Stefan Salvatore was back in Mystic Falls for the first time in many, many years, and this time he was here to stay. He felt like home in a way he hadn’t in a long time, but that wasn’t too much of a surprise, after all he did grow up here with his siblings; Damon and you.

Stefan often wondered what happened to you. Honestly, he had begun missions to find out several times in his long vampire life, but never fulfilled the task since he was nervous to discover the truth.

You were born a cold winter day of 1851 at the Salvatore mansion to your father Giuseppe, mother Lillian, older brother by 11 years Damon and lastly a second brother, Stefan, older than you by 4 years. You grew up beautiful, a mix between your siblings whom you adored and followed around like a tail. Though at times, the brothers thought it could be tiring, they mostly didn’t mind, or they actually liked having the youngest of the family around at all the time so that they could keep an eye on you.

You were 7 years old when your mother died in consumption. Out of all the siblings, her death affected you the least. It may seem harsh, but you got to spend the least time with her, about 6 years before her leave. Damon had the deepest relationship with her, while Stefan always were a mama’s boy. However your father made sure that you didn’t get away too easy. Your father was a complicated man, and not very kind at all. He treated all his children coldly, but Damon and you were the ones he favored the least, Stefan he could stand. Both of your brothers knew, even though the preferred not to reflect over it, that your father would arrange a marriage for you as soon as you were old enough, to get you out of the house.

When you were 13 years of age Katherine came into the picture. Both of your brothers were instantly fond of the fair, infant girl, but you were more cautious. All your life, even though young, you were good at judging people of character, and you never liked Katherine. However, you were always too scared of speaking with your brothers about it, and of course, you didn’t even have to contemplate your father. That is except for the last day, the day Stefan and Damon died. That morning you had brought it up to your brothers, who already knew Katherine’s secret; she was a vampire. Both of them were strained over the fact, and also in a bad mood since the two of them were fighting with each other, which caused them to respond badly to your questions and thoughts. They both loved the vampire and were angered over your accusations. The talk ended poorly, with you running away with tears in your eyes and the brothers’ crossed expressions, parting different ways.

That turned out to be the last time Stefan talked to you, one of the things he regretted most in his life, that you ended on bad terms. That, and becoming a vampire, forcing Damon with him. Stefan remembered your bright eyes with the characteristic glimpse in them, along with the crinkles that your wide smile created under them. He remembered your luscious hair and how your struggled with your heavy dresses. How your body had been somewhere in-between a child’s and a grown up’s, Stefan wondered how you looked like when you had grown into yourself. He wondered what you did with your life. Did you marry? Did you have children? Did you grow old? Did you have all these thing that Stefan always wanted — both for himself and for you?

It was time to find out now, once and for all.

He hoped with all of his heart, that everything turned out all right for you, because that would help him with his grief, maybe help him to forgive himself. You were his sister, and even though your disagreements, he always wanted the best for you.

Stefan thought he would start with searching the cemetery. The thought of you being dead was natural, but it still brought sorrow to him. It was like he had to remind himself that you were gone since long. Because, when he became a vampire, it felt like he started a new life, where his previous years felt like another world. It felt like he had left you in another dimension, where you still lived on in the 1800s setting. But he knew better than to think that was true. 

Now, he was wandering in the old parts of the graveyard. His gaze hovered between the moss-grown headstones, looking for your familiar name. He had been in the graveyard other times to look after your grave, but never found it, but that was probably because he never properly looked, not mentally prepared to find it.

Stefan’s eyes searched for corresponding letters, before he bothered to read the whole name. Every time he saw a S or an A or something else out of your last name, he winched. He almost missed your grave when he passed it.

It was so overgrown it was hard to see the letters, but after kneeling down in front of it and scraping off some moss, he saw it; your name. (Y/N) Salvatore.

Your older brother let out a shaky breath as he felt his eyes sting. He knew he was going to get emotional, but he was still stunned by the jolt of agony that erupted in his stomach. He dallied for several moments, his hand mid air. Then he reached forward and brushed off the last of the green vegetation to reveal the last piece of information on the worn stone. What he saw left him taken back, badly, while he felt a tear spill over.

It read † August 3rd 1868.

You only got 17 years old.

You never got to grow old. You didn’t survive your teens.

You were Stefan’s age when you died. 4 years after he and Damon left, only four damn years.

”Where have you been little brother?” Damon’s always slightly sarcastic voice called out through the boarding house, as Stefan slammed the door closed. He had throbbing emptiness in his heart, deeply effected by this new wisdom of his. His head hurt from the tears and his eyes burned still.

When Stefan didn’t answer, Damon sped to the front door with a confused look on his face. His ice blue orbs scanned Stefan as he searched for a reason to Stefan’s strange behavior.

”What?” He asked, when he still didn’t get a response from the younger Salvatore.

”I…” Stefan begun, having trouble forming his words. His heart ached for you, he couldn’t properly think. ”I found her grave.”

He didn’t need to specify who this her was, who else could it have been? You were the one who had earned the title her, to be the first one that comes to mind without mentioning a name. Or at least that’s how it used to be, before time ripped you and your brothers apart.

”Huh…” was everything Damon could muster, while something changed in his expression. It held sorrow and heart ache, but that confusion was gone. Actually, the thing missing was surprise, or wonder.

It didn’t take long for Stefan to figure it out.

Damon knew.

”But you already knew where it was, didn’t you?” Stefan asked, his eyes showing signs of betrayal and lingering surprise, while his voice held an accusing tone.

Damon’s silence was enough to answer the question.

”Why didn’t you tell me?”

Just a little hint of annoyance flashed through the older brother’s eyes. ”Well, I figured you would find it out by yourself when you were ready. After all, you’ve had no end of years to look it up, but you haven’t until now, which makes me think I was right when I figured you weren’t ready to know.”

”You can’t decide if-” Stefan stopped himself, not having the energy for a possible fight. He felt drained, like the knowledge about your death date had sucked some vitality out of him. ”Since when?”

”Since a little while after it happened.” Damon admitted, looking down at the floor. Stefan could see the muscles in his jaw tensing, as he clenched it shut.

Stefan let out something of a slight whimper turned into a sigh of defeat. He didn’t know what to say or feel. ”How… how could I never known?” It was a difficult question, Stefan didn’t have any good answer to it.

But Damon had an explanation. ”Maybe because you were the ripper by that point of time.”

Stefan felt worse. It was a justifiable reason, but how could he ever forgive himself for not being there for his precious little sister. Imagines of you flashed before his eyes. Your smile.

”What, exactly, happened?” It was an even more difficult question to ask, that he didn’t know if he wanted the answer to. But he was done now, to live in oblivion, no more.

Damon looked up at the ceiling to collect himself before uttering the truth. ”She… she was murdered.” He spoke, his voice weak. ”They never caught him.”

Stefan couldn’t. The pain was too much. Murdered. Of all people, you were the one he ever met who was least deserved to go out like that.

”I think it was her fiancé though.” Damon’s voice seemed far away, but not so far that he couldn’t hear it.

Stefan had to turn around as he felt the tears stinging again, threatening to make their way down his cheeks in any moment. He didn’t want Damon to see that he was crying.

Damon himself was thinking about and reliving a few of the happiest memories of his life, all of them with you. How you used to smile, laugh and always follow him around like you were his shadow.

Stefan failed with the action, as he let out a sob.

”I know Stefan,” Damon’s voice spoke up from behind him. ”I know…”

Part of the British Telecom complex on Friar’s Street, Inverness. 

This building is pink. It is, I would guess, inspired by the castle, which is further along the river; It has a round tower, it has horizontal bands and portrait orientation windows, it has chunky protrusions that are vaguely reminiscent of castellations. I guess this is the mid 20thC interpretation of the castle.

