part four (friend)

Vacation Travels Part 1

*Four friends are flying home for Christmas break via broom*

Hufflepuff: “It’s beautiful up here. The clouds, the moon, the stars.”

Slytherin: “Yeah… I guess it is.”

Ravenclaw : “It’s almost like it’s another world entirely.”

Gryffindor: *takes a deep breath*


Gryffindor: *deflates*

Just Friends (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

Your knee was bouncing like crazy on the couch of your living room.  Your nerves were eating at you like angry gnomes in the pit of your stomach.

“I’m sorry-” Stiles tried.

“No don’t” You shook your head, looking behind you to the kitchen where your mother currently was.  She’d invited him inside, and Stiles didn’t have the time to say no before your mom ushered both of you into the house.

“y/n I know you didn’t want me to be here and if you don’t want me here then I don’t want to be here if I’m not wanted” You wanted to protest, but you just shook your head, and avoided his gaze.

After everything you’d literally gone through earlier that day, you thought that this wouldn’t happen.  But here you were.

Then your mom came back out, smiling as she sat in a chair across from you.  “So” She said cheerfully.  “How long have you been together?”

“We’re just friends” You said, voice dangerously close to a mutter.

“Okay, well then how long have you been hanging out?” She asked.

“I don’t know” You lied with a shrug.  Even though you knew it was a month and a day.

“Alright… are you going to let Stiles here talk?” Your mom asked, and you looked to your lap.

“Miss y/l/n, it was really nice meeting you, and I’d like to talk again, but my Dad’s been expecting me home for dinner, so I think I should head out” Stiles said while standing.  You secretly sighed with relief.

“y/n can walk you to the door, we hope to see you again Stiles” Your mom said, and you just nodded, walking behind Stiles while your mother went back to the kitchen.

“y/n I’m sorry- I don’t want you to be mad at me” He said, a hand on your arm as you stood in the doorway.

“I’m not-” You glanced to the other room, seeing your Mom was in the kitchen, then whispered.  “I’m not mad at you Stiles, okay? I’m just glad Jerry wasn’t around”

“So I can come by more?” Stiles asked hopefully, smiling a little bit.  You bit your lip.

“I-I don’t know Stiles” You said with a head shake.  “Can we talk about this another time?” Stiles got the hint that you were done with the conversation, which happened quickly with this topic.  “Just.. just give me a few days and I promise we can talk about it again, okay?” He nodded.

“Can I hug you?” You giggled a little, and nodded your head.  Stiles leaned forward, tugging on your arm and pulling you against his chest.  Both of his long arms wrapped around your back.  Your nose was pressed into the crook of his neck, arms laying on the front of his chest.  Stiles set his chin on your head, and after a few seconds, you realized you were swaying back and forth.  You let your eyes slip shut, just enjoying this that you have right here.

“Stiles” He hummed in response.  “Thanks” And that was that.  You pulled away, hands holding each other’s fore arms.  Everything that you’d needed to tell him, came in that one word.  He opened his mouth to speak again, but you heard the garage door in the back opening.  Meaning Jerry was home.


“You have to go” You rushed, and he stuttered  string of syllables you didn’t quite catch.  “Now, please” You begged, opening the door, and you pushed him towards it.

“y/n what’s-”

“Please just please go I’ll call you and we can talk about whatever you want I’ll answer any questions just right now you have to go” He paused, sucking in his lips and nodding.

“Okay” He said, walking out the door.  You were about to close it when he turned abruptly, taking your hand.  Your eyes shot up to his, and for the five seconds you stared at him, you realized no one had eyes as beautiful as his.  His hand squeezed yours, and then he let go.  “We’ll talk later” He said, walking off to the Jeep.  He got in quickly, and waved a little before driving off.

You stood at the door for a few extra moments, leaning on the frame and staring as his Jeep became a smaller and smaller dot.  You breathed out heavily.

Why’d you miss him?


You had quickly ran up the steps, entering the room, and closing your door silently.  You collapsed back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers fumbling over your stomach.  You fell asleep curled up on the mattress.

You woke up two hours later to an obnoxious vibration and the sound of ducks.  Your eyes flickered open slowly, and you yawned as you grabbed your ringing phone.  You glanced at the screen, but pretty much knew only one person would call you anyways.

“’ello?” You mumbled sleepily into the speaker.

“Hey sunshine, did I wake you up?” You shook your head, then realized her couldn’t see you, so you made an ‘nuh uh’ sound into the phone.

“What time is it?” You asked quietly.

“About eight thirty, why gotta be somewhere?”

“No, no just wondering” You said, and rolled over to be laying on your side, curled up slightly under the covers, your phone laying on your cheek.

“So… care to explain earlier?” You licked your lips.

“Yeah okay” You said softly.  Stiles was patiently quiet, waiting for you to speak again.  “Um, Jerry came home” You said plainly.

“Yeah, and what is it that’s so wrong with him?” He asked with a slight chuckle.

“He just uh… he gets drunk and asks dumb questions” You said.  “I didn’t want to embarrass you”

“Please, I don’t know if there’s anything that could possibly embarrass me, I handled your mom right?” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” You lied.  If Jerry met Stiles, you didn’t know who he’d beat the crap out of first, you, or him.

“So… I can still pick you up for school tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah okay” You shrugged.  “Just text me when you’re here, and I’ll just come outside to meet you” You told him.

