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The Boss: Masterlist

70′s Bucky AU where he’s the owner of a strip club you end up working at.

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Merry Christmas

Imagining5sosinmeoops Imagine Masterlist

SMUT (Bold and Italicized)

Wizarding World!5SOS Masterlist


Fraternity Games    Part 2

    All That Matters    Part 2


    By Chance


    An Album Speaks A Thousand Words

    Tell Me You Don’t Still Love Me

    Naughty Girl


    The Neighbor’s Son   Part 2

    Maybe More

    Baby Making


    Don’t Worry

    You’re Perfect (Mashton Preference)

    I Object   Part 2

    An Album Speaks A Thousand Words (Michael Version)


        Are We Friends or Are We More

        Birthday Sex

        What If This Is Goodbye?  Part 2   Part 3

        Over and Over

        Good Girl

        Bros over Hoes

        All Yours, Forever

        My Water Broke!

        Something New

        Hands On Me

        Lost in Reality

        Nothing Like A Little Jealousy

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        Forgive Me

        You’re Perfect (Mashton Preference)

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        I Missed You

        Let The Games Begin   Part 2


        You Jump, I Jump

        I’m Sorry   Part 2


        More Than Air

        He is your Ex (Preference)


        Don’t Ever Leave

        Save Me   Part 2

        First Sight

        Fight Me

        He is your Ex (Preference)


              All Along

              Lost and Found    Part 2   Part 3  

              Part 4   Part 5  Part 6  

              Part 7   Part 8   Part 9

              Tommy Clarke

              Forget Me Not

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              “Hey Derek. I know its late at night. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to ring you. I guess you’re busy too, huh? I didn’t see any messages from you. Anyway. Um. I’m thinking about coming out. Maybe just to my brother. I don’t know for sure yet, but I think I could. I think he’d be ok. Anyway, ring me back, yeah? Love you.”



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              Cleaning him up after a fight

              You’re Taller than him


              Taking a Break


              Divorced with Kids Part 2

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              You’re with child and he leaves Part 2

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              To Have and Have Not Masterlist

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              Reader is Seb’s best friend and comes to Atlanta to help him through a rough time. On the way there she meets Chris Evans and they instantly hit off. Seb quickly sees what he has been missing. 

              Part 1

              Part 2

              Part 3

              Part 4

              Part 5

              Part 6

              Part 7

              Part 8

              Part 9

              Part 10

              Part 11

              Missing Parts - 4.

              Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

              Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

              For the rest of the day you refused to talk to anyobody. In the Great Hall – where you all had to sleep that night – you didn’t join to Harry, Ron and Hermione. It was more than enough to hear from strangers what they say about him, you didn’t want to hear it from your friends aswell.

              The next few days you still avoided the subject. The whisperings died when you were nearby – everybody knew you’d hex them without hesitation if they say something wrong. Your friends saw that you rather ingore the topic, so thankfully, they didn’t push you, but it’s still didn’t save you from your own thoughts. He is innocent – you were still sure about it – but why he wanted to break into the Gryffindor common room, then?

              As the weekend came, you wanted to skip the Qudditch match, but Fred picked you up after breakfast and carried you up over his shoulder, bringing you to the pitch, because „being alone is no good for you”.

              So you stayed, but after ten minutes you wished you didn’t came at all. The storm was so strong you can hardly stand or even sit, and you couldn’t imagine how the players not fell off of their broom. Until Harry did.

              Thanks to Godric, he hadn’t any serious injury; his biggest suffer was his broomstick that broke in pieces. You visited him everyday at the Hospital Wing – more than once usually.

              „You know, being friends with you is really hard. It’s like the fiftieth time in three years when you scared me to death. It’s a miracle I didn’t get a heart attack yet.” – you said, sitting on the edge of his bed while you eating a chocolate frog.

              He smiled. „Stop worrying about me, then.”

              „You know I can’t.” As you ruffled up his hair, you almost forgot Hermione was there too, until you heard her voice.

              „I have to go to the library. See you later.” She rushed out so quickly you didn’t even have a time to say goodbye. There was a few minutes silence, but not awkward at all – it was never awkward between you.

              „Are you… erm… okay?” – he asked suddenly in a low voice.

              You avoided his gaze fo a moment, staring at you Chocolate Frog card. „Yeah, sure.” As he saw you still don’t wish to talk about it, he changed the topic.

              „So, there’s Hogsmeade next week, and I’m thinking about sneaking out in my cloak.”

              Eyes brightened, you looked at him again. „I’m glad you mentioned it.” – you smirked, pulling out the old piece of parchment from your robe pocket. „I have a gift for you that may helps.”

              He frowned as he took it from you. „How exactly an empty parchment could help me?”

              You looked around in the room to see there’s no one nearby before pointed your wand at it. „I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

              Harry examined the map in amazement, loss of words, before he could speak. „Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are proud to present: The Marauder’s Map… how – where did you get that?”

              „Not me, actually. Fred and George „borrowed” from Filch office, first year, but we all agreed on that you should have it. They know the map by heart anyway.”

              He was still shocked, but grinned. „That’s… brilliant! Thank you.”

