parrot dinosaur

AND FINALLY our Ixalan Prerelease mat! There were dinosaurs on the ship at one point but my boss took them off because he’s profoundly lame.

If you want your LGS to have this mat, have them contact to set ‘em up right. Check if your LGS is gonna have them, we’ve been shipping worldwide for the last 4 sets

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I have all these other projects I should be working on tonight but instead I ended up drawing my parrot as a dinosaur.

I’m really gonna try to upload some Ironbeak stuff this week; I’ve been busy every single day since Christmas. If you’re still waiting for a reply to your ask, thank you for being patient with me!


Why are Theropods Like This???


In case there were ever a doubt that birds are mini dinosaurs, listen to this tiny dino boy in slow mo! My word, what a ferocious fellow he be!
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