Little Holmes Part 2 - Moriarty x reader

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AN: Highly requested by many of you lovelies. I will probably be writing one more part after this one. It’s a little messy but I hope you still enjoy it!

Previous chapters: Part 1

Overall Summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister. 

In this chapter: Sherlock confronts you on Moriarty which erupts a flood of memories to how it got to this moment.

Word count: 1,724

Warnings: None really, some hints of smut

“Honestly (Y/n), out of every single person on this entire planet you had to go for him! The man who tried to blow me and your brother up! The one who want us both dead!” John threw his arms up in the air as he paced in front of you. You stared blankly at the wall behind him, you knew something like this would happen if they ever found out about your love life. 

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I thought 2 (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: What exactly happened last night? Nobody knows. What is happening right now? Nobody knows either.

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: none.. i think.. unless you get triggered by pancakes or something..

a/n: woahhhhh.. I didn’t think I was going to make a part two, because a. I was scared it wouldn’t live up or b. I felt like I should leave the rest to you guys, buttttt @maiamiii convinced me otherwise and is really just a great friend so yeahhhhhhhhhh.. and there will be a part three.. because memories do not end there…-wink wink- heh.

A ray of sunshine phased through the window. Rays of sunshine are usually a symbol for hope for many people in miserable states. Imagine a dark and sinister room, filled with your deepest fears and insecurities. Now, imagine a ray of sunshine appear; wouldn’t that light give you even the tiniest sense of hope? This was the situation you were in at the moment. Seeing the morning for the first time in years with someone you loved was an ineffable feeling. You were oblivious to the rushing possibilities of negativity. You simply did not care at the moment. It gave you the sense of hope you needed for quite a long time and you were not going to waste this small spark.

You rubbed your eyes producing phosphenes, before sitting up, fully awake. There was still some lasting colours and light from rubbing your eyes, but you were able to focus shortly. You glanced around to see Jason Todd in slumber. He was sitting on a rather comfortable chair beside the bookshelf. You didn’t mind this; You felt happy that he decided not to leave you even as a gigantic mess. You gently shifted to the side of the bed making sure not to make noise to wake the snoozing Todd. You stood up walking over your closet, picking out a sweater, sweatpants and underwear.

You quickly scurried to the bathroom and locked it. You striped off and turned on the shower. You took a quick shower that lasted about fifteen minutes and it relaxed your tenseness which was a problem that seemed to linger ever since the night before. It let you calm down. After such shower, you had dried up and worn some clothes. You carefully stepped out the bathroom as the way you quietly came in. A small rumble resonated within your stomach indicating your hunger. You looked again at the happily dozing Jason, before deciding to make some pancakes for both of you.


Jason’s eyes slowly fluttered open quite surprised to not see you. He quickly stood up and looked around the room examining it for any traces of where you could be. The door suddenly flung open startling Jay from his investigation. You held out a tray of pancakes and iced tea.

“I’m sorry. Did I startle you?” You spoke gently.

He just stared at you in response with a slight shock of how calm you were.

“(y/n), I’m sorry. I sh-”

“It’s in the past now; there’s nothing any of us can do about it. All I want to do is spend time with you.” You smiled with genuine joy. You continued to hold out the tray of pancakes waiting for him to take one. He paused for a moment gazing deeply as if he had seen a ghost. You were miserably depressed the night before, and now you were okay? You were going to kill yourself for fuck’s sake. Jason was lost in feeling wondering how you would forgive an act as vile as what he had allowed you to endure. If he were you, he would have never wanted to feel your presence again, but you weren’t like that.

“Jay?” You waved a hand before him. He blinked profusely and quickly nodded his head.

“I got lost in thought, sorry.”

“Enough, sorry’s. Shall we eat?” You proclaimed with your sweet smile.

Jason missed that. He missed so many things about you. He longed to see your innocent face,cheerful smile, positive attitude and the list could go on. Last night, he saw the exact opposite. He saw your beaten face, broken smile, and depressed state. Worst of all, he was the reason for all these nuisances and changes, but this morning you just went back? He expected waking up to a furious and angered spirit, but you were just yourself again.

“Sure.” He replied.

“Uhm. Would you still want to rest here and eat or are you awake enough to go to the dining room?” You asked faintly chuckling.

“I think I can take on the dining room.” He tried his best to lighten the mood.

You showed him to the rather normal dining room composed of a average-sized table and two chairs. Jay raised an eyebrow seeing there were only two chairs. He expected your apartment to be prepared for a large amount of guest seeing that you were very sociable and always invited friends for lunch or dinner. It was quite sad to truly see how much Jason’s demise affected you. You were best friends, and possibly even more in the near future if he had not died. You always wondered what could have been, then you remembered a small incident. It was a serene memory. It was like visualizing a small garden filled with blooming flowers. It must be a wonderful sight.

“Jason!” You screamed falling down. He quickly rushed over to you and kneeled beside you. There was an obvious emotion of fret presented onto his face. He held you close whilst bombarding you with questions and worried expressions.

“(y/n)! What’s wrong? Please don’t leave me! It will be right, I promise!”

