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Joker x Harley Quinn: Bye, Bye Birdie

Harley Quinn sat in the Joker’s lap. They both had their arms linked around each other’s bodies, still addicted to the other as Harley was only a week old. They were in the Joker’s office, across from Mr. J was a giant crocodile man and Harley was told to be quiet while he worked. She had tuned out the conversation and instead was admiring the Joker’s fit body.

“Boys,” Mr. J called to his henchmen suddenly, “Would you kindly escort Mr. Croc out? He looks a little clammy he might need to return to his swamp.” Joker laughed, wrapping his other arm around Harley’s waist and pulling her closer. The henchmen left the room with crocodile man, as soon as the door shut Joker angled his face up towards Harley.  

“You were so good during my meeting.” He purred close to her lips, “Daddy’s so proud.”

“Thank you, puddin.” Harley blushed, “Can we go back to bed now?”

He purred her name, “My baby is so eager for me.”

“Can you blame me?” She opened her mouth and bit down into a smile right to his lips.

“No, but there is something that I want to talk to you about.” He said pausing to kiss her neck. “Harley, baby,” The Joker purred after his lips left her skin, “I have an important mission for us. It’s something I’ve been planning for months and daddy decided that it would be the perfect way to introduce you to the world! To the Bat!” He laughed, running his hands over her legs.

“What is it puddin?” Harley bounced in his lap, excited to finally meet the Bat. She had heard great things.

Harley fastened the brunette wig and took a few steps back to look at her outfit in the full length mirror, scowling. Black pants, a long-sleeved purple blouse, and black combat boot heels. Harley gagged, it was so normal. Mr. J wouldn’t notice her in a crowd with this on. She had to turn away from the mirror. Disgusted by her boring outfit, she walked into the bathroom to put bronzer on her exposed chalk white skin. She had to make it look like she hadn’t fallen into ace chemicals. She was just getting done with her makeup when the Joker walked into the bathroom.

“How’s it going, baby?” Mr. J asked, energy radiated off of him. He was so excited for this day.

“Puddin, these clothes are so boring!” She pouted, motioning to her outfit. “And look at my skin! I don’t even look like I belong to you!”

Joker looked her over, walking closer and placing his hands on her shoulders.

“No tantrums. This is a very important day. I will not let it be ruined by your fits.” He hissed at her, “Listen, I don’t like them either. But you want to make daddy proud, right baby?”

She sighed, “Yes, puddin.”

“Good girl.” Joker looked down at her clothes again, “After this is all done,” He leant in to speak in her ear, “I never want to see you in these plain clothes again.”

Harley giggled, throwing her arms around him, and kissed him, “I second that.”

“Remember, my dear,” Joker purred in her ear, “This is your introduction to the world. So scream loud and make daddy proud.” He laughed in her ear at his rhyme.

An hour later, Harley walked through the crowd. There was a celebration today, at Gotham town square. The city was thanking Batman and Robin for their years of bravery with a life-size statue of both of them that would live outside of town hall. How nice of Gotham. Harley grinned from ear-to-ear as she saw that there was already a large crowd when she walked up to the middle of the city. She saw news reporters and paparazzi, get your cameras ready, they’d be getting much more than they originally thought. Harley pushed and flirted her way up towards the front of the crowd, ending up in one of the best spots for the action she would soon join in on.

A few minutes later, the mayor of Gotham stood up to speak. The crowd was lined with policemen, crime was very common in Gotham and with such a special day for the Joker’s most favored play toy the police weren’t taking any chances. The mayor went on and on about Batsy and his sidekick for minutes and minutes of painfully dragged out minute. Harley checked her watch many times, the Joker would show up in five minutes. Batman was supposed to show up in ten, but Batman would be a ‘no show’ today, he was too busy fighting off crocodile man in Midway City, Batman was not apart of Joker’s plan. Not yet, at least.

The guest of honor today was Robin.

Harley was exciting. Knowing she was the only one that knew what was going to happen today. She looked at the people around her, men, women, kids, all would be dead by the end of the hour.

The chaos started quick. One second the mayor was still talking and the next gunshots rang out, people were ducking, the mayor and the other men on stage were dead. It took all of Harley’s concentration not to explode with laughter. She knew exactly what just happened. The Joker’s henchmen had replaced the police officers and were shooting everyone in sight. A bullet hit the man next to Harley and he fell to the floor, blood splattering on his kids faces. Screaming. Crying. Bullets whizzing through the air. Harley felt so alive.

A familiar creepy laugh sounded and the Joker was on stage, brilliant purple suit shining, holding his own fancy white and gold gun.

“Good afternoon, citizens of Gotham! I have an important presentation for you today!” Joker announced, speaking over the bullets from his henchmen. “Would anyone like to volunteer to join me on stage?”

Harley was to busy watching her boyfriend in his natural element to see if anyone volunteered.

“What? Stage freight? That’s too bad! Looks like we’ll have to play a game! Eeny meenie miny mo.” Joker looked through the crowd and pointed at Harley, “You. Come up here, beautiful!”

“No, please!” Harley remembered her role, she shook her head and backed up a few steps. Trying to cover her smile with her hands on her face.

