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100 ways to say “I love you.”

1. “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”

A song that Jordan doesn’t recognize plays over the car radio quietly and he watches as Lydia reaches over to turn up the volume a little, her fingers tapping against the steering wheel to the beat as she zooms down route 99. Just taking one look at her, he can tell that she’s trying her best to stay awake. He figures that she didn’t sleep well at the motel they stayed at last night, probably from the fact that the beds were uncomfortable. He’s not sure of course, since he doesn’t even own a bed back at his apartment, opting to just sleep on his couch because after his years in the army and unhealthy sleeping habits, he’s pretty sure he’ll never get used to a bed again.

It’s nearly six in the morning and dawn is peaking over the horizon. The first rays of light slowly fill up the sky, turning the dark blue of the sky into a soft orange-red. Lydia reaches for her coffee and takes a few sips since it’s most likely the only thing keeping her awake right now.

But even then, Jordan knows she’s tired.

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