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Forbidden Love | Pt. 9

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

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You read the last text message over and over again, each time sobbing harder because of the pain in your chest.

You never thought that leaving him would be so painful and hard for you. Each passing day, you felt weaker and weaker, the longing for his love and touch growing every second.

But you had him now. He needed you, just like you needed him. He changed your whole life, making you realize that you could love someone even more than you’ve ever imagined.

He made you realize that you had to be strong. For him and for yourself..

You snapped out of your thoughts when your felt the bed beside you dip slowly, two arms wrapping around your body and squeezing you tightly as much as he could.

Smiling softly, you hugged him back and closed your eyes, relaxing to the feeling of his soft and warm touch.

He belonged to you and you belonged to him. And you were ready to do everything not to change that.

Jimin sighed as he looked at his phone screen. It was another day and he had send another text message, just like everyday since you left.

At first, the text messages were expressing his anger and disappointment he felt towards you. But as time flew by, his anger turned into pain and the disappointment vanished away as if it had never been there before. He started missing you like crazy and hoped to find you as soon as he could.

But just like everyone, he had times too, where he felt like he was losing his hope, fighting for something no one could guarantee he would achieve someday.

Nonetheless, he believed in his love and promised himself every single day that he would find you.

Standing up from the bench, Jimin tucked his phone into his pocket and started walking with heavy steps towards his apartment.

Suddenly, he felt something bump against his leg and heard a silent whimper.

Turning his head around, Jimin looked down and saw a little boy sitting on the ground. The little boy was observing his knees carefully with his teary eyes, making sure not to touch the wound that was forming on his them.

Jimin crouched in front of him immediately. “Hey, are you okay?”

The little kid looked up at him with his teary eyes without saying anything and in that moment, Jimin felt his heart break into million pieces.

Reaching out for his purse, he took out two bandaids and covered the wounds with them so the little kid couldn’t be able to see them.

Patting his head, Jimin smiled at him. “Next time, be a little bit more careful, okay buddy?”

He watched how the teary eyes of the boy in front of him turned into amazed and happy ones. “Buddy? Can I really be your buddy?”

Jimin smiled widely at the question and nodded immediately. “Of course! But first, we need to find your mommy or daddy so you can go home safely, ok?”

Just before the kid could answer his question, they heard a panicked voice nearing them, making them turn their head towards the nearing voice.

“Jihyun! You promised me you wouldn’t run away like that again! You scared the crap out-”


Jimin froze the minute he saw your face and heard the words coming out of the little boy’s mouth.

You, on the other hand, looked at Jimin with widely opened eyes, your heart beating furiously against your rib cage.

Just before you could say anything, Jihyun spoke again.

“Mommy look, this hyung looks just like my daddy you showed me in the picture!”

Robin’s Nest: Part 18

Prompt: What if the robin’s were batmom’s and bruce’s biological kids?

AN: This series is slowly coming to it’s end. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time

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Terry’s fifth birthday is a big one. Your home ends up filled with other five year olds and their parents. It’s all hands on deck for the big day, as the kids run all over the house. Despite having done this countless times before you’re more than a little stressed.

    Between making sure the kids don’t kill each other, and keeping the society climbing mothers away, you’re stressed to your max. You do your best to hide in the kitchen, as the older kids corral the younger ones. “Never again.”

    You roll your eyes, “You say that every time.”

    Bruce scowls, “And every time I think it can’t get worse, it does.”

    You hmmm, “So are we going to cancel Cass’ birthday?”

    Bruce scowls, “Of course not. I’m just saying an event planner is something to invest in.”

    “They’re children’s birthday parties. We don’t need an event planner.”

    “Just a clean up crew.”

    You take a bottle of water from the refrigerator, and kiss your husband’s cheek, “We’ll survive. Now go mingle with the other dads.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes, because I have to mingle with the vipers that are their mothers.”

You slip out of the kitchen and allow your eyes to scan the crowd. Your eyes find a group of moms and you steel your nerves and force yourself to walk over. You approach from behind, just in case you chicken out. That’s when you hear them, “She didn’t even give poor Bruce a chance.”

There’s a giggle, “I know. How she tricked him into marrying her, I’ll never know.”

“I mean really. Running away together and getting pregnant right off the bat, it’s the oldest trick in the book.”

“And look at how many they have. Six biological kids, and then the two orphans, what is she trying to prove?”

“She’s not even that pretty. Her body has certainly gone to hell.”  

You bite the inside of your lip to keep from saying something. Stepping back, the nausea takes over and you slink back into the shadows. You slip upstairs and into your room. Your lunch makes a reappearance, before you collapse on your bed. The bed dips a moment later, and a head rests on your back.

Glancing back you grin at Duke, “What’s up kiddo?”

“They’re harpies. Mean bitter old women who are miserable in their own lives and looking to feel better about themselves.”

You sit up and he does too. Duke was a person who thrived on touch. His own parents had been big on hugs. You had sought to continue that. And as he had adjusted to your home, he’d grown comfortable in seeking reassurance, and finding his place in the family.

“I was playing hide and seek with Terry and his friends, I was under the table.”

“Did you win?”

He nods, “Yep, but I might have scared those women. I jumped out from underneath. One spilled wine down the front of her dress.”

You can’t help it, you laugh. “This would be the point I would normally parent, but I’m too exhausted right now.”

“So does that mean we’re off scot free.”

You blink at the sound of a new voice before several heads pop up. You smile as all your kids climb up onto the bed. Terry climbs right into your lap, “Thank you for my party mama.”    

You kiss the top of his head, “You’re welcome baby.”

Turning to your older kids you ask, “You were all hiding under the table?”

Jason shrugs, “We all think alike. I blame dad.”

Cass places a hand on your knee and signs “You’re very pretty mama.”

Tim nods, “What she said. They’re just mean.”

Dick’s smile is easy going but you can see the anger hidden below the surface, “I think from now on, these parties should only be family and close friends.”

