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The Man in Apartment 43

Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalking/followed by a stalker (Not Dean), fear

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Note: Ok, so I know I haven’t finished The Charity Heist yet, but I’m stuck on a part in chapter 4. This one however is pouring out of me. If you guys like it I might write a part 2 later this coming week!

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“(Y/N), you are amazing,” Chris Pine’s voice was warm and hot against your neck as he held you close after the two of you saved the world. He moved his mouth from your neck and leaned in, inches from your lips as you wrapped your hands around his neck and moved in to kiss him. Your lips were just about to touch when the background music swelled and…

Living easy!
Living free!
Season ticket on a one way ride!  

Damn it! Your damned neighbour’s near routine music marathon forcefully pulled you out of your dream as you sat up with a gasp. Highway to Hell wasn’t your idea of a good wake-up call. Every. Damned. Morning. Almost at least.

Dean Winchester, the man in apartment 43, was on a completely different schedule from you and every day once he sat down to work on whatever business he did from his apartment he’d turn the volume up on his ridiculously massive speaker system. Sure, it was around 10 am and he was technically allowed to blare his music between 8 am and 11 pm based on apartment rules. But that sure as hell didn’t make it any more right in your mind.

You worked till 5 am basically every night of the week in the local hole in the wall bar, and you needed your beauty sleep to deal with the local drunkards without punching someone or something. Which was hard as hell when you were constantly awoken by classic rock songs after only four to five hours of sleep.

Groaning you let your head hit the pillow again, almost feeling the vibrations of the bass through your pillow due to the stupid, awful fact that your bedroom was wall-to-wall with his… Office? You didn’t really know. From what you understood the apartments were mirrored so his bedroom should be on the other side of the wall. But from the loud noise levels of music you heard almost every morning it almost seemed like you were wall to wall with a damned rock concert instead.

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Oh my god you should do a part 2 where months later Harry comes back ans he regrets everything and talks about wanting 'us' back to the reader but the reader is Just like "there was no us" lmao I would die

girl don’t die on me but here ya go
masterlist // there’s no us

The day had been busy, like most of your days were lately. Ever since Harry left, doing just fine on his own, you picked up your work load and rarely had a day off. And now with award season around the corner, you found yourself drinking a glass of wine and going through photos of several outfits and accessories for your clients to wear over the many events coming up. You were in the middle of finding the perfect shoes for a Fendi dress when there was a knocking on your front door. 

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“Eren shrugged, met Levi’s gaze with his own. ‘Doesn’t matter. And your eyes aren’t freaky- they’re pretty. They look gray, but a soft gray. Sort of like rain clouds when it’s drizzling.’”

Part 1/?

My art piece for @wishingsebastianstanwasmyman‘s work, Pushing Up Daisies, for the @snkminibang! This scene is the make-up scene, where Eren and Levi have a moment together while trying to make themselves look less dead.


Welcome to the official blog of the first Gotham Buddy Exchange. An October event for the whole Gotham Fandom. So you’re wondering what we’re all about. I have a list of questions and answers under the cut that will explain anything you might like to know. If you do have a question that is not answered here, please send it to our Ask Box!

Please spread the word and reblog this post. Since we are a new blog it will not show up in the tags at the moment. 

We are looking forward to meeting all who want to participate. Sign ups start on August 13th and close on August 27th. We will keep everyone updated as those days draw nearer. 

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Headcanon Masterpost

Since I am lazy, and occasionally want to show/send my posts to others, this is a masterpost to keep track of my headcanons.

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Okay so Parent AU. Izuku and Shouto are first time parents to baby but like. It was kind of a spontaneous adoption? Idk someone said something about them not being able to save the parents in some accident so they take the baby. Anyway, besides them trying to figure out how to change a diaper, imagine Shouto like. Buying all the baby toys, clothes, binkies, swaddles, like EVERYTHING in one night while Izuku is taking his turn to sleep. And then two days later (part 2 is coming up)

Two days later, there is a constant knocking on their apartment door as more and more packages arrive and Izuku is like “Uh… Why does the baby need 5 sets of teething rings?” “Because babies need different textures to bite on and it was on prime, shut up” And Izuku just looks at his boyfriend lovingly as Shouto swaddles their baby in a “Deku” infant onsie

i can imagine tddk sitting down one day and being like wow babies are kinda cute and then izuku actually laying out the pros and cons of having children as top heroes, whiteboard-and-markers n all. they mostly talk about the dangers and stress that their kid will inevitably face, including to how it will affect their mental state, but ultimately they decide to go for it.

shouto would DEFINITELY take advantage of his wealth–it’s for his future son/daughter/whoever they want to identify as okay–and just. splurge. izuku wakes up from his nap surrounded by various baby paraphernalia, including all kinds of clothing, ranging in design, comfort, and age at which they would be worn.

needless to say, their kiddo is spoiled rotten.

Shutter - part 1 (A Lay series)

Gengre: fluff

Characters: Yixing X You

Description: You book a photoshoot with big time celebrity/actor/musician Zhang Yixing and you don’t expect to be so affected by him. You also don’t expect his reaction to you.

A/N: this will be two parts. Fluff here, smut later.

Shutter [M] Part 1 part 2

“I can’t come to your party tomorrow, I have a shoot.” You were loading clothes into your dryer, holding your phone to your ear with your shoulder.

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photo found here

“God I hate this place,” Tommy muttered barely audible amongst the boisterous noise the band called ‘music’ and the gaudy display privy to The Eden. His peaky cap hung low over his eyes, which were glued to the end of the cigarette that dangled from his lips as he lit it. He pulled out a chair from the table with a grunt.

“You can’t possibly mean that.” John beamed as his eyes roamed from one girl to the next with admiration and desire. He winked at one that walked by, reaching forward to grab her butt, to which she just turned and smirked at him. “Oh yeah, you can’t possibly hate this place.” John said, looking back at his brothers.

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News! - Discotek announced yesterday on their Facebook a nice bunch of acquisitions set to release August 29th! Sanrio’s stop-motion animated film Nutcracker Fantasy (1979), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz TV series (1986), Sanrio’s A Journey Through Fairyland, aka Fairy Florence (1985), Marmalade Boy (1994), and Nightwalker (1998)! Nutcracker Fantasy, Journey Through Fairyland, and Nightwalker will be on DVD with both their classic dubs & original Japanese track, Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be on DVD and on Bluray (in standard definition) looks to be in English only, and Marmalade Boy will be a “part 1” box set, with a “part 2” with the second half AND the movie to come on DVD later. No prices yet, but I’ll update with more info as they release it!