parrying dagger

An Analysis on Daggers: Gripping a Dagger

As requested, I will proceed to blurb about how to hold a dagger, I have even spent some time drawing some demonstrations on how to hold them as well.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce the dagger. There are tons and tons of variations of the dagger as there is really no true standard in defining them other than a short one handed dagger (aka, smaller than a sword). While there are many variations of a “small handheld sword” I will e touching on two main types:

  • Parrying Dagger
  • Rondel Dagger

Keep in mind there are other techniques other than what I will touch upon, based on era, country, and dagger variations. I am just discussing how and why to hold a rondel or parrying dagger. Feel free to correct me, ask me questions, or add more to what I have to say.

So Let’s Get started!

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anonymous asked:

Is dual wielding (like two swords, a sword and a knife or two knives) an actual effectiv fighting style or just something that looks cool??

With two swords, not really. There’s a few stray examples. It’s not so much ineffective as incredibly difficult. With that in mind, you can absolutely learn how to do this as an exhibition technique. Which, yes, ends up in the range of something that looks cool.

A sword and an off hand dagger has a lot of utility. The off hand dagger actually becomes a defensive tool.This can range from something like a stiletto, used to deflect an incoming strike, or it can include a swordbreaker, which depending on circumstances might simply hold your opponent’s blade in place while you turn them into goulash with your sword.

It’s probably worth remembering that the parrying dagger is more common when dealing with lighter blades, while sword breakers were more common when dealing with heavier, slower, blades.

Dual daggers are a legitimate, hyper-aggressive, knife fighting option. You’re trading any kind of defense for more opportunities to attack. When the user has the element of surprise it can make a bad situation so much worse, but if their foe can respond, it can go wrong for the dual wielder very quickly.

If you’re wondering how a knife can go from being a defensive tool to an offense option, it has to do with the ranges you’re engaging at. Incidentally, a swordsman with an off hand dagger does have the option to attack at extremely close ranges where they can’t attack with their sword.

I know we’ve said this before, but weapons have specific ranges. Get too close, and you can’t use them anymore. A sword works best at a little over arm’s length. For example: A sword won’t do much good while you’re lying on top of your foe. On the other hand, if you can reach out and touch someone, knives are always good to go. The advantage for a sword is it will add 36-40 inches to your reach.

It’s also worth remembering that a sword with an off-hand pistol was a real option up into the 19th century. You’d open an encounter by putting a bullet in someone, and then use the sword.


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anonymous asked:

Domestic Rosvolio request, Benvolio helps Rosaline brush her hair and get her ready while they discuss various public events they're required to attend.

He was whistling. The man was whistling.

She understood it for what it was – a childish attempt to goad her and provoke her temper – but she was determined not to let him succeed. She would ignore him, just as she had ignored him as he stood waiting in the doorway to her chamber, nonchalantly slouched with one hip leaning against the wooden frame. Just as she had ignored him when he slipped his parrying dagger from its sheath and began to trim his fingernails with it. But through it all, Rosaline struggled mightily to keep herself in check. Truly, the man was beyond insufferable.

His presence alone set her thoughts on edge, and she did not understand why he had been allowed to wait here in the first place, as she was still an unmarried woman – although not for long, if the prince and the heads of their two houses had their way – and he a known libertine of the worst kind. Above all, though, he was a Montague, and she supposed few of her kinsmen would want him roaming freely around the grounds of the Capulet palazzo.

Tonight was the banquet celebrating their betrothal, to be held at the palace, and he had come to escort her, but of course he had arrived early – another thing she was certain he had done deliberately, just to be irksome. So now he had to wait as she finished her preparations, and with the added distraction he was providing, it was taking longer than she had expected.

Rosaline told herself not to look at him, not to give him the satisfaction of knowing that his petty provocations were having any effect on her at all. But as she sat in her chair, pinning a lock of hair into place, she could not help it if her gaze momentarily swept over towards him, taking in his long form as he leaned against the door.

He was wearing a new doublet of rich dark leather, and even she could admit that it suited him, fitting close at shoulder and waist. Flourishes of cream-colored linen edged along his wrists and his half-unbuttoned collar and she could spot a tiny nick right below the edge of his jaw – a casualty, perhaps, of an unsteady hand during this morning’s shave.

