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Choices (Part 2)….

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With one last glance at Jesse, Beca leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and climbed out of the car, closing the door behind her and exhaling a breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding.

Hoisting her handbag up onto her shoulder, she made the trek up to the front door, rain soaking her right through to the bone as she scanned through the bunch of keys in her hand before finding the right one.

With one last glance over her shoulder at Jesse, she placed the key in the lock and twisted it, placing her hand on the doorknob and opening it. Through the gap that had been created, she could hear the giggling and chatter of all the other women in the house.

And just as she went to step over the threshold she heard it. The one sound that could simultaneously make her heart stop and expand three sizes all at the same time. The sound of a laugh so unique and distinctive to its owner, that Beca was certain she could recognise it amongst any other sound ever created.

Chloe Beale. The woman who had held Beca’s attention captive for going on seven years. The one person who managed to slip past her defences, without giving her a choice, and set up home in her heart.

The woman Beca was supposed to be marrying a week from the day, but that was before everything. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Beca stepped inside, quietly closing the door behind her, and mentally tried to prepare herself for the outcome of the choice she had made.


Bàis Geal (II)


Watching with bated breath, the two of you glance at each other, Tig pressing a finger to his lips, shushing you. You nod, watching him as he stalks toward the door, reaching behind his back for his gun. You quietly move yourself to a hiding place, crouching behind a pile of boxes as he rounds the stack closest to the door. 

Tig creeps like a predator hunting its prey, barely breathing. You hold your breath as well, your heart hammering as you hope he’ll re-appear to tell you it was just the wind.

After several agonising moments, you hear an audible breath, followed by a laugh. You straighten up from your hiding place as Tig strolls back around the stack, tucking his gun back into the back of his waistband and followed by Chibs. You breathe again, relieved to see the Scotsman, but laugh nervously. This warehouse still gives you the chills.

“Are ye kids havin’ fun up here?” Chibs asks loudly, his voice bouncing off the walls of the warehouse. Evidently, he doesn’t feel the same sense of foreboding that you and Tig felt when you arrived. Tig rolls his eyes, strolling back over to the boxes he was working on.

“Time of my life, brother.” He responds sarcastically as he bends to sit atop one of the huge boxes. Chibs follows suit, leaning against another box in the middle of the room, completely at ease. Pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his kutte, Chibs eyes you, noting that you look a little spooked.

You shrug off his observation, skirting around the pile of boxes you’d been cowering behind only moments ago, plonking yourself down on the floor in front of them and crossing your legs.

“Well, since it’s Halloween-“ You’d completely forgotten the date, of course it’s Halloween. “And ye two have the most borin’ job on the planet,” Chibs continues, pausing for a moment to light the cigarette hanging from his lips. “I thought I’d come and tell ye both a story, to entertain ye.”

Tig smiles, grateful for the break from the mundane task. You both settle in, ready to listen to Chibs’ story; probably likely to be some creepy Scottish folklore.

“Right.” Chibs says, shifting into a more comfortable position. “This is a story about a little girl in Scotland.” You roll your eyes, of course. “This little girl hated life so much that she wanted to destroy every single trace of her own existence.” Chibs continues, his voice adopting a whisper-like tone to set the mood. 

Tig scoffs, which makes Chibs smirk and you can tell the Scot is in a playful mood, which is likely the only reason he’s come to irritate the two of you at the warehouse, but you allow him to continue his story.

“Finally, the girl decided to kill herself, but, not long after her death, her family found out what she’d done.” Chibs pauses again, surveying your reactions, making sure you’re both freaked out. When he’s satisfied that you’re both hooked, he carries on. “Every member of her family died a few days later.” He concludes before delving into the explanation.

“The legend goes that when ye learn of the White Death, the girl’s ghost will come fer ye, knockin’ on yer door. The knocks get louder and louder until ye open the door and she kills ye.” Tig lets out a chuckle, causing Chibs to raise his eyebrows. You’re wary again, the strange feeling of the warehouse getting the better of you as you listen to the story, which wouldn’t usually phase you. There’s just something off about this place. 

Chibs looks right into your eyes, his gaze piercing into you and making you a little nervous, like he knows something’s wrong. Clearly, Tig isn’t interested in his tale, so he decides to focus his attention on freaking you out instead. “She kills ye,” He begins again after the interruption, “Because she fears that ye’ll tell someone about her; her mission is to make sure no-one ever knows about her.” He says, captivating you.

“Now,” He says, leaning back again on the box he’s sitting on, your eyes wide as you’re totally entranced in the story. It must be Chibs storytelling; he’s always been good at it. “The little girl had a doll.” He throws a glance at Tig, whose back stiffens slightly at the word. “The doll ended up in the ocean, but it still holds the little girl’s spirit.” Chibs shrugs, stubbing out the cigarette and pushing himself off of the box. “Could be anywhere by now.” He finishes, giving both of you a cheeky smirk, pleased at how freaked out you looked.

