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Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook have known each other since the start of high school. Both Jimin and Tae lives together with Jungkook and Jin in an apartment in Brooklyn. Jin is like a mother to them.

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fallen silk // TAEHYUNG [PT2]

summary - Enrolling at one of the most renowned fashion schools was what you have been working towards ever since you first had a needle and thread in hand. You made sure that nothing would come between you and your goal, but you didn’t expect an effortlessly handsome boy to completely overrule your priorities.
word count - 2.7k

genre - fashiondesigner!au, fluff, angst + smut in later parts
pairing - Taehyung x OC/Reader
warnings - none

A/N - just a little note that i changed the gif for this fic~

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Put your hand on my shoulder - Severus Snape One Shot (Request)

Request: Hi I’m sorry if requests aren’t open, but I was wondering if you don’t mind doing a Snape × student reader fanfic. If not then any Snape × reader would be lovely. Thank you and sorry if this is wrong.

A/N: The requests are basically always open, so feel free to request! Thank you for requesting this and I hope you like it. Have a nice day! 💜


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Gradually students entered the classroom. After a few minutes all the chairs of the room were occupied. All, except one. The lesson began and we were still alone. Slytherins and Ravenclaws began to whisper to each other.

“Where is he?”
“I wonder why he’s late.”
“If this would happen to us, he would immediately take all house points that we have!”
“Hopefully he won’t come at all… ”

I jumped, because suddenly the door opened and a tall man with black hair and hooked nose walked into the room. With fast steps he went to the teacher’s desk and slowly settled down to the chair. He leaned forward slightly and stared at us with piercing eyes. “I’m a little late, but presumably you’re happy about that, because thereby you have to do less in today’s lesson, lazy as you are”, he murmured and raised his eyebrows pejorative. “ Why are you late?” asked a Ravenclaw boy beside me curious. “That does not concern you, Morgan”, replied the teacher. “But-” Morgan wanted to say, but I pushed my elbow in his ribs and made him stay silent.

“I received a special assignment today”, Snape began. He stood up and walked slowly through the rows of desks. “As you probably know, soon there will be the Christmas ball. A ridiculous invention of the other teachers. However, every teacher has received the assignment to teach one of their classes to… dance.” Some students began to giggle, others threw frightened glances to their classmates.“And why do you not only teach the Slytherins, Snape?” shouted Morgan, to drown out the conversations of the others. The teacher crossed his arms over his chest and walked towards Morgan’s table, with each of his steps the old wood creaked under his feet. “Professor Snape”, he hissed, “Of course I would rather have taught solely my own, disciplined students, but unfortunately the headmaster gave me no choice.” Snape’s gaze pierced his student who had fallen silent again.

Snape walked forward briskly and stood in front of his class in the middle of the room. With a gesture he instructed Ravenclaws and Slytherins to get up, then he swung his wand briefly, muttered a spell and all tables and chairs were floating to the walls of the room and piled there. A Slytherin cleared her throat and said softly: “Why do we have to dance at all?” Snape spun around and stared at the girl. “If it were my decision, Miss Parsons, none of the students should participate in this meaningless nonsense . But I could not convince the headmaster to cancel the event. He considers it an excellent idea. Whatever. Is there someone who is already able to dance and I therefore do not have to teach them in this ridiculous way?” Almost all hands went up into the air. Snape let his gaze wander and sniffed. “You are making fun of me. Think I’m stupid, don’t you?” Students slowly put down their hands and looked at the floor concerned. I tried to slide behind my classmates discreetly. I was a terrible dancer. But I stumbled upon my cloak. In attempting to find my balance again, I stomped loudly.

“Y/L/N”, the teacher said aloud. I noticed how my face felt hot and I was sure that I had become bright red. All heads turned to me. Some looked at me with pity, others looked more than relieved . I walked forward very slowly. “Faster, we haven’t got all day for this lesson. Come here”, he ordered, and watched my every movement with his penetrating gaze. Approximately one meter in front of Snape I stopped, my face was still burning. “Everyone, find yourself a partner now”, the teacher said, looking above me. “Put… your hand…on my shoulder”, he muttered , apparently he also felt very uncomfortable. My eyes widened and I didn’t move a single millimeter. “Your hand. On my shoulder”, he repeated, looking into my eyes. Slowly I let my hand sink on the black fabric of his cloak. He put his hand on my hip and held the other one out to me. Surprised, I took it. I felt that his hand was shaking and gave him a confused look. He began to explain the individual dance steps and simply pulled me with him. I did my best, but I found it very difficult at first, not least because I was dancing with Professor Snape. Now and then I caught him as he stared at me, but when I looked at him, he turned away.