His face, as always, was a handsome mask of devil-may-care arrogance, and if there was something below the surface of that countenance he presented to the world, she told herself she did not care to know what it was. Let other women be drawn in by whatever charms he might possess – she was made of stronger stuff.  

The whistling – praise the heavens – finally ceased, and he let out an audible sigh and crossed his arms over his chest, giving a wide glance about the room until finally letting his gaze come to rest on her. Rosaline itched to look back at him, to meet his proud glare with her own, but she would not give him the satisfaction of knowing he had provoked her to a response.

“Is that what you plan to wear?”

Rosaline bristled; of course this was what she was planning to wear, otherwise she would not be wearing it. Her dress, made of dark blue serge, imported at some cost from Florence, was entirely suitable for the occasion, if only a little plain, and besides, it was the nicest thing she owned. Not that he would understand privation, being allowed to live handsomely at his uncle’s expense.

She glanced up, anger swirling through her veins.

“Do you find something objectionable about my gown, sir?” she said, with ill-concealed contempt.

“I’m not sure,” he replied, taking a step into the room, his dark eyebrows raised. “Are you attending our betrothal celebration or a funeral? Or perhaps you’re planning on taking vows at the convent as soon as the evening’s festivities are concluded?”

Her hands curled into fists within the folds of her skirts.

“If that was all it took to keep me from a lifetime of your company, I might well look to the convent!” She paused, pushing herself to breathe deeply and regain her composure. “But, yes, this is what I plan to wear.”

He offered her a small snort of disbelief. “Oh, come now, my lady, there must be something slightly less sepulchral that will serve just as well.” He walked towards the wooden chest that sat at the foot of her bed and gave it a small tap with his boot. “What treasures might be found in this fine reliquary, I wonder?”

And before she could even rise to her feet to stop him, he had lifted the lid and begun to sift through her belongings – as if they were his, as if they, and she, belonged to him already and she had nothing, not even a tiny corner of an old battered storage chest, to call her own.

“Sir, I must protest at this!” she cried. “As my betrothed, you are allowed certain liberties, but I cannot –”

“Ah,” he said, cutting off her words, his eyes fixated on something within the depths of the chest. “A prize, indeed.”

At first she had no idea what he had found, but as he pulled it free and began to unwrap it from the pale muslin cloth that covered it, she caught a glimpse of brilliant velvet, tiny beads along the edging of the cuffs catching in the warm light of the late afternoon sun.

In truth, she had forgotten about it entirely, for it had been at the bottom of the chest for several years, and it had been longer still since she had seen it gracing the figure of its original owner. The memories welled up like tears: the last Twelfth Night they had all been together as a family, the house draped in festive curls of ivy and servants piling the table high with dishes, the aroma of onion and sage from the meat pies making Rosaline and Livia’s stomachs grumble with anticipation, and at the center, orchestrating it all, a honey-voiced woman in a beautiful burgundy-colored gown.

He unfolded the dress and lifted it up to get a better look, letting the skirts swing freely without touching the ground. Something in his face, though, had shifted. The arrogant expression had slipped away, two tiny lines now appearing between his brows, his gaze unmooring itself from the object in front of him. It made little sense, his reaction – and then through the haze of her own emotions she remembered that he, too, was an orphan. When had been his last Twelfth Night? she wondered.

“‘Twas my mother’s,” she said quietly.

He nodded, and after a moment turned his head to look at her.

“Will it do?” he asked. “For tonight?”

To her surprise, she made no objection, only calling for a servant to come and help her change, for she needed another pair of hands to loosen the lacings of the old gown and tighten those of the new. She worked quickly, tugging the garment into place, only once or twice taking advantage of her position from behind the dressing screen to watch him absently pace along the length of the stone floor.

But once Rosaline finally emerged, fitted and laced, she found herself unwilling to meet his eye, overcome by a strange and altogether uncharacteristic fit of self-consciousness. She kept her gaze lowered as she returned to her seat and at once resumed the pinning of her hair. Every part of her was acutely aware of his presence – and the directness of his gaze upon her – but even so, she did her best to ignore him, just as she had before.

He slowly circled around her, finally coming to a stop nearly in front of where she sat.

“Hmmm, not quite,” he said, his voice cool and appraising.

