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Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: After four years you return to Riverdale because your dad is a private investigator who’s working on Jason’s case.


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You entered Pop’s to pick up the order that your father asked you to, It’s been so long since you been in here, four years to be exact, a nostalgic you felt like crying but a sense of relive at the same time from coming back home.

“Look who’s back” said Kevin nodding at you while you waited for your food. Everyone turned around and instantly Archie and Jughead stood up and walked up to you pulling you into a big hug.

“Who is she?” asked Veronica. “Y/N Y/L/N” said kevin. “Archie’s and Jughead’s best friend” sadly said Betty. “She was here before we started hanging out with them, so I guess that makes her the OG” said Kevin laughing and Veronica just rolled her eyes.

“Archie Andrews you’ve gotten hotter since the last day I saw you” You said as you pulled apart from Archie and gave a hug to jughead. “Can say the same for you Jughead” y’all chuckle. “When did you got back?” asked Jughead. You sigh “A couple of hours ago, I can’t believe in back, but I really hope we stay this time” you smiled “Do you want join us?” said Archie pointing at the table where Kevin, Betty and a girl you didn’t know was. You shook your head ‘Uhm I gotta get this food to my dad, besides your table look a little crowded back there” Archie shook his head smiling “Are you jealous?” he said  “Not much” you responded as you walked towards the door. “Can I walk you home?” asked Jughead and you nodded. You walk towards Archie and give him a kiss on the cheek “I’ll see you at school” he smiled and walk back to his table.

You and jughead walked in silence side to side with your arms intertwined. You enjoy the comfortable silence between the two of you. You were walking up to your house and decided you break the silence. “I hear they closed Twilight” you were the only one jughead told about living at twilight. Jughead stop at you’re the edge of your porch and you walked up to it and turneing around, he just slightly shrugs his shoulders.

“You know you can come here right?” you said he smiled and nodded “Goodnight Y/N”  he walked up to you and kiss your cheek before leaving.

“Goodnight, Juggie.” You made your way inside and to your room to change into your pajamas and got to bed.



Oh my gosh!

Always Some Madness in Love (Drarry)

“When did you fall in love with him?” Ginny asked, her face was somber as she waited for a response. 

“Dunno,” Harry admitted. It wasn’t as if he had planned to fall in love with him. People don’t plan to fall in or out of love. It happens of its own accord. It happens and then people are just left do deal with it in the best way they can. 

“Does anyone else know about this?” Ginny asked, face still somber, but she moved closer to Harry on the bench. 

After a lot of contemplation, it seemed like a public spot would be best for this sort of conversation, so Harry asked Ginny to meet him in Hogsmead that morning about a half hour before they were all supposed to meet at The Three Broomsticks. 

They had spent a better part of the half hour catching up. Harry was desperately avoiding the topic, so they bought a few Butterbeers and walked lazily around Honeydukes before Harry gathered up the courage to tell Ginny. 

“No one knows,” Harry answered. He could feel Ginny’s body pressing against his side as she leaned her head down to rest on his shoulder. The tightness in his chest that had been winding itself tighter and tighter still all week, loosened a bit at Ginny’s tenderness. 

Softly, Ginny whispered, “Not even him?” 

Mad at himself and mad at this situation, Harry could feel tears welling up in his eyes and thanks to the harsh January air, they felt frozen almost the instant they fell down his wind-burned cheeks, “No, but why would he?” 

Gently, Ginny placed her hand into one of Harry’s and interlocked their fingers. She stroked her thumb back and forth and then said, “I suppose he wouldn’t. I expect it will be a shock to everyone, yeah?” 

Harry barked out a tired laugh. He was exhausted from Auror training and Quidditch practice. He wanted the best of both worlds once the war ended, so he immediately decided to make a career of hunting down dark wizards with Ron instead of going back to Hogwarts like Hermione, and then he decided to make a hobby of Quidditch. Harry was not letting anything stop him from doing the things he loved. Things that made him feel like himself. 

Therefore, in whatever free time he had, he wanted to be flying in the air chasing the snitch. The recreational league he joined was happy to have him on as seeker and he got along with most of the teammates. But it was this choice which would cause him to become undone within the span of six months. 

“Everything is so upside down, Gin,” Harry admonished. He knew it wasn’t supposed to be this way. He wasn’t supposed to love someone who had been so terrible to him growing up. He should love someone who had been kind to him, even when it wasn’t convenient. He should love someone who hadn’t been a coward, someone who hadn’t let circumstance affect them so completely. 

“That’s sort of how love goes, though, isn’t it?” Ginny said in a perfect impersonation of Luna whenever she brought up Nargles, or some other creature Harry had never heard of until that moment. 

“You are getting too good at that, Gin,” Harry laughed and saw his breath cloud in front of his face like the steam of the Hogwarts Express engine as it steamrolled to it’s destination. 

“Well, that does happen when you live with someone and spend all of your free time with them. You start to learn everything about them,” Ginny said matter-of-factly and then sat upright again. She turned to face Harry and then gave him a sideways smile before she cupped his face in her gloved hands. 

“Gin,” Harry huffed, but the look on Ginny’s face was so sincere and so understanding, that Harry couldn’t help but smile at the amazing, brave woman she had grown into over the last two years. And he had missed it. He missed it because he had to set off and hunt down Horcrux after Horcrux, and then when that was over, Auror training had taken over most of his life. It was only the last six months that Harry had even been able to socialize properly. 

“Harry, you are a wonderful wizard,” Ginny said, dropping her hands and sighing deeply before continuing, “but you are also imperfect, and so is he. Don’t let your pride, or fear of judgement keep you from something you so clearly want.” 

“When did you get so wise, eh?” Harry joked and felt a sudden rush of warmth as Ginny swept him into an awkward sideways hug. He could feel the heat of her breath and smell the sweet floral scent of her shampoo. 

“I’ve always been wise,” Ginny whispered into his ear and then pulled out of the hug. She stood up and straightened her forget-me-not blue peacoat, extending her hand to pull him off the bench. 

