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All’s Well that Ends Well [Batfam/Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: So I had an anon send me a message about writing a Part 2 to An Off Day. It got me thinking and I came up with an idea for a part 2. Hope you all like it!

(thank you @memento-scribet for reading it over for me! Love ya <3)

Warning: Not quite NSFW but making out and suggestive.


After gaining your promotion and Jason showing up when Red Hood said he would. You put two and two together pretty quickly, but he trusted you with the information. However, he didn’t tell you who the other bats were and you respected that.

You were keeping the relationship on the down low. Not wanting people to think you got the promotion because you had a relationship with Bruce’s son. Not even his family knew.

He had talked to you about his family, how a while ago they weren’t all on the best terms. He trusted you more than anyone, and you were happy he did.

You found it kind of romantic. The sneaking around and trust between you both, it was like a non-fatal Romeo and Juliet. But you guys have had a few more romantic getaways, if you know what I mean.. Wink Wink.

He was fond of the spontaneous ones. And unknowingly had one in the works right now.

Jason has your schedule pretty well memorized over the past month you’d been together. Meaning he knows when your lunch is. Though some days it will change because you have a meeting or something. You had become a very important asset to Wayne Enterprises. Not mention the employees under you respected you and were your friends.

It was a good change for the office.

“Hey Trish” Jason greeted your assistant as he approached your office.

“Hello Mr. Todd, Miss [L/n]’s on a call right now” She informed him. But that never stopped him before. “I’ll be quiet” he smiled before opening the door quietly and slipping inside.

You back was turned to him as you yelled over the phone. “I need those shipments in by tomorrow when you promised when they would be in!”

Jason leaned against the door frame, observing you. Completely oblivious to his presence. He patiently waited for you to hang up the call, he never really saw angry like this. You’re always pretty happy-go-lucky or over dramatic. Of course he had seen you mad but not furious like this.

He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t a turn on.

“Well if you’d like to keep your job I’d have that shipment in at it’s promised time.” scolding before slamming the phone to the receiver. A frustrated huff escaping your lips

Today had been very stressful. Shipments were delayed, you needed a sales gross report finished and on Bruce’s desk by the end of the day. Not to mention your heels were killing your feet and the skirt you chose to wear this morning was more than uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until a pair of arms slithered around your waist that you felt any sort of relief. “Someone’s tense” Jason’s deep voice vibrated in your ear.

“Well hey there handsome” turning in his arms to face him. Looking in his eyes you could see the lust, and the heat radiating off of his being. “What’s got you so heated?” teasingly cocking an eyebrow.

“Nothing, just you’re sexy when you’re angry.” a smirk played on his lips. You had learned the difference in his smirks. And this one meant there wasn’t away. Not that you wanted too.

Slipping out of his arms, he whined before you smirked at him over your shoulder.

Opening your door you poked your head out. “Hey Trish, I’m going to take my lunch break how about you do the same. I know your birthdays coming up too so my treat.” Pointing to her company card. She smiled, thanking you before leaving her desk.

Closing the door again you turned to Jason, “Well now where were we?” swaying your hips as you walked up to him. Smirking he immediately pulled you flush against him by your hips. He connected his lips to yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Not remembering if you had locked the door but not caring enough to cut this short.

Both smiling into the kiss. You had your back to the desk, gasping when he lifted you up onto it. Taking the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. One of your hands slipped into his hair.

You weren’t going to let it get past making out but it was safe to say this was relieving your stress. It got pretty heated as he began to pamper your neck, not leaving his usual marks. Knowing you’d have to go back to working after this.

Though it didn’t take long for you to pull him back to your lips. Him winning the battle once again. You hummed contently, sending a shiver down his spine. You were both going to have to finish this later. Though Jason didn’t realize how much you’d have to make up.

Because you hadn’t remembered to lock the door after all. Which lead to your little excursion to be cut short.

“Oh my god!” a voice you didn’t recognize, but Jason did.