Her heart sank deep into itself, heavy with disappointment, followed no less quickly by a thunderous voice rising in her mind, unbraiding her for caring a whit for what this Montague cad thought of anything at all. Sweet Jesu, was there no end to his torment of her? He would dare to offer criticism of her attire, even after he had been the one to request that she change it? He would impart cruelties, even after she had foolishly confessed to him where the burgundy gown had come from?

A newly-hatched barb was ready on her tongue when he suddenly kneeled down in front of her, his hand reaching into his doublet and pulling out a small object wrapped in a handkerchief.

“You are missing something,” he said, unfolding the fabric in the palm of his hand until at last it revealed a pair of luminous pearl and ruby earrings set in filigrees of gold. “These.”

Rosaline’s breath wavered within her chest as she gazed down at the jewels. Where had he possibly come by such finery? And what did he mean by presenting them to her in this manner?

“They were my mother’s,” he murmured. “And now – if you wish – they shall be yours.” 

She hesitated for a moment, as the thought of accepting anything at all from this man was too new to seem anything but strange. But overcome by the allure of his gift and – in some immeasurable way – by the blush of sincerity in his sea-green eyes, she reached out and took the earrings from his outstretched hand. The stones were still warm against her fingertips – warm from him, she realized, from having been carried so close against the heat of his body.

Setting that unbidden thought aside, she quietly murmured her thanks and then slipped the earrings on one at a time, taking a tiny pleasure in the feel of them as they graced along the side of her neck. She had no looking glass by which to judge, but she felt certain they looked beautiful and served as a fine complement to the dress she wore.

The smile on his lips – perhaps the first he had ever freely given her – seemed to tell her that as well.

“But now, if you will hand me one of your pins, my lady?” he asked, extending an open palm to her once more. “Your chambermaid has disappeared and I wish to be of some use. Perhaps then,” he continued, his tone low and arch with measured drollery, “we might arrive at our own celebration before the night ends and the morning breaks anew…”

[my Still Star-Crossed ficlets are on AO3 – read them here]

BNHA: Riddles in the Heart, 1/3

Pairing: Tododeku

Summary:  The law is clear: whoever correctly answers three riddles will marry the prince, while all who fail are to be executed. The people live in fear as more challengers try and fail, and the throne grows bloodier with every passing year. But a young prince, nameless and in exile from his home, believes there may be more to this brutal challenge than meets the eye. 

Of course, there’s only one way to find out: ring the gong, and take the trial.

(Royalty/Fantasy AU)


Act I: The Challenge

The sun was low in the sky, and the streets on the outskirts of the city were quiet. The people who lived here were those that kept their heads down, minded their own business, and did their best not to draw attention to themselves.

This mattered little to the young man racing through the streets, feet aching as they pounded the stones. His breath was short but he was not yet winded, the pressure in his lungs not quite a burning.

He threw a quick glance over his shoulder, and slowed his pace when he saw that his pursuers were beginning to lag behind. Losing them now was no good—if they gave up, they might go back to hunting the others.

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fuqboizneversaydie  asked:

Dual wielding swords might be impractical anon but what isn't impractical is a girl with a sword and a parrying dagger that she can use to disarm and rob her less deserving opponents. and there's so many sweet looking daggers to choose from

^^^^^ say it louder for the people in the back

Summary of Dark Souls 3 Weapons
  • Dagger: Why aren't you using a Bandit's Knife
Parrying Dagger: Never actually used as a weapon

  • Mail Breaker: Fuck your shields
Bandit's Knife: Quick, exploit the Bleed
Rotten Ghru Dagger: Poison for the lazy
Corvian Greatknife: THIS is a knife
Handmaid's Dagger: I will stab you no matter what
Scholar's Candlestick: Laser power-up

  • Tailbone Short Sword: Drake Sword Lite Edition
Brigand Twindaggers: Dragon's Dogma
Harpe: Not actually a musical instrument

  • Shortsword: Why aren't you using a Longsword

  • Longsword: Ol' Faithful

  • Broadsword: Who uses stab attacks anyway

  • Broken Straight Sword: 10 of these during early game

  • Astora Straight Sword: Losing my religion

  • Lothric Knight Sword: Let's get stabby
Barbed Straight Sword: Constantly getting caught on clothing probably
Dark Sword: Emo blade with added Meta
Cleric's Candlestick: Blue Flame's gross uncle
Irithyll Straight Sword: Chillrend