Taking her hand, Harry let Ginny pull him off the bench, but only after pretending to be stuck to the spot and making her struggle to get him off the seat. Afterwards, they both laughed heartily and walked arm in arm back towards the warmth of The Three Broomsticks where their friends awaited them.

Because that would be a lot of characters to write, I’m making it a fic, rather then full headcanons for each person. This isn’t going to have everyone, and I’ll have to do separate parts (that is if you guys want me too)!


Today was long. Too long. All you wanted to do was sleep for three days straight in retaliation. But, alas! It wasn’t that easy. Life was rough, and all you really wanted was a break.

A break from life.

That was a silly thought. Even if you had taken a vacation, the everlasting feeling of the inevitability of work and responsibility would be looming overhead throughout.

You sigh, shuffling around your living area, on route to the kitchen. The day was almost over, and sleep was very needed.

After a quick meal you finally made it in bed and closed your eyes in relief, only to have them open again in response to a starting bang in the house.

Maybe something feel over? That was very possible.

No, there was shuffling; you could hear it moving. Something was in your house.

You fly up, terrified, grabbing the metal flashlight near your bed. It was the closest thing you really had to a weapon in the vicinity; and if worst came to worst, it was a blunt object.

You move quickly and quietly to the source of the sound, trying to keep your breath steady. The noise was coming from around the corner of the hall, and you pray that it ends up being a friendly dog that had managed to wonder in.

You hold your breath and round the corner.

It’s…..a girl? She looks almost like she’s writhing in pain on the floor. Your grip on your flashlight tightens. It could be a trick, and you weren’t taking any chances. However, something about her was strikingly familiar. It bothered you; did you know this girl?

Then she disappears and reappears rapidly, shrouded in a strong blue light. You fall over backwards in surprise, landing on your tailbone.

You DID know this girl.

You were dreaming, this is a dream! She was fake! This is fake!

You crawl over to her. She stopped blinking and was back to writhing, holding her chest.

You reach at her. She blinks again.

You grab her shoulder. She looks at you and gasps.

The world turns blue.

This day just didn’t want to end, did it?


The first thing you noticed was the sky. It was daytime again. The air was thick with the smell of dust and gunpowder, but seemed to be settling.

There was stirring beside you. You look up at a now standing form beside you.

“That….. This is a first.” Getting a good look at her face, you realize that, yes, this girl was undisputedly Tracer. A girl from a fictitious world.

“I…….” You look around. A dilapidated town, the aftermath of a intense firefight.

Something in her ear caught her attention. An ear piece, you deduce.

“I’m fine. But….. I kinda brought someone back.” Tracer looks up at the sky, then at her surroundings. “I mean that this person came back with me somehow.” She pauses for a short while and looks back down at you. “Rodger!”

She kneels before you, offering a hand. “Are you okay?”

You nod and accept her hand, letting her help you up.

“I need you to come with me. Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you!” She puts her hand on her heart. “I swear!”

“Okay.” You mutter, hoping she couldn’t notice your slight shaking. This is starting to feel less and less like a dream, and you didn’t know if you should be ecstatic or anxious.

She grinned, leading the both of you out of the town and to a large airship in the distance. Woah! It was so much bigger in person!

The door hissed and opened upon your arrival reveling a group of people; most of which stood eagerly by the descending platform.

“Oh, thank goodness that you’re okay!” A shorter woman exclaimed. Wait, that was Mei! You glance quickly at the faces of the others to see if you knew them as well.

There’s Mei, Reinhardt, Mercy, Ana, and Soldier 76. This is crazy! These are real people, right here in front of you! Your mind could barely comprehend it.

Tracer ushers you inside and the door closes. “This is them.”

“And you’re sure that they ‘traveled’ with you?” Asks Solider, who seems to be sizing you up. You straighten your back, in attempt to look more confident.

“Absolutely! I saw them before we blinked back.”

“Tell me kid, what year is it?” All eyes fall on you and you shift from foot to foot sputtering out the year.

“They seem genuine,” Ana speaks, “you should take a seat. You look tired.” She’s gentle and pats your back, leading you to the seating against the walls.

76 sighs and runs his hand through his hair. “So we’re just taking them with us then?”

Mercy nods, “It is best that we look into this.” She presents her hand to you. “Hello! I’m doctor Angela Ziegler.” You shake hands as she continues to introduce the others. “I am afraid that you must come with us. For your safety and others.” Her words become stern and serious. You gulp noticeably.

“Oh, don’t be nervous,” Ana, who now sat behind you, started, “you’re completely safe here.”

“Okay. Thank you.” You look at your feet. Didn’t really have time to put on shoes before teleporting to a different world.

“Athena!” Soldier commanded,“Prepare for takeoff!” He look at the other agents. “You all should do the same.”

They all take their seats. Mei to your left, Ana to your right and the other four across from you. The bars above you lowered and secured, much like ones on a roller coaster and Athena warmed of take off protocol.

“Tell me, young one, what kind of music do you listen to?” Boomed Reinhardt with a large grin.

What a random question, though it seemed like him to ask.

You spoke the first band that came to mind, regardless of if you actually liked them or not. “Uh, Twenty-one Pilots?”

“Ah, yes! I remember hearing of them when I was younger!” You smile at his boisterous attitude as liftoff commenced.

The ship was relatively quiet, save for the dull roar of the engine, until Mei began to speak.

“I like your pajamas.” She commented sweetly.

Oh, that’s right. You praise your past self for not going to bed in just your underwear that night.

“Thank you.”

She hummed in response, and the conversation ended there, leaving you with only thoughts of awe and disbelief.


;u; This was like all exposition, but I find it hard leaving this without at least some kind of explanation. If I do another, I swear there’ll be more characters!

