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BTS Fic: The Devil Himself pt. 1

Kim Namjoon X Reader 


Genres: tutor!Namjoon AU, angst, smut (in later chapters)

Summary: You’re failing math class and are forced to see a private tutor by your teacher. “It can’t be that bad,” or so you thought before you met the strikingly attractive tutor from hell with seemingly sweet personality. Little did you know that Mr. Kim’s charming smile was simply a facade for the real devil that resided within. 

Word Count: 3.1k

A/N: IM BACK!!! So I decided to make this into an actual fic with parts and everything so this will have smut in it, but in a later part, so stay tuned if you wanna read that~ I’m super excited to write this because I love love love the idea of strict Namjoon so I hope you all like it too

“I don’t get it!” You groaned in frustration as you stared down at the test Mr. Park handed back to you. The page was covered in red marks where you had gotten each question wrong and at the top was the result, circled with angry, crimson ink to remind you of just how terrible you were at math. You ran a hand through your hair, tugging at the strands as you scowled at the paper before you. This was the fourth math test you’d failed and by now, there was no way you were going to pass this class. No wonder Mr. Park had asked you to stay after class so he could tell you just how much of a dimwit you were at the subject.

“Mr. Park, I don’t know what went wrong, I just can’t understand this stuff.” You whined, turning to face your teacher who stood across from you with an equally frustrated expression plastered to his face. He rubbed at his temples, furrowing his eyebrows as he stared down at your calculations and shrugged his shoulders.

“Y/N…you’ve been consistently failing these tests, and I really don’t know what to tell you except that I suggest you see a trained tutor.” Mr. Park tried to put it lightly, but you knew he was hinting at the fact that you were a complete dimwit when it came to mathematics.

“What? No!” You shoved the failed assessment back at Mr. Park as you cried out, being unable to bare to looking at the jumble of letters and numbers on the page any longer. “No, Mr. Park I just don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” Mr. Park gave you a questioning look upon hearing your sudden outburst.

“N-no…I just-” you stuttered. It didn’t matter how badly you needed the help, you didn’t want a tutor. A tutor would be a waste of your time, time that you could spend doing much more important things rather than sitting at a desk and being forced to that pretend you understood the concepts. Besides, what good would a tutor do other than judge your intelligence based on your ability to solve a mathematical equation?

“Look, Y/N,  I’d offer to help you myself, but I’m tied up with other commitments, so I would strongly suggest that you see a tutor. I actually have a friend who works as a private tutor and I could get you some lessons with him.” Mr. Park sighed as he stared back down at your test, “It’s either that, or you fail the class and retake it next semester. Would you like to do that?”

You felt adamant to argue with Mr. Park, to tell him that you didn’t want a tutor and to convince him that you’d try to learn it on your own. However, if you wanted to pass this class, you needed the help. Perhaps if you proved that not even a tutor could improve your nonexistent ability in math, Mr. Park would take pity on you and allow you to pass the class.

“Is there really no other choice, Mr. Park?” You asked desperately.

“I’m afraid not, Y/N.” He gave you a reassuring smile as he patted your back consolingly, “I’ll talk to my friend and let you know when you can start your lessons.” You huffed and nodded before turning around and exiting the classroom with slumped shoulders.

“Well, what did he say?” you snapped your head up to see a familiar figure moving alongside you, completely forgetting that he was waiting outside during your meeting with Mr. Park.

“He said I have to get a tutor…I don’t want a tutor!” You cried, your voice ringing throughout the quiet hallway as you watched Taehyung’s confused expression twist into a mocking smile.

“A tutor? C’mon a tutor can’t be that bad.” Taehyung tried to suppress his laughter, miserably failing as he let out a small giggle at your frustration.You rolled your eyes as he found amusement in your agony and gave him a slight shove to the shoulder as you trudged back home.

“That’s what you think, you don’t even need one. Why can’t you just tutor me?” You asked hopefully turning to Taehyung as he quickly wiped his grin off his face.