  • Anri's Straight Sword: Waifu sword

  • Sunlight Straight Sword: Praising just got easier
Morion Blade: Remember how Demon's Soul was a thing
  • Lothric's Holy Sword: HOLY SHIT LASERS

  • Gotthard Twinswords: Sith Lord Cosplay

  • Bastard Sword: Why aren't you using a Claymore
Claymore: Larger Faithful

  • Flameberge: Zweihander's gay little brother

  • Hollowslayer Greatsword: Dumbshit's guide to DS2
Black Knight Sword: Crossfit while fighting demons
  • Executioner's Greatword: Tarkus Concept Art
Wolf Knight's Greatword: Can you actually imagine a Wolf doing flips like this like holy shit

  • Wolnir's Holy Sword: Trypophobia Blade
Greatsword of Judgment: Moonlight Greatsword Lite Edition

Moonlight Greatsword: Raspberry Popsicle of Cameo Obligation

  • Twin Princes' Greatsword: Literally fire-ing mah lazar
  • Drakeblood Greatsword: Over ambitious longsword

Firelink Greatsword: Finally got one, finally disappointed
  • Zweihander: Baby's First UGS

  • Greatsword: Repairs complete
Astora Greatsword: CHAAAAAAAAAARGE
Farron Greatsword: Breakdancing Blade
Fume Ultra Greatsword: Hits like a truck, the size and weight of one too
Profaned Greatsword: Fire Greatsword Mk I

  • Cathedral Knight Greatsword: Gatsu stronk
Black Knight Greatsword: Original Golf Driver
Lorian's Greatsword: Fire Greatsword Mk II

  • Lothric Knight Greatsword: Bass Cannon knockoff

Scimitar: Why aren't you using a Falchion

Falchion: Oroboro's penis

  • Sellsword Twinblades: Russian weapons, Arabic implications
  • Shotel: Douchebag Blade
  • Crescent Moon Sword: Karkat Vantas firing lasers
  • Pontiff Knight Curved Sword: How do insects even eat metal like damn
  • Warden Twinblades: Obligatory bleed variant

Painting Guardian's Curved Sword: Sick spins

  • Dancer's Enchanted Swords: Rave Swords

  • Storm Curved Sword: Fart Scimatar

  • Carthus Curved Sword: If only it were the Kilij
Carthus Shotel: Karkat Vantas Skeleton Edition

  • Rotten Ghru Curved Sword: Poo Sword

  • Murakumo: Finally has a decent moveset
Exile Greatsword: Bandaid hilt
Old Wolf Curved Sword: No weapon class is safe from fan service

  • Carthus Curved Greatsword: Bleed Edition

Uchigatana: PvP Standard
Washing Pole: Sephiroth cosplay
Black Blade: Style points aren’t currency

  • Darkdrift: Why do Asian cultures love invisible swords so much
Onikiri and Ubadachi: Shonen Jump
  • Chaos Blade: Anti-magic pixel
Bloodlust: You can't hurt me if I hurt myself
Rapier: The grip is white now

Ricard's Rapier: How legendary can badly defending one stairway be
Crystal Sage's Rapier: Drop your shit goddamnit
Irithyll Rapier: Chillrend poke edition
  • Battle Axe: Swing it differently this time

Brigand Axe: Is it superior? Who knows
Thrall Axe: Poison Swamp Trivialiser
Dragonslayer's Axe: Cockney man refuses to die
Butcher Knife: Forever the Fat Woman's specialty

  • Winged Knight Twinaxes: Twin Spin to Win

  • Eleonora: Pried from the hands of hands with hands
Man Serpent Hatchet: Karkat Vantas Snake Edition

  • Greataxe: Award for most unchanged weapon

  • Dragonslayer Greataxe: This isn’t a spear
Demon's Greataxe: Now ON FIRE

  • Great Machete: *sad Capra Demon noises*
Yhorm's Great Machete: You only use that notch when angry
  • Black Knight Greataxe: Jump for joy/death
Club: Literally a stick

Reinforced Club: Stick with nails
  • Mace: Why are these always associated with clerics
Morning Star: Absolutely Barbaric
  • Drang Hammers: Akin to interperative dance

Heysel Pick: More like pick a different weapon amirite

  • Warpick: MrIWont4Get's Favourite
Blacksmith Hammer: You're holding it backwards
Gargoyle Flame Hammer: Every Greathammer needs a flamethrower
Large Club: Not the Great Club
  • Great Club: Not the Large Club
Great Mace: Berenike classic
Vordt's Great Hammer: Fridge Hammer
Morne's Great Hammer: Grant 2.0
Great Wooden Hammer: Visions of Giant Blacksmith