Collide Prt. 8

Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: Okay so in this one I included a Lucas’ POV hopefully that doesn't mess the flow up. I just wanted to share what he was thinking from his perspective. We’re nearing the end. xo
Word Count: 2,605
Part [1] Part [2] Part [3] Part [4] Part [5] Part [6] Part [7]

Part 8- “Don’t Bother.”

The second I breathe in that beach air I feel at ease. I’ve always loved the water, whether it be in rain form or in crashing waves of the ocean. It calms me. So for a brief moment when that cold winter beach air blows against my skin everything’s okay. But then I hear his voice calling after me and I’m reminded of where I am and why I was running in the first place.

“Riley, if you would just give me a second to explain you would understand.” He says.

My back is still to him as I trail off up the massive driveway. Surely there’s a bus or something around here somewhere. The Hampton’s was now my own personal hell on earth.

I take out my phone to order an Uber but he snatches it out of my hand, making me finally face him.

“Give me my phone back.” I snarl, looking at him in a way I feel I’ve never looked at anyone.

I felt so stupid. And more than that, I felt pathetic. I let myself believe this could work, that he and I could work but there I was on a dark street stranded in Southampton in a dress that could pay off the majority of my student debt and I never felt more miserable in my entire life.

“Riley, please.” He grabs my hand, searching my face for a thaw. But there was none, my expression, my eyes, were all cold as ice.

“Fine!” I yell, pulling myself away from his grasp. “You want to talk, you want to explain than GO AHEAD.”

He stares at me briefly before dropping his gaze to the ground. He knew as well as I did that there was no reasonable explanation for what I saw and what I heard. Maybe if I had only seen the kiss then he could twist up a really good lie to make me believe him but he couldn’t. I watched him look into her eyes as she kissed him. He didn’t fight it because he wanted it.

“Being back here…it isn’t easy.” He whispers, looking up at me again.

A sharp laugh escapes my throat and I throw my head back in disbelief. “You have got to be fucking with me right?” He furrows his brows together, trying to follow along. “Your life is soo hard. Oh no my parents have so much money, oh no all these beautiful women want me. Boo fucking hoo, Lucas.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Not fair? Not fair?! You want to talk about what’s not fair? What’s not fair is you bringing me to this god forsaken house, throwing me in completely blindsided.” I feel my blood boil as I step closer to him, this time my voice low and steady. “How could you not tell me you were engaged? And that she’d be here.”

“I didn’t think she would be.”

“So because you didn’t think she’d be here you thought it was fine not to mention her at all?”

He doesn’t answer. I take a deep breath, feeling the cold air fill my lungs.

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Shiro x reader part 1

They all knew it was a dangerous mission. Yet here they were, preparing to risk their lives for the greater good of the universe. After all they were the defenders of the universe. Though there was one paladin, specifically the black paladin, who didn’t want someone to go. That someone was you. He didn’t want anything to happen to you, and it was your first mission after all. The thought of you getting hurt made his whole body hurt. (feels, that’s what feels, feel like)

  Shiro sighed. He knew that this was your first mission with them. And he knew there was the possibility of you getting hurt. But that’s what you trained for everyday. To get stronger, and don’t get him wrong, he knows you’re strong. You sparred with him and landed several hits on him, most of them hurt. He just didn’t know if you were strong enough to fight a galra soldier.

  Shiro stood and walked from his room to your room, which was right across the hall. He wanted you to stay, to make sure you don’t get hurt. It was pretty obvious he loved you. So he would be willing to do anything, anything to make sure you don’t get hurt.

  Before Shiro could knock the door opened and our you came with your hair in a low ponytail. “Hmm? Oh! Hey Shiro!” You smiled enthusiastically which made butterflies in his stomach. Your smile sort of lit up the whole room. Shiro cleared his throat before speaking. “Hey (y-y/n). I need to talk to you.” You nodded and moved to the side so he can pass. He entered your room and noted how everything was either on your selves or the floor. You weren’t the most organized one. Maybe that was why you never let Coran in your room, he would freak!

  Shiro smiled a bit. You waved your hand in front of him to get him out of his daydream. He blinked and grabbed your hand. Shiro then remembered the reason he was here, this brought his smile to a frown. Which made you frown. “Hey, Shiro? You o-”

  “You can’t go on the mission with us.” He inturrupted you. You looked at him with a questioning face. But that sooned turned into a look aof disbelief. “W-what? Why? Did I do some-something wrong?” You could feel your eyes prickling with tears. And Shiro was sure his heart broke.

  ‘because I don’t want you to get hurt.’ Shiro thought, but he couldn’t bring himself to say that. Instead he said something that he regretted immediately. “Because, you’re weak and I don’t want the team to get hurt. You’re better off here.” Crack. That was all you could feel. Your heart cracked and was at a shattering point. 'I didn’t mean that.’ Shiro thought he said out loud. “I just don’t want anyone important to me to get hurt.” That part was said out loud.

  “I’m not important to you?” You asked quietly. Almost like a whisper. Shiro barely heared it, and he mistook it for something else. He heared “I’m important to you too?” Because he misheard. He answered the wrong thing. “Yes.”

   And at that moment, your whole life shattered. Tears fell, and a sob crept up your throat. “G-get out.” You said quietly. Shiro leaned closer because he couldn’t hear. “Excuse me?” Anger built up in you. “Get! Out! I want you out of here! Leave me alone! I hate you Shiro! Get out!” You didn’t realize what you were saying, but man, did it hurt Shiro. You pushed him out, although it was hard considering he was so tall and strong. He stumbled out of your room and looked back and saw you, tears streaming down, eyes squinted and arms strained. “Now leave.” With that you entered your room and locked the door behind you.

   Shiro felt heartbroken. Sad, anger and regret. He really should have just told you from the beginning. That he loved you and didn’t want you to get hurt. Instead he was an idiot, very unlike him. And he lost the most important thing in the world- no the universe. You.