              „There’s a secret passageway to Huneydukes, you see. We can meet there.” – you said, standing up and kissing him on his cheek. You were almost at the door when you ran back. „Oh, and don’t forget to tap and say „Mischief managed!”, and it’ll go blank.” His cheek was still red where you kissed him when you left.

              You joined to Hermione at the library to write an essay for Lupin, but it was hard to concentrate when she was throwing suspicious looks at you. Still, you stayed in silence; if she wants to say something, she will… eventually. It took her nearly twenty minutes when she finally asked you. „Why didn’t you tell me you like Harry?”

              Eyes widened open, you frozen with your quill in your hand before you articulated slowly. „Because I thought it’s obvious I like my best friend?”

              „No…” – she sighed. „I mean, you like him, like… romantically.”

              A loud laugh left your mouth, but quickly switched to a whisper since Madam Pince already threw knives at you with her eyes. „No, Hermione! He’s like a brother to me.”

              „Are you lying to me or to yourself?” – she smiled.

              „Okay, I have no wish to continue this stupid conversation.” – you said, still laughing. „He’s my best friend. End of story.”

              Hermione just shook her head, still smiling. „If you say so…”

              No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t understand why is she thinks that you have feelings for Harry. And no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about Harry. You had a bee in your bonnet after that conversation in the library. Is it possible that Hermione knew something about you that even you didn’t know? Well, yes, she’s Hermione Granger…

              As the next Hogsmeade trip came, your mood was finally was good again. You could buy all of the Christmas presents, and Harry could be there with you too under his invisibility cloak. Hermione wasn’t really happy about it (It’s so dangerous!”), but all of you ingored her worry.

              Everything went well, until you were in the Three Broomsticks. After McGonagall, Flitwick, Fudge, Hagrid, and Madam Rosmerta sat in front of your table – and you all hide behind the Christmas tree, Harry under the table – you were prepared for everything, expect what came after that.

              You didn’t had any choice but sitting there, listening all those things that you tried to keep as a secret for three years; that your father and James Potter were like brothers, that he’s Harry’s godfather, that’s he was the secret keeper and he betrayed them and killed Peter Pettigrew…

              You were frozen, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t even look at Ron and Hermione. After the teachers and the minister left the pub, you followed them not so long after. Harry went back to the castle in the secret passageway, you with Ron and Hermione, all of you still speechless.

              Harry wasn’t in the common room, so later on that day you visited him in his dorm. Only Ron was there besides him, but he left when he saw you.

              He avoided your gaze, but he was the first who spoke up. „You know that, didn’t you?”

              You saw as he stood up in the corner of your eyes, so you looked in his face, nodded slightly as it was still too hard to say anything. His eyes were so full of anger; you never saw him like this earlier.

              „Everybody kept it as a secret… even Hagrid.” – his voice was almost a shout, and you felt as tears gathering in your eyes. „But you? I trusted you above everyone else!”

              Hot tears fell down on your cheeks. „Harry, please…”

              „Why didn’t you tell me?” He didn’t even tried to keep his voice down anymore.

              „Because I knew you wouldn’t believe me that he’s innocent.” – you yelled back at him, desperately, making him just angrier.

              „OF COURSE I DON’T BELIEVE YOU! Sirius Black betrayed my parents, Y/N, he’s the reason they’re dead!”

              „No, he isn’t! Harry, please, just listen to me…” But he didn’t care anything that you wanted to say to him.

              „He was the secret keeper, wasn’t he? Or do you have any other explanation what happened?”

              You couldn’t say anyting to him anymore.

              In the next morning you were ready to leave as this was the first day of the Christmas Break. Before you went down to the common room, you visited Harry again in his dorm – he was still in bed. „I just wanted to say… if you want to come to us for Christmas…” – but he cut you off, though his voice wasn’t rude.

              „Thanks, but I stay here with Ron and Hermione.”

              You nodded, trying to keep your tears to yourself before you left him there.

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              *I’ve Missed You | PT 4* Newt x reader

              Part one here! Part two here! ○ Part three here!

              Synopsis: Years after Newt’s mysterious expulsion from Hogwarts, you never hear from him and your friendship fades away. You graduate and end up engaged to the current head of Aurors. One day your paths cross and the old feelings from years ago begin to rise to the surface.

              Your lips parted and you met one another’s eyes. You wanted nothing more than to press your lips against his again but you knew this was wrong. 

              You pushed him away as you tried to gather your thoughts. Newt looked at you and tried to move towards you but you held out your hand. He stopped and watched as your eyes filled with tears. You loved Newt. You loved Jamie. What were you supposed to do? 

              You looked down to your engagement ring and realized what you had to do. You had made a promise and you were going to keep it.

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              We’ve got a problem

              Author’s note: Apparently the Something Peculiar series has really struck a cord with me and I’m finding it easy to write the chapters at the moment. So here’s Part 5. It’s angsty as hell.
              Missed Part 4? Here it is.