I Don’t Mean To: Part II

Hello Lovelies!! Yes, I finally got around to finishing the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it! Features my Tavrien Shepard and Kaidan Alenko after Virmire. Here is Part 1, just in case you are interested. 

Kaidan Alenko x Commander Shepard - Pre-Romance - ME:1

Part II:

Her hands continued to shake. Her mind swirled. Rage, disbelief and bone-deep sorrow threatened to steal her breath. Tavrien stared at her console, red rimmed eyes causing the screen to blur. She didn’t know how long she had been crying, or when she had begun. She only knew that one of her best friends had needed her, and she had left her to the wolves.  

She gulped her cold coffee grasping at words to voice her feelings. How did one go about telling a mom her child had died? The Williams family had to know just how important and vital their daughter, sister, loved one was but she had nothing. Obviously they knew how special she was, but what could she say to them that could possibly make amends? They would rather have Ash than her flowery words on a cold letter. A better leader would have brought the whole team back, not hollow words of condolences.

After the mission, Kirrahe had taken her aside and offered her words of comfort for her lost soldier. Things like, “she fought bravely,” and “she died a hero,” only made her furious. Now the Alliance expected her to send the same rubbish to a beautiful family–one that already lost a father in the line of duty. Shepard choked, “Oh god,” bile rising in her throat, “can I even do this?” Her chair scraped against the floor, sound grating. She grabbed her Blasto coffee mug, fleeing her quarters and the cursor blinking on the blank page.

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small things to stay alive for
  • getting to see yourself grow over time
  • finding new music
  • late night drives with the person you love
  • warm cups of tea
  • the colors of a sunset
  • new movies releasing
  • seeing someone blow out birthday candles
  • hearing someone laugh
  • inside jokes 
  • making playlists 
  • giving people gifts
  • lazy days where you watch your favorite movies
  • baking cupcakes and frosting them
  • your dog waiting for you at the door
  • small cafes
  • aquarium touch pools
  • seeing someone’s face light up


- Glitchtale S2 Ep #4 (Part 2) (Undertale Animation)

I showed another friend smut for the first time, Gods help me I need new friends.
Here is what he said…

“Ooh kinky” *followed by wiggling his tounge*

“This boy has more succ than a Henry Hoover”

“Is it okay to be straight yet extremely aroused by this? I’m asking for a friend.”


“14 inch cock what……sure…”


suculent ass , same”

“How does it fit though? I am serious, I take biology and theres no way it can get all the way in his ass. Logically speaking here.”

“Poor guy, he will never be able to sit again”


“Why am I reading this again? Why am I your friend?”

“Thats it I am disowning you as a friend”

Shady/Illegal Tips P.2

Dayummm I had no ides the first one would be so popular!

* Hairspray can beat a counterfeit marker on fake bills

* Buy a movie ticket, but plan out the theater’s schedule so you can see multiple movies throughout the day, back-to-back.

* For extra carry-ons at no charge, go the airport gift shop and ask for a gift bag, and stuff your stuff into it. Because it looks like you purchased it at the airport, the flight will let you bring it on free, even if it’s over your carry-on limit.

* The most popular brand of washing machine is a ‘Speed Queen’ if your apartment complex uses Speed Queen you are in luck. Go on eBay and buy a Speed Queen 800 key. Its a hex key, looks like a circle with a little knob on one part. The keys go for about 15 bucks on eBay. When you have the keys starting the machine for free is easy! 

* If there is something electronic at work you’d like to have and you have time to do it…. open it up, disable it (clip a power wire or unplug a wire on the circuit board), then close it up. When someone tries to operate it it wont work. They will think it is worn out or malfunctioned or broken and throw it away. Go into the garbage later to retrieve it. Open it up, undo your previous disabling and now you have it. Working and everything

* For the desperately broke/homeless youth. I used to do this when i was a skate rat. All you needed was a hammer, a quarter, and an older vending machine. Hammer the quarter flatter and flatter till its the size of a silver dollar ($1 coin whatever). Old vending machines obviously don’t have the greatest technology in them and can only read the now flatted coin’s size as a silver dollar. Then hit the coin return. Your quarter just became 4 quarters.

* If you live in a house in an area that still has basic cable, you can give yourself free cable by going outside and opening the gray plastic cable box on the outside of your house, inside you’ll see cable wire spliced together with what looks like a large, stainless steel AA battery. Just unscrew that and screw the two ends of cable into each other. That AA battery thing is called a “filter.” Without it on, you now have cable. Its seriously that easy.

* Any time I need to park at a concert , which often around here they charge $20-30 for parking, I roll the window down and say “hello, I’m a journalist working the show tonight for [make up publication or webzine] and was told by venue management to ask for staff parking”. If there’s a staff parking lot, you get staff parking. If there isn’t, they’re confused and just let you park in the regular lot for free.

* If you want to slack off at work, slack off but act annoyed/frustrated around your boss which will give the impression you’re working hard

* My dad (a graphic artist) made a perfect mock-up of the parking sticker for the train station and parked there for free for a good twenty years.