There’s a chorus of agreement before a moment of silence settles over the group, “I like having a big family.”

Your eyes flash to Helena. Her eyes are thoughtful, “Sure sometimes these guys are annoying, and they only leave like three chips in a bag, but they’re always here for me.”

Jason echos the sentiment, “There’s always been someone to talk to, or play with, or blame.” You raise an eyebrow at the last one but he just smirks.

“There’s always someone to help us with homework, or spar against.” Damian chirps in.

Duke smiles, “We’re a family.”

You smile, “Very true, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” With smiles on their face you watch your kids leave the room.

You sit there on the bed for a few more minutes, and wait for Bruce to peek his head in. “How are you feeling?”


He nods, and takes a seat next to you, “That’s common at this stage.” There’s a moment of silence before he asks, “Should we even bother saying this will be the last one?”

You smile, “This is the last one.”

Bruce wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you in close, “You sure about that?”

Your hands go to your belly, “No.”

“Duke’s right you know.”

“About what.”

“You’re amazing, and beautiful.”

You smile, “Those harpies were right. I have stretch marks, and a flabby tummy. Lord knows I’m not nearly as put together as I should be.”

Bruce’s hand goes to cover yours, “This belly has carried six babies, and is now carrying a seventh. You’re a mother to eight soon to be nine children it’s understandable that you’re not magazine cover ready. And the most important thing, you are gorgeous, and courageous, and I thank God for you every day, because you are the love of my life.”

Leaning into your husband you take in the amount of happiness that’s surrounding you, and you smile.


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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

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Part 7 is here~ 


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Super Mom
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Show Me What You’ve Got, Soldier

Late Night Introductions
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Overprotective Boyfriend

Big Brother 101: Threatening Possible Douchebags

You’re Beautiful

Puppy Therapy

Nightmares and Daydreams

You Good?


Sick of Hiding

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Brother VS Boyfriend

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Divided We Fall
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Worth It



Two Ghosts


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So you and Derek, no matter how much you would have liked to, couldn’t just say you were dating now and live happily ever after.

No, you had to talk about things like what all does “dating” mean for the two of you. Like what counts as cheating, does this mean Derek would be moving back in, and the most important.

What are you doing for your first date?

First you thought a simple dinner and movie, but Derek said it was too cliche for his taste. He suggest a date in the park, maybe a little picnic, but you were more of an indoors-y type.

“How about a cooking date?” you had said.

Derek’s whole face lit up at the idea and he immediately agreed, it only made since to have it here.

Your house had been considered home to him for years, plus here it was just you two. No waitress at a restaurant, or random park visitors, just you two in your natural habitat.

So today was the day of the date and you were currently making a mess of your room trying to decide what to wear.

Should you dress down as in sweats, which Derek basically always sees you in, or casual jeans (another thing you often wore around Derek) or maybe a little more effort and go for a cute little dress?

You had never worn a dress around Derek before, other than like Easter when you were kids and his mom made you for the sake of photos. Even then you changed back into jeans after pictures were taken.

On one hand this date was all about comfort, sweats are the ultimate comfort, but its also very lazy and sloppy looking. Jeans show some effort but not enough for a date, then a dress is a special thing. But what if it’s too much effort?

Finally you decide to put on your big girl pants and just throw on the dress, if it was too much you could just change. 

You pick the most simple dress you own, its light pink with a red rose pattern and you put on some white flats. You looked in the mirror and you are absolutely sure this was the best choice, it showed effort but not too much.

Now it was time to debate rather or not you’re gonna wear make up or not. You never wear the stuff, what with how busy you always are.The only make up you actually owned was a basic tube of red lipstick and some matching eye shadow.

You look back up at the mirror and decide that you looked great without make-up, so you declare yourself ready.

You hear Derek knock on the door and you head downstairs to let him in.

You opened the door and reveal Derek with arms full of plastic grocery bags and even holding one in his mouth.

‘Ish gaah ge schaah.’ (I got the stuff) he said as he walked in and headed to the kitchen.

‘Making two trips won’t kill you Derek.’ you said as you followed.

Derek put all the bags on the table and stood up straight.

‘Two trips is for the weak.’ he said as he turned to face you.

He finally looked at you and took in what you had on, and you also took in his white button up, black jeans and boots.

‘Wow, you uh you look great (Y/N).’ Derek said as he gave you a hug.

‘Thanks, so do you.’ you said as you hugged him back.

You pulled back and smiled, it had been SO long since you had been in a relationship it felt so nice to just say you were dating again.

‘So did you get everything we need?’ you asked.

‘Yeah I think so.’ Derek said as he turned towards all the bags.

For this date you two were going to be cooking and eating dinner, spaghetti, home made cheesy bread, a ceaser salad and your famous banana split pie.

You go through the bags and confirmed he got everything you needed for the meal.

‘OK, now all we need is some aprons.’ you smiled as you pulled out the two aprons Melissa got for you in the secret santa.

You hold up one apron with the image of a woman’s naked torso, and another with a naked man torso.

‘I am not putting that on.’ he laughed as he pointed at the male apron.

‘Fine wear this one.’ you smiled as you put the woman’s apron around his neck.

‘And I will wear this one.’ you giggled as you put on the man’s apron.

You tied each other aprons and spend the text five minutes making silly poses and jokes.

‘Come on you foxy lady, lets get started.’getting to

You both wash your hands before you assign the task of getting the noodles ready for the spaghetti while you started getting the ground beef ready for the sauce.

It all felt so domestic, like it had been all those years ago. You couldn’t image making dinner with anyone but Derek.

While the noodles and sauce cooked you were spreading the cheese over the bread while Derek washed the lettuce for the salad. After that was done and the spaghetti was ready, bread cooked and salad made you started on the pie.

The base for the pie was actually not ice cream, but cream cheese and crushed pineapple. You put it in the graham cracker pan and put it in the fridge to cool, you and Derek would add the topping after dinner.