“You know…I don’t think that’s a good idea,” you shot him a questioning look before gesturing for him to elaborate, “Well…I have no idea how to tutor and I just think you ought to learn from someone more professional because-”

“Because I’m unteachable, right? Thanks. You’re a real pal, Taehyung.” You rolled your eyes at your friend’s excuse as he shot you an innocent smile before you stormed off. He was right, you were unteachable, which is exactly why a tutor was a waste, but it was no use arguing with Mr. Park. You continued home, kicking the pavement with your shoes as you dragged them along, dreading what would be in store for you.

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art dump part 2

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also, uh, hamilton au where the characters are just in the musical chicago? burr is flynn and maria is roxie and james is amos?

Body: Black

a/n: Very late submission for @narkik-weekend !!! 1K words. WESTWORLD!AU nsfw

Act 1 isn’t as memorable as the one that follows, but Naraku can go back to it without preamble or introduction. And in his earliest memories, he can remember the smell of the air freshener plugged into the wall on the left, and the sound of the water fountain as it trickled right outside his door.

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“Eren shrugged, met Levi’s gaze with his own. ‘Doesn’t matter. And your eyes aren’t freaky- they’re pretty. They look gray, but a soft gray. Sort of like rain clouds when it’s drizzling.’”

Part 1/?

My art piece for @wishingsebastianstanwasmyman‘s work, Pushing Up Daisies, for the @snkminibang! This scene is the make-up scene, where Eren and Levi have a moment together while trying to make themselves look less dead.



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“God I hate this place,” Tommy muttered barely audible amongst the boisterous noise the band called ‘music’ and the gaudy display privy to The Eden. His peaky cap hung low over his eyes, which were glued to the end of the cigarette that dangled from his lips as he lit it. He pulled out a chair from the table with a grunt.

“You can’t possibly mean that.” John beamed as his eyes roamed from one girl to the next with admiration and desire. He winked at one that walked by, reaching forward to grab her butt, to which she just turned and smirked at him. “Oh yeah, you can’t possibly hate this place.” John said, looking back at his brothers.

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Heart: Red

a/n: 1800k words! NarKik nsfw Pt. 2 of WESTWORLD!AU @narkik-weekend Also full disclaimer: I love @narkik with my entire heart and soul and I am very sorry this isn’t the best thing in the world, even though the AU and the characters are!

Act 2 starts with her. And this is the part of the story where he can replay time and time again. He won’t remember that she is not of this earth; not cut from the same cloth. He won’t remember that she is created by an orchestra of men in a warehouse, frozen forever in the age she was blueprinted with. He won’t remember that he requires things to survive; food, water, necessities- and she does not. Will not. Has not.

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News! - Discotek announced yesterday on their Facebook a nice bunch of acquisitions set to release August 29th! Sanrio’s stop-motion animated film Nutcracker Fantasy (1979), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz TV series (1986), Sanrio’s A Journey Through Fairyland, aka Fairy Florence (1985), Marmalade Boy (1994), and Nightwalker (1998)! Nutcracker Fantasy, Journey Through Fairyland, and Nightwalker will be on DVD with both their classic dubs & original Japanese track, Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be on DVD and on Bluray (in standard definition) looks to be in English only, and Marmalade Boy will be a “part 1” box set, with a “part 2” with the second half AND the movie to come on DVD later. No prices yet, but I’ll update with more info as they release it!

companion | part 3

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: Hyungwon, female
genre/warning(s): fluff, grim reaper au!Hyungwon
length: 1K+
summary: in which hyungwon is a grim reaper and it leads to a few interesting things in your life
a/n: prompts taken from here
prologue | part 1 | part 2 | part 3

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Shutter - part 1 (A Lay series)

Gengre: fluff

Characters: Yixing X You

Description: You book a photoshoot with big time celebrity/actor/musician Zhang Yixing and you don’t expect to be so affected by him. You also don’t expect his reaction to you.

A/N: this will be two parts. Fluff here, smut later.

Shutter [M] Part 1 part 2

“I can’t come to your party tomorrow, I have a shoot.” You were loading clothes into your dryer, holding your phone to your ear with your shoulder.

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