Is it Brutalist? Or is it only Brutalist if it’s “béton brut” concrete, and not pink sandstone? -Although I’d wager that’s just cladding or an outer skin, and that at least the top is pink concrete. It’s geometric, repetitive, massive in both size and in looking weighty, and a little bit sculptural with the form, but I am certainly no expert on 20thC architecture and am better at telling my Perpendicular from my Rayonnant and my Doric from Ionic… Anyone who wishes to enlighten me on some more recent architectural history than I am generally familiar with can feel free to educate me; learning things is good!

Something genuinely Gothic is the wall beside it - that dark grey wall encloses Inverness’ oldest cemetery, and the ruins of the Dominican Friary from 1223. That will get its own post, and interestingly has a bridge over it connecting two parts of the BT complex. 

anonymous asked:

Today is the anniversary of your younger bro's untimely death. Every year, you visit your bro's grave and just sit down & get lost in thought. Today, your lover, ut/uf/mt skelebros get curious where you go every year and follow, only to find you in front of the grave with silent tears falling down your cheeks. How do these skelebros react and help you overcome your grief?

(Aww shit, that’s sad.)

UT Sans: He didn’t really mena to follow you, he just saw you while he was walking home, disappearing in the crowd and wanted to surprise you. So he followed you, speeding up a little, but then you took a weird rout. He hasn’t been in that part of town before. At least not very often. His curiosity get’s the better of him and he decided to follow you, jsut to see what interesting place you might be going to.

Then you enter the graveyard and…oh….oh no. He stops at the gates, torn apart. He feels like he is intruding on something he shouldn’t be, but at the same time he feels like an asshole for justl leaving you there. So he decides to follow you. He approches you slowly, you are sitting infront of a gravestone, your gaze locked firmly on the name engraved there.

He walks up slowly, reading the name. It’s the same last name as yours. The year of birth was after yours….the year of death was shortly after. Way to shortly. There should be more years inbetween, but there aren’t. It clicks for him, and a shiver runs down his spine, his soul pounding. You had a younger sibling, and now they are dead. He..doesn’t know what to do. He lost Papyrus himself a few times, but those timelines are just a faint memory, more of a distant dream. He never even had to worry, Papyrus always came back. But your brother won’t.

He sits down beside you, wordlessly. There are no words for something like that. There can’t be any words and there shouldn’t be any. So he just sits next to you, his hand on yours, until you are ready to go home again.

UT Papyrus: Papyrus wasn’t an idiot. But he also wasn’t rude. So when you told him you will pick up the mail, he knew you where lying. There is no mail on sundays. And it definitly doesn’t take a couple of hours to get it. But he is also friendly skeleton, so he let you have your white lie. But when you are gone for a long time, he starts to get worried. Where could you be? You never do this, if you go out for long you tell him before, because there is no reason to keep this things a secret. He does the same.

So he goes out himeself, asking around in the neighbourhood if somebody has seen you. A few friends and acquaitances pointed him in the right direction and he found himself at the other side of town. There was a small little graveyard here, quiet and sorroundet by manhigh bushes. He suddenly feels very wrong for beeing here. But it feels worser to just leave you here and go back home, pretending he hadn’t seen anything. So he makes his way inside, looking around until he spots you.

He goes over to you, his usually uplifted demanore not present. He never had to deal with something like that, but he knows he should be taktfull. He shouldnt push you. He sits next to you on the grass, looking at the ligth grey stone slab you are starring at. It’s a name and surename, the same as yours, two dates and a small, engraved bird. Whoever it was, they had a very short life, and Papyrus soul twists in sympathy. He asks you about them. 

You tell him everything, about your little brother who died to soon, how you visit him here every year on his birthday. You came here more often in the past, but your visits became less frequent. You rather remember the good times, then seeing this grey piece of stone. But you couldn’t leave your brother alone on his birthday. He listens to everything, a few tears escaping his eyesockets. He want’s to tell you that things will get better, lift your spirit like he usually alway does. But he doesn’t know what to say. So he puts an arm around your shoulder and listens to stories about how you two where chased by the neighboors dog or how you build sancastles by the sea.

UF Sans: Sans was to lazy to get his nose into other peoples bussines. But it was a completly othe thing if that bussines made your hands shake and your face look so lost. He let you go wherever you wanted to go, not questioning your halfassed excuse of taking a walk. But he wasn’t letting you go by yourself, just hell no!

He followes you with a short distance between you two, always teleporting when he risks beeing spoted. man he could have been an awesome detective…if it didn’t involve that much footwork. He follows you trough a small fence gate, a gravelpath leading up to somewhere he couldnt see yet. Trees framed the path on both sides, you had already left it. He stepped out into the open, and felt sick. Shit, he shouldn’t be here.

He was on a cemetery, some of the very old, weathered gravestones rigth at the entrance, the farther he walked the newer the dates were. He wanted to run, but some morbid curiosity pulled him along. He spotted you, sitting infront of a gravestone in the far back corner of the graveyard. He watched you from behind a tree, he just didn’t had the guts to face you rigth now. He saw your mouth move, whatevery you where saying to quiet for him to hear.

But the stone was what made his soul freeze to the core. Your last name, a different first name. A man. Two dates that where closer together then they ever should be on a gravestone. A boy. Younger then you, born after you. You had a brother you never told him. he teleported out of there, tears gathering in his eyes.

He remembers the one time Papyrus got heavily injured, his baby brother almost falling down. He remembered how awfull it felt, how helpless he was, how he almsot fell down himself out of sheer despair. And the reliefe he felt when his brother opened his eyes again. His soul twists painfully. You never felt that reliefe, your brother never opened his eyes again. He waits at home for you. He tells you what he saw. “sugar….how…what…what kind of kid was he?”

UF Papyrus: You bumped into each other in the middle of town, he was just coming back from work for lunch, and didn’t expect to run into you like that. He did hope to still catch you, maybe grab some lunch together. He really enjoyed cooking for you. But something seemed of about you today, so he kept quiet about that, asking you if everything was alrigth. You said yes, but you didn’t met his eyes. You tried to hurry away, but he held your arm, not firmly, but firm enough to at least stop you for a moment. You stopped instead o jsut shaking him off.

And you told him where you where going. You didn’T tell him why, just where. He decided to accompany you, he didn’t wanted to impose, but he wanted to help you somehow. Maybe he could be a reassuring presence, he was pretty good at that. And he was no stranger to death, he had to dust a few monsters himself, and he isn’t proud of it. He always attendet the funerals.

You both got there, you both sit down infront of the small gravestone in the middle of the cemetery, beneath a rough looking tree. You both don’t say anything, Papyrus lowering his gaze after reading the small writing on the dark stone. Your surname, a boys name, a short life. He can’t say anything, but when you start telling him about your favorite memory with your little brother he listens and smiles sadly.

MT Sans: Sans was a curious fella. His job kind of shaped him that way. If he wanted to know something, he got all information about it he could get his hands on. So when you suddenly left, leaving behind a strange excuse and nothing more, he had to know. So he followed you. At first you just strolled trough town, in no hurry, but with a direction in mind. Then you got to the quieter part of town, and Sans started to worry. Why would you go here? It wasn’t dangerous per se, but there where barely any people out here, no matter what hour of the day it was. Somebody could just snatch you away, and nobody would be any wiser. 

Then you enter truogh that one gate he hates crossing and the coin drops. He never went to the graveyard himself, to many people who lie there do this trough his hands, to many trough his mistakes. And it feels so wrong to follow you like that, especially to a place like this. But his curiosity is still strong, he just has to know. He follows you without a sound.

He finds you in the back, it’s not a special place, it looks like all the other parts of the graveyard. Stones, plants and earth, connected trough gravelpaths. You are sitting on the path infront of a grave, your head resting on your drawn up knees. He walks until he is behind you, his footsteps quiet enough to get a peak and be out of there without you notcing. But he sees the engraving and changes his mind.

