part 2 of my kawaii album

Summarizing K-Pop Boy Bands (part 2)

part 1


  • Jesus, lets not go back in time for these hoes
  • Like 2009 was the YEAR of the fashion police #neverforgetKibumshalfshavedhead
  • Fast forward to Taemin sexually confusing EVERYONE who didn’t stan him before KEEP THE HAIR SHORT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  • BUT WAIT THERES MORE - thanks Jonghyun for taking everyone’s virginity with the new solo album RIP my soul
  • SM wants to test the boundaries of torture with their upcoming comeback but at least I’ll die before a Trump presidency


  • from kawaii pastel lookin-ass flower boys to party pimps with too much money to blow but they still need that fashion police omfg Daesung never bring back that bowl cut
  • you can make a fucking drinking game out of every time a white chick appears in their MVs
  • Taeyang thw type to make u fall in love with his smize but get ready to get fucked up by his The Weeknd tendencies and dont get me started on that kinky son of a bitch T.O.P
  • lowkey trying to escape YG’s dungeon now IKON wya
  • but BITCH WHEYURR IS THE MADE ALBUM????? - YG:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Jams are so fire they snatched all of Bieber’s fans in Tokyo “I thought you’d always be mine, mine.”
  • So talented, you can watch them in, not one, but TWO languages you don’t know
  • Bacon’s body will put you to eternal rest someone escort him out
  • Sehun still dreams about Seungri on his lap to this day I ship it
  • EXO-Ls are in constant competition with ARMYS to see who’s crazier