Smough's Great Hammer: Whack-a-mole just got silly
Old King's Great Hammer: Another classic ON FIRE
Pickaxe: Minecraft cosplay
Dragon Tooth: Havel’s penis

  • Spiked Mace: Dynasty Warriors

  • Caestus: The ol' 1-2
Demon's Fist: Kyo Kusanagi
Dark Hand: Can't suck Humanity, might as well suck balls
  • Claw: *Wolverine joke*

  • Manikin Claws: Nobody has original designs, do they

  • Arstor's Spear: Vlad the Impaler
Drang Twinspears: How is this a practical setup
Gargoyle Flame Spear: GARGOYLE used FLAME CHARGE
Spear: The Poker
Winged Spear: The Better Poker

Tailbone Spear: The Fart Poker
Pike: The Long Poker
  • Four-Pronged Plow: Couple with torches to gank Shrek cosplayers
Saint Bident: Saint Bident of Charge

  • Rotten Ghru Spear: The Poop Poker
Partizan: Almost a Halberd
Yorshka's Spear: Anti-mage Poker
Dragonslayer Spear: Oh, there it is
Dragonslayer Swordspear: More Ornstein than Ornstein
Golden Ritual Spear: Pilgrim’s Spontoon hit by a car
  • Soldering Iron: BDSM Souls

  • Lothric Knight Long Spear: The Steady Poker
Greatlance: At least a horse is mentioned this time

  • Halberd: Scrub stick

  • Red Hilted Halberd: Scrub stick Classic Edition

  • Lucerne: Switzerland must exist apparently
Winged Knight Halberd: Spin to Win and Win and Win and Win and Win

  • Glaive: They still fucking got the name wrong

  • Crescent Axe: Pick a weapon class damnit

  • Gundyr's Halberd: You put your halberd in and you spin it all about
Black Knight Glaive: Finally named correctly
Immolation Tinder: Hard to get dates with this thing

  • Great Scythe: All Scythes are great

  • Pontiff Knight Great Scythe: Even the cold ones
Great Corvian Scythe: And the feathery ones
Whip: Softcore

  • Notched Whip: Hardcore
Witch's Locks: Hotcore
Spotted Whip: Spotcore
  • Short Bow: Why aren't you using a Composite Bow

  • Longbow: Why aren't you using the Black Bow of Pharis

  • Composite Bow: Original Crackshot
  • Dragonrider Bow: Why you're NOT using the Composite bow
Black Bow of Pharis: Robin Hood's wet dream

Darkmoon Longbow: Original Darkmoon Bow didn't go through puberty well
Onislayer Greatbow: Still gotta be Japanese-y
Dragonslayer Greatbow: I am the bone of my sword
Light Crossbow: Why aren't you using the Heavy Crossbow
  • Knight's Crossbow: Crossbow 2; Electric Boogaloo

  • Arbalest: Suspicious name change
Sniper Crossbow: Actually functional now
Avelyn: Enter The Matrix
Heavy Crossbow: Completionism Crossbow

  • Sorcerer's Staff: First Laser Stick
Heretic's Staff: Shunned Laser Stick
Witchtree Branch: Dusk’s Laser Stick

  • Sage's Crystal Staff: Diamonds aren’t forever
Izalith Staff: Still can’t cast fire spells
Court Sorcerer's Staff: Logan’s bent dong
Man-Grub's Staff: You feelin’ lucky punk
Storyteller's Staff: Attempted murder

  • Medicant's Staff: I NEED THE SHIELD DAMNIT
Archdeacon Great Staff: Holy Laser Stick
Pyromancy Flame: FALCON PUNCH
Talisman: Totally not toiler paper

  • Saint's Talisman: Holy toilet paper

  • Sunlight Talisman: Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder

  • Canvas Talisman: Eco Toilet Paper
White Hair Talisman: Toilet Paper after Mexican
Sunless Talisman: Luxury Toilet Paper

  • Cleric's Sacred Chime: The Lords be with you

  • Priest's Chime: And also with you

  • Crystal Chime: How does this not break all the time
Caitha's Chime: This bell is full of BEES

  • Saint-tree Bellvine: Even trees are goddamn saints

  • Yorshka's Chime: You monster
gemsona weapon ideas part 8

Imma keep cranking these out for as long as i keep finding cool weapons to put in them.