You both pulled away wide eyed. “Shit” he muttered, before turning to see his three brothers. You knew Tim or Dick would be coming by later that day to pick up somethings for Bruce. But they were early… very early.

“Uhhh” You both said, retracting from each other.

“When did?” Dick trailed off gesturing between the both of you. As you got back to your feet.

“A month ago” Jason answered as a blush was preeminent on your cheeks.

TT, Her rough day ended pretty well” Damian commented, making you laugh nervously. “Haha, y-yeah. We just kind of hit it off”

“Why didn’t you tell us Jay?” Dick looked at his brother. “I didn’t want him to tell anyone” you spoke up. “I didn’t want people to think that I got this promotion just because I’m with Jason” taking his hand while explaining.

“We’re going to have to tell Bruce” Tim spoke up, crossing his arms. “Let us do it” Jason assured, squeezing your hand. What would Bruce think? Will he take away the promotion?

“Um I have to deliver a report to him, how about we do it when I have to take it to him?” You offered as Jason nodded in agreement.

When the day began to draw to an end it came time to talk to Bruce. Jason hung out in your office as you freaked out, babbling your fears to him. He did his best to keep you calm, but to be honest he couldn’t really guarantee anything.

The walk to his office was filled with him feeling your nervousness and trying to reassure you.

Quietly knocking on his door before hearing him say to ‘come in’.

He was surprised to see Jason joining you. “How can I help the both of you?”

“I have this sales report for you.” handing him the manila envelope, “but we have something else we need to talk to you about.”

“Yes?” he looked between the both of you. “Bruce [F/n] and I have been seeing each other for about a month now.” Jason stated rather bluntly.

“Is this true?” he directed the question at you. “Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before all of this but I just felt I had to prove myself to everyone before telling everyone of our relationship” answering, trying to sound confident.

He looked between the both of you once more. “No need for apologies. I can’t tell my employees who they can and can’t have a relationship. And I can tell you’ve been having a good affect on him” allowing a smile to grace his lips.

“He’s smiling, how’d you do that?” Jason chuckled looking at you. “I don’t know” whispering back.

“The work days over, you both head on out. I’ll see you later tonight Jason” Bruce said before you made your leave.

“That went better than expected” you stated as the both of you exited the office building. “All’s well that ends well I guess”

“Yeah, I guess. So, your place or mine?” giving you the same smirk from earlier.

Leading you only to think

‘Oh boy’

Going Away for Awhile (Lin x Reader) Part 1 of 2

Pairings: Lin x Reader

Prompt: Lin leaves to London for a while and the reader gets angry until he tells her that he got tickets with him and put lots of fluff after that maybe. ~ @myfriendruineddeathnoteforme

Warnings: Language and angst, although not really in this part.

Word Count: 1,922 Words… This is the longest fic I’ve ever written and I’m not even done with it yet.

AN: So I was a little worried that this would be lost in the crowd of write-a-thon fics, but I decided to post it anyway.

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Your relationship with Lin over the past few months was strained. The lack of time you two had spent together had been drastically decreased between Hamilton rehearsals and performances and the many interviews and photo shoots that came with being the biggest thing on Broadway.

The last time you had spent more than two hours with your boyfriend while he was awake had been a little over a week ago when he had persuaded Javi to take his place as Hamilton in that evening’s performance so he could take you out on a well-needed date.

He had taken you on a walk through Central Park after which he had taken you out to eat at the new Italian restaurant near your apartment. He seemed to want to give you what you had missed out on for the last couple of months due to his hectic life.

He had been jittery, almost nervous all evening and your first thought was that he was going to break up with you. Why wouldn’t he?

“I think it’s time for me to think of doing other things. I mean Hamilton is great, and it will always be one of my babies, but Javi deserves the chance to get to play Hamilton. And I’ve received so many offers for other projects that I think it’s time.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to say that,” You replied exhaling with relief. “I was expecting so much worse.”

