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The Best Friend (Part Four)

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: The Reader and Sam have to face the fact that his past is catching up with him.
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2,316
Warnings: none
A/N: There will be one more part after this. Also, most of the dialogue between Sam/Dean is taken straight from the Pilot. Don’t forget I love you all!

The Best Friend Masterlist

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Part Four

Are We Friends or Are We more?

A/N: Part four is here!! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

“Are you excited to finally go home, sweetie,” Emily, the nurse who had been assigned to your care for the past few day asks, “You’ll finally be able to sleep in your own bed.”

“Yeah,” You whisper, not even attempting to smile back. You look out the window as she removes your IV and checks your temperature one last time.

“Everything seems okay, the doctor will be here soon to talk to you and then you’ll be free, dear,” She pats your hand gently, giving you a friendly smile.

“Thank you,” You tell her sincerely, offering her a pathetic smile.

“It’s my job, dear, take care of yourself, you hear me,” She warns, no doubt referring to more than your physical injuries. During the last few days she had overheard you crying and your sister fuming over Harry more than once.

A few seconds after she walks out of your room, your sister enters holding a bouquet of colourful flowers, “You brought me flowers,” You ask in confusion.

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Here you go, a little earlier than last night’s posting! *snuggles blankets*

Day Four Prompt: Which Akashi?

Title: And I Called Your Name (Part 4 of 12)

(Other Parts: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4(here)/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/ Part 10/Part 11/Part 12)

Synopsis: Kouki grows up, and in his first year of high school discovers an emperor.

AU: Childhood Friends AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

Word Count: 900+

Note: Largely unedited because I’m just gonna churn these out with no time to go back and make them much better so please forgive any huge flaws you may spot.

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Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part Four

Part One | Part Two | Part Three (A) | Part Three (B) | Part Four

Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

A/N: After a quick Google search I found out that the legal drinking age in Australia is 18 and as Michael is 19 in this (Y/N is 16), then it is fully legal for him to be drinking beer (not that the law would stop him anyway). Btw guys I’m British so I call my mother, ‘Mum’ so yeh, just letting you know. Also, I live for comments ;) ~ Katie x

The day after your trip to the cinema was Monday, which meant your weekly return back to Hell (aka school). Just like every other Monday, the day went by relatively slowly but soon enough you were returning back to your house. To no surprise, as you opened the door, you could see Michael’s Doc Martens lined up with the rest of your family’s shoes. Eager to avoid him, you decided to go straight up to your room. Just because he did that one act of kindness yesterday, didn’t automatically mean that you had to be nice to him.


At around 6pm your  bedroom door opened and you looked up to see Josh stood there with a takeaway menu in his hand.

“Mum says she’s not going to be home till late so me and Michael are going to order pizza. Does pepperoni sound good to you? Michael’s getting ham and pineapple too so he’ll probably give you a slice of his if you asked nicely,” he said. You just nodded your agreement and then replaced the earbud back in your ear, signalling this conversation had ended. You and your sibling had never officially made up after your impromptu argument yesterday so you tried your best to be civil but you still wanted an apology at some point.


Around an hour and a half later, you walked down the stairs after hearing the doorbell ring. The pizza had been delivered. When you walked in you could see all the food displayed on the kitchen counter like a buffet. You took a slice of each of the two pizzas and grabbed a handful of fries, piling them onto the plate and then squirting a large dollop of mayonnaise next to the fries.

Michael and Josh were nowhere to be seen (they were probably getting beer from the mini fridge in Josh’s room or something). You decided to sit in the middle of the sofa, hoping that the two boys would sit at the dinner table and give you some space. But of course, knowing your luck, when they returned, they both picked up their pizza boxes and came to sit either side of you. Michael gave a quick glance at your plate and said:

“I see that you helped yourself to my pizza.”

“Well hello to you too, Michael. And Josh said I could anyway,” you replied.

“Well, it’s not Josh’s pizza now is it, sunshine?” Michael asked mockingly.

Josh groaned loudly, “Would you two stop bickering for ten minutes while I eat my dinner please. Honestly, it’s so annoying - get over it!” Michael just smirked at your brother’s outburst but remained quiet, you decided to take his lead and was silent too. You ate the rest of the meal with relatively little awkwardness.

When you were all finished, you collected both of the boys’ plates and took them to the kitchen sink, without any kind of thank you from Michael, not that it was expected anyway. You poured yourself a glass of water and returned to the sofa to find that Michael had spread himself out so that his legs were propped up where you had been previously sitting.

“Move your feet,” you said, knocking his foot as you said it.

“Make me,” Michael replied, acting like a five year old that had been asked to go to bed.

You just shrugged and proceeded to sit on his thighs, deciding that they would be a lot more comfortable that his feet or calfs. However, you made sure to stay as far away as possible from his dick because, ew, that would be so disgusting.

Michael didn’t even react and just threw his arm over the back of the sofa. It didn’t look like he would be moving his legs anytime soon and you sure as hell weren’t going to give in and leave.


After half an hour of sitting on Michael’s legs, you began to feel them move beneath you, he was obviously getting cramp from all the unnecessary weight on them.

Five minutes of random fidgeting later, Michael said, “Alright, I give in. Move your arse so I can get some blood flow back into my legs.”

Not saying a word but grinning widely at your triumph, you stood up and almost instantly, Michael was shaking and massaging his legs comically to end the numb sensation.

“Okay, now I can safely say I won that battle, I’m going up to my room.” You said, walking towards the door.

“Night Y/N,” your brother said and you returned the sentiment with a kiss to his cheek.

Michael just flipped you the bird and sarcastically said, “See you tomorrow Y/N”.

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