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Of Conflicted Hearts (Part Two FINALLY) Shigezane/MC/Kojuro

((Authors Note: I am so sorry it took me so long to come out with part 2 I was panning on finishing it a month ago but a lot came up in that time including a few trips to the doctor’s office and visiting relatives.Thank you for being patient everyone! If you have not read part 1 here is a link ))

I was walking back to Kojuro’s study at the castle having delivered some messages to some of the retainers. Upon reaching the door I could hear Kojuro ask himself in a frustrated and impatient tone, “Where is it?” Entering the room, I watched as he tore apart his desk. Papers went noisily flying off the cluttered surface, gliding through the air gracelessly to the floor. My eyes widened in surprise at the sight.

               “What are you looking for?” I asked him in the hopes that I could help him find what he was looking for before he turned the room upside down.

               “Ah, Akiko, hello, I didn’t hear you come in,” He paused his search and greeted me. The corners of his lips turned up in a smile and his emerald eyes, full of affection, acknowledged my own. “I’m looking for my stamp to seal and send these letters off,” he said, quickly returning to his search.

               I giggled quietly as I stepped over to the desk. “Allow me milord,” I said, swiftly putting my hands on top of his to keep him from making an even bigger mess than he already had. He looked relieved  that I was taking over the search and got out of his chair and stepped to the side. I quickly organized everything into neat piles and found his stamp under some old documents that needed to be thrown out. “Here you are,” I told him as I outstretched my hand to give it to him.

               “Thank you Akiko. I swear, it is impossible to find anything in this place,” he remarked taking the stamp from my hand and placing it next to the letters he needed to seal.

               “Perhaps if you didn’t let it get so disorganized in here, it wouldn’t be so hard to find things,” I quipped.

He laughed, “Perhaps so. But lucky for me I have my precious girl here to help.” Lightly stroking my cheek with his large hand he planted a gentle kisses that traveled from my forehead to my lips. My hands were drawn to the back of his neck as I returned his kiss with my own. His other hand dropped down to the small of my back and he pulled me closer. Things were starting to get a little heated when we heard a knocking on the door.

“Kojuro? I’m coming in,” I recognized the familiar voice of Lord Masamune. Hurriedly we separate and I practically jump to the wall opposite of Kojuro. I am barely finished smoothing out my Kimono when Masamune entered the room.

“Hello Lord Masamune, I am nearly finished with those letters you asked for me to send out.” Lord Kojuro told him.

It only took Masamune a moment to notice that I was in the room as well, “Ah, Akiko, hello,” he looked back and forth at Kojuro and myself, “I hope I wasn’t interrupting something.”

Kojuro shook his head, “Of course not Milord. Is there something you needed?”

“Yes I am glad I caught you before sending those letters. I need to talk to you about this message I just received. Alone if that is alright,” Masamune said looking to me apologetically.

I was about to excuse myself when Kojuro beat me to it, “Akiko, perhaps you would like to go and take a break? I have had you running errands back and forth all day and I am sure you could use one.”

I bow and smile at them both, “Thank you, I’ll be on my way.” I left in a hurry, making sure to shut the door behind me.

I was on my way to the kitchens to help the maids in preparing supper when I heard a couple of retainers gossiping in the hallway. I hid myself around the corner, out of the men’s sight where I could just make out what they were saying, “That’s right, I heard that we are going to war again. Apparently our allies are requesting aid in their fight with—“

               I never got to hear the rest of the retainer’s conversation before a voice whispers right by my ear, “And what would we be doing hmm?” I jump, surprised at how close the voice was.  I placed my hand over my racing heart and take a breath trying to calm myself. That is when I realized who the voice belonged to.

               “Lord Shigezane!” I exclaimed turning around in an instant.

               “The one and only!” He said with a cheeky grin. He was standing barely a foot away from me, his closeness causing me to blush slightly. The embarrassment soon faded and confusion and curiosity took hold.

Shigezane was rarely in this part of the castle so I asked him, “What are you up to?”

He crossed his arms and raised a single eyebrow, “I believe I asked you first, Doll.”

“Lord Kojuro and Lord Masamune needed to speak privately so Kojuro let me take a break so I was just going to the kitchen’s to see if the maids needed any help with dinner, “ I answer his question, leaving out the part of my eavesdropping though it was likely very obvious.

“Only you would go find more work to do when you were told to take a break,” he chuckled.

“I am taking a break from work, I happen to enjoy cooking you know!” I laughed a little myself. “Either way, I told you what I was doing, your turn,” I said, trying to change the subject away from me.

