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Nothing At Stake- Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 - WORK IN PROGRESS - smut 

A Little Less Sixteen Candles: - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6  -COMPLETED - 

Encounters - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 -  CURRENTLY ABANDONED 

Colour Soulmate AU - Jughead X OC (Hints of Beronica and Barchie)

Prompts/Imagines/Reader - 

The Drive-In Closes Down - Pretty self-explanatory, Twilight closes down and the reader comes to comfort Jug - sad/angsty 

Blue and Gold [Part 2] - You are assigned with helping the only person in Riverdale who seems to hate your guts for no reason, you’re determined to get some answers - fluffy/angst 

Are We Actually Fighting? - Jughead doesn’t realise you’re seriously mad at him right now - fluff / jealous reader

He’s Just Not That Into You - Based on Gigi and Alex in the film of the same title, not really a fic or a drabble more of a quick prompt.

Dancing with Jughead - You try desperately to get Jughead to dance with you at a party -fluffy/funny

Fire - You are suffering through your first panic attack, you have no idea what is happening to you but luckily one of your bestfriends is here to help - angsty and friendly Jughead X Reader

Reggie X OC

Perfect - Reggie watches Katie from across the classroom and wonders how he never noticed her before -very fluffy

A Reggie Headcannon/Prompt

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Playing with Fire - 02

Summary: After breaking up with you, you decide the only way to get back at your -now ex-boyfriend and avoid public humilliation is by making a deal with resident bad boy Min Yoongi: you’ll give him money as long as he pretends to be your new boy.

Genre: Romance.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Rating: Mature (just some cursing for now but will def add in some good ol smut and fluff and probs a lil of angst? as the story progresses)

Length: 2.2k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -  Part 4 -  Part 5 - Part 6 -  Part 7 - Part 8 [Finale]

A/N: so HERE it is. i feel like things with this story will be happening too fast because i’ve got SO many ideas but i don’t want to make this too long (like the longest i want this to be is 5 chapters long?) anyways hope yall like this although wasnt sure whether to post it yet or not but anywAYS

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Stiles x Reader:

-More than this - Stiles Stilinski :

  ● [part1]

  ● [part 2]

  ● [part 3]

  ● [part 4]

  ● [part 5]

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● part 18 (coming)

● Epilogue (coming)

-Safe Place

Theo x Reader:

- More than this ( with Stiles Stilinski) ( above)

Unfortunately, when you’ve fallen apart, there is no one who will be able to put the broken pieces back together but yourself. People may want to help, but in reality only you can do the dirty job of picking yourself up again, piece by piece.
—  from “Lonely Traveller” part 2, by Sereno Sky, in progress

Scraping an update together is a bit tough right now, since I’m mainly dealing with plotty and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, but look! I made a a revamp to the “health” bar from the demo so that it looks a little more polished, hopefully, and also sits at least a little bit further out of the way. Also little balloon animation for when you lose (Or gain) points.

I also went and got a multiple parallax script running and man, I like it waaay better:

This script makes my dinner and does my taxes and tucks my children into bed at night. I love it. I love you, multiple parallax. Where have you been all my game-making life.

Sorry for the shitty gif quality but my computer’s not wanting to cooperate, so it’s a bit stuttery. Anyhow! I’m also finished with (most) of the revisions to the first part of chapter 2, so there’s some progress. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.

Progress on the tree-lined, suburban part of town. Xavier and Keffria’s house is the green one in the back - the other two belong to *spoilers*. :D


(updated 03/15/17)

                                           Dean X Reader


1. Dying Inside: Part 1 (In progress)

2. Fences: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (In progress)

3. The Road: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (In progress) *sequel to “The City”

4. Smoke (Completed)

5. The City: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 (Completed)

6. Dark Waters (Completed)

7. Beauty or a Beast: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Completed)

8. Hey Bartender (Completed)

9. The Photo: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Completed) 

—-One Shots—–

1. 21st Birthday

2. Princess

                            ******  Sam X Reader ******


1. Hotel Ceilings (completed)

2. The Stolen Vessel (Incomplete)  

3. The Lake House (Completed)

—-One Shots—-

1. Dancing in the Rain

2. 21st Birthday

                          ****** Lucifer X Reader ******


1. Killer Queen: Part 1, Part 2 (Completed) 

2. The King or the Devil (Completed)

3. Frost in July: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (Completed)

                          ***** Crowley  X  Reader *****


1. King or the Devil (Completed)

2. New Dress

                                ****** Eric  X  Reader ******


1. Thorns: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (In progress)

                                ***** Alec  X  Reader *****

—-One Shots—-

1.Green Eyed Monster 


We need to return to a simple life. It’s our choice, we don’t need to keep doing what we’ve been taught to do, trapped to do, and exploited to do. It’s our choice in the end. But of course, it’s a real uphill struggle too to live our dreams.