Two henchmen appeared on either side of her, each of them grabbed on of her arms and lifted her up off her feet walking her to the stage. Harley watched Joker’s eyes as he glared at the henchmen’s hands on her arms. But the glare was gone as Harley was brought close to him, Joker’s smile was bright as he held a hand out for Harley.

Joker wrapped an arm around Harley’s waist, holding her towards the crowd and  against him. Harley managed to work a few fake tears out of her eyes. Joker was laughing, shooting bullets in every direction.

Joker moved his lips to her ear, whispering only for her, “Scream louder, baby. You’re a hostage.” Harley screamed and tried to shake him off feebly, “Yes, that’s it.” He purred in her ear.

Harley was having trouble focusing on her hostage act as she felt his warm, fit body behind her. His purrs in her ear and his words of encouragement. His heavy breathing and the way his hand on her waist had moved to the exposed skin at her waist and his callused fingers were lightly stroking her skin inconspicuously. Harley tried to make a moan sound like a terrified sound.

“It fills my heart when I get such a willing volunteer!” Joker spoke loud enough for the steadily dying crowd to hear. Joker kept laughing.

Harley looked over the dying crowd. The henchmen were spraying bullets like febreze and the crowd was a bad smell. Blood was everywhere, pooling in the streets and on the stage. All Harley could hear was the Joker’s laughter. The violence, the screaming, the chaos, everything was perfect. Harley looked up at Joker’s face through her fake tears. She’d never seen him so happy.

“Ah, there he is!” Joker laughed harder, shooting his giant gun at the figure swinging from the top of a building from a grappling gun. “The guest of honor!”

Robin landed on the street, punching and kicking the henchmen as he worked his way to the stage. Robin was an expert fighter, he was clearly prepared in his red, black, and yellow armored suit. His giant, muscled arms and legs made his job with the henchmen much easier and quickly he was on the stage with Joker and Harley. The henchmen all on the ground and twitching. Harley improved on her sad face as Joker turned them to face Robin.

Joker’s laugh and smile had grown since the caped man flipped onto the stage.

“Joker, let her go!” Robin demanded in a deep commanding voice.

“No, no, no!” Joker laughed quickly, moving his fingers to Harley’s chin and shaking her head, “I admit I was jealous when I heard you and Batsy were getting honored today. I just had to drop by and file a complaint!” Joker laughed loudly again.

“Joker! This is between me and you. Let her go!” Robin yelled, slowly inching forward.

“I don’t think so, birdie. This is my welcome back party. Haven’t you missed me? I’ve certainly been missing you alone in those cold cells at Arkham!” Harley screamed again, “Isn’t she beautiful?” Joker moved his head to look at Harley, “I think I might keep her!”

Harley let out another scream, trying to squeeze a few more tears out.

“Oh the screams, I love it!” Joker laughed, “She has perfect creamy skin and smells so good too.” Joker purred in her ear. Harley tried to make her scream sound terrified and not excited.

Robin locked eyes with Harley, “Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay.” It took all of Harley’s concentration not to laugh, it won’t be for you.

At once, Harley realized that Robin had been slowly inching towards Joker and ‘his hostage’. Robin was now in arms length of them and with a move that only a trained warrior could achieve Harley was out of the Joker’s arms and Joker’s gun had been knocked away. Robin punched Joker’s smiling face and Joker responded by elbowing Robin in the neck. The fight escalated until they were just a matter of flying limbs.

Harley watched horrified as Robin punched her boyfriend’s nose and it started to bleed. She looked around, forgetting all about her damsel in distress act, and saw Joker’s discarded gun. She dashed towards it.

“Get off of him!” Harley yelled pointing the gun at them both.

She had to yell a few times for them to even hear her, but then both of their heads snapped toward her comically. Joker laughed as he saw her with the gun. To anyone looking, Harley with her brunette wig and her plain clothes seemed to be pointing the gun at the Joker. But she was really trying to hold her anger in to not kill Robin right there. Mr. J had a longer, shorter death for Robin planned.

“Get off!” She yelled again. Joker, who was on top of Robin, still smiling stood up and rose both of his hands to his head as if he were being arrested. Once Joker was out of the way, Harley pointed the gun at Robin. Robin’s face, who had been etched in appreciation at Harley’s help, morphed into confusion.

“Gotcha!” Harley giggled as she shot Robin in the stomach.

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Change Your Mind || Part 4

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // (childhoodFriend!AU/FWB!AU/hella ham love triangle)

Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 4072

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || FINAL

A/N: tbh it ain’t even smut this chapter, srry- just suggestive

the final is coming soon btw

and i also apologize in advance

All it takes is one glance of that single kiss to set his heart ablaze.

Displeasure waves throughout his body, anger coursing through his veins while his mind becomes a whirlwind of who to blame: you or Jimin? It is the scene of Jimin crashing his lips over your own to create a heated battle that makes Jungkook’s irritable questions eradicate. Though, it is also something else.

It is the moment when his suspicions get confirmed- the suspicions of your swaying feelings from him and Jimin, and who you choose.