You and Derek sat the table and sat down to eat the meal you had cooked.

‘So what’s been going on? As your girlfriend I demand you keep me updated, none of that one call a week crap anymore.’ you said pointing at him with your fork.

‘Alright alright, daily phone calls, I can do that. If you can promise you’ll get at least six hours of sleep every night.’ Derek bargained.

‘Five.’ you tried.


‘Fine.’ you said before he could up your required hours of sleep.

‘And as far as what’s going on it’s actually something I wanted to ask your opinion on something.’ he said after finishing his spaghetti.

‘Sure.’ you said as you handed him the large bowl of spaghetti.

‘I was thinking of growing a pack, with troubled teens.’ he said as he sat down his fork.

‘Like a werewolf upgrade that doubles as a mentor group? Maybe, but it can’t be a large group of teens running around all wolfed out and out of control. Draws too much attention, you could have what…two maybe three if you can train them fast.’ you answered thoughtfully.

‘Now I just have to find  the lucky three.’ he said as he continued eating.

‘Well I know of at least two kids who I think really need your help, Erica Reyes and Isaac Lahey. They need actual help Derek and no matter what me or the other nurses say no one seems interested in helping them.’ you said as you finished your plate and pushed it aside.

‘What’s going on?’ Derek asked.

‘Erica has epilepsy, seizures almost three times a week, her family is affording her medicines but they wont be able to get her next refill since her dad got cut off. She won’t make it two days without her meds.’ you said.

‘And Isaac?’

‘His father beats him.’ you sad sourly.

‘That boy is as sweet as candy and his drunk of a father…his mother died, all he has is his dad. No matter how many times I have patched him up he wont go to authorities, and if he won’t say anything they cant do anything. That boy’s gonna get himself killed if someone doesn’t reach out.’ you said.

‘I’ll look into them, now onto dessert.’ Derek said as he stood up.

You followed suit and headed into the kitchen and you two both begin  decorating the pie.

And just like always you both ended up having an epic fight, eating the pie with no fucking toppings sitting on the floor, and your kitchen being a mess.

‘I wish I didn’t wear white.’ Derek said looking at his chocolate syrup covered shirt.

‘I wish I hadn’t just cleaned this kitchen.’ you smiled as you leaned against him.

‘Wanna know what I really wish?’ he asked as he turned toward you.


‘That you’d let me kiss you again.’ he said as he looked at your lips.

‘I can make that happen if you let help me clean up.’ you blush as you lean up and give him a  quick peck on the lips.

Well you meant for it to be peck, but before you knew it you and Derek were laid back on your dirty kitchen floor making out like teenagers.

          two weeks camping, two weeks to get to know each other, two weeks to fall in love

                                        || a clexa camping AU ||

                 part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9  - part 10

                   - part 11 - part 12 - part 13 - part 14 - part 15 - part 16 - part 17 - part 18

                                 - part 19 - part 20 - part 21 - part 22 - part 23 - epilogue

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Work For Free - Part 8

Characters: Reader, Fili, Bilbo, Bard, Faramir, Smaug, Eowyn, Tauriel, Eomer… anyone else I fancy just throwing in.

Summary: Here is the tale of a day, just one day, confined within the four walls of a small but perfectly formed Tea Room.  There is drama and romance and probably a bit of slapstick thrown in to break it up a bit but I’m not promising anything.    

Word Count: words

Prompt: Coffee Shop AU (I may have taken a little bit of a liberty with this.) and Neglected Characters from the Tolkeinverse.

A/N: There are some ideas that just take hold and won’t let you go until you have captured them on the page.  This is one of those ideas.

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

Through a door in a wall there was a tea room.  Not a nasty, sticky, damp tea room filled with incontinent old ladies complaining and the faint smell of wee, nor yet a minimalist, ironic hipster take on a tea room with beanbags you can’t get out of and strange ergonomic chairs that dig into your spine: it was Bilbo Baggins tea room, and that means comfort.  

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Bring ‘Em Home, part 7

Part 6


**Vietnam War!AU/Soldier!Dean

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The wedding had been quick—neither you nor Dean wanted to wait, and neither of you felt like the wedding needed to be a big affair. It was a small ceremony in a local church, surrounded by your families, a few of Dean’s war buddies (including Cas) and a few of your coworkers from the hospital.

Afterward, the two of you went off on a two-week vacation to Arizona to view the Grand Canyon. Neither of you had ever had a better time. You were excited to start your life together: together, forever. Upon your return home, you moved into Dean’s grandmother’s house, the one left to him in her will. She’d died when he was in high school and the property had remained in the family, waiting for Dean to come back home and claim it.

You continued to work at the hospital, helping the influx of veterans who were coming home injured. Dean began to work at his Uncle Bobby’s auto shop—while Dean and his father had somewhat mended whatever issue they had for the wedding, they both agreed that it would be best if they didn’t work in the same place. But they still kept in touch and it was still technically the family business.

Everything was… wonderful. Life after the war was an adjustment, but you could tell things were getting better.


“Merry Christmas!”

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Winchester!” You stepped back from the door. “Come in!”

“Y/N, I keep telling you, you can call us John and Mary,” John said with a smile as he set down the large bags of gifts. “You are, after all, ‘Mrs. Winchester’ yourself.”

“Or Mom and Dad,” Mary added. “You’re one of ours, now.”

You smiled. Just then, the timer in the kitchen went off. “I’ll be right back!” you said as you disappeared into the kitchen. “Dean, please take your parents’ coats!”

“Of course.” Dean hung up the coats before giving his mother a hug. By that time, Jess and Sam had appeared, welcoming the elder Winchesters.

“I’d better go help Y/N,” Dean said. “Please, make yourselves comfortable!”