“Oh sweetheart, no. Why would you think that?” He slid into the chair next to you, pulling yours as close to his as he could before he pulled you into his arms. “I love you, and I wouldn’t leave you for anything. If I go anywhere, you’re coming with me.”

Lin’s last night as Hamilton was bittersweet. It would be one of your last nights backstage at the Richard Rodgers unless Lin wrote another smash hit, and you could feel the emotions of the cast in the air.

Pippa smiled at you from across the hall in her dressing room where she was putting on her makeup. She waved you over, and you happily obliged, knowing that this would be the last time you’d see her dressed like Eliza. After all, it was her last night as well.

“How are you feeling?” You asked noticing the flowers and cards in front of the mirror.

“I’m okay, a little nervous, like always. But I’m also kind of sad, I’ve been Eliza for such a long time.”

“Pippa,” you whispered, blinking away tears. “I feel like our lives are changing right before our eyes. Today you’re Eliza and tomorrow you’re probably going to be the biggest thing on Broadway. Everyone will know your name.” She gave you a watery smile before pulling you into a hug.

“What are you girls doing in here?” Lin’s voice popped in through the open door. “Everyone else is in Javi’s getting a Cafecito. I’ve been looking for you two everywhere.”

“We’re literally in Pippa’s dressing room, though,” you said incredulously.

“I may or may not have just started looking for you, but that’s beside the point. You need to come and spend time with the rest of us. It’s the last Cafecito we’re ever going to have all together.” Lin grabbed your arm, pulling you out the door. You waved a quick goodbye to Pippa as you turned the before Lin attacked you with a kiss. “I’ve been waiting all night to do that,” he whispered against your lips.

“We really should go get Cafecito with the others.”

“Nope, now that I’ve got you here in my arms I’m not letting you go.” You could feel him smirking near your ear.

“No, we can’t do this now. You have a show to star in, and I have to be in the audience to watch you be the ‘sexier Hamilton’”

“Hey!” An angry voice yelled from the farthest dressing room while a multitude of voices laughed.

As you and Lin walked into Javi’s dressing room a smile on your face, you realized that no matter where you would be in a few years if Lin was by your side, you would be happy.
You fumbled with the keys in your hand as you tried to juggle the two bags of groceries on your hip because you were too lazy to make two trips. The sound of singing through the thick wooden door made you smile. But you stopped smiling when as you opened the door, the shifted weight of the bags in your arms caused the heavier bag to slip.

“Damn it!” You swore. The cans from the bag were rolling around on the floor haphazardly.

Suddenly Lin was on his knees on the floor beside you collecting the cans that were all over your living room. “You should have texted me you were coming up. I would have helped!”

You looked up sheepishly from the ground. The glimpse of Lin dancing through the apartment singing his favorite songs was something you wouldn’t interrupt to save your life even when you needed help with the groceries. “You were dancing and enjoying yourself way too much. I don’t think you would have heard your phone anyway.”

“I was dancing because something exciting happened today.” Leading you to the table, he instructed you to sit, before going to the piano and rifling through the stack of mail that had been there for at least two weeks.
“I know being an adult and going through your mail is exciting, but not everyone enjoys leaving their mail for weeks.”

Your sarcasm over mail couldn’t dull his enthusiasm, however.

“IwasaskedtobeinthenewestMaryPoppinsmoviewithEmilyBluntandMerylStreepandit’sareallylongshootbutit’sforMaryPoppins.YouknowhowmuchIloveMaryPoppins,” he mumbled, running his words together to get them all out at once. “Should I do it?”

“What? Oh my God, Lin!” You jumped up from the table, knocking the chair over with a clatter. Oops. You pulled him into an embrace and kept him there. “I can’t believe it, but of course you should do it. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Lin paled and seemed to hide his head in your shoulder. “Hey, what’s up” you whispered nudging him.

“It’s in London” he mumbled the word into your neck.