“Alright, I can do that” Stiles said.  “I’ll swing through Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on the way, what’s your favorite doughnut?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know I probably like any kind”

“Probably? Doughnuts aren’t like any other food, they’re a gift from the Gods”

“I’m an atheist Stiles” You chuckled, and he laughed with you.  You suddenly wished that you were there with him, hearing his laugh in person.  It always seemed to warm you up, lighten the mood.  But here, you just felt cold, and lonely.

“Alright, well should I be hanging up on you and letting you sleep?”

“Eh, we all know I’ll be up all night anyways” You said.

“So we can play games?” Stiles asked, a hopefulness in his voice, which made you smile.

“Yeah okay, what games?”

“Chutes and Ladders?” You rolled your eyes.

“Stiles” You scolded playfully.  “What games can you even play over the phone?” You asked, rubbing the corner of your eye.

“Truth or Dare?” He offered.  You thought for a moment.

“I think that’d just be truth or truth” You said.  “But sure, if that won’t bore you” 

“Yeah, sounds cool” He said.  “So, miss y/n, truth or truth?”

“Hmm” You pretended to contemplate.  “Truth” You answered with a giggle.  

“Favorite color?”

“(your answer)” 

“My turn” You said.  “Best memory?”

“Scott peeing on my sand castle in the first grade” You giggled.  “If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want it to be?”

“A turtle” You said.  “Not little, but big enough that I can carry them in both hands” You said.  “I’d name him Jelly” Stiles laughed.

“How creative of you” He said.  “Can I have a turtle too?”

“If I name it” You replied cheekily.

“Okay and what would you name it?” You thought for a moment about it.

“Alexander the Fourth” You replied after a few seconds of silence.  Again, Stiles laugh erupted from the speaker.  Your heart fluttered for an unknown reason.

You went on playing the game for another hour, your voice growing quieter as the night grew closer.  Your mother and Jerry had come upstairs and retreated to their room just down the hall.  You didn’t want to get into trouble for being on your phone, so you continued conversations in a whisper.

“Okay, goodnight y/n” 

“Hm?” You jolted, not remembering the past few minutes.

“You fell asleep, I’m going to bed now”

“How long was I out?” You asked, checking your phone.

“I dunno.. ten minutes tops” Stiles said through a yawn.  You held back your own.

“Okay” You said softly.

“Alright, well.. goodnight”

“Stiles wait-” But he’d already ended the call.  You pulled your phone from your ear, looking at the screen as it faded for a moment, before showing you your home menu.  “Goodnight” You sighed.

Maybe you’d talk to him later.

i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in a few days and i like to post at LEAST once a day… maybe i’ll write a quick little imagine to make up for that.  also.  WHERES MY STYDIA FANS BC THAT KISS(ES)!? DAMN! YES! words cannot describe how happy i feel.  my skin is clear i’m smiling at strangers and i’m flirting with cute peeps.  *high fives self* for once i’m thanking jeff davis.  have a good night everyone 
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Just friends ~ Part four

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A/N ~ Just a quick one here to get the feels going, this one reveals a little more of their strange friendship. Happy feels everyone lol

Theme ~ Best friends

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Rated ~ Angst/Fluff

Series Masterlist

Seung hyun checked his phone, sighing loudly when there was nothing there, again. Three days, it had been three days since he last saw you and still no word, it wasn’t like you. He had sent countless messages and multiple selfies but you just ignored him, it was driving him crazy. First you blew him off for coffee and now you weren’t even answering his texts. He lent back in his chair in the recording studio, listening as Jiyong told Seungri how he wanted him to sing his part.

Is she doing this because of the thing at the beach? Seung hyun thought to himself as his foot tapped uncontrollably. His mind wondered back to that night and how beautiful you looked dancing under the moon light as the waves lapped at your feet and the ocean breeze blowing in your hair. A smile crept up as he remembered the sweet sound of your giggles as he chased you through the water and the feeling of you wrapped in his arms as he carried you further into the ocean. He had never seen you look at him the way you looked at him that night, you had this intense look of concentration on your face as your eyes darted around his that made it impossible to take his own eyes off you.

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A little story about how the gang finds out about Jugheead’s gang member dad and his other troubles.

It was coming closer to Polly’s baby shower with every passing minute. To any other optimistic viewer, this would be a good thing. For Jughead, every minute he ached to tell Betty, the girl he adored, about all his blunders and worries. It was coming up on a week now that he’d been living with his father again, spending time in close quarters with a his gang member dad reminded him of why he’d had to quit. The danger, alcohol and drugs were a part of it. The worst part of it al was the horrible state Forsythe the second was in, he broken for his divorce and losing a child but still tried to hide it under a cool exterior and a menacing smirk.

Although the past nights had been the worst of his life, Jughead couldn’t bring himself to ruin his girlfriend’s sister’s big day. So, he decided that it could wait till after.

“So?”Veronica imposed loudly, drawing the dark haired boy from his own badgering mind, “Does that sounds good to you Jones? Or would you like to put in some irrelevant snarky comment to remind us that you are of a far more superior intelligence than us humble beings?”

She was mocking him, or course. Ever since he and Betty had gone public with their ‘budding love’ (as Kevin liked to put it) she had adopted this mind set that he and she were now close enough to banter. Jughead didn’t object to it.

Jughead leaned his head on his hands, “Well, now that you say so-” he was cut off by hand banging on the glass beside his head. Four bodies jumped at the noise and swiveled quickly to identify the source. 