His stare is tantalizing, flames mixing with the disappointment in his clouding eyes. Your mouth hangs open and you want to voice out the truth, but no words come out. The thick silence wraps around Jimin’s neck, practically choking him speechless. Somehow Jungkook’s raging presence is enough to still the entire room; the look of vexation crossing his face shakes you up- an expression you have not feasted upon before.

“Well?” Jungkook breaks the quietude and grits his teeth, “Can someone answer me?”

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Part 3 (Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.)


With self-awareness comes self-unwinding. Although, I can promise that Dean isn’t going to feel any better any time soon and this comic is officially gonna get juicy in the next update waZZUP. Also yeah, Cas will give him the flower soon too.

Holy guacamole this update was like pulling teeth!! Oooo I’d love to animate a scene like this a lot more, especially with all the body language! (Also, to those who pay attention–no…Dean’s not turning into a vamp or whatever.)

To be continued in part 4!!!

Also some people wanted to be notified when a new update shows up so if you did, it’s tagged below! :DD

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For the Love of My Life- Part 1

Characters: reader, Tony, Bucky, Steve, Sam (mentioned)

Summary: Modern AU. Reader is a young actress in her first big role when a man from her past offers a chance to fix her biggest regrets. 

Song Inspiration: Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Warnings: drinking and sex mentions, fluff, mention of death, bit of angst.

Word Count: 3,278

A/N: This story gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go from the instant I thought of the opening scene. It took on a life of its own and I’m kinda in love with how it’s turned out? I really hope you like it. Part 2 (of 2) will be posted tomorrow or the next day, I promise! It just got way too long. Oops. :D 

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Part Two>>> 


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“Cleo….my darling, lovely Cleo. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” the man asked in earnest, hope shining in his eyes.

Arm draped over your eyes as you lie on the couch, you lifted it to see the man on one knee before you. Your eyes briefly flitted to the small velvet box in his hand.

“No,” deadpan expression upon your face.


“I said ‘no’. For the fourth time, no I will not marry you, Tony!”

“Why not? And please, call me Antony.”



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Ok, but let’s talk about Nagito’s OVA.

Nagito wants to be accepted. Now, this may seem obvious, looking at the nice atmosphere his dream world had, but it struck me in the scene where he starts rambling and cornering Fuyuhiko. Fuyuhiko is, rightfully, creeped out, but he still remains calm while telling Nagito to back off (he’d seen Peko behind the bushes, she would’ve thrown Nagito off him had he asked). He does comment on the weirdness when Nagito steps back, however he tells him “don’t worry, it’s who you are.”

“It’s who you are.”

I might not be using the correct words from the subtitles but that’s the idea. In other media his classmates shunned him out and were outright mean to him for his weird opinions and outbursts. Danganronpa: Zetsubou-hen showed us a group of students who weren’t excited for Nagito’s return. Here, in Nagito’s perfect world, his classmates remain his friends and continue to include him even when those outbursts manifest.

We can say, then, that Nagito was really hurt by their behavior. This means that he is also aware of what pushes them away, as his mind doesn’t correct the habits he has no control over (remember, Nagito’s luck allowed him to live despite his two terminal illnesses), instead giving his classmates alternate behaviors and reactions. Even if this realization is made subconsciously, Nagito’s desire to be accepted remains. However, he isn’t eliminating the part that defines his mental health and behavior, rather altered the behavior of his classmates and the treatment they gave him.

Nagito wants to be accepted, but not at the expense of who he is. He wants to be accepted flaws and all. He knows he isn’t perfect and he wishes his classmates could accept that. He believes that if they did, good friendships could be formed (and we saw glimpses of this friendships at the end of the OVA and in the Hope Arc). He thinks it is possible for him to achieve some happiness (remember his words to Souda about talentless people?) even if it wasn’t complete because his self loathing is still active.

The Oracle

A/N: I bring you the thing I had wanted to write in like forever: the saltiest reunion yet. But come on, did you really think I’d leave this character out? Not a chance.

Based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan. AU by @doodledrawsthings. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2 

“He is awake.”

“So soon?” Jheselbraum casts a look at at dimension 46’/, where Mabel Pines reaches to shake the hand of the monster they defeated only a year or so ago. “I would have expected at least a few more centuries.”

“I’m sure you know that time is relative.” The is a tone of amusement in the Ancient’s words. “It has been a lot longer than that.”

The Oracle takes that in, watching the events in Stanford’s home dimension play out, and hums in amusement, “‘A different form’,” she repeats to herself, “You couldn’t resist the irony, could you?”

The Axolotl chuckles, “Rather fitting, considering the many times humanity was deceived by him.”

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Daddy Issues

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Warnings: Abusive relationship between the reader and her father. Explicit scenes of it. Don’t read it if you are sensitve to this subject. If you are going throught something related or know somebody who are, you can talk to me, but please search for help.

Notes: Okay guys, i know i’m not posting a lot, but i will try to solve this problem okay? Part 2 is coming soon, please tell me if you like it and what do you think that will happen. 

This was based in some other fics i read, i really liked them so i decided to do something like that myself. If you want to be tagged in the next part, just let me know. 