Part 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Lots of small weapons and blades in this one.

The trench mace was used during WWI, mostly made from random materials so long as they were capable of bludgeoning the closest person.

Also from WWI (but unlike the trench mace, still used today.) is the entrenching tool. which is basically a small combat shovel that sometimes has a pick on it.

I’m kind of cheating with this one since its a class of weapon rather than a specific kind. Rapiers are like swords but much thinner and only really made for stabbing and thrusting attacks.

The Konda comes from Africa and looks cool, that’s all you really need to know.

These next three are all made for the same thing, being held offhand with a sword to parry and block your opponent’s sword.

You have the trident dagger,

the parrying dagger,

and the sword breaker.

Dueling shields are massive but can be used offensively.

If that creepy guy from Hellsing Ultimate has taught us anything, it’s that bayonets can be used effectively without needing a gun to mount them on.

Finally we have a harpoon, barbed and made to be thrown at something bigger than you.

Let me know if this helps.

Expanded Weapons List 5e

Broadsword: This stout, wide-bladed weapon lacks the accuracy of a longsword, but what it lacks in accuracy, it redeems with deadliness. 

Craghammer: This dwarven hammer has a heavily weighted head, making it resemble a one-handed maul backed by a deadly spike. 

Double Axe: Fitted with an axe head at each end, a double axe offers increased offensive and defensive capabilities.

Double Flail: This weapon has a spiked flail head at either end to maximize attack and damage. 

Double Sword: This well-balanced weapon combines the deadliness of two longswords with increased defensive capability.

Execution Axe: This broad-bladed axe is heavily weighted for greater hewing power. 

Fullblade: This enormous, two-handed sword is favored by fighters and paladins.

Greatbow: This massive, recurved bow stands as tall as a human when strung, and it fires arrows with greater power than a traditional longbow. 

Greatspear: This reach weapon resembles a longspear, but its broad head and strong haft allow it to strike with increased force. 

Heavy War Pick: This larger version of the light war pick delivers devastating strikes. 

Khopesh: This sturdy weapon is identified by the crescent-shaped curve at the end of its blade. 

Kukri: The blade of this heavy knife curves forward for greater potency. A rogue proficient with the kukri can treat it as a dagger for the purpose of the Rogue Weapon Talent class feature. 

Light War Pick: This smaller version of the war pick is suitable as an off-hand weapon. 

Mordenkrad: First used by dwarf shock troops in battle against giants, this oversized two-handed hammer has a massive head studded with spikes. 

Parrying Dagger: This narrow dagger features a specially designed guard that can deflect attacks. A rogue proficient with the parrying dagger can treat it as a dagger for the purpose of the Rogue Weapon Talent class feature. 

Repeating Crossbow: A rectangular magazine attaches to the top of this crossbow. A double-action lever drops a bolt into place as a free action, then fires it as a standard action. A repeating crossbow does not need to be reloaded as long as it has ammunition in its magazine. A magazine costs 1 gp and holds 10 bolts. It takes a standard action to remove an empty magazine and load a new one. 

Spiked Gauntlet: These gauntlets are specially fitted with metal spikes. Unlike other weapons, the spiked gauntlet occupies your magic item hands slot while enchanted. 

Scourge: This lightweight flail has leather thongs inlaid with sharpened bits of metal or bone.

Spiked Shield: This light shield is constructed with a sharpened spike at its center. A spiked shield can be enchanted as a magic shield or a magic weapon, but not both. A spiked shield enchanted as a magic weapon does not occupy a character’s magic item arms slot. Although a character cannot use two shields at the same time, a character wielding a spiked shield enchanted as a weapon can employ arms slot items such as bracers.

Superior Crossbow: This crossbow appears similar to a traditional crossbow, but it has knobs and dials that allow the weapon to be fine-tuned for greater accuracy.

Tratnyr: Also known as the wingspear, this weapon was first crafted by the dragonborn for maximum efficiency in melee and ranged combat.

Trident: This three-tined spear is weighted for throwing over short distances. 

Triple-headed Flail: This oversized flail has three heads for more potent attacks. 

Urgrosh: Originally of dwarven make, this weapon has a heavy axe head at one end (dealing d12 damage) and a sharp spear point at the base of the haft (dealing d8 damage). 

