Emelie was happy that she had Jason around in times like these. Their relationship between each other seemed like it was becoming much more complicated than the simple ex-brother-in-law, sister-in-law situation that they had previously. It was different now. He kissed her. More than once. They both admitted that they had met each other before she had met Justin. It was borderline upsetting that she felt like she couldn’t act upon anything, as much as she wanted to.

Even so, as a result, Emelie just struggled with what to say. She didn’t say much through their dinner, except the occasional ‘thank you’ and 'this is so good.’

James was sensing the fact that there was something odd going on between the two of them. He coped in the only way he knew — clinging horribly onto his uncle.


Soha nem fogom elfogadni, hogy vege lett.
Hogy minden boldog pillanatom - amit amugy csak Te okoztal - par hetig tarthatott.
Soha nem fogom megerteni, hogy mi fogott meg ennyire,
Es soha nem fogom megerteni, hogy miert nem ereszt.
Azt se fogom megerteni soha, hogy miert irok rolad minden nap regenyeket, mikozben Te a letezesemet is elfelejted.

Te soha nem fogod megerteni, hogy mit meg nem tettem volna erted es soha nem fogod megtudni pontosan, hogy mit erzek irantad.
Soha, mert nem ertheted.
Soha, mert en sem erthetem.

Soha nem leszek olyan boldog senki mellett,
Soha nem fogom azt erezni, amit veled.
Soha nem fogom meg majd ugy a kezet senkinek, mint neked es
Soha nem csokolok senkit se olyan hevesen, mint teged.

Soha senki nem lesz Te.
Soha senki nem lesz Mi.


Painted par Akara

Elevators- Leafyishere Imagine

In which Calvin keeps running into (Y/N) on the apartment building elevator.

Originally posted by leafybeefy

A/N: Hello, I enjoy writing sub par fanfiction on my free time! Haha, anyway this is my first time writing a “person x reader” fic, and my first imagine I’ve written in a reallllllyyyyy long time so hopefully it isn’t that bad. Enjoy!   

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Aviso Sensuañññ: IDEAS PARA TAGS

Hola a todos n.n/ ahora voy a necesitar de su ayuda c: ya que se acerca la época escorpiana voy a necesitar ideas para tags, no lo voy a hacer diario, no lo haré por la noche porque trabajo pero de día si n.n/ trataré de complacerlos un poco porque no hago muchas dinámicas pero denme ideas porfa…

Yo no quiero tener problemas con nadie so… si es una dinámica parecida o igual a la de otro blog avisenme o algo para que no haya drama o bardo o que se yo


Yo se que ustedes tienen más imaginación que yo… denme una manita n.n/ tengo un par de ideas ya.. las voy a trabajar y eso c: vale?

Eso es todo, buenas noches n.n/

Seguiré trabajando
Besitos a todos


Ooak doll par Olga Kamenetskaya

codell  asked:

Hey there! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now. I adore your art quite a bit. I saw a few other users requesting art trades and thought that, as long as it wasn't too overwhelming, we could possibly do one, too? My art may not be up to par with your expectations- and I understand if that's an issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Ah no that’s fine! I would love to have an art trade with you! The more art trades I get helps me improve with my skills!

Oooooh btw guys I’m only accepting three more art trades till they are closed! ^w^

Inktober 21: Big. This picture reminds me a lot people reading over your shoulder in public transport. At the moment I read the novel “Orange is the New Black” and a biography of Keith Haring. And you? What you read now?

Inktober 21: Grand. Cette illustration me rappelle beaucoup les gens qui lisent par dessus votre épaule dans les transports en commun. En ce moment je lis le roman “Orange is the New Black” et une biographie sur Keith Haring. Et vous? Vous lisez quoi en ce moment? 

jus-de-citrons  asked:

Coucou ☺ Je viens de voir dans la réponse à ton anonyme que tu es en histoire de l'art. Moi aussi mais en première année. Donc je voulais savoir si tu n'avais pas des conseils à me donner 😊 ou des livres à me conseiller. Merci si tu me répond 😉

Ow un bébé historien de l’art ♥ Avec plaisir :)
Globalement, nos profs nous recommandent d’utiliser les gros Flammarion qui sont pas mal fait et encore assez à jour. Le truc c’est que ça reste quand même assez global, mais ça aborde toute l’histoire de l’art européen de la préhistoire au contemporain, ça peut t’aider pour commencer. Fait gaffe à l’Univers des formes, ça reste pas mal, mais pour le coup c’est quand même plutôt daté, mais c’est pas mal pour les notions.

Sinon tu étudies où (par pure curiosité) ? Et est-ce que tu as des périodes particulières en ce moment ? Que je puisses un peu mieux cibler pour te conseiller ^^


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)

klance wedding headcanons

alright so a bunch of you asked for some klance wedding headcanons in response to the shallura wedding post and ho boy i am here to deliver 

(shoutout to @leg-defender again for idea bouncing with me!)