  You weren’t so good either. The man you looked up to, admired and so dearly loved, broke your heart. You knew you shouldn’t have lashed out at him, but you couldn’t help it. He hurt you. Nobody liked being hurt. Especially by their loved one. (unless you’re the type to love angst! I know I do!) So imagine the pain you felt, and the betrayl and-and the anger! Shiro just came and told you, you weren’t even close to being important to him. You would have to show him! You will show him.


   Sneaking into Lance’s lion was easier than you thought. You just artived a couple seconds earlier and hid behind some sort of control panel. You sat as far away from that as to make sure you didn’t touch anything. You moved your head to the side and felt that your hair was stuck. Yanking it away you had to surpress a grunt. About 1 minute later you heared the lion roar to life. It excited you. This was your first time in a lion, though you hoped your first time would have been with Shiro.

  You shook your head of any thoughts of Shiro. He wasn’t important right now. (lies! Lies I tell you!) You sat in your corner until you felt the lion slow down and lower. Then it sped up and did loopty loops and swirls and alot of stuff. You almost threw up. After about 3 minutes of spinning and twirling it stopped and the lion was safely perched (chirp chirp motherchirpers!) onto the landing pad. You heared the door open and close. Assuming Lance left, you stood and walked up to the pilot seat. You looked through the windows and saw Lance and Keith arguing (sexual tension *cough*) with each other. Hunk was sweatdropping and Shiro managed to say something to separate them. Pidge held out a device and pointed to the right. The others nodded and followed them. Once you were sure they were out of sight you opened the door and jumped out. Landing rather harshley you looked around for anyone. Nothing, good.

  You ran to the oppisite direction, fixing your comm. You only brought it to hear what the others are saying. It was on mute so they couldn’t hear you. Back ti the mission! 'if I remember correctly. They were supposed to disable the main control panel and run out. Maybe that was what Pidge’s thingy was for.’ You were lost in thought, you failed to notice the wall in front of you. Only the wall seemed to have arms. It reached out and grabbed you by the neck holding you up. It shook you and the comm fell to the floor, cracking the speaker in the process. Of all the things to break, why the only thing that speaks to them?

  The thing, you soon found out was possibly the boss soldier, slammed you to the ground. You could barely hear the comm before you blacked out. “Guys…to leave…go!”


  The 5 paladins all cheered in delight. They had escaped without harm. And even though they failed the mission they were happy to be alive. What they didn’t know was that Allura had spent the past 30 minutes trying to contact them.

   When they arrived they were greeted by a frantic Coran. “Allura needs to see you all in the main room! Now” The paladins plus Coran all ran to where Allura was. She was pacing back in forth. Mumbling something in a foriegn language. When she saw the paladins she ran to them. “Finally! Do you know how long i’ve been trying to contact you?! Nevermind that! Look at this!” She ran back to her 'pilot thingy’ and projected a video. It was one of you, getting beat by the soldier boss before being dragged away. Apparently the comms have a mini camera you didn’t know about.

   All of them watched in fear as you were dragged farther and farther. Shiro was the first one to react, he fell to his knees. Lance was the second one, he ran to the screen and started calling out your name. Hoping you would hear him and wake up. Hunk looked like he was about to break. You were a sister like figure to him so why wouldn’t he. And Pidge. Oh poor Pidge. It was as if she had lost her brother and father again, bit it was with her sister.

   Allura waved her hand and the projection dissapeared. “Paladins, now is not the time to mope. Train, we will get (y/n) back.” Allura was handling it well. No, she was breaking. You were her little sister after all. Your capsule was discovered a bit later than theirs. When Coran was cleaning your old room. He saw you in the bed in a sleep state, same as Allura and him. Although he freaked out because the room was hella messy.

  “Now. We must prepare.” Allura walked off without another word. Shiro stood up and glared at Allura. “How could you be this calm about your little sister getting kidnapped!? By the Ga-”

  Allura inturupted Shiro with a side glare. If you looked close enough, you could see streams of tears rolling down her cheek. “Shut up.” And with that she went to her room. (my baby. I’m sorry Allura)

  The paladins looked at each other and nodded. They would train everyday! You were imprtant to them. Familly! So they would do anything to get you back.

   Allura was having the same thoughts. She was going to kill every galra soldier. Every Galra allie. And she was going to make Zarkon pay.

   Dark. That was all you could see. You had no idea where you were, or how long. You remembered clearly of how you got here. You foolishly snuck onto Lance’s lion and tried to pull off the mission yourself. But you were captured and the paladins left. It wasn’t their fault though, you sbuck into Lance’s lion, and you snuck out. And honestly you were regretting it.

  The door opened and in came a galra soldier. “Get up. Hagaar has plans for you.” (I don’t know if that’s how you spell her name) You shivered but knew better than to oppose. Standing up you walked next to the soldier and he shoved you the way you were supposed to go. You walked until you came to a door it was big and dark.

  The door opened and there stood the witch. Smilling sinisterly. She pointed to the bed in front of her and you had to obey. You laid on it. No more than 5 minutes later you felt a pain in your head and arm before you felt pain in your leg. All the pain forced you to go unconcious.

   When you woke up, you weren’t yourself.

A/n: I came up with this a while ago. It’s on my wattpad. I know it sucked but there needs to be more angsty shiro stuff.

Listen, I fucking love Ezekiel. I liked him from the very first moment, he has charm, he’s thoughtful, he’s even funny in his way. I think I’m going to love him episode after episode. His last speech was so emotional. When Carol said “Why you care?” and he was like “Because it makes me feel good” I was almost in tears. Great scene, honestly. I’m totally ok to see them become friends. The reason why I don’t “ship” him with Carol is because my heart and soul belong to Caryl and I can’t just let it go.

I also liked the other main characters of the Kingdom: Benjamin, Jerry and even Richard. And Shiva of course. I wanna adopt that tiger lol

Headcanon: Spark likes talking. Blanche likes listening

Spark and Blanche had been close since they were young.

Blanche is the quiet type of person and has never been really good socializing. Spark is very talkative and says just about whatever comes to his mind.