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“So… that’s it guys. I’m very excited to see you all on the VegasCon, love yoo…. What the hell Jensen!” You screamed, finishing the video on snapchat when you felt Jensen lift you up and put you on his shoulders. You felt him start to walk and heard his laugh. “Jensen put me down!”

“Not so easy.” He said starting to run and you screamed. He entered a trailer and you recognized it as Jared’s, and you had your assurance that even when upside down, you saw the guys starting to laugh. “I found our runaway girl. She was doing a lifestream or something” 

“I was snapping jackass.” You said when he threw you in a couch.

“Watch your language girl” He said pretending to be mad and the boys laughed again. 

“We were looking for you (Y/N)” Jared said when you sat next to Misha. He immediatally put his arms around you. 

“What for?” You asked starting to feel a bit frightened. Were you in trouble or something like that?

“Gen and Danneel are coming to the VegasCon so we can’t share the room with you.” Jared said, because you’d usually share a room with one of them or Kat in the conventions, mostly Jensen. 

“But i’m alone in my room, so if you want to…” Misha said with a cute smile. You smiled sadly, but it was so fast that you doubted that they even saw it. 

“Yeah, thanks Misha, but you guys don’t have to worry, my father is coming to this one.” You said feeling a bitter taste in your mouth. You really didn’t understand why your Dad had decided to come. Of course, it was Vegas and he obviously enjoyed to spend your money and make use of your privileges as a celebrity, but he hated the people you worked with. It made him angry. And when he was angry…. Well, it was not something very nice to think about. 

“Oh okay then, we will let Cliff know, and he will arrange the rest.” Jared said smilling and you forced one. 

It was gonna be a long weekend. 


You thanked God when you entered your house and your Dad was passed out in the couch. Every night was the same thing. He drank until he slept, but if you arrived before the he fell asleep, he’d always find a reason to scream at you and remind you about all of your insecurities. Or he made you clean all his mess and get him more beer. Or… well, in his worst nights, he’d hit you. You had already broken a rib and an arm because of him. Of course no one knew about it, and everybody thought that your fear of being around men was because you were shy. But with time, for your surprise, being around Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Richard, Rob, Cliff and all the others had become your favorite thing. You felt safe with them, they were more protective than your father would ever be, and from the bottom of your heart, you knew they loved you.

As least somebody did.


“Jensen! Jared!” The both were entering the hotel where the convention would happen, and there were a lot of fans already there. With Cliff’s help, after pictures and autografts they finally got out, going directly to the room where all the cast would be. Because Gen and Danneel weren’t in Vancouver, they took an early flight, and they were probably already in their rooms. 

They greeted everyone. Misha, Mark, Kim, Kat, Briana, Rich, Rob, but there was one person missing….

“Where’s (Y/N)?” Jensen asked no one in specific while getting a sandwich from the table.

“I’m here” You said getting behind him and he imeddiataly turned around smiling. Although the smile vanished when he saw you with an uncomfortable face and forcing a smile. He had been seeing this smile for a while now, which really worried him. He had known you for years now, he had practically seen you grow up, as you’d entered the series when you were only 10, and now with 16, he saw you like a daughter. 

“Hey sweetheart, had a nice flight?” He asked watching you hide behind sunglasses and a long sleeved shirt. He put his arms around your shoulders, starting to walk as the others were already going to where they had to be now, some people to panels, some to the autographs’ table, some to OP photos. You guys were going with autographs. “Where is your father?” 

“Hmm… he left. To see the city” You said and he raised his eyebrows.

“He won’t watch your panel with Kat?”He answered and you struggled again, giving him a humorless laugh. 

“I guess not.” But before he could say anything else, Jared appeared by his side and started talking to (Y/N). Jensen sighed, he knew something was not okay with his little girl and he couldn’t figure what it was. And it killed him.

“Okay guys, I have to go. See you later” You said to them, and after they both patted your head and messed with your hair, you went to the opposite direction from them. You were going to do a panel with Kathryn Newton, the one who was Claire, Castiel’s daughter in the series. She was just a few years older than you, which made you two become really good friends. 

“Don’t you think that (Y/N) is acting kind of weird these days?” Jensen asked and Jared took a deep breath looking at his friend.

“Definitely” He agreed. “In the beginning I thought she was just heartbroken or something…”

“Wait, what? Why would she be heartbroken?” Jensen said starting to get fatherly over you, being overprotective and a little… well, jealous. 

“You are saying that you didn’t see the hickey a few days ago in her neck? At least it seemed like a hickey. I thought she had been with some guy and was acting weird about it.” Jared said and Jensen’s eyes widened. “But after some time I started to change my mind.” 

“So if it’s not a teenage love story, why the hell is she acting so strange?” Jensen said sighing, a little frustrated as he ran his hand over his face.

“No idea man.” Jared said struggling when they heard somebody of the production call for them to go to the autograph tables. They had to forget this subject for now. At least try to.


The day passed incredibly fast for you. The panel was great, the photos and autografts… amazing. You had met so many fans and had a blast with your co-workers and everybody. The moments when you were with the cast, the conventions mainly, were some moments that you could forget about your dark reality. 