Oh, it was in London, as in across the ocean, as in not in the United States, as in a place Lin knew you couldn’t go to, because of your new job. “Oh wow, that’s amazing Lin. When do you start?” You tried so very hard not to let the smile on your face fall as you realized what was probably going to happen between you and Lin over the next couple of months if he took the job.

“I haven’t even decided to take it yet; I don’t want to move to London without you.” Lin looked so conflicted. “I love you and with your new job. I just don’t want to lose you.”

“Lin, you have to take it! I can’t be the one holding you back even if that means I’ll lose you.”

“Maybe I don’t want to lose you, had you thought about that. All I know is that you’re the love of my life, and if that means we only get to see each other in person every few months, I know we can do it because we’re supposed to be together.” Lin’s face crumbled, and he dissolved into tears. “I know this is awful timing because of your new job, but whenever I get off, I’ll fly all the way back here to you.”

“I love you,” You whispered. “So very much.” You kissed the tears off his cheeks and knew that you’d be okay. Lin wasn’t going to leave, not if he had any say in it anyway.

On the day that Lin was set to go to London, you awoke to the heavy weight of Lin’s arm on your abdomen and his head resting on your shoulder. He was still asleep. You couldn’t get up without waking him up and realizing that, you laid there for what felt like hours contemplating your life and relationship with Lin.

When Lin finally stirred awake and saw you watching him sleep, he smirked and murmured, “You aren’t going to be able to keep doing that you know. Sooner or later I’m going to have to get out of bed.”

“No,” you mumbled, snuggling into his side, “If we get up you’re going to have to leave, and I don’t want you to go.”

“Come on lazy. It’s time to start the day.” He pulled you up out of bed and dragged you to the kitchen. “What about pancakes for breakfast?”

“Pancakes and then I think your flight leaves pretty early so we should probably get you to the airport.” You and Lin whirled around the kitchen in the familiar dance that was making breakfast together.

Lin smiled at you as he stirred the bowl of pancake batter a dollop on his nose. “What are you going to do without me?” you whispered, wiping it away with the dish towel hanging on the oven door. “I swear you’re going to go around with pancake batter all over your face in London because you didn’t have someone there to wipe it off for you.”

His sad smile almost brought you to tears, and you realized that this could be the last time you saw Lin in person in nearly a year unless he came home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. “I love you.”

Pushing your feelings to the side, you watched as Lin finished his pancakes and went to the bedroom grabbing his bags and moving them to the entryway. He came over to you sitting at the kitchen table and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Are you ready to go?”

“I don’t want to go. I’ll miss you.”

“We’ll still talk all the time, sweetheart. It’s not like we’re saying goodbye for forever. I’m just going away for a while.”

The drive to the airport was silent, the two of you contemplating life and what was going to happen within the next few months. Little did you know, Lin was trying to figure out how he was going to be able to sleep without you by his side, how was he going to avoid burning dinner without you.

“God I love you,” He stated on the walk to security at JFK, his hands shaking as he held onto his carry-on.  

“Lin,” you grabbed his arm pulling him into an embrace, trying to keep your feeling in check, but it wasn’t working. You could feel a wetness on your shirt and realized Lin was crying, which of course made you cry. 

“I’m going to miss you so very much,” he whispered into your ear as he broke the embrace, “I promise I’m going to call you as often as I can. You’re going to be sick of me.” he called as he walked through security. Away from you. Away from everything.

Killer: Part 2 (Dean Drabble)

Part 1

A/N: I had so many likes and reblogs on the first part! I also had a lot of feedback of people wanting more! So here’s a second part! Enjoy! :) 

P.S: I wrote this whole thing once and my tumblr crashed on me and I lost it all! Hopefully this is just as good as the first time I wrote this…sigh.

You didn’t hear from Dean the rest of that day. In fact you hadn’t heard anything from Dean for a few days now. Silence. Today was the day you were putting your sister to rest. Everyone had been told that she was killed in an accident, but you knew the truth. You contemplated on going to the police after you found out that Dean killed her but you were too afraid. You were afraid that either the police wouldn’t believe you or that Dean would find out and find you and kill you.