Through the backwards sing that read Pop Tate’s, Jughead saw his fathers face, red, angry and clearly drunk staring right back at him.

“Get out here! We need to have a little talk!” The middle aged man wearing a leather jacket was gaining the attention of all of Pop’s customers as he slurred his words. Jughead’s face felt bright red and a large pit of discomfort started swirling together in his stomach. he gulped heavily and looked away. He didn’t imagine his friends ever seeing his own family in a such a horrific state.

“Now, Forsythe!” Another bang. 

As he stood to move out of the booth, Jughead took in his friends different reactions. Archie, his best friend had worry and guilt written all over his face. He’d probably already known about his fathers current past times, Fred had probably warned him.

The raven haired girl was plainly confused she looked back and forth between Jughead and his newly introduced dad, “Forsythe?” she mumbled quietly.

Jughead avoided Betty’s gaze, not ready to see the disappointment on her face. He turned on his heeled and left the small restaurant. 

The change of atmosphere was undeniable and uncontrollable. The cold dark air hit Jughead’s face as hard as his fathers spit did. Forsythe Sr was screaming now, but his son wasn’t listening. He stared down at the dirt ground and tried with all his might to shrink into a dirty to be kicked away. 

“Listen to me!” A calloused hand roughly grabbed his face, yanking his eyes up to meet his fathers bloodshot and teary?- own. Wait, his father was crying?Jughead was confused and overwhelmed, he tried to calm his mind and battle his instincts that were yelling at him to run away, crawl into a hole and never come back all at once.

His dad kept on hollering, “What do you think you’re doing down here?” 

‘I-uh, was just getting a bite with Archie and Betty,” Jughead spoke slowly, trying eagerly not to upset his intoxicated father any further. 

“Not anymore you ain’t, you cant be hanging around them anymore. You hear me?” The older Jones’ voice was becoming more quiet, and his eyes left Jughead’s for a brief moment to stare and a spot behind him, then flicked back. Jughead turned his head slightly and became aware of his three friends standing behind in shock, not knowing whether to intervene.

“But, what, why not?” Jughead’s sentences became stranger, he stood strong for the people he cared about, not willing to abandon them. 

“It’s, it’s too dangerous,” the calloused hands gripped the front of Jughead’s denim jacket forcefully, but not so much that it caused him harm. 

The teen boy stood in the same cloud of befuddlement as his friends now, “Dad, you aren’t making any sense, I’m just at Pop’s. We come here all time, since I could walk,”

His father shook his head stubbornly, “No. Not anymore. It’s not safe. If you are living with me then you are associated with me.” Oh, Jughead thought, the Serpents. “Its not safe Juggie, you understand don’t you?” when Jughead looked into his fathers leaking, pleading eyes, the emblem on his back seemed like it didn’t exist, like it never existed. 

Jughead nodded, he did understand. If people found out he was living with a Southside Serpent, he would be tormented; at school, at Pop’s, anywhere in the safe sweet suburbs or Riverdale would no longer be safe for him. 

A hand was placed on Jughead’s back carefully. “Jug, you can come home with me, stay in the spare room, whatever you need.” Archie said delicately, so yes Jughead had been correct, the Andrews did know.

Jughead Jones took in a deep breath, “I- yeah, that’b be great Arch, thank you” The redheaded boy smiled softly and stepped away from the father and son.

The Jones’ stood looking at each other, “I’m so sorry, kid. I’m, trying, I’m really trying.” The father looked sincere and Jughead knew he was.

The boy adjusted his beanie slightly, “I know dad. I’ll come back when we both get it together, okay?’ His father nodded tightly. Jughead smiled softly, and walked over to his friends and was quickly enveloped by a hug, the source being his wonderful girlfriend. 

As the broke part, the four friends carried off towards The Andrews and Coopers neighborhood.

The boy with the darkest hair and lightest spoke up first, “Where were we?”

Betty smiled, knowing that he would like to forget the past drama, at least for now, “You were about to vocalize final final counter argument to our cats versus dogs debate,”

Jughead smiled warmly at her, “Right of course,” His words trailed off into the dark of the night, where no one would ever find them. The leader of the Southside Serpents kept his eyes on his sons and his friends until he couldn’t make them out anymore. He nodded once more, then, he turned swiftly on his heel and walked off slowly. Even though Forsythe Jones the second had been drinking from 5 pm till the late of the night, he finally felt sober again. 

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Homeward, Part Four

Pairings: Ward x friend!Reader, Danny x friend!Reader

Prompt: Reader is an abusive relationship with a member of the Hand and seeks out her childhood friends for help. (prompt by @rune-of-a-writer)

Warnings: Swearing, Domestic Abuse, Angst

Word Count: 1,905


Homeward, Part Four

“All right, here we are.”

You turned your head at the sound of Danny’s voice as he returned, carrying… well, not an ordinary mug, that was for sure. He held a saucer, cup, and lid, all made from perfectly clear glass with steaming water contained inside. Danny set down a second cup beside it, much smaller and with a curved handle.

Danny lifted the lid and releasing the steam into the air.

“What’s that?” you asked, curious despite yourself. You had never seen a pot like that before, and it almost reminded you of a mortar bowl.

“It’s a gaiwan, used for steeping tea in a more traditional way.”


“Hold out your hand.”

The look on his face was of barely suppressed delight, his lips pressed into a line that failed to hide his smile. Your other friend was not nearly as amused.



“Can you not be weird for one evening?”