It’s a simple piece of stone, with a couple of simple words in a simple font. It’s a name of a boy with your last name. It’s a date of birth and a date of death, showing a few happy years, but not enough. Such a short time. Sans face falls. He shouldn’t be here. But he is and now he has to deal with this. He puts a hand on your shoulder, kneeling behind you. He doesn’t want to know anymore, but he will listen if you want to share.

MT Papyrus: He was strolling trough the city, he often ran patrols, just to make sure there where no trouble from rivaling gangs, everybody had to…even though Sans often skipped on that part of the job. Then he spoted you, walking into on of the side alleys and he sped up, wanting rounding the corner and about to shout your name, when he sees you enter the graveyard. Why would you go there? You never told him about a dead friend or family memebr who was buried here.

He follows you, not out of curiosity of course, he was to great for something like that. He was just walking the same way as you where. He enters the large graveyard, there was only one in the town, so it grew in size over the years. There where a few trees providing shade from the midday sun, a few benches which where mostly empty. A few elder women and men sat there, taking a breather before continuing there walk. You where in the farther, newer part of the cemetery, sitting infront of a gravestone, looking up at the sky with an unreadable expression. 

Papyrus came closer, wringing his hands. He decided to follow you, so he couldn’t just back out of it now. And now he was standing beside you and didn’t knew what to say. The engraving on the stone was in cursive, beautifull but sad, displaying the few years a small boy lived before he passed away. To young to be here, to young to have his name engraved in one of this stones. He had your last name. Papyrus closed his eyes, his soul dropping in shared grief. He sat beside you, taking your hand. You sit ther in quiet until you suddenly rais your voice. “You know….he wanted to be a cowboy.”

(Ok, now I made myself sad ;-;)

Split-spells of Amonkhet in D&D, Part 1

It’s prerelease weekend! With release weekend next week, I’m planning on two weeks of Amonkhet-related homebrew content to celebrate. I thought that one cool thing to try would be some of Amonkhet’s split spells, so here are a selection of those translated to D&D:

2nd-level enchantment
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you can take when a creature suffers damage from an attack.
Range: 60 feet
Components: S
Duration: 1 round
You form a temporary shield, momentarily protecting a creature from death. Choose one creature that you can see within range. Until the end of the round, if that creature would be reduced to zero hit points or below, they are instead reduced to one hit point.

4th-level enchantment
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: S
Duration: 1 round
You compel your foes to direct their attacks to a single ally. Choose one friendly creature that you can see within range. All enemy creatures within 20 feet of that character must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, a creature has disadvantage on attack rolls made against creatures other than the target until the end of the round, and can only spend their movement this round to move directly towards the target.
Aftermath: You do not select this spell when choosing spells for your character. You become able to cast this spell if you have already cast Destined since your last long rest. For each time you have cast Destined since your last long rest, you can cast this spell once.

This spell is suggested for BardCleric and Wizard.

Mechanically, each of the halves of this spell were relatively simple to create, Destined working in the same manner as Indestructible does, in that it prevents dropping below zero hit points. Lead took inspiration from compelled duel. The main challenge was finding the correct syntax for Aftermath as a D&D rule, since D&D has no graveyard. Making it act like a second part of the first spell was also very important (hence it not working as a separately selected spell). Limiting it to long rest works to the same time scale as spell slot recovery, so it seemed appropriate to use for a spell.

2nd-level abjuration
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you can take when you see a creature within 60 feet of you cast a spell.
Range: 60 feet
Components: S
Duration: Instantaneous
You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell. If the creature is casting a spell is of 3rd level or lower, its spell fails and it has no effect, and the creature casting it regains the expended spell slot. If it is of 4th level or higher, make an ability check using your spellcasting ability. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a success, the creature’s spell fails and has no effect, and the creature regains the expended spell slot.

1st-level abjuration
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: 60 feet
Components: S
Duration: 1 round

You attempt to prevent the casting of a specific spell. Name a spell. For the duration, creatures within 60 feet of you cannot cast the named spell unless they pass a Wisdom saving throw.
Aftermath: You do not select this spell when choosing spells for your character. You become able to cast this spell if you have already cast Failure since your last long rest. For each time you have cast Failure since your last long rest, you can cast this spell once.

This spell is suggested for Cleric, Sorcerer and Wizard.

Failure was quite simple to translate, as the effect of returning the spell to the casters hand was easy to replicate by refunding their spell slots (but of course the caster won’t get their action/bonus action/reaction back that they spent casting the spell). Comply preventing the spell’s casting over the round continues to hamper the enemy caster until for another, essentially locking that spell out of being cast for two turns.

3rd-level necromancy
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: 20 feet
Components: V
Duration: 1 round

Choose one target creature. That creature must make a Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, for the duration, all attacks that hit that creature are critical hits.

3rd-level evocation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 20 feet
Components: v
Duration: Instantaneous

Make 2 spell attacks against one target creature. On a hit, that creature suffers 2d6 psychic damage. On a critical hit, this spell deals an additional 1d6 psychic damage (for a total of 5d6 psychic damage).
Aftermath: You do not select this spell when choosing spells for your character. You become able to cast this spell if you have already cast Insult since your last long rest. For each time you have cast Insult since your last long rest, you can cast this spell once.

This spell is suggested for Bard and Sorcerer.

Insult was the difficult part of this card. I felt that simply doubling the damage could be too powerful if combined with high-powered spells, so I went with it affecting Critical Hits. That way, attacks can still fail to hit, unlike saving throw spells that still deal damage on a successful save. The chance of characters having additional critical-hit based bonuses seemed far less of a priority when preventing this spell from becoming too powerful.
     I wanted Injury to combo with the effect of Insult, so I decided to add the extra clause of it dealing slightly higher damage on critical hits for a maximum total of 10d6 psychic damage if both attacks critical hit, dealing slightly more damage than Lightning Bolt, another 3rd-level evocation, but requiring another spell to have been cast to use it, and that having been done in the same turn for full effect.

Not a normal 5-card post, but these are not normal cards, so 3 cards makes 6 different spells! I’m working on some more Amonkhet-related homebrew for the release weekend, and maybe some more before then, if I get the chance. I hope everyone has a great time at the prerelease!

BNHA: Riddles in the Heart, 2/3

Pairing: Tododeku

Summary:  The law is clear: whoever correctly answers three riddles will marry the prince, while all who fail are to be executed. The people live in fear as more challengers try and fail, and the throne grows bloodier with every passing year. But a young prince, nameless and in exile from his home, believes there may be more to this brutal challenge than meets the eye.

Of course, there’s only one way to find out: ring the gong, and take the trial.

(Royalty/Fantasy AU)


Act II: The Riddles

As per tradition, the riddles would be posed at moonrise. It was the king’s mercy, Kirishima explained, with only the faintest look of irony when he said it. If a man was to die, then one may as well allow him the chance to enjoy his final day. Not many were blessed with that sort of foresight to their own deaths.

Or, Bakugou said cynically, the king’s mercy was in giving some poor stupid idiot up to a full day to get wise and flee the city.

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch. 6- Playtime

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais! The Amazing @senny74 helped write some of this chapter, the awesome @nick-and-judy-daily beta read this and did the wonderful artwork and my buddies @raykamino and @alexboehm55144 helped develop the ideas for this chapter. Thank you to the awesome folks who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed this fic so far, your support means SOOOOOOOOOO much to me. So without further ado, let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 6 – Playtime.

Four weeks had gone by since the quake and tsunami which the media had horrendously dubbed ‘The Wave’ and Zootopia was still trying to come to terms with what had happened. Just over eight million mammals lived in Zootopia before that horrific night, and about three and half million of those had perished in The Wave the majority of them rodents. Seeing soldiers on the streets to maintain marshal law had become an everyday occurrence and even after a month rescue workers were still finding bodies in the rubble. Most schools had been destroyed and the ones that were still standing didn’t have the adequate staff to help teach what remained of the student body. Out of the twelve hospitals that served the city only three remained safe for public use, causing overcrowding and in some cases patients being transferred cross state for treatment. In the place of wrecked homes slums and villages of tents had sprouted all around the city, the mammals who lived in these so called ‘Wave towns’ were hungry, desperate and in fear for their lives. And as for the law and order? It was a shit storm; the two prisons that were located within the city limits had been damaged in The Wave and consequently over a thousand prisoners had escaped, crime rates had gone through the roof especially murder and robbery, the worst of times brought out the worst in mammals.