“Actually I figured I’d find you in the kitchen so I was headed that way to come look for you,” he said with a friendly smile.

“Oh was there something you needed then?”

He nodded and his usually carefree face turned serious, “Yes actually, I need to tell you something, but not here. If you have time I would appreciate it if you would meet me out in the garden tonight after dinner is done. It’s something really important but I can’t have anyone else hear what I want to talk to you about.”

If he can’t tell me now, it really must be important to him so I readily agree with a reassuring smile, “Of course, after everything is cleaned up I will meet you there.”

His usual bright smile returned to his face, “Great, thanks Akiko! “ After that he took his leave and I headed to the kitchen.

To Be Continued…

( I promise part 3 will be up faster than part 2!!) @dreamsinparadise @wizardesslover tagging you who asked to be tagged when part 2 came out :)

A Dream Is A Wish (Part 2)

 Summary: A story based off of the Cinderella movie. If you don’t know what Cinderella is…then you’re an alien and you should know that I write in peace. DON’T HURT ME PLS

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, OC x Reader; OCs: Mariah, Anabeth, Lady Ophelia, Alastair Pierce

Word Count: 4,569

Warnings: Flowers, angst, maybe a mean word?

Author’s Note: Aaaand cue the drama. This is my series for the 3k Stark Tower Movie Challenge hosted by @stories-from-stark-tower! Ya’ll were so supportive of the first part, and I hope the second part can live up to it. Feedback is appreciated! 

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The entire atmosphere of the carriage ride was very taut. You couldn’t help but plague yourself with questions. How do you act around royals? What if the prince isn’t interested in you? Was he really that great? The media did a great job of making Prince Pierce look like one of the best people to have walked the face of the Earth. The kingdom knew him as kind, generous, handsome Prince Pierce, and nothing more. You could only hope it was all true.

It didn’t take long after the carriage stopped for you to realize that you were at the castle. Armed soldiers dressed in their army greens lined the staircases, and your shoes ceased to clink due to the golden carpet rolled out over the steps. A man that went by the name Sergei led you up the steps, giving you a long list directions to memorize that would eventually get you to the ballroom. After the first two turns, however, you found yourself forgetting which way to go.

“Left? No right. No, wait…” you spoke to yourself. After brief consideration, you decided you had a fifty percent chance of getting it right, so you you played a small game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo amongst the two directions.

“Okay…now it’s a right? No, that’s too many rights in a row. That hallway is fancier, maybe it’s that way.” It wasn’t for many more turns and staircases and looking in some of the rooms and eating some things that may or may not have been for you to eat, you found yourself completely lost and in what seemed like the soldier’s quarters.

“Motherfuck,” you mumbled under your breath in frustration.

“Now that’s no way for a princess to speak, is it?” a smooth voice teased from behind you. When you turned around, your eyes met those of a soldier, with kind eyes and dark hair and oh. He was absolutely breathtaking. Everything someone could want in a man, he was. His eyes were gentle, wrinkles by his eyes prominent when he smiled. He was one of the most beautiful things you’d ever seen.

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Request: Your parrot vs the covens

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You were away in a trip which worked nicely since the house was flooded with vampires. Unfortunately you didn’t take your parrot though and wow did they wish you did.
It didn’t stop talking. It mimicked your voice asking random questions and whistled little tunes.

“Will they miss it if we kill it?” Senna asked.
“We’re not killing the bird.” Rosalie said firmly.
“I think we should before some of us lose our sanity.” Alistair groaned.
“It doesn’t matter what you think. No one is killing the bird.” Rosalie said sternly quickly losing the patience she had been grasping on to.

“That thing seriously doesn’t like me…” Emmett said peering at the bird beside him. The bird flapped it’s wings hysterically. “See!? It’s shaking is wings at me!” “It will kill me before I kill it at this rate!” Stefan said loudly, his hands up at his head. “I don’t kiss and tell!” The bird chirped in your voice.
“How many times must they say that a day for it to copy it?” Edward smiled.
The bird whistled the tune of your ringtone.

This was it.
Carlisle had brought them there to die together by slowly chipping away at their sanity.
The Volturi would arrive to nothing if you didn’t hurry up and get your damn bird!


Song: 못생긴 척 (PLAY UGLY)

Artist: AKMU

Release date: 170218

Album: 사춘기 하 (思春記 下) (Puberty Part 2)

Record label: YG Entertainment


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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