Danny ignored the verbal jab and focused on you, blue eyes alight as he said, “Trust me. You’ll like this.”

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The Way Home (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, excessive cheese(cake)

A/N: The exes finally have a chat, but does it make things better, or worse? Thanks for reading. If I missed your tag and had replied to you that you were added, please let me know. Otherwise tags and perma tags are closed until my next series.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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The Winter Soldier (part 2/4)

A/N: Hi guys!!! Wow look at how fast I updated this hahaha. I actually wasn’t supposed to update this until Saturday or Sunday but because I’m sick and have nothing to do, I decided to write the next part!! I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes, my mind isn’t really working that well now but I really wanted to post this so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!😊

Word Count: 3,872

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Epilogue

“Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both school yard and battlefield.” The Smithsonian audio played as you walked to stand beside Steve. You always knew where he would go, sometimes when he kinda misses the past, he’ll come here.

“You must’ve missed being back at the time where all your friends are, huh?” You asked, staring at the video of Bucky.

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Sam’s Best of 2014 List

Top 10 Albums:

  1. Home, Like No Place Is There - The Hotelier
  2. We Don’t Have Each Other - Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties
  3. Maybe This Place Is The Same… - Real Friends
  4. Pleasant Living - Tiny Moving Parts
  5. Oh, Common Life - Fireworks
  6. Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only - Seahaven
  7. You’re Gonna Miss It All - Modern Baseball
  8. A Place Of Our Own - Have Mercy
  9. Absent Sounds - From Indian Lakes
  10. Die On Stage - Hostage Calm

Honorable Mention: 

  • More Than You Know - For The Win 
  • Hebrews - Say Anything
  • Never Hungover Again - Joyce Manor
  • Temple Of Plenty - Somos
  • Charmer - Tigers Jaw
  • Rented World - The Menzingers

Top 10 EPs:

  1. Self-titled - It Looks Sad.
  2. While I Stay Secluded - Knuckle Puck
  3. Songs Of - The Story So Far
  4. Rose - The Front Bottoms
  5. Cold In The Morning - The Hundred Acre Woods
  6. Go Down In History - Four Year Strong
  7. Split 7” - A Will Away/Head North
  8. How Tough Are Yah? - xSPONGEXCOREx
  9. Blue Dream - Turnover
  10. All In My Head - Seaway

Best Tracks From Albums That Didn’t Make The Cut:

  • “I Wanna Get Better” - Bleachers
  • “Linda Ronstadt” - Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • “Two Beers In” - Free Throw
  • “Sweet Nothings” - Neck Deep
  • “Dirty Ickes” - Sorority Noise
  • “Warm Foothills” - Alt-J
  • “Stand So Tall” - Driver Friendly
  • “Rittenhouse” - Major League
  • “Over It” - This Wild Life
  • “Sleep Deprived” - Handguns
  • “Toy Guns” - Tokyo Police Club
  • “Rest To Get Better” - Transit
  • “Bad Habits” - Heart To Heart
  • “Paralyzed” - Angels & Airwaves
  • “Cecilia & The Satellite” - Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

2014 was a BEYOND incredible year for music, by far one of the best I’ve ever lived through. Making this list took a lot of time to think out everything because each of these albums, EPs, and tracks mean so much to me and deciding which one to put above the other is tough. However, I knew from the first full listen of Home, Like No Place Is There that it would be The Album Of The Year and it has held its ground since February. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

Part four of my Internet Friends Pliroy AU!  (This really needs a proper title…  Oh well, something will come to me eventually.)  Hope you guys like it!  As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!!  <3

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

He woke up to a text at 9:04 a.m.


J.J. laughed around his groan.  How was he already awake?  They had a day off between the short program and the free skate, so why wasn’t he resting? His phone chimed again.

Yuratchka:  Shit, I hope I didn’t wake you up.  I had a weird dream, so I woke up kind of wired.
Yuratchka:  You were in it, actually.  Well, kind of.  I don’t know what you look like so your face was… blank, I guess?  That was weird.  You were taller than me in my dream, too.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  How tall are you?

J.J. snickered.  He might as well get up.  He checked the time on his converter—1 a.m. in Montreal.  He could be awake.  He’d have to stop texting him for several hours after responding a few times…  He could keep up the ruse.  It would be fine.

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Teen Wolf

Liam Dunbar - Model Material 

Liam Dunbar - Model Material: Part Two

Liam Dunbar - Surprise: Part One

Liam Dunbar - Surprise: Part Two


Gang!5SOS: Part One

Part Two

Part Three

twisted nightmares - part one

part two

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings - No More Reruns

Luke Hemmings - Sorry Sir, We’re Closed REQUESTED

roommates ; lh

roommates part two ; lh

Calum Hood

ain’t no mountain high enough part one ; ch

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford - I Don’t Love You. Do I?

accidently in love; m.c

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin - Thanks To Detention Part One


Jack Gilinsky - Best Friends Brother Part One

Jack Gilinsky - Best Friends Brother Part Two

Jack Gilinsky - Best Friends Brother Part Three

Jack Gilinsky - Best Friends Brother Part Four

Jack Gilinsky - Best Friends Brother Part Five: Final

Sam Wilkinson - Let Me Kiss The Pain Away Part One

Sam Wilkinson - Let Me Kiss The Pain Away Part Two

Sam Wilkinson - Let Me Kiss The Pain Away Part Three

Sam Wilkinson - Let Me Kiss The Pain Away Part Four/ COMING SOON/ FINAL

Kenny Holland- Christmas

Jack Johnson - Paint Fight

Matthew Espinosa - Invisible (one of my favorite things ive written) <3

Shawn Mendes - I’ll Save You From Your Nightmare

Aaron Carpenter - We Don’t Even Know About Us

Aaron Carpenter - Aquarium Fun

Carter Reynolds - Party Games

Jack Gilinsky - Movie Cuddles 

Taylor Caniff - Project Partners

Cameron Dallas - Just A Walk In The Park? REQUESTED


The Walking Dead - Magcon Edition Part One

The Walking Dead - Magcon Edition Part Two

The Walking Dead - Magcon Edition Part Three


Connor Franta - Better Thank Him


Part Four

Are We Friends or Are We more?