Robyn used to run through the public park in Savannah central for exercise every day but now that entire patch of greenery had become a ‘Wave Town’ where there were desperate mammals and zero sanitation. Robyn was a brave mammal but she wasn’t stupid, there was no need to risk her life on a daily run, luckily she knew one place nearby that had plenty of space to run in and it would be rare to see any other mammal; Sherwood cemetery. Some mammals would be put off jogging around a graveyard others would say it was disrespectful but Robyn actually found comfort here, it wasn’t frightening instead it was peaceful and this way she could drop by a certain gravestone every day to say ‘Hi’. Robyn who was dressed in her running gear which consisted of a grey t shirt and black shorts had run ten circuits of the graveyard and was not feeling tired, in fact she wasn’t feeling fatigue lately when she exercised she put it down to not having school so she had more energy, however though after her tenth lap she made her way to the most heart wrenching part of the graveyard; the nursery. For any mammal who had gone through the nightmare of losing a young child in Sherwood this was where they were most likely laid to rest, Robyn sat in front of a gravestone she visited more times than she could remember, she leaned forward and kissed the white marble of the memorial and greeted with grin “Morning boys.” Robyn then sat back and relaxed in front of the grave of her three still born litter mates Ryan, Ronan and Reginald Wilde, technically born and died on the same day with only their sister Robyn surviving them. “I think I’m getting faster, y’know? This run is getting too easy, what do you guys think, should I add a few miles?” She asked, knowing she would get no answer, as always.

From as early as she could remember Robyn knew she was one of four kits but only she had made it, at first she had felt sad at this fact, that she had missed out on having three brothers and also a heavy weight of guilt that she had been the only kit in the litter that was born alive, but her Grandma Bonnie had given her some sage words that gave her comfort ‘They are your guardian angels’, now one could easily dismiss as an adult trying to comfort a child with whimsy but Bonnie Hopps was speaking from experience. Bonnie, like most bunnies, was one of many of a multitude of siblings but with every litter that her mother gave birth to some would sadly not make it, it was just the way it was. As Robyn got older during a trip to Bunnyburrow Bonnie revealed that she had lost seventeen kits, this fact was heart breaking but just the way things were for Rabbits, even if Robyn was a child of two species she understood this part of her lapin legacy. All Robyn could do was live for her brothers and never let them be forgotten. That didn’t stop her imagining her brothers would be like if they were alive; Robyn pictured Ryan as the creative one maybe he liked to draw or play an instrument, Ronan as a sporty kid like her and Reggie as a mini version of their dad.

“So guess what? Mom and Dad finally have a day off,” Robyn spoke to the gravestone “I know right, it’s been like four weeks without them having a single break, they look so tired lately, apparently Mom’s going to invite Luna around later for veggie stew so we can have a family dinner.”

Robyn looked across the damaged landscape of Sherwood and beyond that the main hub of Savannah central, her navy eyes focused on the newish looking hospital where she had fought for her life not so long ago, she let out a sigh and spoke “Hannah’s seeing the doctor this morning about her eyes, all the other surgery didn’t work and this is the last ditch test to see if anything can be done for her sight…I don’t get it, her parents are terrified for her and so am I but she just keeps smiling, she’s so upbeat…I Just don’t get her…maybe that’s why I love her.” Robyn found herself having butterflies in her tummy as she pictured Hannah, even if these four weeks had been tough the new couple still spent lots of time together although Jack and Skye were doing the whole helicopter parenting thing since her injury and that was pissing Hannah off especially when they walked in on her and Robyn kissing.

“Whatever the outcome of her meeting with the doctor we’re still going to enjoy some junk food, we’re going to head to bugga burger with Kodi and Kion and just hang out, like old times…plus Kion needs cheering up, he’s been so down since his sister’s gone missing.” Robyn confided to her brothers, it always made her feel better to speak about her problems here, where no one alive was listening but she knew somewhere her brothers were.

Buzzzzzzz! Robyn’s peaceful moment was broken by the rude interruption of a wasp buzzing in front of her face, she absolutely hated wasps ever since she was little. She jumped back in alarm and let out “Ah! Get out of my face!” but the wasp continued to get closer so Robyn turned on her heel and started running away from the insect, but it was pursuing her now, Robyn glanced back and she whined “Oh come on.”, she looked back to where she was running and she was about to run into a bench, she panicked and tried to jump over it, the hybrid leapt into the air and cleared the bench easily…the only problem was that she was still getting higher in the air, she had easily jumped twenty feet with little effort “What’s the?” Robyn gawped as she began to descend…and collide with a tree. “Crap!” Robyn squeaked as she braced for impact, she hit the trunk of the oak with a whack and hit the grass soon after. Robyn could already feel her right arm stinging, she sat up and noticed her forearm was bleeding with a jagged gash “Ugh, great.” Robyn commented, then something unexpected happened, the wound closed up before her very eyes “The hell!?” She gasped Did I just imagine that? There was a cut on my arm and now…wait I jumped super high too, what was that about!? Robyn’s mind raced Hang on, I got stabbed in the gut during the quake and that healed quick too; that medicine Luna gave me? It has to be it.

Robyn looked at where her arm had been cut mere seconds before and smiled to herself “Awesome.” The teen then did a quick check of her surroundings to make sure no one else was around before positioning herself in a crouched position so she could launch herself into the sky as high as she could. “Ok, 3,2,1,” Robyn sprung into the air with a huge grin on her face, this time she must’ve made it thirty feet before landing on the ground with ease before jumping again “Woo-hoooo!” she celebrated, she felt almost euphoric as she bounded through the air.  She landed with a roll and laughed to herself before realising something important “Hannah had the same medicine as me? Does that mean she’s like me?” Robyn asked out loud to no one, the prospect of having these new abilities was exciting but she was left confused to the fact that if her body could heal within seconds then why hadn’t Hannah’s eyes repaired themselves?


It was 4 AM when Aleks Rojek stirred from his sleep with Luna still sleeping soundly next to him, the couple were in a spacious king sized bed, the bed was meant for mammals much bigger than them but in the expanisive and luxury penthouse that Luna inherited it was well placed. As he lay in bed, he thought about latest events that had taken place in Zootopia, and enjoying the closeness and scent of the only mammal he could consider as a family in this new, odd and dangerous world. The vibrating sound of his phone disturbed the overwhelming peace, Aleks sighed deeply before reaching for it. What he saw, made his eyes water with tears of joy; it was a muzzletime call from his parents, he hadn’t had any contact with them since the first few hours after the wave, he had been working so much overtime he always missed their subseqent calls. The grey fox answered the call and a screen displayed the faces of his beloved parents, it was clear to see that they showed a mix of worry and relief.

“O Boże, Synu, jak dobrze Cię widzieć.” A Silver furred vixen on the screen said with relief.

*”OH God, we are so happy to see you, son.”

“Cześć Mamo, cześć Tato.” Aleks grinned sounding a bit sleepy.

*”Hi Mum, hi Dad.”

“Nie obudziliśmy cię? Przeszkadzamy bardzo?” A Red Fox, his father, asked with playful tone, but his eyes were full of worry.

*”Didn’t we wake you up? We are not disturbing anything aren’t we?”

Aleks yawned “Nie, I tak niedawno się obudziłem.”

*”Nah, I woke up awhile ago.”

“Próbowaliśmy się do ciebie dodzwonić odkąd usłyszeliśmy o trzęsieniu ziemi, bardzo się martwiliśmy, że…” Mrs Rojek’s voice was breaking  down.