Dean stepped into the kitchen, finding you scooping the last of the cookies onto the platter. The kitchen was laced with plenty of delicious smells, you having been in the kitchen all day. (Dean had offered to help, but you’d caught him snacking multiple times.) “Hey, sweetheart. Everything good?”

“I think so. We just need to get everything out to the table.”

“You got it,” Dean said, grabbing a bowl of potatoes and pressing a kiss to your temple. “Sammy! Come help me carry this stuff out.”

Once the table was laden with food, your new extended family sat down to eat. John gave a small prayer; Dean carved the turkey. Everything was wonderful.

After the meal, Sam helped Dean with the dishes while you propped your feet up on the couch.

“I have to say, you look like you’re about to pop!” Mary said with a smile. “And yet, you still have that beautiful glow.”

“How many more months?” Jess asked.

“Three,” you said with a small smile. You rubbed your hand over your swollen belly, feeling your baby move around. “They say I’m going to gain a little more weight, a little more mass… and I already feel like a whale.”

“Well, you’re the cutest whale this family has ever seen,” John said.

“How are you feeling?” Mary asked.

“Fine,” you said. “Sometimes I get a backache, sometimes I have to take a break from being on my feet, but everyone at work is completely understanding. And Dean’s been wonderful.”

“My ears are burning,” Dean said, stepping into the living room, his brother behind him.

“Just singing your praises,” you said.

Dean leaned down and gave you a small kiss before sitting next to you. “Well, I have a lot. Which one are you discussing this time?”

“Your impending fatherhood,” John said. “You think you’re ready?”

Dean’s shoulders straightened. “Well, the way I see it, I’ve been to war, I lost part of a leg, went through months of therapy… I can handle anything.”


It was a blustery day in March when the newest Winchester made his way into the world. Dean called his parents and his brother and they all promised to visit.

Dean was standing outside the nursery, looking through the window at his son when John approached.

“Congratulations, son,” John said, clapping Dean on the shoulder.

“Thanks, Dad.” Dean noticed this was the first time John had called him ‘son’ in… well, a long, long time.

It felt good.

“So, which one is the next Winchester auto mechanic?”

Dean chuckled, pointing at his son. “Right there.”

“Looks strong,” John said. “You did good.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Dean said. “Y/N did all the work.”

“She did the heavy lifting. But you still contributed.”

Dean couldn’t help but laugh. Was this what it was going to be like from now on? He and his father actually getting along?

“Dean!” Mary came bustling down the hall, looking like she was going to burst with happiness. She wrapped her arms around him. “I just talked to Y/N. She looks great! I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Dean!” Sam jogged down the hall, joining the family. “Congratulations, man!”

“Thanks, Sammy.”

“When can I hold him?”

Dean watched as a nurse stepped into the nursery and began to wheel his son out of the room. “As soon as Y/N’s done feeding him. Promise.”

Dean untangled himself from his family and went back to the room where you sat in bed, baby to your chest. Your hair was falling from the bun you’d pulled it into, you had the softest smile on your face.

“Hey, beautiful.”

You looked up, smiling at Dean. “Your mother is so excited to finally meet her grandson.”

“And somehow, Sammy’s even more excited to meet his nephew. I vote we get him to change the first diaper.”

You chuckled. “Don’t throw those moments away. You’ll miss them when he’s up and walking, which will be here before you know it.”

“Don’t say that,” Dean said, sitting beside you. “I want this moment to last forever.”

You And Me

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I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 //

Part 13 has arrived! 



“I could tell you really do love Yugyeom.. but-” before Bambam finished his sentence he pulled back and was now staring right at you.

“But you need someone who is going to make you happy. He may love you. He probably does. He probably thinks about you all the time. But that isn’t what matters. What matter is what he’s doing about it, and what he’s doing about it is nothing. And if he’s doing nothing, you most certainly shouldn’t do anything. You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life. Sometimes you need to walk away. Not to make someone else realize how worthy you are. But for you to understand and acknowledge your own self worth.”

You were speechless. Bambam had a point and you couldn’t argue back. You looked at Bambam and shrugged.

“I know.. I deserve better, but It’s not going to be easy.”

“You just need to find someone who will treat like how you need to be treated.” Bambam says trying to encourage you to move on and you nodded your head.

“I know.”

“I know I shouldn’t be telling you this right now… And I know this is the worst time to let you know but I hate that I like you. Fuck that I hate that I’m in love with you… And I hate that I can’t do a thing it.”

Bambam was in love with you? Why didn’t you see this coming?

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Reverence - 17 - First Taste of Revenge

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Dean’s shot rings out as the hunt continues and the reader finally gets their revenge.

Word Count: 4062

Triggers: More crazy shifter logic, revenge, death (the monster kind), heartbreak after the fact, feeling lost and numb

Y/N = Your name   Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Note: This is a slow burn type story, really slow, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait! The full story will be written in third person limited point of view with Dean as the main character.

Chapters: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  
Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

The quiet night air was filled with the angry silence of a gunshot as Dean squeezed the trigger and the gun cried out in a flash of silver coloured rage. And for a moment, just in the time between one heartbeat and the next, Dean was filled with the unimaginable dread of not knowing which of his what ifs would become his new reality. Would the bullet hit its target? Would his actions put the civilians at risk? Would Sammy still be standing? Then the world returned with a fury as the smell of the winter night air and frost was replaced with the heavy, hot smell of gunpowder as the revolver kicked back in his hand like a wild horse not wanting to be reined in.

Refocusing on the scene in front of him the dread left Dean for good as he watched the shifter let go of his little brother as the bullet lodged in the monster’s shoulder. Making him cry out like a wounded animal and aim for the woods. Faster somehow, as if the reality of his pain finally made shifter tap into whatever strength lay hidden behind his latest mask.

Still, Dean knew they were faster. Years of training, of hunting and running both towards and away from danger did that to a person. Even in formalwear. Though Dean did miss his normal hunting gear as the tux restricted his movement, making (Y/N) reach the shifter first and cut off his straight path for the woods.