A/N: Part four is here!! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

“Are you excited to finally go home, sweetie,” Emily, the nurse who had been assigned to your care for the past few day asks, “You’ll finally be able to sleep in your own bed.”

“Yeah,” You whisper, not even attempting to smile back. You look out the window as she removes your IV and checks your temperature one last time.

“Everything seems okay, the doctor will be here soon to talk to you and then you’ll be free, dear,” She pats your hand gently, giving you a friendly smile.

“Thank you,” You tell her sincerely, offering her a pathetic smile.

“It’s my job, dear, take care of yourself, you hear me,” She warns, no doubt referring to more than your physical injuries. During the last few days she had overheard you crying and your sister fuming over Harry more than once.

A few seconds after she walks out of your room, your sister enters holding a bouquet of colourful flowers, “You brought me flowers,” You ask in confusion.

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The Best Friend (Part Four)

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: The Reader and Sam have to face the fact that his past is catching up with him.
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2,316
Warnings: none
A/N: There will be one more part after this. Also, most of the dialogue between Sam/Dean is taken straight from the Pilot. Don’t forget I love you all!

The Best Friend Masterlist

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Best Friends - Part Four (Calum Hood Smut)

Hi guys! Sorry it took so long to finish… Hope you guys like it! xx

Storyline: Y/N and Calum have been best friends their whole lives, and although Y/N is in love with Calum, Calum doesn’t seem to notice nor feel the same way back. One weekend Calum talks Y/N into having a party and ends up finding his feelings for her. Hoping he’s not too late he tells Y/N and the two of them spend some “quality” time together. 

Smut: Yessssss. Calum get's aggressive just saying.

Requested: Yes.

Word count: 2400+

Best Friends - Part Four 

Your POV

I sat up in the bed, rubbing at my eyes carelessly. I looked around the disheveled bed before realizing Calum wasn’t there. Lucky for me; I wasn’t hung-over. After an hour of laying and chatting with Calum we had left the room and rejoined the party, Calum explained his rude actions towards Brett over a drunken conversation and the two of them had worked it out. And we had partied the rest of the night away. Looking towards my alarm clock I realized it had actually only been five hours since we had passed out together in my bed, sleep hitting us instantly when our bodies came in contact with the bed. The thought of cleaning the house disturbed me, but I decided it was probably time I’d get up and think about starting.

 I hopped out of the bed and exchanged my jeans and tank for one of Calum’s over sized t-shirts he always left laying around at my house after one of our famous movie marathon sleepovers. Briefly checking my makeup in the mirror, which seemed to have stayed pretty well intact since I had passed out, I made my way out of the room and down the hall drowning in the largeness of his shirt.

 I wasn’t sure what I had been expecting when I had walked into the kitchen, but it sure as hell wasn’t the view in front of me. Standing in front of the kitchen counter with his back facing me was Calum; a very, very nude Calum. His tousled hair was adorned by his grey winter toque, and his clothes were god knows where.

 “Calum, what the hell are you doing?” I giggled as I made my way up to him, trying to see what he was paying attention to. Placed in front of him were a bowl of raw eggs and a mess of spice containers across the countertop.

 “I’m making eggs.” He affirmed, turning to look at me with his large eyes.

 “I can see that… But why are you naked?” I inquired raising an eyebrow.

 “Because I got my clothes all covered in beer and stuff while I was cleaning the house.” He shrugged. I looked around, my mouth parting at the cleanliness of the house. Apparently Calum had been up for a while. “Plus I figured this would be a nice view for you to wake up to.” Calum winked, flashing me a cheeky smile.

 I rolled my eyes playfully before walking out towards the living room, eyeing the spotless room. “Calum you really didn’t have to do this.” I stated before walking back towards the kitchen.

 “I know I didn’t.” He hummed. “I wanted to.”

 “Well thank you.” I chuckled as I made my way towards him and leaned against the counter trying to keep my eyes off of his very bare body.

 “You’re welcome. Nice shirt by the way.” He grinned nodding towards me. “It looks good on you.”

 “Thanks. Nice…. Toque. It really compliments your outfit.” I taunted before finally letting my eyes roam over his muscular torso and arms. His body was pressed against the counter, but I knew very well he was completely bare downstairs as well. After around a minute later I brought my eyes back to his face and was met by a large smirk.

 “It’s rude to stare.” He informed me, his voice raspy and tired still, with a hint of want in it.

 “Well maybe you shouldn’t stand in my kitchen completely nude.” I smirked back before walking towards the fridge. I leaned over to grab the orange juice, and took my time searching as I knew Calum’s eyes were on me. I bent over further purposely exposing my lacy underwear that had been hidden under his shirt just to tease him. Snickering I reached my arm out before suddenly gasping as I felt Calum roughly press his body to mine. I stood up closing the fridge as I turned to face him, my back pressing against the cool metal of the refrigerator. Although I couldn’t see it, I could feel his hard length pressed against my leg as he pushed himself against me.