*”We’ve tried to reach you since we heard about the earthquake, we’ve worried so much that you may…”

“Byłem wtedy w bezpiecznym miejscu, z dala od zasięgu tsunami.” Aleks assured, remembering that he had been in the penthouse when the tremors began

*”By that time I was in safe place, far enough from tsunami’s range”

Even thoug Aleks had lived in USA for two years now, his Polish was still free of foreign accent. Luna woke up, hearing her lover’s kind voice, for a moment she didn’t notice that he was talking in his native language, but when she realized that, she looked over her mate’s shoulder with pure curiosity.

“Hi.” Luna smiled innocently, unaware of who she’s talking to.

“Oh Dzieńdobry.” Silver Vixen half laughed, seeing a young lady hugging to her son.

Aleks turned his head to kiss his love on the cheek, and said in a proud voice“ Luna Kochanie, this is Elizabeth and Peter, my parents. Mamo, Tato, To jest Luna, moja Dziewczyna.”

*”Mum, Dad, This is Luna, my Girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you.” Aleks’ mum greeted in English, she was proud that her son finally found someone.

“Haha, So that’s mean that we soon will have grandchildren?” Peter laughed, his English was clear enough to understand.

“Tato!” Aleks yelled with embarrassment.

“Who knows.” Luna chuckled, joining in teasing Aleks.

Aleks sighed covering his eyes with his free hand from embarrassment.

Luna, Elizabeth and Peter laughed at once. Within few seconds Aleks joined them.

When they all stopped laughing, Aleks’ dad spoke “ Jesteśmy tak szczęśliwi, że jesteś cały, i że znalazłeś sobie piękną lisiczkę.”

*”We are so glad that you are alright, and that you found yourself a beautiful vixen.”

Aleks smiled. „Tęskniłem za wami.”

*”I missed you.”

„Co byście powiedzieli na małe odwiedziny?” His mum asked him grinning.

*”What would you say for a short visit here?”

„Bardzo bym chciał, ale teraz mam masę obowiązków,” “i ten cały projekt nadal trochę potrwa, więc raczej przez najbliższe dwa lata raczej nie dam rady.” Aleks sighted sadly.

*”I’d really loved to visit you… but I have a lot of stuff to do here.” Aleks continued with sadness in his voice “and this project is still going to take more time, so I probably won’t be able to visit you for next two years.”

„To może my was odwiedzimy, co ty na to?” Elizabeth proposed smiling.

*”So maybe we visit you? What do you think?”

Luna listened intently to their conversation having absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

„Spróbujemy przylecieć najwcześniejszym samolotem.” Peter promised

*”We’ll try to take the earliest plane.”

„We’ll be waiting.” Aleks responded with excitement in his voice

“Nie będziemy już wam przeszkadzać,”Aleks’ mum ended kindly. “Pa pa.”

*”We won’t be disturbing You two,”**”Bye bye”

„Bye.” Luna and Aleks said at once, before hanging up.

Aleks put his phone on night table next to the bed. „So what time do we have?” He asked rhetorical looking at his watch and groaning slightly as he saw 4.23 am

„Way too early to get up from bed when you have day off.” Luna yawned, laying back.

„Yeah,” Aleks admitted „But it’s definitely too late to fall asleep again.” Silver fox sighed looking at his red furred beauty.

Luna smiled devilishly “Who said that we have to sleep?” She asked with bewitching tone in her voice.

Aleks give her gaze full of love, before leaning next to her and whispering  “Then how about enjoying each other?”

She put her right paw on his neck and kissed him in response. He wrapped his tail around her and became lost in romance.

It was just after nine when Luna and Aleks had managed to get out of bed due to the clinginess both of them felt after such a passionate early morning. Luna had decided on making breakfast for the pair of them “Aleks do you want one egg or two?” Luna asked loudly, she was dressed in a set of silk pink pyjamas.

“Two, I’ve worked up an appetite.” Aleks joked in response, his voice travelling from the bathroom.

Luna was about to throw a joke back but stopped when she heard the familiar ping of the elevator, Luna quickly stepped into the main living space of the penthouse to see the elevator door opening with the happy faces of her parents to greet her God damn it, I forgot they had a spare key Luna’s brain panicked before she awkwardly opened with “Mom, Dad, w-what are you doing here?”

Judy who was holding a cup holder with three rich smelling coffees replied “We haven’t seen you in weeks, so we thought we’d come surprise you with breakfast.”

“How did you know I had the day off?” Luna asked, trying to think of a way to get rid of her folks before they discovered Aleks.

“Well this little stalker,” Nick motioned to his wife with a grin “saw a post on your furbook page last night about being off today.” Placing a bag of Danish pastries on the coffee table.

“Don’t call me that.” Judy groused, swatting Nick on the arm.

“Um, guys, I’m actually kinda’ sick,” Luna lied “I caught this nasty tummy bug from a patient so I think, uh, you should go, I don’t want to pass it on to you two.”

“Oh sweetie we’re sorry,” Judy replied “we’ll get out of your fur.”

Nick however was not convinced, he could spot a lie anywhere so he asked with an arched eyebrow “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Luna denied in a voice that was way too high.

But before Nick could call Luna on her bad lying a voice called from the hallway “Luna have you seen my towel?” Aleks then appeared in the living room dressed only in his boxers and a toothbrush in his mouth, he became still as a statue the instant he saw Nick and Judy standing before him, the toothbrush that had been in his jaws fell to the floor.

Luna tensed up and whispered “Shit.” Waiting for the inevitable shouting match to begin.

Judy was stood with jaw slack, her vision darting between Aleks and Luna, this felt so uncomfortable she now knew what it must’ve felt like for Marian when she walked in on her holding her shredded knickers all those years ago. She then looked to Nick and mumbled “Oh no.”

Nick had his fangs bared, he eyes were narrowed and looked like he was about to lunge at Aleks at any given second “Rojek…” He growled.

Aleks who was intimidated beyond belief saluted his superiors by reflex “Good morning captain, chief.”

“You.” Nick hissed before bolting towards Aleks, luckily for the silver fox he was over twenty five years younger and a lot faster than Nick. Aleks bounded over the sofa with Nick scrambling over in chase “Stay still so I can rip your god damn head off!”

“Sir please calm down!” Aleks implored as he ran to the dining table.

“I’ll calm down once I beat the hell out of you!” Nick responded with spite chasing the rookie around the table.

“Nick, quit it!” Judy yelled, watching Aleks make a break for the kitchen with Nick in pursuit.

As soon as Aleks reached the kitchen Luna put herself in the way of the door so her enraged father couldn’t enter “Dad.” Luna simmered, ready to boil over with anger.

“Kiddo, I need to teach that bastard a lesson.” Nick said through gritted teeth, his eyes locked on the petrified Rojek in the kitchen.

“Bastard?” Luna repeated with distain before poking Nick in the chest and replying “How dare you!”

“Now Baby Girl…” Nick tried to manoeuvre both the conversation and a way around his daughter…but failed.

“Don’t you ‘Baby Girl’ me,” Luna cut down, her anger clear in her voice “I am so sick of this ridiculous protective Dad crap! Every boy I’ve ever brought home has never been good enough for you, have they?”

“Of course they weren’t!” Nick defended.

“Why? You don’t even get a chance to know them, you judge them as soon as you see him, you scare them away…but you didn’t scare him.” Luna spoke, pointing at her boyfriend.

Judy walked over to Nick and grabbed his paw then said “Let’s hear her out….but let Rojek get some pants on first.”

“…Ok.” Nick begrudgingly accepted, he stepped aside and let both Luna and Aleks pass by, with the couple quickly heading to the master bedroom to get changed.

Two minutes later Luna and Aleks returned to the spacious living room to find Judy and Nick on one sofa, with the red fox staring daggers into the young polish cop. Judy who was drinking the cappuccino she had brought from the coffee shop opened the conversation before the pair sat on the opposite sofa “So how long have you two being seeing each other?”  