With (Y/N) in front of the bastard, Sammy to the side and Dean covering the open garden they had the sick fucker more or less surrounded. The shifter’s eyes were wild as he looked at the three of them. His movements small and erratic, like a trapped animal, he turned in a tight circle between the three of them. His breaths were coming fast and hard as his eyes followed their rhythm. Looking from one hunter to the next. From Sammy, who clutched the cut in his arm, yet still looked as deadly as ever as his injured arm aimed the silver kissed blade toward the monster. To (Y/N) who looked like wild fury, barefoot and clad in silk. Like the cover of a classic rock album. To Dean, who could feel his own need for action bubble right under his skin like a million pinpricks of energy and light.

Their prey was trapped. And Dean found himself smiling whilst he watched the bastard shake in front of him.

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Vampire!Brendon Part 10

@urisistable at it again with the amazing chapters. Lets gooooo

Part 1 here

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Part 4 here

Part 5 here

Part 6 here

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Some 20 hours later, Brendon wakes feeling his sister shaking his shoulder. Gasping, he instinctively darts up in a panic, gripping onto her.

“Calm down, it’s just me,” Kira says, peeling his fingers from her forearm. “Mom wanted me to come check on you. You’ve been asleep this whole time?”

He nods, reaching over to stroke the hair away from your face. The worry is written all across his brow. You’re terribly pale but he can clearly hear the hard thumping of your racing heartbeat.

“You should really get cleaned up,” his sister adds after a long moment watching him checking you over. He absolutely crashed after making sure you were taken care of and all settled under the covers. After that, he didn’t have the energy to change out of his blood-stained clothes before he passed out on top of the blankets beside you.

“No, no, I’m fine. Besides she could wake up any time now. I have to be here.”

Kira lifts her eyebrows, imploring him a third time to get up. “B, look at yourself.”

Finally he glances down, pulling his dried shirt away from his body. “This might scare her,” he breathes, more to himself than to her.

His sister stops just short of saying, ‘You think?’ instead opting for, “You go. Shower, feed. I can take a turn watching her.”

Wrapping her cream-colored knit cardigan tightly around herself, she settles into the overstuffed chair opposite the bed, and pulls her phone out of her pocket, showing it to him.

Nervously biting on his bottom lip a moment, he finally agrees and slides off the edge of the bed. With a squint, he points at his sister, “She *breathes* different, I want you to call me.“

She crosses her finger over her heart and draws her legs up under her, settling in comfortably.

He has a bathroom just off of his bedroom in his family’s warmly lit, cozy new home, Brendon strips down and steps into the glass-walled shower, glancing wearily at the massive whirlpool bathtub. He supposes you could really enjoy that together if you ever wake up.


He forces himself to redirect his thoughts. WHEN you wake up. You’ve made it this long and your body is fighting hard. He just so wishes it hadn’t happened like this. None of it.

Tears slip down his cheeks. All of his dark hair falls forward when he puts his head down and steps into the steaming hot water. The water collects at the end of his hair in a V, making a strong stream that he uses to trace clean lines on his lean, blood stained torso when he arches. It’s a thoughtless moment that his mind desperately needs.

Kira glances up from her game of Candy Crush when she hears the tiniest moan come from the bed. She’s honestly not sure if she heard it or if it was the wind outside. Dropping her feet to the floor, she stands and crosses the short walk to your bedside. Leaning down close, with her phone in her left hand close to her body, she listens quietly.

Suddenly, your eyes flash open and catch the reflection of yourself in her phone case. She gasps and stumbles back as you grasp the phone from her hand, crying out in horror at the black eyes staring back at you.

You claw the covers back and sit up, reaching for her, but she’s already backed up to the door. When you get to your feet, a white light flashes your dilated pupils. You shut your eyes tight but the explosive light is still there, blinding and disorienting you completely. Pain like a white hot ice pick searing through your eyeballs to the back of your head rips through you unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. With a shriek, you fall to your knees, gripping your head in agony. Every muscle in your body tenses like a snapped rubber band so ferociously. You hiss in pain and grip the phone in your hand, snapping it in two between the full body contractions that leave you in a quivering, curled up in a ball on the floor. 

Kira tries to talk to you but you don’t hear her through the pain. Instead, she leaps for the door, locking it quickly behind her and dashes down the hall to find Brendon in the kitchen. His eyes still look tired but his wet hair is combed and he looks much better otherwise, sitting at the breakfast bar, sipping on his smoothie.

His posture changes immediately when she comes racing in. “What’s happened?”

Kira pants, pointing behind her. “She’s awake. You better come.”

Leaping up, Brendon runs down the hall past her, “Why the fuck didn’t you call me?!”

“I would have but she destroyed my phone! She’s gone feral!”

Pushing his shoulder into the door, he leans in for a moment listening. There is no sound and then suddenly a shriek of pain. 

“Stay out here. Don’t let anybody in.”

Before she can answer, he’s opened and shut the door behind him. You’re nowhere to be found. “Y/n?” he calls, stepping quietly to the center of the room. On the other side of the bed, he finds you on the floor, your hands cut and bleeding from smashing both bedside lamps against the wall. Your hair has fallen down around your face and you’re trembling all over.

“Oh, y/n… what have you done?” he chokes out, feeling incredibly guilty for leaving you alone too long. He pulls up his  black jeans up a little before coming down onto his knees before you.

He reaches out to inspect your bloody hands, but you hiss and draw your arms in.

“I need to see,” he says dropping his voice. “You’re going to let me see.”

His tone cuts through the agonizing haze. You can’t even remember where you are or what has happened, only that everything feels unfamiliar and you want the pain to stop.

He catches your left hand when you reach for your screaming head again. As he’s about to use the bottom edge of his white t-shirt to wipe the blood from the angry cuts, your head rocks back and you howl like a cat caught in a trap. That’s when he sees the claw marks around your eyes and blood running down your cheeks. Getting up onto his knees, he lifts the edge of his shirt to wipe your face and eyes, struggling to hold your head steady.