Spark enjoys talking to Blanche because Blanche has always been the only person who is patient enough to listen to him ramble his thoughts away. Blanche enjoys listening to Spark because he doesn’t mind them not talking and their presence seems enough for Spark.

Ofcourse, Spark also likes to listen when Blanche talks to him because he thinks it’s special and rare when Blanche shares their thoughts.

One day, eight year old Blanche is surprised when Spark suddenly stops talking. Spark tells them, with a forced laugh, that somebody got irritated with him because he talks too much. He doesn’t want Blanche to be irritated with him.

Blanche just blinks and asks him what’s wrong with talking too much? Blanche thinks it’s amazing how Spark can just vocalize his thoughts and emotions freely. Blanche tells him that expressing their thoughts was something very difficult for them and they are envious of Spark because of this.

Spark is surprised with this and he cannot believe it because isn’t Blanche the amazing one? Blanche is always there patiently listening to him. He wonders why Blanche has never told him to “shut up” or “quiet down” even once when those phrases were what others tend to tell him.

Blanche retorts that what’s curious was that Spark actually talks with them. Other people don’t like to talk to Blanche because they are boring and are too quiet and it’s a wonder why Spark still keeps on talking with them. Maybe one day Spark is going to get tired talking with them and Spark cuts what Blanche is saying by giving them a bear hug.

“You’re my best friend, Blanche!”

And so Blanche learns to enjoy talking a bit more and Spark learns to stop and listen when others are talking.

They grew up enjoying each other’s company.

ryan and brendon lyric comparisons part 1
  • Lie to the Truth: Now if we're even // Then why are we both blue?
  • Hallelujah: Being blue is better than being over it
  • Lie to the Truth: But you had your doubts // 'Cause it took too long // To finally see what I // What I'd been doing wrong
  • House of Memories: I wish // I could believe // You'd never wrong me
  • Lonely Moonlight: I wandered through the sunshine // Remembering when you were mine
  • Impossible Year: There's no sunshine // There's no you and me
  • Where I Belong: The glitter is gone // I'm done with the dark
  • Golden Days: The glitter dancing on the skin // The decades might've washed it out
  • Defiance: That love could never live again // But we found a way to make it stay
  • House of Memories: Promise me a place // In your house of memories
VII. Oh, Marcel

Also called: The Marcel Smut (maybe part 1/? let me know)
Prompt: Harry, pitifully called Marcel as a sour joke, is a nice, young, straight-A student, with a bully and what he thinks is an unattainable crush on his bully’s ex, whom he thinks too much about, in the worst possible moments.


In which Harry Marcel Styles is having a hard day. Quite literally.

For Harry, getting up was the easy part of the day. He’d open his green eyes and analyse his blurry surroundings. It wasn’t after he slid on his glasses that he could tell apart the blobs of color. His small cactus on the edge of his desk, the guitar resting on the corner, the stack of papers next to his bed, and his meds on the bedside table as well. Flipping over on the bed he’d groan and stretch, and then proceed to scratch any itch. The typical, don’t act like you don’t do it too. The first thought that came to his mind was the one that determined pretty much the rest of his day.

Was it raining outside? Meant he’d have to carry his shitty umbrella, the one he still owns because he’s had no time to replace with all the club meetings and exams from the previous semester. Maybe this year he can get a new one.

Or maybe it was sunny. He would mentally prepare himself for the heat he’d feel due to the mandatory vest he had to wear for his part-time job.

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Clint’s Daughter Part 3

Note: you guys wanted part 3, so here it is! I’m SO sorry if it sucks! feedback is welcome! .c

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So maybe avoiding Bucky after your little activity wasn’t the best idea. You could’ve marched right to where your dad was and told him you like Bucky and let him deal with it his own way. But no, you were too chicken and told Bucky you needed time to think. After sending a quick text to Natasha asking if anyone heard anything, you were relieved to discover nobody had.

Thankful for that, you spent the next few hours contemplating how you were supposed to tell your dad about Bucky. You weren’t official yet, Bucky saying something like “I want your dad to approve before I ask you out”. You thought it was sweet, but something made you think Bucky didn’t feel good enough.

You cared a lot about Bucky. His past wasn’t sunshine and rainbows, he had a lot of baggage to carry, regardless of any of that, you knew he had a heart of gold. Sure, most of the time you were making out or kissing, but you enjoyed the little talks you’d have about him or yourself. He was sweet, caring, he made you laugh, he was a good person underneath everything.

You just hoped your dad would see that.

You sighed frustratingly as you read over the group text you just got from the team as you sat on your bed.

Tony: Party tonight at 7! Wear your fanciest dresses and suits!
Sam: What’s the occasion?
Tony: I bought a new suit. I want people to see it.
Steve: Tony, you’re unbelievable. Just take a self photo or whatever they call it.
Sam: That’s called a selfie, Steven.
Nat: Accept the fact that Tony has an ego the size of Mt. Everest and start getting ready.
Wanda: I can’t believe it’s in two hours, Tony!
Tony: You have plenty of time to get ready, Maximoff.
Wanda: Two hours is not enough time for me!
Sam: Women.
Wanda: Really? You took an hour to fix your hair and you barely have any.
Steve: Y/N, what color dress are you wearing? I want to match with you!
You: Um, I have a royal blue dress Nat bought me…

*Bucky’s face bubble pops up*

You smiled to yourself, remembering all the times Steve tried to match your sundresses with his shirts when you were younger. You sighed and felt your phone vibrate again, thankful it wasn’t on sound or else you’d have a headache.

Sam: Maybe I want to match with Y/N.
Tony: Just get ready!!
Vision: Vibrate
Wanda: Vis, you have to do that yourself.

You tossed your phone on your bed after turning the screen off and groaned. You were thankful you showered earlier, so that gave you more time to get ready. You walked over to your closet and reached for the bag that covered the dress you were going to wear. Natasha was right when she said Tony could plan a party for no reason, so you had to be prepared.