              She was surrounded with no where to run.
              Why did she leave the apartment? If she had just stayed she wouldn’t be feeling claustrophobic with all the uncertain eyes focusing on her demeanour.
              ‘I am Seraphina Picquery and as you can see Mrs Scamander – we’ve got a problem’

              Hours earlier.
              She just needed to escape from the case, from the apartment. Her thoughts had trapped her in a constant state of worry. She sought comfort in a small corner café, she sat in the corner, sipping her tea. She sighed.

              ‘Y/N?’ She looked up from her mug of tea.
              ‘Tina?’ She replied, surprised – she was the last person she would ever expect to find her.
              ‘Queenie and Newt are out looking for you, you know?’ She said, nonchalantly.
              Y/N didn’t respond, Tina filled in the silence.
              ‘Why did you leave?’
              Tina noticed Y/N’s stature change, her body had tensed and her eyes seemed to have focused harder on the mug. ‘Look, if you’re going to act like a child, I’m just going to leave’

              Something snapped in Y/N.

              ‘A child? That’s what you think I’m acting like – I think I have the right when the woman in front of me declared that she should be in my shoes to my husband’ Y/N tried to say the words with such anger, but it came out as calm disappointment.

              ‘I-I-I’m sorry’ Tina stammered, catching Y/N off guard. Tina’s high wall was coming down slowly.
              ‘I was mad at Newt, not for choosing me, but the fact he drifted apart from me and then I discovered you in the case and something in me snapped. I felt replaced. I won’t lie to you Y/N, I did have some feelings there…but I see how he looks at you and…well, he’s never looked at me like I’ve put the stars in the sky’
              Y/N reached out for Tina’s hand
              ‘I get it’ She said, softly. ‘Just try be nice with Newt, you know how he is; sometimes he doesn’t realise he’s hurting you until the damage is done. He’s the most kind hearted man I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and I know he cares about you’
              Tina’s eyes had glazed with tears, she used the back of her hand to clear them away before they fell.
              It was clear why Newt had married this woman; she was like him, kind, loyal and caring until the end.
              ‘Let’s get you and the bump home, shall we?’ Tina suggested.

              As Tina guided her into a back alley, ready to disapparate.
              Someone came towards them.
              Tina recognised the man ‘Graves? What are you doing here?’
              Graves responded ‘I was going to ask you the same thing Goldstein, where are you going with the no-maj?’
              Tina’s eyes widened. He knew about her. She needed to save her. Her sister would be mad if she left Y/N to be obliviated by MACUSA and Newt would never forgive her, if he lost the light in his world.
              ‘She’s coming with me’ Tina responded, as she went to flick her wand to disapparate
              Graves caught hold of Tina’s wrist ‘I think you’ll find you’re both coming with me’
              Y/N whispered ‘Where?’
              Graves lips had a smug smirk form on them ‘MACUSA’
              Y/N didn’t know a lot about MACUSA, other than her presence wasn’t to be known by them.

              It was in that moment she knew she was in trouble.

              Present time
              She was being led from the audience of Seraphina Picquery, arms behind her back like a common criminal, down a corridor to an empty room.
              Picquery’s words ran through her mind

              ‘This isn’t personal Mrs Scamander, but no-majs are not allowed to integrate with witches and wizards for risk of exposure of our world; I would have suggested a regular obliviate charm; but it appears our problem has grown with that child you bear. We shall be confining you until the child’s birth, then we shall resume the plan of oblivating you’

              What about my child?’ She whimpered, tears forming in her eyes.

              ‘We shall take the child and observe whether it possesses magical blood’
              ‘And if it doesn’t?’

              ‘It won’t remember a thing’ Picquery stated, indifferently.

              She continued to shuffle down the corridor, when the guards accompanying you dropped to the floor in a flash of light.
              She spun around ‘TINA!’
              Tina used her wand to release you of your binds ‘We need to get you out of here’
              A niggle in her stomach made her wince; she caressed her belly
              ‘Don’t worry baby, we’re going home’ Tina guided her back through the maze of corridors as quick as she could, Y/N waddling as fast as she could behind her.

              Y/N! TINA!’ They both turned and saw Queenie and Newt running towards them.
              Unfortunately, Picquery had sent an armada of wizards and witches to stop their escape.
              Tina and Queenie joined forces shielding the charms being thrown in their direction.
              Tina shouted, not taking her eyes off the enemy ahead ‘Newt! Take her and go! Now!’
              Newt grasped Y/N’s hand, pulling her away from the fight. Y/N glanced back to see Tina’s body sink to the floor after getting hit by a charm. ‘NO!’ She screamed, Newt quickened the pace to the exit of the corridor.

              The maze of corridors were never ending, they ended up in a cell holding block.

              Y/N – what’s wrong?’ Newt asked, when her pace started to slow down.
              He could see her wincing, her hand holding her stomach.
              ‘I-I-I…I think…the baby…is…coming!’ She huffed through the pain.

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              Alec’s Affection - Part 5

              Alec’s Affection – Part 5

              Characters: Alec x Magnus, Jace 

              Warnings: a little angst, fluff

              A/N: as requested, here is part 5. It’s longer to compensate for the fact that I haven’t written anything in a while. I hope you enjoy!! (Jace is not missing)

              Originally posted by fyeahmagnusbane

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