  • first off, the wedding is Big. because Lance’s family is HUGE and they gotta be involved in e v e r y t h i n g. they’re basically orchestrating the whole shebang along with the rest of the voltron crew. 
    • Lance’s family does a shitton of research on Korean weddings because they want to include traditions from Keith’s culture as well as Lance’s. 
      • An entire twenty-four hour day is spent with the whole team on computers, at libraries, calling old Korean friends and sending Shiro out to be the honorary diplomat. by the end of the day they could probably run their own program on the history channel.
  • Hunk, Lance’s mother, grandmother, and anyone else with even a fingernail of cooking talent are all on the Food Squad together because let’s be honest there is a lot of food to be made. 
    • nobody knows what kind of food Keith likes and they can’t ask Lance because it’s supposed to be a surprise so they have to send Pidge out for reconnaissance
      • Pidge has no idea how to navigate the situation and ends up trying to ask Keith what his favorite restaurant is in hopes of getting somewhere
      • his favorite restaurant is the Pizza Hut down the street
      • Pidge gives up and just tells everyone he likes traditional Korean food (which he does)
  • The “Bachelor Party” is just the whole original voltron crew having a fun night out of the town
    • they go to an arcade
    • Keith beats Lance in just about every game they play
    • minus the first person shooters and dance dance revolution
    • nobody beats Lance at dance dance revolution
    • nobody.
  • Hunk is pretty much Lance’s Maid of Honor, Shiro is Keith’s
    • Almost every single one of Lance’s siblings is a Bridesmaid/Groomsman
    • Keith doesn’t really have a lot of people to be his Groomsmen so Lance’s siblings take the position for his side too
    • They literally fight over who gets to be a Groomsman for Keith they all want to do it so bad
      • it makes Keith cry bc he never thought he’d be part of a big family like this and it just makes him Really Fucking Happy
  • Keith is kind of a fashion disaster and doesn’t know how to pick out what to wear so Lance’s five sisters immediately adopt him.
    • they spend the whole day shopping together
    • Lance has never seen someone get along with all of his sisters so well in his entire life
      • it’s actually a little freaky how well
      • Lance is Afraid
  • For the wedding Keith has his nails painted blue and Lance has his painted red
    • Lance’s little cousins do it for them so it’s kind of sloppy but it’s insanely fucking cute
  • Allura and Lance’s mom are the Decorating Dream Team
    • the whole venue looks like it just came off of a goddamn pintest board 
    • in the best way possible
    • Allura has added some more questionable decorations but what can you do
    • “Are those… goldfish bowls?” “Yes.” “Ok.”
  • Coran along with Lance’s like 98 year old great-grandmother are the ones who marry them
    • yes both of them
    • they both demanded to have the position so they had to share it
    • at first they didn’t get along so well but now they are best buddies for some odd reason
    • no one knows why they get along but they do so nobody’s complaining 
  • Lance starts bawling like three words into his vows
    • he can’t help it Ok it’s a Very Emotional Moment
    • the whole thing is rly sweet though because Keith just smiles Super Fucking Wide and wipes away his tears. Everyone’s heart in a 300 mile radius melts. If you weren’t crying before you sure as hell are now.
  • They kiss for Way Too Long during the ceremony. Pidge has to not-so-subtly kick Lance in the ankle and remind them not to suffocate eachother.
    • Lance is so getting Pidge later for that.
    • he never actually gets Pidge later for that.
  • The reception is really just One Huge Fun Dance Party 
    • basically everyone is drunk but in the best way possible
    • there is karaoke 
      • Lance forces Keith to come on stage with him and sing
      • except Lance chooses a song in Spanish and Keith has n o i d e a what he’s doing
      • the only part of the song Keith gets is this really slow line when he looks Lance right in the eyes and says “Besame, te amo”
      • it’s a one-hit-KO 
      • Lance is #gone
      • he forgets how to speak spanish altogether and just starts sputtering random words that translate to things like “my entire bathtub is green” and the spanish rendition of the happy birthday song
  • They all unanimously decide to eat the cake before dinner.
    • They wish they had an excuse for breaking out the cake before dinner but they don’t. The just really want to see the cake Hunk has been bragging about making for weeks.
    • the cake is so beautiful Lance starts crying again
    • honestly nobody can really blame him is is one hell of a cake
  • Shiro’s toast speech is like 10 minutes of roasting Keith and Lance for all the dumb shit they’ve done over the years
    • “I remember when you two had a contest to see who could eat more cheese logs–”
    • “Or the time when you both hung upside down so long you passed out and we had to take you to the ER—”
    • “And there was The Poison Ivy Incident last March–”
    • “Oh don’t even get me started on the Slip ‘N Slide race—”
      • “Shiro… Please…. Let Us Live………”
  • alas 20 minutes into the actual dinner a Huge food fight breaks out
    • It. Is. Chaos.
    • Everybody participates. Nobody is spared. 
    • Food is e v e r y w h e r e but honestly who cares they’re having a blast.
    • There is a running debate to this day over how it started
      • “Keith started it! With the potatoes!”
      • “I did not, it was all Lance and his stupid carrots!”
      • “Allura is the one who launched the peas,”
      • “Excuse me?! Shiro dumped the fruit punch”
      • “Only after Hunk threw the rice cakes!”
      • “Oh no don’t you drag me in to this–”
  • In conclusion, it’s absolute Chaos but it’s the most fun, exciting, Lance-and-Keith-like wedding anybody’s been to in like a million years and nobody leaves without a smile on their face and one hell of a story to tell.