“(Y/N) come here!” Kat said and you saw that she was recording for snapchat, so you posed next to her. All the cast was already in the big room again, and you saw Danneel and Gen talking next to the food table. You hadn’t seen them earlier, so it wad the perfect time to go talk to them. You were on your way when someone stopped in front of you, making you gulp. 

“Dad” You said forcing a smile. Again.

“Time to go (Y/N)” He said forcing a smile too. You sighed, noticing he was already drunk. He really couldn’t haved picked a worst moment to do this.  

“Oh hey mr. (Y/L/N)” Jensen said in a friendly tone, appearing by your side and reaching his hand for your father, who quickly shook Jensen’s hand. “Your daughter was amazing today, she…” 

“Yeah, well, she always is.” You father said interrupting Jensen, who raised his eyebrows. “If you’ll excuse us, I’m taking (Y/N) out for dinner tonight.” He said putting a hand behind your neck, making you shiver, and pushing you. 

“Oh but you know that we’re gonna have a little celebration here? Well, at the seafood restaurant, here in the hotel. You are more than welcome to join us.” you felt your heart racing. You were scared, and you were 100% sure that Jensen had noticed it.

“Make it next time, pal.” Your father said and you closed your eyes sighing. Jensen didn’t say anything else. Your dad started pushing you to the exit of the room, and soon you were already in front of the door of your hotel room. “Time to have some fun right darling?”

“Dad… what are you talking about?” You asked with a nervous laugh, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He pushed you into the room so hard that you almost fell. 

“I’m talking about those people that you work with.” He said, low and rough. One of the signs that he was becoming aggressive. Your hands were sweating and your heart racing. “Can you believe that your worthless driver didn’t want to take me to the tourist hotspots? 

“But he-he…” You said, your voice already failing because of how nervous you were. It didn’t matter how many times this happened, you would never be prepared for it. 

“He-he.” He said copying your voice giving a hurmoless laugh. “Yeah right. And that Jensen guy and his tall friend.” He said getting close, and grabing your neck and making you gasp. “They make me so angry… and they have this strange possession over you. Perverts. That’s what they are.”

“No dad, they’re not…” You tried, already feeling the tears falling as he hit your head against the wall, still holding your nick. 

“Shut up! I didn’t give you permission to talk.” He said tightening the grip into your neck, and you gasped again. “I met some of your ‘fans’ today. I really can’t understand how they idolize you so much. I mean… what is so special about you?” 

You cried hard and you saw him roll his eyes. 

“I said… Shut. Up” He said angrily and you tried not to make any noise, but you sniffed. And he punched you. Not slapped, punched. Hard.

You groaned in pain, feeling a little dizzy and starting to see black spots. He pushed you into the ground and you hit your head on the floor. 

“We’re in Las Vegas, and I’m not half as drunk as I wanted to be.” He said leaning down and purposefully treading his fingers on your hair, making you look at him. “I don’t want you near those people anymore, you heard me? Now here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna get drunk. And after this, I’m going to a strip club, and yeah, I don’t want you in this room when I come back with a whore.” He said hitting your head on the ground one more time. “Did you understand?” You tried to talk, you really did, but you had no strength. He kicked you in the ribs, making you groan. “I said: did you understand me?” He asked again and stepped on your ribs, forcing his foot down. You answered with a low voice. 


“Good, now if you’ll excuse me.” He said forcing his foot down again before walking out of the room. You felt a giant pain and immediately started to have touble to breathe. Unfortunately, you already knew this feeling. He broke one rib of yours. Again. 

The pain was so intense that you tried to scream but nothing came out. Your eyes were watering and no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t breathe. The black spots came back, and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking that tomorrow morning, you could be dead.

Part 2


The Beatles rehearsing at The Cavern on 22nd August, 1962 - Part One. 

These rehearsals took place prior to the recording for Granada’s Scene At 6.30, the Beatles first television appearance. These photos are also the first photos of the final Beatles line up, Ringo having joined the band officially only a few days earlier, playing his first show as a Beatle on the 18th August, 1962. 

Photos: Bill Connell & Les Chadwick (most, if not all, probably). 

(Part 2 )


Doubletale: Part 2

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Scene 1:
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after a slight delay, here’s the second part of my Doubletale comic! looks like no one was expecting this development - but just what happened to bring these four together?

this is how “scenes” will look, moving forward! a bit of experimenting led me to this - should allow slightly quick updates while still letting me play with gifs and the like. let me know if you’re interested, i’m thinking about contining it past these next few intro strips if there’s at least a little interest ^^


For those of you who haven’t heard of The Minkii yet, welcome back from that rock you’ve been living under! It’s a better world out here thanks to these four NYC boys. Alt-rock’s newest obsession burst onto the scene with last year’s smash hit single “Happy,” and they’ve only gone up from there. They’ve released their debut EP, penned (and released!) their stellar first album, and embarked on their very own headline tour all in the past 10 months. Lead singer and guitarist Farkle Minkus, 18, is as shocked at their success as anyone. “We really can’t believe this is all happening,” he says with a smile. “One day we were struggling to get anyone to hear our demo and now we’re halfway through our own tour. It’s crazy.” Lucas Friar, the group’s 19-year-old bass-playing Texan, seconds his band mate’s statement. “Zay threw out the idea of forming a band about a year ago, and we were a mess from the start. I never thought it’d go anywhere, but here we are.”