You yelp in pain and claw at his exposed stomach, leaving a deep diagonal cut.

“Get the fuck away from me!” you cry out and he releases his grip on you, putting his hands up to show he’s not touching you anymore.

“Y/n - I’m not touching you. But I need you to talk to me. We’re going to get through this together.”

You sink down onto the floor and draw your knees up to your chest, whimpering. “You did this to me,” you sob. “I want to die. Why didn’t you let me die?”

Putting his hands on his knees, he leans over you, desperate to take you in his arms. It’s killing him to see you like this, but he knows he’s got to take control of the situation or he may lose you to the madness.

“Y/n,” he calls again, uncertain if you’re even listening or not. He knows he has to draw you out of yourself and your poor, tormented brain. “Tell me what hurts.”

You moan, rubbing your cheek against the carpet. “Fucking everything. My head is screaming inside. I want to take my eyeballs out. My skin… is killing me…”

You trail off for a moment, seeming to calm down. He catches his breath. Then in a sudden swell of the fever, your nails reach for your face again. He grips onto your wrists, stopping you just in time. “STOP,” he demands, but you very nearly pull away from his grip. This first stage of the transition has given you incredible strength despite not even feeding yet. Glancing inside your hands, he sees the cuts are starting to fade already, too. Healing is happening incredibly quickly for you, faster than he’s ever seen. It must be fight or flight mode, but with a focus on the fight at the moment.

Even though you were healing quickly, you could do permanent damage left to yourself. You sink your teeth into his forearm, trying to get him to release his grip on your wrists. Glancing up at the bedroom curtains, he gets an idea.

“I’m not going to let you hurt yourself,” he says out loud, even though you’re probably not listening. Taking both of your wrists in one hand, he grips the cords holding the curtains back and rips them down hard. You manage to get one blood-slippery hand free from him, so he can only wrap the one hand in the cord and tie it quickly to the headboard. Diving over you, he drags your free arm, and your body with it, across the bed, attaching you to the other side of the bed, so only your kicking feet can move.

He pulls his t-shirt over his head with one hand, wiping the sweat from his brow. “Damn, y/n, we’re going to have to do this the hard way.” Tossing his damp shirt on the floor, he climbs up and straddles your hips, placing his palms against your shoulders, forcing you to settle under him. 

You’re both panting, as he holds your chest down with his forearm. He pushes your hair away from your face and sees how dark your eyes are as you stare back at him. You’re completely lost in it, and probably hallucinating, too.

In a moment of surprising calmness, you ask in an almost lucid tone, “Who was ‘she’?”

His dark eyebrows furrow and he shakes his head, not understanding amidst everything else going on how you’re asking about a ‘she’. You struggle and strain against your restraints, but his thighs just grip onto you tighter. A bead of sweat rolls down his chest from the effort, stinging the cut you made against his tense stomach.

You lift your head, fighting to get the words out. “She… who the fuck else did you do this to? Spencer said ‘she’ died. How many of us are there, Brendon? How many lives have you destroyed?”

His sad brown eyes show the ache in his chest. “Babe, it’s not like that…”

“No?” you spit at him. “Who was the last little fucktoy you broke?”

“Fuck!” he growls back, the flush of anger rising up his cheeks. “It was Spencer’s little sister. She had leukemia and wasn’t gonna make it past 7. She died in the first 12 hours. Are you happy?!“

“Noooooo…” you howl and close your eyes tight, riding through another wave of pain that makes you pull on your restraints.

With a furrowed brow and a dark, focused gaze, he calls your name but you stop responding altogether - instead just wincing and writhing under him. He glances down, pushing his black hair back with one hand, and touches where you clawed into him. With an arched eyebrow, he wipes his fingertip over the bloody mark. He has an idea.

Leaning all the way forward he rests his forearm above your head, still pinning your body with his. He strokes back your hair to see your face and gently wipes his finger over your bottom lip. Your nose catches the scent first, as you suck in your lip and taste him.

He is whisper-close to your face, watching to see if there is a reaction. Your body stops jerking under him and your eyes open, blinking hard. Your pupils begin to shrink as you look up at him. “B…Bren… what’s going on?”

The look of relief is clearly evident on his face. His eyebrows lift and he smiles brightly down at you. “There’s my angel.”

You mew softly. “I’m scared, Bren. Please help me.”

“I know, babe,” he breathes, touching his forehead to yours. “We’re going to get through this.”

You tilt your head to place a soft kiss against his full lips ghosting just above yours. Just as he begins to kiss you back, he feels the sharp sting of your teeth sinking into his flesh, making him pull back. Your eyes have gone black again.

“I’m… sorry,” you whine, rocking your head back on the pillow.

“Not your fault,” he concedes, licking his bottom lip. “You trust me, right?”

Your eyes close tight and you nod vigorously, unable to quite get the words to come out.

Pressing his palms on either side of the bed, he moves to the end of the bed and catches your sweatpants and panties in both hands, dragging them down your legs, so you’re just left in a soft t-shirt. Quickly undoing his jeans, he strips down completely and climbs over you again.

Knowing he’d have to be a little rougher with you than usual, he pushes his hand up inside your top and grips your left breast firmly making you gasp and find his big  brown eyes with your own.

“You just need reminding, don’t you baby?” he asks, pinning your thigh open wide with his body between your legs.

You give him a slight inquisitive look before closing your eyes, focusing less on the pain and more or what he’s doing to your nipple with his thumb.

“Mhmm,” he purrs deep so it resonates in his chest pressed against you. “You need reminding that this thing you’re going through, it doesn’t own you.” He kisses you deep suddenly, brushing his lips along your jawline, to your ear so he can whisper: “It doesn’t own you. You’re MINE.”