 “You feel that?” He asked, his voice to a growl. “That’s what happens when you think it’s funny to tease me.” He breathed against my ear before giving my earlobe a light nibble. I swallowed and nodded, the heat between my legs beginning to grow. I clamped my legs shut trying to suppress the urges as I looked up to his eyes.

 “What I said earlier is so very true. But as good as this looks on you I think it’d look better off of you.” He smirked, his hand snaking up my legs slowly before reaching the hem of the shirt.

 “Do you?” I stammered, my mind somewhere so far off I could barely form words.

 “I do. Should we try?” He asked, his eyes locked with mine. I nodded breathlessly before letting his large hands remove the shirt, leaving me exposed in only my bra and panties. Our skin pressed together now fully, and he admired me lovingly as we stood together in the kitchen.

 At this point I really didn’t care what we were doing, or what we were about to do; all I could think about was how much I wanted to do all of it with him.

 I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me, our faces just barely touching. His eyes scanned my face carefully and I smiled shaking my head before pressing my lips to his. The kiss started slow, and passionate, our bodies moulded together perfectly. Then the kiss grew rough and needy, our hands dancing along each other’s bodies as we moaned in appreciation.

 “Are you okay with this?” Calum asked, pulling away from the kiss and pressing his forehead to mine.

 “Definitely.” I nodded, and he smirked, bringing his lips back to mine. After a few more moments of heated making out Calum had my legs wrapped around his bare waist, bringing us to my bedroom. I felt my body hit the soft mattress of my bed as he pinned me down. His full soft lips were brought to my neck as he cupped my bra-clad chest. With a raise of his eyebrow and a quick nod of my head, the bra was discarded and soon forgotten as his eyes widened.

 “You’re so perfect.” He breathed, almost more to himself than me, before leaning forward and bringing one of my nipples into his mouth. He sucked harshly, while kneading the other, uneven breathing coming from me. He bit down on the sensitive bud earning a loud moan from my lips.

 “You like that huh?” He smirked before switching sides and doing it again on the opposite nipple, a messy moan coming from me. “Dirty girl. You like it rough don’t you?” He questioned with lust filled eyes and I nodded, admitting to it. I loved when boys were rough. I always had, there was nothing that turned me on more.

 “Cal, do something.” I whined bucking my hips up against him.

 “Good girls ask nicely, but you didn’t. You’re a bad girl.” He breathed into my ear, causing me to shiver. “And bad girls get punished.” He added, trailing a finger down my skin towards my panties. With a quick motion he had dipped two fingers into my panties and had them pressed up against my clit. The pressure felt amazing, but was nowhere near bringing me to where I wanted to be, and he knew that.

 I moaned and grabbed at his hand trying to get him to do something. He cast his eyes at me and I looked up at him with begging eyes. He smirked and pulled his hand out of my underwear earning an annoyed whimper from me as he stood up.

 “Back up against the wall.” He demanded, his eyes dark with lust. I did what he told me, sliding up along the bed until my back was pressed against the wall. I brought my eyes back up to meet his. “Now take off your panties.”

 I slid off my panties and threw them to the ground, now totally bare and exposed to him. “Now spread your legs for me.” He instructed, and I obeyed slowly spreading my legs open for him. He moaned staring at my fully exposed body and brought himself down onto the bed so that he was sitting in front of me. “Be a good girl and touch yourself for me.”

 I hesitated as my breath caught in my throat, unsure of if he was serious or not. My eyes met his and he nodded, watching me intently. Nervously I brought my hand down to my clit and began to rub it in circles, a relieved moan falling past my lips.

 “Fuck.” He groaned, his eyes fixed on me. “Now use your fingers baby girl.” Nodding I did as he said and brought my fingers down to my entrance, moaning as I pushed a finger into myself. Moving my finger back and forth slowly I brought my eyes up to Calum. His eyes were fixed on me and his hand had made its way down to his shaft, pumping slowly. Smirking to myself I added another finger before letting out a loud moan.

 “Holy fuck.” I moaned, the tight feeling in my stomach building up.

 “Jesus Christ you’re so fucking hot.” Calum moaned licking his lips. I grinned to myself and moaned again, I wasn’t going to let him have all of the fun. I let my eyes flutter shut and brought my other hand up to my chest, kneading one of my boobs with my hand.

 “Oh fuck.” I moaned. “Just like that Brett.” I smirked opening my eyes. Anger fell across Calum’s face, a serious look in his eyes. He grabbed my hands away from myself and held them tightly by the wrist, locking eyes with me.

 “Think you’re funny or something?” He demanded, the harshness of his tone causing me to shiver. “I’ll make you feel way better than Brett ever could. I won’t stop till you’re a screaming mess underneath me. No mercy. That’s what you’ve asked for.” He growled into my ear, causing me to get wetter than I already was.

 Without warning I was yanked by the ankles onto the bed so that I was laying flat, Calum wasted no time getting between my legs and lining himself up with my entrance. He pushed himself into me fully before pulling all the way out of me and ramming into me again, not giving me any time to adjust. His hands gripped my hips roughly as he continued to pound into me and I knew there would be bruises along my hips later on, but I didn’t care. I moaned loudly into his neck and he groaned, pushing his face against my collarbone and sucking harshly on the skin; littering it with love bites.