The “Zay” in question is 18-year-old keyboardist Isaiah “Zay” Babineaux. When asked how he thought up The Minkii, he keeps his reply simple: “It was our senior year of high school, and Farkle, Lucas, and I wanted something to bring us together before life sent us down different paths. We’re all passionate about music, so I figured, why not?” So how does drummer Josh Matthews, 21, fit into the equation? “I was visiting my niece, who is one of the guys’ best friends, and overheard them talking about starting up a band.“ He sends them a smirk, eyes alight with the memory. “They didn’t have a drummer yet, so I offered myself up, simple as that. I’m just happy they agreed.” Friar reaches over, clapping a hand on Matthews’ shoulder. These boys are a tight-knit group, that much is certain.

One of the reasons behind their seemingly overnight success is their originality. The band is as unique as their name. Their work breaks the boundaries of genre, pulling on alternative, indie, and punk influences, just to name a few. Every track on the album has been written by the boys, whether individually or as a unit. “What we write is what we feel,” says Minkus, who is behind the majority of the band’s hits. “Our music is our life, and our sound will change as our lives do.”

“We all write from experience and we all have different writing styles,” Babineaux continues. “I’ll walk outside and just watch people for a bit, see how they interact. Those are the days when I write some of my best stuff.” The group nods in assent, surely thinking of some Babineaux originals locked away in The Minkii vault. “Our muses call out to us at the most random of times; we can’t control how they sound.” Friar admits that he finds quite a bit of his inspiration in his friends outside of the band, while Matthews mentions the importance of his family. Each of the boys brings something new to the table, crafting a sound that is utterly unique. They have a charisma to them that is unrivaled by any other band on the market right now. Fans cite their clear and strong friendship as one of the many reasons why the band is a favorite. You just can’t find anyone like The Minkii. These boys are going to be big, folks. Buckle up for the ride.

click here to listen to The Minkii’s debut album, “Us & Them”

Roads - Wrong Path (1/5)

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst one-shot series

Note: I think this is a pretty angst one… Betrayal, lies, cheating… That kind of story. No fluff or bittersweet whatsoever unlike my usual ones! Be warn! 


Part One (Wrong Paths) | Part Two (Crossroad) | Part Three (Mistimed) | Part Four (Parallels) | Part Five (Infinity)

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“Hey, look at me, Y/N, what happened?”

Yoongi’s voice seemed so distant, your eyes unable to focus on his face which was so concerned.

The scene that you saw moments ago was like an old VCR tape on replay, the images were black and white, everything was blurry and it was confusing you. Then the tape stopped, and the last scene became clearer. Slowly, but steadily, Jungkook’s figure appeared, along with your best friend’s.

Your best friend, who had liked Jungkook before you did.

Your best friend, who is Jimin’s ex.

Your best friend, who is currently dating someone else.


Yoongi’s voice finally pierced the film that separated you from reality. You jerked your head up, except it wasn’t Yoongi that you saw, it was your boyfriend pulling the door to the game room open.

“Jungkook come check on Y/N,” Yoongi quickly stood up in relief and pointed at you, unaware that you had snapped back from your trance. “I think something happened, she’s not responding.”

Jungkook blinked in surprise, and walked over carefully, examining you through his long bangs. “Y/N? What happened?”

In that moment, it was like a bucket of ice water was dumped over your head, and instantly you were shaking. Wrapping your own hands around your arms, you tried to stop, but you couldn’t. What you felt wasn’t just betrayal, it wasn’t anger and it wasn’t even sadness.

You felt… Worthless.

Jungkook reached out his hand, you flinched back a mere centimeter.

Seeing your reaction, Jungkook pulled his hand back, his hand dropped to his side, and you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him anymore.

It was always like that.

The second you pull away, he would too.

He never needed you. You knew that from the beginning.

Afterall, you were the one who went after him.

You were the one who tried so hard to get to know him, to try and start something with him.

You always took the initiative.


He just never pushed you away.

That night after you drunk confessed to him, he gave you answer.

“I’m not crazy over you, but if you want, I’m willing to give it a try.”

He left the choice to you, whether you wanted to start something with him or not.

So you asked him, “So you don’t care?”

The accusation seemed to take him by surprise, you remember how his cheeks remained unflushed, even though he was both tired and tipsy that night.

“It’s not that… I just don’t want to hurt anyone.”

You looked at him straight in the eyes, and he seemed to be shocked by how bold you were.

It was normal, you always gave off a shy and reserved image.

To this day, you never figured out what had compelled you to ask the next question. Perhaps you were just drunk out of your mind, or… You just wanted an answer.

“You don’t like me, I get it. So then who did you like before?”

See, when you asked, you didn’t expect an answer.

But then he answered you.