Aleks, who was sometimes too honest for his own good, answered “Four months.”

“Are you serious!?” Nick snapped.

“Dad!” Luna warned.

“Nick, please.” Judy added.

“Fine! So how did this whole thing start?” Nick questioned.

“It was at the gym,” Luna answered truthfully “Aleks was new and couldn’t get one of the machines working so I helped him out, we started to chat and the rest is history.”

“By the time I found out Luna was the daughter of you two it was too late, I had fallen for her.” Aleks revealed.

Nick’s flames of anger burned brighter while Judy’s heart swelled at these words “So the day of the wave when you told me you had found someone special, you were talking about Rojek?” Judy asked, happy that her eldest kit had found a nice guy.

“Yes.” Luna confirmed before looking at Nick and saying “You can stop staring at Aleks with evil eyes.”

“Not happening.” Nick defied, continuing to stare with ill intent.

“Dad!” Luna forced “Ugh, you do this every time!…Except when Hannah started dating Robbie, why are you ok with Hannah and not him?”

“I’ve known Hannah since was born, she’d never hurt Robyn, she’s the perfect girlfriend for her.” Nick stated, standing by his statement.

“And you know Aleks.” Luna parried “You have been working with him for months.”

“That’s different,” Nick back peddled “he’s my officer, sure he’s a good cop but as a mammal I don’t know squat about him.”

“Nick,” Judy interjected with a sigh “I know you like Aleks as a mammal, you told me so.”

“Carrots.” Nick reacted, hoping in vain that she would back him up.

“The day after the wave you told me what happened in Sherwood, that Rojek was willing to sacrifice his job to save those in need, you told me you were proud of him.” Judy stated, looking at Aleks who looked rather sheepish.

Nick didn’t deny this claim but he wanted to move away from it all the same so he asked Luna “Why didn’t you tell us about you two?”

“I was going to but then the wave happened, and ever since it’s been crazy.” Luna explained “Plus you act all weird whenever I mention I’m in a relationship.”

“I still don’t like this.” Nick said sourly.

“Well tough shit,” Luna replied with a fire in her voice “I’m an adult and I can be a relationship with whomever I want.”

“Captain, Chief, may I say something?” Aleks spoke up, still maintaining police etiquette.

“When we’re like this Aleks we’re not your superiors; we’re Judy and Nick.” Judy eased the young fox’s worries, and when she saw Nick about to protest this she promptly punched him in the arm to stop him interrupting.

“If you have any fears that I would dishonour or hurt Luna please know I would never dream of such a thing,” Aleks began, feeling brave and entwining his paw with Luna’s “for one reason we all know Luna is not a pushover, she’s a strong vixen who doesn’t take disrespect from anyone and the second reason is; she is my Ukochana.”

“Uko-what?” Nick queried the foreign word.

“Ukochana, it means beloved. I love your daughter, I have never been happier than when I’m by her side, every day I try to be a fox worthy of her love and my body and soul belong to her…If you wish to fire me then go ahead but know I will stay with Luna no matter what.” Aleks declared, bracing himself for a verbal barrage.

But the venomous words never came, instead Nick remained stoic and silent while Judy welled up with tears before cracking “Oh, that is beautiful.” She gave a weepy smile.

Nick closed his eyes and breathed out, it was as if he had been verbally defeated before offering “Judy’s cooking her Bunny Burrow veggie stew tonight…why don’t you two join us?”

Luna who was still ticked off at her dad responded with “We’ll come, but if you begin acting like an asshole we’re gone, we clear?”

“Crystal.” Nick conceded, begrudgingly.

Judy who had kept her excitement at bay so far could no longer contain her glee at Luna being in love, she got up from the sofa and wrapped Aleks in a tight hug and grinned “Welcome to our crazy family! I’ll dig up all the old photos of Luna when she was a kit so you can have a look.”

“Mom.” Luna gave a warning tone but on the inside she was happy; at least one of her parents approved of Aleks.

A few minutes later Nick and Judy left the penthouse leaving the emotionally exhausted couple alone, after a long hug Aleks headed to the bathroom for a shower while Luna went back to the kitchen to continue making breakfast, it’s then Luna noticed her phone on the kitchen counter flashing with a new message, she grabbed it and opened the text from Olivia which just had to words ‘Bunker. ASAP.’


Robyn was waiting outside the hospital main entrance dressed in her casual clothes waiting for Kodi and Kion to arrive, the plan was for them to meet Hannah at the hospital and then hang out to either celebrate getting her sight back or consoling her on being blind forever, whatever happened they wanted to be there for Hannah. But all Robyn could think about at the moment was what happened at the graveyard earlier that morning and if Hannah was experiencing anything similar. It doesn’t make sense, I’m healing like magic and Hannah’s still blind, how the hell am I supposed to bring up this subject? Be like ‘Hey I’ve got super powers, have you?’ ugh this is crazy. Robyn thought as she looked at the mammals going in and out of the hospital, on the look out for the Savage family. And even if Hannah’s got these weird abilities, then what? Do we tell our parents? Our friends? Maybe I should talk to Luna about this.

“Hey Robyn.” A voice called out, Robyn looked behind her to see Kodi and Kion walking towards her.

“Sup’.” Robyn replied, her mind still on the whole ‘super powers’ subject.

“Any sign of her yet?” Kodi asked in a caring voice, despite acting like player the teen wolf did have a loving nature to him, he really did love his friends…and worry for them.

“Nothing yet, her appointment should’ve finished ten minutes ago.” Robyn fretted before looking up at Kion, the usual chipper lion looked crestfallen, his broad shoulders slumped and his big brown eyes were clearly showing his depression “I know it’s a dumb question but how are you holding up Kion?”

“Don’t mind me squirt,” Kion played down “we’re here for Hannah, she’s going through a lot more than I am right now.”

“Don’t say that big guy,” Kodi sympathised “we’re here for you too.”

“Thanks but honestly I don’t want to talk about Kiara at the moment, it’s bad enough at home.” Kion confided “Mom’s convinced she’s dead and Dad’s been a basket case since the wave, he spends hours just sitting in her old room…it’s like they’ve given up on her.”

“As long as you believe there’s still hope.” Kodi comforted.

“Thanks guys.” Kodi gave a sad smile, he then caught sight of three familiar figures approaching, it was the Savages “Hey it’s them.”

Robyn spun around and what she saw answered the question on whether or not anything could be done for Hannah’s eyesight; it was a definite no. Skye and Jack’s faces and body language just displayed defeat and grief, the husband and wife holding onto each other’s paws for strength. Hannah who was on the other side of her mother with her arm linked was holding her cane in her spare paw and had her usual content look on her muzzle. Hannah sniffed the air and greeted “Is that you guys?”

“It’s us babe.” Robyn confirmed.

“I’d say it’s nice to see you guys but well…” Hannah joked, much to the pain of her parents who exchanged an awkward look.

“Same old stripes.” Kodi grinned.

“Well one advantage to be being blind is that I’m never going to endure your horrible fashion sense Kodi.” Hannah played, unlinking from Skye’s arm and stepping closer to her friends.

“Ouch.” Kodi feigned being hurt.

“It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour.” Kion said, still worried for the hybrid.

“Well if I lost that then I’d really be screwed.” Hannah replied with a light chuckle.

“So…” Robyn had to say this “What did the doctor say?”

“All the shrapnel from the gas canisters was removed in the last few surgical ops,” Skye explained, sounding down “but the shrapnel was not the reason for Hannah going blind.”

“So what was it?” Kion followed up.

“The explosion.” Hannah answered, before adding a quiet “Ka-boom.”

“Huh?” Robyn sounded, her face scrunching up in confusion.

“The intense light and searing heat from the exploding gas canister oversaturated her retinas causing her…” Jack tried to explain but choked on his tears.

