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I can finally start writing again yayayayaayayayay!!!!!!! ANYWAYS, you can start requesting again so please do. All you need to leave is: a prompt, character, and any other specific ideas!

I will write about people from the following:


✓Teen Wolf

✓The Vampire Diaries

✓Peter Parker (Andrew or Tom. PLEASE include which one)

✓Young X Men

✓Barry Allen

✓The 100



✓The Originals

I was tagged by the talented @vxtya , thank you lovely 😘😘

Rules: list five otps from different fandoms and tag 10 people

1. Jean Moreau & Jeremy Knox(tfc/aftg)

2. Dean Thomas & Seamus Finnigan(HP)

3. Ronan Lynch & Adam Parrish(trc)

4. Simon Lewis & Raphael Santiago(shadowhunters)

5. Kara Danvers & Lena Luther(supergirl)

I tag! @thegirlinthehighcastle @thef0xholecourt @hanrywinter @princepscorvum @caradocdearborn @cococonners @castiel-phantasmagoria (hi claire! 😘) @parrishly @raphaelsantiangel and @andrewjminyrds
My TMI fan-cast

(I made this before the TV show casting and even though I love love love the new cast, I’m just leaving this here)

Clary Fray: Molly Quinn (age: 21)

Jace Herondale: Hunter Parrish (age: 27)

Simon Lewis: Robert Sheehan (age: 27)

Isabelle Lightwood: Adelaide Kane (age: 24)

Alec Lightwood: Grant Gustin (age: 25)

Magnus Bane: Godfrey Gao (age: 30)

Maia Roberts: Jaz Sinclair (age: )

Jordan Kyle: Luke Pasqualino (age: 25)

Sebastian Morgenstern: Conor Mclain (age: 22)

Valentine Morgenstern: Paul Bettany (age: 43)

What do you guys think?