You returned home from your sister’s funeral and you decided you were going to get rid of that walkie. You went to your bedroom where you had put the walkie after coming home with it from your run the other day. You picked it up and walked out of the apartment to the dumpster behind the building. As you were throwing it away you were startled.

“Hello Y/N.” Dean said from the walkie. It wasn’t possible. You just decided to ignore him. “Don’t throw the walkie away.” You never pushed that walkie button so fast.

“What do you want?!” You shouted in the walkie.

“I want to play a game.” Dean chuckled. “I want you to find me.”

“I don’t want to!” You shouted back angrily.

“Then I’ll come find you.” Dean stated. “Nice shoes by the way. Are they baby blue?” You looked down at your baby blue shoes and freaked out and threw the walkie on the ground before running towards the abandoned building next to your apartment. You ran down the hallway of the building trying to find somewhere to hide. You finally came to a small closet in a room all the way down the hallway and stayed as quiet as you could. You heard the door to the building open and slam shut. You let out a tiny squeal and covered your mouth with your hands.

“Y/N?!” Dean shouted. “Let’s finish this game!” You heard him dragging something heavy along the floor. You had tears streaming down your face hoping that he didn’t find you.

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The Distance Between Us Part 2

(A.N. HEY GUYSSSS!!! Here is part 2 of The Distance Between Us! A warning before you start reading this might trigger you if you ever had body self-image problems. Remember your beautiful! Anyways, Enjoy ._.)

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“It is but just know when you look up at the sky thinking of me I’m also looking at the same sky thinking of you, my love.”
With that, he grabbed his trunk and owl and got in line to board the train.
My eyes followed his every move to him walking in the train corridors through the windows until he took his seat with his fellow Slytherins.
As the train started to move against the tracks he waved his final Goodbye.
Watching the train until it’s out of my sight I think, “What am I going to do now.”


Pulling my house scarf tighter around my neck, I start to walk back towards the castle.

Once I entered the castle I go to the Great Hall to the Christmas feast provided to the students who are staying for the holidays.

Taking a seat at a random table I start to put food on my plate.

“Hey, Fatass I don’t think you need any more food you look like a cow.”

Turning my head at who made that insult I see a smirking Crabbe walking into the Great Hall.

Anger running through my veins I reply.

“Piss off, Crabbe.”

Seeing his smirk turn into a frown he says, “Thought I would help my best mate from dating a literal cow. So be a lamb and stop eating like one.”

Looking down at my stomach I see that my stomach has gotten a little bit bigger but it wasn’t drastic.

Tears threatening to fall from my eyes I quickly gather my things and head to my common room leaving the food on my plate untouched.

Entering my common room I let a few tears roll down my cheek. Pushing my way up to my dormitory I bump into a fellow house mate quickly I apologize and slip my way into my room closing the door.

Taking all of my outside apparel off I go to the bathroom to take my makeup off.

Standing in front of the mirror I slowly take my makeup off.

Have my cheeks become bigger?

Taking a step back from the mirror I push the button of my shirt up so that my stomach shows.

Turning to the left a bit so that my right side faces the mirror I start poking at my stomach.

I didn’t even notice I have gotten fat. Crabbe is right Draco is dating a cow.

Taking in my whole appearance I conclude that: My collarbones aren’t as prominent and my thighs are thicker.

Shaking my head I slip out of my clothes and put on pajamas and I slip into my bed and fall asleep.

“Jesus fucking Christ why is it so bright in here?!”

I turn my head towards the open window that has the pretty morning sun coming into it.

Knock Knock!

Groaning I put my pillow over my head.

“Hey Y/N. Can I come in?”

Pushing all of the blankets off my bed I sluggishly make my way to the door.

Opening it my good friend F/N (Friend Name) appears.

“Good morning, Y/N! I’m going down for breakfast want to join?”