You steadily shut your eyes. “I’m dying, Jay.” You mumbled incoherently. A tear sped down his cheek as he continued to assure your safety.

“Please (y/n), ple-”

“of cuteness.” You dramatically posed. He gave you a death glare as you just trolled him. You bit your upper lip holding in the eruptions of laughter. You glanced over the measly and cutesy bee. It buzzed past the both of you in the garden. As you were watching the bee’s direction of movement Jason just dropped you. You fell to the grass letting out a small “Ow.”

“You’re mean.” He said wiping away some of the remaining tears.

“You have to admit it was funny” You stood up brushing off all the dirt your clothes had collected from falling. He crossed his arms and gave you the most serious look he could give you, but you just continued to smile restricting the laughter from coming out. He final gave in and let out a small giggle.

“Okay, fine that was pretty good.” He continued as his laughter slowly grew. You joined and laughed along.

“Just don’t scare me again; you’re my best friend! I don’t think I could live without you..“

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Wooooo new HC blog! Can I have some gen. headcanons for Wamuu and his s/o?

Uh oh this is a request from a while back - sorry about that ^^ I’ve had this done for a while but never got the chance to post it but now I do so I hope you can still enjoy it!

- Ghost

·         Wamuu is incredibly loyal, so anyone who catches his interest is going to be incredibly lucky as he will do his best to cater to all of their needs (so long as these needs do not go against Kars

·         If his S/O is human then he will rely on them as his main source for learning about the change in mannerisms and cultures of humans since him and the other pillarmen have been asleep

·         The pillarmen may look down on humans but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be intrigued by them, in fact out of all of them Wamuu would probably be the most lenient towards humans – so long as they are good fighters then that’s all that matters to him

·         He’d enjoy it if his S/O was as interested in the history of the pillarmen and will gladly recount any ancient talks or stories if they so wished to hear them

·         That being said, Wamuu will tell them about all of the battles of he’s past that he’s overcome, seeing as fighting is his passion and a major part of his lifestyle he’s going to want them to look up to him as a symbol of a true warrior

·         Watching him train will be made a daily occurrence, as he will prefer it if they were on the side-lines to spectate so that he can show off his strength and tactics

·         On the other hand, if his S/O is an excellent fighter (not as good as him of course) then he will be quite impressed and will try to make regular sparring matches a thing in their relationship

·         Given the sheer height of the pillarmen his partner is almost definitely going to look like a child next to him and whilst Wamuu understands that one’s appearance should never underestimate what lies beneath the skin he’s still going to be cautious around them

·         He’s also going to try and help them from time to time, but his methods aren’t always appreciated – one time S/O was trying to reach for something but was clearly struggling, so he believed that it would be helpful to lift them up only for them to end up dragging off about half of the shelf with a squeal of surprise

·         Overall, Wamuu’s going to be quite protective over his partner, anyone who messes with them is going to receive the full force of his next Divine Sandstorm

Sweet Tea Part 2

OK, y’all. Here I go with Part 2 of the Sweet Tea series. If you have not done so already, please read the pre-series warning I have on my master list before you start this series. (My Heart in Ink on my page, below, and here

This series deals with domestic violence, attempted murder, murder and at one point, paints Gen in a negative light. No disrespect intended!

Warnings: None for this part other than swearing.

Pairings: Jared x Reader, Sara (OC), Stacia Scott (OC)

AN: I want the record to show that I am actually terrified to post this series… Not because of the negative feedback from the things I write but because this story is me literally ripping my heart and soul out and putting it on paper. I am a domestic violence survivor. Keep that in mind when you want to start to ripping me apart in future parts. You were warned.

Warning, Part 1


You were just picking your shoes out when your doorbell sounded through the house. Instead of running through the house to answer it, you walked over to the intercom that was right by your door.

“Jared?” you asked, your voice echoing through out your unnecessarily large house.

“Yea, it’s me.” He said and you smiled.

“Hey, the door is open. When you walk in turn to the right and follow that hallway ‘til you find an open door on the left.” He didn’t respond so you figured he was coming in so you walked back into your closet and went back to picking out shoes. A few moments later you heard him behind you.

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I drew more of my favorite charas (which are all of them) and a couple of items, I’m so proud of this and everyone I tag, I hope you like it!

The charas in here are… *inhale*
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*exhale* that’s a lot!

Sorry if some of these are a bit outdated, I was waiting for refs (but failed)

Link to the first: HERE!

And you know what they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”


lisa lisa is not great with children


“It shouldn’t be snowing so soon.” Harry is staring at the sky, the snow dropping on his face before he notices her staring at him. “Hm?” His hum is higher, out of confusion as to why she’s looking she presumes, and Y/N lifts her hand to his cheek.

“Your cheeks,” she murmurs, a grin broadening on her mouth, “Oh, your cheeks Harry!” She cries out, fingertips denting the cold skin, “I’ve never seen you blush before.”

“Blush?” Harry asks, hand lifting to cover hers, “I’m blushing?”


Harry is still very smitten with this human, and Y/N loves a bunny

(PART 1)

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