 “You’re so fucking tight.” He groaned against my skin.

 “Fuck Calum, harder.” I begged breathlessly. He grinned and nodded, slamming into me deeper than he had been before. With each thrust he hit closer to my g-spot, earning pornographic like moans from the both of us.

 “You feel so good Y/N.” Calum muttered in between moans. Picking up the pace he continued to pound into me relentlessly, his no mercy rule applying. He found my g-spot with a thrust and I gasped letting my eyes fall shut.

 “Fucking Christ Cal keep that up.” I begged and he obliged, continuously meeting my sweet spot with his rough thrusts. Screaming out in pleasure I raked my nails down his muscular back, leaving scratches I knew he’d be showing off to his friends later.

 “I’m close.” I moaned into his neck, my release edging with each of his thrusts.

 “Me too.” He groaned as he used all of his energy to push us over the edge. With the last few thrusts I was brought over the edge and pushed into pure bliss as Calum continued to bring himself over the edge.

 “Cal.” I moaned messily and that was all it took to send him over into pure euphoria. His dick twitched inside of me and he released into me quickly, breathing hard as he collapsed on top of me.

 We breathed heavily trying to catch our breaths, our sweaty bodies pressed together on the dampened sheets.

 “Hi.” Calum grinned widely as he pressed his forehead to mine.

“Hi.” I giggled as I looked up at him. He rolled off of me gently and laid down beside me watching me intently. I looked back at him and smiled before pulling his face to mine and pressing his lips to mine. We pulled away grinning and I laughed lightly as he played with my hands. His eyes fell to my hips and concern washed over him as he stared at the marks that were already bruising from where his grip had been placed.

 “Are you okay?” He stammered, his eyes widening. “Was I too rough?” He questioned nervously chewing on his lip.

 “You were perfect.” I shook my head with a grin. “I’m fine really, it doesn’t hurt I promise. I’m more concerned about the scratches on your back.” I admitted and his face shaded over red, blushing as he looked down.

 “They don’t hurt.” He assured. “I’m just going to be getting a few earfuls of teasing from the boys.” He chuckled as he tucked a few strands of my hair behind my ear.

 “Nothing you can’t handle.” I smiled. “But that was quite the workout and I’m hungry now.” I stated as I propped myself up on my elbows.

 “Well if you hadn’t of interrupted me with that rude staring, we would’ve eaten those eggs.” He taunted sighing dramatically.

 “Oh shut up. Now get out there and make me those eggs.” I smirked as I hit him on the chest playfully.

 “Anything for you princess.” He marveled kissing me on the cheek before standing up.

 “Are you going to wear pants this time?” I raised an eyebrow as I watched him walk around the bed.

 “Nah. Like I said, it’s a nice view to walk out to.” He turned flashing me a cheeky smile before sauntering out of the room fully nude, leaving me on the bed shaking my head. 

Late at night I sometimes find it hard to abort thought trails; getting really angry about things isn’t awesome for falling asleep. 


Here you go, a little earlier than last night’s posting! *snuggles blankets*

Day Four Prompt: Which Akashi?

Title: And I Called Your Name (Part 4 of 12)

(Other Parts: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4(here)/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/ Part 10/Part 11/Part 12)

Synopsis: Kouki grows up, and in his first year of high school discovers an emperor.

AU: Childhood Friends AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

Word Count: 900+

Note: Largely unedited because I’m just gonna churn these out with no time to go back and make them much better so please forgive any huge flaws you may spot.

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Magcon Boys Imagine- Good Friends- Part Four

I turn around to see who it was. “Matt??” “Y/n, can I talk to you?” “Of course, but make it quick! I wanna go back to my room.” “Alright. I just wanted to tell you that I-“ “Matt, y/n? What’s going on out here?” Nash asks confused. “Nothing babe, Matt just wanted to tell me something.” “Looks like he doesn’t need to anymore.” Nash says in an angry yet cocky tone. “Babe, go to the room and I’ll be right there. I need to talk to Matt for a minute.” “Alright!” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight to Matt. What did he need to talk to him about? I let it go and went to set up the movie and popcorn.

“Listen, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re not going to take my girlfriend away from me. I know you told all of us that you liked her too, but she’s with me, alright? Look bro, you’re one of my best friends and I just hope you understand.” “I know man. I’m not trying to take her away from you; I was just going to tell her because I feel like she has the right to know. All day I was thinking about it. I was going to ask you first but I thought you’d be alright with it.” “Since you said that, I’ll let you tell her, but not tonight. We’re having some time alone cause we haven’t got that in forever.” “That’s fine, I’ll tell her tomorrow. Is that ok?” “Yeah that’s fine man, just don’t take her from me, she’s my everything.” Matt nods and they hug. Matt goes back into Jack and Jacks room with a smile on his face.