He named two girls that you had heard of before, and then he stopped abruptly. Trying to dismiss what he had already started as fast as he could- but you caught on.

Maybe the next sentence was what you regretted the most that night?

“You don’t get to back out now, tell me.” You had said to him, forcing yourself to sound more carefree and relaxed. Deep down, you already knew what he was going to say.

So when he said your best friend’s name, you didn’t feel a thing.

You also didn’t feel a thing when he tried to tell you he was over it.

That’s when you knew it would never be the same.

You felt your legs buckle beneath you, but somehow, you kept your figure upright.

It was your last strand of pride.

Pride was something that you had put behind you that night, until he said her name, until that exact moment.

But even knowing that, you didn’t want to give up.

At that point, you didn’t know if it was your feelings for him that stopped you from letting go; or the simple thought of not giving up.

So three days later, you told him, you wanted to try it out.

He agreed.

And that’s how it started.

It was only a month and a half in, and what he had said was slowly devouring you.

Every time you saw them standing next to each other, every time they said hi, every time you weren’t with one of them… Thoughts, horrifying thoughts of them being together, of them interacting, of them getting together… It was killing you.

Despite all that, you never showed it.

You joked about his crush on her, you pretended not to notice when they were talking to each other, you never questioned or asked him about it after that. It was as if he never told you, and you never heard.

What he didn’t know was that your jealous and self-doubt was eating you alive.

You felt so inferior in front of him.

Always trying to make him happy, letting him do what he wants, not wanting to limit his freedom -Crushing your self-esteem in return.

You wanted to be that perfect girlfriend, so that he could like you.

How low did you put yourself to be that way?

Maybe if Jungkook hadn’t told you, it would be different.

He was trying. You knew he was trying.

He tried to text you every day, he tried to spend time with you, he did his best trying to be your boyfriend.

Yet the only sentence that you could hear in your mind is: “I’m not crazy about you.”

You keep telling yourself, it’s okay.

He’ll like you, he’ll learn to accept you, he said he’s already over her.

The fact that he never told anyone that you were the one who asked him out showed he did care.

Again and again, every night, you tell that to yourself.

You thought it was working, you saw his effort, and so you thought everything would work out.

Everything would work out fine.

The last sentence always came with tears that fell from your lashes.

You didn’t realize that Yoongi had left the room until you heard the door close.


Jungkook peered carefully into your eyes, not moving any closer to you.

He was worried, you knew he was.

You just didn’t have the energy to do it anymore.

It wasn’t him.

It was you.

Even after seeing the effort he put into this relationship, all you could hear is that one line.

“Jungkook-” You croaked out his name, voice just above a whisper.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“Let’s break up.”

You couldn’t look at him, you knew the moment you saw those eyes, it would go back to when it all started. So you didn’t dare to raise your eyes from the floor as you ran out the door, and away from him.

You thought that was the end.


Slowly, Shiro took her hand, and she could feel the heat of his fingers against her own. She tugged him towards her. “Just follow my lead.”

Part 1 [here] | Part 2 [X] | Part 3 [coming soon]

I decided to draw a scene from @shiroallura‘s cute oneshot “step on my feet (just don’t step on my heart)”. I’m too tired to finish it today, so you’ll get part 1 as a “teaser” ;D

A Car, A Torch, A Death - Part 2

Whoo part 2 is here!
It’s not great, but it’s something. I only incorporated the “main” Avengers, plus Wanda, in this, so I hope it’s alright! I wrote this in chunks too, because I was studying for AP Macro, but I hope it’s not like super disconnected lol.
Read the first part here

Title: A Car, A Torch, A Death - Part 2
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You’re in a coma after the accident (cliche lol) and the Avengers come visit you. Sad monologues ensue.
Word Count: 2,653
Warnings: Gets pretty sad, ngl.

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           As soon as they heard about it, all the Avengers headed directly for you. 

           They got the call at 2:38 AM. A doctor said you made it safely from the scene, but you were suffering from a coma. Your internal body functions were fine and the only significant injury was a broken leg. 

           They took off at that moment, all packing into one car. It was a cramped fit, but no one cared. They just wanted to see you. They had already lost a team member, and having another would be too much to bear. 

           At the hospital, they were all silent. No jokes, no arguments, no tears. Just silence. Never before had this group of superheros been so quiet. All of them were thinking, thinking about what they could’ve done. It was a violent silence. 

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Dedicated to the Swan Queen nation!

This is part 1 of Swan Queen scenes from OUAT Season 5A.

Click here to view PART 2

LINK TO MISSING SQ SCENE where Dark Emma, Henry and Regina are at the docks:

So I know that Kevin Feige said that Pietro is “dead and not coming back anytime soon” but don’t take this as a sign that he’s never coming back. Let’s look at the Marvel movie line-up shall we.

Ant Man- 2015

Civil War-2016

Dr. Strange-2016

Guardians of the Galaxy 2- 2017

The Spectacular Spiderman- 2017

Thor: Ragnarok - 2017

Avengers: Infinity War Part I- 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Part II-2019

We have a solid 3 years before the next Avengers movie comes out which is definitely not anytime soon so all Feige is really saying is that we will be waiting for a while to see Pietro return. 