“Lonely Traveller”, part 2, by Sereno Sky, in progress

Reylo Fic Recs Part 2

Works in Progress 

Hex by @pissbabysithlord For a moment he assumed she was someone’s familiar, but there were few witches in the area. Kylo sincerely doubted any of them would be so cruel as to have their companion fend for themselves in the streets, especially when considering how small she was. Still, there was something undeniably clever about her. He sighed; either way, it was of no consequence to him. Magical AU

Thwarted by @perrydowning It has been nine months since Starkiller and Kylo Ren has become something more. The light still pulls at him from time to time but after the price he has paid, he has been relentless in his pursuit of the dark. And then when Snoke had dared stand in his way, tried to take Rey from him … new power had been born that day. Black and deep. The endless abyss that is Kylo Ren in love.

Reformation by @corariley​ For the past six months, Rey has been living the life she only thought possible in her dreams. Finally having a family to call her very own, she believes that nothing can ruin her perfect world. Little does Rey know that a woman from Ben’s past is back with one goal in mind; to turn her dream life into a living nightmare. Set six months after CassonadeModern AU

Sovereign Loyalties by @clockwork-cameo While visiting Jakku for business purposes, Emperor Kylo Ren spots a scavenger who is unknowingly strong with the Force. Enticed by her beauty and her power, Emperor Ren decides he must have her and will do anything he can to get her. When Rey is taken to the Empire of the infamous Kylo Ren to be his pseudo concubine, she finds herself attracted to him despite her best efforts. Determined to go back to Jakku despite her attraction to him, Kylo offers her a deal she cannot refuse and Rey agrees to stay with him in exchange for his help in finding her family.

Spotlight by on_my_toes Rey wakes up from an accident to discover two equally horrifying things: the last five years of her memory are gone, and somehow in those five years she ended up married to world famous movie star Ben Solo. But as she struggles to reclaim the lost pieces of her past, she is slowly but surely discovering that everything in her happy, well-publicized marriage is not what it seems. Modern AU

The Girl on the Stairs by PoorQueequeg The year is 1913 and it is Winter in Moscow, the snows are frequent and the ice never melts. Kylo Ren is a respectable gentleman, except of course, when he isn’t. Historical AU 

Each time you go to nature you live, and you live fully because you’re surrounded by beautiful pure and warm energy. So if you want to live today, go out to nature, even if only for half an hour. At least you lived for half an hour that day.
—  from the hippie novel “Lonely Traveller” part 2, by Sereno Sky, in progress
Scarfed for life! Emily Part 1

I have actually come quite a bit on Emily now, the first thing I finished was the sword! But I am not 100% happy with a detail so if I have time I will fix it before the con or if not, after. And I will put it up here when I fixed it. :)

I decided to make the scarf after crying over the vest for a week, I needed it to make sure the vest was the right shape. So I started Monday, and finished at 23 on Tuesday. :) For a tiny scarf. And that for the simple reason that I messed up. But let’s not go into that and just how I did it right haha!!

A while ago Bethesda realized a reference picture with Emily’s scarf, which I until then did not think was a triangle. So I cropped it out of the picture and made the blue parts white to save printer ink. Then I cut out everything that would not be gold.

When I had my base pattern I put some spray glue on the back, note that it was just sticky glue and not strong at all. I just used that so my pattern would stick to the vinyl for a minute.
The vinyl I have had a plastic layer on top of it that I could paint on, so I lightly dusted some black spray paint over my pattern and then I pulled it of, leaving me a perfect pattern underneath.

And I cut and cut and clipped. The hard part was then to iron the vinyl on my scarf! I tested it out with scraps on the failed scarf we don’t talk about and then I went in sections on this, was not easy and I messed up a couple of places but nothing very noticeable.

It turned out absolutely gorgeous! Just like I imagined it. Was worth my many hours of fine work and cramped up hand and arm.


The team is finally going off and getting married, but not without a little interference from the others.

(in progress):

Part 1 (Bucky x Reader)
Part 2 (Pietro x Reader)
Part 3 (Steve x Reader)
Part 4 (Thor x Reader)
Part 5 (Bruce x Reader)
Part 6 (Sam x Reader)
Part 7 (Tony x Reader)
Part 8 (Clint x Reader)

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Save Me - Part 1

Fallen - Jared Leto One Shot

The Fantasy - Bi-Leto One Shot

You Had Me at Hello - A Shannon Leto Short Story

Save Me - Part 2 (in progress)

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Sometimes life seems to be a never ending road of problems and bullshit, always bogging us down. There must be a road that runs parallel to this life where we can switch to any time, where things are happy and bright, even if it’s only in our mind.
—  from “Lonely Traveller” part 2, by Sereno Sky, in progress