Again and again I stepped on his feet and when I did it for the 100th time, tears slowly began to form in my eyes because I felt like a loser. My hands began to shake, even though I tried my best to suppress it. My teacher looked up and stared at me. “Got a problem?” he whispered. I just blinked a few times and shook my head hastily. Apparently I was still shaking because Snape squeezed my hand tighter briefly and muttered: “Try to calm down.” “I just can’t do it, Professor”, I said quietly, “I’ll never learn how to dance.” Suddenly Snape put his hand on my chin and forced me to look at him. “Of course you can learn it, Y/N. Now the left foot forward. Do not stare at the ground, look at me”, he added. I did what he told me and quickly realized that I was making progress. In fact, I believed to recognize a nondescript smile on Snape’s face. The time flew by and it felt as if we had just danced for two minutes when the teacher said: “The lesson is over, at least you didn’t fail completely, but really I don’t even care.” He remained staying close to me. As I grabbed my bag and was about to leave the room, I heard my name. When I turned around I saw that Snape looked at me. “Well done, Y/N.”

Patater Art AU

Kent Parson as an art student at the same university as Tater and Kent is still a hockey player but maybe Tater got injured senior year of high school and had to stop playing (don’t think about that sad part)

so anyway Kent likes to sit in the library and draw people for extra practice, and Tater is always there working on projects (probably something math related since English is not his strong suit) and he makes faces at his work all the time, and Kent thinks it’s adorable, so he likes to draw Tater when he sees him

 and Kent starts getting really invested in this kid he doesn’t even know because he’s really pretty and all sharp angles and don’t get Kent started on his hands omg, and so a few weeks into the semester Kent’s sketchbook is filled with drawings of this guy, and oops one day tater actually notices Kent staring at him, and Kent looks away all awkward and blatantly avoids looking at him for the next hour,

so the next day on his way in Tater sees that Kent looks really invested in his work and he takes the long way around to his usual table to get a closer look and “you are drawing” and Kent nearly jumps out of his seat because they guy I’ve been drawing for several weeks is looking down at my sketchbook right now help

and Tater sits down next to him and just blatantly asks “I saw you looking at me, you draw me? Can I see?” and dammit he’s got these puppy dog eyes and Kent can’t resist so he just nods dumbly and hands over his sketchbook wtf is he thinking rn

and Tater is flipping through this kid’s book and he sees some really well done drawings of himself and also a lot of pictures of shoulders and forearms and hands- wait, that drawing has the same cut that I got on my arm last week? and my class ring too? and oh, Tater gets it now, and he looks over to Kent, who is red as a tomato and is pointedly not looking at Tater

so he just slides the sketchbook back and goes “is very good” and he wants to ask Kent if he wants more drawing practice (but he can’t do that that’s way too embarrassing he is 18 for God’s sake) and so he just kind of awkwardly stays there until Kent finally looks at him and blurts out “you have great hands!” a little too loudly because a few people turn around to look at them and Kent wants to die but Tater is laughing and also kind of red and still here, so Kent thinks it can’t be going that bad

and long story short these two awkward boys somehow manage to actually talk to each other for a minute and set up a date to a local diner and Tater ends up in Kent’s room after laughing because here he is shirtless with his hair all messed up from the kissing and Kent is scrambling off of him to grab his sketchbook and some charcoal because “you’re perfect and I need to draw this right now” and Tater can’t think of anywhere he’d rather be


in which raphael is an heir to a hotel empire and he likes to take his rockstar boyfriend simon on trips around the world. parsons students clary and izzy always tag along  (even when they’re not freaking invited). 

When students get mad at me and I respond back

I’m like:

Was up Tumblr? The names Rori Moretti, I’m a 22 year old fashion student attending Parsons school of design in NY. I’m the daughter of a African mother and a Italian father, who pasted away 3 years ago. I’m just here to have fun and make friends while I’m still young so don’t be shy! Be sure to follow for frequent updates and a preview of my everyday life.