With that, he sinks his teeth into your neck, holding you still like two cats breeding. You gasp in breath sharply, feeling him reach down between you and slide his cock up against you. With one full thrust, he pushes inside of you, making you arch up and wish you could spread your hips wider for him. Gone are the overwhelming thoughts of only pain, replaced only by the gorgeous sound of his grunts as he pounds into you over and over, sweat rolling down his neck and chest from the effort. Reaching up under you, he collects your hair in a pony tail, gripping it firmly so when he releases his bite, he is still holding you firmly.

“You’re going to give it to me, aren’t you baby?” he pants above you, jackhammering into you so forcefully, you can’t catch your breath.

“P… please… Bren…” you cry, as you’re so close to coming. Without looking, he reaches up and unties your left arm, so you can claw into the tensed muscles in his back. Your legs wrap around his hips, keeping him close so all of his thrusts are that much deeper.

Suddenly you growl deep and your whole body tenses into complete stillness. Pushing his wet hair back, he looks down into your completely feral eyes. Your mouth is open, panting like a bitch in heat. He can feel your insides are just about to release.

“You’re allowed to bite me when you come, little fuck,” he breathes, giving you his darkest, most seductive arched eyebrow.

With that, you hungrily sink your teeth into his shoulder as he grinds into you hard, wincing at the pain and how fucking amazing it feels to fuck you like animals, using all of his strength and holding nothing back. You cry out, your whole body jerking as you come on him. He grips your hip and pounds into you three more times, releasing his own orgasm. 

After a long moment, he rolls off of you, still panting, and settles down beside you. You glance over and purr, stroking his glistening, lean torso. With one hand still free, you’re able to roll over and place increasingly hungry kisses over his chest, stomach, and down to his v-line.

He laughs out loud, catching your pony tail still in his hand. “Patience, angel. You’ll get more.”

You whine and nuzzle into him, settling down beside him. He draws you to himself and very nearly drifts back to sleep.


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I Don’t Mean It (pt 9)

Taehyung ran as fast as his legs could take him, not worrying about who noticed him this late at night on the streets. He couldn’t believe how all these events had played off. He couldn’t believe he didn’t trust you, especially when you told him that you didn’t do it. The image you crying kept replaying in his head as he ran towards the building. He was suddenly scared to approach you. 

He thought back to the conversation you both had months and months ago. You both sat on the couch, while you had the TV on in the background as the two of you chatted. That was the first night that Taehyung realized he had fallen in love with you. The way he was so comfortable to open up with you and how you felt the same about him. It was like a connection he never felt before. 

He remembered you saying that you value trust as one of the single most important things in your life. And once that trust was broken, it would never be whole again. 

Not only did he probably break your trust, but he felt like he broke you too. He remembered the words he yelled at you, now realizing how hurtful they really must have been. 

As soon as Taehyung reached his building, he was waiting for the elevator with what little patience he had left. Seeing as you both lived on the 8th floors, he thought the elevator was his best bet but it seemed to be taking longer than usual. Just as he was about to start running up the stairs, the door belonging to the landlord on the first floor opened. 

Out came a rather old man and Taehyung knew he had to at least say hello, even though he wanted nothing more than to run up. 

“Oh hi there Taehyung…you look rather out of breath,” said the landlord

“Oh…haha yeah sort of” said Taehyung, awkwardly fiddling with his hands, waiting to be excused.

“ must have been helping your neighbor bring boxes down!” said the landlord. This caught Taehyung’s attention. 

“N-neighbor?” Taehyung asked.

“Oh yes! That lovely girl next door to you boys. She said she was moving soon” said the landlord.

Taehyung didn’t even say anything before he rushed up the stairs, knowing he had to stop you at all costs. He ran to your door and before he knocked, he tried to catch his breath and tried to think of what he was going to say to you. He knew earning your forgiveness was no easy task, but you would always forgive him in the end…right? You both had a few small arguments here and there but you had always forgiven him without much effort on his part. Would this time be any different?

Taehyung finally knocked on the door, anxiously waiting for you to open the door. While waiting, he thought back to all the times you opened the door for him with the biggest smile on your face. Was he wrong for wanting that again?

He could hear the door unlock and he let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Thankfully you were home. 

“You’re ear–” you said, but stopped as you finally saw who was at the door. You were expecting the movers to come by today, but you were surprised to see Taehyung at the door. You gulped, wondering if he had wanted to come to yell at you some more. 

“’re moving?” Taehyung asked. He didn’t mean to start with that, but he couldn’t help himself when he noticed all the cardboard boxes that stood behind you.

You only stare at Taehyung, confused with the tone of his voice. You didn’t know what to say. “Y-yes” was all you could bring out.

“w-why?” he continued.

“I don’t have any reason to stay anymore” you said, tears starting to well up in your eyes again. Before he could say anything else, you tried closing the door on him, but he grabbed the door and pushed it back. He let himself in and you stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Y/N.. I’m so sorry” he said looking directly at you. His tone was guilt ridden. He almost couldn’t meet your eyes after noticing the tears, but he knew he had to stand his ground.

“For what exactly?” you say emotionless. If it weren’t for your tears, you could have been mistaken as a statue. 

“For..what I said before. I- I don’t know what I was thinking” Taehyung started, finally tearing away from your eyes as it was getting to much to take.

“You were thinking that I was some low-life scum who was only friends with you to make a few bucks” you said, finally letting the tears flow freely down your slightly rosy cheeks.

“No..I don’t think that of you. I didn’t mean it” Taehyung started pleading as he inched closer to you.

“No, you did mean it” You said, backing away when you noticed him trying to get closer to you.

“Y/N, please, i’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said the things I did…I’m so sorry” Taehyung continued. His stomach started to turn when he thought that there was the chance that you didn’t forgive him this time around. “I heard my manager. He said he made the whole thing up to keep us apart, Y/N please….” he tried again.