You put the dress on your bed, still covered in it’s bag to keep dust off of it. You heard a knock on your door and you shuffled over, your shoulders slumping as you opened it. Nat and Wanda were standing there, dresses and hair products in their hands. You moved aside to let them in and you shut your door.

They put everything down on your bed and Nat turned to you. “Okay, why do you look like you found out your childhood crush died?” Nat questioned as she crossed her arms. Wanda looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. You groaned and walked over to your bed, sitting beside the dresses. “Because! I don’t know what to do.” You said, flailing your arms.

Wanda looked confused and Nat sighed. “Just tell your dad the truth!” Nat said as if it were the easiest thing to do. “What? Tell my dad I fell for the guy who I had sex with and usually have my tongue in his mouth?” You asked sarcastically, making Wanda gasp. “No way! Everyone thought you two were just hooking up!” Wanda said, her eyes wide.

You sighed and shook your head. “No, it’s more than that. But you know my dad, he’d freak out. My ex didn’t get off the hook easily after what happened.” You said, grimacing at the memories. Your dad hated your ex and has since altered the image of any man being deserving of his daughter. Wanda scoffed lightly. “Tony, too.” She said, Nat nodding in agreement.

Your eyebrows creased with confusion. “Why Tony?” You asked, leaning back on your hands. Nat snorted and shook her head. “Okay, have you forgotten a very valuable detail between the Winter Soldier and Tony Stark?” Nat asked you, her eyebrows raised. You suddenly remembered what happened before and you sighed heavily.

So now you not only had to worry about your dad possibly breaking Bucky’s neck, but also Tony. Again. You fell onto your back on your bed and stared up at the ceiling. “Kill me.” You muttered, hearing the two girls laugh. “No way, this is too juicy!” Nat said, making you glare at her, her lips holding a smirk. “Kidding, but seriously, you’ve gotta tell your dad soon.” She said, pulling you upward by your wrists.

An hour and a half went by and you were ready for the party. You could faintly hear the music from your room and you sighed, putting in your dangling diamond earrings Wanda let you borrow. You let your hands travel down your hips, straightening out your dress. “You look so hot.” Nat said, coming up beside you, her teeth showing from her smile.

Wanda hummed in agreement, standing by your other side. You smiled and rolled your eyes as you shook your head lightly. “You guys look amazing.” You said, turning to look at them. Nat was wearing a white dress with a low cut front and Wanda was wearing a black sequin dress that had slits on both sides of her legs. Yours only had one slit, with a low front and back.

Nat and Wanda linked their arms with yours and you all walked out of your room, your heels clicking against the floor as you made your way to the elevator. You nervously shifted in your spot, watching the floor numbers change every few seconds. You tried to calm your thoughts and nervousness, but you couldn’t.

Nat gave your shoulders a squeeze as the elevator opened and you sighed, giving her a tight lipped smile. You had a feeling something was going to happen tonight and you weren’t sure if it was going to be good or bad.

You and the girls walked down the hallway and stopped outside the doors, seeing a huge crowd of dancing people. “Wow.” You said, looking inside at the detailed party. There was huge chandelier hanging beautifully, little rainbows of colors dancing along it, fairy lights strung all over the edging of the walls, tables along the sides with white table cloths, and a huge food table.

Nat scoffed and walked in ahead of you and Wanda. “I don’t see how he does it.” Nat said to which you hummed in agreement. Your eyes searched the place, absentmindedly looking for Bucky. You finally spotted him near the bar with all of the men except Tony. Surely he was in the crowd of people, showing off his new suit. Typical, none of them would dance on their own.

Bucky looked absolutely breathtaking in his suit. It was fitting in all the right places and his hair was slicked back, making his jaw and cheekbones look all the more defined. His eyes were shining a beautiful blue, the lights around him making him glow.

Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt Wanda pulling you along. You all stopped at the bar and all eyes lifted and fell on you. Not Natasha or Wanda, no. You. You gulped and shifted under their wide eyes and mouths. Your dad smiled and stepped towards you, pulling you in for a hug. “You look beautiful!” He said, hugging you rather tightly.

You hugged Clint back and as he pulled away, you glanced at Bucky. “Thanks, Dad.” You said with a shy smile. Sam whispered something to Steve, making him chuckle. Bucky looked at the two with anger plastered all over his face. 

Clint tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and placed a kiss on your head. “I’m gonna go find Tony. Don’t get into any trouble, okay?” Clint said before walking off, drink in hand. You sighed softly. If only you knew, you thought. 

Nat slipped away, gathering the attention of a man she clearly knew, as her hands were already all over him. You watched as Wanda pulled Vision to the dance floor, leaving you to stand here near the other three men. Sam smirked at you, taking a sip from his cup. “So, Y/N,” Sam said, gaining your attention, “That dress is amazing.” He said, his eyes falling down your body.

You tried to ignore his stare but you could feel the heat rising in your cheeks. You saw Bucky shoot Sam a glare and he gripped his glass in his flesh hand. Steve scoffed and stood from his chair, circling around your body. “No, amazing doesn’t cut it. This dress is FANTASTIC!” Steve said with a chuckle. He stopped beside you and held his tie out for you to see. “We match.” Steve said, smiling down at you.

You couldn’t help but laugh at Steve. “Okay, if I remember correctly, didn’t you always try to do that when I was younger?” You asked, looking up at Steve. He snorted and nodded his head. “I, uh, yeah I remember that.” Steve said, his eyes landing on your cleavage before he meet your eyes. You laughed along with Steve and forgot for a split second that Bucky was there. You cleared your throat and Steve’s cheeks burned red.

Bucky stood from his chair and shoved between you and Steve, walking off somewhere else. You watched after him and you were about to follow him, but Steve gripped your arm gently. “So, did you want to dance?” Steve asked, his tone hopeful. You nodded gently, he is your friend after all. Sam smirked after you. “I call next!” Sam yelled, making you laugh.