When Nash enters the room, he doesn’t say a word. I could tell he was nervous about something. Whenever he’s nervous, he fidgets around with anything he can get his hands on, and he paces. “What was that all about babe?” I ask. “It was nothing, you’ll find out tomorrow. Just don’t worry about it tonight ok?” “Sounds good. Come lay on the bed! I picked the movie and popped the popcorn.” “Awesome! What movie are we watching tonight?” “Is Insidious good?” I chuckle because I know he hates horror movies. “Is not living good? You and your horror movies y/n.” He says playfully as he crawls into bed giving me a kiss on the cheek. “You better not leave me. I need protection for when I’m about to die.” “Oh my goodness Nash, it’s just a movie. I’ll be right here don’t worry! But first let me get into my PJ’s.” I say climbing out of bed. I quickly get on my black tank and one of Nash’s hoodies. His hoodies gave me life; they smelt so good and were so comfy. I put on some grey sweatpants and got back into bed. The movie started and Nash was already hiding his face under the covers. I’ve never had a problem with horror movies. They were more funny than scary to me. “Nash, are you okay? It hasn’t even gotten to the scary shit yet.” “I’m just getting ready; you never know what might happen.”

Halfway through the movie, Nash was slowly starting to calm down. This wouldn’t last for long, because this is when all the shit goes down in the movie. I wasn’t really paying attention to the movie, and neither was he. I was just happy that we were finally alone together. He was playing with my hair, trying to do a braid, which always relaxed me and sent chills down my spine. Nash was the perfect boyfriend; I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. After a while, we both started to drift off. At this point, the movie was just a noise in the room. I turn off the TV and take the popcorn bowl to the sink. Nash was already almost asleep so I didn’t want to make any noise. I take a room key and go into the hallway. I knock on Cameron’s door to see if he and Taylor were still up. No answer. I knocked on everyone’s doors. No one answered. They must all be sleeping; after all, it was 2 in the morning. I head back to my room and crawl back into bed with Nash. I curl up closer to him, digging my head into his chest. I slowly drifted off and we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part Four

Part One | Part Two | Part Three (A) | Part Three (B) | Part Four

Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

A/N: After a quick Google search I found out that the legal drinking age in Australia is 18 and as Michael is 19 in this (Y/N is 16), then it is fully legal for him to be drinking beer (not that the law would stop him anyway). Btw guys I’m British so I call my mother, ‘Mum’ so yeh, just letting you know. Also, I live for comments ;) ~ Katie x

The day after your trip to the cinema was Monday, which meant your weekly return back to Hell (aka school). Just like every other Monday, the day went by relatively slowly but soon enough you were returning back to your house. To no surprise, as you opened the door, you could see Michael’s Doc Martens lined up with the rest of your family’s shoes. Eager to avoid him, you decided to go straight up to your room. Just because he did that one act of kindness yesterday, didn’t automatically mean that you had to be nice to him.


At around 6pm your  bedroom door opened and you looked up to see Josh stood there with a takeaway menu in his hand.

“Mum says she’s not going to be home till late so me and Michael are going to order pizza. Does pepperoni sound good to you? Michael’s getting ham and pineapple too so he’ll probably give you a slice of his if you asked nicely,” he said. You just nodded your agreement and then replaced the earbud back in your ear, signalling this conversation had ended. You and your sibling had never officially made up after your impromptu argument yesterday so you tried your best to be civil but you still wanted an apology at some point.


Around an hour and a half later, you walked down the stairs after hearing the doorbell ring. The pizza had been delivered. When you walked in you could see all the food displayed on the kitchen counter like a buffet. You took a slice of each of the two pizzas and grabbed a handful of fries, piling them onto the plate and then squirting a large dollop of mayonnaise next to the fries.

Michael and Josh were nowhere to be seen (they were probably getting beer from the mini fridge in Josh’s room or something). You decided to sit in the middle of the sofa, hoping that the two boys would sit at the dinner table and give you some space. But of course, knowing your luck, when they returned, they both picked up their pizza boxes and came to sit either side of you. Michael gave a quick glance at your plate and said:

“I see that you helped yourself to my pizza.”

“Well hello to you too, Michael. And Josh said I could anyway,” you replied.

“Well, it’s not Josh’s pizza now is it, sunshine?” Michael asked mockingly.

Josh groaned loudly, “Would you two stop bickering for ten minutes while I eat my dinner please. Honestly, it’s so annoying - get over it!” Michael just smirked at your brother’s outburst but remained quiet, you decided to take his lead and was silent too. You ate the rest of the meal with relatively little awkwardness.

When you were all finished, you collected both of the boys’ plates and took them to the kitchen sink, without any kind of thank you from Michael, not that it was expected anyway. You poured yourself a glass of water and returned to the sofa to find that Michael had spread himself out so that his legs were propped up where you had been previously sitting.

“Move your feet,” you said, knocking his foot as you said it.

“Make me,” Michael replied, acting like a five year old that had been asked to go to bed.

You just shrugged and proceeded to sit on his thighs, deciding that they would be a lot more comfortable that his feet or calfs. However, you made sure to stay as far away as possible from his dick because, ew, that would be so disgusting.

Michael didn’t even react and just threw his arm over the back of the sofa. It didn’t look like he would be moving his legs anytime soon and you sure as hell weren’t going to give in and leave.


After half an hour of sitting on Michael’s legs, you began to feel them move beneath you, he was obviously getting cramp from all the unnecessary weight on them.

Five minutes of random fidgeting later, Michael said, “Alright, I give in. Move your arse so I can get some blood flow back into my legs.”

Not saying a word but grinning widely at your triumph, you stood up and almost instantly, Michael was shaking and massaging his legs comically to end the numb sensation.

“Okay, now I can safely say I won that battle, I’m going up to my room.” You said, walking towards the door.

“Night Y/N,” your brother said and you returned the sentiment with a kiss to his cheek.

Michael just flipped you the bird and sarcastically said, “See you tomorrow Y/N”.

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