You snickered back. “So…you only believe me now because you heard the truth from your manager….otherwise you still wouldn’t have taken my word. Am I right?” you said, with a sudden anger surging through your veins.

Taehyung thought about it for a while, and he knew that a part of what you said was true. He didn’t believe you when you said you didn’t do it, and he knew that he didn’t plan to hear you out either. But a part of him also wanted to keep on holding onto you, even if you had betrayed him.

When it took him a while to reply, you continued “I guess I have my answer….please leave” you said, wiping the tears away from your eyes.

“No, Y/N please hear me out. Please, I’m begging you. Just forgive me this one time please? You’ve always forgiven me in the past, Y/N please” he pleaded, tears threatening to form in his eyes.

“You didn’t want to hear what I had to say, which I should do the same for you?” you asked as you glared back at him.

“I was dumb, Y/N you know me. I always make stupid mistakes, but you always found it in your heart to forgive me. Please, just this one last time, forgive me. I don’t want to lose you….There’s so much I wanted to tell you….” he said as his voice cracked a little at the last part.

You didn’t like seeing Taehyung like this. You always had wanted him to have that box smile on his face, and be the little ball of happiness that he was. But you didn’t know if you could ever be the same with him again. If he doubted you then, what’s to keep him from doubting you in the future? He broke your heart before you even had the chance of giving it all to him, before he even knew that it already belonged to him in the first place. Now, you were just trying to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart, hoping that one day it will be like it was before. 

The eerie silence once again filled the room. Taehyung tried to walk to you again, hoping that he just had you in his arms, you could find it in yourself to forgive him. But you stuck your hand out, signaling him to stop.

“No. Leave.” you said firmly.

“Y/N…p-ple” he started

“LEAVE” you screamed back. You let out your sobs and fell to your knees, not having any more energy to continue.

Taehyung wanted nothing more than to run to you and hold you. To let you cry into his arms as he would probably cry back into yours. But he knew that you weren’t going to let him near you, even in your current position. He didn’t want to, but he walked out of your door, finally letting the tears fall. His vision blurred from the tears as he walked back to his own apartment, just a few feet down.

He walked into the silent and dark room, not bothering to turn on the lights. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket, but he already knew that it was just the boys looking for him. 

Eventually, the phone stopped buzzing after a few minutes and Taehyung plopped himself onto his bed, finally letting his own tears fall freely.

He just lost you. He lost the girl who he feel so deeply in love with. He didn’t even have the chance to tell you how much you meant to him, or how much he wanted to make you his. Instead, he took the heart he wanted to badly and broke it. He didn’t know why chose to believe his manager’s lies, because deep down he knew you would never do something like that. But it scared him nonetheless. He thought that if his manager was right, then he would end up hurting. So he hurt you instead.

And now here you both were, lonely, in pain, and broken.

A/N: So like…The series is not over. For those of you guys who like pure angst, and don’t want a happy ending, then I suggest you stop here. In the future part(s), I’m writing with the intention of a happy ending. Do y’all want part 10? What do you think is going to happen to Y/n and Tae?! Let me know~ I love hearing from y’all. The support I’ve gotten from this one series has been amazing and it’s been so much fun writing for you guys. Part 1 has reached over 1.8k notes and I’m still in awe. 

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Perfect Masterlist

You and Jensen have been friends for as long as you both can remember. You have stuck together through thick and thin, good times and bad; everything. What happens when Jensen accidentally blurts out that he has a girlfriend when he doesn’t? How will your friendship be effected when he asks you to be his fake girlfriend?

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Easter Traditions

By Way of Spontaneity (Part 11)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 928

Warnings: None.

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A/N: This fic keeps getting longer, I apologize. :D 

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

The following morning, you were roused by Bucky, who was trying to move away from you. He was trying to be as quiet as possible, you were being moved out of your comfortable position and you weren’t shy to voice your discomfort. He gave a silent laugh.

“Sorry, I gotta use the bathroom,” he explained in a whisper, pulling his body out from beneath you and putting a cushion under your head. “I’ll be right back.”

Too sleepy to argue, you hummed and smiled up at him. “Mm-‘kay,” you muttered back, cozying up to the cushion.

Bucky gave you a soft smile, bending at the waist to give your forehead a gentle kiss. Once straightening up, he headed for the bathroom, taking his phone out of his pocket after a night of not checking it.

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I Don’t Mean It Pt 6

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

All the stress had taken a toll on your health and sadly, your body could no longer take it. Your colleagues had found you passed out in the hallway at work and that was when you finally decided to take a few days off. After deciding to leave Taehyung’s life, you were overwhelmed with how much you would be losing. 

You wanted to slowly ease out of his life. And you knew that once you gave him up, you had to give the rest of them up too. They had grown to be like your second family, and it broke your heart everytime you thought that they probably didn’t feel the same way about you. 

But when you saw Taehyung’s texts, anger somewhat bubbled up in you. He’s the one who didn’t want anything to do with you, so why did he care if you were suddenly sick? And who was he to get mad again? You clearly didn’t do anything this time around.

You decided to face him once he came back home. You figured it would bring you the closure you both needed, seeing as he clearly had something left to say to you.

The boys kept assuring you that they would come see you once they were back in town, but you almost dreaded the day they came back, knowing that it might be the last day you got to see them.

“You can do this Y/N” you told yourself over and over as the days passed by. You didn’t know when exactly they were coming back as their schedule was never really set in stone. As each day passed, you felt more confident that you didn’t need them. But one night your doorbell rang, and your heart sank. It was time. 

A/N: thanks for waiting for part 6! Who wants part 7? Also, I think for part 7, I’m not going to have any texts, hope thats ok?? PLEASE let me know what you think of that. 

Writing is Hard, pt 9: Sexting

Summary: You send Dean some dirty pictures.

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Warning: Smut, taking pictures during sex

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

You hold up the phone, then almost instantly put it down.

This is stupid.

No. This isn’t stupid. This will be hot. Just do it.

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