Thinking of the events of yesterday I shake my head, “You’re so kind but I’m not hungry. Thanks for the offer.”

“Oh, it’s okay! Go back to bed and enjoy some more sleep you deserve it!” Turning on her heels she walks down the corridor.

Closing my door I suddenly remember something. Opening the door back up I stick half of my body out of the door. “Hey, F/N if there is any mail for me can you bring it to me?”

Stoping in her tracks she responds, “Oh, Of course!”

With that, I close my door and get back into bed.

That day F/N said there was no mail for me.

Same thing for the next day and the day after that and the day after that.

Sitting down at the lake as the sun starts to go down for the night I look up at the sky and think, “Are you thinking of me too?”

                                                 END OF PART 2

“All that it takes is a little reinvention!”

I feel like if The Glass Scientists was a musical, it would be this 

Secret No More

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Request: “u should do a part 2 for not so secret admirer, where reader finds out it’s barry!”

Word count: 1.405

A/N: This is Not-So-Secret Admirer’s second part. I wasn’t happy how it turned out, but hope that you appreciate it. Please message me you thoughts, what I should improve and what did you like in this imagine. Thank you so much.

- G. x

Links: Part 1

Warnings: (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour, (Y/L/T) is Your Lip Type, (Y/H/L) is Your Hair Length and (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

Few days have passed since the night you have started to believe in the infamous scarlet speedster. It was strange, but you suddenly became obsessed with him. You started reading news articles about him and you secretly waited for him to show at night. For your disappointment, he never showed up since that crazy night. You thought that maybe it was because Iris was always with you whenever you had a night shift at work or maybe he was just too busy to save people’s lives.

While you were busy on discovering things about the Flash, you noticed that Barry was more present in the past few days. You are happy to have him by your side, you still like him, but you just can’t help but annoy him with these Flash stuffs. You found it adorable that he seemed jealous though, no one ever showed their jealousness around you and you were fluttered.

As you searched things about your secret admirer, you found out that he was a metahuman, scilicet a human who have or acquired powers and abilities beyond the normal limits of humanity. You found the topic interesting and you were so curious to know something more about it, so you decided to visit two of your dear friends at work in the S.T.A.R Labs: Caitlin and Cisco.

Caitlin and Cisco are two of your closest friends and you knew that they were expert in some sort of stuffs like this. You remembered some stories that they once have told you about some metahumans like Firestorm, who had nuclear physiology and nucleokinesis abilities, Blackout, who could harness electricity, Tony, who could turn himself into girded steel at will, and many other more.

“Hey Cait and Cisco!” You cheerfully greeted as you entered the Cortex of the lab.

“Hey (Y/N)!” They both greeted you and smiled. You came near them and left them some friendly kisses on their cheeks.

“We were waiting for you!” Caitlin nicely said. “C’mon, have a sit beside me.” She gently tapped the chair beside her and smiled widely.

You accepted her offer and you sat on the chair beside her. You peeked on the computer screen and she was looking through some metahuman files.

“So, when did you start on believing these metahumans?” Cisco curiously asked as he was munching his favourite gummy candy.

“Just few nights ago,” You answered in a nonchalant way. “when The Flash showed up to talk to me.” You shrugged it off, but you surely noticed how Cisco and Caitlin looked at each other. Their eyes widen and they stared at each other as if they were saying something to each other. They are surely keeping a secret from you and that bothered you a lot.

“Oh.” They slowly answered, obviously not knowing what to answer you. You remembered the night when you saw your new obsession and he answered you in a same way your friends have just answered you. You started to smell something fishy and you somehow thought that these three are partners in crimes.

“What did he tell you?” Caitlin then asked you, she surely noticed that annoyed expression in your face.

“Nothing much,” You honestly answered. “he just told me that he was my secret admirer.”

“Did you find out who he was?” Cisco asked, trying to mask his knowledge on the topic. They never told you that they work with the Flash, but you just knew that they are the ones who keep him safe and warm.