“Dad.” Hannah spoke softly, holding out her hand so he could take hold of it, which he did “It’s going to be ok, we all know it could’ve been worse. I still got all my other senses, I got the best parents any mammal could have and I’ve always my friends. Being blind is not going to stop me doing anything.”

Jack wiped away some tears and sniffed “I wish I was brave like you, little one.” Even though this was a tender moment Robyn couldn’t help but laugh internally every time Jack called Hannah by her pet name, seeing as she was much taller than her bunny father.

“Anyway me and the guys are going to hang out for a bit, I’ll be back around six.” Hannah said, letting go of her Dad’s hand.

“You’re going out after what you just learned?” Skye asked, aghast.

“Well yeah, what do want me to do? Sit around feeling sorry for myself.” Hannah parried, her aqua blue eyes still but had mischief in them.

“Well no but Zootopia’s more dangerous than ever since the quake, it’s not safe especially for a blind girl.” Jack pointed out.

Hannah let out a sigh and stepped back over to her friends before saying “Look I’ve got a Lion and wolf with me, who’s going to mess with us? Plus I’ve got Robyn with me, she’d never anything happen to me. And if push comes to shove I can fight off an attacker with my cane.” Hannah proceed to hold her cane like a sword and swiped at the air.

“Ok,” Skye accepted “be safe.”

Fifteen minutes later the four teens were stood outside the Bugga Burger in Sherwood, only to find a bunch of cops and yellow tape surrounding the fast food place. “What the?” Robyn mumbled, the windows had bullet holes in them, staff members were being interviewed by police and paramedics were loading a shot moose into the back of an ambulance.

“What’s going on? I hear a lot of noises…and I can smell blood.” Hannah asked, honing her sense of smell.

“Looks like someone shot up the Bugga Burger.” Kodi answered “Who holds up a burger joint?”

“Someone desperate.” Kion theorized “A lot of stuff like this has been happening lately.”

“Yeah, my parents have been working like crazy, I heard Mom say crime rates had tripled since the wave.” Robyn added.

“So no burgers.” Hannah huffed, tapping her cane on the pavement with annoyance.

“We could just get a load of junk food from the convenience store and veg out somewhere.” Kodi suggested.

“Meh, why not?” Hannah agreed, really craving something unhealthy.

The convenience store wasn’t that far away, the group loaded up on chips, sodas and candy bars before sitting on the curb outside the store, stuffing their faces. “So good.” Hannah cooed, munching on some extra spicy tortilla chips.

“I’ve missed candy so much,” Kodi spoke with his mouth full of milk duds “the 7/11 near my house collapsed in the quake.”

“I miss going to school,” Kion spoke up “they say it’s going to be another three weeks before St. Zoo High reopens.”

“At least you get to go back there, I’ve got go to a school for the blind.”  Hannah replied “I’ve got to learn brail before I can even think about continuing my education.”

“You can do it, you always did have good grades.” Robyn encouraged, kissing Hannah on the cheek.

“Well at least I’ll be able to brag that I’ve got the most amazing girlfriend to my new classmates.” Hannah grinned, her tail wagging with happiness.

“Excuse me.” A polite voice brought the four out of their conversation. They looked to their left to see a cougar in his mid twenties with a stack of flyers “Can I give you one of these.” Holding out the flyer.

Kion took the piece of paper and glanced briefly at the info on it ‘DO YOUR PART FOR ZOOTOPIA, VOLOUNTEER AT THE SHERWOOD DISASTER RELIEF CENTRE, ALL MAMMALS WELCOME’ “Relief centre? What’s this all about?” Kion asked the cougar.

“The Sherwood community centre is housing some mammals left homeless from the wave, we’re looking for mammals to help us rebuild houses, make care packages, organise clothing donations, basically anything we can do to help.” The cougar explained.

“Aw that’s nice.” Hannah commented.

“So what is the red cross or government running it?” Robyn queried before taking a sip of her cherry cola.

“Nope, we’re just normal Zootopians trying to help, like Nick Wilde did.” The cougar answered.

Robyn spit out her cola at the mention of her father “D-did you say Nick Wilde?” She spluttered.

“Yeah, you’ve got have seen that youtube video of that cop who stopped the looting in Sherwood by using his words.” The Cougar was wondering why the teen look bewildered.

“Yeah, The heart of Sherwood video, I heard it’s got like ten million views.” Kion confirmed.

“My dad’s on youtube!?” Robyn asked, hardly believing what she was hearing.

“How did you not know about this?” Kodi laughed.

“Wait, you’re Nick Wilde’s daughter? Aren’t you a Hare?” The Cougar pondered out loud.

“Nope I’m a hybrid, I’m half bunny.”  Robyn cleared up.

“Same here, except my Mom’s a fox and my Dad’s a bunny.” Hannah threw in.

“Well whatever you guys are, we could really use the help.” The Cougar added.

“Sure we can drop in, we’re not doing anything.” Kion smiled, knowing his friends were of the same mind.

“Great look for a deer named Alana, she’s in charge.” The Cougar gave a satisfied smile.

After finishing their snacks the three friends made their way to community centre a few blocks away, Robyn was not surprised to see a wave town had formed around the building with dozens of tents dotted around the grounds and mammals trying to live normally in the squalor. Robyn felt a sense of guilt as she walked down the street, sure she had nearly died in the wave but she still had a roof over her head and parents to take care of her. These mammals had lost everything and relying on hand outs from the government and the charity of strangers, she noticed some kids playing a game of baseball in the middle of the road with a rough diamond drew in coloured chalk, which was relatively safe seeing as the street was closed to traffic, the kids ranged from six to ten years of age and all of them were wearing smiles despite what had happened, Robyn wished sometimes that she could be that naive and blissful again but she knew it was foolish. One of the kids, a bear cub, threw a curveball and the young zebra batter struck it perfectly and it went zipping through the air out of the chalk marked diamond and right at Hannah, before Robyn could react though Hannah’s paw shot up and caught the ball just before it hit her in the face. “WHOA!” The kids chorused “Did you see that!?”

Kodi was speechless for once and his jaw was slack, as he looked at the blind girl with a bamboozled look on his face.

“Damn…” Was the only thing Kion could say as he tried to process what he just saw.

Hannah looked the most surprised by this, “What…how did I do that?” she breathed, gripping the baseball tighter.

“Did you see that coming?” Robyn questioned, her mind already jumping to another answer; the medicine.

“No…I felt it.” Hannah tried to describe “That was weird.”

“Hey can we have our ball back?” The Bear cub asked.

“Oh, sorry.” Hannah snapped out of her daze before throwing it back, aimed perfectly at the cub who caught it with ease which caused another ripple of whispers and gasps among the kids.

“How did you know where to throw?” Robyn asked, her navy eyes going wide with astonishment.

“I don’t know.” Hannah answered, sounding a little scared “Come on, let’s go inside.” She quickly changed the subject, leading her way with her cane tapping in front of her, the other three sharing a look of confusion before catching up with Hannah.

The group of friends walked into the main building of the community centre and were met with a scene akin to a military operation, except every single one of these mammals were civilians. There were a team of mammals in one corner trying to fix broken electronics, another team sorting out cans of food and bottles of water, one squad were going over schematics for new homes and the final team were sifting through clothing and blanket donations. “I don’t care if city hall wants the wave town moved, it isn’t happening!” A young but commanding voice yelled from the middle of the room, the voice belonged to a white tailed deer in her early twenties staring up at an unimpressed bull elephant in a designer suit.

“Listen the governor has stated that only specific parts of the city can have waves towns and Sherwood isn’t one of them.” The elephant blustered.

“Those other wave towns are already overcrowded and smell of piss and shit, at least here mammals can eat and sleep in relative safety.” The doe replied with a fire in her voice, she was speaking so loud that most mammals in the room had stopped what they were doing to watch the exchange.

“I have a written order from the governor, do you wish to defy the government?” The elephant threatened.

