parrot and cat

“Arthur and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“We gingers need to stick together. She tends to take it literally. Maybe she thinks she’s a parrot?”

Couldn’t leave out my darling Rory, just look at that smoulder! This is the last painting I currently have for ‘Hot Guys With Baby Animals,’ but I may sporadically add to the series later on. ^_^

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Poor boy, no one got your name right
We always can misspell words easily, but seeing so many different ways of misspelling are there is hilarious.

Remember everyone! His name is Plette  Pallet  Patlet  Pallette

Stick-cat and Goth belongs to @nekophy

Anger Parrot and Palette Roller belongs to @angexci


Jimin Scenario: Cats Are Fickle.

Request: Jimin has been ‘sharing’ your cat. When he’s really stressed or pissed or sad somehow your cat finds him and either curls up on his lap or hops a ride on his shoulders (kinda like a fluffy parrot). Your cat is also evil and an excellent matchmaker. (i really want a first meetings like in 101 dalmations were they get tangled together thanks to the cat) I’m sorry this is a mess

Genre: Fluff.

Jimin knew he shouldn’t have opened his mouth about his grade, the moment he lifted the test page and saw the results he shouldn’t have been surprised at all, but there he went, going to the professor to check it because he believed he had a better score, he was wrong of course, so he ended up with an even worse grade than before since the professor noticed he had not seen another of his mistakes. 

Then there was the dance practice issue, he thought he was going to relax there since dancing was his thing, but Jimin the proper dancer had fallen a total of five times attempting a new footwork that shouldn’t have supposed him any trouble, now he was bruised and sore and the teacher had started to look for some other main dancers, “just in case” he had said, like that made him feel any better.

He arrived home almost at night, completely done already for the day, he wanted to take a break from everything, so he just stayed out of his house sitting on the porch, not ready for his mom to ask how his day had gone and him having to say that it had been a complete disappointment.

Jimin threw his backpack to his feet and suddenly an orange furry thing came to his view with a jump. He was already sitting on the steps but he still got startled by it, he didn’t expect seeing a cat on his porch.

-Hello- he said a bit tired as the cat stood there staring at him, maybe wondering if Jimin was going to do something. -It’s ok, you can be here- the cat kept staring at him until it came closer surprising Jimin, he saw the fluffy thing come near him, its fur was ginger with stripes of a deeper orange.

-Hi- he said again extending a hand slowly so to not scare away the little kitten. He was pleased when the cat approached his hand and let Jimin pet him. He noticed the cat had a blue collar, he was pretty friendly so this must be someone’s cat, but he didn’t know whose. 

Jimin retreated his hand and sighed thinking again of the events of the day, the cat on the other hand jumped to his lap and made itself comfortable there.

-So you want company? I can say I’m good at that, I’m alone now though, but just because I had a horrible day- Jimin said to the cat, running his hand through the ginger fur, he wondered what would people think if they heard him talking to a cat that was not even his to begin with. -I don’t really care, I can talk to you buddy- he disregarded his own thoughts and smiled when the cat purred. 

It was a male Jimin noticed after some minutes when the cat rolled in his lap, he wondered what his name was.
Jimin then noticed someone walked past his porch, it was his neighbor, he had seen you a couple of times before but he didn’t really know you. Now when you looked his way you stopped and smiled lightly.

-Romeo! There you are- you said with a happy tone of voice. You started walking his way making Jimin look curiously at you. -Oh I’m sorry, Romeo, what are you doing?-

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People who breed animals for fun or profit are scum.

Animals do not exist to make you money. They do not exist for your amusement.

There are too many companion animals. Shelters and rescues are overrun. You are adding to the problem. It is YOUR fault that dog will be put down today. It’s YOUR fault that parrot rescue can’t take in more.

And to those who breed wild animals as pets? Are you kidding me?

Fuck breeders. Adopt don’t shop.

HA! talk: Grandpa and Helga

You know what’s a REALLY cool relationship on this show that no one ever seems to appreciate enough?

Phil and Helga.

Each of these characters is absolutely phenomenal on their own. Phil’s wiley, fun loving, a professional embellisher and a never ending jokester and Helga’s a kooky, fierce, caring, passionate, romantic. But put them together on screen and they’re a barrel of laughs and have a really fun chemistry but more importantly, they have a really impressive story.

What I always found the most interesting is how Phil, unlike Arnold, easily concluded Helga’s crush on Arnold (as stated in the series as well as by Bartlett). Arnold’s pretty dense about it but Phil’s experienced the same situation and the happy ending that followed (he married Pookie). He put the clues and obvious evidence together (and he seems to me to find it quite charming on top of that)
and the cool part is that since then:

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