“Why don’t you tell me who he is?” You suggested them and they shot you a sharp glare. “What?”

They were about to answer you when you felt a howling gale against your skin and you knew that feeling perfectly. You knew perfectly who it was.

When everything sank into you, you focalized your (Y/E/C) eyes and you saw Barry in the Flash’s scarlet suit sitting on a computer chair while carrying a box full of sushi on his left hand and handling a pair of chopsticks on the other. Yes, your best friend, Barry Allen. It was incredible!

“Hey!” Caitlin opened her eyes wide and she looked at Barry, who was enjoying his food.

“Sushi?” Barry was happy to offer you his food until he recognized you. “Fuck.” He put the sushi box on the table and stood up from his seat.

“Secret identity?” Caitlin and Cisco suggested, but it was too late. You already knew their secret, you already found out that your best friend was the man in the scarlet suit.

“Bartholomew Henry Allen,” You seriously called him in his full name. “we need to talk.”

“You knew each other?” Caitlin and Cisco were both shocked because of it.

“She’s my best friend.” Barry bit his lip as he explained to his friends the truth.

“Damn, what are these revelations in just a day?” Caitlin complaint as she let her face fall on both of her palms.

“Bar, I recommend you to go with (Y/N).” Cisco was trying to laugh as he looked at your confused but angry at the same time face.

“Oh, c’mon!” Barry rolled his eyes and you looked at him annoyed. “Fine, fine! I was kidding.” He defended himself as he saw your reaction.

Your friends quickly left you and Barry at the Cortex and silence and tension were built up between the two of you.

“Bartholomew, I need an explanation.” You said as you crossed your arms tightly. He knew that when you call him using his real name he is already in serious troubles.

“Fine!” He unleashed a soft sigh. “If I’m not wrong, you knew that I was in coma for nine months because I bumped my head at work.”

“Uhm, yup?” You weren’t sure on what to answer him.

“Okay,” He nodded. “I wasn’t in coma because I bumped my head at work, I’m not that stupid and clumsy.”

“Oh, things like that can happen to you surely!” You both chuckled but then stopped when you realized how important this topic was. “So?”

“The real reason of why I was in coma was that something went horribly wrong during the launching of the particle accelerator of Harrison Wells and its devastating explosion caused a freak storm, that has taken many people’s lives and I was struck by a lightning.” He slowly explained but you were still confused. You asked yourself how did it happen; how could an accident make him the impossible?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You had many questions running in your mind, but this question particularly bothered you more than the others did.

“Because I wanted to protect you, (Y/N)!” He explained.

“I can protect myself, Barry.” You nodded.

“I know that you’re an independent woman,” He started. “but sometimes these metahumans are dangerous and they can hurt you. You know that I can’t stand to see you being hurt. You are too important for me and I can’t lose you just as simple as that.”

“Bar,” You sweetly called his attention. “you know that I was offended that you didn’t tell me everything, but I can’t be angry with you, you’re lucky.” You both laughed together.

“Sorry.” He flashed you an apologetic smile. “I just really wanted you to be safe, because, as you already know, I really like you and I wouldn’t ever forgive myself if something bad ever happen to you.”

“Aw, Barry.” You caressed his cheek. “I really like you too, it doesn’t matter if you’re Barry Allen or The Flash right now, I like you in both situations.”

He flashed you a fluttered smile and he slowly leant in to press his lips on your red (Y/L/T) lips, filling in the space between the two of you. The kiss was slow and delightful, your lips perfectly fit into his as you moved together, being synchronized. He then played with your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair as you caressed his cheek, deepening the kiss even more.

You were sharing a long and passionate kiss, but it was broken by the both of you when you needed some air and your jaws started to ache. You then looked at each other and burst into laughter.

“Bar, secrets no more. Okay?” You warned him.

“We’ll see.” You playfully punched him on his chest and he pulled you into his arms to hug you tight. “Just kidding.” He giggled and left you a kiss on your forehead.