You danced with Sam and Steve together now, seeing Bucky’s figure sitting in his previous seat at the bar. Your dad and Tony were sitting on either side of Bucky, chatting along about nonsense. You twirled around with Steve, letting him pull you into him. “You really do look beautiful tonight, Y/N.” Steve said, twirling you again so you spun into a waiting Sam.

You smiled and danced along with Sam, his hand in yours and the other resting on your lower back. “Steve’s right, I can’t believe you used to be this shy little girl!” Sam said, laughing along with you. You enjoyed dancing with Sam and Steve, but the lingering stares were making you a tad bit uncomfortable. You were about to tell them you needed a break until Sam spun you into Steve.

Steve held you close and looked into your eyes, his hands coming up to brush along your cheek. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he started to lean in, until you heard what sounded like a woman yelling from near the bar and glass breaking. You pulled away from Steve and looked to the scene, seeing Bucky breathing heavily and the mirror behind the bar shattered from him throwing his beer bottle into it.

You, Sam, and Steve rushed over to the bar, the crowd dancing though their eyes on the Avengers before them. Clint was yelling at Bucky once you got there and you saw Tony holding his chest, his eyes wide. “What the hell is going on?” You asked, immediately resting your hand on Bucky’s arm. He was breathing heavily and his jaw was clenched.

Clint shook his head and glared at Bucky. “Yes, please do, tell us why you broke Tony’s mirror.” Your dad replied sarcastically, sounding much like you. The girls and Vision now joined and you saw Bucky sigh loudly. “It’s nothing.” Bucky grumbled, gently pulling his arm away from you. You frowned and you heart sank a tad, but you knew he needed some space.

This was clearly because Steve just tried to kiss you. You didn’t notice he and Sam had been flirting with you until now. Tony scoffed and shook his head. “Nothing!? You just broke a thousand dollars worth of a mirror for NOTHING?” Tony yelled, slapping the back of his hand against Bucky’s shoulder. He looked at Tony. “Yup.” He said, making Tony all the more angrier.

Tony clenched his fists and raised one, but you stepped in between him and Bucky. “Stop it! Stop, just stop.” You shouted, holding your hands up in front of you. 

A gasp fell from Steve’s mouth. “Oh no.” He said softly, making you and everyone else look at him. “What?” Clint snapped, “Sad you didn’t get your kiss from MY daughter?” Clint asked viciously. You rolled your eyes at how ridiculous your dad sounded. 

“Bucky.” Steve said, his voice soft. “I didn’t know.” Steve looked Bucky guiltily and you knew he had figured it out. The space fell silent and you felt Bucky’s hand rest on your lower back. “Didn’t know what?” Sam and Tony asked simultaneously. Your face started to heat up and you cleared your throat. It’s now or never.

You turned to your dad and he met your eyes. “Dad, I have something to tell you.” You said quietly, wincing when his eyes darted between you and Bucky. Clint furrowed his eyebrows and you could see the gears shifting in his eyes as he pieced it together. “No way!” Sam yelled, a light laugh falling from his mouth.

Clint’s lips formed a tight line and he stared at you, shaking his head. “Are you kidding me?” He asked, his tone serious. You nodded gently, feeling Bucky’s hand grasp onto the material of your dress. You could tell his was nervous and scared. Tony gasped now and took a step back. “WHAT!” He yelled, causing the crowd to stop their dancing.

Tony apologized and told them to continue on. He turned to you and shook his head. “Y/N, my own worst enemy?” Tony asked, making your mouth fall open. “Tony, this isn’t like that!’ You yelled, anger bubbling in your veins. How dare he think you liked Bucky to spite him? Tony scoffed and shook his head again, turning and leaving the room.

Clint started to walk away and you called after him. "Dad! Please, let me explain!” You said, seeing him wave his hand. Your shoulders slumped a tad and you turned to Bucky. “Bucky, I’m sorry.” You whispered, wrapping your arms around his waist. He held you close and sighed. “Just talk to them.” Bucky said quietly. You nodded and pulled him along, going to find Tony and Clint.

The others followed behind you and you could hear Sam and Steve whispering to each other in the elevator. “I can’t believe you tried to kiss her!” “I got caught in the moment, Sam! I didn’t know they were more than make out sessions!” “Dude, even I’m not that bold.” “Oh shut up, you know you wanted-” “Guys!” You shouted, turning to them as the elevator came to a stop.

Bucky’s arm was held protectively around your waist, trying his best not to punch the two Avengers. You both knew he’d regret it. You sighed, all of you walking into the common room. Clint and Tony were sitting on the couch, unreadablelooks on their faces. You took a deep breath as they looked up at you. “I want you two to listen to me, please.” You said with a steady voice.

Clint stood to his feet, his hands on his waist. “Dad, I know what happened last time, but Bucky has been so sweet to me. I like him a lot. And it means more to me that you approve.” You said, looking at your dad. 

He sighed and looked at Bucky, raising his eyebrows. Bucky cleared his throat, his hand holding you tighter. “Clint, I won’t hurt her. I’m not like her ex. I promise, I’d never do anything to cause her any pain.” Bucky said, his voice soft.

Bucky looked at Tony. “And I’m sorry for breaking your overpriced mirror and scaring you. Though to be fair, you scream scared me, too. But anyways, I got jealous.” Bucky muttered the last part and you blushed, a smile forming on your lips. 

Clint snorted and you snapped your head towards him. He was covering his mouth and Tony was glaring at Clint. “Wait, TONY is the one that screamed?” Wanda asked, her eyes wide.

The room all looked at Tony and everyone started laughing, making him hide his face in his hands. “Oh my God!” Sam coughed from laughing so hard. Clint walked over to you and Bucky. “Clearly she really likes you, James. I can’t make her not date you.” Clint said, shaking Bucky’s metal hand. You smiled and bit your lip.

