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The Scholarship

Ian Parry was a photojournalist who died while on assignment for The Sunday Times during the Romanian revolution in 1989. He was just 24 years of age.

Aidan Sullivan, then picture editor, and Ian’s friends and family created the Ian Parry Scholarship in order to build something positive from such a tragic death.

Each year we hold an international photographic competition for young photographers who are either attending a full-time photographic course or are under 24.

Entrants must submit a portfolio and a brief synopsis of a project they would undertake if they won the scholarship. The prize consists of £3,500 towards their chosen assignment £500 to those awarded Highly Commended and Commended. There is no fee for entry.

For further information about the scholarship, interviews and images please contact Rebecca McClelland Creative Director at and visit

My Experience with League of Legends

Aatrox: wtf lifesteal
Ahri: Taunty
Akali: season 1 PTSD + hextech gunblade
Alistar: tilting mid laners since 2009
Amumu: tears
Annie: #Counterplay
Azir: Shurima Shuffler
Bard: not sure if troll
Brand: some men just wanna watch the world burn
Braum: cmon you cant hate him
Caitlyn: cupcake is worth
Cassiopeia: #LateGame
Cho'Gath: sick flash feast ignite mechanics bro
Corki: so many rockets
Darius: #Dunk
Diana: so edgy
Dr. Mundo: cleavercleavercleavercleaver
Draven: who fed draven
Ekko: so close but so far
Elise: cumshot
Evelynn: fuck stealth
Ezreal: QQ more
Fiddlesticks: i love surprise parties
Fiora: parry op
Fizz: fucking fish
Galio: flash r to win
Gangplank: fucking oranges
Gnar: unexpectedly pounded up against the wall
Gragas: too fat
Graves: fucking smokescreen
Hecarim: robot unicorn op
Heimerdinger: raise yer dongers
Irelia: better nerf her
Janna: Cockblock Extraordinaire
Jarvan IV: im jarvan im helping
Jax: season 1 PTSD + dodge runes
Jayce: hammertime
Jinx: pewpewpew
Kalista: actually a kangaroo
Karma: sa ela sa tiiribi
Karthus: fucking karthus ult
Kassadin: actually vader
Katarina: feeds or carries, 0 or 100
Kayle: bubble bait bitchesssssssssahh
Kennen: actually pikachu
Kha'zix: bug
Kog'maw: so much puke
LeBlanc: PTSD ongoing trauma
Lee Sin: lee syndrome
Lucian: NTR’d black guy
Lulu: wtf tastes purple
Lux: laser
Malphite: rock
Malzahar: space AIDs
Maokai: tree
Master Yi: backdooring since 2009
Mordekaiser: huekaiser es numero uno
Morgana: bind ten year
Nami: bubble butt
Nasus: D cane D stacks
Nautilus: la da deeeee la da dummm
Nidalee: fucking spears
Nocturne: daaaarrrrrknesssssssssss
Nunu: actually stephen hawking
Olaf: broooo
Orianna: sad dad makes robot daughter. literally mecha musume
Pantheon: mandrop baker
Poppy: i don’t know any jokes
Quinn: birb
Rammus: taunt ten year, ok? ok
Rek'sai: why can’t i hold all these tunnels
Renekton: win lane lose game
Rengar: exclamation mark PTSD
Riven: 3mobile5u
Rumble: hothothothot
Ryze: machine gunning noobs since 2009
Sejuani: the fucking unending boar grunts
Shaco: actually the worst champion in the game
Shen: unexpected 1k shield
Shyvana: wtf dmg holy shit she’s so fast
Singed: do not chase
Sion: dinner bell
Sivir: spellshield op
Skarner: skar skar skarner!
Sona: actually a DJ
Soraka: please stop healing everything
Swain: big birb
Syndra: why can’t i hold all these balls
Talon: the edgiest
Taric: GEMS
Teemo: actually satan, will sell you mushrooms
Thresh: 100% wife steal
Tristana: original pewpewpew
Trundle: actually troll irl
Tryndamere: ult is either always up or never goes off
Twisted Fate: eye of sauron
Twitch: sewer skewers for erryone
Udyr: actually a deer, not manbearturtletigerphoenix
Urgot: ugliest crab NA
Varus: american sniper
Vayne: feeds or carries, 0 or 100 (see Katarina)
Veigar: #Counterplay (see Annie)
Vel'koz: laser (see Lux)
Vi: #Counterplay (see Annie, Veigar)
Viktor: laser (see Lux, Vel'koz)
Vladimir: gay vampire
Volibear: table flip
Warwick: flash tickle
Wukong: is actually industrial turbine
Xerath: made of lasers
Xin Zhao: win nao TSAN PAI KAI ZAN TSAI
Yasuo: fucking wind wall
Yorick: fucking ghosts
Zac: kind blob
Zed: Edge-sensei, complete with shadowy past (heh)
Ziggs: bombs
Zilean: useless
Zyra: not poison ivy


“… Hmm. You do know I am attracted to yourself. However, I do not wish to force any advances upon yourself, and you are a stern and seemingly cruel man. Therefore, I had at least wanted you to enjoy yourself.” Letting down his cloak and vest, Rahovart exposes his back and chest. He is thin, and there are a variety of cuts and scars drawn across him.

“Witness, my body is a library of the past.”

Without warning, the knight grabs the boy by the throat and slams him against the stone wall. He presses the tip of his parrying dagger at his throat, and says nothing– merely a scowl across his lips and deep furrows between his brows. 

Black Bikini Girls With Long Legs - Kimberlyn Parris - Sexy Black Women With Long Legs & Bikinis

Galleries: Kimberlyn Parris | Black Young Babes With Long Legs & Bikinis | Black Girls In Bikini | Sexy Black Girls In Bikini And High Heels | Sexy Black Girls With Long Legs In Bikini | Nude Black Women With Long Legs | Pretty Black Girls In Bikini | Pretty Babes In Swimsuits |


A defensive technique that neutralizes an incoming attack without the drawbacks of blocking, such as blockstun, chip damage and pushback. This high risk/high reward maneuver can allow a player with fast reflexes to completely reverse a round’s momentum.

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I drew some cats for a new Parry Gripp video!  Happy Birthday!




Big River at the Wells Fargo Pavillion

Starring Ben Fankhauser, Phillip Boykin, Rich Herbert, Lizzie Klemperer, James Michael Lambert, Mary Jo Mecca, William Parry, Angelina Sark, Jeff Skowron, Jennifer Leigh Warren, and others.

The Ian Parry Scholarship is a free international photographic award for documentary & visual photojournalism students and freelance photographers of the age of 24 years and under. Enter now, the deadline is July 14.

Photo: A girl rides a bike inside the Tower of David skyscraper in Caracas, which has become home to more than 3,000 men, women and children. Photo by Alejandro Cegarra, 2014 winner of the Ian Parry Scholarship.