“Do you wish to drag innocent mammals from their home and stick them in a hell hole?” The doe slung back, she was dressed in a casual shirt and jeans.

“Ok, suit yourself, but please note if the wave town outside this community centre is not vacated in the next 24 hours the governor will order the national guard to move everyone by force.” The elephant smirked down at the doe who was tiny in comparison.

“Oh no, the national guard whatever shall we do!” The deer hammed up “What can a bunch of ordinary folk do against soldiers and their guns?” the doe then began to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” The elephant asked, clearly irritated.

“You know every mammal had a weapon in here that could defeat your boss and his troops in a matter of seconds,” The deer sniggered before producing a phone out of her pocket “one of these.”

“A smartphone?” The elephant scoffed.

“Exactly, you see the moment you send the national guard here we’ll start streaming on the internet as you force mammals at gunpoint to move, I’m sure ZNN would love to see that.” The doe grinned devilishly.

The elephant’s expression drooped but he still managed to say “You’re bluffing.”

“I can picture the headline now ‘Cruel California Governor terrorises own citizens’, it’s bit of bad press to have especially during an election year.” The doe piled on. The elephant was now at a loss for words, he let out a grunt of displeasure and made his way out of the building with the deer waving a hoof and singing “Buh-bye.”

“Ok that was just awesome.” Hannah said out loud, who had listened to conversation intently.

The deer turned to see Robyn, Hannah, Kodi and Kion and promptly asked “And you are?”

“Is this the Relief centre?” Kodi asked, rather stupidly.

“No it’s the Sherwood luxury spa, we offer massages, there’s a sauna in the back and a Olympic sized swimming pool out front.” The Deer replied with sarcasm.

Kodi who felt dumb as hell at this point joked “I could always use a massage.”

“I’ll make it simple do you need help or do you want to help?” The doe asked bluntly, crossing her arms.

“We want to help.” Kion answered.

“Good, we always need new volunteers.” The doe smiled “My name’s Alana, Alana Clearwater and you kids are?”

“Kion Priderock.” The lion answered.

“Kodi Jones.” The embarrassed magician answered.

“I’m Hannah Savage.” The striped hybrid introduced herself.

Before Robyn could introduce herself Alana asked “Um, are you blind?”

“Nah I just carry this cane around for kicks.” Hannah kidded.

“You want help, even though, y’know…” Alana tried to find the right words, her hoof nervously tracing speckles on her cheeks.

“I lost my sight in the wave but I know mammals lost a lot more, if I can help in anyway please let me.” Hannah informed with conviction.

“I like your style kid.” Alana gave an impressed look and a nod before turning to Robyn “How about you red? What do I call you?”

“Robyn Wilde.” Robyn answered.

“Wilde…you related to Captain Wilde?” Alana questioned.

“He’s my dad.” Robyn clarified.

“Oh yeah, I heard he was married to a bunny.” Alana grinned “Well let me say your Dad inspired most of the mammals in this room, including myself, he’s a great mammal.”

“Uh…thanks, I guess.” Robyn replied, unsure of how to take the compliment.

“So let’s get you some job assignments.” Alana continued, she looked at Kion and asked “You got any back problems Kion?”

“No, why?” Kion asked back.

“I need a mammal to help with the construction crew, you up to the task?” Alana asked, pointing to the crew in the corner.

“You got it.” Kion complied, strolling over to introduce himself to the rest of the team.

“Ok where’s that wolf kid?” Alana asked, wondering where Kodi had gotten off to.

Robyn rolled her eyes and pointed with a sigh “There he is.” Kodi was chatting to a very pretty she wolf trying to fix a TV.

“Let me guess, he’s flirting?” Hannah chortled.

“Ten points.” Alana griped before marching over to the lover boy.

“Wow, so you do a lot of charity work?” The she wolf asked.

“Oh yeah,” Kodi lied “it’s so important to help other mammals in need.”

“You’re so sweet.” The she wolf cooed.

“So you like to help out mammals huh?” Alana cut in.

Kodi who had not banked on the interruption panicked and answered “Yeah, of course.”

“That’s so good to hear, because you’re job in cleaning the shower and toilet block out back.” Alana smirked “These poor mammals need a clean environment.”

Kodi’s smile faded and huffed “Fine.” Knowing it was pointless to protest.

“What about us?” Hannah asked Alana, eager to help.

“Well we need some crates of bottled water taken out of the storage shed, can you two handle that?” Alana proposed, taking a key from her pocket and passing it to Robyn.

“Sure thing.” Robyn agreed, taking the key.

Kodi, Hannah and Robyn made their way to the back yard of the community centre with Kodi grumbling “Damn cleaning duty, this sucks.”

“Serves you right.” Hannah laughed.

“Hey I was just chatting to her.” Kodi defended.

“No you weren’t,” Robyn cut down “you were trying to get into her panties.”

“Tch, anyway….” Kodi changed the subject “what was with that baseball Stripes?”

Robyn and Kodi watched the trepidation return to Hannah’s face as she answered “You’re going to think I’m crazy.”

“Babe?” Robyn spoke, putting a reassuring paw on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Hey it’s us remember, you can tell us anything and we’ll keep our traps shut.” Kodi vowed.

“Ok,” Hannah said cautiously “I could feel it flying towards me, like static or something.”

“Static?” Kodi repeated.

“It’s been happening all week, I can feel stuff, like I know where objects are in a room because I can feel them around me likes little buzzes of electricity.” Hannah struggled to convey “And it’s not just that, all my other senses have kicked into overdrive. I could hear you guys talking outside the hospital before while I was in the elevator.”

“That’s….” Robyn was about to say impossible but after this morning in graveyard the word possible had changed for her somewhat.

The loud sound of a chain snapping halted the conversation, two stallions opening up the storage shed with bolt cutters and a pick up truck parked outside. “Are they doing what I think their doing?” Hannah asked, hearing the two horses whisper ‘Hurry up’ and ‘Be on the lookout’ from far away.

“They’re stealing the supplies.” Robyn growled.

“Let’s call 911.” Kodi suggested.

“They won’t get here in time.” Robyn replied before trudging over and shouting “Hey, what are you doing!?”

The two stallions turned around with one of them bellowing “Clear off kid, if you know what’s good for ya’.”

“Leave. Now.” Robyn spat.

“Robyn!?” Kodi flapped.

“Robyn be careful!” Hannah yelled.

“We’ve already called the cops, you’ve got about two minutes before they arrive.” Robyn lied, stepping closer to the thieves.

“You need to learn when to shut up brat!” The Stallion with buck teeth barked, flexing his muscles.

“Go run home to your ma, you cute little bunny.” The other horse teased, this one holding the bolt cutters.

“Cute?” Robyn whispered, her eyes narrowing.

“Oh hell.” Kodi gulped.

“He called her the ‘c’ word.” Hannah grimaced

“Last chance ass hats; leave.” Robyn said, standing her ground.

The horse with the bolt cutters had heard enough and swung the bolt cutters down at Robyn, she dodged them easily and kicked the stallion in the gut with such a force he was knocked into the side of his pick up truck with a visible dent….that was impossible Robyn was around the 17 pound mark in weight yet she managed to kick and launch 1500lb horse with little effort, The medicine!? She thought it gave super strength too! When Robyn realised what she had done she felt a surge of energy course through her, she was going to teach these thieves a lesson she bared her canine like teeth and grinned at the other horse who looked terrified and simply said “Playtime.”

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do you miss the ghost of me
draped across your heart in shambles?
do you miss my touch
and my breath on your skin?
but if i come back again
will you love me to a ruin?
—  strangers in a graveyard (part one) || r.m. || 5.27.17

Maybe it’s just me, but Neil Gaiman is boring and pedantic and people who say they loooooovvveeeee him just want to feel part of the cool crowd? Or maybe I’m just dumb because the graveyard book was actually pretty good.

But still, I have tried and tried and literally bought every single book he has written because of their reviews and they were all just so…. blah