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Hi!! I love your writing so muchhhh! Could you do more about Slave AU? I really want to know what's gonna happen next ><!

“We reserve the right to serve customers in this establishment.” the clerk sneered picking up the fruit he was trying to buy and putting it back in the bins. “Go find somewhere else to get fruit from, slaver.

Ace’s lips thin into a straight line but he moved on none the least as the woman would not budge. This was the fourth vendor who refused to sell him any food today and he was getting really tired of it all. 

The worst was he knew that one wouldn’t be the last.  Sighing he turned on his heel returning home, ignoring the heated looks others send him as he walked by. 

The villagers have been giving him and Sabo the cold shoulder ever since he bought Marco. It wasn’t like anyone had tried to raise their hand on them but the glares, cold whispers and refusal to treat them like a human was starting to get to Ace.

Yet, on the other hand, he was oddly proud of his community. Even though he was on the receiving end of their scorn they were only doing it because they despised slavery. 

If it were anyone else, they would have cracked by then and set the slave free. Especially after nearly two months of such treatment. But they couldn’t do that, not until they knew Marco would be safe, and that was taking time seeing as the target was moving. 

Sabo’s contacts were searching for his traveling family as that was the only place the blond slave wished to go. The couple promised him they would reunite the blond man with his loved ones if it was the last thing they did so they were willing to wait the search out by keeping Marco around.

In the past two months, they have been slowly working on Marco’s  trauma and habits that developed over the years in captivity. So far Ace thought they were doing good.

Marco was showing more emotion lately and he started to eat without asking for permission, plus he was even talking.

  But there were still things that Ace wished he could help more with. Sabo claimed it wouldn’t be that easy, no matter how many years they spent working on returning Marco’s humanity to him. 

The blond would forever have scars- both physically and mentally- that may never heal. 

It made him sick.

It didn’t help that Marco wouldn’t leave their fields, too afraid of drifting too far from the property- Sabo said it was common among liberated slaves, it would take time before the blond could bring himself to stop thinking like he belongs to others, and walk freely again. 

“I’m home!” He shouts just as he steps on his property. Marco- who was helping Sabo plant in the herb garden- looks up briefly then ducks his head as he mumbles back.

“Welcome home Master-Ace.” He corrects himself like he has to remind himself with that word, twirling his thumbs around one of the gardening tools in his hand. “Welcome home Ace.” 

“Thank you Marco. It’s good to be home. The villagers refused to sell me stuff again.” Ace sighs kneeling down beside the larger man.  “Sabo’s going to be mad.”

It because of Sabo’s lessons that he catches the way Marco stiffens. The raven hair man casually scoots away, keeping an eye on the other as he does so. When the blond’s shoulders slouch again he stops, a good foot or so from his original spot. 

He pretends he doesn’t see the gratitude in Marco’s gaze. Sabo is right, he doesn’t need pity he needs understanding. Instead, he says “I’ll plant this one so we can be done faster.”

Together they work on planting new seeds in silence, Ace not making an attempt to start a conversation even as Marco takes glances of him every so often.

He can tell there is something the blond wants to say but he will wait until he’s ready to do so.

“I can make us more soup yoi.” Marco says after a short pause. “There is still  enough food for it.”

“More of that yummy soup? that sounds great-” Ace starts smiling at the blond only to jump back as Marco turns around to face him with a desperate look.

“Sabo found my family. I’m going home.” Marco blurts. He swings wide eyes of horror at him like he just realized what he did and apologizes fall from his mouth before Ace can answer. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cut you off- I’ll be more careful. I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad, I-”

“Marco.” Sabo’s warm voice surprises them both. They turn around to see the smaller blond carrying a tray of some kind of drink  “It’s okay. He’s not mad, right Ace?”

“Nope. In fact, I’m happy!” The raven hair man cheers giving the ex-slave a dazzling smile “They found your family! I’m so happy for you Marco.”

Blue eyes gloss over with unshed tears.  “Thank you. Thank you for everything…I want you two to meet them…if that’s okay yoi?”

“We be delighted to.” Sabo says handing him a cup  “From what you told us of the Whitebeards I think we like them very much.”

Marco nods, staring into his cup while the other two start talking about Ace’s lack of groceries. Since they aren’t paying attention to him he whispers to his drink so softly he can’t even hear himself, much less them.