Waraxe: This weapon’s superior balance allows it to be wielded in one hand. 

anonymous asked:

Oh brave knight, I need to ask something of you. As a master of medieval warfare, how were basic weapons classified? Example (shortsword, longsword, polearm, longbow). I want to make a list of weapons for my setting/system (and I don't want to get too specific or too vague)

Oh good Anon, I shalt do mine utmost to instruct thee.


Swords historically are a mixed bag. In earlier periods, any sword, regardless of length is classed as “sword”, rather simply. “Short-sword” generally is a term referring to ‘half-sword’, which is a technique of the longsword (or ‘sword in two hands’).

Single-handed swords (’arming swords’, messers, etc) usually just fall into this category until later periods when larger swords are in circulation. In Tudor England, tournament rolls deem terms for weaponry, such as “sword, bastard sword and longsword”, though the middle term does not specify exactly what this means, so we are uncertain. By modern terminology, a bastard sword is a longsword or katana - a weapon that can be used ideally in both hands, but easily in one. Elizabethian terminology seems to differentiate on this, or perhaps a “longsword” referred to the greatsword used in Spain and Germany (montante/bidenhander).

Most cut-and-thrust weapons are simply deemed ‘sword’ equally so, making distinction without description difficult. But considering that the time period in which they come to be favoured largely makes them the sole sword one thinks of apart from the greatsword, this makes some sense…though arming swords were still used, though less frequently, and likely still deemed ‘sword’.

Later periods (especially the renaissance) introduce new types of ‘swords’, suh as the cinquedea in Italy, the baselard types with handguards for rapier fencing, ale-house daggers, etc. Normally categorized as daggers, these do occasionally get called a type of sword, though I am unsure of how often in contemporary accounts.


These tended toward their pole-head function, but were generally used similarly, and Meyer certainly considered them virtually identical in practice. Poleaxes are a strange case as they were rather varied, and could have either a hammer OR axe-head, a spike on top being universal, and either a pick-spike or hammer at the back.
Spears are self evident, though different types of spear existed, usually termed based upon the broadness of the head, and the use of flanges/wings to prevent deep penetration.
Billhooks are a specialist type of pole weapon, usually a peasant weapon, but anti-cavalry, meant to bring them down. Think of them as a cheap and easy answer to the nobleman’s poleaxe.
Pikes are essentially a really long version of a poleaxe, closer to a Halberd (with is a massive axe with a spike on top), used to prevent cavalry and to wreck infantry at range. Made famous by the Swiss, and used to devastating effect.
Other polearms existed, but as you can imagine, length, region, and shape of the head tended to designate the name of the weapon.


Tended toward the function and build, as well as nation.
English Longbow/warbow was specifically made of yew heartwood, preferably from the Mediterranean regions. They were generally massive things, not being composites or recurves, but made from a single stave, sometimes taller than the user, able to have a draw weight of something about 185 lbs supposedly. Originally, they were actually Welsh in make, but after the English encountered them and found they occasionally punched arrows through shields, they adopted them readily.

Most bows were used for hunting, and of a short variety, lacking the same weight and size of the massive warbows. Think closer to modern bows in size, but not packing as massive a weight, generally about 50-70 lbs. Likewise, they varied in type. Eastern bows tended toward Recurve design, some hunting bows seem to utilise this. 

Bows tend to be designated by terms of size, weight, and function derived from this. Larger bows function well combat wise, for obvious reasons (draw weight).


Dependent upon time period. Early daggers are basically swords in miniature, but high-to-late Mediaeval periods tended toward the rondel dagger which is more of a sharp spike meant to slip between armour.
I think @we-are-rogue can cover this section far more readily than I, and has done so before, so I’ll leave this open.

I will add that later period daggers take a lot of forms, with the Cinquedea of Italy being a throwback to earlier designs, being a tiny sword with a lot of thrusting capability, and parrying daggers themselves are slender blades with prongs for blade catching, but work well for thrusts.

This is Malik, an Egyptian pro hero who worked in Cairo before going to Japan to volunteer to help fight the league of villains. His quirk is being able to control speed and pressure of air in tubes. To capitalize on that he uses a blunt hollowed out rapier and parrying dagger which he uses with his quirk for precise and powerful blows.