Tony gasped and stood beside the others. “Wait, what!?” Tony yelled, shaking his head. Clint sighed and turned to Tony. “He’ll pay for the mirror.” Clint said before turning back to you and Bucky. You smiled and hugged your dad tightly. “Thank you.” You whispered, feeling his smile against your shoulder.

You were sitting in the kitchen, sipping on a cup of water. It’s been a few hours since the party had ended and you said goodnight to everyone. You heard footsteps approaching the kitchen, seeing Bucky appear in his sweats and nothing else. You smirked and set your cup down on the counter. Bucky walked over to you and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

You held Bucky’s waist, smiling up at him. “Hey there, lover.” You said softly. Bucky chuckled and he bent down to pick you up, sitting you on the counter. “Doll, how can you still be so beautiful?” Bucky asked, his hands rising up underneath your old worn out band t-shirt. You let your eyes close as you felt his lips press to your pulse point.

A soft moan fell from your parted lips and Bucky smirked. You let your legs wrap loosely around his waist, your hands holding onto his biceps. “Bucky, someone could walk in.” You whispered, feeling his thumbs sneak under the band of your shorts. He chuckled deeply, nipping at your skin. “Let them, I don’t care.” Bucky said lowly, your hands gripping onto his arms as his hands moved to your thighs.

You suddenly heard someone clear their throat and Bucky pulled away from you, gasping. You saw your dad standing there and he held up a hand before you or Bucky could say anything. “Don’t. Just let me get my juice in peace.” Clint said, avoiding eye contact. 

He got his juice and stopped with his back turned to you and Bucky. “Remember, I’ll shoot your other arm with one of my arrows, James.” Clint said before walking out of the kitchen. You let go of the breath you didn’t know you were holding and Bucky turned to face you, his face red. 

“I told you!” You whispered as your cheeks flushed. Bucky let out a breathy laugh, resting his forehead against yours. “I love you.” Bucky said, holding your cheeks. Your heart fluttered. “I love you too.” You said before kissing Bucky, letting him carry you to your room.

You were full of joy and content, finally having the happiness you never knew you’d find in the arms of Bucky Barnes.


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I have a legitimate question. Why do people hate Wick? I’m not talking about the actor, but the character. I never loved or hated him, but since my time in the fandom on tumblr (and not just as a viewer) it seems that a lot of people hate Wick, and I’m just curious as to why. 

From the Journal of Bucky Barnes

Author’s Note: This might end up being a series depending on how this is received so pls let me know if you like it/if you would want this to continue !!

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I read somewhere once that if you couldn’t sleep, you should write down whatever’s on your mind and keep it in a journal. Something about it being therapeutic, I guess. I’ve never really been good at writing but, hey, I’ll try anything once. Even if it’s just for fuck’s sake.

I’ve been up for four hours now, just staring at the ceiling and trying not to wake you as I shift my weight around on that tiny mattress that by some miracle fits both of us. Reminds me of the times you would get so cold that you’d stuff yourself into my side and stick your cold hands under my shirt for warmth in those winter’s after your ma died. A little heat leech you were but I didn’t care, as long as it got you to stop shivering for the night. Nowadays it’s usually me leaning towards you and trying to get warm, since you turned into a fucking goddamn furnace and I still can’t seem to get that feeling of ice out of my veins. I wonder if you ever feel it too, that feeling of being trapped inside a freezer with no way out. Maybe it’s just me. It’s probably better that way.

I’m afraid to fall asleep.

It took me two whole minutes to build up the courage to write that down. My hand is still shaking.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck

Everyone thinks that the nightmares are about what happened to me when I was under Hydra’s control, and they’re not wrong. It’s just not the whole truth. I fall asleep knowing that I’m going to dream about all of the awful things I did, all of the things that I can never take back, and it’s enough to make me sick to my stomach. But if they were only that, I’d force myself to fight through it because it isn’t anything that I don’t already think about when I’m awake.

The part that scares me

Steve, I just

I can’t fucking write this I can’t I can’t

I can’t lose you. I can’t bear the thought of going to sleep when I know that in each and every fucking nightmare you’ll be ripped away from me. God, it’s like some kind of unknown torture they implanted in my brain so that even if I could somehow forget everything they taught me, I would still be haunted by dreams of losing you. I know that we spit out all the crap about your soul matching mine and how we could never really lose each other if we’re the same inside, but when it comes down to it, that’s all bullshit.

Steve, if there was no you, there would be no me. If you left the face of this earth, I would crumble into dust and endlessly scatter across the face of this planet in the hope that somehow, in someway, I would find you again. Without you, I wouldn’t just die, I would fall headfirst into oblivion. I wouldn’t just fade away, I would explode. Because our love isn’t a bandage type of love, the one that you can slap on and peel of whenever things are finished. No, our love is industrial steel, slicing through ice and bullies and everything that has tried to pull us apart. It’s more durable that the vibranium of your shield or even my arm, and things that powerful aren’t always in our control. You see, if you were to leave me, that love is strong enough to turn against me and make me pay in ways I can’t even imagine. No torture chamber or terrifying serum would be able to compare to the ways it would rip me apart, picking away at me piece by piece until all that would be left is my heart, still triumphantly beating until the very end of the line for you.

I’m looking over at you right now, as creepy as that sounds, and I can’t help but be scared at the thought of how much you mean to me. How I’m scared that even with all of your strength and fire and that goddamn stubbornness to do what you know is right, something will come along to try and snuff the Brooklyn right out of you. That you’ll finally realize how pure and too good for this world you are, and then look at me with the disgust I rightfully deserve after everything I’ve done. After everything I’ve put you through. And, Stevie, if I could take everything back for just one more night huddled together under that ratted old quilt back in 1939, I would. I would erase every single fucking thing just so that those Brooklyn nights could live just a little longer. So that those two innocent, scrappy young boys had a goddamn chance in this world that so hell bent on turning every diamond into dust.

Because you, Steve, are the brightest diamond I’ve ever seen.

And you deserve so much better than a pile of dust like me.