I think I love you.

He hopes someday he’ll be able to say it as loud as possible. Because these two saved him, in more ways than they will ever know.

small things to stay alive for
  • getting to see yourself grow over time
  • finding new music
  • late night drives with the person you love
  • warm cups of tea
  • the colors of a sunset
  • new movies releasing
  • seeing someone blow out birthday candles
  • hearing someone laugh
  • inside jokes 
  • making playlists 
  • giving people gifts
  • lazy days where you watch your favorite movies
  • baking cupcakes and frosting them
  • your dog waiting for you at the door
  • small cafes
  • aquarium touch pools
  • seeing someone’s face light up
I showed another friend smut for the first time, Gods help me I need new friends.
Here is what he said…

“Ooh kinky” *followed by wiggling his tounge*

“This boy has more succ than a Henry Hoover”

“Is it okay to be straight yet extremely aroused by this? I’m asking for a friend.”


“14 inch cock what……sure…”


suculent ass , same”

“How does it fit though? I am serious, I take biology and theres no way it can get all the way in his ass. Logically speaking here.”

“Poor guy, he will never be able to sit again”


“Why am I reading this again? Why am I your friend?”

“Thats it I am disowning you as a friend”

Shady/Illegal Tips P.2

Dayummm I had no ides the first one would be so popular!

* Hairspray can beat a counterfeit marker on fake bills

* Buy a movie ticket, but plan out the theater’s schedule so you can see multiple movies throughout the day, back-to-back.

* For extra carry-ons at no charge, go the airport gift shop and ask for a gift bag, and stuff your stuff into it. Because it looks like you purchased it at the airport, the flight will let you bring it on free, even if it’s over your carry-on limit.

* The most popular brand of washing machine is a ‘Speed Queen’ if your apartment complex uses Speed Queen you are in luck. Go on eBay and buy a Speed Queen 800 key. Its a hex key, looks like a circle with a little knob on one part. The keys go for about 15 bucks on eBay. When you have the keys starting the machine for free is easy! 

* If there is something electronic at work you’d like to have and you have time to do it…. open it up, disable it (clip a power wire or unplug a wire on the circuit board), then close it up. When someone tries to operate it it wont work. They will think it is worn out or malfunctioned or broken and throw it away. Go into the garbage later to retrieve it. Open it up, undo your previous disabling and now you have it. Working and everything

* For the desperately broke/homeless youth. I used to do this when i was a skate rat. All you needed was a hammer, a quarter, and an older vending machine. Hammer the quarter flatter and flatter till its the size of a silver dollar ($1 coin whatever). Old vending machines obviously don’t have the greatest technology in them and can only read the now flatted coin’s size as a silver dollar. Then hit the coin return. Your quarter just became 4 quarters.

* If you live in a house in an area that still has basic cable, you can give yourself free cable by going outside and opening the gray plastic cable box on the outside of your house, inside you’ll see cable wire spliced together with what looks like a large, stainless steel AA battery. Just unscrew that and screw the two ends of cable into each other. That AA battery thing is called a “filter.” Without it on, you now have cable. Its seriously that easy.

* Any time I need to park at a concert , which often around here they charge $20-30 for parking, I roll the window down and say “hello, I’m a journalist working the show tonight for [make up publication or webzine] and was told by venue management to ask for staff parking”. If there’s a staff parking lot, you get staff parking. If there isn’t, they’re confused and just let you park in the regular lot for free.

* If you want to slack off at work, slack off but act annoyed/frustrated around your boss which will give the impression you’re working hard

* My dad (a graphic artist) made a perfect mock-up of the parking sticker for the train station and parked there for free for a good twenty years.


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Oh no langst!!! Can you give it a happy ending? That was so sad!💙❤

don’t worry smooth!! here’s the second part lmao! (i hope this is satisfactory bc i wanted to klance this up a bit)

read part 1 first!

idk man like how tf could i NOT make this klance-y??? don’t be fooled, my friends: any “happy ending” that doesn’t include canon klance isn’t actually a happy ending 

read part 1 here!


i was rewatching battle tendency and got to that scene where joseph yelled goodbye to suzie before they left for switzerland and i started wondering what kind of conversation joseph had with caesar to get him to turn the car around (i mean they had already started to drive off) and this is my theory