In the meantime we have the extended edition of AOU to look forward too with an entire hour of extra scenes (hopefully with more twins)! 

Preference: You Have to Give Him CPR (Part 2) *requested*

Harry: You can hear the ambulance sirens as the red truck races onto the scene. As soon as the vehicle comes to a stop, a pair of paramedics rush out, carrying their equipment. Tears are streaming down your face as you force yourself to stand, backing away from Harry so the paramedics can have their space. “Have you been giving him compressions, ma’am?” One paramedic asks as he feels around for a pulse. The other one is assembling the AED. “I tried,” You cried, unable to control your sobs, “I tried, but I don’t think it was helping.” “Anything helps, in a situation like this,” The other paramedic says, looking up at you with a comforting smile. The arms of a near fan are wrapped around you, and she’s assuring you that everything will be okay, though she isn’t even fully convinced, herself. It’s after the second AED shock, when Harry’s body finally jolts to life. He leans forward, coughing heavily. His face is pale, his skin is cool. You waste no time in wiggling out of the fan’s arms, kneeling beside your boyfriend. Sweeping his hair out of his face, you whisper, “Oh my god, I thought I lost you. I thought-” Harry’s eyes wander up to meet yours and he breathes out, “It’s alright, I’m okay. I-I love you.”

Liam: “Liam!” You shout, frustrated because your compressions haven’t revived him yet. “Why isn’t it working?!” You hiss, tears rolling down your face. You sniffle and wipe the loose tears from your eyes, before pumping out another set of compressions. You forcefully press the palms of your hands to his chest, when his eyes fly open and he inhales sharply. Gasping, your hand flies to cover your mouth. “Thank goodness,” You hear Louis mumble from behind you, while Niall lets out a breath of relief. “Liam,” You squeak, helping him sit up. You soothingly rub his back while he rapidly blinks his eyes, trying to clear his blurry vision. “Are you okay? You - you stopped breathing,” You say to him. He slowly inhales and exhales, replying, “Yeah. Yeah, I think I’m okay.” Your eyes are still locked on Liam as Louis squats down on the other side of him. Patting Liam’s shoulder, Louis says, “I think we should take you to the hospital, anyway. Something’s not right.” Liam nods, and you and all the boys help him to his feet before walking him out to the van.

Niall: You desperately force two more breaths into Niall’s mouth as Liam paces the floor, with your phone pressed to his ear. “I don’t know, he just kind of… stopped talking and his eyes closed and his whole body went completely still,” Liam explains into the phone. His voice is shaky - he’s clearly just as afraid as you are. “Niall, baby,” You whisper, sniffling as you deliver another set of compressions to his hard chest. “Come on. Don’t leave me like this. I need you. I can’t-” As if your words are enough to bring him back to life, Niall’s eyelids peel open and he inhales sharply. Liam stops talking in the middle of a sentence and holds the phone away from his ear, turning his attention to Niall. You engulf him in your arms, sobbing onto his shoulder. He puffs out a few more short breaths before wrapping his arms around your back, closing his eyes. “You scared me so much,” You cry against his cheek. Niall pecks your neck and holds you close, whispering, “Shh, don’t cry. You saved my life. You saved my life, (Y/N).”

Louis: A crowd has started to gather around you now, and people are even taking pictures or videos of the situation. You’re disgusted, but you don’t have time to bark at anyone. Louis is your number one priority, especially now that he’s not breathing. You’ve calmed yourself long enough to deliver a set of compressions, watching his body move from the force you’re applying to his chest. “What is wrong with you?!” Harry growls, stepping in front of the crowd, “Go away! Give them some damn privacy, will you?” The other boys watch Harry with widened eyes as he saunters back to the scene, grumbling, “I hate rude people.” Just when you think you can’t do it anymore, Louis’s body jolts awake. He gasps in a deep breath, while everyone seems to take a simultaneous sigh of relief. He leans forward, focusing on his breathing, while you swipe your hands across your forehead. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with,” You admit, and Louis brings his eyes up to meet yours. “How many fingers am I holding up?” You ask him, holding up three fingers in front of his sweaty face. “Three, (Y/N),” He snaps with a little chuckle. “Thank goodness you’re okay,” You breathe, patting his knee.

Zayn: You’re on your third set of compressions when Louis rushes back out. “I’ve called an ambulance,” He tells you, “But keep doing that.” You nod and bite your lip, forcing out as many compressions as your tired arms can handle. Your fear is close to getting the best of you when Zayn suddenly jerks forward, his eyes flying open. He coughs heavily, trying to clear the water from his lungs. “Oh my god,” You mumble in relief as Zayn turns his head, spitting out a mouthful of pool water. You soothingly rub his arm and he hangs his head, attempting to steady his breaths. “Get him a towel,” You demand, to no one in particular. Zayn’s body is shivering and he still hasn’t spoken. A hand offers a white towel to you and you take it, throwing it over Zayn’s shoulders. He leans against you, finally croaking out, “Thank you so much. I love you.” “I love you, too,” You promise him, “And I’d do anything for you.”