He’s an overall friendly and pleasant guy to hang around even if at times he seems a bit too cocky, something he uses to cover his deeply analytical mind.

He used to be a bit of a hotshot who used heavy bulky gauntlets and powered through combat with brute force but one day he met a villain capable of withstanding his attacks with openings he couldn’t really exploit. The meeting ended with him losing an arm and most of his self confidence. He requested a prosthetic arm and decided to start training to be a master of finesse weapons and a technique heavy warrior, seeing as his methods weren’t working well.

PSA for The Musketeers fandom writers (WITH PICTURES!)

part 2 of 2. (continued from here)

Again, this is all really basic stuff. I am by no means an expert in anything. It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of fic writers getting confused by this stuff. So if I got my facts wrong I take corrections!

 Anyway, lot of you people will simply nod your heads and say “but I know all of this already”! Well, but there are people who are just now beginning to become fascinated by cloak and dagger fiction type fighting & weapons. This is for them.

Let’s cover melee weapons this time.

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I totally redesigned peacock!Nino’s outfit for my fanfic, and I like this so much better. 

His weapons are three throwing daggers, which are the decorative tips of the aiguillettes (the braided cords). He just snaps them and lengthens them with a button press. The one on the right serves as a communicator when the button is pressed.

He can use his daggers to parry, pin enemies, stand on, and to perform his attack, Seeing Eye. He can summon them back to his hands if he concentrates.

I dub him Régalien. :)

laural-the-cinnamon-bun  asked:

Badaxe (even if Laural is a pacifist.)

// Cerulean Grace, it’s not a whip, it’s a ribbon that works like a shield or a parrying dagger of a sort

// a ribbon that could withstand the strength and sharpness of steel, could tie up foes too!

// this used to be my oc’s weapon about two years ago, but i think it would be better if i give it to Laural


41 Reasons (so far) why I love The Musketeers
  1. leather
  2. hats
  3. gloves
  4. BOOTS. with HEELS. 
  5. capes
  6. did I mention leather?
  7. pauldrons
  8. swords
  9. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father: prepare to die.” “My name is d’Artagnan of Lupiac in Gascony. Prepare to fight: one of us dies here.” “Can I ask why?” “You murdered my father.”
  10. flintlock muskets
  11. flintlock pistols
  12. Murray Gold’s gorgeous, cinematic score
  13. unapologetically Wild West tropes: gunfights complete with people hiding in and under wagons, people falling off buildings and crashing through porch roofs, and good guys killing bad guys with one shot while no one else gets a scratch (not even damsels in distress caught in the crossfire). Never mind that guns were terribly inaccurate at that period. But those bad guys (and some good guys) die instantly (and bloodlessly), unless they have something important to say first, in which case they obligingly wait for the hero to run over and kneel down next to them, then die artistically. Like in opera. Or Star Trek. And of course there very last scene in the entire series is of the four of them riding off into the sunset.
  14. Mr. Darcy Mr. Rochester M. le Comte de la Fère
  15. Constance
  16. (spoiler:) Saving Constance! Yay, she lives!
  17. location, location, location (not a studio scene to be had)
  18. sarcasm
  19. melons
  20. the fantastic male costumes (did I mention leather?)
  21. the horrible female costumes, which look like they were made for a Project Runway Disney Broadway challenge. They are so bad they are great. 
  22. Athos’s shouty voice
  23. Athos’s quiet voice
  24. sword flipping
  25. sword fighting
  26. two-handed swordfights, with rapier (sword) and gauche (parrying dagger)
  27. poet shirts
  28. chest hair
  29. sweaty chest hair
  30. dousing actors with water every now and then for that sexy wet hair or wet shirt look
  31. did I mention leather?
  32. The Stare
  33. Aramis throwing himself on an unexploded grenade to save the queen and his friends (spoiler: it’s a dud, so he lives)
  34. ninja nuns 
  35. Roger the Horse
  36. Big, 17th-century style (King Louis)
  37. The Bodyguard, 17th-century style (Aramis and Queen Anne)
  38. Rules for Card Games and Duels with Porthos
  39. Monday Mornings with Athos (including breakfast recipes, grooming tips, and flower-pressing)
  40. Gastronomy with the Gascon (restaurant reviews by d’Artagnan)
  41. Manly Homemaking Skills with Aramis (sewing projects, DIY brandy still and brandy, and baby handling tips)